Obama’s clean energy process steps

Polaris solar PV net news: on August 3, the clean power plan after the plan was announced, 24th, United States President Barack Obama has put cutting carbon emission scenarios for the country, so that more families to join the initiative. At the national clean energy summit held in Nevada, Obama proposed strengthening the management of loan guarantees, loan institution monitoring, develop photovoltaic building military, Federal agencies, and other new initiatives supporting clean energy development. These initiatives not only open up PV financing channels, and also improve the administrative efficiency, and provide clearer information for development of photovoltaic applications.

Not brilliant, but profound

Obama’s initiative at the national clean energy summit, to let more of United States citizens to join the initiative, and also not to allow people to spend more money. It is reported that to support and promote include renewable energy, energy efficiency and other qualities change and innovation projects, Obama’s loan guarantees based on the original, an extra $ 1 billion dollars. Meanwhile, increased emphasis on distributed energy technologies, although the details are still not clear in 2015, has more than $ 10 billion in loan guarantees for a new distributed generation projects.

In addition, the White House has also authorized urban housing development (HUD) and the Federal Housing Authority (FHA) management of property assessed clean energy (PACE) project. FHA loans also issued a guide to buy PACE family guidelines for the proper use of the FHA Fund. The White House said PACE’s success, not only due to the FHA, and United States federal housing finance agency, active communication and Exchange. Solar energy industries Association (SEIA), the move, calling it “a critical key.”

In addition to the normal user will benefit from the proposal, Obama also promoted military base construction of PV. Although the initiative did not come from the White House, but from the company in charge of housing for soldiers. But under the partnership and the White House, there are already 4 companies commit to military bases to build 233 megawatts of photovoltaic power stations. Accommodation area of the military base, is already fitted with 72 megawatts of photovoltaic power generation system. And in 2009 the Federal Government put in $ 13.3 billion of funds, PV and CSP and PV projects done for 16 family loan guarantee “economic recovery stimulus bill” than all of the measures is not very bright, but by promoting the implementation of the Obama administration, on the development of the photovoltaic industry is significant.

Resistance, open market

Obama at the meeting noted that, in order to curb the use of fossil fuels has been hard. But many power companies due to the establishment of a centralized system, the move threatened their business model development and obstruction. Obama accused the companies, considering them while in the alternative energy market, very hypocritical. He said: “If you integrate into the free market, that is one thing.

But when the PV market has improved, you admit that you are a free market, people want to buy, you suddenly don’t want to sell, here’s the problem. “According to GTM Research data showed that United States average cost of photovoltaic power generation system from 2010, has fallen by 50%, distributed PV electricity prices only in 2014, dropped 10~20 cents.

It is understood that the FHA fund services more than 7.6 million people are low income family housing buyers, in 5 years, including United States federal housing finance agency (FHFA), many agencies to obstruct the development PACE. California prepared in advance, the PACE project has a Fund of local, for when the cancellation cost of FHFA fails to fulfil its responsibilities.

“This series of initiatives of the FHA through the photovoltaic applications for home and business users to provide easy financing, stimulating their individual strength and stability and strengthen the local energy networks. “SEIA RhoneResch, Chief Executive, said,” today introduced new measures not only reduce the bureaucratic, as well as in less developed areas to develop photovoltaic individuals and businesses provide more specific information. ”

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