Polaris solar PV NET week hot selection (8.31-9.6)

Polaris solar PV net news: policy review

1, 2015, jieshou in Anhui photovoltaic projects for poverty alleviation programmes

For the carrying out of the General Office of the Anhui provincial people’s Government on the implementation of PV poverty guidelines (WAN governance (2015), 34th), PV anti-poverty task assigned by district, Fuyang city, jieshou combines reality, these programmes are formulated.

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2, issued in wushan County, Chongqing City on PV implementation programmes of poverty alleviation project notice

In order to further implement the industrial poor “to village, household, persons” requirements, help poor people build sustainable poverty alleviation project to increase, according to the opinions on promoting poverty alleviation work (wushan (2015), 4th) spirit, develop photovoltaic projects for poverty alleviation programmes.

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Market review

PV version 1, “Moore’s law” theaters worldwide

Intel cofounder Gordon • 50 years ago, Moore proposed “Moore’s law”, which reads: when price is constant, integrated circuit components fit on the number of statistics every 18-24 months will increase by 1 time, performance will improve 1 time. In other words, every dollar I can get your computer’s performance, every 18-24 months more than 1 time. After 50 years, this law also applies to the photovoltaic industry. At present, the cost of solar power is decreased as index.

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2, polysilicon processing trade imports “restrictions” on the first anniversary of the implementation of PV downstream performance two days

Have been disclosed earnings of listed companies in the photovoltaic industry has demonstrated the industry’s unique “dynamic”. However, the heavily updated financial data also reveal some interesting changes, for example, manufacturing cells, components, such as being in the middle of the performance, obviously superior to the material side. Quietly, the same chain upstream and downstream production of “prosperity” rule has been broken.

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3, bottlenecks remain: ATD PV more refinement, and strong execution of the test trend

On August 23, the jinzhai County people’s Government issued the 2015 poverty relief and development work goal responsibility in jinzhai County (trial) file. Reporters noted that the assessment methods identified two against. Experts said hopes that more refinement and implementation of stronger solar project management approach to protect benefits truly reflect the policy ground, poverty alleviation.

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4, PV power plant on the ground will get rid of “syndrome” problem

On August 26, the State Forestry Administration and the Ministry of land and resources for data transfer. Photovoltaic companies in project development will often have “a two card” problem, that is, the land is classified as barren land and resources departments, but appears as a woodland in the forestry sector. The two sectors data sharing is declared a boon for PV power station construction.

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5, “scenery to abandon” gridlock: is still institutional mechanisms

According to the National Energy Board data, first half of 2015 when China PV power generation 19 billion-kilowatt, abandoned when optical weight of about 1.8 billion-kilowatt. Energy Research Institute, national development and Reform Commission, Director of China’s energy Institute Vice President Zhou told reporters, abandoned, abandoning the wind remains the essence of problems in system and mechanism.

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6, temporarily polysilicon September Handbook price interval correction

Entry into September moratorium Handbook “, 58th file” has really come into play, observation city, poly-SI, China imports data in May, after the total imports reached a peak of polysilicon, total monthly imports decline gradually. China poly silicon market in the near future is not due to overseas supply gradually decreasing, prices have significantly increased.

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Enterprise version

1, aerospace electromechanical “contrarian” behind the losses: power stations increasingly hard to sell!

As the world’s fourth ranked second in China PV EPC (engineering contract) companies, aerospace mechanical and electrical life was not the scenery. In the context of general industry recovery, spaceflight machine “contrarian” losses, net profit down 153.14%. So bad to poor performance of the PV industry are inextricably linked.

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2, rich, capricious? PV power winding up behind the assets

Be regarded as “meat and potatoes” of PV power plant assets, now in the hands of China guodian group has become a “chicken ribs”. State power in the 2015 meeting have made clear, would focus quality resources to the industry, to high efficiency coal power, large hydro and wind power tilt. There is no doubt that PV status in the country, this somewhat embarrassing.

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3 poor, Yingli Q2 earnings expectations

Yingli has released part of the earnings in the second quarter, and complete the second quarter earnings release date postponed to September 8. Recently announced it is displayed, Yingli’s gross profit margin in the second quarter at between 6%-7%, only half of the 14.1% of the last quarter, significantly lower than the 2014 16.8% ‘s gross profit margin in the fourth quarter.

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4, PV listed companies ‘ second-quarter earnings more than net profits continue to climb

Recently, the number of PV manufacturing enterprises listed companies released second-quarter results once again confirms the reality of the industry as a whole is moving toward full recovery. According to Trina, Crystal, Crystal Australia, solar, Yuhui solar companies released second-quarter earnings, gross margins from the five listed companies in the first quarter was a different amplitude increase.

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5, PV report: Joy Chou

Recently, many PV companies have released its 2015.5-annual results. Among them, the GCL in revenue to 17.939 billion Hong Kong dollars, profit of 826 million; Eastern Sunrise revenues 1.616 billion yuan, up 84.76% over the same period Chinese films generating revenue of HK $ 2,118,186,000, a decrease of HK $ 3,213,185,000 over the same period last year to 34%.

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Comment article

1, “dry goods” distributed PV notes for details!

Distributed PV includes grid, off-grid and a number of complementary applications such as micro-grid, grid-connected distributed generation applications in the vicinity of the user, generally with medium and low-voltage power distribution grid, spontaneously, for personal use, not power or power from electricity online purchasing power when excess electricity sales to the Internet.

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2, several problems in the research on photovoltaic power generation

Energy Green, greatly increase the proportion of renewable energy such as solar, is the common choice of strategic adjustment of energy all over the world. Accepted in large proportion of renewable energy power generation at the same time ensuring power system security and stability operation and control costs, is the world’s common problems of power development.

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3, energy interconnection is foam or bubble?

“The Internet +” action plans with national strategies appear in front of the world, conceptualize the hype has never stopped, capital is the hungry Wolf chased the bubble concept, and “energy Internet” is not to get rid of such a fate, energy interconnection concept once again becoming hot topic. But certainly not as instant noodles to practical, rational view of energy interconnection should be first discussed.

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4, a new energy policy: maybe pipe

New energy from existing policies and guidelines, nearly 10 years, the relevant Government Department has introduced a large number of relevant policies of the State, but the basic focus of China’s new energy development still remain in “energy energy” level, as soon as possible if policy does not jump out of the stereotype, or will affect the overall situation of China’s overall economic development in the future.

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5, Hong-Wei: distributed PV financing there is no Savior

Since attempting to CSRC “CSI raised platform” to fund research of distributed PV after losing on the road, old red P2P last hope in him. Regulatory policies, such as its funding costs down, although the old red know it takes a long time. Also rarely participate in the matter of distributed PV financing debate, because he felt that it was not white do not say, said White said.

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Character articles

The old “solar hero” today as the “strongest Lai”

Recently, the reporter learned from the Hefei intermediate court, more than two levels of courts of Hefei city has more than 10,000 “Lai” (including natural persons, establishments) into the list of lose the trust of the person subjected to execution the Supreme Court Library. Lots of large sums of money involved, “Lai” is still hanging on the blacklist. Meanwhile, there are always new “Lai” vessel, the largest amount of money involved is refreshing old PV “hero” Peng Xiaofeng was a 1 billion yuan of debt disputes, became the latest of Hefei “strongest Lai.”

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