PV net profits of listed companies ‘ second-quarter earnings more than continue to climb

Polaris solar PV net news: recently, a number of PV manufacturing listed companies reported second-quarter earnings reports once again confirms the reality of the industry as a whole is moving toward full recovery.

According to Trina, Crystal, Crystal Australia, solar, Yuhui solar companies released second-quarter earnings, gross margins from the five listed companies in the first quarter was a different amplitude increase. Among them, jinko gross 20.7%, for the five highest. Trina components shipments in the second quarter hit a record high, reached 1231.6 MW, shipments to achieve four consecutive quarters over 1 GW, was the first to achieve this level of PV manufacturers.

Most enterprise gross profit rate increased

China PV Industry Association statistics show that the first half of this year, about 74,000 tons of polysilicon production in China, an increase of 15.6%, module production 19.6 GW, rose 26.4%, silicon wafer and solar cell production reached 4.5 billion tablets and 18.2 gigawatts. PV installed capacity of about 7.73 gigawatts, up a sharp growth, including approximately 6.6 GW ground station, distributed utility 1.04 GW.

With the opening of foreign markets and the increasing demand in the domestic market, PV manufacturing industry into yet another development in the fast lane. Enterprise shipments rose, extending a good momentum of development, most companies achieve profitability.

Earnings in the second quarter, Trina’s gross profit of $ 144.9 million, gross margin was 20%, compared with a large increase in the first quarter.

JA Solar’s second-quarter operating profit of $ 25.2 million, and $ 24.1 million in the first quarter of this year. Gross profit of $ 71.7 million, 14.9% higher than the previous quarter, gross margin was 16.4%, 16.1% slightly higher from the first quarter. Jinko’s second-quarter revenues were $ 516.2 million compared to the first quarter of this year grew by 16.4%; compared with second quarter of 2014, an increase of 31.6%. Its gross margin of 20.7%, higher 20.3% level in the first quarter.

Yuhui solar net revenues of us $ 268.4 million in the second quarter, compared with $ 349 million in the first quarter of this year, a decline of 23.1%, compared to $ 387.1 million in the second quarter of 2014, down 30.7%. Gross margin is $ 44.4 million, gross margin was 16.5%, a 6% increase in gross profit margin compared with the first quarter.

United States Department of Commerce today one-time up-a large number of anti-dumping and countervailing duties, and second quarter in Canada solutions business profit margins and the decline in both contribution and other factors, solar second-quarter gross margin, gross profit margin, a certain degree of decline. Results showed that solar gross profit was $ 96.5 million in the second quarter, gross profit was $ 153 million in its first quarter. Gross margin was 15.2%, first-quarter gross margin of 17.8% in 2014, 19% for the second quarter.

Trina shipments record

In terms of shipments, Trina still maintained a strong growth trend. Earnings, the company’s second-quarter shipments for 1231.6 MW of component, increased 20% per cent, an increase of 30.6%. Among them, the outgoing volume 1000.7 MW, 230.9 MW to the company’s own downstream PV projects. After the company forecast shipments for 1100~1140 MW. This is Trina’s fourth consecutive quarter shipments more than 1 gigawatt, shipments for the second quarter in a row to break the record.

President and CEO of Trina Gao jifan said in an interview, Trina solar components in the second quarter shipments, project networking are faster than expected high, achieve the overall strong growth in revenues and net income, focus on profitable growth fundamentals are improving. “Strengthening supply chain management, technology development and a rational allocation of resources to the prospects, fast-growing market, these factors helped us cut our costs, we achieved good results. “Jinko solar module shipments in the second quarter to 913.4 megawatts, of which 90.4 MW for projects in the downstream of their company. Provided to third party shipments 915.0 megawatts of solar products, including 823.0 MW of PV modules, 59.5 megawatts of wafers as well as 32.5 MW of solar cells. 789.2 megawatts compared to the shipments in the first quarter, rose 15.9%, 659.5 megawatts compared to the second quarter of last year, an increase of 38.7%.

Results showed that solar PV module shipments in the second quarter amounted to 850 MW, 809 MW recorded turnover of 41 MW to the company’s internal PV project 2015 1.03 GW recorded turnover in the first quarter, had expected shipments for 950~1000 MW.

JA Solar shipments in the second quarter to 790.8 MW, year on year increase 16%, 16% higher than the previous quarter. Components and component processing shipments of 717.4 MW, 60.9% higher than over the same period last year, 22.8% higher than the previous quarter.

Yuhui solar factory amounted to 322.0 MW photovoltaic modules in the second quarter, compared with a quarter in 35.1%. Second-quarter total of solar wafers and PV module shipments of 603.7 MW, the company’s first-quarter shipments to 691.5 MW 2014 698.3 megawatts in shipments in the second quarter.

With rising domestic PV installed capacity of PV products demand in the domestic market is also growing. JA Solar’s Chairman and Chief Executive, said Mr Jin baofang, the company steadily increase in shipments was due to domestic demand-driven to a large extent, accounting for 45% of the total shipments in the second quarter. “In addition, our Malaysia progress in building a battery factory. Second half of the year, we expect the industry will remain relatively strong demand, particularly in the domestic market. We will try to grab more market share in emerging markets, particularly in India and the Americas. Our market share expanding portfolio sustainable development as well as our downstream projects, received support from their own manufacturing capacity expansion, will become a key driver of development in coming quarters. ”

Universal raised third-quarter goals

This year the development of PV industry in good shape, the development company for the third quarter were made for a more optimistic expectations.

In the report, Trina estimated its third-quarter shipments of PV modules is 1450~1500 MW, 170~190 MW of which will be used for the company’s downstream PV projects.

In addition, Trina solar will continue to expand capacity, expected ingot capacity increased to 2.5 from 2.2 GW GW wafer capacity 1.7 GW is expected to increase 1.8 gigawatts. Battery capacity of about 3.5 GW, module production capacity reached about 4.8 GW. The photovoltaic module output estimate for the year was raised to 4.9~5.1 from the previous 4.4~4.6 GW GW, total shipments in 2014 or newer 33.9%~39.3%.

Jinkosolar will target growth in PV module shipments for the year to 4.0~4.5 GW. Earnings in the third quarter, jinko is expected between the PV module shipments of 1~1.1 gigawatts. The company expects third-quarter total shipments for 900~950 MW of solar cells and modules, up from an earlier annual shipments totalling 3.6~4 GW required quarterly run rate.

Canadian solar expected third-quarter shipments totaled 970~1020 MW, of which about 70 megawatts of utility-scale PV projects. Expected turnover to 5.7~6.2 billion dollars in the third quarter, gross margin of 12%~14%. Meanwhile, solar expected to 2015 total shipments do not change, 4~4.3 GW, including 3300~3500-megawatt third-party components sales, sales 235~275 MW projects and EPC. In addition, with the implementation of YieldCo and 460~490 MW will be included as income. 2015 turnover is estimated at 2.8 billion ~30 billion dollars.

Yuhui solar expects its third-quarter net income will be between $ 330 million to $ 340 million, and gross profit margin will fall somewhere in between 15% to 16%.

It is reported that another PV manufacturing giant—Yingli Green energy are expected to be released on September 8, its second-quarter earnings.

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