PV: rational step to go further

Polaris solar PV net news: when 2015 years two-thirds when PV manufacturing recovery has been more robust.

Announced second-quarter earnings of listed companies gives the industry the confidence and hope. The vast majority of corporate profit, average gross margin over 15% top 10 components. Entering the PV manufacturing industry standards bulletins list of 29 components enterprises with an average net profit margin rose 6.5%. Meanwhile, manufacturers continued to trade derivatives and raw materials, the rapid development, more and more companies form a new form of industrial chain development.

With the increase of PV installed capacity and opening up of the overseas market, most of the manufacturing enterprises mired in years of trouble. However, the PV manufacturing enterprises, first half of 2015 “is half water, half flame.” Authorities for 29 by normalizing conditions enterprises first half of this year and 2014 analysis of total sales revenue, net profit in the first half, first half of 2015 enterprises total sales revenue and net profit growth of 8.9% and 9.7%, respectively. Average net profit margin of 29 components companies in 2014, growth in the first half of 6.5%. While business conditions improved, but profitability remains weak. Mud’s eye compared with previous years, this growth is not fast.

In addition, with the differentiation of capacity utilization, lack of core competitiveness of small and medium enterprises, or will mark the death in the face. Photovoltaic Industry Association, China noted in its semi-annual report released, which some developers in the procurement of goods and raw materials for small components enterprises can survive and meet their long-term warranty of components generally skeptical in favor of big business with the brand. Last year, in response to the order, large enterprises through technical transformation improving the effective capacity of existing equipment, or using a third-party OEM to increase shipments. With large capacity pet deductions of free enterprise, the continuing large-scale existence of third-party Foundry will be difficult, some SMEs will be due to the lack of order and technology behind lost for reasons of competitiveness in the market.

Datang Sentosa, PV manufacturing industry also twists and even after the tribulation, or active, or passive consolidation and restructuring, survival of the fittest. In addition, through second-quarter earnings, some industry stars such as solar, Yuhui solar, daqo new energy enterprises for a variety of reasons, performance slightly dimmed. As for the future, these companies or will find a way out, or to realign their resources.

What is more, some companies, negative frequency, conditions, all they have to do is probably to read Socrates, “know thyself” that quotation.

For the PV manufacturing industry, this may not be the best of times, but not the worst of times. Blind and disorderly development time has past, through industry dilemma gradually into the spring for the enterprise, only by constantly improving their own competitiveness, to master core technologies, will it be possible in future market competition has more vitality. Each enterprises if sensible, moderate walking every step, the industry would take away healthy, orderly development track closer.

Original title: PV: rational step to go further

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