Distributed PV investment how to choose partners

Polaris solar network: distributed solar will not only get a certain amount of State subsidies, and selling at a profit, so more and more people eager to PV investment. Three risks but also live with it, that is, when choosing a cooperative enterprise risk, choosing to invest in areas of risk and the risk of selected buildings.

Share with you today are the three major risks in the most complex, most need to consider when choosing a cooperative enterprise risk.

Owner type and model

At present cooperation mode are divided into 2 types:

Model: lease the roof: the roof of that investor rental owners, regular payment of the rent agreed upon well in advance.

Mode II: energy management contract (EMC): the roof of that investor rental owners, owners ‘ sale to below the grid to electricity generated by photovoltaic modules, the remaining power into the grid sales into the grid.

Investors considering cooperation mode, selection of considered was that the owners need to be synchronized.

Distributed in photovoltaic investments, we will cooperate in the enterprise known as the owners. Owners can be divided into 2 types: high-quality, represented by State-owned enterprises, listed companies and other enterprises.

How to avoid the risk

For potential investors, you first need to confirm PV investment cooperation patterns, different modes of cooperation, in the face of risk is different.

If the parties to the contract energy management model of cooperation, the interests of property owners and PV module capacity is directly related to the higher the PV module power, owners can use cheap electricity has increased, which enhances the owners maintain the initiative of PV modules. If the parties to a rooftop lease cooperation, the owner of the interest is independent of the components, which makes little initiative of owners for the maintenance kit.

By contrast, owners for a PV module strong motivation for investors to maintain components, reduced the risk of abnormal loss components, contract energy management contracts became investors favor cooperation.

Compared to a simple roof rental model, once the investor plans to introduce energy management contract model of cooperation, it is necessary to take more measures to reduce the risk of owners default on electricity.

First, select a high level of cooperation is the best way to reduce electricity bills are owed. State-owned enterprises and listed companies will become the best partner, because the State-owned electricity bill paid by the financial, owed investors electricity problems do not exist. For listed companies, and arrears negative social impacts of electricity, causing fluctuations in its share price to a large extent, once stock prices fluctuate, the value will be far higher than the default value of electricity, so the behavior of listed companies would not make such a lose.

Of course, when looking for a partner, we will also take into account both the enterprises to other enterprises. For such companies, investors tend to customers by third-party credit reporting agency credit assessments in order to reduce the risk.

After you determine the mode of co-operation with partners, investors are still charging method enables you to select, or some other legal means, to reduce the risk of owners defaulted electricity bills for no reason. Here three ways, for example:

Method one: application grid collect payment of electricity. Investors can apply for collection by power grid electricity. Taking into account the default grid electricity will lead to power outages affecting daily routine, owners default on electricity will be much less likely. But such charges has only been tried in some areas, no mass adoption.

Method two: banks control mechanisms. For example, in the banks to set aside part of the security deposit, if owners default on electricity, can be deducted from the security deposit by investor are owed for electricity.

Method three: a supplemental agreement was signed. For example, specified in the agreement, if the owner has defaulted electricity bills, investors have the right to change forms, from spontaneous use into full Internet access.

All distributed in photovoltaic investment risks, is the owner of the most deadly roof owners due to insolvency or other reasons.

For this kind of risk, if enterprises in the Park, the investors signed an agreement in advance with the Park to ensure the roof rights after the change, later took over the property rights of enterprises to accept PV module, or allow investors to form into a full Internet access. Although the method can reduce the risk of roof owners, but the solution is still very limited, so investors need to look out for.

Right to choose the mode of co-operation, the joint venture and charges, while seeking a certain degree of legal protection, distributed PV investment decisions in, will be indispensable. Single measures did not prevent the risk’s occurrence, comprehensive and careful planning can minimize the risk.

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