Paris climate conference track national emission reduction can be achieved

Polaris solar Reuters: EU-a profound commitment, but is credible?

Paris climate conference track: national emission reduction can be achieved?

Commitment of the European Union’s target is the most far-reaching commitments at the Paris Conference, if the objectives fully achieved, the EU can say it–to prevent global warming temperatures rise 2 degrees Celsius more than the safety threshold is increased by 50% the possibility of. Because the 28 Member States of the European Union one-tenth of global greenhouse gas emissions – is second only to China and the United States, the world’s third largest body of emissions. But others questioned the trustworthiness of emission reduction plans.

Without new efforts, the EU’s own analysis shows that by 2030 carbon emissions will fall by one-third-if by 2030 the emissions trading system of carbon price of 35 euros/ton, 2050 € 100/ton. This exceeded market expectations, to raise carbon prices to that level is bound to be resisted by the industry lobbyists, who have boycotted the Commission’s commitment in the past. To achieve emission reduction targets, the EU needs to coordinate relevant policies and measures at the national and EU level, is likely to re-examine the EU 2020 renewable energy and energy efficiency legislation.

Paris climate conference track: national emission reduction can be achieved?

Member States of the EU can respond to industry lobbyists and potential opposition and achieve their climate commitments?

Positive European opinion polls continued to show the public supports national energy mix increasing wind and solar proportion. Also popular for energy efficiency promotion financial planning, raising energy efficiency can reduce greenhouse gas emissions 40%. But after the fossil energy coordinated action, national goals for renewable energy and energy efficiency ratio in 2030, the EU targets has declined. Shell, United Kingdom petroleum, Total and Norway State oil company hopes to greenhouse-gas emissions through a single “technology neutral” reduce greenhouse gas targets, it will encourage fuel switching from coal to natural gas. But environmentalists say that would increase the share of natural gas in the European energy mix and reduce support for renewable energy and energy efficiency. And 2030-2050 for carbon reduction and consequently becomes difficult and costs rise. Meanwhile, the European Union will be announced after the Paris Congress of land use and greenhouse gas emissions from forests into the 2030 plan. Some researchers say, doing so would reduce the EU 2030 emissions reduction target from 40% to 36%, because deforestation is used for bio-energy will increase greenhouse gas emissions.

When an object is encountered, the European Commission often on climate measures up. The past 5 years, continues to encounter resistance in Brussels-the United Kingdom Organization for energy efficiency products activity, North American lobby for tar sands, aviation industry protest against aviation carbon, and so on. Partly because the EU Member resources, traditions and interests diverge. For example Poland 90% ‘s energy comes from coal, politics believe that carbon reduction is a threat to its economic and energy arrangements. Neighbouring Germany is suffering energy reforms, the goal is to complete decarburization by mid-century, while abandoning nuclear power; however, Germany vibrant auto industry cases, Mrs Merkel is still trying to control the European Union fuel efficiency targets.

The EU has had positive results in the climate negotiations process, in comparison with 1990, EU carbon emissions one-Nineth. Any resolution to the Paris Conference of the European Union undoubtedly play an important role.

Japan–nuclear war of mediocrity under plan

Paris climate conference track: national emission reduction can be achieved?

Although 1997 had as host of the Summit led to the Kyoto Protocol on climate change are successful in concluding, Japan pledges at the Paris Conference this year are slightly ordinary. Japan said in a submission to the United Nations commitment to the 2030 emissions from 2013 levels 26%. Japan called the plan “ambitious”, but critics disagree. Japan Greenpeace energy campaigner, said although this goal is more mediocre, Abe is still not possible, because of their dependence on costly, dangerous nuclear energy policies unhelpful.

As the base year in 2013, Japan is the world’s fifth-biggest greenhouse gas emitter, rose to 1.41 billion metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions, reached its second-highest value. Compared to the base year 1990 and the Kyoto Protocol, Japan’s emissions reduction target of only 18%, which is 40%. Nuclear Japan energy policy has had a long-term impact. After 4.5 years at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant accident, Japan is still trying to develop a reliable, affordable energy policy. Japan reported to the United Nations, due to the 2011 nuclear, Japan is facing great changes in energy and environment, before nuclear power for Japan supplied close to one-third energy demand, and this is expected to increase to half. Nuclear lead Japan 48 working reactors have been shut down, according to changes in the regulatory system to undergo a security check. Japan southwest of Sendai nuclear power plant reactor in August, back online, nearly two years Japan production of nuclear power for the first time. The other 20 nuclear power reset also planned. In all nuclear reactor shutdown period, Japan was forced to import large quantities of gas, oil and coal. Leadership believe that Japan must reduce reliance on expensive fossil fuel to boost the economy and meet its climate change commitments.

Paris climate conference track: national emission reduction can be achieved?

After Coal imports, stockpiles in Japan Iwaki City Fukushima onahama port

In Japan’s latest electricity plan, trade and industry Ministry said by 2030 nuclear power will account for 20-22% of its energy mix, renewable sources of energy – mostly hydropower will account for 22-24%, LPG was 27%. Coal will be increased to 26% per cent, an increase over the 24% before the Fukushima. Power industry accounted for Japan 40% of greenhouse gas emissions, by building the next generation of fossil fuel plants, Japan is expected to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 11 million tons a year. Recently opposed the Ministry of environment is in 2023 and to commercial instead of the old oil-fired thermal power plant, because this will not reduce emissions, and 7,000,002 carbon dioxide emissions per year.

Russia-political and business climate makes it difficult for emission reductions achieved

Paris climate conference track: national emission reduction can be achieved?

As a country known for freezing temperatures, where the concept of global warming often laugh it off. Although Russia much of the political elite recognize that the seriousness of the problem, but the current economic downturn and the traditional economic thinking short term means that the political level to reduce emissions for the first unlikely.

Due to Western sanctions and falling oil prices, 2014 Russia economy is down, there is no increase in greenhouse gas emissions. In recent years, Russia’s greenhouse gas emissions increased speed is slower than economic growth, the main reason is that Mr Putin in 2000 as President, its economy has transformed from heavy industry and manufacturing to energy refining and services.

Russia promised in his report to the United Nations by 2030 compared with 1990 emissions 25-33%. Experts said that commitment is far better than politicians and business take seriously cases with low, but Russia’s political and business environment makes it impossible to achieve. The World Wide Fund for nature said businesses do not like long range planning, people scared investment, this mode of thinking is hard to short-term changes.

Paris climate conference track: national emission reduction can be achieved?

Tourists across red square in thick fog. Thick fog caused by the peat fire in Central Moscow

Economic downturn compression commitment. With the fall in oil prices reduced the non-necessity spending, subsidies for energy efficiency companies canceled this year, into a support network, and social benefits of the World Cup. However, a new rule requires Russia business report on greenhouse gas emissions, providing information on pollution, which Russia strongly opposed but still passed.

Russia is warming faster than the rest of the world. Russia’s Meteorological Office report found that over the last century, Russia’s average temperature is rising by 1.3 degrees Celsius, compared to a global average of 0.8 degrees Celsius. But the expansion of ice and snow in the northern areas caused many people to think that global warming is just a joke. Among those who seriously study this issue, there is a short consensus is that global warming will have much effect, but it may not happen in the medium term, means that appear every now and then it’s going to be problems in the future.

Australia–domestic policy and not as standard left little opportunity

Australia latest commitment is considered to be “weak”. The emission reduction targets for 2013, compared to other less developed countries. It is worth examining work but now it is, as the new Prime Minister, Malcolm? Turnbull, and can widely promote the policy. These policies were widely considered to be difficult to implement.

Australia’s former Prime Minister Tony? Albert announced that Australia in 2030 than in 2005 to reduce carbon emissions by 26%-28%. Malcolm? Turnbull backed the commitment.

Former Prime Minister Albert believes that changes in reducing emissions with economic growth, cannot harm the economy while protecting the environment. Meanwhile, carbon export worldwide as a result of the higher costs of climate action, should also be included in the scope of considerations. Albert comments Australia goal: “Japan is better, and New Zealand almost good, probably equivalent to Canada, slightly lower than the European a little. And the United States are almost alike. Than Korea is better. Of course, compared to China, will be hard to imagine better. ”

But that promise was Australia a lot of objections from the organization. Australia independent Government advisory body–climate change, (ClimateChangeAuthority,CCA) comments: “the goal will be Australia or are close to our own bottom always compare several countries. “The Organization has suggested an even deeper reduction target–to decline in 2030 than in 2000 between 45% and 63%.

Climate Institute think-tank, believes that the target is not scientifically credible and called it a “pathetic inadequate”. Because, in global greenhouse gas limits in order to achieve the 2 degree Celsius (the target is Australia Government to accept) control objectives under this premise, the commitment does not equitably representative of Australia should share. But the focus now is whether the new Prime Minister, Mr Turnbull to change Australian interests of climate policy, even if the representatives of the business community and environmental groups say slim chance to achieve the desired objectives.

Climate policy is Australia many one of the most contentious issues in politics. When in 2009 years in opposition, the Conservatives, with support for the Labour Government’s economic system of emissions trading scheme, Mr Turnbull lost the Liberal leadership position.

Albert take leadership of the Liberal Party from Turnbull, and went on to win the 2013 general election. Albert after the election victory, the Government Bill passed the first test was the emissions trading scheme, which finally, supported by the Green Party, adopted by the labour party in the legislative process.

Albert also seeks to substantially reduce Australia to support new energy targets, replace some of the new commercial and financial support for the objectives of the Energy Agency. Albert and some key ministers believe that wind turbines “is completely rude and ugly”, and pledged to appoint a special Commissioner to investigate the health effects of wind farms generated complaints.

Turnbull was forced to request to the conservative party, he would not reconsider that view, and insist on the Government’s so-called “direct action climate plan” to greenhouse gas emissions allocation of us $ 2.5 billion. He can change the policy in other ways, including the largest industrial emitters to set “minimum bottom line.”

Albert has described purchasing international carbon credits similar to the “sending money to the cunning of Equatorial Guinea and Kazakhstan carbon farmers”. Reviews Australia 2017-2018 policy announced a new goal, Albert did not stop allowing offshore licenses. Turnbull can they be incorporated into the requirements.

Labour opposition did not reveal what kind of carbon emissions after 2020 would support emission reduction targets, but spokesman Mark e Butler said that the Government’s goal is not high enough. Labour has promised that if the 2017 election win will restart an emissions trading scheme.

Australia Government to simulate its 2030 economic costs. Results show that 26% targets, would be reduced by 2030 Australia GDP 0.2%-0.3%. But also found that the same model–based on the same assumptions, if the target is 35%, will 0.3% cut-0.5%, if the emission reduction targets 45%, would reduce GDP as a whole-0.5% of total 0.7%.

Indonesia – is not clear enough, failed to address deforestation

Indonesia due to its carbon emissions by 2030, 29% less than the current forecast of commitments has been criticized, because the commitments could not be adequately addressed a large forest and Marsh erosion caused by carbon emissions.

Indonesia is the sixth-largest country and the fourth most populous in carbon emissions, tens of millions of people living in the low-lying areas of rapid urbanization. The country is also facing the growing problem of drought and growing public concern over forest fires.

Indonesia reaffirmed its commitment to rely on international support, targets increased from 29% to 41%. By 2025, renewable electricity generation accounted for at least 23%, than the percentage increase in the current energy structure four times.

Paris climate conference track: national emission reduction can be achieved?

Children play around a coal-fired power plant in Central Java.

Statement of commitment, Indonesia will adopt “effective spatial planning and land use, sustainable forest management,” achieving the emission reduction targets, including “social forestry project, the restoration of degraded ecosystems, improving the efficiency of agricultural and fisheries production, energy conservation, promotion of clean and renewable energy, waste management”.

But Indonesia Greenpeace says the “sweet talk” did not adequately take into account public anxiety growing forest and swamp fire, which is likely to cause respiratory diseases. Government forecasts 63% of greenhouse gas emissions is forest and bog fires and caused by land use change, but others say the proportion is as high as 80%.

The World Resources Institute (WRI) open climate network environment think tank Director of Taryn? Francen said, on this issue, “Government responsibility is encouraging.” But she added that support this policy may face “huge challenges”, and promised measures to “fuzzy than we would like to see.”

In the draft on sustainable management and protection of target of 12.7 hectares of forest was deleted in the final commitment, and there is no other quantitative commitments.

Indonesia Greenpeace activist YuyunIndradi said: “current in Sumatra and Kalimantan, the haze makes people realize that they are in dire straits. If the Government does not take more action to solve the problem of deforestation, they will suffer more pain. Commitment does not clearly explain what kind of activities or projects that achieve the goal of reducing forest fires and haze. “

(Translated from: November 2015, “United Kingdom” guardian compilation: Ministry of industry and information technology, International Center for economic and technical cooperation, song Xiaoming, Xie Pan, Huang Yantong)

Original title: national emission reduction can be achieved – Paris climate conference tracks

Over the Hill policy mix solutions power subsidy problem

Polaris solar PV net news: on December 24, the State development and Reform Commission issued wind solar power on improving land benchmark price policy notice, to onshore wind project online benchmark price, category, class II and class III resource area in 2016 and 2018 respectively reduced by 2 cents, 3 cents, four types of resources reduce the 1 cent, 2 cents, respectively. New benchmark for photovoltaic power tariff 2016 class, second class, three categories of resources dropped 10 cents, 7 cents and 2 cents.

Many insiders noted that “Thirteen-Five” solar PV, wind power and other new energy sources to achieve parity is an established target, the price cut was to be expected, but a bit more than expected, relatively large impact on the photovoltaic and wind turbine industries. However, the industry’s most critical problem is the rationing and subsidies. Price reduction and the advancement of renewable energy under the additional policy guidance, power station, especially in the eastern part of distributed development.

According to adjustment programmes, new benchmark in 2016 national PV price, resource area, two types of resources, three kinds of resources from the current 0.9 Yuan/kWh, 0.95 Yuan, 1 RMB/kWh/kWh, down to 0.8 Yuan/kWh, 0.88 and 0.98 Yuan/kWh/kWh. Also, access to the roof of a building and ancillary venues construction of distributed solar power projects, in accordance with the conditions allowing change to “full access” model, “full access” the generating capacity of the project in accordance with local solar power grid by grid enterprises benchmark prices.

East day rose new energy limited President Wang in accept reporter interview Shi said, this different resources district non-symmetric adjustment policy reflected has national for PV development of macro-control thought, guide PV enterprise investment development from power compared serious of a resources district and has has power signs of II class resources district, to three class resources district transfer, is expected to promote East power station of construction and distributed PV of started.

It is understood that this year, Gansu, Xinjiang and other places “abandoned” and “abandon wind” phenomenon worsened, has reduced from 50% to 70% before, even in serious 80%. Development now has scads of two types of resources such as Hebei, Shanxi, according to existing power structures, also produce power less than two years.

PV investors headaches where subsidies are not in place. Journalists in the survey know that, as of now, the State issued a total of five renewable energy subsidies, the last was issued August 2014, subsidized project is a grid connected projects before the end of August 2013. Allowances issued after two years is the norm, the longest three years in arrears, as at the first half of this year, PV has only 20 billion yuan in arrears.

Wind of the same. “A great impact on our industry, a 50,000-kilowatt wind farm income less 2 million Yuan a year. Current wind power costs have declined much space, the industry profit this year, power was more serious, generally 20%, areas such as Heilongjiang abandoned the wind at 40%. “A head wind turbine power generation group told reporters that subsidies have also been lagging. Renewable energy subsidies owed internal estimates show the country is expected to be more than 70 billion yuan.

In addition, the circular pointed out that encourage market-oriented way, such as through public bidding to identify relevant new energy project owners and price, but competitive basis to form the price shall not be higher than local benchmark price levels set by the State. “The purpose of this policy may be the successor government liberalized the market, no longer under the specific annual targets, through competition and ultimately achieve parity. “Wang explains. Photovoltaics, wind power and other new renewable sources of energy “Thirteen-Five” planning ideas also has made clear, to achieve grid parity by 2020 wind power, photovoltaic side parity.

Original title: “scenery” policy mix solutions power subsidy problem

Polaris solar PV NET week hot selection 12 21 12 25

Polaris solar PV net news: policy review

1, the “policy of the original” national development and Reform Commission on the improvement of onshore wind energy photovoltaic Internet benchmark pricing policy of the

Recently, the State development and Reform Commission issued wind solar power on improving land benchmark price policy notice, due to lower benchmark for new onshore wind and photovoltaic power generation Internet pricing. New benchmark for photovoltaic power tariff, 2016 class, the second class resources dropped 10 cents, 7 cents, three types of resources reduced by 2 cents.

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2, datian, Fujian development and reform Bureau submitted to the PV power station construction plan for 2016

By geographic location, topography, climate and other factors influence domestic energy resources are abundant, datian, area number of PV power projects may be developed. To adjust and optimize the energy structure, speed up the development of clean and low-carbon energy, urge datian County, sanming city development and Reform Commission prioritized 110MW 2016 size indicators.

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Market review

1, PV is the Central Bank for inclusion in the list of green bonds support projects

Central Bank (2015) 39th notice on issuance of green bonds in the inter-bank bond market related issues are explained. Green bonds support projects directory, clean energy such as solar photovoltaic, solar thermal projects were included.

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2, 7 PV enterprises in Jiangsu was dragged 800 million subsidizing the industry appeals to congenital heart disease

About PV electricity price next year will be expected to lower benchmark in the industry has been formed. Is PV manufacturing in Jiangsu Province. Reporters found, where a number of PV industry reacted calmer, in contrast, is sensitive is the photovoltaic subsidy payment delays and other issues.

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3, new energy saved! Arrears of subsidies is expected to a recent settlement

Drag on too long or renewable energy subsidies will be resolved in the near future. National development and Reform Commission raised additional renewable electricity price standards, or up to 2 cents per kilowatt hour, or more.

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4, the EU “double reverse” extended PV enterprises still want to argue

Just a few months, several solar companies have been removed from the MIP Protocol, the combating of PV industry in China is self-evident. Industry forecasts, as the Central MIP protocol extension, more enterprises will be struck off or choose to actively withdraw from.

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5, not full purchase of renewable energy will power compensate for the losses?

National Energy Board recently issued to the local Office of the National Energy Board authority and responsibility list (for trial implementation), and the penalty provisions for disseminating large amounts of information through new media channels, and the industry of renewable energy power generation new round of acquisitions. Well, this is new not new? Can play an important role? In fact, this provision only to the local Office of the National Energy Board powers and responsibilities clearly, associated with the execution of penalties and without too much.

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Enterprise version

1, 13 companies by 2015-PV “leader” business excellence

International Clean Energy Forum (Macau) held jointly with the China quality certification center in 2015 China PV “leader” Excellence Enterprise award, total of 5 photovoltaic module manufacturer, 5 photovoltaic grid-connected inverter business, 3 material suppliers by 2015-PV “leader” Business Excellence Awards.

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2 photovoltaic business seeking a turn on, the power ring off solar winter has not in the past?

The night of December 21, State-owned electricity company power ring’s announcement, saying the company needs to make about 4 billion yuan of losses. According to press reports, power ring’s annual profits but also a few billion, and last year was a loss of 393 million Yuan, the provision for losses of 4 billion yuan for the company is even worse.

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3, Tong Wei m of shares conditionally through

Tongwei shares December 23 announcement said the company received on December 23, the CSRC notice, companies issuing shares to buy assets and to raise the matching funds and the related-party transaction subject to conditions. Tongwei shares issued in May of this year restructuring plan, the company intends to pay 2.05 billion yuan to buy from related stake He Yongxiang tongwei new energy 100% 99.9999% equity shares and raised no more than 2 billion yuan to promote “catch one” and “complementary”, “farmer roofing plant” and other projects.

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4, 21 components companies exempted from EU solar anti-circumvention duties

The European Commission announced on 22nd file, announced after investigations there are 21 Taiwan battery, component plants were exempted from the limits of EU anti-circumvention duties. The remaining 7 vendors that are not exempt or do not fill in the questionnaire, there are 64.9% of anti-tax evasion.

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5, SolarCity, please? Its own trouble

When most people think about when SolarCity, how the mind must present their innovation, how to change the energy industry. Almost every mention of SolarCity, journalists don’t forget to add one more sentence: they gave people the right to control energy. But it really was it? Small series read BusinessInsider today a different story, which questions the models of the SolarCity.

Related news

Comment article

Prospect 1, new energy has no “money scene”?

Energy needs restructuring, capital is one of the core. Funds needed to achieve the global transition to a low carbon economy trillions of dollars, including investment in renewable energy, subsidies for new energy investors is particularly critical to the attainment of objectives. China’s new energy industry is on the rise, the new energy investment is still dominated by Government, business investment in new energy sectors still have worries.

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2, Hong-Wei: solar financing market require four changes

Prime Minister Li keqiang on October 16, said at a financial Forum: continue to promote financial reforms, effective services to the real economy. Financing, higher financing costs has become weakened an important factor of international competitiveness of Chinese enterprises. Financing status of PV industry, is not only the best portrayal of financial needs reform, and will be a tipping point for financial reform.

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3, the energy transformation of what is difficult? Where the anterior?

In recent years, in response to global climate change issues under the background of the international mainstream, and to vigorously develop renewable alternative to fossil fuels as the main source of energy has become an important part of energy policy in many countries in transition. However, the ambitious development goals fail to cover up the energy restructuring process difficult.

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4 and who should pay for clean development?

Recent sentencing by the intermediate people’s Court in Jinhua city, Zhejiang Province, in one case, a trial court defendant, a chemical company to pay to the plaintiff, a company (defendant photovoltaic plant on the roof of the investor) electricity and overdue penalty more than 100,000 yuan. In this alleged “national first distributed photovoltaic roof tariff dispute” behind the small case, but hides the clean development mechanism design problem, one of the most prominent, is required for clean money, exactly who will pay?

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5, the Energy Council to abandon the strong wind up under light phenomena can lead

Department of energy released on December 16, the local Office of the National Energy Board powers and responsibilities list (for trial implementation), again referring to “not full purchase of renewable energy” administrative penalty provisions of the Act. If this Department of energy policy in a new change and six supporting documents seen, this policy is the embodiment of the new implementation of the change programme, is in order to give priority to the development of renewable energy, guaranteed renewable distributed energy generation of priority measures. Seemingly charm policy, how effective is still worth considering.

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Character articles

1, the hero is late: out of hairun Yang Huaijin farewell PV

Bad news barrage. First is on December 10 outgoing hareon facing high compensation of 500 million to 800 million Yuan, Hai run which may result in losses for the third year in a row, “exit a foregone conclusion”. 17th hairun bulletin disclosure of company’s Board of directors a list of candidates for general election, as Chairman, President, Chief Executive Officer of Huai Yang’s name does not appear. Hairun behind what really happened?

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Latest data global average speeds of 5 1Mbps Korea s fastest

  Akamai is the world’s largest CDN service provider, network distribution capacity in the peak can be reached 21Tbps. The company aims to eliminate bottlenecks and improve the Internet users access the Internet experience has now deployed more than 150000 servers, these servers are located in more than 90 countries, and more than 800 cities, over more than 1000 operator’s more than more than 2,500 nodes.

Ted Baker iPhone 6

  Not long ago, Akamai Internet data the company released its latest report appears in the report, 2015 global average speeds rose 14% in the third quarter, has reached 5.1 Mbps. Unfortunately, users who only have 5% broadband speeds of 25Mbps.

Latest data: global average speeds of 5.1Mbps Korea's fastest

  The company found that, compared with last year, speed, average speed for a total of 126 countries achieved growth, Japan’s average speed up 0.2%, and average speeds of growth 147% in the Congo, Congo became only an average speeds of country 1 time-fold increase over the previous year.

  In addition, according to the Internet report shows that average speeds of 90 countries had fallen, which reduces the speed 0.6% of Namibia (currently 1.8Mbps), Sudan had lower average speeds of 64% (now 1.3Mbps).

Latest data: global average speeds of 5.1Mbps Korea's fastest

  As you can see, in the world’s fastest average speed in the 10 countries once again ranked first in Korea’s average speed reached 20.5Mbps, and Sweden followed with the 17.4Mbps, Norway (16.4Mpbs), Switzerland (16.2Mbps) and Hong Kong (15.8Mbps) broken down three, four or five.

  Earlier this year, the United States Federal Communications Commission (FCC) redefines the broadband speed thresholds, the descending rate from 4Mbps up to 25Mbps. According to the old standard to calculate the speed, the global average speeds at 4Mbps penetration rate rose from a year earlier and above 9.8%, the penetration rate of global average speeds above 10Mbps and rose 19%, the penetration rate of global average speeds of 15Mbps and above rose 21%.

Latest data: global average speeds of 5.1Mbps Korea's fastest

  More importantly, according to the latest FCC standards, global average speeds of 25Mbps penetration rate rose from a year earlier and above 15%. At present, the 10 countries of the world’s fastest average speeds of speeds of 25Mbps and above the penetration rate reached double digits, but only Korea more than 20%. Ted Baker iPhone 6

  In previous Internet data report, Akamai also cited by the Ericsson company in mobile traffic data statistics in more than 180 countries in the world. From the data on the report, third quarter of 2015, global mobile data traffic grew by more than 65%.

Latest data: global average speeds of 5.1Mbps Korea's fastest

  Among these, the mobile voice business continued to show steady growth trend, and mobile data is in a State of steady growth. Which is the reason for the increase, more and more mobile devices enter the market average growth in data traffic, consumers are using mobile devices to watch videos, read news and times are increased than before.

  Finally, we can according to the Internet report, confirm your Internet speed is average or chehoutui.

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Xbox Elite version line handle is released 1099 buy it

  The major game manufacturers Needless to say attention to domestic market, so it is a good thing that we will not be left behind. Longing for ultra high-end Xbox Elite handle? Row version is coming!

Ted Baker iPhone 6

Xbox Elite version line handle is released! 1099 buy it

  Xbox official Micro-Blog officially announced the news not long ago. Xbox Elite handles will be on sale during the 2016 winter, suggested retail price of 1099 Yuan. The handle is concerned of many people for a long time, Microsoft released today can be considered as the player sent a gift.

  Then its price compared to overseas versions do? Xbox Elite handle in the United States and Asia sells for $ 149.99, equivalent to RMB 971. Starting price than the international version, but also not very expensive. Buy at ease that, or more recommended.

  Xbox Elite based on the original Xbox One handle of the handle, improves feel, and add new buttons and lots of customizable options, such as key mappings, cross keys and rocker head can be replaced, and so on. There is a consistent praise, think that is by far the best handle.

  Then, out of the players and it’s just that too high a price. You would have to have a great game and spend so much money?

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The policy of the original national development and Reform Commission on the

Polaris solar PV net news: the change-price [2015]3044

Provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the national development and Reform Commission, the Bureau:

For implementation circular of the energy development strategy action plans (2014-2020) target requirements, reasonable guide new energy investment, promote land wind electric, and PV power, new energy industry Health ordered development, promoted around new energy balance development, improve can renewable energy electric price additional funds subsidies efficiency, according to can renewable energy method, decided adjustment new land wind electric and PV power Internet benchmark electric price policy. Doing business the National Energy Board agreed that relevant matters are hereby notified as follows:

, Introduction of onshore wind power, photovoltaic (photovoltaic power plant, the same below) Internet standard electricity prices with the price policy of gradually reducing the scale of development. To make investments Leeper, onshore wind also determine the 2016 and 2018 benchmark price; solar power make sure the 2016 standard electricity prices after 2017 the price separately. Specific benchmark pricing, see annexes I and II.

II, and using buildings roof and the subsidiary places construction of distributed PV power project, in project record Shi can select “spontaneous use, and more than electric Internet” or “full Internet” in the of a mode; has by “spontaneous use, and more than electric Internet” mode implementation of project, in electricity load significantly reduced (containing disappeared) or for electricity relationship cannot perform of situation Xia, allows change for “full Internet” mode. “Full Internet” the generating capacity of the project in accordance with local solar power grid by grid enterprises benchmark prices. Select the “full Internet” mode, project unit to apply to the local administrative Department of energy change for the record and not change it back to “spontaneous use, more than power” mode.

Third, the onshore wind power and PV on-grid price of coal-fired units on the ground benchmark price (including desulfurization, denitrification, dust) within part of the settlement by the local provincial power grid; higher parts be subsidized through the national renewable energy development fund.

Four, encourage market competition, such as through public bidding to determine onshore wind power, new energy sources such as photovoltaic power generation project owners and price, but through market competition form price shall not be higher than the state-mandated similar onshore wind, PV power generation projects to local Internet benchmark price levels.

V all onshore wind power, photovoltaic power plant and power grid enterprises must be true and complete record and keep the project online power, price and amount information, accept the relevant departments of supervision and inspection. Pricing departments at all levels should strengthen the onshore wind power and PV on-grid price execution and price subsidies attached settlement regulation, urging relevant price policies in place.

Six, above with effect from January 1, 2016.

Annex: 1, onshore wind power nationwide benchmark price table

2, the national benchmark for photovoltaic Internet pricing table

The national development and Reform Commission

The December 22, 2015


Original title: national development and Reform Commission on improving the benchmark price for onshore wind energy photovoltaic Internet policy of the

Reflections on the transformation of what is difficult about energy Where the

Polaris solar PV net news: in recent years, in response to global climate change issues under the background of the international mainstream, to vigorously develop renewable alternative to fossil fuels as the main source of energy has become an important part of energy policy in many countries in transition. However, the ambitious development goals fail to cover up the energy restructuring process difficult. In this case, it is necessary under the constraint of multiple objectives reflecting the current renewable energy development in China, to facilitate the smooth progress of China’s energy transition in the future.

The difficulty and complexity of China’s current energy transformation unprecedented

Compared with other major economies of the world and among major energy consumers, the difficulty and complexity of the energy transition in China may top. In General, four of China’s energy transition:

One is the large amount of energy consumption. China has become the world’s largest energy consumer. According to the BP statistical review of world energy’s data, in 2014, China’s primary energy consumption of 2.972 billion tons of oil equivalent, equivalent to Germany of 9.6 times times and Japan’s 6.5 times, United Kingdom 15.8 times times.

Second, total energy consumption is increasing. China’s industrialization and urbanization are not complete, total energy consumption has continued to grow over a period of inner motivation. By contrast, Germany, and Japan and the United Kingdom and the other industrialized countries have entered the stage of decline in total energy consumption.

Third, energy consumption structure is irrational. Coal accounts for extremely high, in 2014, the coal share of China’s primary energy consumption was 66%, ranked South Africa (70.6%), is the world average (30%) more than twice times but for a “clean energy” proportion of natural gas is very low, only 5.6%, belonging to one of the lowest country in the world, while the world average is 23.7%.

Four carbon emission reduction, the pressure of time constraints. In 2014, 9.76 billion tons of carbon dioxide emissions in China, ranked first in the world. From 2000 to 2014, the average annual growth of emissions of carbon dioxide 7.6%. November 2014 in the Sino-US Joint Declaration on climate change, China is committed to carbon emissions peak by 2030. Although carbon emissions growth accelerated in recent years (annual growth from 2009 to 2014 emissions is 4%), but now is down to no growth, only 66 per cent of the time. In short, both in terms of energy level, growth in energy demand is energy and carbon emission reduction targets, energy transformation of our country will be facing unprecedented, unimaginable in other countries challenging.

Impact China’s energy restructuring primary obstacle to promoting

These “four difficult points” certainly will increase China’s energy transition more difficult, but it is not affecting the energy transformation right the main obstacle. At present, the primary obstacle to China’s energy transition is that industry, theory and practice departments exist to varying degrees of energy restructuring simplified and stylized tend to understand. In this thinking, and under the influence, affect China’s transition to a renewable barrier mainly in three aspects:

First, energy transformation was reduced to simple “increase the renewable energy share” issue, energy transformation of propulsion was simply boils down to depends entirely on the Government’s “determination”, seems to be as long as the Government policies and subsidies in place, energy transition can be successful. In practice, however, large subsidies has become unbearable. For example, Germany became the transition to renewable energy “model student” at the same time, renewable energy subsidies to pay scale is very large. According to estimates by scholars, and in 2013, Germany € 18 billion in direct subsidies to renewable energy. In 2013, Germany Environment Minister has said, if not shrink project size, Germany’s “green revolution” in costs over the next 20 years will reach 1 trillion euros (not including has spent hundreds of millions of euros). Siemens estimates by 2050 energy transition policy of direct costs will reach $ 4.5 trillion, equal to Germany 50 2.5% per cent of total GDP. Industry not long ago set off a development of renewable energy in China can afford costly subsidy dispute.

Second, the current mainstream views tend to be cost-competitive renewable energy as key issues of the transition to a renewable, that with the wind turbine and photovoltaic power generation costs have declined further to compete with conventional energy, renewable energy development problems will be readily solved. However, the key issues in the transition to renewable energy is not cost, Germany current problems of energy transformation is not wind power, photovoltaic power generation costs are too high as a result of. In fact, the current wind conditions good onshore wind power cost is enough to compete with fossil fuel power plants. Considering fossil fuel under conditions of external costs, costs of wind power, solar power is lower than the cost of fossil fuel power generation. Of course, no country in the world is based on the “full cost” of the electric power market, but this shows that wind power and photovoltaic power generation already has the technology and cost base to compete with fossil fuels.

Third, the protracted nature and complexity of the energy transition has not been properly understood and adequate attention. Energy transformation in human history are experienced for a long time: coal replace wood as dominant after 140 years or so, oil for more than 90 years in the coal as the dominant energy around. Due to the low energy density, resource location, resource conversion efficiency of use restrictions, renewable sources of energy to replace fossil fuels is destined to spend a longer period of time. For example, in the late 1870 of the 19th century from France early hydraulic turbines start today, after more than 130 years, hydropower’s share of the global primary energy consumption only about 6%. In the 1930 of the 20th century, since wind turbines to generate electricity, 60 PV, current wind power and photovoltaic power generation in the global share of primary energy is only slightly more than 2%. However, in practice, this long-term and complex energy transition did not become our comprehensive, in-depth study of energy transformation of power, instead of being unwilling to advance the transformation of the energy market as a reason to delay the transition process.

You could say, lack the in-depth study of specific historical process of energy transformation and a deep understanding, leading to simplistic understanding of energy transformation, resulting in the current practice of energy transformation in China’s strategic thinking absence policy should grasp the main contradiction, resulting in “headache” or even “head feet” important reasons.

Complete understanding of the connotation of energy transformation is a prerequisite to effectively promote the transformation

In short, the energy transition usually corresponds to a energy-dominated turnover, the “new” energy instead of “old” energy, such as coal replaced wood, oil replaced coal, as well as ongoing renewable alternative to fossil fuels. However, the “new” energy sources share of energy transformation of a shallow performance, or just the natural result of a successful energy transition. For a nation, a complete understanding of the connotation of energy transformation is to establish the correct energy transition strategies, as well as energy transformation can smoothly advance the premise. Starting from the background of the current global energy transition, from at least the following three aspects to understand many more countries are pushing ahead with energy transformation:

First, the energy transition is simple in the existing energy systems not only improve renewable or non-fossil energy, is more important to have structural changes in the energy system. In other words, fully coupled to fossil energy characteristics and existing energy systems, particularly electric power system must change to renewable energy distributed, low-power features. No energy systems, particularly Adaptive changes in power system, development of the existing system to accommodate renewable energy space is quite limited. Germany renewable the rapid growth of more than 10 years, besides the well-known strong support of government policies, law enforcement power grid enterprises to adapt to changes in the development of renewable energy resources is essential. Visible transformation of the energy system as a core requirement of the energy transition can be accurately and objectively understand the correct way of renewable energy development and real space.

Secondly, each energy transformation involves the readjustment of interests, will be losers and winners. As the oil gradually to replace coal, petroleum suppliers and related firms, some coal suppliers and related companies. With the deepening of renewable sources of energy to fossil fuels, renewable and fossil energy will become increasingly fierce competition between enterprises. In this case, if the Government is unable to correctly grasp the energy transformation of the direction and the resulting adjustment of interest, or “old energy” lobby group, and may hinder the transformation of energy policies soon. For example, early 19th century, when the Netherlands the traditional dominant “peat” higher calorific value the status of consumption of imported coal when Netherlands Government to take various measures, including coal import tariffs to protect their peat industry. Results not only delayed the Netherlands energy system of the coal industry restructuring, and this has begun to decline the Netherlands economy.

Finally, the energy transformation of longevity and complexity you want to have a clear understanding of, and attention. History of the transition from the energy, an alternative energy alternative energy and be dominant, takes decades or even centuries. Current energy transition, the main content is a renewable alternative to fossil fuels. From the broad sense, can be said to be non-fossil energy alternative to fossil fuels. Compared with the energy transition in the history of its protracted nature and complexity are superior.

From a long-term view, as the main force in the alternative energy renewable energy, both energy density and the use of cost, with replaceable, no advantage compared to fossil fuels. From the perspective of complexity, renewable energy is a collection of many varieties, which any energy does not have to be a single dominant “potential”. Moreover, the technical characteristics of these renewable energy varieties are not exactly the same, hydro basic compatibility with existing energy systems, more for distributed, small wind and solar power, biomass energy is both distributed and centralized. These energy technology to be integrated into an organic “new” energy systems, will bring more of the complexity of the technical, organizational and institutional aspects. In this regard, Government policy development and implementation of sector should be given high priority.

Original title: theoretical considerations of energy transformation in current China

PV technology innovation hedging cost pressure

Polaris solar PV net news: generating capacity rose 4 times more than doubled the previous 11 months, broad prospects for photovoltaic applications.

PV technology innovation hedging cost pressure

On December 21, tianchang city power company employees in horse Lake “Yue Kwong mutual complements” power stations to assist the engineering and technical personnel in inspection before delivery. Li Bingwang Zong Yaoyao photography

PV technology innovation hedging cost pressure

Recently, the xinyiguang company workers in mining subsidence area in Huainan xiejiaji district installing solar PV panels on the surface. Chen Bin Zhu Peiguo newspaper correspondents contributing photography photography

Welding machine hand hard cell, workers were busy testing the components … … On December 18, ja solar energy technology workshop in Hefei, a busy.

“We only opened two of the workshop in the first half, all 3 workshops now running at full capacity, staff from more than 1500 people to now more than 2000 people, there are still 900 MW orders pick up. “Ja solar in Hefei science and technology limited company official Liu Lei introduced PV industry accelerated warming, corporate order full, both production and marketing. 1 to September this year, the companies cumulative shipments of 1549 MW, an increase of 67%, output of 5.66 billion yuan, an increase of 42%.

In addition to the upstream manufacturers, downstream photovoltaic applications enterprise production and marketing the same fire. Hefei micro/Nano-electrical engineering limited company is a specialized manufacturer of photovoltaic components used in construction enterprises, distinct from regular photovoltaic modules, photovoltaic components used in construction of the enterprise research and production, can directly replace the exterior walls and roof, and achieve the perfect combination of photovoltaic power generation and construction applications. Corporate Vice President William l. Rowe introduction, put into operation since last year, influx of orders, product demand. National logistics and warehousing Association entered into a collaboration and Hefei city grain Bureau and a number of units, grain depot in Hefei area nearly total installed capacity MW rooftop PV projects.

This year, the rally of the photovoltaic industry. At the end of November, PV cumulative installed capacity in the province 750,000-kilowatt. Among them, the new installed capacity 250,000-kilowatt. From January to November, cumulative PV power capacity of about 360 million kWh, an increase of 428%.

“Photovoltaic power generation only 0.74% in energy structure in China, while in some developed countries in Europe and America accounted for more than 30%, photovoltaic application has great potential in the future. “Photovoltaic industry expert Zhang Xiaoan, Hefei University of technology Professor pointed out that as the ecological and environmental problems have become increasingly prominent, and increased emphasis on development and utilization of new energy sources,” Thirteen-Five “at the end, non-fossil energy share of primary energy consumption will reach 15%, photovoltaic industry will have rare opportunities for development.

Investment financing, application is still “stumbling blocks”

Industry Outlook is bright, but business did not mean plain sailing. “Now dare not blind expansion of production capacity, after all, too many uncertainties of the photovoltaic industry. “Liu Lei think, PV industry to achieve substantial development at the present stage, still faces a lot of” stumbling blocks “.

Construction site constraints, and is the innate disadvantage of PV application. “The scarcity of urban land, rural land properties limited, future trends in photovoltaic power station will shift from centralized to distributed. “Wan Changqing, Deputy Director of Hefei city view, differs from the Northwest has a large number of barren hills and desert resources, the province land resources are scarce, the future should focus on distributed power plant construction. Building distributed power also faces a number of challenges, such as many large industrial plants design load does not meet the requirements of power station 13 kg the roof are shown, wasted a lot of roofs; some businesses out of safety concerns, PV power generation projects were not on the agenda.

Large initial investment, the return period long, is also an important reason for restricting the PV application. According to Zhang Xiaoan introduction, photovoltaic power plant is a one-time investment, are generally not required to input the next twenty or thirty years, 1 3000 Watts of photovoltaic power plant, for example, cost about 26,000 yuan, annual profit rate of about 8%~10%,10 years to recoup their costs. Hefei, in accordance with current subsidies, rural residents can enjoy the 12,000 yuan subsidies, own only 14,000 yuan. Meanwhile power plant can produce more than 3,000 a year more, sell power grid annual revenue of about 3000 Yuan, 45, will be able to recover the cost. Even so, farmers ‘ enthusiasm for voluntary installation is not high, the key is the PV of the Government poverty alleviation projects.

Besides issuance of timely issues such as financing and subsidies, are also important factors hindering the development of PV industry. Photovoltaic industry is funding capital intensive industries, large amount of funds, lack of collateral, it is difficult to gain recognition of the financial institutions, is a major cause of financing. Subsidies timely issuance also increased the capital difficult. In the interview, Hefei company disclosed in full, except for municipal subsidies in place, a supplement has not been won. It is understood that gets subsidy from local finance, pricing, Energy Department begin trial, finally, finance and the national development and Reform Commission, the National Energy Board for approval approval after the entering directory, then allocated in the central budget to local finance, enterprises could get subsidies for more than 1.5 years.

Reduced cost upgrades, expected to enter “ordinary family”

The energy development strategy plan of Action released in 2014 (2014-2020) proposed that “by 2020 PV prices comparable with grid sales price.” Wan Changqing believes that future to get PV into the homes of ordinary people, and also to strengthen technological innovation, through technological progress, improve conversion rates, reduce costs, achieve parity as soon as possible, get rid of to rely on subsidies.

In fact, with the upgrading of technology, has continued to reduce the cost of PV products, photoelectric conversion rate is also rising. “Used to have more than 10 Yuan 1 watt solar cell, now just 4 cents. “Liu Lei introduced ja company developed poly battery with an average conversion rate of 18.9%, single crystal component battery with an average conversion rate of 20.8%, reached the international advanced level.

“In the long run, price of photovoltaic electricity prices not only equalled thermal power, lower power prices in the future. “Zhang Xiaoan said, at this stage still to maintain the stability of subsidies to support industry bigger and stronger. While improving the optimal subsidy mechanism, improve the management and efficiency in the use of subsidy funds, ensure that the subsidy Fund in full and on time.

Also, to speed up the PV applications and promotion, through technical innovations broaden the field of application and realization of photovoltaic power generation in situ digestion. Hefei for build “China PV application first city”, active promotion PV building integration, will PV power and building application combined up, development production out directly alternative building roof or wall body of decorative material, and insulation material, and waterproof material and peripheral nursing structure material, while meet building and PV of function requirements and security performance requirements, products application prospects is broad, widely application Yu civilian and public building, and industrial plant, and high-speed rail, and highway,.

Zhang Xiaoan believes that PV industry development is a systematic project, should step up market supervision and overall planning, to the current installed capacity of thermal, which should prevent rushing headlong into mass action, guide enterprises to the development of high level and low cost. While improving power grids, transmission lines and other infrastructure projects and services, open up the last mile for photovoltaic power station.

Further reading

This year, the steady development of PV manufacturing in the province. Provincial PV cell and module production capacity of about 4 million-kilowatt, 10% per cent of national output. Representatives of major enterprises in Hefei ja, Tong Wei, hareon, etc. Meanwhile, photovoltaic applications continue to grow. PV 530,000-kilowatt built in the province, including centralized PV 250,000-kilowatt, distributed PV 280,000-kilowatt, annual utilization hours to 1200 hours. Lutheran Church in jinzhai County, East 150 megawatts of photovoltaic power station is the largest concentrated photovoltaic power plant. 2015 years 600,000-kilowatt photovoltaic power generation capacity in our province has been selected by public tender 12 projects, together with the 2014 carry-over projects have been reported to the National Energy Board. Furthermore, model-building boom. Hefei national economic development zone, Wuhu distributed development of photovoltaic power generation demonstration area plan 2015 years 230,000-kilowatt, with a total investment of 2 billion yuan.

Original title: PV technology innovation hedging cost pressure

21 components companies exempted from EU solar anti circumvention duties

Polaris solar PV net news: the European Commission announced on 22nd files, announced after investigations there are 21 Taiwan battery, component plants were exempted from the limits of EU anti-circumvention duties. The remaining 7 vendors that are not exempt or do not fill in the questionnaire, there are 64.9% of anti-tax evasion.

EUProSun solar energy industries Association in Europe in March this year a complaint to the European Commission, requiring a new inventory of County violated the European solar panel price limit agreements (MIP) and China’s Taiwan, and Malaysia to help Chinese companies avoid trade agreements. The European Commission launched in May to investigate, in addition to gradually eliminate part of being found in violation of MIP China manufacturers, and announced the extension outside the MIP Protocol to embark on the next stage of the investigation, also in October to anti-circumvention investigation factory directly, and provides for 28 to fill out the questionnaire, to understand the situation.

64.9% of the European Commission anti-tax-evasion (contains the 11.5% of the 53.4% of the anti-dumping duty and countervailing duty) to restrict, horse manufacturers to help the County to avoid the Central European Trade Agreement Act. According to the European Union published on 22nd “reveal file” (General Disclosure Document), the EU identified China’s Taiwan has 21 factories are the real producers are not violations, were exempted from the anti-tax evasion. The other seven companies have failed, listing is as follows:

21 components companies exempted from EU solar anti-circumvention duties

High visibility in the market vendors are included in the exemption, be free to export products to Europe. This opinion shall be sent in until January 6 next year, relevant evidence for the evaluation of the European Commission, final verdict will notice before the end of February next year.

In addition, the bulletin exempt Malaysia manufacturer: AUO-SunPower Sdn.Bhd, and Flextronics Shah AlamSDN,Bhd, and Hanwha QCELLS Malaysia Sdn.Bhd., Panasonic Energy Malaysia Sdn.Bhd, and TS Solartech Sdn.Bhd.

5th this month the European Commission has announced the extension of the existing countervailing measures in China (includes MIP) 15 months, EnergyTrend that the EU during this period also will continue to pursue and eliminate violations of the MIP to the Chinese mainland manufacturers and the average 47.7% of the anti-dumping duty to limit exports. This limit, Trina solar has announced its withdrawal from the MIP Protocol changed to overseas production capacity to cover the needs of the European market.

EnergyTrend estimates that market of about 7GW of euro 2016, more plain than this year. But even so, the production capacity is still insufficient to cover the demand in Europe, and through foreign imports to fill you want.

On the Mainland firms, capacity in 2015, the second half began with third place, so even if you are excluded from MIP Protocol can still demand through overseas production capacity to supply the European market. The other hand, the plant in 2015, less than 30% exports to Europe, with major manufacturers exporting to Europe was not limited by anti-circumvention duties, exports should not be much change in the future. But if a plant is really to help the mainland manufacturers transit avoidance behavior to make a profit, the future may be affected by anti-circumvention restrictions even anti-fraud operations in Europe.

Original title: EU solar anti-circumvention investigations 21 plants waived

Tongwei m of shares conditionally through

Polaris solar PV net news: tongwei shares December 23 announcement said the company received on December 23, the CSRC notice, mergers of listed companies by the CSRC in 2015, the 110th meeting of the Audit Committee held on December 23 auditing, companies issuing shares to buy assets and to raise the matching funds and the related-party transaction subject to conditions. In accordance with the relevant provisions, since the market opened on December 24 on resumption of the company’s stock.

Tongwei shares issued in May of this year restructuring plan, the company intends to pay 2.05 billion yuan to buy from related stake He Yongxiang tongwei new energy 100% 99.9999% equity shares and raised no more than 2 billion yuan to promote “catch one” and “complementary”, “farmer roofing plant” and other projects, exploring the development of agriculture and the integration of the photovoltaic industry, and eventually corporate restructuring. On October 21, the company said, this reorganization is not approved by the SFC. On November 24, the company released a revised purchase assets through issuing shares and raise the matching funds and the related party transactions report (draft), to continue to promote the restructuring.

Original title: Tong Wei m of shares conditionally by

Engineers in Google tells you how to find a job

Engineers in Google tells you how to find a job

  Google, Apple, Facebook and many other well-known technology companies have become the first choice for employment. Every year, nearly 2 million people applied for the Google position, 5000 people were employed, the hiring chances is one of 400 points for each candidate. Recently in an interview Google engineers to provide some skills, tell them how to find work in Google.

  Google senior engineer Bruce r. Miller said: “Google is not looking at the candidate’s GPA (grade point average), because they can’t predict anything. Perhaps your GPA scores are high, but you had the brilliant. But for those who do not have any experience of graduates, Google may be on the candidate’s GPA score requirements, because the GPA is the only way Google can only tell if they work hard. In addition to GPA, I think about four years of relevant work experience in the field of interest Google. But I and determine whether recruiters would agree with my point of view. ”

  Google employee Ian Lance Taylor lists common Google engineers need to have three characteristics:

1. they must be like programming.

2. they need to know about all the structure of the computer. cover Moschino

3. they have good organizational skills.

  In addition to these features, he believed that open source software project related work experience will also give applicants extra points.

[Article correction] Moschino iPhone 6 cases

Collection is the collection of 1542

Tags: Science and technology , The Internet

cover Moschino

2015 PV industry review continued rebound opportunities challenges

Polaris solar PV net news: under the support of the Government, photovoltaic industry is “resurrection”: among the many energy markets by 2015, remains against the rise of the photovoltaic industry, the industry continues to rebound.

In June 2015, States three ministries jointly issued by the Ministry for the promotion of Advanced photovoltaic technology application and opinions on industrial upgrading, implementation of the “leaders” plan to improve photovoltaic product market access standards, advocate the adoption of advanced technology, and expand the market. At present, the enterprise Si module efficiency is over 18%, by a second printing of the cell mass production efficiencies of up to 18.84%, in the international leading level; efficiency far more than “leader” requirements of plan 16.5%.

Starting in 2014, when supply exceeds demand, product types under the environment, China has embarked on the road of independent research and development of new technologies and is effective.

Which, efficient polysilicon battery average conversion efficiency, and Silicon battery average conversion efficiency and Han can film power technology are has reached international leading level, by Germany Alex Dr en Huo husband solar system Institute certification, China its Copper Indium Gallium se component highest into rate reached 21%; arsenic of gallium component get United States national can renewable energy laboratory certification, highest into rate reached 30.8%, are create world highest records.

In addition, in order to regulate the sustained, stable and healthy development of the photovoltaic industry, August 2015, the Government release of the PV manufacturing industry conditions, PV will be announced year enterprise by spot checks. Production scale, technology, comprehensive utilization of resources and energy consumption, all enterprise management standards will be removed, optimize the layout of the entire industry.

It is against this background, China PV industry breakthrough. In 2015, the National Energy Board released data shows that PV manufacturing industry output value of more than 200 billion yuan in China, polysilicon production of about 105,000 tons, an increase of 20%; wafer yield is about 6.8 billion, cell production is about 28GW, an increase of over 10%; module production is about 31GW, an increase of 26.4%.

In terms of installed capacity, PV industry also made a breakthrough. In March, the National Energy Board issued issued by the National Energy Board on 2015 construction of photovoltaic power generation scheme: notice of proposed PV target for new installed capacity of 17.8GW. On September 28, the National Energy Board releases the increase in 2015 in some regions of PV power station construction notice, demanding more 5.301 million Volt photovoltaic power plant construction scale, compared with the target 30%, doubled compared with last year.

In order to encourage the public to use optical, different provinces and cities have also launched a photovoltaic subsidy policies, including most of Zhejiang. In addition, Anhui, Hubei and other provinces are also introduced, including initial investment subsidies, subsidies, different subsidy schemes.

According to statistics, the 2015 PV industry growth rate of more than 20% in the second half, in March 2015, was China’s first solar power station built in Ying yan Road West of South margin of Tengger Desert in Zhongwei city of Ningxia. National has identified 30 demonstration zone of distributed PV applications, including PV, high-tech district in jiaxing, Zhejiang, Anhui Hefei high-tech zone. In acres of factory roofs, covered “small” can be seen at any time.

In the country to establish their own end-market, not only to promote economic development, but also to wean the country from dependence on European and American markets, to avoid “double reverse” risk, put the business on the road. High-tech enterprises of jiaxing said yuanfei, Deputy Director, President of flat glass, with the gradual expansion of PV Application market, domestic market share has increased to 50% from 30% before.

Data show that in 2015, the PV installed 10.5GW, an increase of 177%, including ground power station is about 6.5GW. New photovoltaic power installed capacity of 9.9 million-kilowatt, an increase of 161%. New distributed solar PV installed capacity of 1.58 million-kilowatt, there is installing around the boom.

On March 28, the national development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Commerce jointly launched the drive to build a silk road economic belt and 21st century vision and action of the Silk Road on the sea, proposal of countries along the hydro, nuclear, wind, solar and other clean, renewable energy cooperation. Therefore not only gratifying increase in the domestic market, foreign markets are doing well. In 2015, China PV product exports reached US $ 10 billion.

Moreover, the expected Japan and the United States will become a larger market of PV industry in China, United Kingdom, and India and Chile are or will become China’s PV industry in emerging markets.

PV enterprises profitability improved markedly. In January-September, the PV industry operating income reached 24.518 billion yuan, an increase of 35.02%. China PV Industry Association Secretary-General Wang Bohua said the PV industry investments rose in recent years, many traditional businesses into PV investments. 30 a share solar power stocks listed companies publish quarterly results, there are 24 to achieve profit growth, including Sun energy, topray solar energy, Jiawei shares, Mau, large power, net profit rose by more than 100% over 30% enterprises, rising in the East was to 499.36% growth rate topped.

Enterprise’s development not only benefits from the Government, and benefited from the drop in costs. The drop in costs will boost the competitiveness of PV industry and evolved into the development of ultimate power. 2008 global PV industry average cost per kilowatt is about 38 cents around 2015 has dropped to 7.3 cents, is expected to fall again within the next 5 years 30%. Decline in the cost of the entire system cost and a drop in financing costs of signs, this would mean that the industry fast development time.

Under the background of the global PV industry cost reduction, cost reduction potential of PV industry in China. Executive Vice Dean of Tsinghua University’s School of materials Zhuang Daming said, because the technology of Copper-Indium-Gallium-selenium and efficiency improvement, manufacturing costs may also be cheaper than silicon. Indium, gallium-rich in raw material cost and sustainability is very competitive, so the PV industry in China has a considerable advantage in the battle for market.

Rotation of the light Globes take you forcing you to fly

Rotation of the light Globes, take you forcing you to fly

Because of it, you will fall in love with geography lessons, the teacher’s hands, set the first and purest exploration program, open to embrace the world of dreams, right? Yes, I was that the students in the class to see sunshine on the podium, a globe is so quiet, so simmering … … OtterBox iPad Mini Case

From the United States of MOVA Globe is by no means an ordinary globe, even if only by means of light and the Earth’s magnetic field, can still be gentle, quiet rotation drops. This is because MOVA globe is actually a static transparent shell and a spinning ball form. Shell and inner sphere space of a small gap is a safe, fully transparent liquid filling, in the shell and completely out of the ball. Ball suspended in an almost friction-free environment, simply by light-driven Rotary, which is similar to the Earth’s rotation.

OtterBox iPad Mini Case

You know what is administrative division? You know what a chart is it? You know the constellations dividing it? Do you understand satellite? Antiques you are controlling it? English, Chinese, metallic, MOVA offers a variety of acting styles, whatever you choose. Same time and at the same time, support behind acting, advanced technology of hard power–is seven ultra low friction motor rotation technology and low cost solar-powered, liquid-assisted optical projection technology, precision micro-volume optical liquid show off technology, 3D Globe printing technology, zero bubble liquid filling technique, product precision packaging technology. Gentlemen, being a “21st century high-tech innovative gift” AIDS road you?!

Love unusual creative grocery store shelves in a high profile, three ball sizes, and forced to spend thriftly or lavishly yo ~ OtterBox iPad Mini Case

NASA developed VR Mars Rover game experience Mars

NASA developed VR Mars Rover game: experience Mars

  December 23, Beijing time, according to foreign media reports, the United States Fusion media company, Massachusetts Institute of technology as well as the United States Space Agency (NASA) are working together to develop a virtual reality research projects, implementation of the project is to get users to real human astronauts on the surface of Mars early before walking the planet’s true feelings. According to expected human astronauts likely will be in the 30 ‘s landing on Mars. YSL Galaxy S5 Case

  Therefore, even though the United States Space Agency had to wait more than 20 years to be implemented on a crewed Mars mission, but no one as long as you have a virtual reality helmet, as early as next year will be able to experience the feel of Mars in person in advance.

  This program is called “Mars 2030 experience” (Mars 2030 Experience), organized by the United States Space Agency, Fusion company and United States joint MIT space systems laboratory research and development, is expected to be launched in March next year.

  Software will be fully involved in this project for users to download free, Cardboard,Facebook Oculus Rift or users can Google Samsung Gear VR equipment for use on compatible PlayStation VR even further in the future and related devices such as HTC Vive.

  United States advanced exploration at NASA supervisor jiesen·kelusen (Jason Crusan) said the Agency had already in astronaut training simulation using virtual reality technology and spacecraft, so applying this successful experience to promote, to educate and inspire the next generation of space explorers and the scientific community is well deserved. He said: “we see this as is the use of today’s advanced virtual reality technology, and good opportunities to share our idea manned landing on Mars. ”

  Irrational Games technical designer Justin suoneikabu (Justin Sonnekalb) is currently involved in the research and development projects, he said the project will allow users to walk on the surface of Mars, or driving a Rover prototypes exploring locations throughout several square kilometers in the region and through a series of scientific exploration of the specified target. You have experienced and observed all around the terrain and environment is based on a true construction of scientific data on Mars.

  One thing is for sure, it is a virtual reality version of the Mars Rover and Mars is not the same under the Hollywood interpretation. Suoneikabu said that when people use “Mars 2030 experience”, they will feel the entire project development team make every effort to develop, realistic simulation as possible when you are standing on the surface of Mars will be seen in a real environment.

  He said: “we are very careful, put in great effort to ensure that simulate real-world Martian environment, we use real Martian terrain data and true color data. ”

  Project development team uses Epic Games Unreal Engine 4 technology provided by the company, the technology and the latest games like Capcom’s Street Fighter 5 and Chair Entertainment’s Spyjinx uses the same technology. Experts will use the professional development tools reproduce the Martian surface environment, giving users the most authentic “immersive”-in the Middle, you will see Mars in the sky is red, and late in the afternoon, the sky turned blue – simulates the real-world Martian environment.

  As part of the development process, suoneikabu group specifically called on the United States at NASA’s Johnson Space Center NASA Simulator team members exchange and United States astronauts jointly test future Manned Mars Rover prototypes.

  Kelusen said: “in addition to the astronaut training beyond the practical, virtual reality technology will also allow us to share to the public in a sustainable manned exploration of the work done and to inspire the next generation of space explorers. ”

YSL Galaxy S5 Case

  He pointed out that previous simulation system based on physical principles have been widely adopted, helped United States NASA mission planners to develop Mars exploration plans, providing realistic environmental conditions to test the Mars and other space systems are able to adapt to the space environment.

  Fusion’s virtual reality producer zhulian·laiyesi (Julian Reyes) want the Mars 2030 experience “project will be the beginning of many similar projects for the future. Fusion is a multi-platform media company, the company and the United States signed an agreement at the Agency, making cross-media content.

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Still learning SolarCity Its own trouble

Polaris solar PV net news: spick SolarCity

When most people think about when SolarCity, how the mind must present their innovation, how to change the energy industry, as we read every day in the business press, is always abnormal envy. Almost every mention of SolarCity, journalists don’t forget to add one more sentence: they gave people the right to control energy.

But it really was it? Small series read BusinessInsider today a different story, which questions the models of the SolarCity. We removed the company tremendous aura of sacred, listen to the different voices may also inspire, especially when the PV industry in China to catch up, the experience and confusion may be more meaningful.

Still learning: SolarCity? Its own trouble

Reality phone sales

In a sense, SolarCity people say that innovation is the truth, but it tends to mislead people’s understanding on the nature of business of the company, particularly at the operational level. The reason, probably is the reason SolarCity struggling in the market.

In the real world, SolarCity is actually a door-to-door salesman, and sitting in a cubicle telephone sales calls. They must bend over backwards forcing customers sign the Bill as soon as possible, so that they can more quickly move on to the next one.

Soaring costs

SolarCity will support a large number of push and door-to-door sales team, this description does not do too much in advertising. But this is the sales of their real situation, and most people think it’s so amazing. And that’s why in the past few years, SolarCity root causes for the soaring cost of sales will rocket. And as the most easily understood PV customers decreased, more and more new customers signed up for a short time, SolarCity cost to devote more to develop new customers.

The door-to-door sales approach is actually very old, no matter how amazing looks, in reality it will inevitably have to face the competition of new technology, especially for “new technology” field of is all the more true of the photovoltaic industry. Now, the domestic photovoltaic industry has become quite mature, customers are becoming more and more smart, corresponds with the sale of products and strategies must be updated to meet different customer needs, otherwise, SolarCity will face huge difficulties for a long time in the future.

More and more boring, door-to-door sales

Admittedly, residential PV system up to now is still in an active market. Few people would say, “I want a PV, I had questions about it, I know what I want. “And this is why SolarCity in door-to-door sales so successful because from this incident. Indeed, it is the scope of this neighborhood live home sales give salesmen a good chance, face to face with customers to explain what is the PV, and how they provide services.

But this way of selling more and more boring. As PV concepts continue to hot, the vast majority of customers already know what PV is and how it works, or even know the specific steps of incorporation and financing. People are more willing to spend time to look around and buy, compare products, especially by buying a $ 30,000, or sign a contract for up to 20 years. If you would like to buy an expensive car, would you really want someone knocking on your door, forcing you to sign the contract? Not a chance!

Disruptive new player

Still learning: SolarCity? Its own trouble

In this environment, the PV sales in new players is not surprising. For example Google, based on map marking their rooftop PV ProjectSunroof or something similar like SunPower available direct online product at the new rules of the game, is able to quickly attract new business models. People can easily browse around, get quotes, and adequate hardware and financial programmes of research, so before final decisions are made you can get perfect contrast information.

In this way poses a deadly threat to SolarCity. It will bring more competition in the market, in the long run, it will reduce the profits of all PV installers. The installation team and company want to keep thousands of people, they have to let the team keep busy, so you need to ensure that stable enough to sign the Bill. The marketing team has made a very high demand, SolarCity’s cost of goods sold and therefore more expensive.

Solar financing lease is declining?

In addition, hidden behind the fact that the status quo, that is, people can also buy financial services. SolarCity to knock on your door, said to provide you with a photovoltaic system, the salesperson will no doubt recommend you to buy their rooftop leasing services, because in the long run, the SolarCity is the most profitable business. But if you go out the inquiry will find that direct cash purchase, or loan for photovoltaic is the real way to save money, it will let you get more from your PV cash returns.

A recent report on the network Energy Sage shows their 90% customers can opt for either cash or a loan to buy, finance lease and PPA customers is very small. Energy Sage CEO and founder of VikramA ggarwal said, using their platform customers are spending a lot of time to study solar, they want their comparison, buy the parts that suit them best, get home and install them in the system.

It’s kind of like decorating the House, or you find a repair company, he did walk away keys to a family, or make your own foreman, carefully loaded slowly. Sometimes the decoration company not only your problem, and various decorating details don’t exactly to your habits. In short, if the more mature customers opt for either cash or a loan to buy, which in itself has not telling yet?

People want the right to choose

SolarCity first appears is actually solving a problem: making people less trouble link, one-stop shopping. To date this has worked, but as people learn about PV and, knowing how PV financing, and their system hardware quality are more important, it becomes a fully competitive market, suppliers needed more time to get customers. Reason SolarCity is in a delicate position, because of their “one-stop integrated sales” model was no longer fit for the market.

Transparency in their service as soon as possible, and provide more competitive prices; they will either be network platform and rolled by the native installers all over the Union. Possible, SolarCity rise in cost of sales, slow business expansion, and bottlenecks encountered by continuing losses is their business model of the most powerful proof.

Original title: Chinese company, please note the following in imitation of SolarCity trap

Zhongxing energy arrears of 7 million migrant workers would remove PV power

Polaris solar PV net news: yesterday, this reporter received complaints saying, well-known power plant owners in the industry, “zhongxing energy limited”, as well as zhongxing energy power station business general contractor “Chongqing communications construction company” in arrears. Lead migrant workers outside the plant pull up banners, to dismantle panels dizhang.

Zhongxing energy arrears of 7 million migrant workers would remove PV power station

According to subcontractors on behalf of Mr Yao said: Sichuan, Gansu areas without electricity power photovoltaic independent power project is a national key construction projects for poverty alleviation, a 2012 “Golden Sun” project, zhongxing energy limited, is the owner, total contract issuer is communications construction company in Chongqing, we as a subcontractor. The project began October 2013 bid, start construction in mid-November, in 2014, largely completed at the end of power.

Zhongxing energy arrears of 7 million migrant workers would remove PV power station

Gansu areas without electricity power photovoltaic independent power supply works include construction in Jiuquan, wuwei, Gansu province, four in Pingliang area PV power station project construction and equipment installation, Sichuan areas without electricity photovoltaic independent power supply construction project, including the ABA, Ganzi, Liangshan autonomous areas without electricity in the three States PV power plant construction and equipment installation, a total of more than 250 concentrating photovoltaic power station construction.

Yao Mr said 2014 end of engineering completed Shi, owners and total package party delay not settlement engineering paragraph, led to hard, and throwing home homes industry of agricultural migrant workers took not to deserve of wages cannot home, in local government sector of coordination Xia (Sichuan province Muli County petition Council, and labor monitored brigade are has we of do have engineering information and workers wage information, owners party and total package party also has we of information), owners party paid has part engineering paragraph, commitment remaining of engineering paragraph in had Festival Qian paid, on put workers are sent home has. But does not give us paying for the lunar new year, when we go to reminders and they said to wait until the end of April after completion until May when we go looking for them, they say they want to wait until July or August, delayed until now there is no solution. During this period we also went to the Government departments, I hope Government departments to coordinate government departments to call them, the owner and the general contractor is not sent to the scene to solve.

Yao Mr said: “farmers workers hard rain or shine, rain, throwing home homes industry, miles to remote no electric area to you company worked, willing, work time long, work conditions poor, you actually also dare arrears farmers workers of wage, Sichuan, and Gansu no electric area conditions is most hard of place, elevation more than 3,500 more meters, high of place more than 4,000 more meters, not pass Highway, material in full by people carry horse Pack, eat of live of are is poor, dry a years has end of took not to money, and had has a years also not to money, abhorrent Ah”.

According to press reports, as of press time, up to zhongxing energy is still in arrears with more than 7 million, after more than a year now, peasant are still anxiously waiting for the money.

Zhongxing energy co’s official website says that the company is a State-level high-tech enterprise, focus on new energy resources and energy-saving environmental protection integration services. 1.29 billion yuan of registered capital. Zhongxing energy as one of the areas without electric power construction enterprise built and implement advances in Xinjiang, Qinghai, Gansu, Sichuan, Inner Mongolia and other areas without electric power development projects. By May 2014, the company said amounted to the implementation of residential photovoltaic system 59025, centralized power stations 354, solved more than 280,000 farmers and herdsmen living, education, electricity, health care power based on the people’s livelihood, such as electricity.

Original title: zhongxing energy arrears of 7 million migrant workers would remove PV power station

Department of energy abandoned wind up under the medicine can cure

Polaris solar PV net news: Department of energy released on December 16, the local Office of the National Energy Board powers and responsibilities list (for trial implementation), again referring to “not full purchase of renewable energy” administrative penalty provisions of the Act, namely, power enterprises are not full purchase of electricity generated by renewable, causing economic loss of the renewable energy power generation enterprises shall be liable.

This policy out, industry insiders have said that “under the Department of energy” is strong medicine.

In recent years, with the rapid development of wind power, solar power, abandoned due to power limited absorptive capacity wind up solar power is growing, many problems also appear. In Xinjiang, for example, by the end of 2014, total installed capacity up to 6000duowanqianwa in Xinjiang, where wind power is 10.21 million-kilowatt, 15.16%, PV 5.03 million-kilowatt, 7.49%. January 2015 to November, up than 31.6%. From national economic situation to look at, is expected in 2016, abandon wind up will be even worse.

If this Department of energy policy in a new change and six supporting documents seen, this policy is the embodiment of the new implementation of the change programme, is in order to give priority to the development of renewable energy, guaranteed renewable distributed energy generation of priority measures. Seemingly charm policy, how effective is still worth considering.

Three questions:

Renewable electricity companies dare to challenge the power grid enterprises?

Can renewable energy power Enterprise serious rely on grid enterprise will power conveying out, both in business form Shang is not competition relationship, but master and servant relationship, also so abandoned wind abandoned light power phenomenon appeared has call no door of embarrassing position, now, masters of led to masters of servant are said, if you of masters on you bad, can told I, I to punishment you of masters, masters in himself led before natural is recognize counselling of, but servant are dare can’t with himself of masters challenge that is another a said has. Why, no.

Traditional fossil fuel power plant interests where?

Of traditional fossil energy power generation enterprises in economic development contribution natural need not go into details, its interests are at stake and grid companies, also result accumulated power development. These companies do not have enough to eat have been prominent, and some units in a stopped state, there has been a local excess electricity capacity. For now, rapid economic growth as a result of this big cake is gone, enough to eat hungry man is naturally stroppy. Although part of traditional fossil energy like thermal power generation enterprises in energy saving and emission reduction, zero-emissions and other data fraud on one after another, does not live up to expectations, but in the short term, there is no renewable energy instead of its old position, so power past no longer, but still exists.

Over protection of renewable energy conducive to the development of the industry?

Government policies or financial support for the nascent industry is nothing short of a good thing can be conducive to the rapid growth of industries to form effective relatively free market competition environment. Today, wind energy, solar power is not a child, and has considerable growth in the technology and engineering application, when it comes to the adventure, to be a mule is a horse-drawn out when I walk. Sudden put priority to the development of renewable energy, who does not give way to renewable energy penalty who posture is clearly unwise, because there is no mechanism for the formation of effective competition, renewable, without administrative intervention is the best market market, of course it is very idealistic.

Two thoughts

Abandon wind up what is wrong with the power cuts come from?

Most people blamed for causing abandon wind up the power cuts due to thermal power, analysts believe that with the arrival of this new normal economy in China, the original power supply and demand, weak relationships were broken, there has been a situation of oversupply, as large thermal power enterprises of the energy supply for their own interests, regardless of the interests of environmental protection, the renewable living space is reduced further. Admittedly, this is part of the cause.

Abandon wind up the power cuts was another part of the reason to wind, solar power generation enterprise blind expansion, mainly due to over-capacity. By June 2015, China’s wind power capacity reached 105 million kilowatt, photovoltaic power installed capacity up to 35.78 million-kilowatt, in 2014, China-made solar photovoltaic panels to the global market is about 67%. According to the economic development, development of renewable energy should appear slow at this time is consistent with common sense.

Abandon wind up the power cuts for energy transformation in what is enlightenment?

Nowadays, energy transformation of China’s energy situation, since it is a general trend, inevitable. Behind the conflict of interest reflects the long-term absence of electricity market competition mechanism, essentially from a holistic point of view is often caused by excessive administrative regulation market intervention, which in turn led to the dislocation of the allocation of resources. Energy driving force comes from the smooth transition of power would be to dissolve on the basis of also planning wind power, photovoltaic output channel can send out, produce economic benefits, it can be stimulated to guide energy investment.

Price was the best leverage, it was the worst of the lever. The reason is that electricity price reform is actually the essence of new electric power system as a whole, only electricity prices from the power supply through to the demand side. Abandon wind up the power cuts that, if the tariff issue and proper methods, than repeating an administrative penalties for breaches of power grid enterprises to more directly and more effectively.

Nowadays, abandon the wind up the power cuts in the short term it’s hard to get a perfect solution, and administrative penalties for the development of renewable sources of energy can only be one of the supplementary means, for renewable energy development, the need to establish fair competition mechanism of fuss. But the Department of energy, after all, have come to a solution on the road. This is a good place to start.

Original title: abandon wind energy Council to abandon medicine can cure under light phenomena?

Power of movements full of flavor The speaker actually burn petrol

  We never put the speakers and, and link two words, but really nothing is impossible in the world, this very rough objects in the following figure is the gasoline-powered speaker Mega Boom Blaster!

iPhone leather case

Power of movements full of flavor! The speaker actually burn petrol

  At use of recyclable items make all sorts of strange things Netherlands designer Stefan Bus this is not unusual, other people trash into works of art, but he had to create a whole speaker, also burn gasoline! iPhone 6 leather

  Mega Boom Blaster model pretty bad, in fact, it is very close to the people, as long as the connected computers, smart phones and MP3 players these things can play music. How large the speaker runs the noise is really maybe, but as long as cool as well.

  Where did the material come from? Stefan Bus from one businessman hand buying 1.5 meters long, 1 metre diameter tank; from his father in the attic to find speaker related parts engine parts and old gasoline generator by Russia forces.

  If said practicality, Mega Boom Blaster does not get high marks, but seeing so domineering speaker, who will not go to thinking about something is not practical.

Power of movements full of flavor! The speaker actually burn petrol
Power of movements full of flavor! The speaker actually burn petrol
Power of movements full of flavor! The speaker actually burn petrol
Power of movements full of flavor! The speaker actually burn petrol

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World s top 500 supercomputers heaven second top

World's top 500 supercomputers:

  Beijing time on November 17, according to the Wall Street Journal’s Web site reported Monday, the latest “global supercomputer TOP500” list shows that China with 338.6 million floating point operations per second capability “milky way, second” super computer system to win again. Among the top 500 supercomputers in the world, China owned by the high performance computing took 109 seats, while 6 months ago this figure was only 37.

  List, located in the United States at Oak Ridge National Laboratory’s “Titan” supercomputer ranked second, which can perform 175.9 million floating point operations per second. leather iPhone case

  Since June 2013, “Tianhe second” system has been ranked in the top position. Building supercomputing systems in China is on the rise: in the past two years, developed by the National Defense Science and Technology University “milky way, second” super computer system, became the world’s most powerful supercomputer. China in building a supercomputer technology is universal.

leather iPhone 6

  The list also shows that although the United States has 200 supercomputing systems entered the “global supercomputer TOP500” list, but the number hit a historical low at the list since its inception in 1993.

  Throughout the United States for high performance computing equipment research and development, although the United States invested an unprecedented effort in this area, but in the “global supercomputer TOP500” list continues to decline. In the past decade, Google, Amazon and Facebook arm of the Alphabet, have spent billions of dollars to buy supercomputers built a large data center. However, these systems have not been fully utilized, failed to meet testing standards of the Top500 Supercomputers.

  United States Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory), Deputy Director of huosite·ximeng (Horst Simon) says this shows that China’s ongoing expansion accelerated in the supercomputer field, but does not reflect United States of supercomputer research and development a serious slowdown, “China has realized the value of modeling and simulation of high performance computing systems, Increased simulation capabilities and a wide range to create the related infrastructure, and Supercomputing infrastructure with the United States is highly competitive, “Simon said.

  ”The global TOP500 supercomputers” result is very important, because the list is considered the international competitiveness of computer simulation speed table. Supercomputer was originally used in physics and chemistry, modeling, but these large equipment is increasingly closer to the consumer products, from automobiles to diaper product modeling, are able to see the shadow of Supercomputing systems.

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Distributed PV sunshine credit birth

Polaris solar PV net news: this year, the PV plants financing problems are plaguing the industry. On December 16, distributed PV launched in Shanghai “sunny loan” sparked a thousand waves within the industry. According to Shanghai city development reform Board, and Shanghai City finance joint released of on carried out distributed PV “Sun loan” about work of notification (following referred to notification), Shanghai City will in existing SMEs financing guarantees work system based Shang, delegate Shanghai City energy-saving emissions Center as third party industry service institutions, is responsible for built “Sun loan” project management and detection platform, temporarily by in the insured Shanghai branch bear specific guarantees business, commitment offers interest rate of pilot Bank as lending subject.

Beijing Jian Heng Sun Liping, a researcher at the certification center industry said in an interview, the notice of steady income, the maximum advantage of PV power station has been fully played, utility value to manifest, inventory of distributed PV business funding solves solar power plant investment in financial issues.

Has high social credibility

According to the National Energy Board announced in October for the first three quarters of this year PV statistics, Shanghai cumulative PV installed capacity reached 300,000-kilowatt, PV 70,000-kilowatt. New installed capacity in the third quarter before 120,000-kilowatt, the new photovoltaic plant 50,000-kilowatt.

It is understood that this “sunshine credit” loans to SMEs registered in Shanghai to invest in this city of distributed PV project (in development). Loan period is divided into 1-year, 3-year and 5-year project loans, companies are free to choose. Credit lines as a single loan amount does not exceed investment 70%, a single company secured loan balances accrued up to 15 million Yuan. Bank lending rate benchmark interest rates in principle for the people’s Bank (depending on the project up to float no more than 15%), a security company in accordance with the annual rate for a guarantee fee of 1%.

The notice clearly suggested that the triage classification cooperation coordination mechanism established. Shanghai energy conservation centers, banks and security firms from project quality and personal credit and guarantee quality audit. In order to simplify the procedure, uniformly accepted material by the Shanghai Municipal Center for energy conservation and emissions reduction. Meanwhile, the establishment of coordination mechanisms, the controversial project, the Shanghai Energy Conservation Center to organize a Conference to coordinate views. Establishment of risk-sharing mechanisms. If loans default, due diligence after the recovery in banks, municipal financing of guarantee funds and the banks share in 90%:10% proportions. Among them, the funds partly by municipal and district levels, financial 60%:40% share.

A PV industry analysts pointed out in an interview with Xinhua, the uniqueness of the circular after, China also never pass for wind power, centralized photovoltaic, solar thermal energy and other new loans guarantees provided to financial forms. Also, because of the Government’s financial guarantee, has a strong social credibility. “In addition, the new deal has a strong operational, risk controlling have good means of implementation. Including guarantees compensation over 5%, in principle, will be suspended ‘ sunshine credit ‘ projects accepted, introducing third-party supervision. “The analyst said.

Related news:

“The policy of the original” Shanghai municipal development and Reform Commission and the Shanghai Municipal Finance Bureau on distributed PV “sunshine credit” notice on work

Shanghai introduced the first distributed PV loan deal

Boost small and medium enterprises

The Shanghai City launched the “sunshine credit” the biggest bright spot is the first distributed PV project is proposed “to use quality equipment guarantees Mortgage Corporation, project tariff right to future benefits, subsidies have pledged to guarantee company, Shanghai Municipal Center for energy saving and emission reduction should be accompanied by a security company to implement loan against pledge of procedures”.

“This can to a large extent for project development companies solve the shortage of funds. “Sun Liping said.

“Benefits of distributed PV power station is very stable, to serve as collateral value of the power station can be fully reflected, inventory of projects development Enterprise Fund, so as to solve the power plant investment in the Fund. “It is understood that, due to the development of large photovoltaic power plant enterprise scale larger, higher credit rating, loan is relatively easy. Financing SMEs in the development of distributed PV project is the most difficult. “Credit is difficult to assess and identify credit on your own is difficult to credit. Now with the preparation and development of power station, with the station’s cash flow as credit and mortgage, for SMEs, which is a big plus. “Sun Liping told reporters.

The circular provides that a company secured loan balances total no more than 15 million Yuan, according to project investment 70% measure, support project development and construction of 2 to 3 MW. “For distributed PV development of small and medium enterprises, the number is not small. “Sun Liping said.

In addition, the notice also set out in detail in the loan process, imposes strict time limits on each link. Sun Liping said the time limit for the notice clearly with the approval, reflects the Government’s determination to boost lending policy to allow distributed PV enterprises more confident about applying for loans.

Distributed PV will be more supportive

Worth noting is that in the industry in the near future, “went viral” PV benchmark price reduction message has been confirmed, some in the industry also cut its benchmark price of Shanghai’s “Sun loan” as signal echoes. Foregoing PV industry analyst said on condition of anonymity, the introduction of these policies, as can be seen in the East of the country to develop distributed PV projects supported and encouraged. “In the future, do not rule out the other Eastern provinces are similar encouragement or innovation support policies. “The analyst told reporters.

It should be noted that, for “sunshine credit” made by 1-year, 3-year and 5-year loan term, Liping Sun believes that these three terms are too short. “Photovoltaic plant may quickly take 6-7 years to recoup their investment costs, 1-year and 3-year loans for businesses it’s a bit short on time. “However, the reporter learned from the Shanghai Municipal Center for energy saving and emission reduction, distributed in photovoltaic project development business loan expires, will allow companies to continue to lend. In addition, the provisions of the notice “If loans default, due diligence after the recovery in banks, guarantee funds for SME financing undertaken jointly with Bank 90%:10%” Bank ratio may increase in the future.

“Further reading”

Non-PV asset mortgage or secured loan

1, mortgage investors to assets no loans to fit their business needs, and a larger scale of fixed assets of enterprises.

2, investors and enterprises in the banking business guarantee investors that is associated with a certain credit rating, and its line of security has some spare, you can loan guarantees for solar investors services.

3, non-affiliated enterprises investors no more than a combination of loan conditions, you can contact certain enterprise credit guarantee amount, good for PV has some awareness, development of the enterprise, its loan guarantees for investors.

As a security company, you can obtain the appropriate return.

Control risk is that investors will PV power plant ownership and usufruct mortgage guarantee company; as soon as investors are unable to repay their loans, secured enterprise PV into their folds, 70% of its acquisition cost is the cost of power plant construction.

PV mortgage assets or cash flow for sale

1, construction period investors temporarily unable to get bank loans, long-term loans, short-term loans needed during the construction period to solve the problem of funding the construction.

Such loans, there is another solution, that is, by way of BT, underwritten by the EPC construction. The level of this model will need to weigh the cost of capital, you also need to consider whether the current EPC to take on this model.

2 such loans, short-term loans refers to the plant building and power plant 2-3 years after its commissioning, investors in order to hold or Bank proves that the PV power plant have a stable cash flow required before the bridge funding.

Such loans require investors to buy any brand of equipment products, and photovoltaic power plant insured property and power loss caused by major equipment damage.

3, long-term loan, PV power plant EPC generation guarantees-for EPC procurement of equipment or materials and build quality problems caused by electricity generation decreased EPC is responsible for compensation EPC companies can purchase professional liability insurance to reduce their risk of suffering a loss.

B, operation specified by the EPC business enterprise-operations corporate power loss due to poor operation and maintenance; operation enterprises can also purchase professional liability insurance to share risk.

C, investors buying major equipment purchases, the insurance of property insurance; capacity loss due to an accident due to regional power, access to the system transformation, policy risks resulting from changes in government policy.

D, construction land or housing stability is to divide responsibility inside the EPC concerning land or house property right change, lease contracts signed by both parties in advance to register property rights exchanges in order to protect the interests of the PV.

After the above points, banks can open a loan account, earmarked for loans for PV plants financing.

Insurance additional content related to loans or insurance, photovoltaic power plant have to accept third-party testing, evaluation and supervision.

Original title: distributed PV “sunshine credit” birth