2016 China PV industry development prospect

Arctic star solar PV network news: China PV industry continues to maintained 2013 yilai of warmer situation, in international PV market flourish, especially China PV market strong growth of pull Xia, PV enterprise capacity utilization get effective improve, industry scale steadily growth, technology constantly progress, Enterprise margins get upgrade, in “area way” strategy guide and the international trade protection pour forced Xia, China PV enterprise of “out of to” pace also in constantly speed up. Looking ahead to 2016, under the policy guidance and market-driven, photovoltaic industry development in China continued to hold up well, but the financing of PV manufacturing, photovoltaic market subsidies in arrears, rationing and PV power plant problems constraining the development of the industry.

First, the basic judgment of 2016

(A) the PV market booming, China’s cumulative installed capacity ranks top in the world

In 2015, the global PV market, strong growth, new wind power installed capacity is expected to exceed 50GW, an increase of 16.3%, the cumulative photovoltaic capacity of over 230GW. Traditional markets such as Japan and the United States, Europe, new installed capacity of 9GW, 8GW and 7.5GW respectively, remain a strong momentum. Emerging markets emerge, PV applications in South-East Asia, Latin America countries develop irresistible force, India, and Thailand, and Chile, and Mexico, installed capacity rapidly, such as India in 2015 will reach 2.5GW. Our PV installed capacity will reach 16.5GW, continue ranked, cumulative installed capacity is expected to exceed 43GW, surpass Germany as the world’s largest PV cumulative installed capacity of the country.

2016 China PV industry development prospect

Source: China PV industry association in November 2015

Looking ahead to 2016, despite the weak global economy, countries such as the United States and Japan policy impact of falling support, domestic PV market will keep growing, and annual PV installed capacity is expected to reach more than 58GW. Among them, the United States because of the ITC (tax) policy expires at the end of 2016, will continue to set off installing climax, new installed capacity is expected to reach more than 12GW, Japan PV market despite the subsidies continue to face downward pressure PV continuing decline in commodity prices will continue to support Japan market development, market size is expected to stay above the 8GW. Emerging markets such as India is vigorously promoting the development of photovoltaic, with the improvement of supporting policies and financial instruments, could be the next point of the outbreak. China PV market although faced local area power, and subsidies arrears, and Internet benchmark electric price cut, problem, but believes Government will through upgrade can renewable energy additional, and optimization power station index scale issued, cracked bottleneck, and products price of continued declined also will offset electric price cut and power brings of effect, is expected to 2016 China PV installed in “lead who” plans and electric price cut brings of Rob loaded drive Xia, annual PV installed market will reached 20GW above.

(B) industrial scale steady growth, profitability increased

In 2015, global production has continued to rise, the total output will reach 340,000 tonnes, an increase of 12.6%; China poly silicon productions about 162,000 tons, an increase of 19.1%, producing 16 polysilicon companies most in a State of full capacity, even though imports still exceeded 100,000 tons. Global solar PV module production is about 60GW, an increase of 15.4%, China’s solar cell production is about 43GW, compared with 20.8% per cent, average gross margin over 15% top 10 components. Number of enterprises started to set up factories overseas, globalization of production was evident. According to the part of the PV manufacturing industry standard conditions of business statistics, first half of 2015, components sales revenue 8.9%, net profit rose to 9.7%, the average net profit margin rose 6.5% China PV industry capacity utilization has been improved, but under the influence of component prices dropped slightly, corporate profitability is still not strong.

2016 China PV industry development prospect

Figure 3 2011-2016 solar module production, growth rate and global production of photovoltaic modules

2016 China PV industry development prospect

Looking ahead to 2016, as the world’s new polysilicon production capacity improvement and original, expects global production will reach 360,000 tons, China poly silicon production will reach 180,000 tons, the product prices are expected to remain at about 110,000 yuan/ton, enterprises remain under price pressure. In terms of battery components, along with the PV industry’s overall improvement as a result of falling component prices make solar power cost and closer to even reach parity, global production is expected to continue its growth momentum throughout the year would be 65GW, PV module production in China (including overseas factory) is expected to reach 50GW, further enhance the trend in the industrial concentration. But still need to pay attention because of the global PV markets such as Japan persistent downturn, United States fluctuation effects of expiration of a tax credit, Enterprise expansion remains to be rational.

(C) continuously upgrade the technical level, gradually reducing production cost

In 2015, under the push of internal and external environment, PV enterprises to increase technology research and development, production levels continue to progress. Backbone Enterprise polysilicon production energy continues to declined, integrated cost has fell to 90,000 yuan/tons, industry average integrated power consumption has fell to 100KWh/kg, Silicon n-method flow of bed method, industrialization process speed up; Crystal and the more Crystal battery technology continued improved, industrialization efficiency respectively reached 19.5% and 18.3%, passivation launches very back contact (PERC), and different quality knot (HIT), and back electrode, and high concentrated, technology route speed up development; PV component package and the anti-light to attenuation technology constantly improved, Leader in component production costs fell to 2.8 yuan per watt, PV system cost below 8 Yuan/w per cent, reduced to 0.6-0.9 Yuan/kWh.

Looking ahead to 2016, technological progress will continue to be industry topics. SI module conversion efficiency of industrial production is expected to exceed 18.5%, monocrystalline silicon cell is expected to reach 20%, the mainstream power component products will reach 265-270W. Silane polysilicon production process by fluidized bed is expected to achieve large-scale production, continuous feed production technology of single crystal and the G7, G8, large-capacity ingot technology continues to progress, will be further application of diamond wire cutting technology, large-scale production of PERC battery, n-type batteries to further expand. Meanwhile, in the past 99% photovoltaic products using amorphous silicon technology, new films, heterojunction, slow development of technology such as high concentration and homogenization technology of high industrial development risks significantly. Domestic PV manufacturing key technologies research and development and the lack of basic research, innovation fatigue and lack of new products and new technologies reserves, core competitiveness gap with international advanced level. Urgent factor inputs such as capital, technology, talent, promote China’s PV manufacturing to photovoltaic intellectual change, enhance core competitiveness of industries.

(D) industrial investment continued to improve and mergers and acquisitions continues to advance

According to the Ministry of industry and information technology, statistics, 2015 1 September, 80.79 billion yuan of Chinese photovoltaic industry investment, an increase of 35.8%, according to EnergyTrend statistics, 2015 years Chinese firms have been announces expansion plan, will add 4.2GW capacity, domestic capacity will be added 3.2GW. Many enterprises to implement the “go global” strategy, China has completed the overseas cell and module capacity 1.7GW and 2.3GW respectively, building and expansion of the production capacity reached 2.6GW with 4GW. Industry mergers and acquisitions accelerating and deepening of the market-leading integration of resources. Wind international to buy perpetual silicon and polysilicon enterprises United States solar module company Suniva, further optimize the industrial chain layout tongwei group to invest NT $ 850 million stake in Taiwan Gintech energy, enhanced cell scale economy effect; Xian longi, Trina and other enterprises to cooperate with Yingli, processing method through a delegate, to achieve maximize capacity utilization, and so on.

2016 China PV industry development prospect

Looking ahead to 2016, PV enterprises in accelerating the development of emerging markets and is actively implementing the industrial global deployment plan through invest and set up factories abroad, overseas mergers and acquisitions, including, local production strategy to promote PV trade patterns to speed up evolution. While, in on promote advanced PV technology products application and industry upgrade of views policy guide Xia, domestic efficient battery market will will gradually expanded, enterprise also will will increased on domestic has has produced line of technology input, through technology upgrade upgrade products performance, in domestic of spread produced also will concentrated Yu upgrade PERC, and IBC, and MWT, efficient battery pieces of scale production capacity.

Second, the need to pay attention to several problems

(A) financing, financing your restricted PV manufacturing enterprise upgrade

First, some financial institutions due to the photovoltaic industry failure or shutdown, leading to high rate of bad loans, financial institutions generally tightened up on credit financing of PV manufacturing, mainly Bank lending to the manufacturing sector permission to withdraw to the head office, essentially limited, making photovoltaic manufacturing companies face severe financing problems. II is the backbone of our PV enterprises listed overseas, under the influence of industry integration and foreign trade disputes, China PV companies listed abroad have a serious crackdown, price-earnings ratio at a low level for a long time, makes the backbone enterprise financing costs have increased substantially, the basic loss in overseas capital markets financing capacity. Third, higher financing costs in the country, according to the survey, most of our solar financing cost around 8%, some even as high as 10% and offshore funding costs at around 3%-5%. High financing costs make PV costs high, sharp eroding corporate profits, severely restricted PV manufacturing technical transformation and industrialization of new technologies.

(B) “leader” plan will lead the domestic PV market development

In the current power in local areas under the background of intensified in the Northwest, with Datong “leader” planning practice, the next “leader” construction of the base will be more

Great development. A is can effective pull efficient products market needs, conducive to promoted enterprise technology upgrade and products quality upgrade, promote China PV industry transformation upgrade; II is through market of mechanism decided PV power station scale distribution, conducive to solution past bulk, and small, and mess of power station index issued; three is “lead who” base Government acts as a nanny role, provides unified public based facilities generation built, and record planning unified playing bundle service,, conducive to owners reduced investment cost. According to the media information, Datong and yangquan, baotou, Jining next year and other GW-class “leader” base implementation, according to CCID statistics, a think-tank, China achieved “leader” plan calls for lower capacity, far from meeting the market demand, it is urgent to accelerate the upgrading of production equipment or new technology industrialization, improve productivity of advanced production lines and improve product quality.

(C) solar subsidies not be issued in time becomes a bottleneck restricting the development of market

On one hand, renewable energy subsidies there is a huge gap, subsidies in arrears is serious. PV on-grid price subsidies are mainly from additional renewable electricity price, the current renewable energy surcharge amount for 1.5 cents/kWh in 2015, tax of about 50 billion yuan, is expected only to meet before September 2013 demand for project funding included in the list of renewable energy subsidies, September 2013, after the incorporation of the project did not get subsidies, expected by the end of 2015, this part of the funding gap could reach 40 billion yuan. Furthermore, current renewable energy subsidies application procedures too cumbersome, subsidy payment is not timely. Subsidy funds reporting, auditing, allocated by local finance, pricing and energy sectors after the trial, and then by the Ministry of finance in conjunction with the national development and Reform Commission, the National Energy Board three

Approval by the central finance allocated to local finance, then or directly to the power company or by power network enterprises pay, leading to capital allocation period is too long. This causes poor circulation of enterprise funds, financial costs, industry chain power enterprises, manufacturing enterprises, parts and triangular debts between enterprises, and seriously affects the enterprise’s technological innovation, technological innovation, upgrading technology, normal operation and economic benefits.

(D) the policy is reasonable for PV power station, tax is not standard to increase the burden on enterprises

First, land policy is reasonable, severely limiting PV Application market development. September 2015, land resources department, and national NDRC, six Department Board introduced of on support new industry new industry State development promote mass venture peoples innovation with to policy of views (land funding rules (2015) 5th,) more is on PV power station project proposed “occupied agricultural to of, all with to part are should by construction with to management”, due to China in the East area of land basically are is “agricultural to” or “construction with to”, PV power station construction basically is to agricultural light complementary, and fishing light complementary, form development, Not change original land using nature, but this paper is to “a knife cut” of way requirements accounted for to all by construction with to management, while increased PV power station investment cost, on the local government due to with to index and the planning, problem cannot arrangements PV power station construction project, basically is on PV, new industry new industry State development up to hinder and non-promote role, has against the paper original. Second, PV power station of land tax collection is not standard, heavy taxation of enterprises and the operation is not transparent does not open. In national economic down of big background Xia, part local government began on has built production of PV power station project proposed levy arable land occupied tax and the land using tax demands, and levy way, and tax standard not specification, and differences obviously, and can adjustment space had big, PV power station investment enterprise unable to bear this part land tax formed of huge investment cost, caused investment returns sharply fell even losses, serious effect power station investment and the whole PV industry development enthusiasm.

(E) network channel construction, power the grim effects of PV power station construction

Currently renewable energy development plan and construction of power grid planning of overall convergence problems, due to the regional power grid structures and underdeveloped delivery channels, focuses on development of PV power station area face rationing situation all the more severe, resulting in resource-rich areas of advantage is difficult to achieve. Meanwhile, many areas had yet to establish comprehensive protection priority scheduling of renewable power operating mechanism, still taking the average distribution of the annual plan of the electricity power dispatching operation, guaranteeing the purchasing requirements of the renewable energy law was not effectively implemented, contribute to renewable energy generation systems are limited it is very serious. If the PV power station construction and support out of any improvement in the problem of power system planning, supportability systems difficult to implement renewable energy generation in full, project-level planning will be difficult to implement ambitious goals for renewable energy development plan may fall.

Three recommendations, and countermeasures

(A) strengthen the exchange of information, innovative means of financial support

To raise public awareness on the development of photovoltaic industry through various channels, media and financial institutions, among other things, deepened about the PV industry development and future development trend of knowledge and understanding, and encourage financial institutions to innovative financing products and helped support the strong. A is support financial institutions through debt turned unit or bad assets securities of, way, ease enterprise debt burden overweight problem; II is encourages financial institutions Zhijian strengthening cooperation, established closed financing funds, on backbone Enterprise for orders financing support, avoid backbone enterprise funds chain depletion brings of risk; three is encourages financial institutions and overseas listed enterprise cooperation, support enterprise from abroad back city return shares, regulatory sector provides green channel, shortened again listed procedures and process; four is continues to advance reduced PV enterprise financing cost, Loans by focusing on the business directory or order, implementation of differentiated low cost financing policies.

(B) the establishment of investment funds, support enterprises ‘ technological innovation

Funds for guiding, attracting capital investment, market-oriented operation. Encourage and attract five power generation groups, grid, PV enterprises, financial institutions and social capital in the Fund, Fund to support solar PV business development to promote mergers, standardize corporate operations and develop positive self development ability. According to a certain proportion of the Fund invested in photovoltaic power station construction and the manufacturing sector, through the power link PV manufacturing sector steady income compensation risk. Manufacturing key PV technology innovation and support PV enterprises “going out”, optimizing the PV manufacturing industry worldwide.

(C) direct the global layout, implement a comprehensive subsidy policy

A proper settlement of foreign trade barriers to encourage companies to hold together abroad cost depressions and market potential of the countries or regions to invest and build factories, optimize production capacity worldwide. Second, the photovoltaic subsidy funds payment as soon as possible, improve renewable energy surcharge standard as soon as possible, resolve the Fund gap subsidize, implementation of Ma Kai, Deputy Prime Minister in PV seminar in Wuxi instruction spirit, PV subsidies that advances made from the power company, the end of the year by the financial and other sectors and grid companies to audit and accounting to ensure that subsidies timely release of funds. Third is the perfect PV subsidy policy, promoting technological progress, the efficiency is lower than a certain standard components did not give subsidy or subsidies less, while encouraging “leaders” qualified and efficient components in the plan price range, ensure efficient solar module market share and profit margins.

(D) to strengthen coordinated protection power full purchase

State energy management and power regulatory sector coordination the province, and district, and city added or amendment regional can renewable energy development planning, will national focus project into place development planning, makes place planning and national planning phase unified; coordination national grid and South grid perfect grid development planning, makes grid development planning and can renewable energy development planning phase coordination, through things and North-South power conveying channel, especially arrangements good national qianwanqianwa PV power base of outside sent channel construction, achieved advantage area resources effective using, And on the implementation of the plan be supervised. Meanwhile, recommends that the national electric power regulatory authority, in accordance with the law on renewable energy renewable energy generation in full regulations guaranteeing the purchasing renewable power grid and acquisition survey on actual implementation and acquisition cannot be completed in accordance with the provisions of electricity generated by renewable, causing economic loss of the renewable energy power plants illegal hold liability, guarantee the legitimate rights and interests of renewable energy power generation enterprises in accordance with law.

(E) clear land use, regulate land taxation policy

Recommendations of finance and the State administration of taxation issued clear of photovoltaic power generation enterprises at the national level land-use tax, regulate local photovoltaic companies land-use tax. While drew attention to fiscal and tax departments issued specific instructions to regulate farmland occupation tax is imposed by the advice and interpretation on the other, encouraged and supported way to recommended national thermal power, land-use tax relief policies for PV power station. Meanwhile, land, forestry, energy and taxation departments should jointly study and formulate policies for PV power station, explicit nature and scope of the PV power plant, photovoltaic power stations without changing the original land use according to the nature of the land property management to encourage PV power station construction and the combination of agricultural, fisheries and other, improve the efficiency of land use.

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Xian issued technical code for solar PV LED street lighting

Arctic star solar PV network news: yesterday reporter was informed that, by city construction, and city municipal public Council Joint editor of Shaanxi Province engineering construction standard Xian City Town Road solar PV LED street lighting technology specification, recently by province live built Office and province quality prison Council organization about sector and experts validation through, has released for Shaanxi Province place standard, and will Yu this year February 12 up implementation.

It is reported that the regulation covers technical terminology, specification for road lighting energy-saving, energy-saving targets, measures, LED lamps, photovoltaic power generation system design, construction, installation and commissioning, project acceptance and other aspects. The norms in a leading position not only in the country, and similar technical specifications first in Western China, the promulgation and implementation of the specification will promote the city’s construction to high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection, health and “green lighting” development process, and will “reduce pollution haze” make a positive contribution.

Original title: City enacted PV LED street lighting technical specifications issued

Polaris solar network on January 14 2016 news review

Polaris solar PV net news: Polaris solar PV NET Summary January 14 news, stranded – a city of Golmud solar photovoltaic PV power station construction and PV continued demand in February 2016 wafer, solar cell prices peaked, four in Xinjiang new energy power plants were “nest” energy storage or broken relief from technology, as follows:

Stranded – a city of Golmud solar photovoltaic PV power station construction

PV continued demand in February 2016, wafer, solar cell prices reached the peak

Four new energy power station in Xinjiang is “Wo” energy storage or broken relief from technology

“Modified” reshape the chain of electrical equipment industry and a new energy sector more flowers

Relative surplus of electricity will run through “Thirteen-Five” solar wind power how to change the way of thinking

Crack the “abandoned” needed comprehensive strategy

Founder of Suri Ni Kailu holdings next month second auctions

LG invested US $ 435 million more than 6 solar cell production line

A China-led clean energy investments hit record highs

Guide to PV project development and construction in Hunan province

About creating solar energy demonstration counties in Shandong province, Guan implementation plan

“No long grain long solar” drought zone of middle Ningxia disadvantages become advantages

Hong-Wei: “green bonds” applause and loud

United States solar powered Juno spacecraft distance record

Polaris solar PV net news: news on January 14, according to EngadgetUK website reported that United States NASA Juno spacecraft has broken the record to become the most distant Sun-driven space exploration ship. The 4-ton “armored tank” spaceship on its way to Jupiter, had 493 million miles from the Sun yesterday, exceeding the Rosetta spacecraft records 493 million miles. Using the 30-foot-long solar arrays and 18698 solar, it is able to use the very limited sun light. “Jupiter is from the Sun the Earth five times, 25 times less sunlight reaches the planet’s surface,” the Juno project manager Rick ˙ nibaken (RickNy Bakken) said.

United States solar-powered Juno spacecraft distance record

Only eight space shuttle en route to Jupiter and beyond in the universe of more than 500 million miles from the Sun, all of them are driven by nuclear power. Break the solar-powered spacecraft furthest distance record is worthy of celebration, but launch in 2011, Juno is also facing some of the work. It is expected to reach Mars on July 4, 2016, where it wraps around a planet 33 times, from the planet’s surface down to 3100 miles. United States NASA indicates that the goal of this project is to explore the thick cloud cover and crazy storm “more about Mars, the origins, structure, atmosphere and magnetosphere. ”

Original title: United States range solar-powered Juno spacecraft to break record

2015 solar industry financing fell 4 5 to us 25 3 billion

Polaris solar PV net news: United States clean energy communications and consulting firm Mercom capital before year 2015 solar finance data, in 2015, the global solar industry financing (including venture capital/private equity, debt financing, public market financing) amounted to 25.3 billion dollars, down by 4.5%.

2015 solar industry financing fell 4.5% to us $ 25.3 billion

2015 solar industry financing fell 4.5% to $ 25.3 billion

Mercom Capital Group CEO, Prabhu said, “overall, 2015 solar market is good, despite the turmoil in the stock market as well as the plight of the yieldcos model in the second half. With the sustained implementation of favorable policies such as investment tax credits, 2016 solar market is expected to continue to grow. ”

Specifically, in 2015, the venture capital/private equity into 83 solar financing transactions, the total amount of about US $ 1.1 billion. Said than from the transaction number and amount decreased in 2014.

2015 solar industry financing fell 4.5% to us $ 25.3 billion

Among them, the solar energy companies and raw materials 69% per cent of venture capital/private equity, about $ 727 million; photovoltaic technology about US $ 173 million; balancing system BoS about US $ 87 million; film companies about $ 44 million, the service provider contracts for $ 15 million, CPV and CSP to raise $ 3 million respectively. Worth noting is that in Africa, India and South Asia, off-grid market access to venture capital financing of more than $ 100 million.

Ranked in the top five VC deals is Sunnova Energy to raise $ 300 million, respectively, Silicor Materials raised $ 105 million, Sunlight Financial raised $ 80 million, Sungevity to raise $ 50 million, and Conergy raised $ 45 million.

2015 solar industry financing fell 4.5% to us $ 25.3 billion

In 2015, the public market financing deal reached 38, an aggregate amount of approximately $ 6 billion, hit a record high. During the global solar industry and 7 IPO, total financing of more than $ 1.8 billion. Among them, the Yieldcos model to raise $ 1.1 billion, TerraForm Global Yieldco and 8point3 Energy Partners, respectively.

In 2015, the debt financing in the field of solar energy reached $ 18.3 billion, compared to us $ 20 billion in 2014, has declined. More than half of them from China, about 33 debt financing transactions, the total amount of us $ 10.9 billion. In addition, includes 4 securitization transactions, today raised $ 335 million, respectively are SolarCity,SunRun,BBOXX and AES.

It is to be noted that, in 2015, the solar industry’s top five investors, Santander, respectively, 12 solar financing of investment projects, Rabobank, 9 solar financing of investment projects, CIT Bank and KeyBank, and Credit Agricole, 6 solar financing of investment projects. In addition, US $ 5.5 billion in residential and commercial solar energy project financing, relates to item 23, hit a record high.

Original title: 2015 solar industry financing fell 4.5% to $ 25.3 billion

Australian Government investment in photovoltaic power generation and foreign

Polaris solar PV net news: in order to reduce the cost of photovoltaic power generation, Australia Government plans to invest in large-scale solar projects, primary project was released on 14th. The next local energy company Origin, Infigen, APA, as well as China’s goldwind, Germany Juwi and Spain FRV, overseas companies will be fighting over a $ 100 million Government grant money.

Australian Government investment in photovoltaic power generation and foreign funded projects compete for highly subsidized

ACB News the Australia China business online reported, Australia renewable energy Council (ARENA) selected 22 projects from 77 bid intentions in the final bidding stage, and ARENA and the Federal Environment Minister Greg Hunt announced the list of finalist projects. Finalists include Origin energy company hundreds of megawatt large projects in Queensland, as well as China’s goldwind, Germany Juwi group and Spain FRV companies and overseas enterprises to invest in smaller projects.

O Government may invest in 4 to 10 projects, ARENA investment limits for each winning project is a $ 30 million, Australia’s clean energy financing company (CEFC) supplementary financing of a $ through a totalled 250 million plan to provide debt financing to the winning project.

ARENA Ivor Frischknecht, the Secretary said the investment plan reflects the Government’s focus on large-scale solar projects, rich solar energy resources of Australia, should be fully utilized. It is learnt that the finalists of the 22 project total was 776 MW of generating capacity, construction project required a total investment of 1.68 billion Australian dollars for subsidy funding gap for a $ 332 million. Shortlisted items are located in the Australia mainland, Queensland 10 projects, New Hampshire 8, two Victoria, the other two are located in Western Australia and South Australia.

2013 AGL energy companies received government subsidies this year project finalists. AGL has two utility-scale solar PV power plant in Australia, Nyngan and Broken Hills are located in New Hampshire.

O the Ministry of environment said Government hopes that a large-scale solar projects will lead to upgrade 200 MW generating capacity, the photovoltaic power generation capacity of 440 MW, which will be sufficient to supply 120,000 homes. The investment program is designed to reduce the cost of photovoltaic power generation, the Government hopes that by 2020, photovoltaic power generation costs can get wind power cost level (80-90 AUD/MWh). To achieve this goal, subsidies and financial assistance from the Government, solar project costs are expected to be reduced to 135 AUD/MWh.

Frischknecht, selected upon completion of the solar project financing cost estimates can be “significantly lower” than $ 135/MWh. He pointed out that compared with rooftop solar, large-scale solar power generation in Australia is still in the initial phase of the project, overall level of development is also lagging behind other countries. Government investment program will promote innovation and reduce the cost of solar photovoltaic supply chain in Australia.

Origin Energy companies prepared to sell Australia and transferred to the international wind power business portfolio of renewable energy assets, but try to move large solar fields, Managing Director Grant King said the large-scale solar power generation potential, Origin are confident that lower the production cost to wind power levels. Queensland in Darling Downs, the company plans the construction of photovoltaic power station, said that the project is approved by the City Council.

Frischknecht said Australia large solar power is not yet mature, to catch up with other countries, the level is still required a lot of effort, but he believes local photovoltaic industry has hope in 2020 will cost reduced to less than 100 AUD/MWh.

Original title: o foreign government investment of PV power generation projects compete for highly subsidized

Traditional energy plunge comes as new energy investment experience Carnival

Polaris solar PV net news: in 2015, the traditional energy markets into turmoil. However, global investment in new energy market has reached record levels, did not suffer as some analysts expected.

Bloomberg new energy finance report, 2015 for new global investment of us $ 329 billion in the energy market, hit a record high in 2014, representing a growth of 4%. China, the United States, Africa, Latin America and India for new energy investment has increased.

In contrast, traditional energy markets is terrifying. By the end of 2015, oil prices plunged in the 18 months of 67% and thermal coal in Europe (steamcoal) prices fell 35% to $ 47.60 per ton, lowest gas futures hit $ 2.24 per million British thermal units.

Prior to that, with oil prices tumbling and analysts believe that renewable energy will therefore be affected by the impact. Last year the Tianjin daily newspaper an article called ‘ old and new energy for the revival of the article mentioned, while crude oil as the most important conventional energy, prices fell again to the renewable energy investment and development into a new round of strong impact due to transmission delays, the shock effect has not been fully reflected.

Bloomberg new energy finance MichaelLie breich, Chairman of the Advisory Committee said that “the (newly released) these data are for all new energy investment is expected to be as crude oil, natural gas prices fell sharply in response, they show improved cost competitiveness of solar and wind energy. ”

From the State. Last year, China overtook Europe as the consumption of clean energy giant, to promote investment in new energy. According to the report, China last year reached $ 111 billion in clean-energy infrastructure part of the investment, investment increased by 17% over the previous year, is the United States and European investment in the two countries combined.

Last year, Europe’s new energy investment of us $ 58.51 billion in 2014, representing a decline of 18%, United States investment in new energy investments increased $ 7.5% to $ 56 billion. The biggest surprise came from emerging markets. Last year, more than half of all new investments from emerging markets in the world in the energy market, for the first time over the years. Brazil’s clean energy investments rose 10% to us $ 7.5 billion, South Africa gained 329% to us $ 4.5 billion clean energy investment, Mexico and Chile up 114% and 157%, respectively.

Traditional energy plunge comes as new energy investment experience Carnival years

(Picture from Bloomberg)

From the market point of view, clean energy finance obtained in the open market last year amounted to us $ 14.4 billion in 2014, representing a decline of 27%, venture capital and private investment in clean energy companies for us $ 5.6 billion, up 27% over the previous year, the biggest private-equity deals for Chinese electric vehicle manufacturer Wei Auto (NextEV) received $ 500 million in financing.

Related news:

Published 2015 global clean energy investment

Original title: traditional energy plunged new energy investments through the riotous years

Polaris solar PV NET week hot selection 1 11 1 15

Polaris solar PV net news: policy review

1, the National Energy Board on improving solar power management and ways of introducing competition configuration program guidance (draft for soliciting opinions)

National Energy Board recently issued the request for improved solar power management and configuration program guidance letter of introducing competition and comments, on classified management of different types of photovoltaic plant, in which advanced technologies annual scale of photovoltaic power generation base set alone, roof and spontaneous use of distributed PV power station unlimited, other project configuration through competition, tariff maximum weight.

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2, the Ministry of finance to improve related issues such as renewable energy development fund standard notifications

Treasury Department improve renewable energy development fund standard notification on the relevant issues. Notification, with effect from January 1, 2016, the provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities, not including the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, Tibet Autonomous Region) residents and all Fund sales quantity of standard other than agricultural production, increased by 1.5 cents per kilowatt hour to 1.9 cents per kilowatt hour.

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3, repealed part of the national development and Reform Commission renewable energy, photovoltaic industry related files (tables)

13th, national development and Reform Commission website People’s Republic of China’s national development and Reform Commission, 31st, decided to repeal the about the project to conduct a feasibility study on the construction of the pilot management scheme notified 30 regulations on pilot and strengthening the basic construction management regulations notice of 1032 normative documents. Including 5 files associated with the renewable energy and photovoltaic industry.

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4 General Office, the people’s Government of Ningxia on photovoltaic Park power station project resource allocation issued guidance and notifications of PV for the record and the construction management approach

Recently, the Ningxia Hui autonomous region people’s Government released the solar Park project resource allocation guidelines PV power plant project and the filing and management of construction, designed to regulate the PV power station construction. Among them, the opinion stresses that “new PV modules is used, in strict accordance with the National Energy Board of industry and information technology Ministry CNCA to promote Advanced photovoltaic technology product applications and upgrade suggestions (new (2015), 194th)” leaders “plan to select. ”

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5, Shanxi Provincial Bureau: solar power and other renewable energy projects based on the settlement price-reduced 3.33 per kWh

Recently, the price Bureau of Shanxi province on reducing the province’s coal-fired power generation power price notifications and general commercial and industrial electricity prices. The notice points out that, “the adjustment of wind power, solar power, in our province of straw burning power generation and renewable energy generation projects such as waste incineration and generating electricity underlying settlement price. Grid Enterprise synchronized with the underlying settlement price of the power plant reduced 3.33 cents per kilowatt hour. ”

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6, create a national clean energy demonstration province of Zhejiang Province plan of action (2016-2017)

To fully promote the work of creating a national clean energy demonstration province of Zhejiang Province, Zhejiang Province, in support of implementation of the national energy administration creates clean energy demonstration several opinions in the province (new (2014), No. 570) ‘s mandate, according to the first phase of creating a national clean energy demonstration province (to 2017) targets, action plans are formulated.

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Market review

1, prices have dropped or PV market big reshuffle begun before June is now installing surge

Not long ago, the State development and Reform Commission issued wind solar power on improving land benchmark price policy notice, due to lower benchmark for new onshore wind and photovoltaic power generation Internet pricing. In the view of the industry, with the national authorities to gradually improve the current “abandoned the wind”, “the abandoned”, adjusted the benchmark pricing policy will support for new energy industry remain strong.

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PK 2, renewable power subsidies into an important bargaining chip?

Haze raging coal was no longer popular; replaced by renewable energy of highly respected. This shows that renewable energy sources gradually replacing thermal power is inevitable. However, the high cost of renewable energy widely promoted “Tiger”, subsidies or temporary measures.

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Distributed PV 3, hard to do?

2015 is a year of realizing leap-forward development of the photovoltaic industry in China, added size in the world first, cumulative installed capacity far exceeds that of other countries. However, behind the prosperity of distributed PV short Board is still not satisfactory.

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4, stranded – a city of Golmud solar photovoltaic PV power station construction

In recent years, the Golmud city in Qinghai province PV industry in the fast-growing, green new energy has been on the Qinghai-Tibet plateau, become the focus of the country and the world PV industry. Meanwhile, Golmud city solar photovoltaic development and desertification control combines, for exploration and innovation opens up new ways of desertification control. However, subject to network conditions, abandon light pain also affects the development of the power industry in Golmud.

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5, looking back at “Twelve-Five”: PV swings back after rising steadily

In the “Twelve-Five” in the PV industry as a whole had a fanatical urgency turning down into the cold, and then to spend the cold winter, the stable development of the entire stage. China local PV installed capacity, leap, has become the world’s leading photovoltaic investment hot spot. According to data given by the Ministry, first half of 2015, China PV industry grew 30%.

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6, United States countervailing preliminary crystalline silicon PV cells to China for 3 19.62% enterprises

According to China’s Ministry of Commerce on January 8, 2016, officials said, United States Department of Commerce to China of crystalline silicon photovoltaic cells (whether or not assembled in modules) earlier countervailing duty administrative review, and following corporate subsidy rate is 19.62%: JA (Yangzhou) solar energy technology co; Trina solar limited; Wuxi Suntech Power Co., Ltd.

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7, China’s polysilicon industry go from here?

Once-surging polysilicon market, once in silence over the years. But silence could not conceal the surface underneath a strong undercurrent making it. With the strange cloud a majority of PV industry, the ups and downs of the development and polysilicon markets quietly undergoing tremendous change.

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Enterprise version

1, Shi Yuzhu out of three axes open and zhongmin investment nuggets together PV

According to reporter confirmed that on August 26, 2015, the supervision Bureau and national development and Reform Commission, ALXA League source said that alashan League giant group PV project and the flag in the right section of new energy development co (controlled by zhongmin cast) of 30 megawatts of photovoltaic power station projects, “because there are no annual construction indicators, years could not be started.”

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2, issue over shell harder *ST hairun 8.8 billion transaction into “Rashomon”

Eight months ago, and merchant combined PV up to 8.8 billion worth of power plants owned by new energy trading, is regarded by *ST hirun out delisting of doom at a straw, but progress on the deal argued on both sides, escalating the situation. From 2012 the backdoor listing, hairun controversies incessant, in 2013 and 2014, two consecutive years of losses, losses again in 2015, it will face delisting crisis. This combined with photovoltaic deal stalled, will undoubtedly make it difficult to shell.

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3, Apple: most 2000MW in coming in clean energy is solar energy

Comment article

Taiwan’s energy challenges is imminent “love power” but fairy tales

Not long ago, the DPP proposed 2025 when the renewable electricity generation reached 50 billion-kilowatt on the island, this statement just made being questioned by all sectors in the community. Authorities said that renewable energy is still facing intractable problems such as land acquisition and environmental disputes, promote must be pragmatic, not overly romantic.

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Hong Wei: two lines determine the current PV industry development speed

On December 12, 2015, consistent reduction action without a United Nations Climate Conference in Paris of the Paris agreement. In the days before technology, cost, policy lines decided China PV industry development, in this day, the two lines will mainly determine the current speed of development of PV industry in China.

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Top ten most profitable companies in the world rankings released

  Weifeng Web on October 27, according to foreign media reports, the world top ten largest profitable company rankings have been released, including many technology companies on the list. We look at. Marcelo Burlon iPhone 6 Plus

Marcelo Burlon iPhone plus

Top ten most profitable companies in the world rankings released

  First of all, gold is the first prominent technology companies–Apple, net income from continuing operations of $ 39.5 billion, and total revenue of $ 182.8 billion, the current market capitalisation of us $ 672 billion. Apple’s iPhone mobile phone, iPad tablet, iMac, Macbook, Apple Watch and other products, each product can create wealth for it.

  Number two is the world’s largest oil companies–Exxon Mobil, its net income from continuing operations $ 33.6 billion, total revenue of $ 369.4 billion.

  Third place is a technology company, it was Samsung Electronics, Samsung’s net income from continuing operations of $ 21.4 billion of total revenue of $ 188.9 billion. Last year, as a result of Galaxy S5 effects of poor sales, Samsung’s sales and profits have declined.

  Fourth place is Berkshire Hathaway, the company net income from continuing operations $ 20.2 billion, with a total revenue of $ 189.7 billion. (Berkshire Hathaway Warren Buffett (Warren Buffett), founded in 1956, is the main insurance business, and in many other areas of business activities of the company. )

  In fifth was Chevron, its net income from continuing operations of $ 19.3 billion, total revenue of $ 192.3 billion. Chevron, headquartered in United States California shenglamengshi, is one of the largest energy companies in the world.

  Sixth were Toyota, net income from continuing operations of $ 19.2 billion, with a total revenue of $ 227 billion. Toyota’s sales, perhaps more than other opponents, however, but the profits are highest.

  Ranked seventh in the oil, net income from continuing operations of $ 19.2 billion, and total revenues $ 368.1 billion

  Right on cue, the next should be moved in China. China Mobile’s net income from continuing operations of $ 17.6 billion, total revenue of $ 103.4 billion.

  Nineth is Wal-Mart, net income from continuing operations of $ 16.8 billion, and total revenue of $ 485.7 billion.

  J is the tenth on the list, net income from continuing operations of $ 16.3 billion, with a total revenue of $ 74.3 billion.

  By region, United States companies list 6, Chinese companies list two, and China Mobile, PetroChina, ranked seventh and eighth places, respectively, Korea listed company, Japan listed one.

  According to the nature of the enterprise, in the top three, there are two technology companies. It is regrettable that, other technology companies such as Microsoft, Google and Intel does not make the list. However, there may be more technology companies to the list. Like more and more as the science guy on the list.

  In addition, we also noted that in the list, there are 3 companies, such as Exxon Mobil, Chevron and China belong to the energy sector. Some analysts, the energy industry has been profitable, but this situation may vary in the future.

  To list a single ranking is based on “net revenue” measuring profits, so most of the traditional heavy manufacturing companies because of high costs, low net profits to the list.

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Listed companies also lose money in porn What business to FriendFinder

Some people say on the Internet where can I see the angry people constantly building with bricks and cover in the building body. But except for one place, is an adult Web site. Polite people will say: “Please seed, thank you LZ. “,” The LZ is a good man, bless you. “A new peaceful and pleasant atmosphere.

But for the famous Friendfinder (NASDAQ:FFN) company, if they pray not for company growth, as owner of famous adult magazine Penthouse and more than more than 22 different dating sites and all sites are trying to attract visitors to become paying customers. As of December 2010, has 196 million people around the world access to; added 6.4 million monthly registered users (registration completed only basic free registration), although average monthly added 3.9 million members; a monthly average of 1 million paying members although there are 1.6 million users a month to buy time … … Although there are so many marks of brilliant, but the fact that shattered the illusion of company: according to the company in 2012–Q1 earnings information disclosure company revenue fell 3% to $8108 million, a net loss of 13.43 million worth of 27.12 million.

Comb the history of this company, or can see the joys of things, though for a company is embarrassing and difficult process: Ted Baker phone case iPhone 5

Ted Baker phone cover

As can be seen from the pedigree General Media, Inc began, the company has not escaped the fate of poor management. And the company’s entire business process is continual mergers and acquisitions and debt to mergers and acquisitions, then continue to comply with such a vicious circle of “cups” fate. So in 2010 statistics: FFN.Inc company already owns more than more than 22 different dating sites, oriented to people of all races, 4 adult sites (and FF Inc company’s most profitable Web site), and 6 Service Web site. But quantity, it can count on is a large group. But behind the debt pressure but miserable. In this context, the company seeks IPO solutions, main purpose is to raise funds both word–debt.

Search for IPO’s road is not easy. 2010 preparations for the IPO of the company, goal to raise $ 240 million shares is expected to be between $ 10-12. Market value of listed companies after an estimated $ 466 million. Companies are optimistic that profits had amounted to $ 45 million. Finished once the reimbursement of the debt, the company will be profitable. Apparently the company is innocent of evaded nearly US $ 500 million in debt on the books. 08, 09, three-quarter revenues flat and the inherent problems of operating losses before.

After the Japan earthquake and the deterioration of the situation in the Middle East, many companies suspended the IPO plan, however FriendFinder Networks seems to have been off the beaten path, March 17, 2011, reiterated its IPO, and landed on May 12 of that year NASDAQ, sadness is that the first day of issue will break, fell 24% to $ 7.60. Ah … … The typical American black humor.

According to the latest financial figures: Ted Baker phone cover

It can be seen that for four consecutive quarters, essentially flat revenues, with no apparent trend. Interest payments are still up to more than 20 million dollars in the same period. About 25% of revenues. Revenue was flat and decline for four consecutive quarters.

Company financial data shows that debt is still up to more than 600 million US dollars, remember above how company officials did say during the 2010 IPO? All these years, there is so much debt, while hard money every year.

But the fulfillment of the ancient Chinese saying: lice are not afraid to bite. Despite in such distress of status Xia, company still keep optimistic spirit, in 2010 financial status is not optimistic of premise Xia, company CEO–Marc H.Bell proposed on Playboy company (PLA) total for 210 million dollars of acquisition offer and said the quotes “meet Playboy company and shareholders of best interests, for Playboy brand of future development provides has a good based, and guarantee has Playboy of history influence. “No cattle is also very fun to play, sad person must have irony.

Mergers and acquisitions can bring significant assets to the company, but there is also pressure of indebtedness to be reckoned with. Can only say Friendfinder company did not have the capacity to dance this double-edged sword. Secondly, with the development of the mobile Internet, app, theology, theology and other impacts from the traditional dating chat dating tool, makes the decline in the profitability of the company. Into a little profit, money no enough embarrassment.

Millet Note Hat Edition

1632 votes

Millet Note Hat Edition

Millet Note Hat indeed stronger than other phones with the same processor performance, as to whether the legend of “Xiao long version V2.1 810” played a role, we have no idea, but there is no doubt that it does have a lot of advantages in kernel optimization. Millet Note Hat voices to remain consistent and Standard Edition, but more on the transient performance of sound excellent. In addition, the hat to dive at low frequencies also will feel in place, also has some strengthening of sound field.

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Hong Wei green bonds applause and loud

Polaris solar PV net news: reform is the key to prosperity of China continued, calling for reform, but when some reform measures really when I came to, people often is not used, the reaction is not enough. On January 4 this year, the a-share plunge fuse mechanism is not adapted to the financial reform, green bonds on December 31 last year, the NDRC issued guidelines (the guidelines) come cheer the spent reaction to financial reform is not enough.

Investment and financing one of the main problems is undoubtedly restricts the development of photovoltaic industry, need financial reform is very high. Investment for the PV industry, old red research has two points: one is a traditional financial thinking cannot solve the PV industry investment and financing needs; a PV industry investment will become China’s financial reform is the tipping point. In this regard, the publication of the guidelines is the best proof.

The first conclusion, you first need to define what’s traditional financial thinking? This is entirely dependent on asset-backed financing risk control of financial thought. According to this thinking, PV enterprises facing financing needs of more than 150 billion per year, every year is in any case impossible to provide assets to finance mortgages of more than 150 billion. On time, high speed, large-scale development of China PV industry in order to achieve the commitments of the world climate conference in Paris, it is necessary to change the traditional thinking, implement innovative financial thinking of project financing.

The introduction of the guidelines, is a representative of traditional financial thinking, and will be a milestone in the financial reform. Its value not only in encouraging “green bonds” financial product innovation, reflected in the innovation of traditional thinking.

Administrative measures on bonds issued in the past, the guidelines of innovative financial thinking is revolutionary, is also very suitable for PV industry investment and financing needs. Like “allows project returns cannot in bonds acquired period within cover total investment of issued people, only on project Returns part and bonds principal and interest scale difference part provides guarantees” a article, regardless of is relative company law stressed of “bonds guarantees situation”, also is relative on pilot full strengthening Enterprise debt risk prevention of several views of letter in the “focus concern mortgage guarantees whether exists a real more bet, arrived pledge assets whether for easy variable now effective assets”, undoubtedly are is revolutionary of progress. Past debt financing must be guaranteed in full, now only guaranteed lifetime income does not cover part. Bonds, for example 100 Yuan, 10% interest rate, regardless of the compound interest bond duration 5 years, (1) assumes that the project proceeds in bonds during their existence up to 150 Yuan, no guarantee is required to approve bond and (2) assuming total project revenue bonds exists at 130 Yuan, 20 Yuan, only guarantees the bond principal balance of approved debt issuance. So, solves the traditional thinking in the PV industry investment market would not solve the problems, namely, photovoltaic power plant investment assets of the enterprise does not need to provide more than 150 billion each year to finance mortgages possible.

Second, financial reform has for a long time, where reform will be first initiated? Old red expect solar financing market is first expanded. This is because last June, “the EU-China Summit” in December, “Paris talks” the Chinese Government has solemnly promised the world: by 2020, primary energy consumption proportion of non-fossil energy 20%. When you finish time, 150GW more PV power station as the target, but under the influence of traditional financial thinking when an indefinite number of financing, financial reform first started here.

Now, a representative of financial reform–green bonds, please let PV industry in applause loudly!


The January 12, 2016

Original title: “green bonds” applause and loud

Without the fear of the international collapse in prices of fossil fuels China

Polaris solar PV net news: 2015 global renewable energy generation installed capacity size among innovation higher growth and more recent 30%, 64GW wind power, photovoltaic 57GW

Beijing, January 14, 2016-in 2015, China, Africa, the United States, Latin America and India’s clean energy investments have surged. Thanks to this, global total investments reached a record high of $ 328.9 billion in 2014, $ 315.9 billion revised data for 4%, 3% more than the historical peak of 2011.

Bloomberg new energy finance, according to new data released today, China has once again become the world’s biggest investor in clean energy industry 2015 investment grew by 17%, to 110.5 billion dollars, consolidated China’s leading position in the industry. Investing in the main drivers of growth were: Chinese advocates of renewable energy development, and actively continued policy to clear the bottleneck of development of wind power and photovoltaic. International commitment to the future of the key goals of the Chinese Government: more away from high-polluting power plants rely on, and increase the proportion of renewable energy use.

Data also showed that the 2015 global new investment in dollar terms is a 2004 historical levels of nearly six times as much. Even though objectively in the world, there is downward pressure on the four tried to suppress the development of clean energy, but further to the trillion-dollar total investment scale is still around.

Under pressure: PV costs continue to fall, meaning that the same scale of the reduced funding; strong gains against the US and non-US dollar investment project value was written down; the original stronghold renewable energy investment-European market continues to be weak economy dragged down; however, the most significant pressure on fossil fuel commodities prices tumbled.

18 months before the end of 2015, the global energy industry has seen crude oil prices dropped from $ 112.36 a barrel to 37.28 dollars, dropped as much as 67%; international thermal coal shipped to Northwest Europe prices fell from us $ 73.70 per ton to $ 47.60, or 35%. Natural gas prices in the United States, Henry price indices in Hong Kong, for example, per million British thermal $ 4.42 to $ 2.31, or 48%.

Bloomberg new energy finance, said Michael Liebreich, Chairman of the Advisory Board, “these data has become a counterattack that falling oil and gas prices as an important basis for argument and put clean energy industry. According to clearly present photovoltaic and wind strong cost competitiveness, and reverse power bid is being widely used in place of the fixed subsidy mechanism in the past, both zero marginal cost power depressed overall price levels more successfully. ”

“In addition, wind power and PV are increasingly developing natural and sustainable sources of power: their prices are often lower than the publicly traded price; second, expanding the share of renewable energy could help to protect against fluctuations in fossil fuel prices; their advantage to quickly put into operation the added load will also meet the most urgent needs. In December last year under the impact of climate change conference held in Paris, these clean energy development upward trend is irreversible. ”

From the breakdown of the total investment, in 2015 years amounted to $ 329.3 billion clean energy investment, is the largest proportion of financing major utility grid-connected projects, such as wind farms, photovoltaic, biomass and waste to energy power generation facilities, as well as small hydro projects. Total project financing US $ 199 billion, higher than the 2014 6%[1].

Largest project financing last year, including North Sea and large offshore wind farm in the waters off China coast. They include: the United Kingdom 580-megawatt RaceBank project the Galloper and 336 MW project, cost estimates will reach $ 2.9 billion and $ 2.3 billion respectively; Germany 402-megawatt VejaMate project financing US $ 2.1 billion; China Longyuan Hai Jiang Jia Sha project, as well as Tang Guo Xin, Jiangsu coastal projects, two projects can be up to 300 MW installed capacity, financing for $ 850 million.

Financing the largest onshore wind project as a 1.6GW of Mexico Nafin project financing amount is expected to reach 2.2 billion dollars. Financing the largest PV project for 294 MW SilverStateSouth projects, raise about $ 744 million. Financing the largest solar thermal or CSP project Morocco NOORo project, 350 MW, total financing of $ 1.8 billion. Brazil financed KlabinOrtiguera 330-megawatt electric power plant is the largest biomass power generation project, a total amount of about $ 921 million. Capacity of 170 MW of Turkey has the largest geothermal energy project financing GurisEfeler projects, is expected to total US $ 717 million.

After following the project financing clean energy investment ranking second is rooftop PV projects and other small solar power projects. Of the fields with a total investment of US $ 67.4 billion in 2015, up 12% from 2014. Currently, Japan is the largest market in this area, United States and China to follow.

Preliminary analysis shows that as the scale of the plants and small scale power generation facilities built, 2015 years wind power and photovoltaic projects, global capacity was 30% higher than in 2014. Last year’s total wind power installed capacity of about 64GW, total PV installed capacity is about 57GW. The installed capacity of wind power and PV total of 121GW, likely accounted for by 2015 the global power generation technologies (including thermal power, nuclear power and new energy) half of net new capacity.

Last year, the clean energy company’s financing amounted to us $ 14.4 billion on the open market than 2014, down 27%, but instead of the last 10 years the average flat. Turnover the largest projects include electric car maker Tesla issuing $ 750 million in secondary stocks and global industrial company (TerraFormGlobal) initial public offering, circulation of 688 million dollars. The company is headquartered in the United States, the “yieldco” business model, with many renewable energy projects in emerging markets.

In 2015, the venture capital (VC) and private equity (EP) for clean energy companies raised $ 5.6 billion, 27% higher than in 2014, but still far below the 2008 peak of $ 12.2 billion. Last year’s biggest VC/private equity transactions including China and became the car’s $ 500 million in financing.

Last year, the energy smart technologies (such as smart grid, power plant scale battery storage) raised a total of $ 20 billion, 11% more than 2014, implemented since 2006 continued to grow steadily. Clean-energy investment last categories of Government and enterprise in research and development, 2015 years amounted to $ 28.3 billion, an increase of 1%. Long term trends, during COP21 BillGates and MarkZuckerberg jointly launched by Government and private investors Union ensured that the r input only to the amounts indicated above for the rapid development of benchmarks.

Country-specific data

United States territory of clean energy in 2015, the total investment of us $ 56 billion, up 8% from 2014, the 2011 “green incentives” (greenstimulus) investment maximum of one year after the commencement of a project. Financing with “yieldco” model, solar and wind power strong growth in investment in new projects, the United States total investment remained at a high level.

2015 investment in Europe amounted to $ 58.5 billion in 2014, down 18%, which is the lowest value since 2006. Now in the new energy sector, United Kingdom is the largest market in Europe, a total investment of $ 23.4 billion, an increase of 24%. Germany amounted to 10.6 billion dollars, down 42% because Germany reduced support for PV projects and onshore wind development prospects uncertain new bidding rules in force is planned for 2017 and unable to judge. France investment plunged 53%, amounted to $ 2.9 billion.

Brazil’s 2015 year clean energy investment fell 10%, amounted to $ 7.5 billion. India grew by 23%, amounted to $ 10.9 billion, since 2011, which is the maximum, but this growth is far from achieving the Modi Government’s optimistic goals as planned. Japan photovoltaic industry in the ascendant, clean-energy industry investment growth 3%, amounted to $ 43.6 billion. Canada’s clean energy investments fell by 43%, amounted to $ 4.1 billion, while Australia’s investment growth 16%, amounted to $ 2.9 billion.

Many of the “emerging market” last year for billions of dollars of investment in clean energy industries, including Mexico (US $ 4.2 billion, an increase of 114%), Chile (US $ 3.5 billion, an increase of 157%), South Africa (US $ 4.5 billion, an increase of 329%), and Morocco (US $ 2 billion in 2014 and almost achieved an enormous growth with zero investment).

Worthy of note also in Africa and the Middle East are the two major advantages of emerging clean energy markets, mainly because of their faster population growth, natural resource endowment, and many African countries coupled with the overall lower power rates. In the year 2015, total clean-energy investment of 13.4 billion US dollars in these regions, 54% over the period.

Note: in order to reflect more information, we have the historical annual total investment was amended as appropriate. Bloomberg new energy finance, the latest global clean energy investment history data as shown below: 2004 US $ 61.9 billion in 2005 US $ 88 billion; 2006 US $ 128.3 billion in 2007 to $ 174.9 billion; in 2008, $ 205.6 billion 2009 $ 207.3 billion in 2010 and $ 273.7 billion in 2011 and $ 318.3 billion in 2012 and $ 297 billion in 2013 and $ 271.9 billion In 2014, $ 315.9 billion in 2015, $ 328.9 billion.

Global clean energy investment 2004-2015,$BN

Without the fear of the international collapse in prices of fossil fuels, China leads the world in clean energy investments hit record highs

[1] large hydroelectric projects (50MW or more) are not included in the total project financing amount and even clean energy investment. But Bloomberg new energy investment for the world’s new large hydropower investment and financing should be estimated as US $ 43 billion (only in 2015).

Original title: Bloomberg new energy finance released 2015 global clean energy investment

Green financial development and China s strategy

Polaris solar PV net news: reported speech: 21st session of United Nations climate change conference in France Paris, which will target the abnormal climate issues on a global scale to reach a “targeted, binding” agreement. In the current international situation, the Paris climate talks have the potential to achieve expected results, and the realization of its objectives depended to a large extent of green financial support, is bound to accelerate the global development of green finance. Against this backdrop, Bank of China and relevant ministries in consultation to be launched in China “green finance plan” for tackling climate change and ensuring sustainable economic development to provide better financial support for green.

The emerging global green markets

In the late 1990 of the 20th century, due to the increased attention on global climate change, green finance ideas began to sprout. Initially reflected in the Green credits, and the Equator Principles, and later in the introduction of financial mechanisms for trading carbon emissions in Europe. In 2007, the European Investment Bank (EIB) issued the first climate-related bonds until 2013 after the International Finance Corporation (InternationalFinanceCorporation,IFC) issued after IFC green bonds with JP Morgan in New York, green began to flourish in the financial markets. March 2015, the international capital market Association (ICMA) published the principles of green bonds (GreenBondPrinciples,GBP) is the prototype of green bonds to international standards, the development of green bonds is of landmark significance. According to the International Energy Agency (EIA) estimated that in 2050, global investment in green projects will increase by $ 36 trillion.

At present, the global green finance concentrated mainly in the United States and the United Kingdom, and France and Australia, major industries including energy, green building, low-emissions vehicles, waste and pollution of water resources, sustainable agriculture, and so on. Green impact financial participants in the pursuit of green, just driven by the financial benefits are different, green flows and use of funds is one of the main focuses. At present, green finance participants include: issuers, investors, and lenders. Green finance has considerable appeal to different players, participants can achieve a win-win situation.

Benefits to issuers. First, green finance can be used as a communication tool of the issuer corporate sustainable development strategy, supporting enterprise development strategies, building brands. Insurance companies, such as Unilever and Zurich. Second, green finance has helped to upgrade the distribution of investors by the issuer. For example, the African Development Bank (AfricanDevelopmentBank, referred to as AfDB), first green bond issue in October 2013, socially responsible investing (Socially Responsible Investment, known as SRI) investors accounted for a total investment of 84%. In General, the ordinary AfDB debt investors are mainly from official bodies. Green bonds, both central banks and official institutions, investors, banks, asset management companies and insurance companies, and make investors more dispersed and balanced. Third, to enhance the capital rating in the international market, reduce credit risk.

Benefits to investors. First, the Green responsibility of financial asset management companies, asset managers need for asset owners cope with the long-term risk to the asset. Global climate change is occurring, humans did not prevent it from happening. The Group of eight Summit in 2008, before 2050 target to limit warming to no more than 2 degrees Celsius, under present circumstances, however, is very difficult to achieve 2 degrees Celsius. Second, public pension funds face greater pressure from the outside world, public pension funds should be to improve one of the long-term social and environmental responsibility. Thirdly, the responsibilities of the public sector is beyond doubt. The public sector should select the “right” infrastructure. From a historical perspective, community energy systems and infrastructure by the Government-led construction, and financial support. For the Government, investment in infrastructure is fundamental to promoting social development, but also the rigid demand, while green developments of these items is the responsibility of the public sector.

Benefits to lenders. As a lender, first green bond would be a flow of good products, green loans through asset-backed securities of the Bank will be able to activate banks ‘ balance sheets. In addition the Green project is a project financing (Project Finance) business in a new direction, while green bond or as a new asset class, has good prospects in the future. In addition, investors and lenders to participate in green finance is one of the important manifestation of its commitment to social responsibility.

With the deterioration of global energy, environment, climate, increasingly strong demand for green finance, all participants, including issuers, investors, and borrowers can benefit from green finance, green finance for future support and development will be sustainable, responsible business is one of the important symbols.

Related news:

PV is the Central Bank for inclusion in the list of green bonds support projects

Enrich the global green financial products

The International Finance Corporation (IFC) on green loans made by the “Equator Principles” has been widely recognized by the international banking industry. On this basis, green financing, green funds and innovative financial products such as green bonds continue to emerge, the breadth and depth of global financial integration and ecological environment protection is deepening.

Green loans. The Equator Principles (the Equator Principles) is the worldwide popularity of voluntary principles of green credits, is the main criterion of green financing. The principles in June 2003 by the International Finance Corporation (IFC) launched by the 10 leading international banks from 7 countries first. Equator principles financial institutions projects financing of verification as a prudent environmental and social issues, only the project sponsor can demonstrate that the project is being implemented in social and environmental responsibility under the premise of, and financial institutions to provide financing for projects. The Equator principles in the global project finance as their first environmental and social minimum standards for financial institutions to promote environmental protection and energy conservation provides may refer to the General guidelines. As of September 2015, global acceptance of the Equator principles financial institutions has reached 81, distributed in 36 countries or regions in the world, project financing accounted for more than 70% of total share of international project financing in emerging markets.

Green ETF and mutual fund. In the global capital markets, with stock markets in Europe and green index of sustainable development, as well as a number of large investment fund for enterprises ‘ sustainable behavior concerns, green sustainable development industry has become an important financial investment industry. According to the European sustainable investment forum (Europe-based National Sustainable Investment Forums,SIF) statistics, by 2014 the European total of green sustainable moral, social responsibility, and other topics related to green investments of 6.7 trillion euros of assets. Professional asset management investment value of about 35% defined “socially responsible investment” (Social Responsible Investment,SRI) strategy. Many institutional investors such as pension funds, asset management companies have established sustainable and becoming socially responsibility investment mission, series of and develop strategies to address the energy, environment, climate change, the long-term economic value of investment risk. 2012-2014 global socially responsible investment assets increased to 21.4 trillion from US $ 13.3 trillion dollars.

At present, the European financial market has a number of good liquidity of green financial products, of which the ETF index and fund products, including carbon emission rights derivatives and other. Among them, the typical Green index of major European and US capital markets including: United Kingdom FTSE social index series, standard and poor’s index of global energy index, and MSCIESG series for episodes (table 1). Behind these indices have a rather large investment funds tracking the index. In addition, the characteristic index and the Fund also includes Deutsche Bank x-trackers, and p United States carbon reduction fund and Barclays Bank’s “global carbon index fund.”

Green bonds. Global Green bond markets have been expanding in recent years. Climate bonds initiative organizations (CBI) in 2013, global green bonds only US $ 11 billion in 2014 and $ 36.6 billion, first half of 2015 (to June) have increased to 65.9 billion dollars is expected in 2015 will reach about $ 100 billion. Although green bond market growing rapidly, but the total size of only 0.2% per cent of total global bond market, cannot meet national environmental investment programme for capital needs. According to the International Energy Agency (EIA) estimates that only “2050 global temperature increase should not exceed 2 degrees Celsius” this goal, you need to increase the investment of $ 36 trillion.

Green Paper as a new way of financing came into being, adapt to the economic restructuring a large amount of investment demand, mainly to raise funds for renewable energy, construction and industrial efficiency, low carbon transport, sewage treatment, waste management, agro-forestry and other projects.

In 2014 the world’s top ten green bond issuers are mainly from Europe and the United States (table 2), the European Investment Bank (EIB), as the representative of the World Bank’s Development Bank is still green the main issuers of bond markets. For international development banks to invest in environment-friendly green projects in line with the concept of sustainable development and the long-term objectives to promote social stability and development. Issued by the local government (13%) Green bonds is gradually increasing. In addition, more and more companies and utilities appear in green on the bond market of enterprise bond, as 2014 global green bond market the main engine of growth (per cent of total issued 33%).

European experience of developing green finance

To reduce carbon emissions in 2030 and 2050 respectively 40% and 80% goals, Europe needs in energy-saving and low-carbon, clean energy, green areas such as transportation systems and building a large number of investments. 10-20 years in the future, European investment in the power sector need to be equivalent to the current 2.5 times increase; investment also require a substantial increase in the energy efficiency, the average annual investment amount must be over 60 billion euros per year by 2020 € ~1000/year.

Europe supported such green projects lack financial support. Currently, the European market this financing is mainly carried out by the energy company balance sheet financing, required enormous startup capital of high-tech projects, such as offshore wind project often exceeds the energy company’s ability to market, therefore some green projects could be implemented. In order to meet these challenges, European green finance policy, institution-building and product innovation of green finance has actively supported, thereby promoting economic restructuring and foster new economic growth points. Europe, for example, through the Green finance (including discount, green, green, green credit fund, green notes, etc) and other means to support the development of green energy industry, created a large number of green jobs, creating value in the field of energy saving of approximately 200 billion euros a year.

Overall, the development in Europe was mainly through the rules, develop the market green and financial development. In green bonds, for example, in March 2015, the international capital market Association (ICMA) and more than 130 financial institutions introduced the principles of green bonds (Green Bond Principles,GBP), pointed out that green bonds is “funds earmarked for environmental protection, sustainable development and mitigating and adapting to climate change, such as green financing or refinancing debt instruments.” Although the principles of green bonds is voluntary rules is mandatory, but European governments still actively promoting such rules or official bodies such as industry associations. These rules as an important part of the green infrastructure of financial markets, is the cornerstone of cultivating green markets.

GBP green bonds is still currently considered for bond, bond based on minimizing conditions for green bonds, pinning their hopes on the Green bond investors by creating a special market, to promote the Green bonds get better financing rates. Europe aims to cultivate green bonds investors group, through the strengthening of social responsibility measures to promote investment and Investor Services, people pay more attention to investing in green bonds.

Green finance development in China has to send

China’s development is direct Government will play an important role in promoting, so rules relating to policy and green finance in Europe is not entirely the same. China hope to increase control through regulatory rule-making, supplemented by subsidies, preferential measures such as green financing system, the highlights included green bond approval procedures, funds management, dedicated account management, as well as disclosure requirements. China tends to introduce mandatory measures directly by the regulator, bond funds set up special accounts management requirements, development loans, preferential tax policies. The idea also fully reflected in the work of the people’s Bank of China.

People’s Bank of China at the CPC Central Committee for formulating national economic and social development set by the recommendations of the 13th five-year plan “adhere to green development concept, building green financial system”, “green is a prerequisite for sustainable development, development of green finance is an important measure to achieve green development. Through innovative financial system, guide and encourage more social funds to invest in environmental protection, energy saving, clean energy, clean transportation, green industry. “The main policy direction include:

Guiding commercial banks to establish the perfect green credit mechanisms. Specific initiatives include: Green through green financial loan, financial loan subsidies and guarantees, green rating means the commercial banks, encourage the further development of green credits of commercial banks. Credit system into full play in the protection of incentives and constraints. Supports commercial banks to establish green Finance Division. Supporting the right to discharge, emission and carbon benefits of arriving (MS) charge of green credits.

Loans, interest subsidies, guarantee and other policies should be banks or relatively large financial initiative encourages policies and implementation in the context of the difficulty may lie in the loan definition of green. Compared to the current green loan bonds lack of generally accepted principles, such as the principles of green bonds (Green Bond Principle,GBP) on the other, to increase financial support in the past “three agricultural” positive incentives and small and micro enterprises for the purpose of the macro-policies are implemented, also faced in the implementation category definition and fairness problems. Green rating, use of commercial bank credit system, supporting initiatives such as the commercial banks set up green Finance Division as it involves more complex system and market acceptance issues, is expected to take a long time to put into practice and produce substantive results.

Play features that support green finance in the financial markets. Specific initiatives include: innovation rights, water rights, investment and financing mechanism of emission, carbon emissions, developing market. Support and encourage the issuance of green bonds of banks and enterprises. Further clarify the definition of green bonds, classification and disclosure standards, foster third-party green bond rating agencies and rating capabilities. Promote green credit asset securitization. Green index and related investment products, to encourage institutional investors to invest in green products. Establish requirements and issuers of listed companies to disclose environmental information system. Build green industry Fund. Carbon rentals, Carbon Fund for promoting development, carbon-carbon bonds, financial products.

Further clarify the definition of green bonds, classification and disclosure standards and other measures, more easy to believe that the implementation of international systems reference was found, domestic regulation can also be supplemented, adjusted according to actual situation and rule-making. Green evaluation and rating capacity-building is more complicated, if the Government really substantial economic subsidies or preferential green bonds, that such institutions will benefit substantially.

On December 22, 2015, people’s Bank of China releases 2015 bulletin 39th, launch green bonds in the inter-bank bond market. Notice by way of combining Government guidance and market constraints, financial bonds from green to green industry projects defined duration, collecting money, and funds management, information disclosure and independent institutions to assess or to guide and regulate the certification, mainly include the following content: one is stressed to raise funds can only be used to support the green industry projects. During the existence of the second, bonds raise money management was clearly defined. Third, strict disclosure requirements, give full play to the role of market mechanism. Four is the introduction of independent evaluation or certification body.

China’s moves to further develop green finance

Green finance will become the focus of future international financial, both China and the international capital markets are trying at present is moving. Green finance is one of the few and is not yet mature international financial heights with strategic significance. It is recommended that:

Internal positive encouraging green development, form policies and rules with Chinese characteristics. Although green bonds in the international market has become a mature green financial products, however, overall green finance is still at an early stage. In view of the huge demand for international and domestic markets, future financial development should actively encourage internal green, increase the intensity of green financial products development and depth, creating world’s leading green financial services to the entire chain. In the process, more attention should be paid to perfect and ripe green finance policy and rules in China, attention and international rules applicable, for Global Green’s financial leadership.

Foreign participation in international financial markets and international rule-making. Green finance as a new type of financial product, still in its infancy. Domestic financial institutions and foreign institutions are on the same starting line, should have the choice to participate actively in the international financial markets. In green bonds, for example, issued in overseas markets with the offshore renminbi-denominated green bonds is very important, not only help to enhance the international influence of green industry in China, but also for domestic green financial development experience, helps to improve the international competitiveness of Chinese financial institutions, but also help internationalise development. In addition, the issuance of green bonds will also help China deepen its cooperative relations with friendly countries. For example, for October 2015 and to visit United Kingdom zhihou, Sino-British relations entered a “golden age” supported by London offshore renminbi market position as a hub in Europe, in the issuance of offshore green bonds is an important achievement of Sino-British cooperation, increase the gold content of Sino-British financial cooperation.

Regardless of the regulatory policy, Government support, and market development and competition in, green finance will be changing in the future. Particular rules of international Green finance, while including the principles of green bonds (Green Bond Principle,GBP) does not have the force of law, voluntary rules, but in General, relative to other areas of financial regulation, international Green finance rules in the blank.

In 2016, the G20 Summit will be held in China, “green and low-carbon development, improving environmental quality” will be an important issue, green finance will also become one of the G20 Finance. From the level of global coordination, is expected in the near future, green finance or to form certain international rules. There was a blank green finance international rules will most likely come from these voluntary rules currently being developed.

Therefore, in international financial centre-funded overseas financial institutions, green financial rules should be strengthened, and keep track of the trends and strive to actively participate in the formulation of international rules, will not only help the development of green financial services, Bank of China. With the advanced rules in China promoting international norms, on the discourse power of China in international Green finance in the future is important.

(Author: Bank of China London Branch)

Original title: Green financial development and China’s strategy

Qualcomm Halo Wireless charging technology car Wireless charging

  Refers to high-throughput, what does everybody think Qualcomm mobile processor, Qualcomm communications chip, and Qualcomm Qi Wireless charging technology, right? Family car Wireless charging technology is also good shine. Hello Kitty case Hello Kitty iphone 6

  However, with the car joined a growing number of smart technologies, many technology vendors are also starting to get involved in automotive products, including Apple, Google, NVIDIA and Qualcomm now.

  Apple, Google, mainly on automotive systems to car, facing most of the NVIDIA chip, and Qualcomm is to provide wireless charging technology for cars and, of course, we are referring to is, electric cars, such as Tesla’s category.

  However, Tesla is willing to use Qualcomm’s Wireless charging technology is one thing, because Tesla has very fast charger, although not a wireless charger.

Qualcomm Halo Wireless charging technology car Wireless charging

  It was reported that Tesla is developing a fully automatic car charger, it will, like a metal snake to charge the car. When MODEL s car and snake Chargers approached, the car will automatically open the charging socket of the hatch, then automatic charger will automatically in 30 seconds or so of butt and start charging. Docking is only 30 seconds of completion of the work, not the time of charging is completed, it is not clear is how long it takes.

  In terms of wireless charging technology, Qualcomm is considerably more familiar than others, because many Qi Smartphone supports high-throughput Wireless charging technology.

  Now, Qualcomm no longer seem satisfied with wireless technologies for mobile devices supporting Qualcomm to provide wireless charging support for electric vehicles.

  A few days ago, the second electric formula one World Championship (Formula e) event held in Beijing again, Qualcomm released the second generation of Halo in this event the Wireless charging technology, also supports the Wireless charging and charge 1 time times faster than before.

Hello Kitty case

  It is understood that Qualcomm Halo Wireless charging technology has been applied to the International Automobile Federation last year electric formula one World Championship (Formula e) event pilot car (BMW I8) and medical (i3).

Qualcomm Halo Wireless charging technology car Wireless charging

  Halo Wireless charging technology using magnetic resonance effect to the electric or hybrid vehicle power battery non-contact charging without using traditional cable. When you need to charge, owners need only to vehicles parked in the Halo above the charging pad.

  Current application of Halo is mainly a static charge, there are also semi-static and dynamic charging charging technology. Semi-static refers to the car very slowly while charging, for example while waiting for the red light, or in a taxi waiting at the airport, and slow. And the dynamic charge is the ultimate goal, means that high speeds can also charge. That is why, in the Formula e contest, panels on both sides of the track in rushing instantly to its electric car charging.

  Qualcomm wireless charging technology used in the launch of Halo 7.2kW Wireless charging system, compared to the previous Formula e introduction of wireless charging technology can reduce the charging time half, charge generation on power 3.6kW, new wireless charging charging car finished in one hour, and cable charging efficiency.

Qualcomm Halo Wireless charging technology car Wireless charging
Qualcomm Halo Wireless charging technology car Wireless charging

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Note WP users don t worry for Outlook com

On August 1, Microsoft enabled new Outlook.com domain name, instead of the Hotmail system. New mailbox looks very good, a lot of people also went to the registered name, but if you are using a Windows Phone, do not replace the @live.com, @Hotmail account will be used in mobile phones to Outlook.com suffix. Or they might lose most of Microsoft’s services, including application saved Live.com, Xbox Live games, and SkyDrive information.

Xinjiang Matrice 100 open flying platforms

1204 votes Juicy Couture iPhone case

Xinjiang Matrice 100 open flying platforms Juicy Couture uk

DJI Matrice 100 open flying platform is designed to provide innovative application developers in the field of UAV development platform, it is not for ordinary consumers. Matrice is equipped with several communication interfaces, power supplies, and extension, users can install various types of equipment on the platform and to obtain flight data and control mechanisms, loading 1kg 20 minutes flying time, carrying extra batteries can be up to 40 minutes.

Juicy Couture uk

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Price Bureau of Shanxi Province solar power and other renewable energy projects

Polaris solar PV net news: the municipal price Bureau (NDRC), the Shanxi provincial power network company, jinneng power group, the power plant:

According to the national development and Reform Commission on reducing coal-fired electricity price notifications and general commercial and industrial electricity prices (the change price [2015]3105) spirit, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the coal and electricity price linkage mechanism, lowered our province’s coal-fired electricity price and general commercial and industrial electricity prices. Related matters are hereby notified as follows:

A standard, reducing coal-fired generating unit price

(A) according to the national coal and electricity price linkage mechanism, our province’s coal-fired generating unit price reduced 3.33 cents per kilowatt hour (tax, hereinafter the same). Price is mainly used to support ultra-low emissions of coal-fired power plant renovation, the promotion of renewable energy development, establishment of a special fund for the restructuring of industrial enterprises and reduce the General commercial and industrial electricity prices. Reduced the power generation enterprises in our province concrete price standards see annex 1.

(B) the new benchmark our province’s coal-fired generating unit price adjust. New benchmark coal price adjustment in Shanxi province for 0.3205 Yuan per kWh (including, dust desulfurization and denitration 0.01 0.015 Yuan Yuan 0.002).

(C) the province of cogeneration small thermal power units, and comprehensive utilization of waste heat and pressure, such as resource generator Internet unit price and power plant allowance unified reduced 3.33 cents per kilowatt hour.

Second, in accordance with the national development and Reform Commission, the Environmental Protection Department of the National Energy Board on the implementation of ultra low emission coal-fired power plant electricity price support policy of notification on the relevant issues (the change price [2015]2835) spirits, perfect our province’s coal-fired units with ultra low emission electricity price support policies. To reach ultra low emission standards and approved by the Environmental Protection Department acceptance and before January 1, 2016 has parallel operation of active coal-fired generating units, its State monopoly for electricity increases 1 cent per kilowatt hour; the parallel operation of new units after January 1, 2016, its State monopoly for electricity increases 0.5 cents per kilowatt hour.

Three, adjusting my province, wind power, solar PV, straw burning power generation and renewable energy generation projects such as waste incineration and generating electricity underlying settlement price. Grid Enterprise synchronized with the underlying settlement price of the power plant reduced 3.33 cents per kilowatt hour.

Four, according to the national development and Reform Commission on regulating issues related to natural gas price management notice (the change price [2014]3009 number), I synchronize new benchmark gas cogeneration unit price reduced 3.33 cents per kilowatt hour from 0.7038 adjusted to 0.6705 Yuan per kilowatt hour.

Five, except for residents living in our province and electricity other than agricultural production (including spontaneous own demand marketing power and power plant) the surcharge levied on renewable electricity price standards, increased 0.4 cents per kilowatt hour. After adjustment, standard for 1.9 cents per kilowatt hour.

Six, my province, General commercial and industrial electricity (including small and medium chemical fertilizer electricity) prices reduced 6.09 cents per kilowatt hour. Adjusted the Shanxi provincial power grid sales price table and the Shanxi provincial power grid peak and Valley electricity price list see annex 2, annex 3.

Seven, Shanxi province, adjusted to the standard wholesale price per kWh 0.3404 Yuan (not including government funds and additional).

Eight, the Shanxi power network “NET NET” to the Beijing-Tianjin-Tangshan power grid, adjusted price of Hebei southern power grid transmission standards, follow the principle of market pricing and reference areas in our province and electricity price adjustments, negotiated by the supply and demand sides.

Nine, the above price adjustment implemented from January 1, 2016.

Third, promoting market-oriented price, encouraging the conditional power users to trade directly with power generation companies, voluntarily negotiated price.

12, after the price adjustment, local pricing departments to continue to high energy-consuming industries, excess industry capacity difference price ladder, punitive price and price policy, increase the intensity of the implementation of the tariff policy, promote the upgrading of the industrial structure and eliminate backward production capacity.

13, the Municipal Department in charge of price to well organized, careful arrangements, ensuring that the price adjustment measures put in place in a timely manner. Problems encountered in the implementation, please report to me.

Price Bureau of Shanxi province

The January 5, 2016

Original title: the price Bureau of Shanxi province on reducing coal-fired electricity price in our province and notifications of general commercial and industrial electricity prices

Demonstration province of Zhejiang Province creating a national clean energy

Polaris solar PV net news: the city and County (city, district) people’s Government, the units directly under the provincial government:

The demonstration province of Zhejiang Province, creating a national clean energy action plan (2016-2017) have provincial governments agree, it is issued to you, please practice, conscientiously implemented.

General Office of the people’s Government of Zhejiang Province

The December 31, 2015

Demonstration province of Zhejiang Province, creating a national clean energy action plan (2016-2017)

For promoting the province create a national clean energy demonstration province, Zhejiang Province, in support of implementation of the national energy administration creates clean energy demonstration several opinions in the province (new (2014), No. 570) ‘s mandate, according to the first phase of creating a national clean energy demonstration province (to 2017) targets, action plans are formulated.

First, general idea

Around full achieved first stage created target, according to highlight focus, and points years advance, and implementation responsibility, and focused on effectiveness of requirements, through control energy consumption total, and speed up coal consumption alternative, and implementation coal electric clean transformation using, means, achieved energy consumption clean of; through vigorously development clean energy, and constantly upgrade oil quality, way, achieved energy supply clean of; through continued advance technology innovation, and industry progress, and reform and major energy project implementation, initiatives, effective support clean energy development, For our province to establish a national clean energy demonstration province lay a solid foundation.

Second, the development goals

By 2017 to form the national clean energy demonstration building frames and clean development mechanisms, level of clean energy in the province to reach the domestic advanced level.

Repealed part of the national development and Reform Commission renewable energy

Polaris solar PV net news: 13th, national development and Reform Commission website People’s Republic of China’s national development and Reform Commission, 31st, decided to repeal the about the project to conduct a feasibility study on the construction of the pilot management scheme notified 30 regulations on pilot and strengthening the basic construction management regulations notice of 1032 normative documents. Files associated with renewable energy and PV industry shown in the table below:

Just about everywhere you United Kingdom launched virtual reality roller coaster

  To the theme park that had roller coaster ride. Roller coaster of course exciting, but a little more sauce would be better. To this end, the United Kingdom’s leading theme park Alton Towers introduced a unique rides: roller-coaster VR.

Just about everywhere you! United Kingdom launched virtual reality roller coaster

  The VR called Galactica roller coaster is not sitting in a Chair wearing your glasses. Real roller coasters or to sit, but you’d be wearing VR glasses, a time travel trip. star wars iPhone 6 cases

star wars iPhone case

  Traditional roller coasters, we see at play, of course, is the sky scene and the amusement park. Once wearing VR glasses, then both the universe and in the prehistoric world, you are free to shuttle adventure. Of course, the outside world is like an amusement park.

Just about everywhere you! United Kingdom launched virtual reality roller coaster

  Amusement park Samsung Gear is used in VR, and must be strengthened so that it can not fall in the intense campaign. In order to prevent dizziness, roller coaster seat belt are more stable than traditional, and also joined the movement in the VR application synchronization technology.

  On Galactica, now many of the details are still not clear, but it will begin operation in April, which may wish to take a look at the real performance.

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Turned into the unmanned aerial vehicles that fly around the solar star solar

Polaris solar PV net news: Switzerland News reported on January 10, 2016, Switzerland Solar Impulse solar plane will continue to complete the journey without using a drop of fuel. This high-tech aircraft resulting from Facebook and Google buzz, in theory, will develop into an alternative satellite solar-powered drone in the universe.

Turned into the unmanned aerial vehicles that fly around the solar star solar impulse to continue flying

One of the creators of the solar impulse, Andre Borschberg recently wrote in a blog: “you can imagine a plane, flying aloft for several months. Conceptually speaking, the drone is usually defined as Hap, it can replace or assist with the function of surveillance and communications satellites. ”

Solar-powered drone the day solar motors drive two small motor and propeller increase down to 15 km altitude at night to save energy. In theory drones can last for several months, if you can replace the satellites in the future, save costs and risks of rocket.

“At present, the project is in fact also belong to ‘ design ‘ phase, we are still ‘ exploration ‘ and ‘ production ‘ the adversary. “Borschberg Switzerland information said.

It is understood that the new generation aircraft will be more light than the Sun power II, smaller, more efficient unmanned. Wingspan between 30-50 meters in length, load up to 50 kg. Sun power II, with a wingspan of 72 m, weight up to 300 kg.

Ground remote control aircraft Mr Borschberg is expected to pass in the stratosphere, flying at the altitude of 20,000 meters for six months. 20,000 meters higher than the height of the civil aircraft flight altitudes, can not only withstand high altitude storms, but also depending on the task to replace or update different devices.

Solar-powered unmanned aerial vehicle called the Haps (High-altitude pseudo-satellites, upper air virtual satellite), is a light drone flight altitudes of up to 21 km, beyond the atmosphere, protected from the weather, but at a distance of recent satellite operation under the 200-km altitude.

In March 2015, Sun power II from the U.A.E. capital of Abu Dhabi flight journey through Oman, Myanmar and China, but had to interrupt a trip around the world by cell injury in mid-July 2015 plan, is expected to be from Hawaii on April 20, 2016 paper continues world tour.

Sunshine on the long wings of power II, it has 17000 block solar panels and two propeller motors, which has the weight of a family car, flight altitudes of up to 9000 m, with an average flight speed of 70 km/h. Sun power II, already breaking the record of 118 consecutive hours of uninterrupted flight.

Solar Impulse is not only an experimental solar-powered aircraft in the area at high altitude. Facebook has Aquila last summer on 1th, the news of the test, the aircraft can make people who live in remote areas can also be used on the network.

Google not only solar-powered drone in the stratosphere, also used hot air balloons and satellites. 2014 Google purchased the unmanned Titan Aerospace, but last year the Solara model machine 50 flight crashed after hitting on this item.

United States Army and the European Airbus group has also tried high altitude surveillance. Airbus’s Zephyr Z8 and Sun power II, the same technology, plans to 21000 meter high altitude flying for 3 months, the models with a wingspan of 23 meters, weighing only 53 kilograms.

2010-2012 driven by solar energy drives the PlanetSolar boat around the world Switzerland explorers Raphael Domjan is a SolarStratos project, making small aircraft flying in the stratosphere, first flight scheduled this year.

But for now, the technology still faces greater restrictions, requires not only huge progress in battery technology, but also on whether official drone in the sky are allowed to run.

“But one thing is certain, is the drone will satellites for television and radio did. “Another Switzerland drone project creators believe Simon Johnson said.

Original title: turned into drones that fly the solar star solar impulse to continue flying