Qualcomm Halo Wireless charging technology car Wireless charging

  Refers to high-throughput, what does everybody think Qualcomm mobile processor, Qualcomm communications chip, and Qualcomm Qi Wireless charging technology, right? Family car Wireless charging technology is also good shine. Hello Kitty case Hello Kitty iphone 6

  However, with the car joined a growing number of smart technologies, many technology vendors are also starting to get involved in automotive products, including Apple, Google, NVIDIA and Qualcomm now.

  Apple, Google, mainly on automotive systems to car, facing most of the NVIDIA chip, and Qualcomm is to provide wireless charging technology for cars and, of course, we are referring to is, electric cars, such as Tesla’s category.

  However, Tesla is willing to use Qualcomm’s Wireless charging technology is one thing, because Tesla has very fast charger, although not a wireless charger.

Qualcomm Halo Wireless charging technology car Wireless charging

  It was reported that Tesla is developing a fully automatic car charger, it will, like a metal snake to charge the car. When MODEL s car and snake Chargers approached, the car will automatically open the charging socket of the hatch, then automatic charger will automatically in 30 seconds or so of butt and start charging. Docking is only 30 seconds of completion of the work, not the time of charging is completed, it is not clear is how long it takes.

  In terms of wireless charging technology, Qualcomm is considerably more familiar than others, because many Qi Smartphone supports high-throughput Wireless charging technology.

  Now, Qualcomm no longer seem satisfied with wireless technologies for mobile devices supporting Qualcomm to provide wireless charging support for electric vehicles.

  A few days ago, the second electric formula one World Championship (Formula e) event held in Beijing again, Qualcomm released the second generation of Halo in this event the Wireless charging technology, also supports the Wireless charging and charge 1 time times faster than before.

Hello Kitty case

  It is understood that Qualcomm Halo Wireless charging technology has been applied to the International Automobile Federation last year electric formula one World Championship (Formula e) event pilot car (BMW I8) and medical (i3).

Qualcomm Halo Wireless charging technology car Wireless charging

  Halo Wireless charging technology using magnetic resonance effect to the electric or hybrid vehicle power battery non-contact charging without using traditional cable. When you need to charge, owners need only to vehicles parked in the Halo above the charging pad.

  Current application of Halo is mainly a static charge, there are also semi-static and dynamic charging charging technology. Semi-static refers to the car very slowly while charging, for example while waiting for the red light, or in a taxi waiting at the airport, and slow. And the dynamic charge is the ultimate goal, means that high speeds can also charge. That is why, in the Formula e contest, panels on both sides of the track in rushing instantly to its electric car charging.

  Qualcomm wireless charging technology used in the launch of Halo 7.2kW Wireless charging system, compared to the previous Formula e introduction of wireless charging technology can reduce the charging time half, charge generation on power 3.6kW, new wireless charging charging car finished in one hour, and cable charging efficiency.

Qualcomm Halo Wireless charging technology car Wireless charging
Qualcomm Halo Wireless charging technology car Wireless charging

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