Taiwan solar energy product exports to be furnished to

Polaris solar PV net news: February 1, all Taiwan exports of solar cells, modules and other products, either from the bonded warehouses, logistics centres or factory workers exporter, Taiwan explicitly prohibited by the Treasury be required to fill in country of production, avoid fake card issue disputes.

In recent years, some Taiwan companies through fake certificate means helping mainland resells solar cells, components, products, Taiwan tariffs on exports to the European Union, thereby enabling Taiwan manufacturers involved in the European Union on China’s countervailing measures. In 2015, the EU Taiwan solar manufacturers initiate anti-circumvention investigations by the EU after the field visits, 21 factories in December have been declared out of the anti-circumvention range, is not affected.

To avoid such problems continue, together with the Board of foreign trade of the Ministry of economy control measures, the Treasury scheduled from February this year, all from the Taiwan goods exported to abroad, includes four categories of goods, such as solar cells and modules, will be required to fill in native habitats. If storage or logistics center transit of goods from the bonded warehouse, or processing operations, needed to raise the original production message Re.

Original title: solar products be required to fill in the production

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