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Polaris solar PV net news: policy review

1, the Beijing municipal development and Reform Commission, Beijing distributed PV projects announced on the award list (first batch) notice

According to the Beijing Municipal Finance Bureau, national development and Reform Commission of Beijing municipality on distributed PV incentive funds regulation notification requirements, to verify the qualifications of the project on the application, the Beijing development and Reform Commission issued the reward list for distributed solar power projects in Beijing (the first). Municipal finance project in accordance with the above reward for power generation for 0.3 Yuan per kWh, electricity subsidies in accordance with the municipal power company electricity copy seen by the January 1, 2016 and expiring on December 31, 2020.

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2, five ministries of Qinghai province on the centralized collection and payment of on-grid PV power station construction of grassland vegetation recovery notice on matters

To promote the continuous and stable development of PV industry in Qinghai province and enhance the enthusiasm of investment and construction of photovoltaic power generation enterprise, protection of Qinghai province in 2015, grid-connected photovoltaic power generation project construction schedule, Qinghai provincial government on collection and payment of PV power station construction grasslands vegetation restoration about thematic meeting minutes (85) to determine enlistment grasslands vegetation restoration cost.

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3, Hefei on the Organization of 2016 PV product catalog notice

According to the notice of the General Office of the people’s Government of Hefei city, on speeding up the PV application file of spirit, to strengthen management and standardize the market order, and information Commission will in the near future, Hefei Hefei city, in conjunction with the national development and Reform Commission, 2016, Hefei municipal Bureau of quality and technical supervision to amend PV product catalog library. The notification requirement, declare an object is mainly engaged in photovoltaic modules, inverters, combiner box, products such as building-integrated PV production, independent enterprise legal person registered in Hefei.

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4, PV, Hefei Hefei economic and information Commission on accepting 2016 support policy documents for applying for subsidies (the first) notification

Under the people’s Government of Hefei city, views on speeding up the PV application to promote PV industry development General Office, the people’s Government of Hefei city, the supplementary notice on further accelerating the PV application document requirements, 2016, Hefei Hefei city, in the near future by the Commission will be a focal PV support policy documents for applying for subsidies (the first). Declarations, declarations on specific conditions and requirements, Hefei economic information Commission gave clear notification.

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Market review

1, the General Administration of quality supervision inspection: 2 batches of antireflection glass for solar PV products not meeting the prescribed standards

AQSIQ 15th 2016 1th 25 products quality supervision and inspection. Among them, antireflection glass for solar PV modules are not qualified rate of products is 6.7%. Spot checks found 2 batches of products do not comply with the standard requirements, involving debris, wet Frost project.

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2, the industry looks forward to PV “leader” plans to promote industry upgrading

“Leader” programme is undoubtedly the protagonist of 2015 the domestic photovoltaic industry. “Leader” scheme since its launch, to promote the overall development of the photovoltaic industry has played an invaluable role. Business hope leader base area will gradually expand the scope, industry leader enterprises also expand the scope of use, but also to give time to promote PV industry difficulties in financing, financing your dilemma solved, arrears of subsidies, abandon light, further promoting industrial upgrading.

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3, the “two sessions” clean energy “pie” and “the trap”

“Thirteen-Five plan” focused “green development” remind the deputies “pie” delicious, but beware of the “trap”. In their view, clean-energy market prospects is the fact, but overcapacity also has to face real-world challenges. A suggestion, first of all, to speed up the release build global energy Internet comments, followed by further accelerating the construction of domestic energy Internet, the development of UHV into “Thirteen-Five” energy and electricity planning.

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4, 1.24 Yuan? Solar thermal demonstration project of electricity can be so high? First light set

Recently, the media issued a document claimed that first solar-thermal power generation demonstration project price is expected to be approved at about 1.24 Yuan per kWh (include subsidies, taxes). The paper once published, it caused widespread concern in the solar thermal industry. It is understood that the current energy Bureau’s pricing and price communication process is almost complete, basic electricity price can be determined to be below 1.2, but officially announce the list of demonstration projects, as well as electricity prices until, it is recommended that all parties to be patient and calm.

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Enterprise version

1 reproduction, the PV Unit “Red Carded” PV market in long-term standards was ordered to retreat

Photovoltaic in the listing has already been 9 years, recently announced that, because they do not meet the minimum price and the minimum market value transaction rules, the company has been ordered to delisting from the NASDAQ Stock Exchange. PV said, is considering whether to appeal. If there is no appeal, and its publicly traded shares will be suspended on March 14.

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2 suspected flagging sale of Dragon photoelectric 30MW project from “suspend advance” to “terminate”

Recently, Dragon photoelectric announcements on the progress of 30MW project description from “suspend advance” into a “termination”. It is understood that the project eventually “died”, perhaps with the management is actively carried out “investment in new power projects to develop special supervision”, which resells preliminary work of the project approval document (called “flagging”) as a suspect.

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3, hareon claim settlement plaintiff shareholders do not buy it

Hareon solar investors sitting last December has collective claims and new developments. Plaintiffs lawyers said on March 15, the Court convened the parties settled, 80% claims hareon claim settlement amount, some investors have clearly opposed. After the failure of reconciliation between the two parties, Court of first instance verdicts at the end of April.

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4, tongjunge officially changed its name in energy-saving solar PV business

The afternoon of March 17, held in Chongqing tongjunge 2016 first extraordinary general meeting, the Conference adopted energy-saving solar power company limited in Chongqing tongjunge company limited changed its name, tongjunge listed companies make up the Central enterprises in the energy group of photovoltaic power plants.

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5, the State grid Corporation of China issues white paper on promoting the development of new energy sources (2016)

On March 11, the State grid Corporation released the white paper on national grid for new energy development (2016). In 2015, China’s continued fast growth in new energy, wind power, solar power capacity double high, wind capacity installed first in the world for four consecutive years, photovoltaic capacity exceeded Germany ranking first in the world, and become a new milestone in the history of the development of new energy.

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6, Foxconn four quarter months waiting for the sharp trade or hopeless

On March 15, Bloomberg, citing people familiar with the matter said, owing to a desire to sharp third quarter performance to have a clear understanding, Foxconn postponed final deals with sharp. Both sides cannot deal likely within months.

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Character articles

Zhao Yonghong: free strategy free

When the PV industry when caught in the whirlpool of the situation and trends, and we cannot really jump out to get to know and understand the big picture. Inertia of thinking and action, will we neglect to think about is doing is worth it? In 2016, how to break through the dilemma? Strategy, the most important thing is not to spend a lot of money a professional third party organizations to provide advisory services, but to find their own direction, find your exciting and fun things to make, through independent thinking, liberal thinking to those restrictions.

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Moto 360

Vera Bradley case

MOTO 360 since launch attracted the attention of many, not only because it is a member of Android Wear starting, but also because of its retro and sophisticated appearance design and excellent workmanship. Good design also makes it standout in the ranks of smart watches.

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National Thirteen Five planning agreed to actively support the solar thermal

Polaris solar PV net news: on March 16, the 12th session of the national people’s Congress, the fourth plenary session, the meeting voted on national economy and social development resolutions of the 13th five-year plan, planning, pointed out that, should continue to promote wind solar power development, actively supports solar-thermal power generation. Perfect wind, solar and biomass power generation policies.

Plan also proposes to focus on include high efficiency intelligent power systems, clean and efficient use of coal, renewable energy, nuclear power channel, non-conventional oil and gas, energy, energy storage facilities, energy key technology and equipment of eight major projects in the energy sector, which focuses on the implementation of solar thermal power generation demonstration project. Accelerating solar thermal power generation, large-scale energy storage technology research and development applications.

By comparison, the Twelve-Five program in 2011 through the solar-thermal power generation is involved in only one sentence, platform for the Twelve-Five mentioned in the tenth chapter, cultivate and develop emerging industries of strategic importance, new energy industry have focused on developing a new generation of nuclear power, solar thermal and photovoltaic solar thermal power, wind power technology and equipment, Smart grids, bioenergy. Looking back at Thirteen-Five plan, solar-thermal power generation was singled out and highlighted, which shows that solar thermal power generation have been substantive attention to macro-level of the national strategy, spring is around the corner.

There is no doubt that solar thermal power generation during the 45 critical development of Thirteen-Five solar energy development draft planning Thirteen-Five planning and development of solar-thermal power generation has been previously targeted 10GW, namely until the end of 2020, realization of solar thermal power total installed capacity up to 10 million-kilowatt, solar thermal collector area population reached 800 million square meters of the target.

Report: energy development in eight key projects

1, high efficiency intelligent power systems

Speeding up the construction of pumped-storage power plant, leading hydropower, natural gas peaking power plants, such as high quality peak power, promote energy storage power station, energy efficiency demonstration project in power plant construction, strengthen integration of power and energy storage facilities complement each other, improve regulation ability and efficiency.

2, high efficient utilization of clean coal

Plan of action for implementation of the upgrading and transformation of coal, electricity and energy-saving and emission reduction, the full implementation of ultra low emission and energy-saving renovation of coal-fired units, so that all active-duty per kWh average coal consumption in power plants less than 310 g, new, average consumption is less than 300 grams, encouraging the settlement of back-pressure thermal power unit heating, development of combined cooling, heat, cold, and increase the proportion of coal consumption for power generation.

3, renewable energy

With a focus on hydropower development in the Southwest, built hydroelectric 60 million-kilowatt, integrated and end-markets and distribution channels, order optimization “three North”, coastal wind and solar projects. Speed up the development in the Eastern and southern areas distributed wind power, distributed PV. Implementation of solar thermal power generation demonstration project. Construction of Ningxia national demonstration zone of comprehensive new energy, promote renewable energy demonstration area, Qinghai, Zhangjiakou.

4, nuclear power

Built three, Haiyang AP1000 project. Fujian Fuqing, fangchenggang, Guangxi construction “Hualong first” demonstration projects. Construction of Shandong rongcheng CAP1400 demonstration project. Starts construction of new nuclear power projects along the coast, accelerate the construction of tianwan nuclear power station phase III project. Active inland nuclear power projects. Accelerate the demonstration and promoting the construction of large commercial reprocessing plants. Run nuclear power installed capacity reached 58 million-kilowatt, construction of more than 30 million-kilowatt.

5, non-conventional oil and gas

Construction in qinshui basin, Ordos basin, Eastern margin and Guizhou Bi Shuixing coal bed gas industrialization base. Chang Ning-Weiyuan, Sichuan, Chongqing, Fuling, zhaotong, Yunnan, Yanan in Shanxi, Guizhou Zunyi-TongRen, shale gas exploration and development. Promote tight oil, oil sands, deep sea oil exploration and development and oil shale comprehensive utilization. Advancing the commercialization of natural gas hydrate exploration of material resources and mining.

6, energy transmission channel

Building hydropower base and large coal-electricity base transmission channel, on air pollution prevention actions article 12 transmission channel based on the key new power delivery channel in the Southwest, Northwest and Northeast. Increase in Northwest, Northeast and Southwest land of imported oil and gas strategy channels and supporting the construction of trunk pipe network. Improve the West-East gas pipeline, the Shaanxi-Beijing line backbone and East Sichuan gas of natural gas pipe network.

7, reserve facilities

Completed second stage project of national petroleum reserve, started a follow-up project, strengthening the construction of oil storage, construction of gas storage, improving the scale of gas storage and peak emergency response capabilities. Coal and coal distribution center construction and interim storage facilities, improve emergency coal reserves, expand the scale of gas reserves of uranium.

8, energy key technology and equipment

Accelerating the unmanned exploration, deep well disaster prevention of coal and unconventional oil and gas exploration and development, deep layers of conventional oil and gas development, low-rank coal in the low-temperature pyrolysis mass conversion, 700 c ultra-supercritical coal-fired power generation and fourth-generation nuclear power, offshore wind energy, solar-thermal power generation, mass storage, geothermal, smart grid technology research and development applications. Upgrading third-generation nuclear power, million-kilowatt hydropower, efficient boiler and high efficiency motors and other equipment manufacturing capacity. Breakthrough high power electronic equipment, high-temperature superconductor materials and other key components and materials manufacturing and applied technology.

Original title: national Thirteen-Five planning agreed to actively support the solar thermal power generation

The fourth Peru renewable energy auction results

Polaris solar PV net news: fourth Peru renewable energy auction attracted the attention of the world.

In this auction, prices eventually $37.7/MWh of wind power capacity, average prices for photovoltaic power generation for $48.1/MWh. Up to now, without taking into account the subsidies, the prices are among the lowest in the Western hemisphere. Although Peru the auction’s total power capacity is relatively small (wind turbine per year 739GWh, photovoltaic power 523GWh a year), but may give a competitive new pricing standards established in Latin America.

History of counting the 8 most expensive computer up to a 88 000

  After step into the 21st century, we often complain about their computers and other digital devices, but in fact, in 2015, whether it’s a desktop PC, laptop or other mobile device, has achieved unprecedented price/performance. To prove this point, Pcworld recently summarized the 1999 foreign media before the 8 most expensive PC product, come and have a look.

  1. Programma 101 (1965)

History of counting the 8 most expensive computer: up to a $ 88,000

  Programma 101 to understand how significant in 1965, you must first know what kind of computer. Don’t forget, that was 50 years ago, the era of the mainframe computer volume is pretty much like a refrigerator, and some can even fill an entire room, only a select few can be used.

Just Cavalli iPhone 6 Case

  Programma 101 is considered to be one of the first desktop computers, debuted in the 1964 New York World Expo, it looked like a typewriter. This computer capable of adding, subtracting and dividing large numbers, you can also load and sequence of programming recorded on magnetic cards.

  United States Aeronautics and Space Administration has purchased several Programma 101, for planning of the Apollo 11 moon landing, each unit price of us $ 3500 (equivalent to us $ 24000 today). Obviously, Programma 101 was the most expensive computer, because it is the only PC.

  2. IBM 5100 Portable Computer (1975)

History of counting the 8 most expensive computer: up to a $ 88,000

  World’s first PC was not manufactured by IBM, the world’s first portable computer is really from the hand of IBM, the IBM Portable Computer weighing 55 pounds this weight now may seem heavy, but at the time of the historical circumstances, it is “slim”. Its primary audience is scientists and the 64KB Hat version sells for $ 19975, the equivalent of today’s $ 88000.

  IBM 5100 Portable Computer is equipped with a 5-inch CRT monitor and tape drives can be output to 16 lines of text, 64 characters per line. One-fourth-inch cartridge tape drive storage size of 204KB files. The device does not match the real CPU, instead of using the circuit board called the PALM processor, including a 16-bit data bus.

  3. Cromemco System Three (1979)

History of counting the 8 most expensive computer: up to a $ 88,000

  The late 70, Cromemco company founded by two Stanford PhD students in the area of computer peripherals implemented several key innovations, including cameras, joysticks and video cards.

  In 1979, Cromemco company released the System more than Three users, connecting six terminals and printers, United States Space Agency and United States air force is the earliest use of the device, its hat to match version 512KB 5MB external hard drive and RAM, when the market price of us $ 12495, equivalent to us $ 36000 today.

  4. Apple Lisa (1983)

History of counting the 8 most expensive computer: up to a $ 88,000

  In January 1983, a company called Apple launched in the market a very peculiar computer products–Lisa. This was the first computer mouse and graphical interface and to the market of personal computers (although Xerox Alto than it was 10 years earlier, but never sold to the public).

  Lisa priced at a whopping $ 9995, the equivalent of today’s us $ 24000. This device matching 5MHz Motorola CPU, 1MB of memory and a 12-inch monochrome monitor, and have 5MB external hard drives and 871KB for dual floppy disk drive storage options.

  In addition, this computer is named after Steve Jobs ‘ daughter, although the marketing effort called “Local Integrated System Architecture (integrated system of local architecture)”.

  5. Osborne Vixen (1985)

History of counting the 8 most expensive computer: up to a $ 88,000

  Osborne Vixen is a very unique design, let us clearly see the difference between desktop and portable computers. The keyboard can be folded close to the case, will open the keyboard will be able to see a bright 7-inch CRT monitor. Just Cavalli iPhone 6 Case

  This product is equipped with 64KB RAM, 4MHz processor and disk drives, which carry software suite includes word processing programs, spreadsheets, business graphics, and more, there’s even a version of adventure game. Its price was $ 2800, which now is $ 6200. Just Cavalli iPhone 6 cases

  6. Apple Macintosh Portable (1989)

History of counting the 8 most expensive computer: up to a $ 88,000

  The late 80, Apple introduced the first portable Macintosh Portable, hopes a strong performance replacement laptop. This product is equipped with a Motorola CPU 16MHz, 1MB RAM (expandable to 9MB), lead-acid batteries (battery life up to 6 hours) as well as black and white display screen resolution of 640×400, you can also select 9600 baud onboard modem.

  At that time, the Apple Macintosh Portable sells for $ 6500, the equivalent of today’s $ 12500.

  7. Risc PC (1994)

History of counting the 8 most expensive computer: up to a $ 88,000

  In 1994, he was known as the “United Kingdom Apple” the Acorn company unveiled its new generation Risc PC systems, in addition to allowing simple expansion of extensive innovation in design, the Deputy slot CPU can run IBM PC-compatible software. The product mix has dual processors, 420MB hard drive and a 17-inch monitor, its market price of us $ 3000, $ 5000 today.

  8. Dell Dimension XPS T600 (1999)

History of counting the 8 most expensive computer: up to a $ 88,000

  The late 90, personal PC market is developing very fast, almost everyone has a home and office computer. As the market matures and price stability, those extremely expensive computers disappear, but there are a few exceptions.

  Before the arrival of the new millennium, Dell Dimension XPS T600 officially entered the market, equipped with Intel Pentium III-600 processor, 128MB RAM, 20GB hard drive and a 17-inch CRT monitor, market price $ 2300, equivalent to us $ 3400 today.

[Article correction]

Collection is the collection of 1542

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The existing problems of wind power and photovoltaic

Polaris solar PV net news: at present, the development of wind power and photovoltaic power generation project, further increases the difficulty of maintaining supply and demand balance of power system. Bloomberg new energy finance “flexibility analysis series” in the initial report, three times, on power system in order to integrate the huge capacity of renewable energy, which enhance flexibility in what you need.

Which do you make smog press distributed PV remember a company annual meeting

Polaris solar PV net news: (reporter Chen Yanqing) on December 26, reporters were invited to participate in the Thai-annual meeting of the new energy and distributed partners Conference. First sea from Beijing, is a most impressive along with smog. Industry partners from all over met, first talk is smog, smog locked under the dome really, people everywhere share a common fate.

In fact, to change the raging haze situation, the efforts of national and local. On August 29, the acquisition greatly issued the 31st “President”, released the 12 session of the national people’s Congress, 16 amendments adopted by the People’s Republic of China Law on prevention of air pollution, the Act also known as the smog laws, will be officially implemented January 1, 2016.

On December 16, the Shanghai municipal development and Reform Commission (Bureau), Shanghai Municipal Finance Bureau, Shanghai municipal environmental protection Bureau has formulated the Shanghai volatile organic matter pollution charges site implementation measures, started a pilot launch of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) charges. Because the VOCs is the precondition of formation of haze and PM2.5, the charge is called smog.

Two statutes also introduced the deep awareness to achieve clean energy to replace coal as the main energy of the urgency. Among the many clean energy options, PV is clearly a darling.

In this regard, the endorsement in person at Government level. Former Prime Minister Li keqiang announced China’s response to climate change to 2030 emissions reduction plan, by 2020, the decline in carbon dioxide emissions per unit of GDP from 2005 40%-45%, PV installed capacity reaching 100GW. After the National Energy Board issued of the solar Thirteen-Five development plan draft, the draft States “Thirteen-Five plan” the target of 160 million kW of solar power, photovoltaic of which 150 million kilowatts, thermal 10 million-kilowatt. PV cumulative installed capacity of 28.05 million-kilowatt the end of 2014, over the next five years, surging PV installed capacity can be used to describe.

Since it is a distributed PV Conference to discuss most is naturally distributed. PV ruling benefiting the haze, has broad development prospects. But for distributed solar, photovoltaic power generation, treatment can be very different.

China already dominates the throne of leading global PV installed capacity, but compared to the rapid ground capacity, distributed PV is slow. 2013 new PV installed capacity for the year 12.92 million-kilowatt, which distributed only as 800,000-kilowatt, in 2014, the distributed new installed capacity up to 2.05 million-kilowatt, although there has been an increase, but rather than ground capacity of PV power station 8.55 million-kilowatt, remained in the shade.

Which do you make smog press distributed PV – remember a company annual meeting and distributed partners Conference

New Thai energy General Manager Yang Xiuzhong

Reasons that cause the slow development of distributed PV is multiple. Because income is relatively low in China, and photovoltaic power generation a longer payback period, and power station construction conditions are too restrictive, complex application process, users are not enthusiastic; in addition, subsidies are not stable, business investment are at greater risk, financing is the stumbling block. And there is no proven business model, such as Thailand and the early development of distributed PV new energy business is “the stones”, at the exploration stage. These issues led to many large ground station power plant developers more love, took a wait-and-see attitude on distributed PV.

After a night to usher in the dawn, distributed PV frequent nearly two years State and local incentives, after after the winter, distributed PV began to be developed. Thailand as one of distributed PV pioneers new energy projects across East China, central China, North China, Northwest China, which can be seen as a microcosm of the many distributed power developer.

Shortly before the Shanghai development and Reform Commission and Finance Bureau published distributed PV “sunshine credit” can financing costs can be reduced by 30%. A few days ago, the Central Bank include PV in the catalog of green bonds support projects, a series of good is to increase confidence in the industry. “Distributed in the spring will come”, which is the number of distributed power plant developers adhere to the faith.

In addition, on December 24, issued by the national development and Reform Commission on improving the land wind solar power on-new pricing policy notice PV benchmark price between one and three types of resources by 0.8/0.88/0.98 currently 0.9/0.95/1.0 per cent in 2016. Insiders believe that PV power installed capacity on the ground will bid farewell to “staking” era and were retained by the cold shoulder of distributed PV is about to usher in a golden age.

Refer to distributed PV power station development, a lot of people are most concerned about power gains and returns can not be separated from power station safe and stable operation of the power station. The PV Conference, the guests talked about most is how to ensure the safe and smooth operation.

Which do you make smog press distributed PV – remember a company annual meeting and distributed partners Conference

Which do you make smog press distributed PV – remember a company annual meeting and distributed partners Conference

Distributed development of photovoltaic power plant is a complex process, different roof structure, requires a different construction programme, also needs to be adapted to local conditions in the device selection. Speaker power plant project development, inverters, combiner box and other key equipment and support the selection of parts, and then to the ultimate roofing system for the exchange of experience.

OPPO R9 spring fashion show

Love wallpapers Starcom's last play

Wallpaper is a simple series of small update this time, simple and comfortable style is also very good. Hope you all like it, if you want any type of wallpaper, can also leave a message in the comments below.


Note: the picture from the network. Articles are only compressed preview and will be playing on the watermark, in true HD downloaded v.

I downloaded HD wallpapers

Most of the wallpapers is 16:9 1080P wallpaper, so even if a computer wallpaper download is not a problem. On the phone the way you like cut on the line.

Love wallpapers Starcom's last play


Love wallpapers Starcom's last play


Love wallpapers Starcom's last play


Love wallpapers Starcom's last play


Love wallpapers Starcom's last play


Love wallpapers Starcom's last play


Love wallpapers Starcom's last play


Love wallpapers Starcom's last play


Love wallpapers Starcom's last play

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GoPro Hero4 Black

GoPro Hero4 a completely “upgraded”, finally won the 30fps in 4K under the resolution of standard definition, can really take 4K HD movies. 2.7K resolution and to support the 50fps smooth quality; in the most commonly used format to 1080p, GoPro Hero4 boldly open up 120fps.

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Silevo needs import duties Beauty giant photovoltaic sides

Polaris solar PV net news: United States subsidiary high performance PV modules SolarCity Silevo appeal tariff on Chinese imports, a preliminary ruling is expected to be revealed on April 4.

Silevo needs import duties? Beauty giant photovoltaic sides

SolarCity will in the United States in New York to build largest “thousand-megawatt factory”, and is the Western hemisphere’s largest photovoltaic module factory. SolarCity is expected for the United States to bring jobs and subsidiary components production but Silevo seems to continue to maintain its presence in China and California’s production. Silevo bought by SolarCity in 2014, now trying to appeal to avoid United States tariff on Chinese imports.

Last December, the Silevo petitioned exempted Chinese tariffs on imported solar products, declared production of thin-film photovoltaic products.

Because thin film crystalline silicon solar modules can be exempted from tariffs on imports from China. Silevo PV modules based on amorphous silicon and oxide, n-type Silicon heterojunction design.

SolarWorld but disagree, pointing out that include crystalline silicon wafer Silevo technology. SolarWorld solicitor Tim Brightbill argues that very clearly falls within the crystalline silicon products Silevo products should be Division within the tariffs range. And points out that Silevo website is crystalline silicon products.

Silevo website, Silevo PV annual production capacity of 32MW at Hangzhou, China at present, but their website does not exactly point out that the factory is the production of photovoltaic modules and photovoltaic cells, and it is not clear whether the information is current.

Current United States levied on imports of Chinese photovoltaic components as 239%, this rate is very high. SolarCity’s factory in Buffalo if not timely on-line, will be difficult. Thousand-megawatt plant planned by the end of this year will start production, but 2015 phone revealed fourth-quarter, the project has been postponed for several quarters.

Expected April 4, United States Department of Commerce International Trade Administration reached a preliminary decision on the case. (/Tina translation)

Original title: Silevo needs import duties?
Beauty giant photovoltaic sides

Five ministries of Qinghai province on the centralized collection and payment

Polaris solar PV net news: Hainan Province, haixi development and Reform Commission (Department of energy), the land and resources Bureau, Finance Bureau, Housing Bureau, the Bureau of agriculture and animal husbandry:

To promote the sustainable and stable development of PV industry in our province, and enhance the enthusiasm of investment and construction of photovoltaic power generation enterprise, safeguard 2015 grid-connected photovoltaic power generation project construction in our province, to respond effectively to the province’s economic downward pressure on PV power station construction, provincial government collection and payment of steppe vegetation restoration about thematic meeting minutes (85) to determine enlistment grasslands vegetation restoration cost. To implement the spirit of the Conference and related matters are hereby notified as follows:

One, please state, haixi, Hainan Development and Reform Commission (Department of energy) led, the coordination of local farming, land and resources Department of haixi Prefecture, Qaidam and Tara Beach regional PV construction in Hainan Prefecture permanently with a one-time levy, for photovoltaic panels which do not belong to the permanent building sites part enlistment grasslands vegetation restoration cost, speed up the construction of photovoltaic projects progress.

Second, Hainan Prefecture, haixi State development and Reform Commission (Department of energy), led the coordination of local land and resources, grassland, environment protection, safety assessment, fire departments, for the PV industry to accelerate project related coordination services, urge the PV business edge processing, site building, striving to conclude before the end of various procedures, and complete as much as possible the real investment.

Provincial development and Reform Commission provincial land and resources department

Provincial Department of housing and urban-rural construction of provincial Department of agriculture and animal husbandry

The December 3, 2015

Original title: provincial development and Reform Commission, provincial Department of land and resources on the centralized collection and payment of on-grid PV power station construction of grassland vegetation recovery notice on matters

Internet using virtual reality helmets is what kind of experience Firefox browser

Internet using virtual reality helmets is what kind of experience, Firefox browser will know that on the

According to foreign media reports, Firefox Mozilla Firefox developers have begun to open to third party developers with the latest beta version of Firefox browser of virtual reality technology. Alleged that soon after, VR display devices such as through the use of Oculus Rift, with accounts can enjoy the full interactive online experience.

It is reported that Mozilla this is to and Google’s Chrome browser, Apple Safari and Microsoft’s IE browser increase competition in chips.

In order to keep pace with the times, Firefox is also constantly these days, including innovation. A few days ago the news that, under Mozilla Firefox browser (Firefox) 39.0 released the official version, the biggest change is that the browser’s features and detail improvements: new version improved Firefox support Hello and communication performance improvement to the browser. Meanwhile, Mozilla jumped on the bandwagon, SSLv3, left his post, while increasing the variety of colour of Emoji support.

By contrast, the virtual reality interactive experience attempt is more of a major breakthrough. Mozilla kelisi·bierde, Executive Director (Chris Beard) said that if the “network video” into a “network VR”, it would be a game-changer.

It is reported that Mozilla and Vlad Vukicevic was last year led a team to join the VR in the war. Mozilla user experience designer qiaoxi·Ka friend (Josh Carpenter) that Mozilla developers access to VR mode and help screen video zoom mode just as easily. “We use ‘ full screen ‘ API soon after, which you can browse Web based virtual reality as well as virtual reality movies, once-static characters and objects are given life. ” Cath Kidston galaxy note 4 cover

Mozilla Corporation is a non-profit organization that is headquartered in San Francisco, leader of the browser, it is smaller, about 1000 employees worldwide. Now, Mozilla has invested more engineers in the MozVR project. Bierde said the team hopes to lead an open development of VR platform, browser experience pattern harbingers of change. Cath Kidston galaxy note 4 case

Nautilus VR virtual reality

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Nautilus VR virtual reality

Cath Kidston galaxy note 4 case

Nautilus VR open and collaborative technology platforms to build an interactive virtual environment, with no dead ends the video with high quality 360 degree immersive underwater experiences for users. Virtual reality equipment wearing this waterproof, you can immerse themselves in the vast sea, you can explore the legendary lost city of Atlantis, or you can watch the Australia great barrier reef, beautiful scenery.

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Teach you how to correctly select PV modules and inverters

Polaris solar PV net news: PV as an emerging energy power generation market is growing rapidly in China in recent years, especially the national policy for the development of distributed power plant support larger, once “on the big” photovoltaic power and gradually came into the homes of ordinary people.

Investment of PV power first to yield, so we can not simply as a PV:

Component-so a grid-connected inverter-simple steps to refine every aspect of our products, so as to obtain the maximum return on investment.

Based on the understanding of some of the projects, as well as years of experience, here on the core parts of the solar system (modules, inverters) discussed the choice of:

Component selection

Component selection needs to consider two aspects: the appearance of the component and electrical parameters;

Promised power cannot only look at the component tolerances, the appearance of the component for more than 25 years service life are also important.

1, the appearance of the component: a-level components

Industry general grades a, b, (there are other lower grade such as grade c) component of the Division is not based on components of electrical parameters based on the cell’s appearance and components the whole package look distinguished.

I, bad appearance of cells: splash, color, aluminum stick, drum kits, off grid, node, graphic, offset, and angle, edge collapse, gap … …

See common bad drawings out of:

Teach you how to correctly select PV modules and inverters!

Teach you how to correctly select PV modules and inverters!

Teach you how to correctly select PV modules and inverters!

II, the appearance of the component package sinister: back failure, cell virtual welding, soldering, sealing well, back scratches, borders scratch, scratch glass, junction box packaging bad … …

As part of bad picture:

Teach you how to correctly select PV modules and inverters!

Teach you how to correctly select PV modules and inverters!

Bad appearance of these components, ideal for terrestrial PV modules standard test conditions (STC):

Selection of inverter

Currently on the inverters of the mainstream debate than the string type and centralized debate, each have their say, not one-sided negative or simply recognized, will require more user experience!

1, string inverter advantages: multiple Mppt tracks, single power easy points scattered shadows, component capacity impact on poor, and stand-alone inverters power more smaller, more obvious advantages, single fault easier to repair;

String inverter advantages: large power station, because a large number, which increases the time and effort of maintenance and installation cost (cable, AC Conflux boxes) in relation to the Central will be a little higher, if the string inverter performance not stable, for the overall operation of the power station, the power loss is enormous;

Application of power station: disperse uneven mountain at the roof of the power station, power station, beach power plant, there are shadows of the power plant, component arrays toward agricultural greenhouses in different power plants, power stations … …

Teach you how to correctly select PV modules and inverters!

Distributed system diagrams

1, centralized inverter advantages: lower line loss, lower installation costs, reduced operation and maintenance inspection;

Disadvantages of centralized inverter: output will be slightly below the string, DG, single fault for power generation has a greater impact, longer period;

Application of power station: the installation site is relatively flat, no block of desert plant, component arrays relative concentration towards the consistent surface plant … …

Teach you how to correctly select PV modules and inverters!

Centralized system

Summary: the pursuit of power station’s output is not after the construction of power stations, but the site prior to the construction of power stations, system design, product selection, so early in the power station construction is to consider all aspects of the best ratio include: power selection, after the series-parallel for the optimum working parameters of the inverter’s suitability to achieve return on optimization.

Original title: photovoltaic system components and the right selection of inverter

Four construction projects of the Ministry issued on the Golden Sun and optical

Polaris solar PV net news: recently, the Ministry of finance, the Ministry of science and technology, Department of energy, issued jointly by the Ministry of housing of the Golden Sun and solar PV projects supplementary notice of settlement (finance office building [2015]113).

Following is the full text of the notice:

Four construction projects of the Ministry issued on the Golden Sun and optical clearing supplementary notice

Four construction projects of the Ministry issued on the Golden Sun and optical clearing supplementary notice

Four construction projects of the Ministry issued on the Golden Sun and optical clearing supplementary notice

Four construction projects of the Ministry issued on the Golden Sun and optical clearing supplementary notice

Four construction projects of the Ministry issued on the Golden Sun and optical clearing supplementary notice

Original title: on Golden Sun, four ministries issued a supplementary notice of liquidation and BIPV project funding

Polaris solar PV NET week hot selection 3 7 3 11

Polaris solar PV net news: policy review

1, the national development and Reform Commission: DC Silver East renewable energy delivery ratio should not be less than 30%

According to the electric power system reform document, national development and Reform Commission agreed to assume priority electricity purchase plan in accordance with the relevant provisions under the premise, let go of some silver DC across East regional delivery plans, as the marketing pilot districts to send electricity across the province. To ease up wind up in the Northwest, East silver DC transmission outside of renewable power ratio of the market shall be not less than 30%, dominated by platform centralized price bidding, and to develop renewable energy fair trade protection measures.

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2, the National Energy Board: expanding the scope of PV implementation for poverty alleviation

On March 1, 2016, poverty alleviation and support national energy Board issued notices to speed up clean energy development, expanding the scope of PV implementation for poverty alleviation. Gansu Provincial Development and Reform Commission, Department of energy increased in tongwei County, PV in Qingshui County poverty scale, study and solve problems in the implementation process. Through an assessment, in development conditions requested relevant departments to pursue the inclusion of Xinfeng country “Thirteen-Five” range of photovoltaic projects for poverty alleviation.

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3, on advancing the development and utilization of solar energy in Yunnan Province Council guidance

According to concentrated development and distributed using phase combined of principles, promoted solar PV diversified using, through development PV agricultural, guide support Yunnan province of PV industry out of to, put Yunnan province build became oriented South Asia Southeast Asia of silicon base PV industry processing manufacturing radiation base, promoted Yunnan province plateau features agricultural of development, Yunnan province Energy Council now on advance solar PV utilization proposed has specific of guide views.

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4, Inner Mongolia autonomous region, issued under the national development and Reform Commission on construction of photovoltaic power generation indicator added to my area in 2015-notice of issues related to implementation of programmes and projects

According to the National Energy Board on increases in 2015 in some regions of PV power station construction notice requirements, Inner Mongolia autonomous region, the Commission agreed in principle to the Union City project arrangements for the construction of photovoltaic power generation scheme added to 2015, would be supplemented by indicators and projects concerning the notification.

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5, PV, Hefei, Hefei city Commission declared 2016 Project subsidy funds to cash (first batch) notice

Under the people’s Government of Hefei city, on speeding up the PV application documents such as opinions on promoting the development of photovoltaic industry, the national development and Reform Commission of Hefei city, County (City) Commission lead in cash subsidies for photovoltaic power generation project in Hefei city, and the related declarations, as required and the conditions the content of notice.

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Market review

1, the national development and Reform Commission: encourage the participation of renewable energies in electricity market

Development and Reform Commission issued notification of the electricity regulation work on 2016, requires giving priority to power generation, priority purchasing system, identifying and improving Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta and other regions outside the proportion of clean energy. Actively promote direct trade, promote energy-saving and low-carbon power, promote the pilot work carried out, including do renewable energy close to dissolve the pilot work and seize the trader set up pilot project.

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2, Hubei Province, Department of energy confirmed 2015 second photovoltaic subsidy projects (255)

According to province prices Council province Energy Council on on new energy power project implemented electric price subsidies about problem of notification requirements, Hubei Province Energy Council on the city, and State submitted of new energy project and the related annex one by one for has audit, confirmed province 266 a project installed 1.2926 million kW (not containing households with distributed PV power project) for new energy electric price subsidies project (second batch). Among them, the PV 15 646,200 kW installed, distributed 83,300 installed 240 kW photovoltaic projects.

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3, trans-regional power trading center was established on new energy solutions and is a poison?

The morning of March 1, Beijing electric power trading center and Guangzhou power trading center in Beijing and Guangzhou, while the tone, marked formally established regional electricity market, the electricity market and a big step forward. For new energy, however, regional electricity market is the cure or poison? We feel bad to say! Eliminate problems need new energy power supply, load, network three-pronged approach to resolve.

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4, who will be the next “renewable energy quota system” a cup of soup?

Current development of the new energy market continues to expand, future green certificate of certification bodies, the purchase could be a lot of low cost “personal” renewable energy station green certificate broker, only renewable energy station investment in production, renewable-type electricity wealthy investors in their positioning of a slice of the future.

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5, PV photovoltaic development important for poverty alleviation branch three major challenges remain:

On March 10, 2016 issued national energy Board issued on poverty alleviation and support points of invitation, proposed expanding the scope of PV implementation for poverty alleviation, exploring asset poverty alleviation, development of clean energy resources and file state directly linked to the poor out of poverty, increase the incomes of the poor, truly accurate poverty alleviation. However, the use of land or roofs to grasp, financing difficulty and rural distribution network under pressure to upgrade is PV faced three key challenges for poverty alleviation.

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6, PV inverters pumping rate less than 80% attention

Recently, the AQSIQ issued the AQSIQ announced on the 2015 national supervision of product quality situation of notice, display sampling rate of photovoltaic grid-connected inverter not to 80%. This total of Beijing, Hebei, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Anhui and other 13 provinces and municipalities of 55 companies in the production of 55 batches of grid-connected PV inverter products.

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Enterprise version

1, acquisitions require banks to reduce sharp and surprisingly Hon Hai share price

China Taiwan’s Hon Hai Group’s acquisition of Japan, sharp, there has been a “potential” accidental changes. According to reports, both scheduled for this week to sign purchase agreements, but as there were more divided about the debts and losses, so will probably bounce. Allegedly, Hon Hai requires transfer of stakes in two banks to lower sharp prices.

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2, Suri Ni Kailu Sun founder per cent auction

Recently, the Super Sun (after the restructuring “GCL integration”) 54.704 million shares held by the founders Ni Kailu third auction to auction end. This reporter has learned, the reserve price is higher than the stock market price bidder to give up bid is the main reason.

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3, bowei alloy “materials business + new energy business” two-wheel drive

Recently, bowei alloy through Ningbo Kang Naite 100% injection of equity, the company’s main business will form the “new business + new energy business” two-wheeled industry. The trading counterparty black group, son of the actual control of the company to thank talent Xie Chaochun confirmed commitment from 2016 to 2018 3 year net profit was 100 million and 117 million Yuan, 134 million Yuan, or their compensation in shares and cash difference.

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4, hiccup SunEdison plans fell apart

Solar company SunEdison (SUNE) for solar panel manufacturers VivintSolar (VSLR) plan and several twists and turns, and ultimately was rejected by the VivintSolar, news, 33% SUNE surge, up close, SUNE rose 5.26% at $ 2.00.

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5, Dragon optical Supervisory Board Chairman Zhang forecast 2015 losses of more than 300 million Yuan to resign

The evening of March 7, Dragon photoelectric said in a statement, recently received the resignation of Mr Zhang Yan, Chairman of the Supervisory Board report, applications to resign as Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the company due to personal reasons and supervisor positions. Prior to this, Dragon photoelectric forecast by 2015-304 million yuan in net profit, down 1131.24%.

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Comment article

1, to renewable energy quota system reverse abandon wind up phenomenon

Electricity price, subsidy issue and the question of abandoned light wind up is the main factor affecting renewable energy development, but the quota system and price policy as the two mechanisms of support for renewable energy development. Of course, the operability of the quota system, China needs to recognize problems, this is the power market reform process.

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2, the solar industry is really “sunshine”?

The solar industry “sunshine”? Full of potential, imminent? Capital markets have told you Yes. The last six months, survival difficulties in the energy sector as oil prices fall sharply, solar day is difficult. Why is the industry leader always inevitably into a corner? Why not live to see the day after tomorrow morning’s Sun? Must the solar power is the next-generation energy? Worth thinking about.

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3, cracked PV power plant investment and financing problem need to be more financial thinking

In the PV power plant construction market, financial institutions are better than a lot of other industries, and related financial products than industry rich. PV of liquidity is not inferior to other financial products, and photovoltaic power plant investment enterprises never worried about financing, why do you worry about? Only one reason: because you did well enough.

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Character articles

1, those years due to the ups and downs of solar entrepreneurs

Development of PV industry in China is only a short time more than 10 years, photovoltaic industry giants with the development of the photovoltaic industry, like the plot of a drama like the ups and downs. From the pioneers of PV industry in China and Shi Miao Liansheng to rising star Peng Xiaofeng and Li Hejun, China PV industry executives and some quick wealth because of the PV peak also hit rock bottom like a free fall because of PV.

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2, “two times” Chen Kangping concerning the implementation of recommendations of the three aspects of distributed PV

Li keqiang, the two sessions this year’s Government work report clearly points out that perfect wind energy, solar energy, biomass energy development, increase the proportion of clean energy, also revealed that the solar power and photovoltaic power generation prospects. On the question of implementation of distributed PV development, deputies Chen Kangping made three recommendations.

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3, the “two sessions,” Mr Jin baofang: subsidies gap of at least 30 billion yuan to improve standard for renewable power surcharge

This year’s parliamentary session began, issued by the Council on the establishment of renewable energy development and utilization objectives guiding system guidance document has caused concern about renewable energy. Deputies found Mr Jin baofang, 2015 renewable energy subsidy shortfall hit a record high, a total reached about 30 billion yuan. He suggested that, to increase renewable additional criteria, from the current level of 0.019 Yuan/kWh, up from 0.03 Yuan/kWh, and guarantee the total charge levied in full.

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Cao renxian rule of law is completed as soon as possible to improve the ecological

Polaris solar PV net news: since the party’s 18, focusing on promoting the rule of law, building the rule of law in China, XI put forward a series of new ideas, new perspectives, General Secretary, enriched and developed the theory of the rule of law with Chinese characteristics, promote the modernization of national governance systems and governance capacity indicates the direction. Concept of ruling according to law govern energy provided theoretical guidance. China’s current energy situation, overcapacity and pollution. Abandon, abandoned in the West wind Southwest water; serious oversupply of coal, iron and steel industries, 2 million people lose their jobs … … So how can we choose and weigh it? What could be more scientific and reasonable? This problem requires urgent adoption of laws to deal with it.

Cao renxian:

2006 promulgated the renewable energy law for renewable energy production has laid a legal foundation, after ten years, renewable energy in China has made remarkable achievements, but it also exposes a lot of problems, and national abandon, abandon the phenomenon intensified wind, owed subsidies, individual local or even require photovoltaic, wind turbine manufacturers make up the ridiculous policies of coal enterprises. The reason, renewable energy law after many years on the one hand, there are some limitations compared with the current actual, in the face of powerful conventional energy, in front of GDP performance around, clean energy has repeatedly bowed his head. Clean, cheap energy, facilitate their conflict with each other, although clean-energy costs have fallen substantially, but its environment remains substantially undervalued at a premium, no significant drop in fossil energy consumption, recently, the parties arguing over whether nuclear power should peak.

Cao renxian:

The other hand, when promulgated the renewable energy law was first implemented, is the hope of the electricity Act, the coal Act, water law and other related laws modified accordingly in a timely manner, giving way to the new law, but the electric power law has enacted 20 years ago still has not changed. Relevant departments of the State subsequently introduced some rules, such as energy saving dispatch management, renewable energy, full purchase of multiple copies of priority documents, but are ultimately unable to perform. After all, we lack the energy fields of “Constitution”–the People’s Republic of China Law on energy.

Authorities as early as in the years before the Energy Act was conceived, and comments on the draft, times online has draft Bill from energy management, planning, development, manufacturing, supply, service, with emphasis on energy conservation, reserves, emergency response, and Energy Science and technology and international cooperation. But it did not adapt to climate conference in Paris after the great change of China’s energy situation, nor fully aware that fossil fuel combustion have such serious problems of environmental pollution, after the competition did not take into account all the energy of the system, we therefore call for reconstruction as soon as possible the draft energy law, and submitted to the NPC for consideration and implementation as soon as possible.

Looks forward to in the of People’s Republic of China energy method except above basic framework outside, must clear see can renewable energy replaced fossil energy of trend, full awareness to General people on fog haze, pollution problem of serious concerns, effective with legal means, with heroes broken wrist of courage, guide, and regulation national economic growth way and energy structure of change, to aside all interests relationship for legislation, to with on Chinese future generations height is responsible for of attitude again schema this Department Dafa, especially in energy production, and On order, to ensure that renewable energy top priority rights, pollution-free, clean energy without emission priority construction, first generation, priority access, first use, to clear the way for the transformation of energy, energy innovations all legal obstacles.

“Guanghui is gold and silver,” Mr XI is on the construction of ecological civilization in China are eager and accurate description of the importance Thirteen-Five planning and innovation, coordination, green, open, shared, as five large development philosophy. To improve the ecological environment, energy saving and emission reduction, promoting the development of green low carbon, the Energy Act is important, we called on relevant departments to promptly formulate a well thought-out, enact and enforce the law!

Original title: Cao renxian: “rule of law” is completed as soon as possible to improve the ecological environment, the only way of energy saving and emission reduction tasks

Xinjiang s development and Reform Commission approved new energy base in the

Polaris solar PV net news: in order to promote the construction of new energy base of East wind power project, intensive, large-scale, base development, regulate the order of wind power enterprises invested recently, Xinjiang’s development and Reform Commission official approval of the new energy base in the East (in Changji area) landscape of enterprise competitive selection procedures (hereinafter referred to as the competitive selection procedures).

Competition optimization approach is I district first used enrollment bid way determine new energy project development subject, is first established “Government developed planning, and planning layout project, and competition determine owners” of development mechanism, for new energy enterprise create has public, and fair, and just of investment environment, on further optimization I district scenery electric project management, specification scenery electric market investment development order has important model meaning. Next, I would push the Changji the competitive selection procedures to society as soon as possible after the public announcement, further follow-up competition selection, and so on.

Original title: East of Xinjiang’s development and Reform Commission approved new energy base (in Changji area) wind power competitive selection methods

New energy base in East junggar Xinjiang in Changji area scenery Enterprise

Polaris solar PV net news: examination by the State development and Reform Commission, agreed with East new energy base in Changji area scenery Enterprise competitive selection procedures, on behalf of the Department of publicity of the project, publicity for 7 days.

During the publication period, any unit and individual alignment East of the new competitive energy base in Changji area scenery optimized way to disagree, may submit written comments. Units must be stamped, personal view must Department that their real names, ID card number and phone number.

Contact person and contact information:

Chang JI State development and Reform Commission Wang Haoxiang Tel: 0994-2524377

The March 10, 2016

Annex: East new energy base in Changji area scenery Enterprise competitive selection procedures

East new energy base in Changji area scenery Enterprise competitive selection procedures

For promote associate East new energy base Changji State tablets district wind electric, and PV project ordered development construction and market elimination na, specification wind electric, and PV Enterprise rational investment and access standard, create public, and fair, and just of investment environment, according to autonomous regions development reform Board forward national energy Council on associate East new energy base planning construction about matters of notification (new sent modified energy [2015]2049,) requirements, combined Changji State actual developed this approach.

And selection of objects

In wind power, photovoltaic fields with strong technical and financial strength, has a wind power development and construction performance and operational management experience, promote industrial development, technical progress and power generation costs and excellent wind power development company with social responsibility.

Second, participate in the selection of basic requirements

1, campaign enterprise must have a separate legal personality, does not accept the Consortium, and Changji incorporated companies.

2, a group can only be on behalf of the group or its wholly-owned subsidiaries involved in and declare type wind power or solar power is limited to less than 3.

3, investment firms must be greater than the declared net assets volume project into the required minimum capital of the project, including: 20-kilowatt wind energy project registered capital shall not be less than 160 million Yuan, 100,000-kilowatt PV projects registered capital shall not be less than 100 million Yuan.

4, change investments, scalping preliminary working document violations, such as Enterprise shall not participate in elections.

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Submission contact: 010-57479881 QQ:791151941

Email: zhangzhiwei#bjxmail.com (Please replace # with @)

Polaris solar PV NET Disclaimer: this information is reprinted from the Polaris network media partners or other sites on the Internet, Polaris solar PV net posted this article for the purpose to deliver more information does not mean endorsing their views or confirm their description.
Article is for reference only.


Three, preferably rated the content and standards of

According to the Xinjiang new energy plan, including operations, business performance and comprehensive benefit of three parts, quantization, and sorts by rating score, business performance scores should be within 50% of scores, the remaining value constituted by the technical proposal score and score.

(A) business case

1 and enterprises in local city and county governments (including East MC) registration, and pay the registered capital can be a plus, the maximum 10 points. (Business license, whichever Bank proof of funds)

2 points, better asset-liability ratio of enterprises, the maximum 10 points.

(B) performance

1, the annual tax amount (in the context of Changji). Years enterprises of more than 10 million of taxes paid can be maximum 5 points. (Is subject to annual tax certificate).

2, business success case (irrespective of their regional limits)

(1) declare run cumulative investment in wind power or build wind power (to be submitted for approval or for the record file) building to reach 200,000-kilowatt points and above, the maximum 5 points.

(2) declare PV invested or built to run optical (to be submitted for approval or for the record file) building to reach 100,000-kilowatt points and above, the maximum 5 points.

3, technology innovation and industry-wide chain of service

(1) make a significant contribution to the development of the new energy industry, bringing science and technology demonstration enterprises, wind or photovoltaic industry has at least 1 of the following institutions: national key laboratories and National Engineering Research Center, a State-Certified Enterprise Technology Center, postdoctoral, intends to invest in new technologies, new models-model of enterprise can be maximum 5 points. (The national certified qualification certificate shall prevail)

(2) to provide new energy industry with planning and design, construction, operation of the entire value chain services such as Enterprise Plus, maximum 3 points. (The national certified qualification certificate shall prevail)

(3) the resources planning implement an outstanding contribution in the early power plants or technologies available, maximum 2 points.

4, social responsibility

(1) in local enterprises to meet social obligations can be points, maximum 10 points

(2) commitment with quality and on the basis of price preference in Changji local enterprises to provide wind power, photovoltaic equipment, components, transformers, wires, cables and construction of enterprise plus, the maximum 10 points (provision of procurement or construction contracts and the clearance certificate). (Commitment to use local products, artificial, material can be a plus)

(3) enterprise with outstanding contribution in aiding points, maximum 10 points.

(C) the comprehensive benefit of investment projects and technical solutions

1, project technical solutions

(1) wind power project to select a country of advanced wind turbine generator availability in 95% Enterprise plus maximum 4 points.

(2) PV projects chosen countries leading this program for advanced technology products available, maximum 4 points. Where: polycrystalline silicon solar module conversion efficiency is above 16.5%; monocrystalline silicon solar module conversion efficiency is above 17%; high concentration photovoltaic modules photovoltaic conversion efficiency of more than 30% and other thin film solar module conversion efficiency of more than 12%.

(3) the project layout optimization, construction schedule, meet the land, quality and environmental protection requirements, annual electricity estimated outcomes such as feasibility and rationality of enterprise plus maximum 4 points. (Commitment of economical and intensive use of land resources Corporation)

(4) the financial plan of the project (including financing proposal, financing guarantee and its calculation of financial internal rate of return) of Economics, rationality of enterprise plus, maximum 3 points.

(5) the commitments according to the base uniform technical requirements, construction, management, operation, assessment, construction of public facilities and Enterprise plus cost-sharing maximum 2 points

2, price and feedback compensation

In re power subsidy price based on, companies may voluntarily take back compensation mechanism from the subsidy to improve the local economic development and people’s livelihood, benchmark price of commitment by enterprises can be of an overall price on the basis of maximum 7 points. But price generator economic benefits shall not be less than the project of the biggest drop in yields on benchmark, or as hostile bids, the Enterprise shall not participate in elections.

Four, optimization methods

(A) the election announcement

After the adoption of this approach by the State development and Reform Commission approved in designated media, Web sites, public release, and post race announcements, including single wind power project size, location coordinates, conditions of participation, registration address, closing date, campaign sites and so on.

(B) the competition scoring

1, the autonomous region people’s Government delegate selection activities carried out by third parties, third parties for authenticity, legality, compliance is responsible for selection of material.

2, third parties commissioned notary public notary of the campaign process and invite the relevant sector personnel monitor the whole process of running.

3, selecting the best works in two stages, the first stage to participate in basic conditions of priority review, the second phase for the scoring stage. By enterprises of the basic conditions for review before they can enter the scoring stage.

4, in accordance with the means preferably rating content and standards for scoring the scoring phase of enterprise. Results announced on the spot, and sort by score from big to small.

5, the results in the specified media, website publicity and publicity for 7 days, ranked by score a candidate.

6, third parties should record the optimization for each stage of the process, link, and confirmed by the notary, moderator. Notarial certificates issued by the election process and the election results.

(C) the selected enterprises

1, after the end of the selection result announcement, notice of selected third party companies selected, select enterprise demand submitted letter of commitment from the autonomous prefectures.

2, the first candidate failed to meet the commitment requirements deemed waiver, the candidate enterprises in accordance with the order of priorities to meet priority configuration.

Five other requirements

1, provide the supporting material of the nominee should be real and effective, are evidence of sufficient original bills, receipts and related government departments, providing false information to cancel the eligibility.

2, may contest the 1 wind power project of the Enterprise shall be not less than 3, if you do not meet the requirements, then adjust the evaluation related articles for announcements and extending registration time.

3, selected enterprises in the construction of wind power projects, technical solutions, construction, electricity prices to other failed to meet its commitment requirements, Changji right to redefine the project development company, did not return the performance security deposit, resulting the losses borne by the enterprises themselves.

This approach by the Changji development and reform is responsible for the interpretation.

Chang JI State development and Reform Commission

The February 5, 2016

Hard to create open class Online early adopters HTC Vive

Win10 millet flat 2 more reviews

Millet flat 2 and Qian generation maximum different is it using Intel of processor, while also is divided into Android and Win10 two a version, in previously we has evaluation had has it of Android version, in many Android flat in the it of performance also is good, but it of twin is may not be so, X86 of Win10 and Android is completely two a different of platform, with said Win10 version millet flat 2 is a Taiwan flat, Rather it is more like a mini NetBook

Win10 millet flat 2 more reviews

Specifications, needless to say, Win10 millet flat 2 specifications configuration fully consistent with Android tablets differ only in the system. Compare millet flat 1, it is the most important improvement is that changing the Intel CPU, use a USB Type-C interface, no change in resolution, and memory, and in order to control the thickness of the fuselage about 500mAh battery capacity reduces. As said above, Win10 millet flat 2, we have more use it as a mini netbooks, or is a real PC. In the case of configuration is not changed, a used 14nm ATOM CPU and only 2GB Win10 tablet will bring us a kind of experience?


Win10 millet flat 2 more reviews
Win10 millet flat 2 more reviews

Win10 millet flat 2 packages consistent with the Android version, the back is simple parameters of the machine. After you open the package you can see millet flat 2 body, USB Type-C data cable and the charging plug, content is very simple.

Win10 millet flat 2 more reviews
Win10 millet flat 2 more reviews
Win10 millet flat 2 more reviews
Win10 millet flat 2 more reviews
Win10 millet flat 2 more reviews
Win10 millet flat 2 more reviews

Win10 millet flat 2 design millet flat 2 is fully consistent with the Android version is still the all-metal design, screw openings at the bottom, the bottom of the screen still had three touch-sensitive keys, sound volume, and the power button on the left side, 3.5mm headphone jack at the top.

Left: Win10 millet, plate 2 right: millet flat Android version 2

: The Win10 millet flat panel 2: the Android version of millet flat 2

It can be said that appearance millet flat panel 2 on Android version and Win10 version is one thing. S4 case

Accessories aspects, Win10 version of millet flat 2 Although as like Android version as equipped with has a 5V/2A of charging head, and a article black rough of data line, but previously in Android version millet flat 2 of evaluation in the we also said, although millet flat 2 standard only has 5V/2A of fast filling head, but in using support Qualcomm fast filling 2.0 standard of charging head of situation Xia, it can reached 12V/1A of specifications, and in Win10 version of millet flat 2 Shang, Even Qualcomm fast charge, charging specification only 5V/2A.


Screen, Win10 millet flat 2 uses a 7.9-inch 2048*1936 the IPS screen, after our latest screen test, the sRGB color gamut it reached 91.5%, manual mode maximum brightness for 420cd/m2, static contrast ratio is 1772:1, gray-scale average delta e 2.4,104 the average delta e was 3.5, average temperature is 6340. Overall, the IPS screen is color reproduction, contrast, is gray, it is express in Win10 tablet in the upper level.

System and the practical experience

System, Win10 millet flat 2 using a 64-bit Windows 10 operating system, and no different from ordinary notebook/Win10 tablet. Because 64-bit Windows 10 operating system takes up more memory, so even if we did not install any software on millet flat 2, it also runs only 500MB free memory after power on.

While running memory is very small, but in use, we use the Edge browser opens the 8~9 page, then add a generic version of QQ,500MB available memory can barely meet. Due to the boot after memory available only about 500MB, coupled with its 7.9 inches smaller screens, the author scarcely implement complicated operations on it, such as PS, video, and more


Performance, Atom X5-Z8500+2GB DDR3 combinations in desktop Windows 10 platform is very tight, although it can successfully run LOL and entered the game, but even the 1080P effects 5~6 the people at small wars have only about 10 frames, and even reduced to the 1024*768 effects 5~6 the people at small wars have only about 20 frames.

We are running another game is the legend of furnace slag, furnace slag 1080P on the legend high effects is also very Caton, only 13~20 frame … … Hearthstone legend full blame on AOE clear scenario, only 3~5 frame … …

Obviously Win10 millet flat 2 and is not appropriate to play the game, even if it’s just slag of this level, step back and say, even if it can run smoothly LOL, surely no one will feel in the 7.9-inch screen on the war a very fun thing.

Battery life and heat

Win10 millet flat 2 14nm Atom X5-Z8500 and 7.9 inches of screen, let its battery life compared to normal Win10 Tablet and notebook superior.

Fever, due to too serious LOL card frame, selecting a test with a legend of furnace slag, furnace 1 hour maximum temperature to complete a rock legend is located in position close to the camera the screen, to 43.3 degrees Celsius, heating is generally, QQ on day-to-day Web browsing, there is no serious cases of fever.


Win10 millet flat 2 due 2GB memory, Atom X5-Z8500 restrictions, we cannot use it to something slightly more sophisticated computer operation is complete, and 7.9-inch screen is not easy. For Win10 version millet flat 2 of positioning, it is a Taiwan light of mini NetBook, browse page, and Shang QQ, and brush micro-Bo, and see video these daily business keep more open 5 a around can easily harness, but actually these simple of operation we completely can with phone to for, Win10 version millet flat 2 of advantage just screen big has some, and phone Shang also has many application is Win10 platform no of. Say Win10 millet flat 2 in real life, it’s not, can only be a good toy.


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Millet flat 2

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Qingdao City line single green Finance Bank successfully issued bonds

Polaris solar PV net news: March 10, 2016, Qingdao Bank in the national inter-bank market Bank 2016 Qingdao green with first financial bonds, but also the city commercial bank green bonds first single, issued 4 billion yuan, including: three years of 3.5 billion yuan, rate 3.25%; five-year 500 million Yuan, the rate of 3.4%. Respectively, compared to the day before yesterday with the term bank bond 0.18 lower valuations, 0.2%.

Green financial bond refers to support environmental improvement, green funding support for projects to address climate change, according to law, according to the agreed repayment of securities issued. On December 22, 2015, the people’s Bank of China announcement of corporate issuance of green bonds for financial institutions related to conditions and requirements are clear, and published the catalog of green bonds support projects, defining the green management and financial bonds to raise funds to invest. Qingdao green credit Bank with outstanding experience and sound business management system, the practice of maturing bonds, financial bonds issued after efforts to green the pilot line, becoming the only pilot city commercial banks.

The Green financial bonds issued through the bond markets to raise funds, all for energy conservation, pollution prevention, resource conservation and recycling, cleaner transportation, clean energy, environmental protection and adaptation to climate change in six categories. Support for regional development of the green industry, and to strengthen the linkage with Government, business, and actively promote the transformation and upgrading of the regional economic structure and the transformation of economic development pattern, through high quality green industry the successful operation, generating a significant demonstration effect for the community, striving to build the Bank of Shandong province and the country has become famous Green credit Bank.

Original title: Qingdao City line single green Finance Bank successfully issued bonds