Area of solar energy application in modern military new

Polaris solar PV net news: solar power is seen as “inexhaustible” new energy, as energy and power, mankind has explored for nearly 400 years. There are two ways one is solar thermal, photovoltaic conversion. Photoelectric conversion is on the ground or other open area laid solar panels, and through the controller to direct conversion of solar energy into the available AC or DC power, or you can store electricity into the battery recycling. And gradually in transportation, agriculture, water conservancy and starting applications in military, today we have to say is the application of solar energy in the military field.

High-tech era, every transformation, today, is no longer a human wave of military competition, millet plus rifles has been unable to meet the military innovations of the times. Solar power as one of the technological innovations in recent years has been in the military field to emerge and become an important military research and development.

First look at drones with solar power.

Area of solar energy application in modern military new

Solar-powered unmanned aircraft the use of ultra-thin gallium arsenide solar cell devices, gallium arsenide solar cells can generate enough power for the aircraft to fly long distances, negligible solar plane extra weight.

Solar-powered unmanned aerial vehicles due to battery life is strong, has a very broad application prospects. When earthquakes, floods or forest fires, loss of communication, no machine can replace the interrupted communications, making the affected areas to keep in touch with the outside world.

In addition to the nuclear field, at a predetermined airspace long hovering reconnaissance drones, artillery or aircraft guidance targets.

The technology early on in national military research began to develop, because military experts on mental state clearly first mastering such technology would be preoccupied with. For example, fighter missions in the air, ran out of fuel must be landed to refuel, and solar-powered drone could continue life, sustained combat.

Second, the strategy of solar equipment.

This type of device, our military has, before news reports in our border forces in plateau area already equipped with this type of solar power, the soldier rucksack is equipped with solar power installations during the day to power equipment, patrol stations and other portable communications equipment to meet the demand for electricity.

Area of solar energy application in modern military new

The equipment also joined the walk from ordinary flashlight the size of individual generators, when marching troops drive hangs on the body shake complete power of the generator, ensure electricity for rainy days.

Tactical solar system main advantages are lightweight, easy to carry, no noise, easy to camouflage the advantages of widely favored by the military.

Finally, the idea of solar power generation applications!

United States experts imagine launching a mosaic panels and thousands of thin curved mirror structure of the solar power satellite, the solar panels send energy back to the Earth in space, ground station acquisition before diverting to the user.

Area of solar energy application in modern military new

You know photovoltaic panels, the main material is silicon, but there is a fatal flaw is fragile, so it is difficult to design a rugged, suitable for deployment in the field of solar power generation equipment. In addition, PV solar will have stable enough energy, the Sun will be affected, so that there is intermittent. Combined with high costs also have restrictions on the use of solar power in the military.

For now due to the above mentioned solar PV application reliability and feasibility are not up to the standards required by the military, many technical applications in the design phase, not really being widely used in the military field.

In future studies, we will earnestly study and actively involved in the research and development of new energy technologies through technical innovations to remedy defects of new energy to promote its wide use in military and social life, and contribute to the building of a new era for the country’s power.

Original title: competition in the modern military, offering not only firearms, cannons, and chasing new energy applications!

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