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Polaris solar PV net news: recently, the rocket manufacturer Space x to a solar SolarCity a sum of money to help them through. Trader is the biggest shareholder behind the two companies Elon ˙ musk.

2 years ago, solar, SolarCity released $ 214 million of bonds, as a listed company, this issue has been publicly known as “solar bonds”, the biggest seller is the same as Elon ˙ musk name company Space x, it has bought us $ 105 million.

Space x has not been listed. After getting investment earlier this year, valued at $ 12 billion, is one of the world’s most valuable top ten private companies. And it may have started to gain.

To launch a satellite into space after the cost at 60 million dollars, Space x around 70% less than the rival bid. On April 9, the Space x rocket recovered for the first time. After the mature and stable technology, every space mission cost just 20 to 300,000 dollars in fuel costs.

On Wednesday, Space x to defeat the rival ULA to 83 million dollars worth of military orders, for the United States Air Force Launches GPS satellites. And as early as the beginning of 2015, Space x got NASA 4.2 billion dollars worth of orders, send astronauts and supplies for the international space station, now the order is more than $ 10 billion. Meanwhile, the Pentagon also confirmed Space x-military space capabilities.

And Space x the business of Government is different, SolarCity is a home solar power company, its main business is the solar PV system installation, leasing, financing and other support services. You now cannot afford to buy more than $ 20,000 in home solar system, you can choose to spend dozens of dollars to SolarCity on hire.

This money makes SolarCity needs strong cash flows, because it could continue to buy expensive solar equipment, and then gets water out from the monthly rent in return.

And similar to SolarCity and Tesla cars, building super battery factories and the construction vehicle will consume a lot of cost, and the need to sell a one. At present, its global sales are less than half of Faw-VW sales a month.

SolarCity and Tesla’s stock prices and cash flows are not very stable. SpaceX is not the first time to deliver cash to them.

In 2009, musk asked private Space x borrowed 20 million US dollars to finance the financing difficulties of Tesla. 1 year after Tesla’s successful IPO by selling company stock gave the money in the form of SpaceX.

This thing is not over. Tesla ModelS lack of capacity in early 2013, SolarCity rent solar panels when operations are short of money, Space x and extending a helping hand.

Musk has also targeted by Congress. Mr Doug Lamborn, believes that he is likely to take the Government’s money supply their own company.

Musk declined to comment. Meanwhile, spokesman for the Space x, sector is by no means used to balance cash flow comes from government contracts.

However, from last year, the United States lawmakers began asking Congress to amend defense spending bill to prevent abuse of the defense budget.

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