SunEdison bankruptcy owing the most serious blow to 321 million dollars under

Polaris solar PV net news: according to the documentation submitted to the bankruptcy court for the Southern District of New York, renewable energy company SunEdison bankruptcy owe their upstream suppliers more than $ 321 million.

Mainly fabless factories, SunEdison has been through outsourcing and solar cell and module manufacturers traded some internal polysilicon and silicon wafer production, for eventual downstream PV power station project.

According to court documents, for the production of polysilicon producer PCSPhosphate of Silicon Tetrafluoride, SunEdison bankruptcy a few days ago the most affected suppliers, is owed more than $ 193 million.

SunEdison announced in February 2016, to the third quarter of 2016 it will permanently close its Pasadena, Texas polysilicon production plant.

The closing will result in a one-time impairment and restructuring charges of US $ 363 million, is expected in 2016 would yield approximately $ 10 million to $ 13 million in restructuring charges.

Debt may indicate a PCSPhosphate huge, long before its last quarterly conference call November 2015, SunEdison is struggling with the liquidity problem.

Ranked high in the list is the PV module Assembly contractors and suppliers of single-axis tracking, through the acquisition of NEXTracker,FlextronicsInternational (Flex) is owed more than $ 44 million.

Several mainstream PV modules supplier is involved in the bankruptcy, including the “Silicon components Super League” (SMSL) Member Trina (TrinaSolar) and JA Solar holdings (JASolar), are each owed $ 10.52 million and 10.38 million u.s. dollars.

Other PV module suppliers, such as Jin to clean energy technology (Jinneng Clean Energy), SunEdison recently with the China’s monocrystalline silicon solar cell/module manufacturers reached a joint venture agreement, expansion of production capacity of 1.5GW to 2GW capacity new targets, is owed $ 16.23 million.

SolarparkKorea, another integrated Mono solar cell/module manufacturers, is owed $ 14.84 million.

Leading semiconductor foundry Taiwan semiconductor manufacturing company (TSMC) subsidiary, and Taiwan CIGS thin-film solar maker TSMC (TSMCSolar) said it will close its factory in late August 2015 and a complete withdrawal from the PV market, according to the supply agreement, the company still is owed $ 2.66 million.

IHS study on the solar supply chain Senior Manager EdurneZoco said: “bankruptcy filing will not affect the global PV supply chain. It will mainly affect the direct suppliers and partners. At present, SunEdison remaining manufacturing asset, no obvious buyers. As part of its ongoing restructuring, end of 2015 SunEdison idled its polysilicon plant in Pasadena, and reached an agreement, sale to Lungi Malaysia wafer factory. Polysilicon in Pasadena, plant closures and SunEdison Korea polysilicon plants increase in uncertainty about the future, and further reduce the poly have stalled manufacturing base, increased fears about 2016 global supply and demand conditions. ”

SunEdison has recently pointed out in its official declarations, it will seek to sell non-core assets, but there is no direct reference to the United States and Korea polysilicon production business.

Still is not clear whether the court file containing all of their upstream suppliers.

Original title: SunEdison bankruptcy owing the most serious blow to 321 million dollars under suppliers

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