Taiwan cut its solar power purchase price

Polaris solar PV net news: Taiwan Energy Board on September 20, the Ministry of economy law 2017 years renewable for the second time this year the wholesale purchase price validation meetings. Consider solar energy costs decline, intends to cut purchase prices of the 2017 solar barge 3.94~6.99% and large wind turbines on land with the wholesale purchase price of offshore wind power, revised costing.

Official: cost

Encounter 4 investors sued takeover SolarCity will accelerate the destruction

Polaris solar PV net news: Tesla’s Board of Directors on August 1, agreed to pay $ 26 billion bought SolarCity. But the proposed merger in addition to being a lot of people described as “SolarCity’s journey of redemption”, and was called “Tesla abandoned final blow.”

Market reaction was not optimistic on the basis of 4 Tesla investors yesterday launched proceedings were overshadowed by the acquisition, there was speculation that might lead to the acquisition was delayed. But musk’s supporters are still very cool at the same time, shareholders from both companies are quietly support him and his decision to make.

The anxiety of the market: acquisition of SolarCity will accelerate the destruction of the Tesla?

Why is Tesla’s acquisition of SolarCity investor be it so sensitive? 4 for simple word: profit. Yes, the two companies not only profit, but has been in the debt-ridden State. 2016 alone up to now, musk’s two listed companies have burned $ 2 billion, but he has repeatedly expressed the need to raise more money to own an electric vehicle market Model3.

Therefore, even the head of the world’s largest short Fund firm Kynikos Associates Jim Chanos is sceptical: “hotbed” can save the musk of the automotive Empire? Or is accelerating its destruction?

According to a provision of a financial indicators show, Tesla and SolarCity combined company has the possibility of 1/5 in three years into bankruptcy and liquidation phases. SolarCity falling share prices and the gap is widening between the purchase price. This fully shows that current market confidence in the deal can be approved is declining. Even a 4 Tesla shareholders this week to the Florida Court filed a lawsuit in China, hoping to undo the deal.

For some radical performance, poor data research analyst AngeloZino is also quite worrying:

“Although the acquisition is a positive signal of SolarCity will be able to raise money with the power of Tesla. However, this deal will make Tesla’s development better than any over the next 12 months? I really find it hard to believe. ”

Mr MASKEY supporters to calm down, big shareholders are overweight Tesla stock

However, musk’s loyal supporters on Wall Street but still expected him to succeed (in this case buy), or be able to raise new funds. One of the most important reasons are: the two companies behind many of the same major shareholders (not to mention anything else, musk I is the largest shareholder of the two companies).

Part Bloomberg analyst think, in this year later when held of vote vote Assembly Shang, SolarCity of shareholders should not against this pen trading, because special Republika pulled provides of acquisition price for each unit 5 dollars (rough calculation), than they currently by holds of shares to worth; and those special Republika pulled supporters are can nodded of reasons also is simple: they believes musk (this reasons to of simple gross). In addition, common shareholders of the two companies ultimately acquiesced, in part because of … … If they didn’t, then they will be SolatCity the “drag” to firmly stuck.

Canada investment-research firm Morningstar analyst Andrew Bischoff believes that if companies continue to remain independent, continuing the “bloodletting” State, the stock price may be from the current US $ 17.23 (Monday) fell to $ 10. In other words, will rapidly lose confidence in the market, then the future is SolarCity will only “bankruptcy” this ending. So, those common shareholders ‘ intentions will become apparent.

Investment banks Dougherty and Co. Charlie Anderson, a senior researcher also shares this view, he said:

“The chances of this deal is very high, most shareholders hold fair attitude to the deal. ”

For investors against a Tesla event had just happened, musk’s supporters seem to disagree. As usual, they think everything is done by the company in exploring development paths for the future. Anderson explains this:

“The vast majority of long-term institutional investors optimistic about Tesla when judging the investment value of a company, always based on the company what changes will take place within the next 5 years. ”

In addition to musk, Tesla ranked 7 out of the top 10 major shareholders who also hold a large stake in SolarCity. If the perspective from major shareholders for the takeover, these 7 common shareholders (including the top VCs, fidelity and BlackRock asset management company of the Group) have recently increased its holdings of Tesla’s stock. For example, Bank of Montreal (6th largest shareholder in Tesla and SolarCity’s 3rd largest shareholder) on September 14 and bought 310,000 shares of Tesla. But no one to comment on this.

Of course, problems in SolarCity, analysts agree: SolarCity management must be focused on “how to stop the bleeding,” above, rather than looking for “how to expand the installation of solar equipment business” approach.

Original title: encounter 4 How can investors Sue, Tesla’s big shareholders still support Mr MASKEY

A picture read green how debt affects the energy industry

Polaris solar PV net news: energy industry as a pillar industry of national economy, “energy + financial” era of green finance has begun. Expect “Thirteen-Five” period, green finance finance industry will become a new bright spot, policy dividends and market demand, capital boost multi-faceted plus drive industrial investments to reach 8 trillion to 10 trillion yuan. Capital party ever!

Green bonds is one of the typical tools of capital, promises to be stimulating green industries of the future “economic levers”. 2016 is expected to release 300 billion green bond, green financial whirlwind is sweeping across the energy and environment field.

What is a green bond? Green how debt is issued? Which energy issues are there? The energy making this table for the reader, makes you a picture we know about the current situation of debts in the energy industry.

A picture read green how debt affects the energy industry

Original title: a picture read green how debt affects the energy industry

Baotou Inner Mongolia leader model base on PV information on 22nd

Polaris solar PV net news: by the investment companies:

According to baotou national overall deployment of photovoltaic base construction of advanced technology, investor information to submit related matters are hereby notified as follows:

1, service locations: Phoenix show hotel function room;

Address: b, 57th, an Ding men Wai Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing (Chiang Kai-shek House southwest corner of the intersection).

2, delivery time: September 22, 2016 8:30~9:00.

3, delivery requirements: investor information authors need to carry identity cards and the author’s power of attorney.

4, on-site workflow: investors carrying materials arrive at the scene after the required information at the venue specified location (an investor into the venue, no more than 2 people). Investors to submit information to the designated place after sitting, wait staff site inspection and reporting arrangements information pricing announced, confirmed.

5, contact: fuzhengning, phone: 010-51973144, 15210127278.

Original title: national PV advanced technology base on the header information notice

Shangcheng County of Henan province supports photovoltaic projects for poverty

Polaris solar PV net news: the Township people’s Government, agency, Office, relevant departments of the County Government:

Of the Shangcheng supports photovoltaic projects for poverty alleviation policy have County Government agree, it is issued to you, please follow carefully.

The September 7, 2016

Shangcheng County supports photovoltaic projects for poverty alleviation policy

PV clean environment, technology is a reliable, stable, in line with precise strategy for poverty alleviation, in line with national clean low-carbon energy development strategy. To support the photovoltaic industry development formulated preferential policies.

First County PV PV in anti-poverty projects in the County under the leadership of the leading group for poverty alleviation and Manpower, and County development and reform, poverty alleviation, land, construction, forestry, finance, supply, financial sector and other members of the unit in accordance with their respective functions, form a joint force, effectively promoting the construction of photovoltaic projects.

Article by the County Government for PV projects planned, project site preference does not use PV and agriculture, forestry and other areas.

Article photovoltaic project preliminary work and during the construction carried out by the County Commission sent follow-up service, open green channel of the various departments to ensure smooth implementation of the project.

Fourth preference strength, advanced technology, fulfilling social obligations of PV enterprises to participate in the development and construction of photovoltaic projects in our County, on preliminary work preparation, project implementation, grid access conditions, construction funding priority to the construction of the project.

Article fifth enterprises preferential tax policies in accordance with the relevant policy implementation.

Article sixth participation in PV projects in the construction enterprises in the preliminary formalities fee concessions, concessions and quotas based on the relevant provisions.

Administrative law enforcement departments of the seventh on PV business checks, charge, penalty, subject to County PV work leading group on poverty reduction approval, and violators severely punished.

Eighth contact subject to county-level leader responsibility system for key projects, each PV project clear contact a county-level leadership, construction difficulties and problems existing in the process of the implementation of the project site, and resolve in a timely manner, to ensure smooth implementation of the project.

Nineth County actively coordinate agricultural development Bank, CDB and financial institutions, providing preferential loans, reduce the cost of financing.

Article tenth power supply companies for photovoltaic projects to provide grid access and operation technical support, powered by corporate investment and construction of access network and supporting network, ensure that the supporting grid put into operation simultaneously with the project to ensure priority electricity generated by Internet access and full purchase.

11th positive communication and coordination with provincial and municipal power companies, ensuring the participation of PV projects in poverty alleviation do not abandon, not power.

Original title: Shangcheng County people’s Government Office on the issuance of Shangcheng County supports photovoltaic projects for poverty alleviation policy notification

2016 North Star Cup top ten brands award PV officially launched

Polaris solar PV net news: every industry needs a leader, through their technical innovation, and drive the development of the industry and photovoltaic industries. Development of the photovoltaic industry has experienced too many double whammy, also experienced the brutal market competition, in such circumstances, people can always find some outstanding corporate figure, they courageously forward, as down as possible, for the advancement of the industry as a whole has played a role model, such companies deserve to be remembered.

Benefit from the support and trust companies in the industry, from 2012, Polaris was successfully held for four consecutive “top ten photovoltaic business” award.

(Previous highlights:

2012 poll http://Guangfu.bjx.com.CN/ZT/vote/default.aspx 

2013 campaign http://Guangfu.bjx.com.CN/ZT/2013vote/ 

2014 campaign http://Guangfu.bjx.com.CN/ZT/2014vote/

2015 campaign http://Guangfu.bjx.com.CN/ZT/2015vote/)

The demands of the industry’s many PV companies, Polaris solar PV NET open fifth again in 2016 2016 “North Star Cup” top ten brands award PV. This times selection activities aimed at upgrade PV industry and the enterprise of brand consciousness; strengthening PV enterprise of brand construction, and promote PV commercial environment of harmony and sustainable development; promoted PV Enterprise inherited and develop high standards of service level; show PV industry of commercial pattern and international of professional service promoted PV industry of “China brand” construction process, then promote “world brand” of construction; shaping “China service”, and promote “China manufacturing”, active guide PV enterprise reform innovation, Improve an open and fair market competition environment.

In order to fully reflect the public’s participation, public participation, the selected ad hoc network PC port votes, mobile voting, a combination of micro-end vote three ways (including micro-independent accumulation) voting result statistics on users, and will be credited to the final evaluation system. Polaris Marketing Research Center involved in the report, with a view to participating in more detail about problems neglected in the development process, more objective understanding of enterprises in market competition and the short Board.

Award prizes in 8 categories: top ten top ten suppliers of photovoltaic material/accessories brand, brand battery/component suppliers, top ten brand centralized inverters supplier, top ten brand distributed inverter supplier, top ten top ten brand ground power station engineering contractor, PV mounting systems brand suppliers, top ten brand PV power plant operation and maintenance, top ten brand distributed power plant development/contractors.

Award details:

First, selection criteria

1. the company within the last three years through independent research and development, subject, recipient, mergers and acquisitions and other forms, or by more than 5 years of exclusive licensing, its main product (service) of core technologies with independent intellectual property rights;

2. business scope includes the entity, last year sales income of not less than 30 million yuan of the enterprise;

3. the company’s operations for at least two years or more;

4. the company is in a leading position in the industrial chain, business management, science and technology achievements transformation capability of research and development organizations, independent intellectual property right quantity indicators such as growth of the total assets, sales and lead throughout the industry;

5. company in a competitive market, with a non-monopolistic characteristics;

6. the company over a three-year period without any major issues (including security issues, financial issues, credit problems, and so on).

Primary companies volunteered. Polaris solar PV NET selection Committee considers five key measures: the industry leader, innovation, competition and environment-friendly, sustainable development, and harmonious development.

Second, the selection mechanism

1. primary application

Online registration: download or obtain application form from the Polaris solar NET, complete the application form, stamped with the company’s cachet or contract seal has been completed, fax to Polaris solar network.

2. the Organizing Committee considered

Organizing Committee receives the application form will be members of the Organization will award related to the company’s application for approval of intent, selected the 25 companies that meet the selection criteria for each category.

3. the final stage

Group members according to the final results, design and editing the perfect qualification for participating companies, related materials, selected companies formally launched

4. selected cycle

September 18 – September 23 enterprise registration

September 26 – October 14 online voting (12 days)

On October 17 the results, and synchronization on your Polaris strategic media release

Award ceremony in Beijing on November 1

Special Note:

The selected micro-end vote date September 26-30th (5 working days), a top-5 votes

This award is a public welfare activity, activity and votes are free.

Selected Web site: http://Guangfu.bjx.com.CN/ZT/2016vote/

Contact person: Chief Editor Tel: 010-57479881 QQ:791151941

Subsidy funding gap this year will exceed 60 billion renewable energy subsidies

Polaris solar PV net news: News-the renewable energy law seminar, held from September 13 to know, China’s renewable energy development faces increasing challenges, leave and subsidies first, by 2016 the first half of the renewable energy subsidy shortfall totaled 55 billion yuan, is expected to exceed 60 billion yuan this year.

Industry insiders have called for the improvement of the renewable energy law, adjustment policies. It was revealed that the next national people’s Congress will strengthen the monitoring of the implementation of the renewable energy law, and promote the spirit of the law carrying out timely revision Bill. Renewable energy pricing and subsidies will be planning reform, separation of electricity price and subsidies will spread subsidies into the fixed subsidies and more tend to be distributed.

As an important milestone in China’s renewable energy development, the renewable energy sources Act came into effect on January 1, 2006. “With the legal form of renewable energy development, institutional and policy framework, China renewable energy industry into the fast lane. “National Energy Board new and renewable sources of Energy Secretary Zhu ming said of.

National Energy Board data show that by the end of 2015, grid-connected wind power installed capacity of 130 million kilowatts in China, “the Twelve-Five” during the annual growth 34.6%, for 4 consecutive years ranked first in the world; national grid-connected solar power installed capacity of 42.18 million-kilowatt, is the 2010 165 times, overtook Germany ranking first in the world. “Thirteen-Five” target is 210 million kilowatts of wind power and photovoltaic and 150 million kW.

But China’s renewable energy development is also facing increasing challenges. First are the first grid-connected system implementation is not in place, the national “abandon wind up” is serious. First half of 2016, when the country abandoned the wind power 32.6 billion-kilowatt, abandoned when the electro-optical 3.7 billion-kilowatt.

Meanwhile, renewable energy electricity price subsidy funding problems worse. Yuqiang, Deputy Director of the NDRC’s price Division said that as of the first half of this year, the subsidy funding gap exceeded 55 billion yuan, “Although the sixth batch directory will soon be issued to implement renewable energy subsidies, will relieve some pressure, but with the expanding scale of renewable energy added, to the end of the year is expected to exceed 60 billion is very likely. ”

It is understood that China’s renewable energy implementation benchmark price, higher new benchmark coal price in the local part, be subsidized through the renewable energy development fund, and the main source of funds is additional renewable electricity price, up to now it has increased 5 times, up 1.9 cents per kilowatt hour.

“2016 additional renewable electricity price levy can theoretically reach 80 billion yuan, and not so much the amount actually collected, mainly power plant stock is big, driven by rapid expansion in place, now is essentially the payment of Government funds. “Yuqiang said, the current real economy downward, cut electricity prices demand strong, now raise the additional renewable electricity price comparison difficult.

In he seems, can renewable energy method need further perfect, first on refused to paid can renewable energy additional of behavior due clear of held punishment provides, while subsidies sources aspects of legal provides has ambiguity, 20th article provides has can renewable energy electric price subsidies funds from electric price additional, but in 24th article and provides has can renewable energy development fund source both including national financial arrangements of special funds, also including electric price additional, such on caused has in actual implementation in the, about sector unable to.

Xie Changjun, Deputy General Manager of the State power Group also said renewable energy legislation has some problems, some legal provisions are also not perfect, theory from practice, failed to guide the local government scientific developing renewable energies development plan at the same time, lack of environmental legislation.

Yuqiang revealed that China’s current renewable energy pricing policies and subsidies needed to make adjustments to improve, first price of two parts-the coal benchmark prices and subsidies to separate in order to meet the needs of the current electricity market reform. Meanwhile, fixed price subsidies subsidies and gradually reduce the standards, while subsidizing the direction will change, more tend to be distributed. In addition, advance quotas and green certificate trading mechanism, market subsidy standard, the ultimate goal is to eliminate subsidies.

Original title: subsidy funding gap this year will exceed 60 billion renewable energy subsidies reform brewing

Low discharge rate mass opposition by creditor banks sinovideo bankruptcy reforming

Polaris solar PV net news: has attracted wider interest “LDK bankruptcy reorganization case” into overdrive at the moment.

Low discharge rate mass opposition by creditor banks sinovideo bankruptcy reforming regenerator

Because of the many creditors of the banks, in the newly introduced programme questioned the low repayment rate, creditors ‘ collective objections, consider reforming on the interests of the creditors, the reorganization case “to restructure, it is liquidation.”

It has been quite a difficult LDK bankruptcy reorganization case once again deadlocked. Some pessimists worried if LDK bankruptcy reorganization case and ultimately to the judiciary forced decision, which affects the nerves of local leading enterprises in bankruptcy reorganization, and may eventually fail.

In November 2015, once in the global PV manufacturing fame LDK ushered in a moment of fate.

LDK headquarters is located in Xinyu city, Jiangxi province, announced that the Sunway group, which includes the LDK LDK Solar Silicon Technology Limited (hereinafter referred to as sinovideo silicon technology), LDK LDK Solar polysilicon limited (hereinafter referred to as sinovideo polysilicon), LDK LDK Solar company (hereinafter referred to as sinovideo high-tech), the LDK LDK Solar (Xinyu) limited the four company’s bankruptcy reorganization. Reorganization of enterprises in Silicon, wafer, cell and module industry chain. Court announced the result, meant the largest bankruptcy reorganization case in China formally entered into the program.

In May 2016, LDK LDK Solar (Nanchang) Limited (hereinafter referred to as sinovideo Nanchang component factory) also found the bankruptcy reorganization by the Court.

Hi-tech development zone, Xinyu City set up a liquidation team, served as trustee in bankruptcy, by the Jiangxi firm responsible for the insolvency of specific services. According to the economic information daily said this served as administrator of the Government Legal Adviser of the year, Xinyu, Jiangxi is a law firm, participated in various local bankruptcy. Interface information is not of Xinyu City Government declined to comment.

On April 20 this year, Manager investor bulletin published recruitment strategy, a total of 9 investment institutions had submitted letters of intent to restructure.

LDK polysilicon not currently discontinued with restructuring conditions, and the company issued no information to suggest that there was an enterprise application, the company may go bankrupt.

On July 25, China coal of smarter energy and chemical group into a new notice saying, will be 300 million and 550 million yuan in cash, plans to restructure high-tech, high-tech (Xinyu) two (silicon wafers and cells). The company is still in suspension.

Korea’s second largest silicon material production enterprise Sheehan of Suzhou trading company intends to restructure its LDK silicon technology; LDK Nanchang component plants currently claims and verification phase, the Manager has not yet been formally published investor recruitment announcement.

These strategic investors, the rationalization of programmes have been determined, LDK bankruptcy reorganization plan represented an important step forward.

According to the restructuring programme, LDK silicon, sinovideo PV silicon, and reform the game more than three companies identified by the managers of financial claims total more than 27 billion yuan. State Bank involved investment of 7.3 billion yuan, China Construction Bank, China Merchants Bank, agricultural Bank of China, livelihood of more than 3 billion yuan.

Public information displays, photovoltaic solar companies, wafer companies and battery companies of ordinary creditor’s rate was 11.84%, 6.78% and 3.4%. Including workers and peasants “in the diplomatic” all large State-owned banks, policy (CDB, import/export line), as well as investment, people’s livelihood and Everbright, China CITIC, and Xinyu 14 banks, rural commercial bank debt totalling about 27.1 billion yuan, these banks only amount to 4 billion yuan to be repaid, the settlement at 14.75%. If the refinement to the more than 1 billion of the creditor banks, in fact the liquidation rate is much lower, most between 6%-9%.

At present, the three subsidiaries of the Sunway Group (, battery and PV silicon wafer company company) the restructuring programme has been released. Second creditors ‘ meeting held on August 15 this year, overhaul vote was negatived. After fine-tuning the restructuring programme again to vote for the first time creditors. However, debt valuation and liquidation of bank interest rates and other key adjustment is not made.

According to the 21st century economic report and the economic information daily and other media reported that the restructuring programme is highly unlikely. Once the restructuring programme was voted again, and the three subsidiaries are likely to enter the Court ruled according to the existing procedures for bankruptcy reorganization plan.

Creditors said the restructuring package rejected, improper asset valuation methods, procedures not rigorous, the reorganization process transparency and management qualifications were questioned, such as multiple reasons, the most important reason is that claims sinovideo corporate restructuring of the photovoltaic industry level of liquidity ratio liquidity ratio dropped significantly.

Bank creditors believe that PV industry downturn in November 2013, the world’s former largest PV Suntech enterprises restructure repayment rate exceeded 30%, shunfeng photovoltaic cost 3 billion yuan billions of liabilities under Suntech; two years ago, led by GCL group chaori solar bankruptcy recovery rate reached 20%. In contrast, photovoltaic industry development environment has a great situation, sinovideo recovery rate has declined substantially, which is the creditor against one of the main reasons.

Insiders also said the overhaul of existing asset valuations in the shrinking, leading to greatly reduce the discharge rate. Under the restructuring programme, bankruptcy reorganization, four companies total valuation is less than 8 billion yuan, down 4.5 billion yuan in the first assessment, fell near 38%.

According to the relevant laws and regulations, if the bankruptcy reorganization plan twice failed the vote, next, there are two possibilities: one is bankruptcy reorganization fails, into bankruptcy and liquidation procedures; second, management people and the debtor may apply to the Court to enforce the bankruptcy reorganization ruled in accordance with the current programmes. Analysis of the industry, from the point of view of stability, for now, the second strongest likely bankruptcy reorganization of the CD.

This bankruptcy reorganization, interface Sunway group, as well as bankruptcy and liquidation group journalists did not get to comment.

Original title: low discharge rate mass opposition by creditor banks big PV sinovideo bankruptcy reforming regenerator

Xinjiang Hami national comprehensive energy base best experimental field

Polaris solar PV net news: ancient Western City in all seasons, but now mostly lost in the sands of history, prosperity has few Hami is one of them. In the course of the tianshan mountain crosses stand in the world of the historic city, with its geographic advantage, human resources are not unrelated, and its strong momentum in the modernization process, rather than in the way of industrialization of “the butterfly effect” has a direct relationship. Now Hami is extremely rich outpouring of energy resources is accelerating out of the great vitality, comprehensive energy base in Hami synchronization becomes an important part of the national energy development strategy.

Recently, this reporter visited in Hami City County, Hami in Xinjiang, in the Northwest and the country’s energy strategy an irreplaceable special value. In China energy resources and load Center reverse distribution of established pattern in the, sat hold mass, and multiple, and high quality energy resources of Hami is located in Xinjiang “East door”, is full Xinjiang most close mainland energy elimination na market of energy main region, is Xinjiang first article special high pressure power outside sent line of beginning, coupled with Central, and autonomous regions of tries their best to support, main economic index years lead Xinjiang of Hami now has full into “special high pressure times”, and “high-speed rail times” and “port annual clearance times”, Has been fully upgraded to silk road economic belt core area of important growth pole, the new comprehensive energy base, Xinjiang’s Deputy, a comprehensive transportation hub in central cities, the new field of industrialization.

Unparalleled resources, unique geographical advantages, combined with an unprecedented level of hardware and software support, this once prosperous millennium the silk city is leveraging the energy shines once again Western, a “national integrated energy model base” perfect piece of experimental plots.

Xinjiang Hami: national comprehensive energy base, best experimental field


Hami from Hami melon, sweet and delicious cantaloupes are just one of the many bright business card of this historical city. In the energy industry in the eyes of Hami is a veritable “energy” resource highlights and balanced, particularly traditional and renewable sources of energy “wings fly together”, amazing high quality coal, oil and gas and mineral resources reserves, sufficient to show disdain for the national scenery resources of high quality massive.

Hami in Xinjiang tianshan and Altay mountains and Kunlun mountains at the junction of San Shan, Hami, Eastern tianshan mountains, across the cutting for the two big blocks, Hami, this unique geological structures that shaped the Kiwi on the surface beauty, more were buried under the surface rich in coal and other mineral resources.

Reporters get the latest official statistics show that predict 570.8 billion tons of coal resources in Hami area, ranks first in the moyu, respectively to the moyu and 1/4 and 1/8 of the country’s total coal reserves, the current annual capacity of close to 50 million tons, while more than 500 billion cubic meters of coal-bed gas resources is predicted. Up to now, three pond Lake, naomaohu, Hami balikun dananhu and four Western mining area master plan has received national approval, the total scale of 220.85 million tons/year. According to the regional coal industry development “Thirteen-Five” program, Hami coal capacity by 2020 of 95.05 million tons/year.

According to the Deputy Commissioner of the Bureau of Hami Wei Zhongyong introduced, Hami WINS in large reserves of coal, and more in high quality, low sulfur and low phosphorus, low ash powder, high calorific value of “three-low and one high” characteristics, building billion-ton coal production base of deep processing of coal-and oil-rich base conditions. In one of seven mine in Hami balikun, the best quality coal calorific value of more than 7000 kcal.

Coal development and utilization of clean and efficient coal industry development in the future will become an important trend. Hami in Xinjiang took the lead in innovation in open-pit mines Green Mining environmental protection pilot project, commissioned by the State General Administration of work safety supervision information sciences experts study on green mining-related standards in the Hami, to fundamentally solve the eco-environmental problems of open pit coal mining, coal mining green. According to Hami related planning and research, “Thirteen-Five” will insisted security, and green, and intensive, and efficient of principles, to improve coal clean efficient using level, relies on three Tang Lake and naomaohu mine rich of rich oil coal resources, focus development coal grading points quality using, building to rich oil coal pyrolysis for based, coal tar added hydrogen, and pyrolysis gas methane of and half Coke power integration development of coal chemical cycle economic system, exploration low water coal base clean fuel development way, build autonomous regions focus of modern coal chemical production model base. Three Tang Lake mine coal reserves big, is containing oil coal, and rich oil coal, especially hanshuiquan, and kumusu, three Tang Lake mine West partition coal containing oil rate average over 13% above, was coal design master Dai Shaokang as national rare of quality and number double excellent of quality coal base, he also think three Tang Lake mine is China added hydrogen directly liquefied or more cogeneration coal of integration industry of ideal raw materials base. At present, Beijing, 8 million tons/year of comprehensive utilization of coal quality project have placed country coal processing “Thirteen-Five” program.

Meanwhile, in the transition to clean energy has become irreversible in the grand strategy today, “Fame” Hami of more strategic.

Hami official first prepared in June this year of the annual energy report, Hami Prefecture (2015), according to the local wind resource is rich, regional wind power technology development accounted for 60% per cent of total development of the moyu (62.9%). In this context, the seven qianwanqianwa of the national planning wind power base, the moyu planning nine wind farms in the Hami “only three”. Reporters in technical reserves can be developed up to 16 million-kilowatt of Southeast of Hami wind the interview that, the total installed capacity 2 million-kilowatt qianwanqianwa wind power base of a project has been put into production in October 2014, all grid-connected. By the end of 2015, Hami wind assembling machine has reached 7.469 million kilowatts, accounted for half of total electricity installed capacity (51.2%), has approved the scale has exceeded qianwanqianwa (10.98 million-kilowatt).

First places as Xinjiang usher in sunshine, Hami also has to show disdain for the country’s energy resources. According to the reporter, Hami region hours more than 3,000 hours of sunshine all year round, individual areas such as Hami se, Star Canyon sunshine hours up to 3500 hours, known as the “solar city” of Lhasa or up to 350 hours. Meanwhile, Hami average annual solar radiation up to 6214.66 MJ/m², Interannual variability and stability, belonging to the national energy resources, one of the most privileged areas.

According to the reporter, current solar development focused on Cheng Zi photovoltaic Park in Hami, 1 million-kilowatt size, the Park currently has attracted 27 enterprises to develop a total of 34 projects, which have been produced, 32, size 780,000-kilowatt. Up to now, the Hami region has been approved today, filing of PV installed capacity has reached 1.81 million-kilowatt.

Meanwhile, in order to effectively address new energy left for Hami wind, abandon light problems, guaranteed renewable mass access, Hami, in line with local conditions, plan “Thirteen-Five” focus on the development of solar-thermal power generation and energy storage industry.

Reporters in the interview that, currently, Hami, Northwest electric power Design Institute has been commissioned to carry out the planning preparation and thermal monitoring, in a bid to build the national solar thermal power generation base in Hami. Xinjiang’s first solar-thermal project in the engineering 2x50MW Tower-type solar thermal power generation demonstration projects have now been located in Yiwu County in Hami, currently are accelerating early procedures, strive for years to start construction.

In the area of energy storage, Hami planned energy Internet + projects in naomaohu area, building 20MWx5h compressed-air energy storage devices, as well as energy management control system. According to measuring, the project of built can achieved wind, and light, and gas, and storage can variety new energy and clean energy of complementary coordination using, dang scenery electric reasonable deployment Hou, can makes abandoned wind abandoned light rate by 30% drop for 0.19%, can makes wind electric and PV using hours number respectively upgrade 630 hours and 138 hours, significantly improve grid system of elimination na capacity and energy using efficiency. Now relevant parties actively promote the work of the earlier stage of the project, plans to “Thirteen-Five” completed and put into operation.

Both soft and hard

Homeopathy for, leveraging power. In recent years, relying on local resources and geographical advantages, homeopathy punches, Hami Prefecture of Xinjiang Autonomous Region and Government-related companies, work together to produce a complete industry chain of the energy industry, “national comprehensive energy base” increasingly clear outlines of and corresponding policies and facilities are being improved.

Subject to the limited absorptive capacities in the region, coupled with the cost disadvantage of long distance transport of primary energy, such as coal, electro-chemical energy and then sent to become Xinjiang eliminate huge amounts of energy products the first choice. Thanks to the load closer to the mainland market advantage, Hami, plenty of power, “Jiang delivered” the natural beneficiaries of the strategy.

On January 27, 2014, starting with Hami of Xinjiang Hami, extra high voltage cable road–minus 800,000 volts-Zhengzhou HVDC transmission project put into operation in the South. Hazheng line the most special is that for the first time with “fire-wind” strapping on a large scale to dissolve the new energy in the Western region, including its supporting power supply 8 million-kilowatt 1.25 million-kilowatt wind power, photovoltaic, and 4 in power plant with a total installed capacity of 6.6 million-kilowatt, including the largest coal power project–Shenhua dananhu 4×66 kilowatt power plant.

According to Hami power staff, as of now, Zheng when the line has accumulated delivery capacity has reached 54 billion-kilowatt, expects this year’s delivery capacity in 3.1 million-kilowatt hours, a strong boost to renewable energy industrialized development and utilization in Xinjiang, while further strengthening the important position of Xinjiang in China’s energy landscape.

It is understood, and Zheng lines, planning of “Xinjiang electricity delivery” third channel–North of Hami to xinyang, Henan ± 800,000 volts high voltage direct current transmission project, has been agreed and reported to the energy Bureau of the national development and Reform Commission, the people’s Government of the autonomous region, is expected to include “Thirteen-Five” power development plan and speed up the implementation.

After power supply and delivery broke through, Hami, in the “Twelve-Five” has built the moyu only during qualifications of electronic stock trading trading platform, Xinjiang’s first clean energy technology Research Institute, the national information public service platform for comprehensive energy base, Hami, effectively enhance the energy industry’s “soft power.”

Xinjiang coal trade center formerly known as the Xinjiang coal Exchange in 2012, incorporated in Hami. After four years of development, the Exchange’s registered capital increased from 20 million Yuan at the beginning of the establishment to the present level of 567 million Yuan. On April 7 this year, e-commerce platform developed by the Xinjiang coal trade center system was officially put into operation, has developed corporate member 35, successful marriage of Internet and traditional marketing of coal industry, innovation-driven upgrade integrated service platform. According to the Xinjiang coal trade center planning 2016 platform will complete the volume of 3.5 million tons of coal trade, this number will double by 2018, 7 million tons of coal trading volume. Wei Zhongyong told reporters that the successful operation of Xinjiang’s coal trade center, marked “along the way” core adds a modern element market, have gradually established and norms in Hami, Xinjiang coal and competitive market structures and systems, the sustained and healthy development of coal industry in Xinjiang has actively promoted.

Xinjiang clean energy technology Research Institute was set up by the strategic vision to overcome the multiple challenges of private non-Enterprise Research Institute. According to Xinjiang clean energy Institute Dean Yang Xuejun introduced, since April 8, 2014 official registered settled in Hami yilai, Institute around Hami new energy development, and coal clean efficient using, theme active application subject research, implementation project development, so far has get 3 items invention patent, and 6 items practical new patent, get autonomous regions and place research project 3 items, while and related enterprise close collaboration, for example joint goldwind technology in Hami success established wind electric global monitoring center, and Completed research on solar energy concentrating solar thermal (CSP) power generation technology development studies, and so on. 2015 new energy industry of Henan Institute of incorporated in Hami. Institute formed yilai, around Hami new energy development, and coal clean efficient using, theme, through application subject research, implementation project development, provides human resources support, engaged in technology service, carried out research cooperation, declared patent results, founded technology enterprise, various mode, widely service Yu regional energy industry development, full play model Guide and radiation led role, is good to promote has Hami energy industry transformation upgrade and economic development by resources rely on type to innovation drive type of change, For the sustainable development of energy resources in Hami area provides solid support.

Also, for advance Hami integrated energy base technology innovation, improve integrated energy regulatory level, according to national energy Council arrangements, Hami delegate hydropower water planning design total hospital planning design construction has national first integrated energy base information public service platform (Hami), platform contains energy resources using and industry development show, and industry run real-time monitoring, and new energy power project power forecast forecast, and “big data” application and cloud platform five a application module. Can achieved on various energy resources distribution, industry planning layout, and construction utilization progress, and run situation, information for query, and monitoring, and analysis and processing, for new energy development enterprise provides wind electric, and PV power engineering power forecast forecast service, for grid scheduling sector provides power scheduling run information support, and through WEB, and mobile terminal, and big screen, way to government sector, and Xinjiang grid scheduling sector and the energy development, and equipment manufacturing enterprise, provides big data service. The platform is national first to city level administrative integrated energy base information management platform, is show global first special high pressure channel across district outside sent elimination na of large new energy power model base and integrated energy using base construction results of important window, is domestic first on “Internet + integrated energy base” of major exploration, on upgrade China energy industry management level has important led and model role.

Under the multiple-bullish multimedia, Hami, the energy industry has formed a huge centripetal force. According to press reports, by the end of 2015, has more than 20 coal enterprises, 10 power companies, 55 new energy enterprises, 14 coal chemical company and 17 equipment manufacturing company located in Hami.

On this basis, Hami energy industry chain to continue extending down to the manufacturing sector, especially in PV and wind power equipment, electrical equipment, oil and coal mining machinery and equipment manufacturing, has become a reliable production capacity.

According to understand, in wind electric equipment manufacturing field, currently Hami has has introduced goldwind, and sea loaded, and South car, and North car, 11 Home wind machine equipment manufacturing enterprise, wind electric equipment industry key parts localized manufacturing rate has super 70%, formed annual wind machine 5 million-kilowatt (about 2500 Taiwan/sets), and Tower tube 3.6 million-kilowatt (about 2600 Taiwan/sets), production capacity, became current full Xinjiang maximum, and industry chain most full of new energy equipment manufacturing base; PV and electrical equipment manufacturing introduced Xinjiang rongxin, and TBEA and other 3 companies, has an annual production capacity of solar PV inverters and matching production capacity such as high and low-voltage distribution Cabinet, combiner box 1 million-kilowatt; oil and coal chemical equipment and mining machinery manufacture to introduce blue stone weight loading, Chinese machinery, such as petroleum and coal, chemical and mining machinery and equipment manufacturing industry 3, and has formed a scale of equipment capacity.

Meanwhile, the perfect channel iron deposit, Hami from Hami, one side supporting the benign development of the energy industry. Because of the location advantages, and in individual country-supported development strategy of Xinjiang in the traffic pattern has always been in Hami as the core fulcrum. Silk Road economic belt of Xinjiang on the question at the autonomous region level layout concept of the three channels, two major corridors in the North, will be trans-Hami. At present, with the Lanzhou-Xinjiang railway second double line, Harrow railway, from Jiayuguan to Alashankou railway electrification, Hami-ejina railway opened, Hami, have successfully entered the “era of high-speed rail” for energy resources, materials, equipment delivery and inside it create a great convenience.

Ready to punch

Reporter in interview in the understand to, in national and Xinjiang autonomous regions of planning in the, “Thirteen-Five” during Hami in energy field of development direction has was clear for “three base a channel two Center”, that national large coal coal electric base, and national wind electric and PV power base, and national rich oil coal points quality using model base, and national energy resources land big channel, and regional coal transportation and the trading pricing Center and supply regional modern equipment manufacturing center, eventually to this for based, will Hami playing caused national large integrated energy base.

For achieved this a grand strategy target, Hami Government developed has series subdivision index: to 2020 years limited, coal capacity reached 85 million tons; thermal power voted shipped 12 million-kilowatt; formed 4 article outside sent channel (2 article DC special high pressure and 2 article Exchange super high pressure outside lost channel), outside lost capacity reached 23.5 million-kilowatt, which coal electric and can renewable energy power playing bundle outside sent capacity reached 16 million-kilowatt; wind electric scale reached 12.5 million-kilowatt above, and PV power scale reached 2.7 million-kilowatt, and Solar-thermal power installed capacity reached 200,000-kilowatt, and so on.

As Xinjiang Deputy Center City, Hami of development demands also get has autonomous regions level of height attention and support, especially this year February Hami official withdrawal to set city, this means with Hami will further enjoy national on prefecture-level city in industrial development, and city based facilities construction, aspects of corresponding offers policy, Government exercise functions of flexibility also will sharply upgrade, eventually are will good Yu Hami construction national integrated energy base.

Worth noting is that Hami unique location also determines the “in and out”, forging international chain of strength. Reporters in the interview that, Hami, adjacent to the govi-Altay of Mongolia, which rich in iron ore, coal, related resources, products are sold through Hami in laoyemiao port in Xinjiang, Xinjiang bayi iron steel, important raw material base of JIU steel group. In addition, because of the power infrastructure of Mongolia, mining is difficult to meet our needs, to ensure a stable supply of raw materials, Chinese enterprises have made a feasibility study of power market in Mongolia, Hami planned to power delivery projects in Mongolia.

Can be concluded is that resource endowment highlights and “in and out” Hami in Xinjiang has become the map of energy industry flourished in a mirror. At least in “national comprehensive energy base” dimension, the youngest cities in the economic belt along the Silk Road has become a forerunner of all conditions, comprehensive energy base in Hami as a base for national new energy deserves it.

Original title: Hami: national comprehensive energy base, best experimental field

Renewable energy Thirteen Five to PV 150GW

Polaris solar PV net news: the renewable energy sources Act on the implementation of the ten-year anniversary, Director of the National Energy Board new and renewable energy Division introduced Zhu ming, the State has been drafting the renewable energy development “Thirteen-Five” plan, preliminary clear “Thirteen-Five” renewable energy development objectives.

Specifically, by 2020, to photovoltaic power generation reached 150 million kW, and solar-thermal power generation reached 5 million-kilowatt, striving to wind power reached 250 million kW.

Analysis of Zhu ming, key issues of China’s renewable energy industry policy is part of the implementation of policy is not in place, is typically represented by guaranteeing the purchasing requirements of the renewable energy sources Act in full implementation of policy is not in place, renewable energy subsidy policies lag problems, renewable energies priority scheduling policy shocks such as fossil energy and local government interference, has become the key to the healthy development of China’s renewable energy issues.

Zhu ming, published the administrative measures for guaranteeing the purchasing renewable power generation in full clear wind, photovoltaic power affordable acquisition in full of the relevant requirements, but focus on a clear responsibility in the future, and by means of energy regulation, strengthening the implementation, guaranteed results.

Deputy Director of the NPC environmental and resources Committee Meng said in a written statement, boost renewable energy is the key to the full implementation of the renewable energy law. Next step will be to strengthen the implementation of the renewable energy law summary and evaluation.

“Water, abandoning wind, abandoned” grim

Zhu Ming introduction, while the 10-year anniversary of the implementation of the renewable energy law, but many local governments, power grid, power generation and energy-consuming enterprises, have also failed to address renewable energy position, still likes to use fossil fuels.

Currently, southwest of “water”, the three northern regions to abandon the wind situation worse, become the biggest bottleneck hindering the development of renewable energy.

National renewable energy Center director Wang Zhongying introduced renewable energy encounters two major problems one of the first grid-connected system implementation is not in place, abandoned the country wind up seriously, first half of 2016, when the country abandoned the wind power 32.6 billion-kilowatt, abandoned when the electro-optical 3.7 billion-kilowatt.

Xie Changjun, Deputy General Manager of the State power Group introduced nationwide in the first half of this year “abandoned air rate” at 21%, more than 17% of the year 2013, reached its highest value at or near 20% in three northern regions of seven provinces, Xinjiang and Gansu even up to 47% and 45%.

“Weak economic growth, a national power under the background of excess capacity, water, abandoning wind problems in the short term it’s hard to break, and the further deterioration of the situation. “Xie Changjun analysis.

National Center for climate strategies introduced Li junfeng, Director of the Center for strategic research and international cooperation, although the “water, abandoned, abandoning the wind” phenomenon is so serious, but it did not happen with the case for renewable energy enterprise’s rights according to law. This indicates that the rule of law still a long way.

Xie Changjun recommendations, from a legislative perspective, improving renewable support mechanisms, specifying East and South provinces of Western acceptance of the surplus renewable energy power business and some financial compensation for power, thus breaking the fragmentation status of local government, under the national renewable energy to dissolve the national game.

“Recommends that the legislative model of Chinese renewable energy world Germany legislation on grid-connected renewable energy standards. “Xie Changjun suggested that Germany made after the principal provisions, elaborate further on the specific mode of operation.

For example, grid-connected renewable power obligations in provisions, from the actual operation of the grid operator’s procedures and steps, dealing with requests for incorporation clearly and adequately provided for the period.

Renewable energy subsidies will be adjusted

Introduce Wang Zhongying, encountered in the implementation of the renewable energy sources Act is another outstanding problem is the lack of renewable energy price subsidies. By 2016 the first half of the renewable energy subsidy shortfall totaled 55 billion yuan.

“While the sixth instalment of additional renewable electricity price subsidy list issued just around the corner, but with the further expansion of renewable energy, renewable energy subsidies gap will reach 60 billion yuan. “The NDRC price Yuqiang, Deputy Director of the Division for information.

Yuqiang analysis, resulting now in this subsidy funding gap of the fast expansion of an important reason lies in the power plant, because they do not pay or less to pay, including renewable additional government funds, so renewable energy is imposed by the theory of additional quota and actual tax difference is relatively large.

Yuqiang, in the “three-one down, one up” context, substantially increase renewable energy added, increasing the burden on business electricity prices, does not meet the macroeconomic situation demands. It also means that renewable energy pricing policy as unsustainable.

As renewable energy quota system and establishment of green electricity certificate trading mechanism, China’s current renewable energy pricing policy will be adjusted accordingly and perfect.

Yuqiang explained that current coal benchmark prices plus renewable additional renewable electricity prices will be adjusted, and possible implementation of “price” and “subsidy” of separation.

Specifically, electricity, renewable energy and coal-fired power generation, nuclear power there is no essential difference, this electrical energy prices should follow a unified mechanism through competition in the market to find the price subsidies section, quotas will be subsidizing this differential subsidies now, according to the national scale need to set subsidies for renewable energy development objectives.

“When conditions are ripe, advancing our quotas and green certificate trading mechanism, found through market subsidy standards. “Introduce Yuqiang, with gradually reducing subsidy intensity, the ultimate direction is to eliminate subsidies, truly realize the sustained, healthy development of renewable energy.

Original title: new energy “Thirteen-Five” settled on their goal: strive for photovoltaic power generation reached 150 million kW

Polaris solar network on September 13 2016 news review

Polaris solar PV net news: Polaris solar PV NET summary September 13 news, competition or PV end of subsidies the two-track system will continue, issued under the National Energy Board 2016 PV industry standards (complete) plans, Huhhot 2016 General competitive evaluation results 7 PV projects electricity prices at least 0.76 Yuan per kWh, as follows:

Competition or PV end of subsidies the two-track system will continue

National Energy Board issued a 2016 photovoltaic industry standards (complete) plans

2016 General PV power plant project in Hohhot competitive evaluation results 7 0.76 Yuan to project electricity price per kWh

2016, manzhouli in Inner Mongolia normal PV project index optimization announcement

Yanqing district in Beijing collecting 2016 distributed PV project list of alternative products

2016 41 Zhejiang Yueqing distributed PV projects in the first half by special funds

PV industry needs capital injection industry calls third parties “risk rating”

Strong cutting LDK rectification stalemate depends on compromise

Ji Ruixiang stranded asset reorganization into new energy power generation or resistance

United States 2016 13.9GW new PV installed capacity will be on the line

India complained to the WTO United States illegally subsidising renewable energy industry

10th after the typhoon hit Japan PV power station (photos)

Quake-construction of photovoltaic power stations “Japan sample”

List of grid connected PV power station information

Polaris solar PV net news: new energy for the service to facilitate new energy transmission grid in anti-debugging, official during the operation to carry out the business contact and scheduling system, grid-connected power company developed a new energy station in Xinjiang list, for photovoltaic grid-connected wind power and other new energy station to provide guidance and assistance.

Original title: list of grid-connected PV power station information

Expert abandon wind up disaster due to poor law enforcement people should start

Polaris solar PV net news: the “Thirteen-Five” period, China wind power, photovoltaic power installed capacity will be further expanded, “abandon wind up” under the background of the growing renewable energy consumers face more pressure.


A wind farm in Central and Western China. Zhao Yun surge information

On September 13, the renewable energy sources act after the Symposium, national strategy for climate change research and Li junfeng, Director of the Center for international cooperation, told reporters about how to solve the “abandon wind up” problem.

Li junfeng said, should return to the “rule of law” point of view, strict implementation of the renewable energy sources Act, if the implementation is not in place, the NPC should start an accountability program.

China new energy subsidy funding gap 55 billion

The renewable energy sources Act clearly stipulates that power grid enterprises failing to complete the acquisition of renewable power, causing economic loss of the renewable energy power generation enterprises shall be liable is punishable by loss of power Enterprise 1 time times the amount of a fine.

Li junfeng to says “implementation process, and no power to call for the appeal, nor any power grid enterprises to be punished. ”

Li junfeng said currently there were large area up wind power, the NPC did not start an accountability program that “the ten years of implementation of renewable food and more to emphasize the rule of law, we proposed to the national people’s Congress, should consider accountability issues. Especially those who do not pass the law enforcement examination questions can be found, can be carried out immediately to the relevant departments of the NPC accountable. ”

Deputy Director of the NDRC’s price Department Yuqiang revealed at the seminar that China new energy subsidy funding gap of up to 55 billion.

In the view of Li junfeng, which is the embodiment of national responsibility and cost-sharing arrangements implemented.

“For example, subsidies are not in place, the NPC can accountability finance and the national development and Reform Commission, which is legal powers,” said Li junfeng, “impunity, legal writing job to no avail. ”

“If a power plant not to advocate (subsidies), is the company’s error; if the industry does not argue that that’s legal problems. “Li junfeng said.

Hangzhou, before the end of the G20 Summit, President XI Jinping of China and United States President Barack Obama to the United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, deposited its instrument of ratification of the Paris agreements on climate change between China and.

The Paris agreement stated that all parties will strengthen the global response to the threat of climate change, the rise in global average temperatures compared with pre-industrial levels within 2 and within 1.5 working temperature control.

Li junfeng, the “Thirteen-Five” actively respond to climate change, a turning point of the implementation of the Paris agreement, the Chinese Government’s commitment, non-fossil energy accounted for the proportion of primary energy consumption by 2020 will reach 15%, 20% by 2030.

Li junfeng said renewable energy developments related to China’s energy transition strategies to implement and achieve the goal of non-fossil fuels in 2020, 2030.

Improving the renewable energy sources Act is imminent

National Energy Board new energy and renewable energy Secretary Zhu ming, speaking in the seminar, said that local governments at all levels, as well as power and energy in the process of enterprise in the development of renewable obligations remain unclear.

“Development of fossil energy, after all, involves the local economic development, including coal miners ‘ survival, non-fossil energy sources and fossil fuels are problems that local governments need to consider. “Zhu ming said.

Zhu ming said, all parties shall strictly implement the requirements of the law on renewable energy, strengthening thing, supervision. In addition, the NPC should assess the implementation of the renewable energy law, and get fully prepared for the amendment.

To promote the development of renewable energy, the renewable energy sources Act is currently established objectives, the total renewable energy mandatory Internet access, Internet access pricing, cost-sharing and special fund five system, but implementation is not optimistic.

Xie Changjun, Deputy General Manager of the State power Group recommended studying Germany’s legislative experience, detailed legal provisions to improve operability, promote stakeholder in accordance with details to follow specific regulations to fulfil their obligations.

Xie Changjun also recommended improving the periodic evaluation mechanism, improve the legal ability to supervise the industry.

“Germany ask the Environmental Protection Department to report annually to the renewable energy law Germany Central Government submit a monitoring report on renewable energy developments, and according to the new revision of the law. Suggested China learn from Germany experience, establish a regular monitoring and evaluation mechanism, so that Government departments, legislative bodies and public understanding of the renewable energy law in the implementation process in the face of problems and challenges, on the formation of the legislative norms of the closed-loop control. “Xie Changjun said.

News from the seminar was informed that the surging, the next step, the NPC will strengthen the monitoring of the implementation of the renewable energy law, and promoting the spirit of the law carrying out timely revision bills, real construction of the renewable energy Act become the fundamental law of renewable energy, promote renewable energy industry healthy and sustainable development.

Abandon wind up the first half of the amount of light and last year

Fans in high winds shut down, photovoltaic power plant in the hot sun “Sun”, became part of the development of renewable energy in China for some time a true portrayal.

A “shoulder” emission reduction mission sunrise industry, from an unknown unknown, to flourish, and then to “abandon the wind up”, only for ten years. Since 2006, since the implementation of the renewable energy law, rapidly growing renewable energy installed capacity in China.

Surging news from the seminar was informed that by the end of 2015, national renewable energy generating capacity reached 480 million kilowatts, accounted for 32% of the total installed power generation capacity. National power structure optimization, thermal power installed capacity share has declined from 75% in 2005 to the current 70%.

In addition, China also has the world’s first new energy product manufacturing capabilities.

Li junfeng, the “renewable energy development from small to large, from scratch, a Chinese minority with strong competitiveness in the world, and boasts the industry. ”

But with the increase of installed capacity over the past two years, “abandon wind up” problem is exacerbated, hampered the healthy development of China’s new energy industry become a “disease”.

National Energy Board data show that first half of the year, the national wind power up to mean abandon wind rate 21%, rose 6%, Gansu, Xinjiang and other abandoned wind “disastrous” abandon wind rate even close to 50% national average utilization hours of wind electricity 917 in the first half hour, down 85 hours; when you wind up wind power 32.3 billion-kilowatt, when the rose 14.8 billion-kilowatt.

Photovoltaic power generation is not immune. According to the national grid, the first half of the national grid company cumulative amount of abandoned photoelectric 3.305 billion kWh, an increase of 91%; abandoned at 12.1%, up 2.05%.

Energy Research Institute, national development and Reform Commission Wang Zhongying, Director of the Centre for renewable energy development believes that such “double-up” the data, means “2016 national abandoned wind up light is equal to the first half of last year’s abandoned wind up light than 2015 as a whole added electricity consumption of the whole society. ”

Original title: Li junfeng: “abandon wind up” disaster due to poor law enforcement people should start accountability

LDK overhaul unchanged save denied Ming reorganization and liquidation

Arctic star solar PV network news: for China PV leading enterprise game dimension restructuring programme temporary change, and “Ming restructuring, and real liquidation” to Bank by claims rate reduced of opinion, game dimension bankruptcy restructuring work management people response said, game dimension restructuring programme does not change, its assets assessment total covers has sinovideo overall assets, and consider has enterprise continued business State Xia of valuation, is strictly according to China enterprise bankruptcy method about provides implementation of.

Among them, in the debt resolution, LDK trustee in bankruptcy reorganization in the country in recruiting hired water Zhiyuan appraisals Ltd on sinovideo assessment of assets. In March this year, LDK trustee in bankruptcy reorganization, convened the first meeting of creditors, preliminary assessment of reported assets worth 12.19 billion yuan. Second creditors ‘ meeting, held in August, asset value ultimately determined to be 7.9 billion yuan.

Property assessment value changes leading to a particular creditor and the media think sinovideo provisional change of its bankruptcy reorganization plan, assess the replacement cost of the liquidation under the conditions of the settlement rate, without taking into account revised after the resumption of production of the enterprise. In this regard, the LDK bankruptcy reorganization managers and heads of evaluation agencies respond that asset appraisal value covering sinovideo assets as a whole, taking into account the valuation under continuous operation.

Zhiyuan appraisals Ltd LDK in the water Song Shuli said bankruptcy reorganization project leader, first announced 12.19 billion yuan of assets evaluation value is the initial amount of sinovideo asset mapping, 7.9 billion yuan for the second release is given to the Sunwell overall assets and the continuous operation of the final valuation after reorganization. If you want to liquidate cash, initial amount will be undermined, the final valuation of the real rate of return will be lower than the second.

LDK bankruptcy reorganization, liquidation, Deputy head, head of law firm Yao Jian said LDK bankruptcy reorganization is strictly in accordance with the provisions of the Bankruptcy Act advance; sinovideo without selecting the reorganization to liquidation, in order to better protect the interests of creditors, and to promote healthy and sustainable development of PV industry in China.

Original title: sinovideo overhaul unchanged save denied “Ming reorganization, and liquidation”

Photovoltaic industry won a face lost lining

Polaris solar PV net news: in relation to the settlement issue, photovoltaic industry is somewhat lackluster.

From the National Bureau of statistics showed that the first 7 months of this year, national solar power 21.1 billion kWh, an increase of 27.5%. The contrast is, wind power is already beyond, dominates the new energy power generation for the top spot, its generating capacity reached 120.95 billion kilowatt-hours, is almost PV 6 times.

More noteworthy is that in terms of capacity, in addition to being far behind wind power, but even the “almost unknown” biomass power generation, wind power generation, has been catching up with PV, reached 19.24 billion kWh.

In statistics the percentage of total power generating capacity in the proportion of wind power reached 3.7%, solar power, biomass power generation is 0.6%.

In accordance with existing decision making logic, and support the development of PV is nothing more than the following two aspects, promotion of investment in fixed assets, poverty alleviation, economic effects and environmental effects. Both the weighting of their own effects, it might be difficult to equal. But because of the economic downturn causes and effect of investment on fixed assets, is more or less to a certain extent make up for the deficiency of photovoltaic electricity generation.

However, the latest indications, especially in China and the United States before and after the G20 Summit approved climate agreement under the background of Paris, facing the different new energy policies tend to vary, it is worth attention. For wind power, in particular, its much smaller than PV electricity subsidies, and has hit parity, PV will gradually be marginalized in the new energy, needs to cause the industry’s vigilance and attention.

For all new energy in the most closely watched, win more exposure of PV, I am afraid, is facing “won the face, lose Yuriko” awkwardness.

Normal play

Data released by the national statistical office show that in June, solar photovoltaic power generation capacity of 3.3 billion; 1-June compared to 17.5 billion, an increase of 28.1%.

Data, maintaining good growth capacity, particularly in the eastern part of the provinces, the growth rate is even more staggering.

Information net in Shandong province power company showed that first half of the year, Shandong province, photovoltaic power generation (including distributed PV) completion of 1.073 billion kWh, an increase of 238.81%.

Shanghai’s data also showed that in January-June this year, the city’s PV completed 262 million kWh, an increase of 67.7%.

Similarly, data from Hubei Province also shows that solar capacity of 408 million kWh in the first half, an increase of 332 million kWh, an increase of 437.82%.

As data to the Northwest provinces of the power head, first half of five Northwestern provinces of photovoltaic electricity 13.38 billion kWh, total net electricity 4.5%; 611 hours hours, abandon the electro-optical 3.28 billion kWh, abandon rates 19.7%.

The July data, the national output of 3.6 billion in the month, up slightly from June’s 3.3 billion. But if you take into account summer peak the weather, ‘ performance in July was slightly less powerful.

In addition, can also be found by calculation, in 2015, the PV individual monthly average generating capacity of about 2.2 billion, and the first 7 months of this year average monthly power generation is approximately 3 billion degrees, new generating capacity of nearly 10 billion for the year.

For an added an average installed capacity exceeds 15GW of industry, its corresponding new and cumulative capacity compared to total up to trillions of kilowatt-hours of electricity consumption of the whole society, although not negligible, but it does not so conspicuous.

Only investment effect?

In recent years, public information, support the development of photovoltaic elements, both under the background of the economic downturn to stimulate fixed investment, as well as poverty alleviation and industrial structure adjustment of tools and the economic effects of the hand, there are needs based on the increasingly serious air pollution.

Statistics show that by the end of 2015, PV cumulative installed capacity has reached 43GW. If a simple count, in the first 7 months of 21.1 billion kWh of electricity this year as the benchmark, then every 10 megawatts of annual electricity generation is only 800duowanqianwa, Northwest of this generation is only equivalent to some slightly more than half of the power station project feasibility study report.

In the case of electricity could not reach the desired value, only photovoltaic investment effect will gradually be marginalized, and enterprises in the industry. What is more, in the future, with the electric excess pressure, a “disposable light wind” situation, it’s not impossible.

First of all, in the case of wind power installed capacity, the greater, the voice also increases. In Northwest China power grid, for example, first half of 2016, five Northwestern provinces (districts) of new wind power capacity 401,000 kilowatts, as of the end of June this year, the cumulative grid-connected capacity of 37.428 million kilowatts, accounting for 18.7% of the total installed capacity of the whole network.

Secondly, in terms of generating capacity, or in the five Northwest provinces, for example, although abandoned, abandoning wind wind power reached 15.53 billion kWh rate 38.9%, both well above the 3.28 billion kWh of PV and 19.7%, but when its power output still reached 24.4 billion-kilowatt, accounting for 8.2% of the total generating capacity of the whole network. Nationwide, 1 July, wind over nuclear power, at 3.7%.

Moreover, only five provinces in Northwest China reached 15.53 billion kWh in the first half of the abandoned air volume nearly 90% of PV, if simply the pursuit of environmental effects, partially or even completely abandon PV, it’s not impossible.

Therefore, PV is concerned, in the case of electricity does not prevail, how you get more chips, has become a top priority.

Original title: in the competition of new energy, PV will win face losing the lining?

Czech photovoltaic power capacity stagnated

Polaris solar PV net news: the Czech news agency reported on August 28, from the Czech Republic energy planning Council statistical figures show that since 2012, Czech PV installed capacity has stagnated, due to only the first half of this year reached 2045.5 MW (MW), down 2% from the end of 2012. According to the analysis, capacity stagnated since 2014 the Czech Government is the main reason to stop subsidies to new energy.

At present, the total generating capacity of the photovoltaic power generation accounts for Czech 2.5%. Analysis of the industry, future development of photovoltaic power generation will rely mainly on economic power and construction have confidence in a few years to recover their investments.

Original title: Czech PV installed capacity stagnated

XI an city 2016 provincial advance subsidy funds distributed photovoltaic power

Arctic star solar PV network news: according to on specification PV power project management, and grid acceptance and grants funds declared issued about work of notification (city sent modified can sent (2015) No. 608,) and on further specification distributed PV power project construction, and management, and acceptance work of notification (city sent modified can sent (2016) No. 235,) of requirements, July 20, 2016 to August 8, Municipal development and Reform Commission, Organization Department and experts in XI ‘ an city districts reporting demonstration projects and the development zone reported photovoltaic project for the acceptance of subsidy funds, 5 of which PV projects and 27 natural condition of photovoltaic power generation project with benefits, total installed capacity 11511.095KW. On September 5, the municipal development and Reform Commission and the Municipal Finance Bureau jointly issued a 2016 first provincial-level photovoltaic power generation demonstration project grants funding scheme 11,297,669.

Original title: 2016-provincial in XI ‘ an advance subsidy funds distributed photovoltaic power generation demonstration project plan has been released

Basic situation of PV equipment industry development in Hubei Province

Polaris solar PV net news: in order to find out areas of photovoltaic equipment in our province and the development of equipment manufacturing enterprises, provincial energy Bureau organized a province-wide photovoltaic equipment industry development of diagnostic investigations, related report will provide the basis for further decision-making.

First, the basic situation of the domestic photovoltaic industry

At present, China has the world’s largest photovoltaic cell production capacity. According to the information of China PV industry association, in 2015, China components production reached 43GW, an increase of 20%, global production in 2014 from 68.4% to 71.7% per cent, average capacity utilization ratio of the component to 86%. For the United States, European Union and other countries “double reverse” domestic PV manufacturing enterprises and actively implement the “go global” strategy. According to statistics, at present, China has put into operation an overseas cell and module capacity 3.2GW and 3.78GW, respectively, under construction and expansion of production capacity 2.2GW and 1.9GW, respectively.

In terms of domestic photovoltaic power stations construction: 2009 National started “Golden Sun” and “building integrated photovoltaics” demonstration project 2012 implementation of PV power subsidy price policy, PV manufacturing provinces, such as Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Jiangxi and other support encouraging PV power station construction policy, effectively driving the development of PV industry in China. Meanwhile, PV enterprises to strengthen cooperation with scientific research institutes at home and abroad, strong research and development efficiency of photovoltaic products, at present, the highest PV power generation efficiency in domestic production.

In policy support aspects: 2012, national NDRC released has can renewable energy development “Twelve-Five” planning, National Energy Council released has solar power development “Twelve-Five” planning; Treasury, and live built Department released has on perfect can renewable energy building application policy and the adjustment funds distribution management way of notification; national grid released has on do distributed PV power grid service work of views (provisional); national NDRC, and national electric prison will released has Programmes on renewable energy price subsidies and CAP and trade law. July 2013, the State Council promulgated the opinions on promoting the healthy development of the photovoltaic industry, around this time, intensive national ministries published a series of supporting policies to support PV industry development. In 2013, the enacted by the PV industry in support of policies to as many as 17, single year introduced so much of the support policies are rare.

Under the guidance of State policies, part of the PV manufacturing industry was relatively developed province, prefecture-level cities, depending on the circumstances, has to promulgate the local incentives.

Second, the development status of PV equipment industry of our province

In 2015, the industry achieved sales revenue of 7.1 billion yuan, of which some 6600 tonnes of polysilicon, ingots, about 200 million annual production capacity of wafer; production cell the solar cell production capacity of about 800MW,2015 years 530MW components 2255MW production capacity (not including projects) 2015 component output 729MW, module production accounted for only 32.33% design capacity.

According to the survey, most technology or new products under development, some companies are planning to build new production lines or production facilities, recent plans to invest funds on research and construction of approximately 330 million Yuan. Which, Wuhan day new technology Corporation and institutions cooperation development building materials type PV component manufacturing and test key technology and the equipment project (863 plans subject), and households with and the new rural micro-energy distributed PV power system development and the application model project; Yichang South glass company and Tianjin University cooperation development electronic level polysilicon project; Hubei Crystal Star Technology Corporation and Wuhan Engineering University cooperation development electronic level two chlorine two hydrogen Silicon project ; Hubei grain in solar energy technology company limited cooperation with the Chinese Academy of Sciences, research and development of double glass and 1500V system voltage component, PID-resistant components and other projects; Hubei eternal solar power company limited and the Institute of electrical Research Institute, Shanghai Jiao Tong University solar energy Research Institute, among others, cooperation in research and development of MW thin-film Silicon/Silicon heterojunction solar cell industrialization key projects.

Three recommendations, and promoting the development of PV industry in our province

(A) to create a good environment to support business growth

Creating a suitable policy environment for the development of the PV manufacturing industry, and guide the healthy and stable development of enterprises. Under the principle of ensuring fair competition, and create an environment conducive to entrepreneurship, growth and expansion of the external environment to encourage qualified enterprises to play a late-developing advantage and increased investment in technology and equipment, improve product quality and technology. Encourage mergers and joint, with advanced alternative behind, promoting coordinated development of PV manufacturing industry chain, advantage enterprises to emerge, grow into leading enterprises as soon as possible.

(B) encourage innovation, enhance innovation capability and technological level

Actively implementing the national and various policies and measures to encourage innovation in our province, play the driving role of innovation to the industry development and business expansion, encourages innovation with enterprises as the main body. Encourage the combination and joint enterprises, create conditions for building national and provincial key laboratory of solar research and Development Center, and the engineering (technology) technological innovation institutions such as Research Center. Role of universities and research institutions developing advantage, aimed at industry trends and business development needs, with a focus on original innovation and the integrated innovation, a new starting point to create technology and innovation, industrialization to promote PV equipment industry of our province through innovation innovation capability and raise the level of.

(C) enhancing policy support, capacity to play

Our province of silicon materials, components, equipment manufacturing and other enterprises to meet production costs, financing, introduction of talent, marketing and other difficulties, strengthen policy research and policy support, actively solve problems for businesses. Seize the opportunities of electric power system reform, trying to reduce the electricity costs of Silicon material manufacturing companies. Organizations Fund for banks and enterprises and docked with the enterprise, establishing a communication platform to create enabling environment for corporate financing. Practical difficulties for enterprise development, broaden the use of Government funds, play a role of government investment and financing platform, more efficient use of funds. Support businesses through capital markets, financial markets and other means, widening financing channels, reduce the cost of financing. Implementation of the talents introduction policy, support training and introducing talents. By enhancing enterprise competitiveness, promote the capacity to operate effectively.

(D) strengthening services, product certification

Promote the establishment of solar energy industry association and business associations, sound solar upstream and downstream industry chain enterprises in our province’s cooperation mechanism, establish a bridge of communication between the Government and enterprises. Strengthening the Organization and guidance to improve PV manufacturing enterprises in our province to the national standards, qualifications and understanding of product certification, enterprise with relevant agencies to strengthen cohesion and communication, to promote different products and markets, as soon as possible the international certification and national certification of solar products, in order to create the necessary conditions to develop and market.

(E) application to promote the development of manufacturing industries, continue to improve PV manufacturing in our province and capacity

Research reference domestic PV manufacturing developed provinces of experience, optimization and perfect encourages policy, to market needs led manufacturing industry development, to manufacturing needs led technology innovation, formed technology innovation, and equipment manufacturing and PV Application coordination development of benign cycle, encourages guide various investors in construction PV power station project of while, in province within investment construction PV manufacturing project, promoted I province PV equipment manufacturing industry overall competition capacity of improve.

Original title: basic situation of PV equipment industry development in Hubei Province

Shaanxi Province development and Reform Commission notice on strengthening PV

Polaris solar PV net news: Shaanxi new energy (2016) 1114th

The municipal development and Reform Commission, development and reform Bureau in Yangling demonstration zone, XI Xian district economic development Bureau, Korean city development and Reform Commission, the tree, the fugu County development and reform Bureau:

In recent years, highly motivated enterprises to invest in PV power plant project, promoting the construction of projects in all regions has intensified, completed and substantial increase in the size of grid-connected. Meanwhile, power project construction, resulting in delivery and elimination difficulties, local areas have been abandoned. In July, I issued in Wei Shan development new energy (2016) document No. 879, ordered clean up no substantive projects, mapping the 2016 filing project. The preliminary statistics, the province’s building project has a total size of about 4.2 million-kilowatt, an applicant for a new record total far exceeded the State Province the size of the project. To further regulate the order of development, guide rational investment and risk-averse, the decisive role of giving full play to market forces in allocating resources, research, and related matters are hereby notified as follows:

First, strengthen planning and management

1. All localities should consider solar energy resources in their respective jurisdictions, land and woodland conditions, grid access and absorptive capacity and other factors, combined with the mapping, to provincial to urban flats, preparation and integrity of the local photovoltaic power plant development “Thirteen-Five” program, and to seek peer-land, woodland, grid and other relevant departments, after my authority as soon as possible.

2. In my province, “Thirteen-Five” renewable energy development plan, distributed photovoltaic, photovoltaic Premier complementary and PV poverty alleviation, leader mining subsidence area in planning, governance, environmental protection, agriculture and other types of projects. In accordance with the “one policy” principle, PV priorities in poverty alleviation and the leader is scheduled to repeat area PV projects.

3. PV power station planning in Yanan, Yan ‘ an integrated energy planning and PV, Yan ‘ an anti-poverty plan unified consideration.

4. Apart from Yanan city province 15 other national solar PV power plant project counties for poverty alleviation, into PV implementation for poverty alleviation programmes to meet local requirements for PV anti-poverty work.

5. Coal mine subsidence area of Yulin governance, tongchuan, weinan combined PV of agriculture in dryland of loess, combined with the transformation of resources, in accordance with national leader programme leader requested plans to implement programmes, and included in the PV power plant in this city planning.

Second, clear support

1. Support of advanced technology applications, a large energy company structural transformation and upgrading, PV module manufacturers to extend the industrial chain as well as to dissolve better projects, and actively supports the strategic cooperation of large enterprise groups.

2. Optimization of normal distribution of PV industry in the province, leading PV projects from North to South. Distributed photovoltaic power plant must also meet a single project shall not exceed 20 MW in capacity, 35,000-volt substations access and in the radio area to dissolve and other conditions.

3. Priority support to promoting technical progress of related manufacturing industries, has a larger role for economic development projects.

Third, establish a competitive mechanism

1. To conscientiously sum up the region, around the city in recent years, photovoltaic power plant building experience and not enough on the premise of the allocation of available resources, combs local barriers to entry, construction conditions and work requirements to form a competitive allocation of project proposals on September 20 as a formal report before me.

2. I Board will according to national development reform Board, and Energy Council on perfect PV power scale management and implemented competition way Configuration project of guide views (sent modified energy (2016) 1163th,), and national energy Council on issued 2016 years PV power construction implementation programme of notification (country can new can (2016) 166th,) and I province related policy requirements, combined around competitive configuration project of about recommends, delegate third party professional institutions drafted I province PV power station project competitive configuration programme.

Four, the construction order

1. According to the Shaanxi development new energy (2016) No. 879, documentation requirements recently submitted projects to clean up around special verification conditions, operating conditions do not have and do not cancel scheduled projects record; meets the conditions for construction projects, PV power station, will be integrated into the planning and follow the PV power plant project in our province competitive allocation of programme implementation. Poor cleaning, construction area limited approval of the slow progress of the project.

2. As a proposed to speed up the preparatory work of the projects, project development and reform Department, where previous work and to urge owners to increase project, involved in the project together with the other report items for filing assessment work.

3. This year the record project, will be determined by our province competitive configuration and Platform for online examination and approval of enterprise investment projects in our province to declare for the record, meet the requirements upon examination, issued by the filing.

4. Shenmu, Fugu has been filing land distributed PV to re-establish my review and suspend ground distributed PV new record.

Original title: Shaanxi Provincial Development and Reform Commission notice on strengthening PV power station project construction management work

United States the partial lifting of crystalline silicon photovoltaic products

Polaris solar PV net news: on September 7, 2016, the United States Department of Commerce said in a statement, the partial lifting of crystalline silicon photovoltaic products to China during the investigation period is July 31, 2014 ~2016 antidumping administrative review on January 31. United States Department of Commerce the revocation of administrative review of the 27 18 Chinese enterprises involved in the list as shown in the following table.

On January 23, 2014, the United States Department of Commerce announced on crystalline silicon photovoltaic products imported from China for anti-dumping and anti-subsidy investigation, on Taiwan’s imports of crystalline silicon photovoltaic product an anti-dumping investigation. On February 18, 2015, the United States Commerce Department anti-dumping tax on Chinese crystalline silicon photovoltaic products. On February 3, 2016, the United States Commerce Department stakeholders on crystalline silicon photovoltaic products anti-dumping cases against China filed administrative review request notice. On April 7, 2016, the United States Commerce Department’s crystalline silicon photovoltaic products to China for administrative review of anti-dumping investigation notice, the survey period is July 31, 2014 ~2016 January 31, involved product customs codes 8501.61.0000, 8507.20.8030, and so on.

United States the partial lifting of crystalline silicon photovoltaic products to China of antidumping administrative review (2014-2016), including 18 in the enterprise

Original title: United States the partial lifting of crystalline silicon photovoltaic products to China of antidumping administrative review (2014-2016)