The CBRC Green poor credit balance of 7 26 trillion yuan was only 0 41

Polaris solar PV net news: China is leading the world in green finance development. On September 2, the CBRC held the press conference green finance topics, Inspector of the policy Research Council of the CBRC Ye Yanfei, said at the end of June 2016, 21 major banking institutions to green credit balance reaches 7.26 trillion, 9% per cent of the loan. One energy-saving, environmental protection, new energy, strategic emerging industries such as new energy vehicles totaled 1.69 trillion yuan of loans, energy saving and environmental protection projects and services loans 5.57 trillion yuan.

According to Ye Yanfei introduction, current green credit is divided into two categories: one is the production side, that is, energy conservation products and equipment (such as the new energy enterprises), and that such loans were 1.69 trillion yuan. Is the second largest category of eco-friendly items, namely environmental protection products, equipment used to produce effect of energy saving and emission reduction projects, this part of the loans is 5.57 trillion yuan.

For the second type of environmental projects, the loan balance is the largest proportion of green transport projects, energy saving and environmental protection projects of the 47.6% in the same period.

“Green transportation projects including railways, urban rail construction projects and urban electric vehicle projects, including highway projects for energy-saving lamps and so on. “Ye Yanfei said.

Second category is renewable and clean energy projects, accounted for more than 26.4%. Big part now is water and electricity from renewable sources, followed by wind power, solar power, such as coal to gas, but nuclear power project was not among them.

Other projects in categories industry respectively energy saving and environmental protection projects, waste disposal pollution control projects, conservation and ecological repair project, recycling projects, and disaster prevention and control in rural and urban water projects, construction projects, such as energy-saving and green buildings, energy saving and environmental protection services.

“These green credits resulting from projects the effect of energy saving and environmental protection, equivalent to an annual saving of 187 million tons of standard coal, and 435 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions (equivalent to Beijing’s 70,000 taxis stopping 293). “Ye Yanfei said.

In addition, green credit asset quality is also better controlled, by the end of June, 21 green banking financial institutions credit balance is about more than 22 billion yuan of bad loans and bad 0.41%.

Original title: the CBRC: Green poor credit balance of 7.26 trillion yuan was only 0.41%

Morocco will become a non European renewable energy hub of solar thermal power

Polaris solar PV net news: Morocco had developed an ambitious renewable energy plans, renewable electricity generation by 2020 the country generate over 42%, currently in solar-thermal power generation, photovoltaic and wind power positive and effective action in the areas of support, that goal is becoming a reality.

In accordance with the Morocco Government planning, national renewable energy generation within the next four years and will rise to 42% per cent, through the development of solar projects such as Noor can reduce the amount of oil used each year to 2.5 million tons. In addition, Morocco and Portugal signed a cooperation agreement for renewable energy development, our green energy exports to European Union leaders across Africa.

Key layout of solar thermal power generation

As a resource-rich nation, Morocco as part of its solar energy of choice for achieving a low-carbon energy development goals was no surprise.

Currently, Morocco Southern area is construction global maximum of light hot power integrated project Noor, light hot power total installed up to 510MW, installed 160MW of a period engineering Noor1 slot type power station has official voted shipped, and follow-up project Noor2 (200MW, slot type) and Noor3 (150MW, Tower type) power station is construction in the, overall voted shipped Hou produced of power will enough meet 1 million Morocco family using.

Three solar-thermal power generation projects is configured with molten salt thermal storage system, where the Noor1 project duration of storage is 3 hours, Noor2 thermal energy storage for up to 7 hours when, Noor3 thermal energy storage for up to 8-hours, to meet the demand for electricity after the Sun.

Morocco will become a non-European renewable energy hub of solar-thermal power generation or the name

Map: installed capacity of 160MW Noor1 slotted grid-connected solar-thermal power station has been put into operation

Transition away from fossil fuel dependence

Pursuing energy independence can be said to be Morocco vigorously promoting the development of solar energy is an important factor. Earlier, Morocco’s energy needs 97% once dependent on imported fossil fuels to supply, but Noor project development is expected to make Morocco reduce the volume of oil imports of up to 2.5 million tons a year.

While in the pursuit of energy independence and to promote low-carbon energy technologies, and Morocco are also exploring development potential in the use of natural gas, but based on the number of sunshine hours up to 3000 a huge advantage, Morocco focus more on the solar power generation field, but also a lot of ambition, namely through the development of solar energy implementation of electricity trade surplus with Europe.

Among non-European renewable energy transportation hub?

In addition to speed up the implementation of the national solar energy plan, Morocco for renewable energy development to strengthen cooperation with European countries. Recently, Morocco and Portugal will jointly develop renewable energy signed a memorandum of understanding. Cooperation between the two sides is the basis of Portugal’s experience in renewable energy grid, their long term goal is to become the African green energy exports to European Union leaders.

Morocco will become a non-European renewable energy hub of solar-thermal power generation or the name

Photo: thanks to geographical advantages, Africa’s rich renewable is expected from Morocco flow to the European

Similar cooperation with Morocco in State-owned companies Nereva and France cooperation between the energy company Engie, both sides are common on the West coast of the Atlantic Ocean to build huge Tarfaya wind farm projects.

In fact, many forward-looking international energy companies have seen the future of North Africa and the enormous potential for renewable energy development in the West, in the area Engie only between 2020 and 2025 are expected to participate in the installed capacity of renewable energy projects up to 5000-6000MW.

Based on current trends, renewable energy development will have on local development, some countries to achieve energy independence and enhance the links between Europe and Africa plays a useful role in promoting, for observers in the field of green energy, the area should be worthy of close attention.

Original title: Morocco will become a non-European renewable energy hub of solar-thermal power generation or the name


Classical Science: why the movie 24 fps on the line, but the game 60 fps?

We play the game for so many years, perhaps a few clouds dream questions: why 2D pixelated antique Super card playing up in Mali, but 3D game card? Why film at 24 frames per second unconsciously card? Hardly 30 fps but the game he had card to Wang Xing-man? Although there are a variety of answers, but many are not scientific enough to, so I’d better overall about science.

Moschino cases


Physiological basis

Classical Science: why the movie 24 fps on the line, but the game 60 fps?

Film frame-by-frame information record

All stories from the human eye “persistence of vision” and “fill” phenomenon, which refers to the human retina light signal disappears, afterimage will retain a certain time which make up the middle frame of the screen is the brain’s own “brain up” function. They mix, let us think of 24 frames per second playback photo is “continuous”.

And why put the number at 24, there is more conventional and the occult, movie size itself has undergone a change of 16 to 24 frames, this number also will continue to grow. PAL/NTSC/SECAM three television signal specification, set at 25 frames per second and the frames 30 frames of reason, just because the power supply in different parts of different frequencies (50Hz and 60Hz) … … In order to simplify the calculation, using NTSC system of the United States and Japan, in the game naturally follows the habits of 30 frames per second (NTSC NTSC is 29.97 frames).

But why no endearingly 24 frames of film, but 30 fps or 60 frames will also appear in the game card? Here said the conclusion, the game to fluency, 4: motion blur effect, action response uniformity, frame rate and frame rate, including motion blur is most important.

Dynamic fuzzy

Dynamic fuzzy refers to the camera shutter is slower than motion ghosting caused by motion. Important differences of 3D games and movies: the movie was realistic light and shadow records, and 3D games are real-time rendering of 3D shape/position, the former will have motion blur, while the latter does not.

Films is a constant frequency of film/digital photos, it can record light information over time. Generally 24 frames-per-second video will select 1 time times higher 1/50-second shutter, you can record information half a second light. These “extra” the rich image information will be stacked together like ghosting caused by motion blur/smear, the principle and the “light painting”, the shutter is not for a few seconds, 1/50 seconds.

Classical Science: why the movie 24 fps on the line, but the game 60 fps?

Set of high shutter speed

Classical Science: why the movie 24 fps on the line, but the game 60 fps?

Set of low shutter speed

In the human brain, motion blur is one of the most important visual information, even if the actual number of frames is not enough, adding motion blur the image of an interval is enough for us to use for brain repair in order to achieve “flow”. In addition, run it, if the same 24 frames per second, if there is a shutter speed to 1/96 seconds, the microfilm record light only 1/4 seconds (24*1/96), loss of light information will blur effect weakens, this movie looks will be felt too.

Classical Science: why the movie 24 fps on the line, but the game 60 fps?

A record amount of light different shutter speed on the left (slower shutter, recorded the more light), right for footage

While the game is the “shutter speed” to the Acme products, 30 fps in the game, is the game engine generated 30 infinitely short moment scene, and these moments no matter how fast, the object itself is clear, Cliff does not blur. If played at 24 frames per second, the brain protests, this move so fast, why do I see so clearly, not science, “and brain fill smooth screen” process cannot take place, we really are watching broadcast slide show.

To resolve this issue, or increasing the sampling rate, or artificially increase the blur effect. Former is the following when it comes to programmes of high frame rate, which is to increase the blur cheat brain, it believed they were seeing a high amount of images (blur effect is very resource intensive, however).


Frame rate

Objects in the game if you move 1 pixel per second, we may be able to feel smooth, but if an object moves 10 pixels per second, it is obviously feeling. Need to increase the sampling rate, fill out missing picture in the Middle, and if the number of frames up to 10 frames per second, we can see closer to just 1 second 1 pixel fluency.

Picture by at 24 frames per second, up to 48 or 60 frames per second, eyes receives a large amount of information to a certain extent, just long enough to “brain up” a smooth effect. Although the perfect game should be in the frame as much as possible, that is the real simulation of reality, but for games, rendering more frames, you need higher performance, the cost of the programme is too big. And now everyone is recognized, can achieve 30 frames of brain repair process.


Frame rate uniformity Moschino cases

However, in the actual game, 30 frames will still be there when Caton, even up to 60 fps is still stuck. We usually roll phone testing time, often two different GPU cell phone, even if the displayed FPS (frames per second), so will smooth differences, why is that?

Classical Science: why the movie 24 fps on the line, but the game 60 fps?

Two frames to video card comparison Moschino iPhone 6 cases

Classical Science: why the movie 24 fps on the line, but the game 60 fps?

Two graphics cards frame render time comparison

Problem here in a “frame” on the accuracy of. Even before the time of more than 30 frames rendering, but as long as there are so few moments below 30 fps, it still is. Ideally at 30 frames per second, 30 frames evenly, but in fact there are probably half a second before rendering frame 29, last exactly half a second to render 1 frame.

As computing power and the complexity of the screen limits (for example, suddenly there was a huge explosion from the plain picture), half a second before rendering the pressure is small, full frames run. But when the explosion scenes, the operation of the surge, no time to render, followed by number of frames dropped. Although the absolute value of the number of frames is not sensitive to the naked eye, but obviously change the number of frames can easily detect.

Obviously we usually see the FPS (frames per second) accuracy is not enough, we need to get the accuracy, how many frames per second, up to how many frames to accurately measure every millisecond frame rate stability.


Response time with hands

The biggest difference between games and movies are, game is to require the user to make action and the action is real-time feedback. In addition to the Visual flow, we also need to operate smoothly. We pursue high frame rate of 60 frame important reasons is to reduce response time. We perceive an action completed, is to machine received operational information, and ultimately reflected in the next frame is finished. In practice, most game engines after receiving instructions, to 3 frame interval is reflected on the screen.

Frame number the higher the refresh rate, we can perceive the operation faster. 30 fps game, even ignoring the operating instructions transmission speed, each scene for 33 milliseconds (1s/30=0.033s), an operation requires a 100-millisecond (33 milliseconds * 3 frames) can be reflected on the screen, and 60 fps game, you only need 50 milliseconds to respond here. 50 milliseconds and is likely to decide that you are in the game blast someone else’s head, also was shot in the head.

In addition, if a picture appears too much pressure, too late to render the machine, the picture appears frames even Caton, our instructions will be postponed to the next input. Effect is the operation we do a few seconds ago, appear on the screen one by one after a few seconds, this is the legendary cards chengxiang … …

Classical Science: why the movie 24 fps on the line, but the game 60 fps?



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Bankruptcy relief abenge Chile will resume construction of thermal power generation

Polaris solar PV net news: according to people familiar with the matter said, was back from the brink of Spain abenge renewable energy company is planning to resume within the next few months in the construction of Latin America’s first solar thermal power generation project Cerro Dominador.

Molten Salt power plants of capacity 110MW Tower Cerro Dominador and a 100MW solar power projects Atacama1 hybrid solar power Park, in 2014 to start construction of the project, using molten salt heat storage technology, configuration of 17.5 hours long thermal energy storage systems, 24-hour continuous operation. However, in January this year due to the abenge-debt crisis, about 1500 workers were forced to leave from the project site, leaving part of the maintenance personnel.

Construction is expected to recover in the fourth quarter

This person said, thanks to the abenge company’s debt restructuring plan, the company and its partners United States private equity firm EIG Global Energy Partners is planning to restart in Chile North of Cerro Dominador, a total investment of up to $ 1 billion thermal power station. According to people familiar with the matter say, the construction work of the project is expected to resume from the last quarter.

Bankruptcy relief abenge Chile will resume construction of thermal power generation project

Bankruptcy relief abenge Chile will resume construction of thermal power generation project

Figure: Atacama1 project site

Being Chile, Catholic University Professor and Chile Carlos Barria said of the former Chairman of the Department of renewable energy: “Cerro Dominador solar-thermal power project is a landmark project, it combines perfect sunlight and thermal energy storage system, provides an important source of energy for human solutions. ”

Atacama1 solar power Park is located in the world’s hot and one of the most arid regions of Chile desert area in the North, 10600 heliostat installed, the future will be composed of more than 1 km in diameter mirror field. Construction is ongoing in Cerro Dominador solar-thermal plants can be said to be in Chile from dirty fossil fuel power generation to clean and intelligent power model of a flag, and benefit from the vast wilderness resources and the best light in terms of resource, Chile is also expected to achieve global minimum cost of solar thermal power.

Atacama2 thermal power station is expected to continue

In addition to the Atacama1, abenge in Chile planning Atacama2 solar complex project is also expected to move forward, the environmental assessment of the project has been completed, originally should have been started for abenge debt crisis forced delays. As with AtacamaI solar Park, Atacama2 also contains a configuration for 15 hours of capacity 110MW heat storage system of the molten salt solar thermal power Tower project with an installed capacity of 100MW PV power generation projects.

Atacama2 adopted the design of the Atacama1 solar energy complexes, will present abenge company’s innovative heat storage system, the system will be developed by abenge design, these two projects will provide a high level of power peak regulation capacity, 24 hours a day and can provide stable power output and meet the demand for energy over time.

These project light thermal power and photovoltaic energy output will have an integrated management system, which is renewable grid companies that provide ancillary services as a whole has taken a new step.

Original title: bankruptcy crisis eases abenge Chile will resume construction of thermal power generation project

Photovoltaic module recycling policy China will have a output value of 15 billion

Polaris solar PV net news: by the year 2030, China abandoned solar module produces 1.45 million tonnes of carbon steel, 1.1 million tons of glass, 540,000 tons of plastic, 260,000 tons of aluminum, 170,000 tons, 50,000 tons of copper and silicon and 550 tons of silver.

Europe has the most mature supervision system of PV recycling, other parts of the world, there is no provision to force recycling of photovoltaic modules.

On their roof mounted photovoltaic modules, access to solar power is becoming more and more popular. These low-carbon pioneers ever, decades later, these big PV module want to do?

Last ten years, China has become the global PV installed capacity of First Nations, policies and regulations on PV module recycling is blank. Study on PV module recycling companies and institutions are few, even for environmental organizations, this is a topic that has not yet started to pay attention.

According to the international renewable energy agency, the International Energy Agency photovoltaic system project report, in 2014, the abandoned PV modules for less than 1 per thousand of the electronic waste; and by 2050, it will reach 78 million tons, global commodities market will be worth $ 15 billion.

“The garbage of the PV modules will increase sharply in the near future, therefore, we recommended that States begin to prepare now. “The authors of the report, one of the United States national renewable energy laboratory, Gavin ˙ Dr Heath on the southern weekend reporter.

Retired early, doesn’t care

Photovoltaic module recycling at home does not pay enough attention, because they are retired for some time.

In 2015, in support of PV Professional Committee of China renewable energy society, called “looking for the most beautiful old photovoltaic components” to expand activity in the Northwest, Southwest and so on. Activity party found power running nearly 30 years old components, although the process of rough, Rod rust, but this PV is still running.

Because the decline in power generation efficiency, the design life of the photovoltaic panels are generally set at 25, running for more than 25 years.

“After 2020, PV modules began to increase significantly the amount of waste. “The forecast from the Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Electrical Engineering Department of renewable energy power generation system, the” Twelve-Five “period, they took on the task as national 863 project” PV equipment recycling and harmless treatment technology research “. This is currently one of the few national studies.

PV maker Trina solar limited (hereinafter referred to as Trina) Xiong Zhen, Senior Manager of the Research Department also forecast 2020 for waste component issues in the beginning: “a small, perhaps only 5MW, less than 500 tons, and construction waste than is the ocean. “W (Watts) is the PV module power generation unit, a component can send a year of electricity, 5MW PV electricity from the merely 3,000 households a year in residential electricity consumption.

Early supply of China PV industry abroad, domestic mass install PV modules beginning in 2009, in order to absorb excess PV capacity, the State supports the implementation of the “Golden Sun demonstration project”, such as financial aid, technological support and market pull, accelerate the industrialization and development of domestic photovoltaic power generation.

863 project study on PV module recycling scale was predicted, in the case of power plant operation and maintenance good, 2034 and accumulated waste will reach nearly 60GW, power plant operation and maintenance under normal circumstances, 2034 estimated cumulative waste 70GW. Amount of electricity equivalent to 40 million homes.

Yingli Green energy holding company limited (hereinafter referred to as Yingli) further the result is: by the year 2030, China abandoned solar module produces 1.45 million tonnes of carbon steel, 1.1 million tons of glass, 540,000 tons of plastic, 260,000 tons of aluminum, 170,000 tons, 50,000 tons of copper and silicon and 550 tons of silver.

EU compulsory recycling

While domestic research and development into photovoltaic companies are few, but they have international standards.

PV recycling field of well-known agencies are located in Belgium, non-profit organization PVCYCLE. PV is the abbreviation of PV, CYCLE is recycled. The early 1990 ‘s, PV installation in Europe, began by the year 2007, in order to really distinguish it from conventional energy sources to become green power generation by waste management of “green” products, PVCYCLE came into being.

Photovoltaic module recycling policy, China will have a output value of 15 billion dollars is still blank

Picture source: PVCYCLE official website

After the establishment of waste management platform, PVCYCLE EU PV module manufacturers, sales and installation of dealers and importers to provide collection and recycling services. 2010-2015, which recycled components have been the equivalent of more than 100 million cans of Coke bottles and liangqianduowanzhi glass.

When it was established, Member of PVCYCLE belong to the volunteer. In early 2014, the EU waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) directive the integration of PV modules into one requiring scrap photovoltaic components and household appliances as a product, installation of current and historical to charge a mandatory recycling.

In fact, prior to the mandatory provisions of the WEEE, half of the members are Chinese companies. “And other members, China enterprises for sustainable waste management to demonstrate the same high level of commitment. “PVCYCLE, public relations director PIA ˙ Alina ˙, Langer said. Trina is also PVCYCLE – President of the Council of association the highest regulatory and guidance agencies.

According to the different national policies, members must pay dues and payment processing costs. “Depending on the requirements and market size, market share of large companies pay more. Overall, the collection and recycling of existing waste currently occupy only a small part of total costs, historical and future waste management component is the big head. “PIA said.

Gavin ˙ Dr Heath told the southern weekend reporter, Europe has the most mature supervision system of PV recycling, other parts of the world, there is no provision to force recycling of photovoltaic modules.

PVCYCLE has also affected the other countries and regions. JA Solar Holdings Co of Egypt refers to the components of the project recovery, because the developer is a European.

Domestic strategy of Chinese enterprises have also been infected. In 2009, the first to join Yingli is one of the earliest collection of the PVCYCLE research company. “In 2010, we’ve put together for PV rumors of problems, that question is the future of the recycling and harmless for large projects. “The Chief Technology Officer of Yingli Song Dengyuan said. Company’s first product is the 1998 ABA bright project for poverty alleviation of rural hydropower station in Sichuan, when used for more than 10 years.

National research on PV modules is not many, according to southern weekend reporter, may be only a few companies such as Yingli, Trina. “There are differences and treatment of electronic garbage, it’s research and development is just good, there can be four or five years of technical reserves. “Trina is responsible for research and development of Xiong Zhen said that their project has just started more than a year.

Other company’s domestic operations were also on the sidelines. JA Solar’s Marketing Director Fu Sengui introduction, JA’s current emphasis is also placed on the operation and maintenance of power plants.

In addition to the company, the Chinese research Academy of environmental sciences of the photovoltaic industry in the study of environmental impact and environmental management, as well as recycled content.

“Now scrapped components of little experiments to find obsolete components is difficult. In the field of recycling, the EU also has projects, technical courses and the research and development stage with China. “Central Academy project leader Liu Jingyang researcher said,” but not on the foreign research projects supported in China, we are participating in a declared major renewable energy projects, including recycling. “

Which recovery mode the most business prospects

PV modules including thin film crystalline silicon solar module and battery, running over 90% on the market belong to the former, recycle research has also focused on this.

To make PV modules to withstand wind and rain erosion, and component production have gone through rigorous testing, to 80 degrees Celsius temperature and lingxia40sheshidu low temperature cycle times. However, solid build was later recycled for early problem, “making the stronger the better, when they have to take apart the very troublesome. “Xiong Zhen said.

Photovoltaic module recycling policy, China will have a output value of 15 billion dollars is still blank

Germany workers cleaning up abandoned PV module photograph:

Our physical laws, many technologies such as pyrolysis alignment, is still in the laboratory stage of research and development. Late pre-production components can take into account recycling? Song Dengyuan recalled France had such a try, replaced with vacuum bonded component packaging technology in order to achieve “100% recovery”, but the selling point of current technology is not yet mature.

Than research and development more difficult, more difficult is the embodiment of commercial value.

A PV modules weighing more than 10 kg, after the open, glass and aluminum frame holds a 80% above the weight, the most valuable of the conductive silver paste only 6 grams. Yingli to calculated the economic benefits of crystalline silicon solar module recycling, component recycling has gross margins of about 5%, but this does not include shipping costs.

Photovoltaic power plant located in a remote, transportation is a big problem. Also PVCYCLE, recovery potential benefits have usually been in transportation costs and advance infrastructure investments to offset. “Because the recovery is still too small. “PIA explains,” so we find in the Europe-wide scope of partners, through economies of scale and competition, in the pursuit of the highest recovery rates while maintaining low prices. ”

EU recycling company and do not receive subsidies from the Government. How to improve efficiency, PIA is very optimistic: “the key is to increase the amount of waste in the next few years. “Efforts made by the Association, recovery rate has reached more than 90%.

Song Dengyuan is also very optimistic about the market. He believes that after a period of time, processing costs can cover the cost of the components, crystalline silicon solar module can cycle development. Yingli is expected at the national “Thirteen-Five” period to build a production line, gradually formed its own industrial and profitable. “State support recycling and harmless treatment technology in the future, regardless of whether the projects supported, and we will be on a production line. ”

Meanwhile, he also believes that PVCYCLE can refer to the EU model, through a membership system, allowing Member companies have the ability to demand but there is no ability to provide relevant services and benefits derived therefrom.

In commercial mode Shang, Peking University City and environment College Associate Professor Tong Xin of subject group to Shandong province for cases, proposed has three species stories: 1. scale economic stories: according to transport cost minimum of assumed, province established a concentrated cycle processing facilities; 2. market oriented stories: in population most intensive of two a most urban (Jinan and Qingdao) near established concentrated cycle processing facilities; 3. producers responsibility extends stories: by 6 home production enterprise using production location provides cycle processing facilities. Study results showed that the EPR has the best cost-benefit.

However, Tong Xin repeatedly stressed to journalists over the weekend in the South, more data are needed to support such studies.

In the area of subsidies, Fund subsidy is extended producer responsibility system of waste household appliances, home appliances manufacturing enterprises in production-related subsidies when product put into the Foundation, and then reviewed and issued by the relevant ministries of the State consumer electronics recycling business. If too much less, imbalance of the Fund, would have caused disruptions to waste recycling.

Original title: photovoltaic module recycling policy, China will have a output value of 15 billion dollars is still blank

Running July national renewable power development in key areas

Polaris solar PV net news: with global warming and smog-prone, compared with traditional coal-fired power plants, renewable energy generation more and more attention, its advantages but risks do not emit less greenhouse gases, the greenhouse effect, also has a strategic advantage. For example: through scientific and technological progress and better use of existing natural resources; in the long run, with limited fossil energy sapping its prices will soar, renewable energy generation with the advancement of technology, costs are reduced, promote the security of energy supply, reducing dependence on imported fossil fuels, and the pursuit of sustainable energy demand. Even further, some countries started thinking about “the hundred percent renewable energy policies” because renewable energy sources to be considered for a long time, at best, only as a fossil or nuclear energy supplement.

In recent years, more emphasis on renewable energy development, and issued a series of policies to encourage renewable energy generation and use of growth. Today, you know at the end of July 2016, run in key areas of renewable power development in China.

Inner Mongolia

At the end of July 2016, Mongolian 8.85 million-kilowatt Dongfeng power grid connected capacity, rose 6%, grid-connected PV capacity 940,000-kilowatt, rose 118%, wind, light, biomass the total installed capacity of local power supply a total installed capacity of 33% (the third). In July, the Mongolian wind up wind power 26 million kWh, abandoned the wind, 3% rose 1%; July utilization hours 97 hours of wind power, an increase of 17 hours, photovoltaic power generation in July using hours: 125 hours, down for 28 hours.

West Inner Mongolia

At the end of July 2016, Mongolian wind power capacity of 15.15 million-kilowatt, an increase of 18.5%, grid-connected PV capacity 5.53 million-kilowatt, wind, light, biomass the total installed capacity of local power supply a total installed capacity of 32%. In July, the Mongolian wind up wind power 97 million kWh, abandoned the wind was 4.9%, down nearly 4%; abandoned power light 5 million kWh, abandon rate, 1%, fell 1%. In July, the wind power utilization hours, 124 hours, an increase of 16 hours, utilization hours: 129 hours, down to 13 hours.


At the end of July 2016, 10.4 million-kilowatt wind power capacity, Hebei, rose 12%, grid-connected PV capacity 3.87 million-kilowatt, rose 165%, wind, light, and total biomass of total installed capacity accounts for one of the local 25%. In July, Hebei wind up wind-free, down 1%, utilization hours, 70 hours, fell 19 hours utilization hours 91 hours, fell 19 per hour.


At the end of July 2016, grid-connected wind turbine capacity 5.05 million-kilowatt, China, rose 19%, 420,000-kilowatt PV, wind, and bio-mass 22% of the total installed capacity of the power Assembly machine. July, by hydropower, power electricity rose (this month hydropower electricity compared growth 48%), and to wind situation compared rose (this month 10 meters height average wind speed compared growth 2%) of effect, abandoned wind power 69 million kWh, abandoned wind rate 13%, compared growth 10%; wind electric power using hours number 95 hours, compared increased 8 hours, PV power using hours number 112 hours, compared declined 49 hours.

In Gansu province

At the end of July 2016, wind capacity 12.77 million-kilowatt in Gansu province, rose 12%, 27% per cent of power Assembly in the region. PV grid-connected capacity 6.78 million-kilowatt, rose 17%, wind, light, and total installed capacity of biomass accounted for 41% of the total installed capacity in the local (national). In July, up wind up no significant improvement in the situation of Gansu province, abandoned that wind power 990 million kWh, abandoned the wind, 48% fell 1%; abandoned power 210 million kWh, abandon rate, 26.6%, 1.7% per cent higher. In July, the wind power utilization hours, 87 hours, an increase of 10 hours, solar utilization hours 97 hours, down for 7 hours. On orders issued in Gansu province at the 2016 generation scheduling of priority referred to in the notice, 2016 guaranteed minimum number of hours to 500 hours of wind power, photovoltaic power guaranteed minimum number of hours to 400 hours. The introduction of this policy, not only failed to implement relevant State policies guaranteeing the purchasing management in full, instead of further reduction in the guaranteed number of hours.

Xinjiang (CPLA)

At the end of July 2016, Xinjiang wind power capacity 17.06 million-kilowatt, rose 98%, 23% per cent of power Assembly in the region. PV grid-connected capacity 9.19 million-kilowatt (first in the country), rose 60%, wind, light, and total biomass of total installed capacity accounts for one of the local 35%. In July, Xinjiang to abandon wind of this, the up wind power 1.298 billion kWh, abandoned the wind, 36% rose 10%; abandoned power 230 million kWh, abandon rate, 20%, rose 8%. In July, the wind power utilization hours, 134 hours, fell 21 hours photovoltaic utilization hours, 88 hours, fell for 42 hours.

Ningxia Hui autonomous region

At the end of June 2016, grid-connected wind power capacity of Ningxia 8.32 million-kilowatt, rose 51%, grid-connected PV capacity 5.04 million-kilowatt, rose 102%, wind, light, and total installed capacity of biomass accounted for 40% of the total installed capacity in the local (second). In July, up wind up in Ningxia has grown up wind power 97 million kWh, abandoned the wind, 8% rose 7%; abandoned power 20 million kWh, abandon rate, 4%, fell 1.8%, rose 4%. In July, the wind power utilization hours, 143 hours, an increase of 4 hours; photovoltaic utilization hours 94 hours, fell to 56 hours.

At present, China has entered the era of excess, present serious abandon wind up light inhibits the development of renewable energy. According to national energy Council released of 2015 degrees national can renewable energy power development monitoring evaluation report announced of data showed that, 2015 abandoned wind power situation severe, national abandoned wind power 33.9 billion-kilowatt Shi, compared increased 21.3 billion-kilowatt Shi, which, Gansu abandoned wind power 8.2 billion-kilowatt Shi, and abandoned wind rate 39%, Xinjiang abandoned wind power 7 billion-kilowatt Shi, and abandoned wind rate 32%, Jilin abandoned wind power 2.7 billion-kilowatt Shi, and abandoned wind rate 32%, in Inner Mongolia abandoned wind power 9.1 billion-kilowatt Shi, and abandoned wind rate 18%. Appeared to abandon optical phenomena in the Northwest region, Gansu province, which left electro-optical 2.6 billion-kilowatt, abandon rates 31%, abandoned when the electro-optical 1.8 billion-kilowatt in Xinjiang, abandon rates 26%.

The latest data also show that as of July, currently abandoned wind up light problem remains serious. Chinese wind energy Association Secretary General Qin Haiyan said, abandoned the wind problem is due to the existing power systems do not match with the new energy type, essentially benefit coordination mechanism. “Under the current system, thermal power for electricity planning by the Government each year, forming a de facto right of first generation, squeeze on renewable energy development. “Many wind turbine manufacturers have abandoned wind losses, operational difficulties.

Original title: July run on renewable power development in key areas