XI with distributed PV power application and implementation programme

Polaris solar PV net news: Reporter learned from the Xian municipal government Web site, XI issued with distributed PV power application and implementation programme (2015–2017), which read:

District and county governments, municipal departments, organizations directly under:

The XI ‘ an city with distributed PV power application and implementation programme (2015-2017) on July 21, 2015 study on the 116th meeting of the Municipal Government agreed that it is issued to you, please earnestly implement.

XI ‘ an city people’s Government Office

The August 6, 2015

XI with distributed PV power application and implementation programme


For speed up advance I city distributed PV power application development, optimization energy consumption structure, according to State on promote PV industry health development of several views (country sent (2013) 24th,), and Shaanxi Province Government on model advance distributed PV power application of implementation views (shaan political sent (2014) 37th,) spirit, combined I city actual, developed this implementation programme.

A, guideline

Around the building in XI ‘ an international metropolis goals, to create a new energy model city as an opportunity, through the promotion of distributed construction of photovoltaic power generation demonstration project, exploring PV application path, applications, photovoltaic power generation, speed up my development, promote energy-saving emission reduction and “reduce pollution haze”.

Second, objective

By 2015, 60 MW, 2016 70 megawatts, 2017 about 70 MW-scale layout, by the end of 2017, photovoltaic power generation demonstration projects built 50, building distributed photovoltaic power generation demonstration area (development zones and industrial parks or residential) 10, photovoltaic power generation demonstration towns (neighborhoods) and model village 30, the city distributed photovoltaic power of at least 200 megawatts. After the goal is reached, PV 240 million kWh per year, instead of about 117,000 tons of coal and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by about 210,000 tons.

Third, basic principles

(A) play the decisive role of market forces in allocating resources. Follow the law of market, correctly handle the relationship between Government and market regulation, establish incentive mechanisms and fair competition.

(B) innovative multiple-mode. Encourage specialized energy service companies and the consumer cooperative investment construction and operation management of distributed PV power generation and related facilities, support energy management contract model of distributed PV applications, support social capital investment and construction of photovoltaic power generation project.

(C) to application-driven industry. To demonstration projects and focus on PV enterprises based on improving photovoltaic application development level, speed up the formation of the city of PV industry and technological advantages, promoting development of photovoltaic power generation and manufacturing industries.

Four, focal area

(A) rooftop photovoltaic power generation. Priority in electricity, electrical load stability, high proportion of spontaneous use, construction conditions (clear property rights, effective use of the building not less than 20 years, meet installation requirements roof without shelter, loads), grid access convenient roof construction of photovoltaic power generation system. Support for industrial plants, commercial complex, large buildings, stations, parking lots, schools, government agencies, hospitals, research institutions and urban residential buildings roof, exterior wall and glass curtain wall construction of small photovoltaic power generation system, encourage the other new construction of photovoltaic power generation system and condition of existing buildings. By the end of 2017, rooftop photovoltaic power generation application scale of not less than 120 MW. (Responsible unit: municipal development and Reform Commission, with the units: the municipal construction Committee, municipal planning Bureau, the municipal science and Technology Bureau, the Municipal Commission, the municipal environmental protection Bureau, urban quality inspection Bureau, the County Government and the development zone management Committee)

(B) the PV lighting. City, the focus of the town, industrial parks, tourist sights, such as new roads, squares, parks, public green lighting, as well as the conditions of urban road traffic lights give priority to solar photovoltaic lighting system and the renovation of existing facilities gradually. Urban road building nightscape lighting project should promote photovoltaic applications. By the end of 2017, PV lighting application area of not less than 5 megawatts. (Responsible unit: city councils, with the units: the municipal authority, the City Transportation Bureau, the municipal Public Security Bureau and Tourism Bureau, city construction Committee, municipal information Commission, the municipal quality Council, district and county governments and development zone management committee, etc)

(C) building. Encourage project construction based on the implementation of the technical specification for solar photovoltaic systems in civil buildings in XI solar building integration. By the end of 2017, PV building integration project size of not less than 5 megawatts. (Responsible unit: the municipal construction Committee, with the units: the municipal science and Technology Bureau, the municipal Bureau of quality and so on)

(D) what model town PV. Support to provincial-level key model town, provincial tourism and cultural town model town and renewable use of building roofs, greenhouses, agricultural waste land and barren slopes, beaches, ponds and other construction of distributed PV power plant to promote urbanization. By the end of 2017, model town PV Application scale of not less than 10 MW. (Responsible unit: the municipal construction Committee, with the unit: municipal development and Reform Commission, the municipal land and resources Bureau and environmental protection Bureau, urban agriculture, Forestry Commission, the municipal Bureau of quality and agricultural district and county governments, and so on)

(V) photovoltaic power generation in rural areas. Support farmers ‘ use of free use of land in the hospital building distributed PV to encourage distributed PV and household poverty, combined with the construction of a new countryside, urban agriculture greenhouses and combines and other agricultural facilities, promote improvement of herd life and agricultural and rural development. By the end of 2017, agricultural and rural photovoltaic power generation application scale of not less than 60 MW. (Responsible unit: City agriculture and Forestry Commission, with the units: the municipal development and Reform Commission, the agricultural districts of the city quality supervision, Government, etc)

Five, project approval and grid connection

(A) projects for the record. Management of distributed solar power projects for the record. Corporate investment and construction of distributed solar power projects, corporate units to local district, development zone development and reform Department. To personal-use residential (individually-owned commercial construction) construction of distributed solar power projects, grid-connected individual to submit to the local power grid business applications, accepted by the local power grid company summary, monthly into local district, development zone development and reform Department. District, development zone development and reform Department from the date of receipt of the application, issued by filing within 7 business days. (Responsible unit: the District Government and the development zone management committee, with the unit: power supply branch network to electric power supply company, Xian)

(B) grid connection applications. After the corporate units in the project record, declared to the local power grid enterprise business applications for grid access (direct reporting network access). Power companies received the project owner (owner of corporate and individual owners, hereinafter the same) network access applications, access should be provided within 20 working days client systems, corporate units confirm the access system options, grid access Comment Letter issued by (in the case of centralized multipoint access of distributed solar power projects may be extended to 30 working days). Legal entities to obtain grid access advice letter, follow up engineering and construction work (individual confirmation follow-up design and construction scheme of connecting directly after work). (Responsible unit: power supply branch network to electric power supply company, Xian)

(C) the acceptance and grid-connected operation of the project. Project owners in the distributed grid-connected PV power generation projects with conditions, to submit to the local power grid enterprise business applications for grid and grid-connected commissioning acceptance. Power grid enterprises completed within 10 working days from receipt of the application gateway installation services of electric energy metering, and purchase and sale contract signed with the owners in accordance with the requirements of the project and incorporation agreement; gateway electric energy metering devices installed grid-connected organizations within 10 working days after acceptance and grid-connected commissioning, acceptance of advice to the project owners, after debugging directly into the grid. If unqualified acceptance, power grid enterprise solution should ask the owner. After project acceptance of grid-connected, power companies on a quarterly basis to the Ministry and the National Energy Board report projects eligible to apply. (Responsible unit: power supply branch network to electric power supply company, Xian)

(D) power on mode selection. Distributed solar power grid “spontaneous personal use”, “power” and “full access” for the user to choose one of three modes, transition is allowed. Power grid enterprises in the “full Internet” electricity generated by users and “spontaneous use, more than power” users surf the net margin part of the full purchase. (Responsible unit: power supply branch network to electric power supply company, Xian)

(E) statistics and State subsidy funds. Network of distributed solar power projects by enterprises all electricity, kWh, respectively measurement and statistics, monthly (or agreed) and the owners of distributed solar power projects (including personal) settlement to pay for electricity and State subsidy funds. Distributed PV forecast, according to the principle of distributed solar power projects priority to subsidized capital budgeting and planning, protection of distributed solar power projects the State subsidy funds to pay in full and in the second month before the month in place (provincial and municipal subsidy requests for funding and payment according to the relevant regulations). (Responsible unit: power supply branch network to electric power supply company, Xian)

Six, enabling policies

(A) increase financial support. In carrying out medium and existing photovoltaic power subsidies and preferential policies on the basis of municipal finance for the city district (County) within the scope of distributed solar power projects in accordance with the standard of 1 Yuan per watt, in the grid after running the acceptance of the project, a one-time investment grants. The development zone (cut zone) area PV power generation projects in accordance with the standard of not less than 1 Yuan per watt, in the grid after running the acceptance of the project, a one-time investment grants. Encouraging district, development zone introduced other supportive policies. Levels are allowed to levy resource royalties on behalf of photovoltaic power generation enterprise cost outside of the collection of laws and regulations. (Responsible unit: the Municipal Finance Bureau, the development zone management committee, with the units: the municipal development and Reform Commission, the municipal construction Commission and the County Government)

(B) optimization of project approval and interconnection services. Distributed PV projects access to project records and grid access comment letter (just confirm network access solution) to carry out follow-up work such as engineering design and construction for distributed solar power projects from power, licensing, planning, site selection, land pre-trial, soil conservation, environmental impact assessment, energy efficiency rating and social risk assessment support document. District, development zone development and reform Department and power companies be maintained for each Office distributed applications for grid-connected PV power generation projects for the record and “green passage” publish, process, materials, time frame for completion, providing one-stop services. Connected to the public power grid of distributed solar power projects, the Access project and access-related public enterprises to invest in construction of power grids in part by the network, user side project by project owners invest. Grid Enterprise free of reserve capacity, supply and installation of electrical energy metering device for free, in the grid access and run all aspects of the provision of services shall not charge any fee. Network Enterprise pursuant to the relevant provisions with the local tax department deal with buy distributed solar power projects and power product invoice and tax collection problems. (Responsible unit: the District Government and the development zone management committee, Municipal Council, with the unit: power supply branch network to electric power supply company, Xian)

(C) encourage key units take the lead in installing photovoltaic systems. New comprehensive energy consumption per year more than 3000 tons of enterprise (project), total area of more than 5000 square meters of roofs available for new construction, giving priority to supporting the construction of photovoltaic power generation system. A single effective roof area of 1000 square meters of new buildings, or lead in installed photovoltaic power generation facilities reserved for the installation conditions. Building roof, distributed PV generation conditions of provincial and municipal-level units, in principle, to take advantage of the roof have distributed PV systems under construction. Government investment construction of public facilities, government investment or financial assistance to public buildings, affordable housing, new towns and new countryside construction to give priority to installing PV systems. Support of its affiliate organization of large enterprise groups construction of distributed solar power projects. (Responsible unit: municipal development and Reform Commission, with the unit: municipal construction Commission, the Municipal Finance Bureau, XI ‘ an, XI ‘ an city investment group, State grid power Corporation, electric power supply branch in XI ‘ an, the County Government and the development zone management Committee)

(D) energy policy role to play. All distributed PV power generating capacity into the whole society statistics, electricity consumption after conversion into County Government, development zone management committee and energy-using enterprises, incorporating energy-saving emission reduction evaluation. (Responsible unit: municipal development and Reform Commission, with the unit: municipal construction Commission, the Municipal Finance Bureau, the municipal Bureau of statistics, State grid, XI ‘ an power supply companies, electric power supply branch in XI ‘ an, the County Government and the development zone management committee, etc)

(E) strengthen quality management and safety oversight. Take PV consulting, engineering design, construction and supervision units, should strictly comply with national and local codes and standards, quality management and safety oversight responsibilities entrusted to project construction. Projects must be certified by the State and high efficiency photovoltaic modules, photovoltaic integrated systems, PV system components and other products to ensure efficiency and life span. (Responsible unit: municipal construction Committee, municipal quality supervision Bureau, the municipal authority, with the units: the municipal science and Technology Bureau, the municipal development and Reform Commission, the County Government and the development zone management committee, etc)

(F) co-ordinate roofing resource. Photovoltaic roof installation, and other site resources, uniform rental or sharing the roof PV benefits standards, coordinating construction roofing resources to encourage businesses (personal) investment or rental of roof construction of distributed PV systems, prohibit building owners bid up the roof using price, disturb the normal order of development and construction. PV conditions are met without the PV power system design and planning of new or expansion of a building (projects), related departments in planning, energy conservation, review and acceptance of the project was inadmissible. Photovoltaic power generation systems, but not suitable for the construction of the roof construction, land-use tax according to the highest standards. (Responsible unit: municipal development and Reform Commission, the municipal construction Committee, with the unit: municipal information Commission, the municipal housing authority, the municipal land and resources Bureau and the County Government and the development zone management committee, etc)

VII, safeguards

(A) strengthen organizational leadership. Established by municipal government competent led any leader, city NDRC, and city finance, and city construction, and City Planning Council, and city workers letter Board and the District Government, and the zone CMC and the country network Xian power company, and to electric Xian power branch for members units of Xian City advance distributed PV power application coordination group, is responsible for research developed city distributed PV power medium-and long-term development planning, and major policy and advance measures. Coordinating group set up under the Office, Office in the municipal development and Reform Commission, responsible for the promotion of distributed PV applications daily.

The Division of responsibilities:

Municipal development and Reform Commission is responsible for the management of distributed solar power projects in the city. Responsible for planning, power management, coordination and supervision of project construction, the completion of the project acceptance, grant funds reporting at the provincial level and information aggregation work; development of XI ‘ an city management approach for distributed grid-connected photovoltaic power generation project approval and acceptance, integrated and coordinated promotion of demonstration projects and demonstration area. District, development zone development and reform Department territory responsible for filing, to oversee the project, effectively promoting projects.

City Department of finance is responsible for raising municipal distributed solar power subsidies, special subsidies for distributed solar power projects.

Municipal construction Committee to supervise civil construction PV integration project promoting the work corresponds according to the implementation plan calls for the construction of photovoltaic power generation building energy saving special review of the project, coordination of distributed renewable energy demonstration town work construction of photovoltaic power generation system.

City Planning Bureau is responsible for content distributed PV generation plan into the overall planning changes.

Municipal information Commission is responsible for guiding the city’s PV manufacturing enterprises and increase investment in science and technology, innovation and development mode, lower manufacturing costs, participation in the construction of photovoltaic power generation demonstration projects and demonstration zones.

XI ‘ an, State grid power Corporation, XI ‘ an power supply branch is responsible for strengthening the construction of supporting network and facilities, improve accepted photovoltaic power generation capacity to facilitate distributed photovoltaic grid-connected generation in the user side, fully guaranteeing the purchasing for electricity, grid-connected electricity connection, acceptance, operation and statistical reporting, national subsidies paid work.

Other municipal departments according to their respective functions and the implementation tasks of the programme of work to implement.

County Government and area development zone management Committee co-ordinate leadership distributed photovoltaic application. The development zone management committee to develop this level of distributed PV financial assistance fund-use practices, special subsidies on the area of distributed solar power projects.

(B) pay special attention to construction of demonstration projects. By industrial plants, vegetable greenhouses and station garage, school, party and Government organs, urban residential roof construction, such as photovoltaic power generation demonstration project, rural households, and fumble set up grid access grid-connected applications, debugging and acceptance, the settlement of electricity charges and subsidies granted combination of distributed solar power projects, such as filing, acceptance, quality control and supervision of one-stop service system. Guide social capital investment or equity investment of PV power generation projects in various forms. Set up distributed PV information and trading platform, integration of photovoltaic power generation of various types of information and resources to explore distributed PV power generation projects to the same radio station area in line with policies and conditions of power users a direct selling model, investment, construction, management and match the users effectively and distributed PV to dissolve. Carbon emissions trading pilot found the pattern and path of carbon emissions trading or other transactions.

(C) to strengthen the promotion. Through media such as newspapers, television, the Internet and various exchange activities, popularize the knowledge of photovoltaic power generation, to improve people’s awareness and sense of participation.

(D) strengthening supervision and accountability. PV provides access and acquisition of power grid enterprises is not the amount, it shall explain the reasons in writing and reported to the municipal development and Reform Commission and in our province’s energy regulatory body, causing investor losses, according to the People’s Republic of China economic liability provisions of the renewable energy law. For not following the implementation of the relevant provisions of the programme required, finger-pointing and personal, relevant departments through interviews, supervision, exposure and other forms, urging responsible for corrective action.

Original title: Xian municipal people’s Government Office on issue with distributed PV application programme (2015-2017) notice

Global 40%-added cleaning power in China

Polaris solar PV net news: projected to 2030, the global share of renewable electricity in global total energy is expected to increase to 33%. Over the next 15 years, the world two-thirds of the new generation capacity should come from China, the European Union, the United States and India, other 40% the energy from other countries. On July 16, the International Energy Agency (abbreviated as IEA) released the 2015 World Energy Outlook, the energy and climate change special report. IEA Chief Economist and now a Commissioner-designate Fatih ˙ birol explained, in the context of practical implementation of their commitments around the world, the global energy industry will have “bigger bang” change, by 2030, renewable energy will become the world’s main power source.

The next 5 years, renewable or 26% per cent of global electricity supply

Report shows that current renewable energy accounted for 22% of the world’s electricity, well below the 41% coal power generation, but accounted for nearly half of all new generating capacity. Because non-hydroelectric renewable energy annual investment was higher than the average annual investment since 2000 80% by 2030, renewable energy will be the main source of power, is expected to increase to 33% per cent of global total energy, and inefficient coal-fired power will gradually decline in the proportion.

“By 2030, the energy supply will probably have one-fourth belong to low-carbon energy, the global renewable power generation should be accounted for in the first place. Over the next 15 years, the world two-thirds of the new generation capacity should come from China, the European Union, the United States and India, other 40% the energy from other countries. Global demand for oil will gradually decline, natural gas will become the world’s only steady growth in fossil fuels. Coal in most countries, and both countries have substantially reduced the demand. “Fatih ˙ birol said.

The report was released a week later, in international seminar on global Internet technologies for energy, head of the IEA renewable energy Division Paolo ˙ Frank again with more accurate data on the future development of renewable energy is optimistic. Paul ˙ Frank in his keynote speech, believes that each country is committed to promoting the development of low-carbon energy, which makes the entire energy pattern has changed a lot. The next 5 years, the global renewable energy production will continue to rise, renewable energy and growth in its power generation capacity will reach 45%, power from renewable energy should be 26% per cent of global electricity supply.

The past 5 years, new world 40% clean electricity from China

The important position of our country on the map of international energy IEA pay more and more. As early as 2013, Fatih ˙ birol told reporters: “if I have to choose 3 countries deserves special attention, then my answer is: China, China, China. “Special report, the IEA with plenty of space to analyze the energy situation in China, says global emissions is very important point is the need for China to participate. Because both now and in the future, China is the world’s leading countries in clean energy; without China’s participation, all international targets just oral commitments.

As head of the IEA renewable energy Division, Paul ˙ Frank China renewable energy development focusing on specific analysis. He pointed out that the emerging economies, led by China’s State energy consumption growth, growth of power in China will reach 30%. Active economic environment led to a strong growth in demand for electricity, reduce fossil energy consumption, meant so much additional power must be provided by renewable energy. 40% ‘s new world-wide over the past 5 years clean electricity is in China; in the past 5 years of clean energy, investments in renewable energy than the United States and the total amount of investment is higher in Europe.

Although renewable energy sources in the global development speed is extremely fast, but Paul ˙ Frank believes that States are fundamentally different. Seminar he has repeatedly emphasized that “in non-OECD countries OECD countries the situation is very different. “He believes that renewable energy structure in non-OECD countries is one of the largest new source, although its growth rate is only 35%, but in the future there will be a number of factors promoting the development of renewable energy. On one hand, due to the amount of economic activity in non-OECD countries the very strong demand for energy, renewable energy expansion in order to meet fast-growing demand. The other hand, non-OECD countries continue to expect a comprehensive adjustment of energy structure, rather than just one or two energy sources, energy security and diversification of energy caused by drivers will lead to renewable energy costs will continue to decline in the future.

Within 15 years, it is recommended that an additional $ 130 billion investment in renewable energy technologies

Of course, to achieve the IEA expected, the precondition is that the national climate deal can be reached in 2015.

Energy production and use of emissions generated by two-thirds per cent of global greenhouse gas emissions, which means to be held in Paris on December the 21st session of the United Nations climate change Conference (COP21) the commitments undertaken by States must be both on emissions reduction ambitions, while maintaining world economic growth. How to implement emissions reduction ambitions, global energy-related emissions peaked in 2020, IEA proposed in the report of the special interface (bridging) policy, one of these measures is direct investment in renewable energy technologies in the power industry from $ 270 billion in 2014, up to $ 400 billion of 2030.

“Within 15 years would add US $ 130 billion of investments”, such a goal, in the view of many in the industry may have slightly higher, IEA expressed strongly this is not impossible. Special report, the IEA believes that in 2014, demand for renewable energy has no signs of weakening: renewable energy generation capacity from 2014 on the basis of 128 million-kilowatt, where 37% is the wind, close to one-third solar, more than one-fourth is water; India even declared that by 2022 to meet the 175 million-kilowatt of non-renewable water production capacity. Due to advances in technology result in some cost reduction, renewable energy project is increasingly favored by investors, the project access to financing is also growing. Resource-rich countries, cities or regions in the future, as well as those countries with more favorable policies on the regulation, and include countries with relatively low financing costs, would be a big boost and promote the development of renewable energy.

Original title: IEA: global 40%-added cleaning power in China

“Thirteen-Five” solar PV targets raised a few final am still controversial

Arctic star solar PV network news: author from more article message source was informed that, “Thirteen-Five” planning new energy target raised basic determine, market General expected, related industry of development target will than “Twelve-Five” planning in the prospect of (to 2020 wind electric 200 million-kilowatt, solar 100 million-kilowatt) numerical sharply upgrade, solar power is expected to reached 150 million kW, wind electric 250 million-280 million kW, but raised range still exists dispute.

At present, the wind turbine “Thirteen-Five” planning has been a preliminary programme, is developing the first draft of the plan, is expected to report early next year, PV planning progress simultaneously.

A Department of energy insider, hasn’t finalized these objectives in the energy levels. Due to the traditional power grid construction and relatively fixed, can keep up with the pace of new energy development and, therefore, have different views.

Chinese Photovoltaic Industry Association says, “Twelve-Five” PV installed capacity during target raised time and again, at first is not expected to develop so quickly. From the current industry situation, “Twelve-Five” PV installed capacity target of 100GW by 2020 must have to live. And, based on the Sino-US agreement on climate change commitments, to achieve the goal of 15% proportion of non-fossil energy consumption in 2020, projections can only achieve on nuclear, hydropower, wind power and photovoltaic.

“Nuclear power because of the long construction period, installed capacity by 2020 confirmed; difficulty progressive increase of large hydropower station and economic decline. Therefore, the more likely also to be wind and PV. “He said, in this case, the” Thirteen-Five “solar PV installed capacity target raised to 150GW conservative 200GW are likely.

As early as April this year, the National Energy Board issued a notice requiring renewable energy development “Thirteen-Five” planning, composed the first draft of the plan before the end of September, and to solicit views, forms a national plan draft before the end of December. And proposed planning focuses on the prominent transformation of energy development and promote the adjustment of energy structure, argument “Thirteen-Five” during various types of renewable energy development goals, research priorities in various regions and major project layout, renewable energy local absorptive and transmission needs, technical equipment and industrial systems, and the development of policy.

The industry association told the writer, photovoltaic and wind turbine “Thirteen-Five” special plan on renewable energy development “Thirteen-Five” planned out.

I was informed by the people close to the policy development and related meeting of the Energy Council in mid-July to determine wind “Thirteen-Five” preliminary programme planning. Wind power and other projects “Thirteen-Five” reported plans to develop early next year, is expected to reply in the next year.

But, in fact, eliminate problems faced by new energy, and become an industry speed-up development constraints.

According to Department of energy data, 2015-half wind up wind, 15.2% rose 6.7%, when the national cumulative PV power capacity reached 19 billion-kilowatt in the first half, abandoned when optical weight of about 1.8 billion-kilowatt, Gansu and Xinjiang to abandon light 28% and 19%, respectively.

Therefore, compared to “Twelve-Five”, “Thirteen-Five” is the key channel during construction.

“New energy product quality is also gradually attention, the recent Department of energy launched the PV ‘ front-runner ‘ scheme, combined photovoltaic and other successful enterprise project started in Datong of Shanxi province landed. “More than an interview with author said. “The new energy is very small in the past, the ‘ Twelve-Five ‘ plan didn’t take into account. “An analysis of the long-term focus on new energy researcher at the brokerage, told reporters,” the Thirteen-Five “energy grid needs to be further strengthened during the new construction. New energy policy direction is clear, industry will maintain its long-term prosperity.

Original title: “Thirteen-Five” new energy targets raised a few final am still controversial

Yingli sells photovoltaic power plant to sell overseas assets to solve the debt crisis

Polaris solar PV net news: selling idle land, Yingli resold overseas photovoltaic power plant. Yingli Green energy holding company limited yesterday announced that the company has been located in the United Kingdom a 18.8 MW power project sold to NextEnergySolarFund company. The industry believes that is debt Yingli over 90%, coupled with continuing losses, finance, debt service burden, selling idle land, United Kingdom PV can relieve debt pressures.

PV Giants frequently sell assets

It is understood that this project is located in the United Kingdom on an abandoned airfield in Essex County in the Southeast, occupies an area of more than 50 hectares. Grid-connected projects completed by March 2015, years about meet 5700 United Kingdom average household electricity demand.

Miao Liansheng, Yingli Green Energy’s Chairman and Chief Executive, said downstream of the items sold in accordance with the company’s global business strategy, that is, substantial returns in the development and sale of project assets, but also for Yingli propulsion power plant project development on a global scale to provide additional financial support.

On April 23, Yingli will sell 69 Silicon 588 million yuan of idle land in Exchange for cash flow. Yingli said at the abundant flow of capital the company’s cash flow derived from land sales, and also help the company meet debt obligations.

There is media exposure, Yingli is in talks with a potential buyer to discuss selling a 50 MW solar power project in Hebei province.

Ease high debt pressure

Yingli frequently close to asset sales and high debt, quarter 2014 shows that British listed company section 27.1 billion yuan in total assets, total liabilities of 25.8 billion yuan, debt ratio as high as 95% in the current period, far exceeding the industry average. Beijing commercial news reporters comb found its debt ratio has more than one-quarter above 90%. In business management, asset-liability ratio maintained generally 40%-60% it is suitable, if too much it will increase the risk of financing more difficult, increasing the debt.

While the debt ratio is high, profitability is not optimistic. Yingli 2014 annual report, the company realized gross profit margins increased, but is still losing about $ 210 million in net profit, its revenue was reduced from 2.217 billion dollars from a year earlier to $ 2.084 billion.

PV analysts Peng Meng said in an interview with the Beijing business today, idle land has a good appreciation of space, photovoltaic power plant capable of generating cash, both of these are good assets for enterprises. Yingli currently high rate of debt and continued losses, difficulty in financing, against this background, last-ditch move sell good assets for cash flow.

“Yingli October payments on medium-term notes was 1 billion yuan this year, by selling 69 Silicon idle land for 589.8 million yuan in cash flow, coupled with early sale of 54 megawatts of photovoltaic projects, and the United Kingdom to 18.8 MW photovoltaic project, also in return for 800 million to 900 million yuan in cash flow that can be used to repay maturing debt of 1 billion yuan. “Yingli Wang Zhixin, Deputy Minister of the Department of public relations, said.

Debt-layout high-profit fields

In order to utilize the funds, Yingli began to adjust the scale, focus on relief. Ying Li made it clear at the beginning of this year, due to the focus on highly leveraged and need to restructure this year of $ 4 billion in debt by more than $ 2 billion, by 2015 new capacity is not increased.

Yingli Wang Yi, Chief Financial Officer of more than introduce Yingli is mainly by controlling shipments, gradually turned to asset-light, as well as open up new business to resolve the debt, but also include the introduction of capital by means of strategic investments, SEO, Yingli is expected to bring the debt ratio down to a reasonable level before the end of 2016.

“Photovoltaic components profit margin is less than 10%, and power gains of at least 10%, the high profits of the power plant solutions. Yingli will increase the intensity of PV power plant development, accelerated by the component production, power plant operations transformation to the solution. While enhancing internal cost control, reduced administrative expenses, to resolve the debt problem. “Yingli official said.

Peng Meng noted that Yingli now is quite the right direction, whether it is developing photovoltaic power plants provide solutions, are areas where current industry higher profits and Yingli is cost and technological advantages. If we can achieve a better development, not only can improve the profit situation, will greatly enhance the company’s ability to service its debt.

One industry source pointed out that PV is a capital project, need a lot of financial support currently Yingli debt ratio is already high, if you get enough financing, also needs further observation.

Original title: Yingli sells photovoltaic power plant to sell overseas assets to solve the debt crisis

Heilongjiang photovoltaic project development and construction Guide

Polaris solar PV net news: first, resources

Heilongjiang province is the highest latitudes, the annual average temperature minimum, good solar radiation, solar energy resource-rich provinces. Total annual solar radiation to 1.201 million/m2 year in 2,400-2,800 annual average sunshine hours between the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River. Percentage of Sunshine 60%, temporal and spatial distribution characteristics of South North is less. According to meteorological statistics, Heilongjiang province, Sunshine rate peaks in winter (December-February). It is because the latitude of Heilongjiang higher low winter sun elevation angle, South to the intensity of solar radiation on the vertical surface.

Second, tariff and subsidy policy

PV power station: according to local solar resources and construction costs, the country is divided into three types of benchmark price, develop benchmark price of photovoltaic power station.

Distributed PV: territorial power subsidies for distributed PV policy, price subsidies for 0.42 Yuan per kWh (including tax, the same below), be paid through the renewable energy development fund, by the power companies to pay which, distributed PV systems use more than the power of the Internet, by grid enterprises in accordance with the new benchmark coal price in the local acquisitions.

Third, economic evaluation

Heilongjiang province is rich in solar resources, class ⅱ resource areas, PV power station corresponds to the benchmark price of 0.95 Yuan per kWh, distributed execution 0.42 Yuan per kWh of electricity price subsidies. Assuming the PV Unit cost of the item to 9400, over hours at 1350 hours.

1, PV power station project

Assuming the ground power station installed capacity of 10MW, based on calculations, the pre-tax rate of return between the 9.18% before the project financing, investment recovery period is 9.67 years, projects have good profitability.

Table 1 PV financial indicators table

2, distributed PV projects

Assumes that the distributed project for 1MW of installed capacity. If all Internet access mode, on-grid price of 0.95 Yuan per kWh using spontaneous use, more than power, spontaneous use part of the electricity price is the selling price + 0.42 Yuan per kWh, surfing some new benchmark for local coal-fired electricity price + 0.42 per kWh; all spontaneous use, price is the selling price + 0.42 Yuan per kWh. According to Heilongjiang power grid from electricity sales prices, the highest selling price to General commercial and industrial electricity consumption – 0.8780/kWh, spontaneous use of distributed project selection pays best. This pre-tax rate before calculating project financing 10.98%, payback period between 8.57, the project has good profitability.

Financial indicators table 2 distributed PV project list

Four, filing process

PV project in Heilongjiang Province State policy implementation, provided solar power generation project in project management, national projects of photovoltaic power generation project, need to be included in the annual construction plans.

Original title: Guide for development and construction in China province PV project-Heilongjiang

PV orders for season and constantly but with limited price increases

Polaris solar PV net news: mainland China lift strength of solar domestic demand strong, United States, and Japan and India, market demand is high, order continued to emerge in late July, manufacturers overall capacity utilization to rise. EnergyTrend latest offer study showed that orders for components and raw materials manufacturers has been to three months after the expected heat demand is expected to continue till the end, but is subject to acceptance and raw materials, the price rise range is limited.

EnergyTrend Gao Jiaxi, an analyst said, the current market requirements, so stop the polysilicon processing trade Handbook (the Handbook) fallout will cost month supply chain focus of observation of price fluctuation. End of August the handbook after termination of polycrystalline silicon reduction in imports to China overseas, China polysilicon prices will have a chance to rebound, and then upward to meet increasing demand. However gains still depends on the acceptable levels in the lower reaches and downstream order prices have been hammered out this month, estimates China’s polysilicon August gains difficult to widen, but there are opportunities from RMB116-118/kg up to RMB120/kg, a gain of about percent.

Polysilicon Crystal round part, downstream component efficiency improve makes needs steering efficient polysilicon Crystal round, quality more better of Silicon Crystal round orders boom, so two or three line factory capacity again opened, supply increased makes price by suppressed; line factory expected efficient polysilicon Crystal round price up US$0.835/tablets, but battery factory General on price accept degrees only in US$0.825-US$0.83/tablets Zhijian, eventually will depends on raw materials and terminal market price gains. Single crystal silicon wafer demand power project developed by silicon wafer plant, will have the opportunity to consume some of the capacity of single crystal, silicon wafer manufacturing process reduce the price more space in the future, prices are expected to continue to fall to stimulate market demand.

In the battery, strong demand for high efficiency polycrystalline cells with two or three wires battery plant out again, but price gains are components difficult to prices and excess capacity depressed August Taiwan high performance battery prices range from US$0.31-0.315/W to US$0.313-0.318/W, while the Mainland is from US$0.3-0.303/W to US$0.303-0.306/W. The current polysilicon wafer rally is brewing, and solar cell manufacturing cost is US$0.30~0.31/W, solar cell prices edged only Maori contribution to solar cell manufacturers are limited, manufacturer profitability was still hard in the Middle display industry.

Component prices were little changed in the short term, current mainstream component efficiency has reached 255-260W. China’s first vertically integrated companies to maintain full production, order visibility of up to three months or more, demand heats up, factory OEM orders are released to the two or three lines, let two or three line assembly plant opened in succession, supplies are relatively abundant. Fluctuated within the component prices stabilize, but price is significantly raised.

Original title: solar orders season heats up, but the price rises are limited

Clean power behind Obama’s political calculation

Polaris solar PV net news: resolved Iran after the United States President Barak ˙ Obama (Barack Obama) chose climate change as the next part of his legacy.

Released last weekend by the Obama plan of cleaning power (Clean Power Plan) is of real importance, also has a significant political impact – Paris climate talks last December, is true for next year’s presidential election.

As regards the substance, which is the political authority in times of peace and unprecedented demands on the private sector. It requires the State in 15 years in 2005, based on reductions in emissions of approximately one-third; even if some States will resist, but many States will follow–causing serious consequences for companies and their investors. Coal-fired power plants will be shut down, and as there is limited exports, dozens of United States mine is also closed. No wonder the industry reacted furiously.

Beneficiaries will be companies. Obama’s plan echoed Hillary ˙ Clinton (Hillary Clinton) last month in the fight for the Democratic presidential nomination, the ideas to make solar electricity by 2027 700%, the use of regulatory powers enhance the market share of renewable energy.

In terms of numbers, the plans are ambitious, but judging from the pace of technological progress, growth can be made without a substantial increase in subsidy cases or raise consumer prices. United States solar power costs are falling all over, begins to “net equity” (gridparity, solar power costs down to traditional power generation costs), which means that they do not need subsidies can also compete with the lowest-cost fossil fuels. Clinton’s proposal consistent with the emerging new reality.

Nuclear power and natural gas industries, the Obama plan is neither encourage nor discourage, market share is not specified, nor is there any subsidies. As for now, natural gas industry will be able to deal with, but unless it achieved a breakthrough in cost cuts or new nuclear projects in the United States and Europe to start.

Plan made no mention of promoting scientific and technological development, any initiative that seeks to improve the efficiency of energy supply and use. This is unfortunate, because in order to solve the climate change problem, India needs of low-income countries, such as low-cost and low-carbon fuel source. Policies to encourage development of such technologies will emerge later–after all, the election still more than a year.

Now look at Obama’s political plans. The plan was reminiscent of Kevin Spacey (Kevin Spacey) in the Netflix of the series House of cards (House of Cards) who plays the unscrupulous villain in fulanke·ande wood (Frank Under wood). In the political game, one of the most unique is its claim to define you and differences between the rivals. Another is forcing opponents into they want to avoid the situation. Third is to have them fighting. Do this in one fell swoop Obama three points.

Republicans like is expected to fall into the trap. Seeking the Republican nomination for President of Florida Senator Marco ˙ Marco Rubio (Marco Rubio) immediately declared that the policy was “catastrophic”. Senate Republican Leader Mitch ˙ McConnell (MitchMc Connell) called on States to ignore new laws-when Mitch McConnell in the Senate last year none of the slogan “coal, guns and freedom”. Even a rational position on this issue, has been trying to j-cloth ˙ Bush (Jeb Bush) was forced to criticism that Obama’s plan “irresponsible”.

Given the Republican electoral base and generous donors such as billionaire Koch brothers, seeking the Republican presidential nomination who almost has no choice. Their question (as well as the genius of the Obama political means) is that pandering to those who decided the occasion of the Group of presidential candidates next year, they decided the views alienated voters of the outcome of the election. For example, Yale project on climate change (Yale Projecton Climate Change) poll shows global warming has become a public concern. Coal is considered to be dirty and unhealthy. Assuming Hillary Rodham Clinton for the Democratic presidential nomination, she might not win the support of some coal States. In her proposal, as well as Obama’s plan, an intriguing subtext is that democratic leaders deliberately alienate labour organizations, including the once-powerful mining unions. But their thinking is certainly, conforms to the historical trend, stand in the next side, Hillary Rodham Clinton received more votes in the general election.

Obama’s proposed detailed and complex, and will face legal challenges. They are unlikely to be fully implemented. Part of these proposals, they will not solve the global problem of climate change, will not force other countries to follow suit. But they do help to define the United States energy policy and United States electoral politics.

Original title: Obama “clean power” behind the political

Solar thermal power generation is about to usher in the spring market leading who?

Polaris solar PV net news: Deputy Director of the national energy administration Liu Qi, after encouraging remarks in delingha, Qinghai, again confidence in solar-thermal power generation industry, widespread expectations of strong warming this year.

Solar thermal power generation industry in China has hobbled industry environment has not improved significantly, we also see that many local companies disappear after one or two years, or to give up, or converting.

The market ultimately will belong to those who cling to the industrial development of enterprises. Reporter statistics recently light thermal power generation industry put more focus on manufacturers, you can believe that, if as expected the market in transition this year, these enterprises will be listed below the first batch of beneficiaries.

Original title: who will share the warming solar-thermal power generation market in China after the first piece of cake?

PV future issues of four would need to know

Polaris solar PV net news: 1. the revolution on energy production and consumption revolution as well as the role of PV

Humans now experiences twice the energy change is after more efficient energy, replaces the previous energy development. Now basically formed the coexistence of oil and gas, coal development pattern. The golden age of coal is over, but also a certain proportion. Oil has become the world’s main source of energy, the development trend of natural gas continues to grow over the next ten years could become the first big energy.

At present, the energy change we begin at the third stage of development, and the third features two very different energy changes, the energy change is force-driven change, because it is based on ecological and environmental protection, climate change, energy resources and sustainable supply of external constraints or requirements, is a “passive” changes. In such cases, to change is made up of high density energy transfer to the low density of energy, by the use of energy resources to energy transfer of resources is not, therefore, invariably lead to a rise in the cost of the transfer direction and by the resource dependency to technology dependent before. Technology dependent on the characteristics of the new energy industry become new. Economic growth, which is the third energy change is more complex, and some even call it the artificial energy change. Therefore, the future reconstruction of the energy supply system is needed, characterized by the following features.

First, the energy industry structure will change, will merge more consumption of energy supply system, and there will be more investment. Second, it changes the energy and electricity consumption, energy system is to be decided, because the availability of renewable energy is not the same, consumers will respond to the supply side of demands in the future. The future, demand-side response may be more by policy or economic means to boot. Third, it will change the role of consumers. Prior Division of roles is very clear, the consumer is the consumer, producer is a producer. Everyone is a possible production and sales in the future, both consumers and producers. Finally, in this pattern, the next step in the energy industry’s rules of the game will change. It can be said that distributed photovoltaic is most reflected the concept of this form of energy, is the ordinary “energy dream” forms of energy. Which is why the current distributed PV has received attention and focus one of the reasons.

2. must attach importance to adapt and implement electric power system and docking

The third power-oriented energy change highlighting feature. Because, in the supply source will escape from fossil fuel dependence, 90% per cent of non-fossil fuels into electricity; on the consumption side, new power technologies and facilities, such as the large-scale use of electric vehicles.

Therefore, new energy developments and adaptation of power system and docking is especially important. We see that energy Green, greatly increase the proportion of renewable energy such as solar, is the common choice of strategic adjustment of energy all over the world. Accepted in large proportion of renewable energy power generation at the same time ensuring power system security and stability operation and control costs, is the world’s common problems of power development. On grid-connected renewable energy generation and elimination, at home and abroad have reached the basic consensus is that a given power system (grid) accepted the variability of renewable capacity, depending on the power supplies of the system can be adjusted. Scale of development of renewable energy resources in a particular area, depending on his network’s coverage.

Renewable energy development brings to the balance of power system one of the challenges is the focus of both at home and abroad. Such as wind power, solar energy does not have scheduled extensive access and change a great deal of power, allows instantaneous balance of power system in ensuring that the minute the system balanced and reliable operation faces great challenges. Meeting such challenges requires comprehensive coordination of the entire power system and optimizing the allocation of resources. In the power structure, optimize the structure of power, improve the operational flexibility of the generating equipment, in particular the need to consider building a certain amount of peak-load regulation power source. In terms of grid based, accelerate upgrading grid infrastructure, strengthen the power grid structure, accelerate the construction of trans-regional power grid, improve regional interconnectivity, meet the need of new energy a large network and sends out. In terms of operation, raise the level of intelligent dispatching, optimizing dispatching scheduling, intraday and real-time scheduling, improve ability to accept massive new energy grid. In terms of demand-side response, requires power system to change the traditional operating model, through policies and measures to improve demand-side response capacity, improved load characteristics, and fully mobilize the participation of all types of demand-side resources system.

In addition, you also need to adapt to new energy sources such as photovoltaic grid-connected power systems operation and management system. In terms of grid connection standards, introduction of compulsory incorporation of binding national level technical specifications. In the management of power prediction, new power is the new energy sources into the power generation planning, real-time basis. Requires new energy power generation, dispatching agencies should establish power prediction system. Operation monitoring and management, should be in line with local conditions to choose new construction model of real-time monitoring system for energy. New energy monitor and control system of the basic functions, improve information access of new energy. In terms of schedule management, with the requirement that energy-efficient scheduling means dispatching new energy, developing scientific dispatching rules, and will be included in the annual means such as wind power, solar energy and Manpower, into monthly and balance a few days ago.

Current and future period, substantial growth in electricity demand is at a stage in our country, so for my country, especially attach great importance to and strengthening the planning and co-ordination of development. One is to attach great importance to the coordination of the planning and construction, including power projects development and coordination between power grid planning and construction, as well as changes in power (such as wind, solar, etc) and general power supply (especially with adjustable power capacity) coordination between. Second, we must attach great importance to construction of power grids. Accepted the change of power system power supply capacity is dependent on the system’s power structure, load characteristic and power grid coverage. Increase the proportion of wind power and other changes to accept the four ways are: improving the ability of traditional power, increased peak power, electricity grid interconnection, improve the demand side response capacity. Power grid is to decide whether four kinds of flexible resources key factors involved in the system. Blocking important transmission lines are important factors contributing to system resources cannot be shared; wind power and other unstable power supply in areas remote from the load Center power is relatively weak. Large-scale grid-connected wave power grid structure must be strengthened, enhancing power system interconnection. In China, strengthen its network role grid interconnection, is the most realistic and effective measures in the future.

Long term, large-scale renewable energy development and utilization, technically there are no insurmountable obstacles, but for each specific stage of development and system without the necessary technical measures and means, it will bring many practical problems and contradictions. Therefore, the renewable energy development in the future on the idea of promoting the development of PV, you must establish a two-way concept of promotion, to improve operational flexibility and adjustment capacity of the power supply can be adjusted, expanded/trans-regional power grid coverage exchange capacity, changing traditional patterns of power supply and system operating modes, profit model of the different stakeholders.

3. Professional, innovation is the key to promote the sustainable development of photovoltaic

To meet the technical requirements of the electric power system management, which is the photovoltaic power generation to achieve a healthy and orderly development of “compulsory” and also as PV will become “small is beautiful” emerging energy supply, as an important prerequisite for future main power supply. Germany early on small distributed PV power not take any monitoring measures, grid run of technology requirements also relative lower, with PV power mass increased, 50.2Hz problem, and voltage exceeded problem, and line transformer overload problem, one by one exposed, its results is, only grid transformation a items on needed input tens of billions of euro, this also not including will 100kW following distributed PV power into monitoring need owners investment of supporting equipment cost. Meanwhile, it is also necessary to strengthen technological innovation and management innovation. For PV, and especially in the areas of industry and business model innovation demands have become more prominent.

All of this is based on the development of a common energy objectives. Energy is always to meet the needs of economic and social development, which is the basic task of the target. Now in order to meet these objectives, also needs to reach the Green, low-carbon, environment-friendly, and so on. Future energy needs in environmentally friendly, clean and efficient condition to provide economic and social technologies available, the economic sustainability of an adequate energy supply, which is our development goals. Distributed PV to play appropriate roles in sustainable development costs, not just lower our costs, including access systems supporting and we should try to reduce. Germany studies have shown that reach 52 million kW of PV development scale can basically tell when electricity prices were flat, at this time, the policy does not provide subsidies to distributed PV. Size of 52 million kW in 2020 is expected to achieve. These policies are based on acceptable development train of thought for adjustment.

4. new energy has become the new variable definition mechanism in electricity market

China is now in a critical period of electricity market reform, had been talking of reform programmes of the community. Electricity market reform is the right direction. But relative to the environment of electricity market reform several years ago, with the emergence of a new element, is new energy, it will redefine the basis of electricity market. Electricity market reform in the world, there are two concerns. Is the target market and how to consider elements of the renewable energy development. Second, how to build, including the renewable energy market mechanism. In the new renewable energies into the future, the commodity nature of power is not the power and frequency can be defined, and may be reflected in smaller sessions, at the minute, minute level to support the system.

Renewable energy can participate in the market, how to participate in the market, this is both at home and abroad have been discussing the issue. United States, California is moving toward renewable energy into marketing steps. By 2012, in California and other States, are exempt from the steady supply of wind power, solar energy and other renewable energy responsibility. Renewable energies priority clearing mechanism in California have dropped out. After 2012, the new construction of wind power plants with other plant smooth output responsibility, or a steady supply responsibility, which is typical of California. Giving priority to continued to make wind power in New York State. Which system is better, there is no consensus view. Germany, too, the “negative” mechanism has been adjusted in the near future, now put into operation prior to the year 2015 they wind power plant, able to provide system services to 0.48 cents per kWh of additional price incentives. There is no doubt that this is the existing policy subsidies on the basis of the system of values. The future after government subsidies were removed, means the value of such a system service through the market. United Kingdom study also accordingly. United Kingdom ready to begin to build the capacity of the market by the end of this year, auction volume of the system, in this way ensuring the market value of the traditional power.

Original title: China PV on the future development of awareness of the need to strengthen the

Polaris solar network on August 6, 2015 highlights review

Polaris solar PV net news: Polaris solar PV NET summary August 6 news, guide will expire polycrystalline silicon processing trade policy selection dilemma, Dragon photoelectric by thousands of large contracts party insolvency concerns, *ST integration, *ST Phoenix who restored listed beneath the surface in the position, as follows:

Guide will expire polycrystalline silicon processing trade policy selection dilemma

Dragon photoelectric by thousands of large contracts party insolvency concerns

*ST integration, *ST Phoenix who restored listed beneath the surface in positions

Key technologies of energy Internet

Apt power often favored by the financial institution to accelerate PV development

Hubei jingmen PV comprised an additional 0.25 Yuan

Photovoltaic systems there are a few key losses?

2015 Q2 Latin America PV installed capacity of 363MW

Global 40%-added cleaning power in China

How renewable energy subsidies were removed, problems?

Germany proportion of renewable electricity record

Solar agricultural development proposals

India released MNRE 2GW solar plans

Dongguan: photovoltaic home Department seal?

Polaris solar PV net news: When can say subsidies? Installation of power equipment, you need to determine property rights, find which Department seal? Yesterday afternoon, the Development Council held in Dongguan, Dongguan city policy of distributed solar power projects promotion, some users raised a lot of questions and photovoltaic power generation enterprises, shows Dongguan of distributed PV households still have a lot of problems need to be sorted out.

Installed property rights recognized, questions

Hundreds of people took part in the promotion. From the reaction of participants, PV household, whether business or residential users are looking forward to. But the first step of installation of solar power equipment has a problem. As a rule, installed before the network, you need to first determine the installed property right in real estate, in order to avoid dispute after the machine.

But only said, needs to seal of the village of 220 volts, 380 Volt need to seal of the Department at the town level.

User submitted, sector specific Department at the town level? This is really stuck sitting in the front row of the leaders. It is understood that the town street is now the postal Office, some planning Bureau, and so on.

Development and reform Council, a leading proposal, various town streets are now determining the PV project contact information phone, you can call to confirm. Next, determine which Department is in the city.

Business representatives also raised, confirmed there is a problem of property rights, is now building up the city “green” building design contains the PV power generation projects, said building a House, installed on one side. Certainly does not have the certificate of the property cannot be determined.

Whatever, it also made a number of standard professional issues, such as how to determine the power needed electricity, then straighten out development and reform Department to solve.

Subsidies, long

In accordance with a previous release of subsidy programmes, created January 1, 2014 to December 31, 2016 during the fiscal policies of energy saving model city, municipal development and reform Bureau made of distributed solar power projects, grants can be obtained.

Development and reform Council of the parties, on the use of distributed solar power projects owners of various types of buildings and structures, Dongguan will be 250,000/MW of installed capacity for one-time grants, individual project maximum subsidy does not exceed 2 million Yuan, has enjoyed the national “Golden Sun” and “BIPV” benefits of PV power generation projects, will no longer grant. On non-owned residential construction distributed PV power project of various investors as organ institutions, and industrial, and commercial, and school, and hospital, and residents community,, by actual electricity grants 0.1 Yuan/kWh, continuous 5 years for grants; on using owned residential and the in owned residential regional within construction of distributed PV power project of natural investors, by actual electricity grants 0.3 Yuan/kWh, continuous 5 years for grants.

When the subsidies will be issued? These people say, you first need to press procedures apply, but the process is relatively long.

Original title: Dongguan: photovoltaic home Department seal?

Wing technology: inverter “leader” to “leader”

Polaris solar PV net news: (reporter Chen Yanqing) in June this year, the National Energy Board, the Ministry and CNCA jointly issued a circular on promoting Advanced photovoltaic technology application and opinions on industrial upgrading. The opinions and put forward the “photovoltaic leader scheme” aimed at promoting photovoltaic technology advancement and industrial upgrading. The guiding spirit for the implementation of its views, provides reference for PV equipment selection and tender, scale Certification Center announced in July the first grid-connected photovoltaic inverter “leads” list.

Directory is the scale Certification Center China under CNCA/CTS0002-2014 the PV inverter efficiency technical requirements of the certification test, including Sun power, Huawei, wing technology 7, inverter company selected 15 of these products. This time, not only is the quality of the products must also provide a platform for enterprises to promote their brand.

Leader of “upgrading”

Recalling the PV inverter industry development, you can use the ebb tide to describe, from the hundreds of companies a few years ago now only dozens of homes. However, survival of market competition, there are still enterprises affected by the lure of profit, in terms of price battles the mud begging, confused the market with quality products, low quality products. In such a situation, adhere to technological innovation, adhere to the business bottom line business is a remarkable achievement.

Shenzhen forever technology is the “innovation + holding” companies. Yong Lian Zhu Jianguo, Chairman of science and technology, told reporters that in recent years, wing technology constantly increase input, training a team of doctors, Masters lead, strong capability of independent innovation, product development and experienced research and development team. With advanced technology and outstanding product quality, wing gradually ranks among the leaders in technology.

Files from the State to local opinion, policy-level support for PV continuous. However, macro-policy “benefiting” and before there is no tilt somewhat to advanced technology enterprises. The “leader plans” require all items to choose leading technology products, provides leading companies with a exclusive gala dinner.

“Leader” hard power

According to the energy efficiency plan, so-called leader, are comparable within the technical excellence of product, company, or organization, its significance is higher demands on technology products, to some extent, to the latest PV product technology and business application mode set the reference benchmark, this also means that to enter leader plans the company has strong technical strength and product.

The scale grid-connected photovoltaic inverter test evaluation, Chinese efficiency PV inverter power become important indicators of efficiency, it considered the combined effect of climate factors in China, accurately reflects the PV inverter in actual operation performance of high and low, can better assess the inverter parameters for use in China.

In this scale certification directory published in the wing joint technology YLSSL-500U series inverter won China “efficiency” efficiency class a certification rating represents the highest technological level of China’s photovoltaic grid-connected inverter. According to Zhu Jianguo introduced, YLSSL-500U type inverse variable device is its star products YLSSL-500 models of upgrade, “u” products by representative of products volume more small, power density more big, the products used advanced of MPPT algorithm, makes machine site run of dynamic MPPT efficiency more high; its improved of vector sent wave method, effective inhibit the times harmonic, machine performance index more excellent; the models also get has CGC, and t u v, and CE, and BDEW and many other domestic and international authoritative certification test report. High reliability, high power density, the failure rate is small, cost-effective advantages, such is the premise of the inverter successfully appeared.

In the field of PV inverters, wing technology mastered a number of core technologies. Have complete independent intellectual property rights, and has made nearly 30 national invention patents, utility model patents and software copyrights, and participated in the drafting of a number of national standards of the photovoltaic industry.

Zhu Jianguo said the selected value “leader” list, is sure to product quality, also encouraged yonglian technological advancements. “Always innovation, joint development” is eternal Union development philosophy of science and technology, the company will focus on technological innovation, through the mirror of the market, and continuously improve the efficiency and quality of their products, providing customers with high quality products and services, promote the development of industry-wide. “The ‘ leader ‘ background, yonglian science and technology from a single device manufacturers successfully turned around systems integration specialists and experts in investment and construction of photovoltaic power plants. “Zhu Jianguo said.

At present. Wing technology has produced products including grid-connected photovoltaic inverter, smart mine combiner box, smart mine DC distribution cabinets, small wind and solar (solar energy) controlled inverter machine, relay device, one megawatt photovoltaic grid-connected inverter with completely independent intellectual property rights, reach the world advanced level. Meanwhile, YLSSL-500U models serviced by grid-connected power station in Yunnan, Ningxia, Qinghai, Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang, Gansu, Hainan, Jiangxi, Guangdong, Jiangsu and Hebei, Shanxi, Jilin and other regions have more than more than 50 more than 2GW of capacity. And Yong Lian PV technology to provide solutions is obtained from well-known large State owned enterprises (SOEs) spoke highly of it. Outstanding performance in the market also established a wing joint technology in the PV industry and later being placed on the location.

“Leader plans” reshape the market landscape

On August 3, “national advanced technology in mining subsidence area in Datong, Shanxi solar demonstration base” investment projects signed, marking China’s first photovoltaic industry “leaders” planned landing. But this is not the only base in the future, more demonstration base will be completed. Which leader to fully open up market opportunities, will usher in the industrial upgrading of the photovoltaic industry on the basis of “leads” companies will reshape the market.

The industry believes that, “leader plans” introduced will help to change the photovoltaic industry “big but not strong” status, eliminate backward production capacity, provide opportunities for advanced technology products enter the market, as well as “Thirteen-Five” and more long term quality and efficiency of PV industry and achieve “good manufacturing” provide market protection.

Zhu Jianguo of the points mentioned above agrees that “excellent enterprise has always been committed to efficiency gains, they’re boosting efficiency in cost control and can do better. Although small businesses also will work in this direction, but they could face lack of access to sustainable order to support efficient product sales and cost disadvantages, profits will be lower after the bid. ”

Bragging PV companies to “pay taxes”

Polaris solar PV net news: everyone knows that, bragging is taxed.

However, for listed companies for the PV industry, from now on, the old principle may not apply.

Here’s the thing, a few days ago, Shenzhen Stock Exchange issued a stock exchange second Board in Shenzhen 3rd–guidelines on information disclosure of listed company in the PV industry chain related business. This specification for dedicated solar enterprise information disclosure document, of solar or photovoltaic business of the listed company’s listed companies–including upstream manufacturing and power plant investment and raw materials–information disclosure requirements, is detailed.

For example, for Silicon products manufacturer, not only require the publication of minority carrier lifetime of its Silicon products, silicon wafer thickness, integrated solar cell conversion efficiency, energy consumption and unit costs of production and other data, or even to illustrate one of the key changes in specification and reflect changes in the level of, and reasons for changes and its impact on corporate performance.

Power plant investment companies were required to disclose key data including electricity, grid-connected electricity, electricity revenue, business profits, had sold power trading, trading profits, and so on.

As a new industry, but transcends many industries “distinguished” ranks of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange letter document with standard 3rd, of which there are two possibilities, or is the regulator for the industry too much focused attention, either exaggerated publicity has made this industry regulators to bear.

It seems, belong to the latter of the photovoltaic industry. This industry to make a product “sold to Mars” joke is exactly what Enterprise digital fraud, exaggerated publicity results in the industry.

Of course, the “brag” propaganda with immediate benefits to the enterprise, is very tempting. Especially in a popular concept on the capital market, companies with exaggerated imagination, more attractive to investors of all ages.

However, for an industry, if the constraints on the information disclosure of listed companies like this, the lack of supervision of non-listed companies are probably more optimistic, the whole industry disclosure of exaggerating the situation is also not hard to imagine.

Transitional means of publicity, data are most vulnerable to fraud. Perhaps, that is why SSE so detailed reasons for companies to disclose key data is explicitly required.

Value assessment as a decision-making tool and ruler, data fraud risk is obvious. As I wrote earlier, ranking data is not spelled in the face says, both for the business and industry managers, if the decision is based on distortion of statistical data, its pertinence and effectiveness of strategies or policies, and no doubt will be undermined or even diametrically opposed.

More important is, in the face of a coming age of big data, regardless of the business, and all aspects of social life–including energy – the normal operation of the system, are increasingly dependent on accurate data, precise information as the basis.

In such an era, if false data or information as a general phenomenon, the consequences will be unthinkable. In such an era, to become the key support for photovoltaic energy Internet development, “brag” price, will be phased out.

Original title: bragging PV companies to “pay taxes”

Polaris solar PV NET week hot selection (8.3-8.7)

Polaris solar PV net news: policy review

1. Changsha on speeding up the implementation of distributed PV applications

For implement implementation State on promote PV industry health development of several views (country sent (2013) 24th,) and Hunan Province Government Office on advance distributed PV power development of implementation views (Hunan political do sent (2014) 118th,), spirit, further speed up I city distributed PV power application, promote PV industry Health ordered development, by City Government agreed, now proposed following implementation views. �

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2. about creating solar energy application, zaozhuang city model city implementation plan

A few days ago, zaozhuang City Commission, the municipal development and Reform Commission, issued jointly by the municipal science and Technology Bureau and nine departments on printing <, zaozhuang city, about creating a solar energy model city implementation plan > notice, further increase the solar energy industry leading support, seeking to “Thirteen-Five” at the end, solar energy demonstration building in zaozhuang city became an important urban and industrial development. In recent years, the solar industry is booming in zaozhuang city, the city a total of solar thermal and photovoltaic products manufacturing enterprises 25, annual output of vacuum tube solar water heater 40.9 million, machine 2.2 million units, with PV module production capacity of 800 MW; completed solar photovoltaic generation capacity of 59.5 MW, years when the power 60 million-kilowatt.

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Market review

1. photovoltaic industry asset-light financial trader can become copied template?

From 2013, to get involved in photovoltaic power plant investment, operation by 2014 PV power station installed capacity reached 572 megawatts, photovoltaic power station installed capacity in July this year to break through 1952 MW, joint owned by PV power station lineup was expanded. Reporters found that differs from the traditional photovoltaic companies, combined PV focus on acquisition and operation of photovoltaic power plant, the model for “acquisitions–– to buy” the financial cycle. In the photovoltaic industry facing excess capacity, the background of international trade protectionism, the PV power station financial model can be copied template?

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2. the guide will expire polycrystalline silicon processing trade policy selection dilemma

Last August, for the protection of domestic polysilicon industry healthy competition and the smooth development of trade considered vulnerability and further sealing China’s trade relief measures, China’s Ministry of Commerce issued a “58th of the text” (a moratorium on solar-grade polysilicon processing trade imports notice) and polysilicon manufacturers one-year reflection period of processing trade.

Recently, part of upstream calls for the complete closure of processing trade in China while at the same time, many have called for the middle and lower reaches of enterprises continue to delay the processing trade policy. Side is the middle and lower reaches of the enterprise in order to reduce the cost of calls for continuation of processing trade; foreign enterprises through processing trade export to China’s foreign trade and processing of polysilicon companies, increasing competition on the domestic polysilicon, faced with this dilemma, processing trade policy and how to choose?

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3. renewable energy demonstration area in Zhangjiakou: “herd daily” study new road

The State Council recently approved the demonstration zone of Zhangjiakou City, Hebei province, China renewable energy development plan, agreed to set up renewable energy demonstration area in Zhangjiakou, marking China’s first comprehensive renewable energy demonstration project approved by the State Council official landing. Experts say there are a number of institutional obstacles for renewable energy development, the urgent need by pioneering and innovation in local region, exploring new models and mechanisms to expedite renewable energy development.

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4. the PV allocation and management of resources “, Jiangsu sample”

Jiangsu is China’s economic province in the East, and also the load one of the larger provinces. Over the years, the adjustment of energy structure in Jiangsu Province quality of renewable energy development and lead the country for a long time. At present, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the State Council, our decentralized renewable energy projects to the local implementation of the file system. File system is difficult, how in the course of operation, make rational allocation of limited scenery resources, science has always been decentralized government and PV industry pays attention to issues around. This year, Jiangsu innovation, establish a science of photovoltaic resource configuration evaluation system, was considered a major PV management innovation, can be used by other provinces and territories to learn from.

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5. “Thirteen-Five” solar PV targets raised a few final am still controversial

Authors from a number of sources informed that the “Thirteen-Five” plan new energy targets raised confirmed, widely expected, related industries objective than “Twelve-Five” planning perspectives (by 2020 wind power 200 million-kilowatt, solar 100 million-kilowatt) numerical growth, solar power is expected to reach 150 million kW, 250 million to 280 million kilowatts of wind power, but increase is controversial.

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Enterprise version

1. Yingli sells photovoltaic power plant to sell overseas assets to solve the debt crisis

After selling idle land, Yingli resold overseas photovoltaic power plant. Yingli Green energy holding company limited yesterday announced that the company has been located in the United Kingdom a 18.8 MW power project sold to NextEnergySolarFund company. The industry believes that is debt Yingli over 90%, coupled with continuing losses, finance, debt service burden, selling idle land, United Kingdom PV can relieve debt pressures.

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2. China Merchants brewing industry within five years IV impact of new energy industry leader

At present, China Merchants group has three main business, finance, transportation and real estate sectors, respectively. China Merchants group is very concerned about new energy business, support is also very big wants to cultivate it as a fourth business in the future. The evening of August 3, new energy investment group limited’s joint PV Group Limited announced that the bid “national advanced technology in mining subsidence area in Datong, Shanxi solar demonstration base” 100 MW unit PV power plant project, this also means that PV industry in China’s first “leader” official landing.

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3. PV companies collectively in the first half, “stand up”

Under the policy guidance and market pull, PV enterprises gradually bottom out in the first half of this year the collective “roll over”, shipments increased, profitability is greatly improved, most of the profit is realized. The industry is expected to demand strong technical lead, global PV market will continue to grow rapidly in the second half, merger and reorganization of enterprises to accelerate at the same time, industry concentration will rise.

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4. Dragon photoelectric by thousands of large contracts party insolvency concerns

Dragon photoelectric recently announced, the company signed an agreement on July 31, intends to Sheng-Crystal furnace Nagy PV sales in Inner Mongolia, the contract amount of 18.15 million Yuan. Worth noting is that Sheng Nagy, business situation is grim in Inner Mongolia, is now insolvent. In addition, the relationship between the company and Dragon optical links, in fact, accused Zhou Jian to actual controllers of listed companies Zhou Rongsheng, Gu Yizhen son.

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5. the commercialization of new energy micro-grid Eve ATP first to test the waters

On July 22, issued by the National Energy Board’s guidance on promoting the construction of new energy micro-grid demonstration projects (hereinafter referred to as the opinion pointed out that new energy micro-grid energy represents the future development trend is the Internet “+” innovative applications in the energy sector. Qian Jing jinko global spokesman, new energy micro-grid grid let go of a specific way of placing the lateral social subjects, in line with the direction of thrust of the electric power system reform in China, especially for new energy distribution energy creating huge development space.

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Comment article

1. the solar agricultural problems

PV agricultural projects in the past two years have been developing broad, concrete forms are varied, in a broad sense agriculture includes agricultural greenhouses, open PV photovoltaic PV agriculture, complementary, animal husbandry and fisheries complementation, energy-saving photovoltaic PV agriculture, ecological agriculture, get the PV industry and agriculture both in the field of attention and support. However, the must see that the PV agricultural development so far, policy environment, on the edge of non-uniform construction standards, individual PV-enclosure which has faced more questioning, resulting in many problems, even a dissenting voice.

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2. the energy Internet ≠ “Internet + energy”

Since the “Internet +” concept, the “energy Internet” suddenly a fashionable Buzzword. Many people have begun “energy Internet” hype of the concept. In the hype, most people confuse a concept, that is “energy Internet” or “Internet + energy” equivalent. In fact, energy and now the Internet “Internet + energy,” not only is not the same thing, and 108,000 miles between the two.

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3. brag PV companies to “pay taxes”

Everyone knows that, bragging is taxed. However, for listed companies for the PV industry, from now on, the old principle may not apply. Here’s the thing, a few days ago, Shenzhen Stock Exchange issued a stock exchange second Board in Shenzhen 3rd–guidelines on information disclosure of listed company in the PV industry chain related business. This specification for dedicated solar enterprise information disclosure document, of solar or photovoltaic business of the listed company’s listed companies–including upstream manufacturing and power plant investment and raw materials–information disclosure requirements, is detailed.

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4. How do I look at renewable energy subsidies were removed, problems?

United Kingdom the Government has announced further cuts in subsidies for renewable, in the United Kingdom domestic caused quite a stir. In fact, in April 2014, the European Commission has issued new rules phasing in solar, wind, biomass and other renewable energy industries of State subsidies, and beginning in 2017, all EU Member States are forced to restrict subsidies to the renewable energy industry. United Kingdom the initiative can also be seen as a response to new EU rules.

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5. cool looking at oil giant “abandoned” renewable energy

Back down on the oil giant in the world of renewable energy development, not enough to shake China’s determination to develop renewable sources of energy, diversification of energy structure, remind us in renewable energy development must be both positive and safe. China not as international as big oil and energy companies, driven by capital profit, investing in renewable energy back down on, for this we must have a sober understanding.

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Character articles

1. Wang Bohua: photovoltaic power generation costs can be lowered after five years of 50%

PV industry in 2015, significant positive development, but over the years, photovoltaic excess production capacity, product quality is uneven, high cost of power generation such as public attention to the problem and question. China PV Industry Association Secretary General Wang Bohua has told the media that, with technological advances in PV industry chain link, by 2020 PV prices decline 50% and thus to achieve parity is possible.

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Reading United States market YieldCo models

Polaris solar PV net news: YieldCo is short for Yield Corporation, and REITs (real estate investment trusts), MLPs (master limited partnership), belongs to income (yield-oriented) financial instruments. Created as an innovative financing model of financial instruments, from the United States market sprout growth, has spread to the European markets. In developed countries, the YieldCo model is increasingly being used to solve the problems of financing the new energy industry. At present, there are many trading YieldCo.

YieldCo is short for YieldCorporation, and REITs (real estate investment trusts), MLPs (master limited partnership), belongs to income (yield-oriented) financial instruments. Created as an innovative financing model of financial instruments, from the United States market sprout growth, has spread to the European markets. In developed countries, the YieldCo model is increasingly being used to solve the problems of financing the new energy industry. At present, there are many trading YieldCo.

YieldCo was established by the parent company, holding a certain project assets, operating independently, and publicly traded entities. Different from traditional companies, YieldCo did not emphasize profitability and expansion of the company, most of its assets, in the form of dividends paid to shareholders on a regular basis. Although investors receive equity, stable cash flow, making it and the reliability of claims.

In the United States market, YieldCo as equity, cost about 5%. Sponsoring companies (project developer), in addition to lower financing costs, completed project assets independent of the listing, you can quickly recover huge inputs of the early stage of project development, accelerate the process of development of new projects, improve the efficiency of capital use. YieldCo investors, listed companies held by the original developer of project assets, and completely independent shareholders is a pure, stable financial instruments.

Note: the CAFD2015 market in June has been the publication of the first report

Now, as you can see, more and more renewable energy industry companies are YieldCo models. In China, the GCL new energy is to build solar plant YieldCo financial platform, preparing to go to the United States market. If all goes well, GCL is expected to become Asia’s first renewable energy company to use YieldCo mode.

In addition, it should be noted that YieldCo is in the United States market under the background of more quantitative easing. Now widely expected, will be opened at the end of this year or early next year, the Federal Reserve interest rate hike cycle. YieldCo due to their structural characteristics, reflecting claims tool property, has a certain interest rate sensitive. YieldCo as a new thing, their health at a high interest rate environment, there is a lack of historical data references. The problem, it will be for future market to test.

Original title: the United States market YieldCo models

Key technologies of energy Internet

Polaris solar PV net news: to realize energy interconnection, involving a large number of applications. Different from the traditional power grid, energy is formed by the micro-interconnection of the Internet. Within each micro-grid and power generation (various forms of power generation), energy storage, users, transmission and distribution as well as grid-connected systems. Therefore, the energy involved in Internet technology should be broader than traditional power grid. For example, the collection of energy conversion, energy, power and Internet integration, energy storage, and many other aspects. For your convenience, we divided into smart microgrids and wide-area energy Internet related technologies introduced in two parts.

A key technology, smart microgrids

Cells as an energy source to the Internet, a large number of construction and operation of power grids is the basis of energy Internet. Many of the key micro-grid technology with existing grid technologies vary.

(A) all kinds of new energy power generation equipment

As a micro-grid power, other renewable energy sources are the following:

Solar power, wind power, small hydro power plants, biomass power plants (mainly methane power generation and can be combined with waste treatment, production of organic fertilizer), use natural gas microturbine.

That various forms of new energy technology has now matured, but in terms of how to improve energy efficiency there are many possible areas for improvement.

(B) energy storage technology

Micro-grid of storage can system to meet following three species situation of requirements: 1) in power or grid accident situation Xia, storage can system can quickly alternative power; 2) in micro-network within large load started Shi, due to current often number times Yu run current, need storage can system provides instantaneous big current; 3) in PV and other grid power insufficient Shi, up to for micro-network within load power of function.

At present, the mature technology of lead-acid batteries for energy storage, but have a shorter life expectancy and lead contamination problems. Can be applied to smart PV energy micro-grid energy storage systems are the following: vanadium flow batteries, flywheel energy storage, supercapacitors. These kinds of new energy storage systems have their advantages and disadvantages, as the industry matures and trust that will substantially enhance the quality, performance, stability, and cost can be significantly decreased.

(C) micro-network control technology

Different from the traditional power grid, smart microgrid network has multiple power supplies, and multiple loads. Changes in load, power supply fluctuations, need to be adjusted through energy storage systems or external power. The power adjustment, switching and control is done by a micro-network control center.

Micro-grid control centers in addition to monitoring each new energy systems, energy storage systems and load power parameters, switches, and parameters of power quality and energy, but also energy-saving and improving the quality of electric power.

(D) the smart micro grid systems

In normal operation, the micro-grid, usually taken with a backbone grid running. Micro-grid control systems within the needs and the backbone of power dispatching information communication system, to be in the power supply or when the load changes, the information communicated to the main power grid, and to the main power grid to schedule sufficient time, so that you can guarantee the stability of the power supply and the mains.

Micro-grid and primary network for real-time information exchange, this is done through the micro-grid information system, micro-grid information system can also help micro-grid interconnection between and dispatch to each other so that contribute to the main power grid stability, reduce the supply pressure of mains. Information system is a micro-grid base station information interaction with the outside world. It not only can greatly reduce the volatility of micro-power generation can also be adapted to local conditions, make full use of micro-grid renewable sources of energy and resources in the region.

These four major categories of technology micro-grid technology involved. In addition, micro energy network of comprehensive utilization of energy, also involving waste management, biogas and organic fertilizer production technology, even heating system technology, refrigeration technology, geothermal, and so on.

Second, the energy of the Internet wide area technologies

More than one micro-grid interconnection of energy Internet. Therefore, wide-area technologies mainly refers to the micro-grid energy Internet internetworking and key technology of integrated design of various energy forms.

(A) transport-related energy interconnection technology

Micro-grid power through the grid, but more is needed to build new transmission lines. In addition to cables, new transmission materials such as room temperature superconductor energy long-distance transmission technique in the study of the direction of the Internet. To achieve recovery and power effectively in a low-voltage transmission, full use of the distributed power energy acquisition and production units of the power grid, using room temperature superconductors can greatly reduce transmission losses.

In addition, is a high-voltage or a low-voltage, AC or DC, micro-grid may be built on existing technologies to new selections.

(B) the interconnection of information technology

Energy Internet information exchange can take advantage of existing information on the Internet. However, as mentioned earlier, for very high real-time requirements of control signals, you may need more reliable information transmission. Using network load frequency signal information and communication, is currently a hot topic of research.

To data classification, often real-time data, is not a huge amount, and the large amount of data such as video, real-time requirements are not high. Therefore, real-time database and data classification is necessary.

(C) integration of multiple energy technologies

Electricity is the main form of energy, but it is not the only form. For residential and industrial, except as a form of energy, and demand for heating, cooling, gas. If home heating, may run out of heat-driven air conditioning than photovoltaic energy more efficient. In addition, domestic gas if gas, how to ensure stable supply of biogas quality and energy issues to consider the Internet. For the charging of electric vehicles, also taking into account new technical means. When multiple energy integration, there are also many complementary to each other will increase the efficiency of each other. These need to be used in the process and solution.

In short, energy Internet involves a wide range of technology, not just power professional technology. Given that a large number of technology is a mature technology has been applied in other industries, but in the framework of this new energy Internet needs to find new ways to achieve.

Original title: energy key to Internet technologies

Commercialization of new energy micro-grid Eve ATP first to test the waters

Polaris solar PV net news: (reporter Wang Shasha) micro-grid are in commercial operation in China the night before, the new business model is expected to be born.

On July 22, issued by the National Energy Board’s guidance on promoting the construction of new energy micro-grid demonstration projects (hereinafter referred to as the opinion pointed out that new energy micro-grid energy represents the future development trend is the Internet “+” innovative applications in the energy sector.

Qian Jing jinko global spokesman, new energy micro-grid grid let go of a specific way of placing the lateral social subjects, in line with the direction of thrust of the electric power system reform in China, especially for new energy distribution energy creating huge development space.

New energy micro-grid is based on local distribution network construction, wind, light, and other types of natural gas distributed energy can be complementary, a higher proportion of new energy power access, may be achieved through energy storage and optimal allocation of local energy production and can load balance, according to need and public electric power network flexible interactive and independent operation of smart energy comprehensive utilization of local area networks.

According to the opinion, new energy micro-grid project could rely on the existing distribution network-building can also be combined with the construction of new distribution networks; can be a single new energy micro-grid, can also be an area more new energy micro-grid micro grid group. Encourage new energy micro-grid construction, according to the energy concept of the Internet, the use of advanced Internet and information technology, energy production and use smart match and work together, participate in the electricity market to new formats, formation of high efficient clean energy carrier.

While, views also pointed out that, networking type new energy micro-grid priority select in distributed can renewable energy penetration rate high or has more can complementary conditions of area construction; independent type (or weak joint type) new energy micro-grid main for grid not cover of remote area, and island, and only by SHP power of area, also can is on transmission to Xiang or no electric area power construction has built but power capacity insufficient of village level independent PV power station of transformation.

New energy micro-grid demonstration project which aims to explore the establishment of up to high volatility of renewable electric power transmission (with) storage with integration of local power system, power energy services new business models and new formats, promote the innovation and development of electric power market of more dynamic, new energy micro-grid technology formed a sound system and management system.

Learn from the United States, Europe, Japan and other international experiences, Qian Jing considered early in the development of new energy micro-grid, the Government should pay attention to the interests of micro-grid distribution system, cost recovery mechanisms, such as the formulation of related policies, to ensure that the interests of investors.

Qian Jing said, as early as 2014, the national people’s Congress, jinko CEO Chen Kangping at the time the “two sessions” on the proposal was “should be built on local micro-grid distributed generation,” focusing on distributed PV and the difficulties faced, recommended the establishment of local micro-grid photovoltaic distributed power generation.

Prior to that, in the case of policy is unclear, apt has been explored. In recent years, under the leadership of CEO Chen Kangping, apt set up a design and Research Institute, actively engaged in research on micro-grid, including Xinjiang and Tibet in remote villages without electricity, post, Islands, as well as demonstrated on a residential building in the city. By virtue of the operation of control and energy management, and other key technologies, maximize the use of photovoltaic distributed generation, to improve power supply reliability and power quality and more efficient use of distributed solar power.

This year the “Army Day” before the army, and Division of power as Taizhou Islands donated some troops stationed on the island and is responsible for the implementation of a micro-grid energy storage photovoltaic power plant project, projects include the 50kW solar power system, support of the energy storage systems, micro-grid operation control systems, energy management systems, micro-grid protection and security system and other subsystems.

Before the construction of the project, troops stationed on almost all rely on diesel power, power costs and transportation costs not only expensive, but also has some negative effects on coastal environment. While making full use of local solar resources, projects, protecting the environment, helped push up power intelligent upgrade from there to improve the quality of power supply. “The project as sitech power” Army Day “gift, thanks the troops stationed on their guards, and also as a micro-grid demonstration projects, so that more people understand and know, experiencing new energy micro-grid. “Qian Jing said.

Early development of some new technology projects have to rely on incentives to support, and new energy micro-grid investors and operators are required to focus the application of new technology and its effect evaluation. Apt as a first step into new energy micro-grid areas of enterprise, more emphasis on using demonstration projects to start the market, cultivating the industrial chain of choice. Qian Jing said, micro-grid topic has is high of heat is is good of phenomenon, at least industry not blindly put new energy of development return accountability for grid absorb capacity enough, but implementation in each a a responsibility body of company, brainstorming will micro-grid as distribution grid and distributed power of ties, makes distribution grid without directly face type different, and belonging different, and number huge, and dispersed access of (even is intermittent sex of) distributed power, reduced intermittent sex distributed power to distribution grid brings of impact and effect.

Through participation in the actual project experiences, Qian Jing told reporters, the development of new energy micro-grid there are still a lot of problems, such as critical equipment, including storage systems, energy management systems, control system integration issues, micro-grid protection system, as well as how to further reduce costs, make it more economical. However, with the development of distributed renewable energy, micro-grid construction is imperative, in the current state policy, the economy and new energy technologies and market environment under multiple good opportunities, micro-grid construction will usher in opportunity.

How renewable energy subsidies were removed, problems?

Polaris solar PV net news: United Kingdom Government announced further reductions in renewable energy subsidies, in the United Kingdom domestic caused quite a stir.

In fact, in April 2014, the European Commission has issued new rules phasing in solar, wind, biomass and other renewable energy industries of State subsidies, and beginning in 2017, all EU Member States are forced to restrict subsidies to the renewable energy industry. United Kingdom the initiative can also be seen as a response to new EU rules.

Subsidies for renewable energy industry, with certain public interest from the start color. In global climate variable warm, and fossil energy tension of big background Xia, how more has efficiency to using can renewable energy, is States pursuit of common target; and and of phase contradictions of is, this always is a development degree enough, and profit capacity not strong of Sunrise, thus various offers policy, and subsidies only will came into being, its initially purpose is attract more social funds into this a industry, encourages enterprise development related technology.

From a long-term perspective, blood transfusion is blood in order to make renewable energy industry with self-hematopoietic function, step by step to be able to sustain their own development, and stronger. Enterprise development that much, then consider a gradual reduction or even elimination of subsidies.

Perhaps some people may say, subsidies and other economic policies is not a long-term solution, is not conducive to creating a fair market environment. Germany world of renewable energy support model. Since 2000, since the implementation of the law on renewable energy, renewable sources increased from 6% in 2000 to 2013 25%. However, the heavily subsidized renewable energy lead to electricity price increases too fast. Germany government reforms of the renewable energy sources Act, cut the renewable support policy, control the size and subsidy growth trend, breaking the existing “excessive support” State. Considering the increasing financial burden of electricity consumers, the Czech Government has put an end to all new subsidies for renewable energy projects.

However, the undeniable is that as long as the renewable energy industry development without major leaps, expedient, for quite some time, I’m afraid, should also have its raison d ‘ être.

At present, many of the nation’s renewable energy industry is still in its infancy stage, without government subsidies, otherwise the operation will be very difficult. Developed countries such as the United States also need incentives, United Kingdom then came to reduce subsidies, companies continue to worry about, but there is a lot of struggling to survive in other countries clean energy businesses? Like the infant toddler parents one, may be about to fall.

Therefore, it can be seen, reducing or even eliminating subsidies is a trend, and ultimately the timing is the issue. In the context of the current global economic downturn, for some countries, renewable energy subsidies have become a heavy burden on the Government and taxpayers, reduce subsidies, probably just for this. However, renewable energy companies, like a bolt from the blue. When the Government decided to cancel the subsidies, you should consider whether it dealt a severe blow to many new construction, national emission reduction targets can be achieved, whether a subsidy exists also within the scope of the affordability of the people.

Thus, any introduction of a national policy to take into account various factors in a comprehensive, balanced the interests of all parties to make a prudent decision. According to all economic levels and stages of development, and constantly adjust and improve its renewable energy policy.

Original title: Elimination of subsidies is a problem?

India Solar installed capacity target back to 20GW

Polaris solar PV net news: according to India media, the business standard newspaper reported on August 6, India recently drafted a report for submission to the United Nations reports indicate that India Government commitments completed by 2022 100GW solar capacity goal, instead emphasizing that strive to achieve “Nehru’s solar plan” set 20GW of capacity objectives. Report also reviews the India Government on the slowed the “greenhouse effect” and the measures taken to reduce air pollution and results.

Under the United Nations Framework Convention on climate change, the State party should submit every two years a progress report, which is India’s first report submitted, held to be organized by the Ministry of environment and forest, when passed by Parliament, will submit to the United Nations.

Original title: India the repatriation of solar installed capacity objective to 20GW