Still learning SolarCity Its own trouble

Polaris solar PV net news: spick SolarCity

When most people think about when SolarCity, how the mind must present their innovation, how to change the energy industry, as we read every day in the business press, is always abnormal envy. Almost every mention of SolarCity, journalists don’t forget to add one more sentence: they gave people the right to control energy.

But it really was it? Small series read BusinessInsider today a different story, which questions the models of the SolarCity. We removed the company tremendous aura of sacred, listen to the different voices may also inspire, especially when the PV industry in China to catch up, the experience and confusion may be more meaningful.

Still learning: SolarCity? Its own trouble

Reality phone sales

In a sense, SolarCity people say that innovation is the truth, but it tends to mislead people’s understanding on the nature of business of the company, particularly at the operational level. The reason, probably is the reason SolarCity struggling in the market.

In the real world, SolarCity is actually a door-to-door salesman, and sitting in a cubicle telephone sales calls. They must bend over backwards forcing customers sign the Bill as soon as possible, so that they can more quickly move on to the next one.

Soaring costs

SolarCity will support a large number of push and door-to-door sales team, this description does not do too much in advertising. But this is the sales of their real situation, and most people think it’s so amazing. And that’s why in the past few years, SolarCity root causes for the soaring cost of sales will rocket. And as the most easily understood PV customers decreased, more and more new customers signed up for a short time, SolarCity cost to devote more to develop new customers.

The door-to-door sales approach is actually very old, no matter how amazing looks, in reality it will inevitably have to face the competition of new technology, especially for “new technology” field of is all the more true of the photovoltaic industry. Now, the domestic photovoltaic industry has become quite mature, customers are becoming more and more smart, corresponds with the sale of products and strategies must be updated to meet different customer needs, otherwise, SolarCity will face huge difficulties for a long time in the future.

More and more boring, door-to-door sales

Admittedly, residential PV system up to now is still in an active market. Few people would say, “I want a PV, I had questions about it, I know what I want. “And this is why SolarCity in door-to-door sales so successful because from this incident. Indeed, it is the scope of this neighborhood live home sales give salesmen a good chance, face to face with customers to explain what is the PV, and how they provide services.

But this way of selling more and more boring. As PV concepts continue to hot, the vast majority of customers already know what PV is and how it works, or even know the specific steps of incorporation and financing. People are more willing to spend time to look around and buy, compare products, especially by buying a $ 30,000, or sign a contract for up to 20 years. If you would like to buy an expensive car, would you really want someone knocking on your door, forcing you to sign the contract? Not a chance!

Disruptive new player

Still learning: SolarCity? Its own trouble

In this environment, the PV sales in new players is not surprising. For example Google, based on map marking their rooftop PV ProjectSunroof or something similar like SunPower available direct online product at the new rules of the game, is able to quickly attract new business models. People can easily browse around, get quotes, and adequate hardware and financial programmes of research, so before final decisions are made you can get perfect contrast information.

In this way poses a deadly threat to SolarCity. It will bring more competition in the market, in the long run, it will reduce the profits of all PV installers. The installation team and company want to keep thousands of people, they have to let the team keep busy, so you need to ensure that stable enough to sign the Bill. The marketing team has made a very high demand, SolarCity’s cost of goods sold and therefore more expensive.

Solar financing lease is declining?

In addition, hidden behind the fact that the status quo, that is, people can also buy financial services. SolarCity to knock on your door, said to provide you with a photovoltaic system, the salesperson will no doubt recommend you to buy their rooftop leasing services, because in the long run, the SolarCity is the most profitable business. But if you go out the inquiry will find that direct cash purchase, or loan for photovoltaic is the real way to save money, it will let you get more from your PV cash returns.

A recent report on the network Energy Sage shows their 90% customers can opt for either cash or a loan to buy, finance lease and PPA customers is very small. Energy Sage CEO and founder of VikramA ggarwal said, using their platform customers are spending a lot of time to study solar, they want their comparison, buy the parts that suit them best, get home and install them in the system.

It’s kind of like decorating the House, or you find a repair company, he did walk away keys to a family, or make your own foreman, carefully loaded slowly. Sometimes the decoration company not only your problem, and various decorating details don’t exactly to your habits. In short, if the more mature customers opt for either cash or a loan to buy, which in itself has not telling yet?

People want the right to choose

SolarCity first appears is actually solving a problem: making people less trouble link, one-stop shopping. To date this has worked, but as people learn about PV and, knowing how PV financing, and their system hardware quality are more important, it becomes a fully competitive market, suppliers needed more time to get customers. Reason SolarCity is in a delicate position, because of their “one-stop integrated sales” model was no longer fit for the market.

Transparency in their service as soon as possible, and provide more competitive prices; they will either be network platform and rolled by the native installers all over the Union. Possible, SolarCity rise in cost of sales, slow business expansion, and bottlenecks encountered by continuing losses is their business model of the most powerful proof.

Original title: Chinese company, please note the following in imitation of SolarCity trap

Zhongxing energy arrears of 7 million migrant workers would remove PV power

Polaris solar PV net news: yesterday, this reporter received complaints saying, well-known power plant owners in the industry, “zhongxing energy limited”, as well as zhongxing energy power station business general contractor “Chongqing communications construction company” in arrears. Lead migrant workers outside the plant pull up banners, to dismantle panels dizhang.

Zhongxing energy arrears of 7 million migrant workers would remove PV power station

According to subcontractors on behalf of Mr Yao said: Sichuan, Gansu areas without electricity power photovoltaic independent power project is a national key construction projects for poverty alleviation, a 2012 “Golden Sun” project, zhongxing energy limited, is the owner, total contract issuer is communications construction company in Chongqing, we as a subcontractor. The project began October 2013 bid, start construction in mid-November, in 2014, largely completed at the end of power.

Zhongxing energy arrears of 7 million migrant workers would remove PV power station

Gansu areas without electricity power photovoltaic independent power supply works include construction in Jiuquan, wuwei, Gansu province, four in Pingliang area PV power station project construction and equipment installation, Sichuan areas without electricity photovoltaic independent power supply construction project, including the ABA, Ganzi, Liangshan autonomous areas without electricity in the three States PV power plant construction and equipment installation, a total of more than 250 concentrating photovoltaic power station construction.

Yao Mr said 2014 end of engineering completed Shi, owners and total package party delay not settlement engineering paragraph, led to hard, and throwing home homes industry of agricultural migrant workers took not to deserve of wages cannot home, in local government sector of coordination Xia (Sichuan province Muli County petition Council, and labor monitored brigade are has we of do have engineering information and workers wage information, owners party and total package party also has we of information), owners party paid has part engineering paragraph, commitment remaining of engineering paragraph in had Festival Qian paid, on put workers are sent home has. But does not give us paying for the lunar new year, when we go to reminders and they said to wait until the end of April after completion until May when we go looking for them, they say they want to wait until July or August, delayed until now there is no solution. During this period we also went to the Government departments, I hope Government departments to coordinate government departments to call them, the owner and the general contractor is not sent to the scene to solve.

Yao Mr said: “farmers workers hard rain or shine, rain, throwing home homes industry, miles to remote no electric area to you company worked, willing, work time long, work conditions poor, you actually also dare arrears farmers workers of wage, Sichuan, and Gansu no electric area conditions is most hard of place, elevation more than 3,500 more meters, high of place more than 4,000 more meters, not pass Highway, material in full by people carry horse Pack, eat of live of are is poor, dry a years has end of took not to money, and had has a years also not to money, abhorrent Ah”.

According to press reports, as of press time, up to zhongxing energy is still in arrears with more than 7 million, after more than a year now, peasant are still anxiously waiting for the money.

Zhongxing energy co’s official website says that the company is a State-level high-tech enterprise, focus on new energy resources and energy-saving environmental protection integration services. 1.29 billion yuan of registered capital. Zhongxing energy as one of the areas without electric power construction enterprise built and implement advances in Xinjiang, Qinghai, Gansu, Sichuan, Inner Mongolia and other areas without electric power development projects. By May 2014, the company said amounted to the implementation of residential photovoltaic system 59025, centralized power stations 354, solved more than 280,000 farmers and herdsmen living, education, electricity, health care power based on the people’s livelihood, such as electricity.

Original title: zhongxing energy arrears of 7 million migrant workers would remove PV power station

Department of energy abandoned wind up under the medicine can cure

Polaris solar PV net news: Department of energy released on December 16, the local Office of the National Energy Board powers and responsibilities list (for trial implementation), again referring to “not full purchase of renewable energy” administrative penalty provisions of the Act, namely, power enterprises are not full purchase of electricity generated by renewable, causing economic loss of the renewable energy power generation enterprises shall be liable.

This policy out, industry insiders have said that “under the Department of energy” is strong medicine.

In recent years, with the rapid development of wind power, solar power, abandoned due to power limited absorptive capacity wind up solar power is growing, many problems also appear. In Xinjiang, for example, by the end of 2014, total installed capacity up to 6000duowanqianwa in Xinjiang, where wind power is 10.21 million-kilowatt, 15.16%, PV 5.03 million-kilowatt, 7.49%. January 2015 to November, up than 31.6%. From national economic situation to look at, is expected in 2016, abandon wind up will be even worse.

If this Department of energy policy in a new change and six supporting documents seen, this policy is the embodiment of the new implementation of the change programme, is in order to give priority to the development of renewable energy, guaranteed renewable distributed energy generation of priority measures. Seemingly charm policy, how effective is still worth considering.

Three questions:

Renewable electricity companies dare to challenge the power grid enterprises?

Can renewable energy power Enterprise serious rely on grid enterprise will power conveying out, both in business form Shang is not competition relationship, but master and servant relationship, also so abandoned wind abandoned light power phenomenon appeared has call no door of embarrassing position, now, masters of led to masters of servant are said, if you of masters on you bad, can told I, I to punishment you of masters, masters in himself led before natural is recognize counselling of, but servant are dare can’t with himself of masters challenge that is another a said has. Why, no.

Traditional fossil fuel power plant interests where?

Of traditional fossil energy power generation enterprises in economic development contribution natural need not go into details, its interests are at stake and grid companies, also result accumulated power development. These companies do not have enough to eat have been prominent, and some units in a stopped state, there has been a local excess electricity capacity. For now, rapid economic growth as a result of this big cake is gone, enough to eat hungry man is naturally stroppy. Although part of traditional fossil energy like thermal power generation enterprises in energy saving and emission reduction, zero-emissions and other data fraud on one after another, does not live up to expectations, but in the short term, there is no renewable energy instead of its old position, so power past no longer, but still exists.

Over protection of renewable energy conducive to the development of the industry?

Government policies or financial support for the nascent industry is nothing short of a good thing can be conducive to the rapid growth of industries to form effective relatively free market competition environment. Today, wind energy, solar power is not a child, and has considerable growth in the technology and engineering application, when it comes to the adventure, to be a mule is a horse-drawn out when I walk. Sudden put priority to the development of renewable energy, who does not give way to renewable energy penalty who posture is clearly unwise, because there is no mechanism for the formation of effective competition, renewable, without administrative intervention is the best market market, of course it is very idealistic.

Two thoughts

Abandon wind up what is wrong with the power cuts come from?

Most people blamed for causing abandon wind up the power cuts due to thermal power, analysts believe that with the arrival of this new normal economy in China, the original power supply and demand, weak relationships were broken, there has been a situation of oversupply, as large thermal power enterprises of the energy supply for their own interests, regardless of the interests of environmental protection, the renewable living space is reduced further. Admittedly, this is part of the cause.

Abandon wind up the power cuts was another part of the reason to wind, solar power generation enterprise blind expansion, mainly due to over-capacity. By June 2015, China’s wind power capacity reached 105 million kilowatt, photovoltaic power installed capacity up to 35.78 million-kilowatt, in 2014, China-made solar photovoltaic panels to the global market is about 67%. According to the economic development, development of renewable energy should appear slow at this time is consistent with common sense.

Abandon wind up the power cuts for energy transformation in what is enlightenment?

Nowadays, energy transformation of China’s energy situation, since it is a general trend, inevitable. Behind the conflict of interest reflects the long-term absence of electricity market competition mechanism, essentially from a holistic point of view is often caused by excessive administrative regulation market intervention, which in turn led to the dislocation of the allocation of resources. Energy driving force comes from the smooth transition of power would be to dissolve on the basis of also planning wind power, photovoltaic output channel can send out, produce economic benefits, it can be stimulated to guide energy investment.

Price was the best leverage, it was the worst of the lever. The reason is that electricity price reform is actually the essence of new electric power system as a whole, only electricity prices from the power supply through to the demand side. Abandon wind up the power cuts that, if the tariff issue and proper methods, than repeating an administrative penalties for breaches of power grid enterprises to more directly and more effectively.

Nowadays, abandon the wind up the power cuts in the short term it’s hard to get a perfect solution, and administrative penalties for the development of renewable sources of energy can only be one of the supplementary means, for renewable energy development, the need to establish fair competition mechanism of fuss. But the Department of energy, after all, have come to a solution on the road. This is a good place to start.

Original title: abandon wind energy Council to abandon medicine can cure under light phenomena?

Power of movements full of flavor The speaker actually burn petrol

  We never put the speakers and, and link two words, but really nothing is impossible in the world, this very rough objects in the following figure is the gasoline-powered speaker Mega Boom Blaster!

iPhone leather case

Power of movements full of flavor! The speaker actually burn petrol

  At use of recyclable items make all sorts of strange things Netherlands designer Stefan Bus this is not unusual, other people trash into works of art, but he had to create a whole speaker, also burn gasoline! iPhone 6 leather

  Mega Boom Blaster model pretty bad, in fact, it is very close to the people, as long as the connected computers, smart phones and MP3 players these things can play music. How large the speaker runs the noise is really maybe, but as long as cool as well.

  Where did the material come from? Stefan Bus from one businessman hand buying 1.5 meters long, 1 metre diameter tank; from his father in the attic to find speaker related parts engine parts and old gasoline generator by Russia forces.

  If said practicality, Mega Boom Blaster does not get high marks, but seeing so domineering speaker, who will not go to thinking about something is not practical.

Power of movements full of flavor! The speaker actually burn petrol
Power of movements full of flavor! The speaker actually burn petrol
Power of movements full of flavor! The speaker actually burn petrol
Power of movements full of flavor! The speaker actually burn petrol

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World s top 500 supercomputers heaven second top

World's top 500 supercomputers:

  Beijing time on November 17, according to the Wall Street Journal’s Web site reported Monday, the latest “global supercomputer TOP500” list shows that China with 338.6 million floating point operations per second capability “milky way, second” super computer system to win again. Among the top 500 supercomputers in the world, China owned by the high performance computing took 109 seats, while 6 months ago this figure was only 37.

  List, located in the United States at Oak Ridge National Laboratory’s “Titan” supercomputer ranked second, which can perform 175.9 million floating point operations per second. leather iPhone case

  Since June 2013, “Tianhe second” system has been ranked in the top position. Building supercomputing systems in China is on the rise: in the past two years, developed by the National Defense Science and Technology University “milky way, second” super computer system, became the world’s most powerful supercomputer. China in building a supercomputer technology is universal.

leather iPhone 6

  The list also shows that although the United States has 200 supercomputing systems entered the “global supercomputer TOP500” list, but the number hit a historical low at the list since its inception in 1993.

  Throughout the United States for high performance computing equipment research and development, although the United States invested an unprecedented effort in this area, but in the “global supercomputer TOP500” list continues to decline. In the past decade, Google, Amazon and Facebook arm of the Alphabet, have spent billions of dollars to buy supercomputers built a large data center. However, these systems have not been fully utilized, failed to meet testing standards of the Top500 Supercomputers.

  United States Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory), Deputy Director of huosite·ximeng (Horst Simon) says this shows that China’s ongoing expansion accelerated in the supercomputer field, but does not reflect United States of supercomputer research and development a serious slowdown, “China has realized the value of modeling and simulation of high performance computing systems, Increased simulation capabilities and a wide range to create the related infrastructure, and Supercomputing infrastructure with the United States is highly competitive, “Simon said.

  ”The global TOP500 supercomputers” result is very important, because the list is considered the international competitiveness of computer simulation speed table. Supercomputer was originally used in physics and chemistry, modeling, but these large equipment is increasingly closer to the consumer products, from automobiles to diaper product modeling, are able to see the shadow of Supercomputing systems.

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Distributed PV sunshine credit birth

Polaris solar PV net news: this year, the PV plants financing problems are plaguing the industry. On December 16, distributed PV launched in Shanghai “sunny loan” sparked a thousand waves within the industry. According to Shanghai city development reform Board, and Shanghai City finance joint released of on carried out distributed PV “Sun loan” about work of notification (following referred to notification), Shanghai City will in existing SMEs financing guarantees work system based Shang, delegate Shanghai City energy-saving emissions Center as third party industry service institutions, is responsible for built “Sun loan” project management and detection platform, temporarily by in the insured Shanghai branch bear specific guarantees business, commitment offers interest rate of pilot Bank as lending subject.

Beijing Jian Heng Sun Liping, a researcher at the certification center industry said in an interview, the notice of steady income, the maximum advantage of PV power station has been fully played, utility value to manifest, inventory of distributed PV business funding solves solar power plant investment in financial issues.

Has high social credibility

According to the National Energy Board announced in October for the first three quarters of this year PV statistics, Shanghai cumulative PV installed capacity reached 300,000-kilowatt, PV 70,000-kilowatt. New installed capacity in the third quarter before 120,000-kilowatt, the new photovoltaic plant 50,000-kilowatt.

It is understood that this “sunshine credit” loans to SMEs registered in Shanghai to invest in this city of distributed PV project (in development). Loan period is divided into 1-year, 3-year and 5-year project loans, companies are free to choose. Credit lines as a single loan amount does not exceed investment 70%, a single company secured loan balances accrued up to 15 million Yuan. Bank lending rate benchmark interest rates in principle for the people’s Bank (depending on the project up to float no more than 15%), a security company in accordance with the annual rate for a guarantee fee of 1%.

The notice clearly suggested that the triage classification cooperation coordination mechanism established. Shanghai energy conservation centers, banks and security firms from project quality and personal credit and guarantee quality audit. In order to simplify the procedure, uniformly accepted material by the Shanghai Municipal Center for energy conservation and emissions reduction. Meanwhile, the establishment of coordination mechanisms, the controversial project, the Shanghai Energy Conservation Center to organize a Conference to coordinate views. Establishment of risk-sharing mechanisms. If loans default, due diligence after the recovery in banks, municipal financing of guarantee funds and the banks share in 90%:10% proportions. Among them, the funds partly by municipal and district levels, financial 60%:40% share.

A PV industry analysts pointed out in an interview with Xinhua, the uniqueness of the circular after, China also never pass for wind power, centralized photovoltaic, solar thermal energy and other new loans guarantees provided to financial forms. Also, because of the Government’s financial guarantee, has a strong social credibility. “In addition, the new deal has a strong operational, risk controlling have good means of implementation. Including guarantees compensation over 5%, in principle, will be suspended ‘ sunshine credit ‘ projects accepted, introducing third-party supervision. “The analyst said.

Related news:

“The policy of the original” Shanghai municipal development and Reform Commission and the Shanghai Municipal Finance Bureau on distributed PV “sunshine credit” notice on work

Shanghai introduced the first distributed PV loan deal

Boost small and medium enterprises

The Shanghai City launched the “sunshine credit” the biggest bright spot is the first distributed PV project is proposed “to use quality equipment guarantees Mortgage Corporation, project tariff right to future benefits, subsidies have pledged to guarantee company, Shanghai Municipal Center for energy saving and emission reduction should be accompanied by a security company to implement loan against pledge of procedures”.

“This can to a large extent for project development companies solve the shortage of funds. “Sun Liping said.

“Benefits of distributed PV power station is very stable, to serve as collateral value of the power station can be fully reflected, inventory of projects development Enterprise Fund, so as to solve the power plant investment in the Fund. “It is understood that, due to the development of large photovoltaic power plant enterprise scale larger, higher credit rating, loan is relatively easy. Financing SMEs in the development of distributed PV project is the most difficult. “Credit is difficult to assess and identify credit on your own is difficult to credit. Now with the preparation and development of power station, with the station’s cash flow as credit and mortgage, for SMEs, which is a big plus. “Sun Liping told reporters.

The circular provides that a company secured loan balances total no more than 15 million Yuan, according to project investment 70% measure, support project development and construction of 2 to 3 MW. “For distributed PV development of small and medium enterprises, the number is not small. “Sun Liping said.

In addition, the notice also set out in detail in the loan process, imposes strict time limits on each link. Sun Liping said the time limit for the notice clearly with the approval, reflects the Government’s determination to boost lending policy to allow distributed PV enterprises more confident about applying for loans.

Distributed PV will be more supportive

Worth noting is that in the industry in the near future, “went viral” PV benchmark price reduction message has been confirmed, some in the industry also cut its benchmark price of Shanghai’s “Sun loan” as signal echoes. Foregoing PV industry analyst said on condition of anonymity, the introduction of these policies, as can be seen in the East of the country to develop distributed PV projects supported and encouraged. “In the future, do not rule out the other Eastern provinces are similar encouragement or innovation support policies. “The analyst told reporters.

It should be noted that, for “sunshine credit” made by 1-year, 3-year and 5-year loan term, Liping Sun believes that these three terms are too short. “Photovoltaic plant may quickly take 6-7 years to recoup their investment costs, 1-year and 3-year loans for businesses it’s a bit short on time. “However, the reporter learned from the Shanghai Municipal Center for energy saving and emission reduction, distributed in photovoltaic project development business loan expires, will allow companies to continue to lend. In addition, the provisions of the notice “If loans default, due diligence after the recovery in banks, guarantee funds for SME financing undertaken jointly with Bank 90%:10%” Bank ratio may increase in the future.

“Further reading”

Non-PV asset mortgage or secured loan

1, mortgage investors to assets no loans to fit their business needs, and a larger scale of fixed assets of enterprises.

2, investors and enterprises in the banking business guarantee investors that is associated with a certain credit rating, and its line of security has some spare, you can loan guarantees for solar investors services.

3, non-affiliated enterprises investors no more than a combination of loan conditions, you can contact certain enterprise credit guarantee amount, good for PV has some awareness, development of the enterprise, its loan guarantees for investors.

As a security company, you can obtain the appropriate return.

Control risk is that investors will PV power plant ownership and usufruct mortgage guarantee company; as soon as investors are unable to repay their loans, secured enterprise PV into their folds, 70% of its acquisition cost is the cost of power plant construction.

PV mortgage assets or cash flow for sale

1, construction period investors temporarily unable to get bank loans, long-term loans, short-term loans needed during the construction period to solve the problem of funding the construction.

Such loans, there is another solution, that is, by way of BT, underwritten by the EPC construction. The level of this model will need to weigh the cost of capital, you also need to consider whether the current EPC to take on this model.

2 such loans, short-term loans refers to the plant building and power plant 2-3 years after its commissioning, investors in order to hold or Bank proves that the PV power plant have a stable cash flow required before the bridge funding.

Such loans require investors to buy any brand of equipment products, and photovoltaic power plant insured property and power loss caused by major equipment damage.

3, long-term loan, PV power plant EPC generation guarantees-for EPC procurement of equipment or materials and build quality problems caused by electricity generation decreased EPC is responsible for compensation EPC companies can purchase professional liability insurance to reduce their risk of suffering a loss.

B, operation specified by the EPC business enterprise-operations corporate power loss due to poor operation and maintenance; operation enterprises can also purchase professional liability insurance to share risk.

C, investors buying major equipment purchases, the insurance of property insurance; capacity loss due to an accident due to regional power, access to the system transformation, policy risks resulting from changes in government policy.

D, construction land or housing stability is to divide responsibility inside the EPC concerning land or house property right change, lease contracts signed by both parties in advance to register property rights exchanges in order to protect the interests of the PV.

After the above points, banks can open a loan account, earmarked for loans for PV plants financing.

Insurance additional content related to loans or insurance, photovoltaic power plant have to accept third-party testing, evaluation and supervision.

Original title: distributed PV “sunshine credit” birth

Who should pay for clean development

Polaris solar PV net news: recent sentencing by the intermediate people’s Court in Jinhua city, Zhejiang Province, in one case, a trial court defendant, a chemical company to pay to the plaintiff, a company (defendant photovoltaic plant on the roof of the investor) electricity and overdue penalty more than 100,000 yuan.

Billion in investment in the photovoltaic industry, such a small case, there is no cause for more concern, seems surprising.

However, this was said to be “the first nationwide distributed photovoltaic roof tariff dispute” behind the small case, but hides the clean development mechanism design problem, one of the most prominent, is required for clean money, exactly who will pay?

Don’t know if anyone ever wanted to, Jinhua city, Zhejiang province before the new tariff for energy company regain what is behind?

Further, many domestic clean energy investor, why suffered power cuts, subsidy arrears and other helpless situation?

Bear the high costs of clean energy after and made great contributions to energy saving and emission reduction, clean energy investors, but also faced regain investment “marketing” risk. How embarrassing this is, what a pathetic picture.

Coincidence is that opened the world climate conference in Paris on the same day, “an unprecedented blockbuster smog, moving to Beijing city”. International political issues in this already far away, suddenly become ordinary people have to pay attention to problems in life.

Most perplexing is why we bear the increasingly high costs of clean development, but seems to become more and more serious environmental pollution.

On one side is everyone has the money to pay, and the rising renewable additional; the other side of it is clean energy similar to the Zhejiang Jinhua default risks encountered by investors, and increasing clean energy subsidy funding gap.

Which is wrong? Each of us the cost is not enough? Is the current mechanism itself there is a design flaw?

Perhaps we should think hard about this question, who should pay for clean development?

Related news:

First distributed PV projects sentencing tariff dispute

On the surface, clean development appear to be a national responsibility of public welfare undertakings, and preferably universal participation, sharing of responsibilities, because, after all, involves the immediate well-being of everyone. However, if such a simple, global climate change negotiations would not be so complicated, so difficult.

As climate talks have reached the most help the parties to cooperation–the key concepts of “common but differentiated responsibilities”, as for the cause of clean development in China, indeed everyone responsible, but a distinction should be made is who should bear the primary responsibility, who should bear the main responsibility. After all, this should be the one who paid for who, who pay less interest.

For now, most are wrangling in the global climate negotiations is the issue. More and more people realize that clean development is clearly not a cause, but is more of a benefit, or is a new pattern of interest.

Disassemble it from the perspective of the clean development predicament re-demarcate the boundaries of responsibility, at least logically make the problem simpler. That is, who caused the pollution, who will bear the costs; pollution who pay more. That is why over the years the course of global climate talks.

Though this is both in the world and within countries are not easy to implement, but this is the basic logic of development financing should be clean and only way of establishing a virtuous circle of the clean development mechanism.

At least, for Zhejiang Jinhua already carry high costs of clean energy the new energy company, as well as a large number of China’s clean energy investor, take back electricity (investment) “marketing” risk, should not be borne by them.

Related news:

First distributed PV projects sentencing tariff dispute

Original title: who should pay for clean development?

Ford will be formally established in 2017 driver assistance systems

  When relating to self-driving cars will have implemented a formal problem, it is still hard to say. But certainly the point is that cars are becoming more and more smart. Perhaps bowing to various rumors about the Apple AppleCar’s “threat”, the major car companies are trying to study on automobile intelligent, Ford is no exception.

  In the time before, even to test driverless car Ford built a virtual “City”, which would be enough to see their determination in this regard. Of course, they hoped to achieve by other means of intelligent cars. For example, Ford recently announced to be launched in 2017 and driving assistance systems.

Ford will be formally established in 2017, driver assistance systems

  The driver assistance systems will be established through the application mobile real time connection to the car, you can phone will lock and unlock the car and tire pressure, oil tank real-time monitoring of the remaining, and so on. Of course, for real time positioning it is necessary, which can also ensure the safety of vehicles to the greatest degree. iPhone 6 case leather

  Of course, similar to the parking situation gets, lane keep monitoring and reminders, forward collision warning systems and automatic parking systems are also features that it will. While the majority of these features look a bit “Junior” and seemingly is not hard to do, but for Ford. They’re going to turn this into a professional management system, meaning that it will be connected to the network can provide a variety of instant messaging, or the regular version upgrades, and so on. On the face of it, this seems to be a more reliable and relatively high availability of plan.

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Forward 2016 photovoltaic wind turbine layout Thirteen Five

Polaris solar PV net news: in 2015, as the “Twelve-Five” final year, is unusual on the development history of China’s new energy a year. This year, grid-connected wind power, photovoltaic capacity both at the world’s first high point model base on PV leader, solar-thermal electricity, new energy micro-grid, photovoltaic, and other forms of new energy development for poverty alleviation brilliant. However, in economies in transition, economic growth is shifting and installed another high background, “abandoned the wind”, “the abandoned” once again became unbearable for new energy development, “growing pains”. “Thirteen-Five” is deepening reforms, promoting the revolution in energy production and consumption to accelerate energy an important period of transition, at the time of change of China’s new energy industry need to be standing at a new starting point, and grasp the opportunity to achieve new breakthroughs. 2015 highlights five new energy development in China in 2015, further adjusting and perfecting new energy policies and actively promote new energy innovation, exploring new ways for the development of new energy, creating a new situation in the development of new energy in our country. 2015 development highlights five of the new energy in our country.

Highlight: record high PV on-grid capacity, end of 2015 is expected to surpass Germany one of the world’s first

Since the beginning of 2015, as the country’s support to further increase, photovoltaic power generation costs, PV market demand at home and abroad, PV power plant investment enthusiasm. Third quarter of 2015 years ago, PV manufacturing industry output value of more than 200 billion yuan in China, PV enterprises profitability improved markedly, average gross margin over the ten component companies prior to 15%, most enterprises out of the red. PV Unit investment continue to decline, PV module price has fallen to about 4/w, photovoltaic power plant development and construction cost dropped to 6~7/watts, power plant profitability improved significantly. Top 20 component manufacturers in the country, almost all involved in downstream of hydropower development in business. 2015 1 in September, the national cumulative PV power installed capacity of 37.95 million-kilowatt, an increase of 161%, where the PV power station 31.7 million-kilowatt, distributed PV 6.25 million-kilowatt, new installed capacity 9.9 million-kilowatt new threat definitions. In September, to support new energy model city, green energy demonstration counties as building photovoltaic power plants, National Energy Board increased 2015 PV power plant construction in some areas, bringing the 2015 issued by the National Energy Board new photovoltaic power plant construction reached 23.1 million-kilowatt. According to preliminary calculations, the end of 2015, our photovoltaic generating capacity more than 40 million-kilowatt has no suspense, and is expected to surpass Germany as the world’s photovoltaic power generation for the first nation.

Point two: start construction of solar thermal power generation demonstration project

Resource condition, solar-thermal power generation is no benchmark price policy and other factors, slow development of solar-thermal power generation in China, currently the solar thermal power industry is still in its infancy. By the end of 2014, China has built experimental demonstration of solar thermal power stations (System) 6, size about 13800 kW; solar thermal power station of previous work carried out 18, size 901,000 kW; national record (grant) solar thermal power stations under construction 12, installed capacity of 493,000 kilowatts. To expand the scale of the solar thermal power industry, nurturing system integrator},20 coincidence in September, National Energy Board BU on the Organization construction of solar thermal power generation demonstration project notice, decided to organize a number of demonstration projects on solar thermal power. Trough and Tower-oriented demonstration project, required capacity of not less than 50,000-kilowatt, required to configure storage devices, and storage capacity to meet short-term cloud cover without stopping the machine, ensure steam turbine power rating of not less than 1 hour. According to the initial declaration of results and statistics, accumulated over more than 100 project participants declare, declare capacity reached 8.83 million-kilowatt, about 1 million-kilowatt project wins final.

Highlight three: photovoltaic demonstration base of leading or opening Eastern PV development in new era

June 2015, the Ministry, National Energy Board, the CNCA jointly issued the Declaration on the promotion of advanced solar technology products and opinions on industrial upgrading and introduce PV “leader” project, including the construction of photovoltaic power generation demonstration base of advanced technology and new technology application demonstration project, project uses advanced technology products is required. National advanced technology in mining subsidence area in Datong, Shanxi has become the first approved PV PV demonstration bases leading demonstration projects are exploring solar power generation, renewable energy and control coal mining subsidence combined mode. Base plan 2015 years construction size 1 million-kilowatt, until 2030 to build 3 million-kilowatt, and subsequently, yangquan city, baotou, Jining, also combined with wood features the preparatory report, is expected to become the new leader in PV demonstration bases, General Declaration reached 5 million-kilowatt, in addition, Jiangxi, Anhui, Shanxi, Shaanxi, Inner Mongolia, Hebei cities in preparation for the leader of Al-Qaida’s declarations. Based on advanced technology photovoltaic demonstration base, develop new technologies, new models, new path model, for resources on relatively tight in the eastern region the development of photovoltaic power generation brings new opportunities to promote PV industry technology, optimizing layout of photovoltaic power generation, PV Application market is of great significance in Eastern expansion.

Highlight four: new energy micro-grid demonstration and explore new business models and new formats

Volatility for exploring contain a high proportion of renewable electricity transmission (with) storage with integration of local power system, power energy services, new business models and new formats. In July 2015, the National Energy Board issued the guidance on promoting the construction of new energy micro-grid demonstration projects. New energy micro-grid has two main types of demonstration projects, one is the networking micro-grid, the technical requirements are no more than 110,000-volt and exchange of power outlets and time controlled, renewable power and peak-load ratio of greater than 500Ic; has the ability of Islanding. Two independent micro grid, technical requirements are powered by AC bus; renewable power consumption and peak-load ratio of greater than 500Ic; reliability is not lower than similar levels, this new energy micro-grid demonstration is the biggest breakthrough, allowing micro-grid high voltage levels at 110,000 volts, subversion at home and abroad concerning the definition of micro-grid. In the environment of electric power system reform BU, new energy micro-grid demonstration projects may be placing before the electricity market opening policies, became de facto liberalization of the placing of the pilot.

Highlights five PV accurate poverty poverty alleviation pilot exploring expanding PV market and win-win

On PV in jinzhai County, Anhui Province, on the basis of pilot experiences on poverty reduction, the National Energy Board and the poverty alleviation Office under the State Council organization in Hebei, Shanxi, Anhui, Gansu, Ningxia and Qinghai photovoltaic pilot project for poverty alleviation in six provinces. Each province to choose 5 counties, making the village as a whole. Includes households with distributed PV PV poverty alleviation pilot project, based on the barren slopes and agricultural greenhouse, two forms of terrestrial photovoltaic power station. As 20 skillfully years September end of, as PV poverty pilot of Hebei, and Anhui, six province and non-pilot provinces of Chongqing are has been determine 20 skillfully years PV poverty pilot implementation programme, total scale over 1.2 million-kilowatt, and from pilot project implementation situation view, Anhui Province PV poverty work advance more fast, in households with PV poverty project aspects, has been grid 8763 households, each households 3-kilowatt, jimu in jinzhai County; in village collective power station project aspects, has been grid skillfully 2 a, each 60-kilowatt, jimu also in jinzhai County ; In terms of ground station, jinzhai and Lixin counties 100,000-kilowatt PV project preliminary scheduled for commissioning in late 2015. PV is a new approach to poverty alleviation work for poverty alleviation, development of rural resources, slope roof can take full advantage of distributed PV, to promote poor people’s income in the area of employment, expansion of the domestic PV market, improving the conditions of rural energy, has been listed as the State Council poverty alleviation Office 2015 “ten precise poverty reduction project”.

Situation of China’s new energy development

Economic growth into the new normal, electricity demand growth has slowed

“Thirteen-Five” planning period is China economic into new normal Hou of first a five years, with economic growth from high-speed Steering in the high-speed, power needs growth also will into in the high-speed stage, and with economic structure of optimization and industrial structure of optimization, units output energy and the power consumption are will is BU drop trend, power elastic continues to BU drop, and 2015 by economic growth further slowed, and structure adjustment in-depth advance and “cool summer”, factors effect, is expected to annual society electricity volume growth only for 1% around, Lowest level since reform and opening up. The CPC Central Committee for formulating national economic and social development set by the recommendations of the 13th five-year plan “Thirteen-Five” during the annual economic growth by more than 6.5% expected electricity demand is expected to rise by about 6%.

From a macro viewpoint, needs a new engine of economic growth in transition, new energy industries as strategic industries will usher in a new development opportunity from micro-layer in the wind and the total installed photovoltaic power reached 150 million kW, and power under the background of weak demand growth, relying solely on policy to address new energy markets to dissolve is probably unrealistic. In 2015, with the record high scale development of wind power, solar power, both ranking first in the world, Western Gansu and Xinjiang wind power, photovoltaic power to dissolve the grim situation. New energy sources must be “weaknesses”, hard skills, reducing cost and increasing efficiency, to Bo, occupies a strong position in the fierce competition in the electricity market.

Promoting the reform of power, new electric power system is under construction, new energy and how to adapt to the new situation, no consensus

Since March 2015, CPC Central Committee State on further deepening power reform of several views (following referred to 9th, paper) issued yilai, has introduced on improved power run regulation promote clean energy more sent full sent of guide views, and in Gansu, and in Inner Mongolia carried out can renewable energy near elimination na pilot; introduced on implement Central 9th, file spirit speed up advance lost distribution price reform of notification, and in Shenzhen, and in Inner Mongolia, and Anhui, and Hubei, and Ningxia, and Yunnan six a area carried out pilot. Also, also has on lost distribution price reform of implementation views, and on advance power market construction of implementation views, and on power trading institutions formed and specification run of implementation views, and ordered put development electricity plans of implementation views, and on advance sale electric side reform of implementation views, and on strengthening and specification coal-fired owned power plant supervision management of guide views, 6 a supporting file is introduced.

According to the 9th article of the spirit, new energy as a public power industry, the Government will retain its power generation plans, and in accordance with the plan affordable to buy. According to the supporting documents, the State established the right of power generation systems, clean power priority grid, through sufficient space power plan, power delivery, unified predictive power, organization and implementation of alternative measures, such as giving priority to power generation right, enjoys the right of power enterprises and users, initially not participate in market competition. “Thirteen-Five” is the crucial period of the implementation of the 9th article of the State Council, plan and market trading under the two-track system, implementation of new energy generation right of priority is still facing many uncertainties. New energy development experience from Europe and the United States, in a competitive electricity market, wind power, photovoltaic power generation by virtue of its low marginal costs, by participating in market competition naturally give priority to Internet to dissolve, easier to implement new energy to dissolve. Therefore, the industry about how the new energy is involved in the electricity market, participation in the electricity market, knowledge is not uniform.

Lower gateway to the wind power and PV on-grid price

In accordance with the strategic action plan for energy development (2014-2020) the request made by 2020 wind power and coal power price, photovoltaic power generation and grid sales price. In wind power, photovoltaic installed capacity exceeds 100 million-kilowatt, generating cost has dropped significantly, power subsidy arrears under the background of serious problems, the “Thirteen-Five” period, the onshore wind power, photovoltaic power generation lower gateway to the benchmark price. According to the national development and Reform Commission on improving onshore wind power, photovoltaic power benchmark price policy notice (discussion paper), will pursue the onshore wind power, photovoltaic power benchmark price with the price policy of gradually reducing the scale of development. Starting from 2006, new benchmark onshore wind power price 0.02~0.03 Yuan/kWh a year; new benchmark PV price 0.02~0.05 Yuan/kWh a year. Abandon wind effects, subsidies in arrears, not new energy price adjustments in time, new energy development in a “high subsidy, high growth, high power, high arrears” cycle, restricts the development of new energy. This pricing policy adjustment mode, will help guide the new energy investment for a long time, improve the efficiency of additional renewable electricity price subsidies, promotion of new energy sources such as wind power, photovoltaic power generation industry healthy and orderly development, promoting the development of new energy balance.

“Thirteen-Five” new energy development

The “Thirteen-Five” period is an important period of China’s new energy development, to promote energy production and consumption revolution, the overall strategy of strengthening ecological civilization construction, and 2020 non-fossil sources of energy account for the share of primary energy consumption target of 15%, has made it clear the new energy in energy structure in China’s strategic position. Meanwhile, wind power, solar energy industry as a national strategic industry, it is important to promote China’s economic restructuring and industrial upgrading. Although price will decline, but the State subsidies for new energy policy, new energy priorities to dissolve the incentive policy will not change. “Thirteen-Five” will continue to be important opportunities for the development of China’s new energy industry, new energy development trend will not change.

Wind power industry into the stationary growth phase, despite the “three North” area growth slowed, but centralized large-scale development of wind power in China, the primary pattern does not change. With the installed capacity of wind power in China entered the era of million kilowatt, wind power industry in our country can be said to enter the “young adult” period. In power market reform of big background Xia, in scale and benefits of weigh, and abandoned wind or price of choices, and power and capacity market of game, and drop electric price and increased additional of two-way incentive in the, wind electric industry of development will return rational and ordered, “Thirteen-Five” during wind electric keep annual added installed 20 million-kilowatt around, 2020 years wind electric installed reached 200 million-kilowatt above is can achieved of, through mechanism innovation, and expanded elimination na range, serious “abandoned wind” problem can get solution.

From development, while taking into account the absorptive problems, dispersed in Eastern countries increased in the scale of development of wind power, but the wind resource distribution and characteristics of wind turbine technology centralized large-scale development-oriented wind patterns will not change. On one hand, China is rich in wind energy resources, mainly in the “three North” area, Jiuquan, Gansu, Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia and Hebei bashang, Western Jilin, Heilongjiang and other regions accounted for more than 80%. The other hand, wind power development and occupation of the land, the Visual impact and noise of the fan determines the population density, scarce land resources in the eastern region, and scale of development is very limited. According to the wind “Thirteen-Five” planning and preliminary results, 2020 distributed in Eastern and central China onshore wind development is only about 25 million-kilowatt, the “three North” area wind power development wind power development will remain as a share of total 64%.

Rely solely on local absorptive cannot fundamentally solve “three North” area of new energy to dissolve the problem, you must crack the new energy challenges. According to wind electric planning research results, 2020, Northwest, and Northeast, and North wind electric installed of share will respectively reached 25%, and 20% and 10%, preliminary measuring, 2020, northwest province within can elimination na wind electric of proportion for 54%, and across provinces elimination na of proportion for 46%; Northeast province within can elimination na wind electric of proportion for 59%, and across provinces elimination na proportion for 41%; North province within can elimination na wind electric of proportion for 69%, and across provinces elimination na proportion for 31%. Therefore, must rely on technological innovation and mechanism innovation, and cracking the new energy challenges, promote the development of wind power industry into a virtuous circle.

Overall will still maintain a rapid growth of photovoltaic, PV development is expected to realize a new breakthrough in the East, will present new situation in the East, middle and West simultaneously; along with a number of pilot projects, solar-thermal power generation is expected to achieve new breakthroughs. The “Thirteen-Five” period, as the cost of photovoltaic power continued to decline, photovoltaic power generation will still maintain a rapid growth, are expected to cross the 100 million-kilowatt mark. With the “Twelve-Five” two years after the development of the photovoltaic industry momentum, 2020 China PV power over 100 million-kilowatt is possible.

From the development, the “Thirteen-Five” period, China’s solar photovoltaic development pattern will be adjusted. “Twelve-Five”, our photovoltaic power mainly to Central ground station in the West. At present, the West accounted for 70% of total installed PV power capacity, only 30% in the East, this mode of development has brought recently in Gansu, Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang, Ningxia and other provinces in the West of the PV power plant “abandoned” power. Distributed in the eastern region under the situation of the photovoltaic market is difficult to break, PV leads the model base construction started for the development of the East of photovoltaic power generation market to find a new model. The “Thirteen-Five” period, taking into account the electric power system of distributed PV potential release, leading PV demonstration project increased and photovoltaic projects, and by 2020, China PV development in East, middle and West simultaneous development of new situation.

With the National Energy Board demonstration electricity prices to promote solar thermal demonstration project, “Thirteen-Five” period, the benchmark price policy of solar thermal power could be on the cards, development of solar-thermal power in China is expected to realize the new breakthrough after 2020 solar-thermal power 3 million-kilowatt development goals will be broken. Consider the normal direct radiation from the Sun, topography and land, water resources and other factors, “the Thirteen-Five” during the development of key areas including Western Inner Mongolia alashan League and the Ordos area, Western Hexi corridor in Gansu, Qinghai and other regions.

Original title: forward-2016: photovoltaic, wind turbine layout “Thirteen-Five”?

BNEF 2015 second half of global energy markets Outlook

Polaris solar PV net news: 2015-one to three quarters more than 1.1 GW of new energy projects announced, this is the highest level ever. While Germany and Japan’s subsidies are about to end, but did not affect the markets of small scale energy storage system vendor’s optimism, 2016 in the two markets are expected to keep growing. Globally, as project size grows, we see this in the financial, commercial and regulatory aspects in the field matures.

We expect more than 450 megawatts of energy storage project in 2015 and put into use in 2014, representing a sharp rise in about 160 MW:

• United States remains the most dynamic energy storage market, a variety of new business and financing mode in the stage floor to achieve.

– In September, the Kauai Island utility cooperative (Kaua’I Island Utility Cooperative) and SolarCity to regulators for approval of their 20 power purchase agreement (PPA). This will be the United States’s first set of photovoltaic power generation and storage service in one of the power purchase agreement.

– American renewable energy Ltd (RES Americas) completed the storage area’s first non-recourse financing, for a total of 40 MW/16 MW of projects supported.

– Aggregate several uses for personal use (behind-the-meter) storage systems involved in the wholesale energy market and a pilot project is underway to provide grid services.

-FM owned by the PJM market assessment for the future deployment of storage in this attractive market risk.

• Europe markets: some quarters before the late news breaking the silence.

– Germany STEAG power Enterprise agreed to purchase 90 megawatts from Nidec Asi/140 MW of energy storage system. The € 70 million project for the biggest deal since 1978, the much-needed impetus for the region.

– Germany in 2015 will be terminated at the end of its photovoltaic and energy subsidy program. Since the scheme was launched in May 2013, has sold about 27,000 systems. However, the termination of subsidies did not affect the country’s optimism of many storage system vendor.

– Italy transmission system operator Terna production in 2015 of 47 MW/264 MW energy storage system. The company also is planned for 2016/17 flow batteries and supercapacitors pilot projects put into use.

– United Kingdom TSO national grid has already called for “enhanced frequency response” (EFR) intention of scheduling service sought bids for new balance. Project in December 2015, opening February 2016 bids, and starting from the summer of 2017 to provide the service. TSO expects its price to United Kingdom twice times higher frequency response of other markets.

• The Asia-Pacific region: markets converging and energy storage markets and frequent activities.

– Japan economy, trade and industry (METI) had not applied for the first time since the 2012 Fund used to subsidize their own use (behind-the-meter) storage systems. However, price declines accelerated and retail electricity market opening control rapid heating and other factors may lead to a campaign.

-In Korea, Government support continues to drive market activity. To achieve the goals of 2020 to reach 1.7 GW, State-owned power generation enterprise Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO) signed 200 megawatts of energy contract in August 2015.

– China is steadily advancing the energy storage industry layout, however, some important issues are still unresolved, many of these problems are expected to get answers in the forthcoming reform of electric power market in China.

– At the same time, Australia is the growth of the storage-especially for personal use (behind-the-meter) storage-the market leader in this mainly stems from its rooftop PV systems rapid development and maturity of the energy market.

Original title: late 2015 the global storage market Outlook

The National Energy Board grid is not full purchase renewable power will be

Polaris solar PV net news: recently, this reporter learned from the National Energy Board’s website, the National Energy Board considered the adoption of the local Office of the National Energy Board authority and responsibility list (for trial implementation). Notification clearly: no full purchase of renewable electricity can impose administrative penalties! And grid companies compensate the loss.

Excerpt of the original policy is as follows:

Project name: penalties for not full purchase of renewable energy

Implemented by:

1. the People’s Republic of China renewable energy law article 14th 29th article violates this law, utilities are not full purchase of renewable electricity, causing economic loss of the renewable energy power generation enterprises shall bear liability, and rectification by the State electricity regulators; it refuses, renewable energy generation companies fined not more than 1 time times the amount of economic loss.

2. grid Enterprise full acquisition can renewable energy power regulatory approach (national power regulatory Committee makes 25th,) 20th article grid enterprise, and power scheduling institutions has following behavior one of, caused can renewable energy power Enterprise economic loss of, grid enterprise should bear compensation responsibility, and by power regulatory institutions ordered deadline corrected; refused to corrected of, power regulatory institutions can sentenced can renewable energy power Enterprise economic loss amount 1 time times following of fine:

(A) against the rules no construction or access project fails to build renewable energy generation projects;

(B) refuse or hinder renewable power plants signed a purchase and sale contract, grid scheduling protocol;

(C) is not provided or not provided in a timely manner of renewable power services;

(D) not dispatching of renewable energy power generation;

(E) other power companies or electric power dispatching reasons prevented full purchase of renewable electricity.

Power grid enterprises from the electricity regulatory body that the renewable energy power generation enterprises within 15th of compensation of economic loss.


1. the filing stage: comprehensive and objective. Violations of the fair to meet the condition for filing a case, to be filed.

2. the investigation: investigating, collecting relevant evidence if necessary, according to the inspection.

3. decision phase: before making the decision on administrative penalty, inform the parties of the facts, reasons and basis for administrative penalty decisions are made, and shall inform the Parties shall have the right to fully listen to the views of the parties, on the facts, reasons and evidence submitted by the parties, a review; establishment of the facts and reasons or evidence submitted by the parties, be accepted. Before taking a large amount of administrative penalties such as fines decision, inform the parties have the right to request hearings; the parties to request a hearing, hearing. Investigation ends, make a decision of administrative penalty according to law, no administrative penalty decision, transferred to judicial organs for handling. Make a written decision of administrative penalty.

4. delivery stage: inter parties, declared after the written decision of administrative penalty delivered a party; without the presence of the parties, make administrative punishment decision, law served in the 7th.

5. execution phase: the party fails to carry out administrative punishment decision, and urged Parties concerned to comply, the party fails to perform, apply to a people’s Court for compulsory execution.


1. People’s Republic of China can renewable energy method 28th article State Energy competent sector and County above place government management energy work of sector and other about sector in can renewable energy utilization supervision management work in the, violation this method provides, has following behavior one of of, by this level Government or superior Government about sector ordered corrected, on has responsibility of competent personnel and other directly responsibility personnel law give administrative sanctions; constitute crime of, law held criminal: (a) Do not make a decision on the administrative license according to law, (ii) discovered violations not investigated; (c) does not perform its functions of supervision and other acts.

2. the full purchase renewable power grid enterprises on supervision (state electricity regulatory Commission, 25th) article 19th power regulator staff are not in accordance with these measures meet regulatory responsibilities shall be investigated for criminal responsibility.

3. the People’s Republic of China on administrative punishment law People’s Republic of China Law on the punishment of civil servants of administrative organs of the civil service regulations (promulgated by Decree No. 495) and the provisional regulations on accountability for party and Government leading cadres (ban FA [2009]25) relating to liability provisions.

Original title: National Energy Board: grid is not full purchase renewable power will be an administrative punishment and compensation for the loss suffered by owners of

PV power station construction cost estimation and cost basis

Polaris solar PV net news: photovoltaic power station with the adjustment of electricity prices, the investment Center will be gradually shifted from the Northwest to the Southwest and Southeast areas. As a basis for construction of photovoltaic power stations, land and its price. Now investors are still confused. In this paper, the implementation of a project in Yunnan, for example, gives access to land and the corresponding price and method of calculation.

Macro through the sites, site after site, complete the selected sites of land land, woodland property query. After land acquisition costs of the query is as follows:

Calculated on the basis of: ① the current unified annual production measuring of land expropriation standard second force turned over to the Central Government, provincial, prefectural (City)-related costs.

All projects involving land fees and charges based on can be obtained from the local land sector in accordance with policy requirements.

For this project, a permanent standard of land requisition compensation and fees are as follows:

① the land compensation fees x governance [200X]XX requirements: 25000 Yuan/mu of arable land; unused land 400 Yuan/Mu;

II the young athletes and the ground attached to compensation: 5000 Yuan/Mu;

③ 10500 RMB/acre farmland reclamation fee (comprehensive [2010]150);

④ 24 Yuan/square meters of farmland occupation tax, 16000 RMB/acre (Yunnan Provincial Government, the 149th)

⑤ living benefits peasants 20000 Yuan/Mu (cloud governance [2008]226);

⑥ dam area quality compensation 187000 Yuan/mu of arable land;

⑦ occupancy fee of 4000 Yuan/mu of forest land;

⑧ land management fees and survey fees, assessment fee is 10000 Yuan/MU.

Like query results based on the site of land and land properties such as arable land, its cost per acre:


As the query results based on the site of land and land properties as unused land, its cost per acre as follows: (unused) + II + II + ⑦ + h;

Temporary land price includes:

① the land compensation fees in accordance with x-governance [200X]XX, measured, including:

Arable land: 25000 Yuan/Mu;

Area: 24000 Yuan/Mu;

Woodland: 25000 Yuan/Mu;

Grassland and other land: 400 Yuan/Mu;

II the young athletes and the ground attached to compensation, including:

Economic crops: 800 Yuan/Mu;

Grapes: 23000 Yuan/Mu;


Orchards: 5000 Yuan/Mu;

Forest land: 2500 Yuan/Mu;

Similarly, its combined query cost per acre of land property, land status report to calculate crop.

Above cost for the land Department land after the property query, rent prices. According to the existing policy and the status quo, due to differences in database in the forestry sector, these “forest land and unused land” woodland properties and prices are subject to re-query and total columns.

Qualification in forestry investigation and design units completed sites within woodland property survey, involving various types of woodland, relates to conclusions such as tree species, wood storage, and then calculated the compensation for forest land, finalizing the forest harvesting to prove.

Original title: photovoltaic power plant construction cost estimation and cost basis

Polaris solar PV NET week hot selection 12 14 12 18

Polaris solar PV net news: policy review

1, the Shanghai municipal development and Reform Commission, Shanghai Municipal Finance Bureau on distributed PV “sunshine credit” notice on work

For speed up cracked current distributed PV development faced of financing problem, first foster adapted new energy development of financial service system, according to State on promote PV industry health development of guide views, and Shanghai City SMEs financing guarantees special funds management provisional approach, file, Shanghai city development reform Board, and city finance organization carried out distributed PV “Sun loan” about work, now will about content notification following:

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Guangdong Province industry transferring industrial park, 2, distributed PV popularization scheme

As a follow-up to the Executive Office of the Guangdong provincial people’s Government of the opinions on promoting the healthy development of the photovoltaic industry (Yue Fu (2014), 9th), accelerating the industrial transfer Park (including enjoy the transfer policies of industrial park, industrial Transfer Center) scale application of distributed PV, Park, green, recycling, low-carbon development, programmes are formulated.

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3, Jining City Forestry Bureau notice on PV power station construction use of forest-related issues

For effective curb current PV power project illegal using woodland of high sent situation, further specification PV power station construction using woodland behavior, according to national forestry Council on PV power station construction using woodland about problem of notification (buying sent (2015) 153th,) and, Jining city, Government Office on strengthening and specification woodland wetland management work of views (Chai political do sent (2014) 23rd,) spirit, now on about problem notification following:

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4, Ministry of housing of the photovoltaic sunshade component parts General specification for construction

Recently, the reporter learned from the State housing and urban-rural construction Ministry official website, State housing and urban-rural development has approved the construction of photovoltaic sunshade component parts General specification for building industrial product standards, the number is JG/T482-2015, since April 1, 2016.

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5, Shaanxi Provincial Development and Reform Commission issued on 2015 years of distributed PV construction notice

To speed up the construction of distributed solar power projects in Shaanxi Province, Shanxi provincial development and Reform Commission in conjunction with the provincial Department of finance, industry, housing was built around the Office for the submission of distributed PV project summary the construction scale, through research, will now be issued by the scale of construction in the city to you.

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Market review

1, the National Energy Board: grid is not full purchase renewable power will be an administrative punishment and compensation for the loss suffered by owners of

Recently, this reporter learned from the National Energy Board’s website, the National Energy Board considered the adoption of the local Office of the National Energy Board authority and responsibility list (for trial implementation). Notification clearly: no full purchase of renewable electricity can impose administrative penalties! And grid companies compensate the loss.

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2, again “defection” of EU double reverse: lose-lose after trying to do?

When the EU again with “double-reverse stick” issue when Chinese PV companies have not have a fierce response from 3 years ago, even has photovoltaic bosses when chatting privately, has brought out the “why I love” attitude. EU wants to have a rough salt into the wound, but has been unable to cause intense pain. Just cold facts have proved that the “double reverse” can only lead to destruction, but why so crazy about this?

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3 clear forests to build solar power stations for the first time, and country operations rules stay clear

In PV and forestry combined with search, barren hills, unreclaimed lands involved “Lin” problem has become a long-term Chinese Lin Guang development constraints, many PV developers were expected to “Woods” disappointed experience. Today, the situation in Government-related agencies of several major policies, providing improved.

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4, the Department of energy mapping roadmap for new energy and cheap Internet photovoltaic and wind turbine prices will be cut by

Reporters learned from the industry, on Thursday called on the National Energy Board trade association and photovoltaic, wind energy developers and manufacturers meet to discuss, while new energy cost reduction and parity of the road map. Conference released of wind electric, and solar power cheap Internet route figure research requirements said, through research in recent years wind electric, and solar power cost declined and the technology progress, future in equipment manufacturing, and shipped peacekeeping financial innovation, link cost declined space, and wind electric grid side cheap Internet, and solar power user side cheap Internet route figure and by needed of external policy environment and the policy recommends introduced time, 2015 end of Qian completed route figure research, and reported national energy Council.

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5, Paris climate agreement “2 degrees” will influence China’s coal industry and photovoltaic business

Conference on climate change in Paris on 12th night through a new global climate change agreement. Agreement will make arrangements for after 2020 the global action to address climate change. That night, nearly 200 of the United Nations Framework Convention on climate change agreed by the Paris agreement of the parties. Total 29 of the agreement, including objectives, mitigation, adaptation, loss damage, capital, technology and other elements. And the coal industry’s dismal compared to climate talks in Paris on the PV industry is a huge plus.

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1, the “blood” features a serious shortage of Yingli for peers to save ourselves

Three quarterly reports show, Yingli’s operating loss for the current period to $ 450.5 million. And the operating margin was-128.2%, and in the third quarter of last year, this value is 5.9%. From the current situation, Yingli’s own “blood” insufficient capacity, but in the next year or two, “12 Yingli MTN2” and “11 Willie MTN1” bonds will have expired, then picture can be honored. Today, Yingli is cooperating through OEM, OEM and other forms to improve our capacity utilization, reduce production costs.

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2, defeated PV this year: 6 “dead” 2 “near-death”

In the past few years, “winter”, the photovoltaic industry is starting to ease and sophistication, though two years earlier “forgiving” the situation has improved, but this year “closed” is still there. In addition to Abengoa in the achievements in the field of solar energy, there are 6 photovoltaic and related industry companies out of the public eye, and another 2 in the dying “alive”.

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Series 3, hareon claims filed or renfa denies claims

Reporter recently informed that dozens of small investors to sue listed companies hareon misrepresentation claim will start from December 22, 2015 into the proceedings. But on the eve of trial, huarong Shanghai investors Attorney law firm partner Xu Feng said that it has been served on the defendant by the Court hareon submitted a number of “do not recognize misleading” evidence.

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4, made it through bankruptcy reorganization, but debt recourse Ni Kailu equity will be forcibly auctioned

The a-share market had a firm whose name is bullish–chaori solar (after the restructuring has been renamed: GCL integration). Ashore in this 2010 PV companies 4 years after the shares have been bankruptcy reorganization, its founder, Ni Kailu scenery entrepreneurs became debt-ridden down, still forced sale of shares in order to repay debts by the Court.

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5, the EU would like to continue to charge heavy duty photovoltaic PV Giants want to borrow overseas factories around Europe

Local time on December 4 announcement of the European Commission, which perhaps will extend the existing countervailing measures on solar products, price limits (MIP) also extended the agreement. The implementation of the agreement, Chinese companies have to go through “tied its own hands into crocodile pools” way into the EU. This means that most well-known PV enterprises in China, raising should remain in the EU under the double reverse stick fighting.

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1, PV on-grid prices industry bosses think?

According to the national development and Reform Commission network prices Division and the National Energy Board approved PV electricity price adjustment programme in 2016, three categories of resource price down to 0.8, 0.88 and 0.98 Yuan/kWh. Brownouts and subsidies in arrears cases, yields will be further squeezed. 2016 electricity prices will produce the kind of impact on the market of the new deal? What measures? How to guarantee the level of return on investment?

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2, how much a country really need to spend money to support renewable energy?

Renewable energy subsidies may be moving towards a low carbon future and key step in the commercialization of new technology; can also power an additional burden for consumers and taxpayers. On the national level, support renewable energy development will need to pay how much? Some States will calculate and publish their estimates. While in other countries, the Government will release enough data so that analysts make their own calculations.

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3, nearly trillion-dollar energy Internet marketing who can share the dividend of energy transformation?

By 2020, the total energy of the Internet market in China is expected to exceed US $ 940 billion, 7% per cent of GDP that year. Renewable energy-related industrial chain of added value is expected to exceed US $ 600 billion. This is a huge market that cannot be ignored, and its specific forms for integration in new energy to the Internet industry. But for traditional enterprises, this energy transition bonus is not available!

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4, non-symmetrical cut electricity prices affect the geometry of the photovoltaic industry?

Cut subsidies to promote PV costs, is the only way industry, electricity prices have dropped in line with the past two years the cost declines; spreads increased significantly between the three types of resources, help balance the scale around the building, slowing eliminate pressure in the West, East and southern appeal considerably.

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5, energy interconnection technology innovation and focus areas

At present, the third energy revolution, from traditional fossil fuels to clean energy development and utilization of large-scale exploitation and utilization of change needed in power supply, power grid, energy storage and information communication to promote technological innovation, in order to speed up “two alternative”, build global energy provides technical support and Internet security.

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Do you know how to break through the sky animal IQ

  For humans, technological progress seems to imply that human intelligence has reached the sky. Seems to be that challenge your IQ enough, many scientists began to challenge a variety of animal IQ. Before teaching gorillas playing computer to let the dolphins to do math problems, various IQ game show animals abound. However, this is still not enough, so he was played out of the new.

  Renowned pathologist Richard Levenson and Edward Wasserman, a psychologist from the University of Iowa, and pigeon’s IQ will be playing out of the new. Because they Dove through the picture displayed on the computer that is identified by training biopsies of patients who are diagnosed with breast cancer!

Do you know how to break through the sky animal IQ?

  Pigeons can according to the pictures on both sides of the blue and yellow area-Select Yes or no, if you choose the right words, they will get the reward of food. Now pigeons trained a total of 16, right at the start rate hovering around 50%, that is to say right or wrong by sheer luck. But after two weeks of training, accuracy up to 85%, now has reached 99%. Because all the pictures are completely random, so this avoids the Dove through the memory of the order of the pictures selected.

  About how this technology is trained, they are not too many explanations have been given. However, they said: by animal understanding and reflecting on this, may be able to help medical scientists find breakthrough in the treatment of cancer. leather iPhone case

  Suffice it to say: you foreign people better be fun.

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Laptop Solar Charger

With its powerful 20,000mAh battery, this solar power bank will provide many more hours of usage for your electronic devices and will seem like an endless power supply thanks to the constant charging by the solar panels. Also included is a handy button to show the amount of power left in the battery and when it’s low, just use the car charger, wall plug, or even leave it out in the sun to quickly recharge.

When you power on the laptop(notebook), just choose the 19V charging voltage, and only charge for the right voltage, if not the right one, it can’t work. At the same time, the hybrid solar laptop battery charger supports for manual adjustment. Intelligent overpressure also has the overcurrent protection, when manually select the wrong time, it will automatically shutdown. This portable solar charger also comes with a voltage selection button to ensure full compatibility with a wide variety of electronic products, such as MP3/MP4 players, portable DVD players, cell phones, or any other USB powered device using the built-in 5V USB port.


  • Power, the nice thing about this solar laptop charger is that if you don’t have sun, you can still have portable power by charging up the 20,000mAh internal battery in a wall socket and waltzing off to wherever it is you need backup power. It just takes less than 3 hours of wall charging to fill it up and the internal battery provides 10 – 12 hours of run time for your laptop with a full charge.
  • Portability, the whole thing folds up nicely into a little package. About 28.2 x 20.5 x 2.0 cm, and weighing just 900g, means that this is highly portable.
  • Free carrying bag for the solar power bank.
  • Recharge battery through included wall AC adapter, car cigarette power adapter, or solar panel.
  • 15 laptop adapter tips, work with most laptop models, including ASUS, HP, Samsung, Acer/T1, Dell, IBM, NEC, Toshiba, Sony.
  • 14 other adapter tips, work with most digital products, including cell phone: Motorola, LG, Nokia, Samsung, Siemens, Sony Ericsson, Apple, Palm One, Blackberry, JVC, Digital camera and camcorder: Canon, Samsung, Casio, Pentax, Minolta, Olympus, Kodak, Panasonic, Fujutsu, Casio, Nikon, Sony, PSP and many other electronic devices.

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iPhone 5 Solar Charger

Solar Charger Case for iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C

Now our hot sell item iPhone 4 solar charger case has its successor: iPhone 5 Solar Charger Case. After all iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S has upgrade to iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S. New solar case has bigger battery capacity: 3000mAh. It uses the latest solar panel with better conversion rate.  Same with iPhone 4 solar charger case, it also has for LED on the front buttom to indicate its rest power.  It will extend your iPhone 5, iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C’s working time.

iPhone 5 Solar Charger Case

iPhone 5 Solar Charger Case

iPhone 5 Solar Charger

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iPhone 4 Solar Charger

iPhone 4 Solar Charger Case

The iPhone is undeniably one of the pinnacles of modern day technology at present. Utilizing a healthy slew of cutting edge design and hi-tech equipment, it became a sort of phone of all trades. And who could argue? A light, portable device that could surf the web, play games and video and music, organize your work schedule and much more, what else do you need for a hassle free life? Well, despite setting the standard for smart phones everywhere, the iPhone still suffers from the same recalcitrant problem as any portable gadgets today: limited battery life. While many people tend to disregard this as a minor flaw, wouldn’t it be nice if we can play, surf and work with our iPhones without the fear of suddenly running out of juice in a very untimely moment? Luckily, we have an answer for that:  the solar iPhone charger.

iPhone 4 Solar Charger Case

iPhone 4 Solar Charger Case

The solar iPhone charger is technically an iPhone case with a built in solar panels. As the name suggest it gathers energy from the sun to power up your iPhone. It can also store energy as backup supply in case the energy collected is inadequate. The solar iPhone charger can charge your iPhone as long as necessary, provided that there is a sun to continuously supply energy to refill it. But if you find yourself, in a dire need of recharging your battery at night, better stick to the USB cable. Other than that, it’s a piece of equipment recommended for travelers and adventurers alike.

There are other innovative features for the solar iPhone charger including a durable and lightweight design that doubles it up as a stylish carrying case while also enabling you to charge your iPhone while you’re running, walking, jumping, or biking. No swimming of course, we all know what would happen if we try that. Other features to be noted are the LED status indicators, to prevent overcharging, an ergonomic design with a non slip finish and several ports that enables you to fully use all the functions of the iPhone without needing take it out from the solar iPhone charger case.

More importantly, it’s a clean and efficient way to energize the iPhone for free. Needless to say, the only problem here is if you need to recharge at night or on a rainy day as we mentioned earlier. Otherwise, this is some sweet piece of technology that even Mother Nature would approve, whether or not she has an iPhone of her own.

iPhone 4 Solar Charger

iPhone 4 Solar Charger