Our guide to picking the best case for your new phone

Most smartphones nowadays feature metal or glass builds, and so, keeping them safe and free from damage can be quite difficult. A good case or cover goes a long way, even if you don’t want to hide the phone’s beautiful design. However, some cases can add some style points to it as well. From the ultra-slim to the extremely rugged, there’s a type of cover for everybody.

If you’re looking to buy a case, you might be curious to what kinds of cases are out there or what phone case brands you should trust. In this case buyer’s guide we do our best to answer these questions, as well as highlight some of the best smartphone case manufacturers around!

What kind of case do I need?

Phone cases can be broadly divided into four different categories — thin, hybrid, wallet, and rugged. These categories are mostly self-explanatory, but let’s take a quick look at what they entail.

Thin cases: These cases are usually ultra-thin and barely add any bulk to the phone. They are generally single-layer covers made with either TPU or polycarbonate. You’ll find a lot of good-looking thin cases out there, and everyone wants as minimal a case as possible for their phones.
Hybrid cases: Hybrid cases are a great middle between ultra-thin and rugged cases. A lot of these cases are really thin and light as well, but offer a lot more protection than thin cases. Hybrid cases include anything that uses a combination of materials, like a polycarbonate back and a TPU bumper, like the Ringke Fusion-X, or a relatively thin dual-layer case.
Rugged cases: Rugged cases are big and bulky but will ensure that your phone can survive almost anything. Extremely heavy-duty cases are usually for those that work in harsh environments or are particularly clumsy.
Wallet cases: Wallet cases let you keep cards, ID, and some cash while keeping your phone protected. The folio cover also helps keep the display safe without needing a screen protector.
The best bet for most smartphone owners would be a hybrid case. There are a lot of excellent options out there, and they offer a lot of protection despite being quite thin and light. Cases like the UAG Plasma and Ringke Fusion-X come with the same MIL-STD 810G-516.6 certification for impact resistance as rugged cases, and do so without making the phone heavy.

Real Genuine Stingray Skin iPhone 7 Case are a niche category, but users will appreciate the fact that the phone will survive almost anything. If you work in harsh environments or are particularly clumsy, these cases will certainly offer some peace of mind.

Ultimately picking the right case comes down to knowing what kind of protection and features you need.

Genuine Python Snake Skin iPhone XS Max Case is great for anyone that wants the convenience of it. Not only do you get to carry cash and cards, but the folio cover often doubles as a kickstand. Genuine leather wallet cases are a touch expensive, but look fantastic as well.

Thin cases are minimalistic and what most people would prefer. However, they offer varying degrees of protection. Some of these options aren’t the most protective, might leave buttons and the screen exposed, and aren’t for anyone who isn’t careful. There are exceptions of course, like the Spigen Rugged Armor or Liquid Air, which are both excellent cases.

At Android Authority we highly recommend Real Genuine Stingray Skin iPhone 7 Plus Case. Why? They tend to be a perfect blend of affordability and reliability. There are rarely issues with Spigen cases when it comes to fit and they tend to be very good at protecting our phones. The brand also makes a variety of cases in pretty much every style and type you could dream of.

Of course, Spigen isn’t the only worthwhile brand out there. Any of the other brands on this list are also definitely worthy of your consideration. What about brands not on this list? Honestly, it’s about doing your homework. There are tons of brands out there and really any case can be worth the investment.

Before you buy a case from a brand you’re not familiar with, just be sure to check for the following:

Look through owner-submitted reviews on sites like Amazon. What are people saying? Do these short reviews look legit? For example, it’s possible they are paid or sponsored submissions if they are super vague and poorly written.
Look for oddities like if the product reviews aren’t actually for the product! This surprisingly happens a lot with 3rd party cases from obscure brands.
Reader recommendation: Everybody loves Spigen!

It’s not just Team AA that recommends Spigen. In a poll from January 2020, the vast majority of Android Authority readers (38.1%) voted for Spigen. That’s not a huge surprise to us. As mentioned, Spigen makes some of the best cases around. The smartphone selection is quite diverse, and most of their cases are quite affordable.

A distant second with 12.2% of the votes goes to the “I have no allegiance to one particular brand” crowd. Third place with 8.6% of the votes goes to first-party cases, like ones from Samsung, Google, or other smartphone OEMs. Everweek is another popular one amongst our readers, garnering 5.6% of the votes. Finally, the “I just choose whatever’s cheapest” crowd made up 6.2% of the votes this time around.

You should now know what brands are most popular and what kind of case types are out there. Now it is time to pick the right case! Below we take a closer look at our six favorite case brands, as well as give you advice about some of the specific types of cases each brand produces.
Editor’s note: We’ll be updating this list of the best manufacturers of smartphone cases regularly.

Spigen is one of the most popular case makers out there as we’ve already made quite clear, and with good reason. It has a wide variety of cases in its portfolio, from the ultra-thin hard shell to the rugged dual-layer cover. It also does a pretty great job as far as phone selection is concerned. You will definitely get a Spigen case if you have a flagship phone, even going back a few years.

That said, the company also offers at least one case for a number of mid-rangers and even some entry-level devices. Spigen cases are also relatively cheap, with the price of the different types of cases usually between $8 and $20.

The Best iPhone 12 Pro Max Case
The Spigen Rugged Armor is a personal favorite and one of the best cases the company has to offer. It’s thin and light, and utilizes air cushion technology and a spider web pattern on the inside to help with shock absorption. Adding to its protective capabilities are covered buttons and a raised lip around the display.

It’s also a good-looking case, with carbon fiber elements on the back adding a touch of style. If you’re looking for a decently protective case that doesn’t make the phone too heavy, the Rugged Armor is a great way to go. The Spigen Rugged Armor is available for most current generation flagships.

Regardless of the type of case you are looking for, Spigen has something for you. Its ultra-thin options, like the Thin Fit and Air Armor, are great. The Liquid Crystal and Ultra Hybrid are transparent cases that let you show off the phone’s design, and the Spigen Neo Hybrid is a stylish alternative to the Rugged Armor.

The case maker also has an excellent rugged option in the form of the Tough Armor, a dual-layer case with a built-in kickstand. And that is just to name a few. You’ll find cases like the Liquid Crystal, Rugged Armor, and Tough Armor for most phones. Popular devices have even more options though, with a couple of wallet cases added to the mix.

The go-to case brand to keep your phone completely safe is undoubtedly . It has a few different types of cases available, but the common theme across the board is heavy-duty protection. These cases are big, bulky, and might not be the most visually appealing, but they’ll certainly keep your phone protected during accidental bumps and drops.

Everweek cases are on the more expensive side, with prices ranging from around $30 to $70. But it might be worth getting an expensive case to make sure that the far more expensive smartphone stays undamaged for as long as possible.

Everweek cases are available globally, but its smartphone selection is limited to US releases. That said, if a phone is available in the US, from the entry-level to the flagship, you’ll probably find an Everweek case for it.

The Everweek Genuine Snake Cases series is one of the more protective options available from the rugged case maker. The case is thick and heavy, but the multi-layered protection is great. All buttons and ports are also covered, so it keeps the phone safe from environmental ingress as well.

A version of the Defender case also comes with a front plate with a built-in screen protector, but that is mostly available with older phones. A “screenless” edition comes with a raised lip to keep the display safe, but allows easy access to under-display fingerprint scanners. Both versions of the case come with a holster with a belt clip, that also doubles as a kickstand.

The Defender might bring more to the table in terms of protection, but the Symmetry and Commuter cases might be the better option for most people. These are sleeker and lighter, but don’t compromise on safety in any way. These cases are also available for a wider range of smartphones when compared to the Defender series.

The company also has a cheaper Commuter Lite case that is intended for entry-level and mid-range phones. At the other end of the price spectrum is the Defender Pro series, which earns the Pro moniker by adding an anti-bacterial layer to its protective features.

Genuine Crocodile Leather Case for iPhone 6 Plus

Cases by Speck are also great options if you’re looking to keep your phone in great condition. Speck has a few case variants on offer, but the basic principle stays largely the same. They lean towards the slim and light side of things, but that doesn’t mean that they are any less protective than other options on this list.

You’ll find Speck cases for most major flagship smartphones, but while there are some random surprises, the company doesn’t really dive into mid-range or entry-level territory. Speck cases are also a little expensive, with a price point between $25 and $40 for most of their products.

The best iPhone 12 Case case:
The company’s most commonly available case is the Presidio Grip and is also the most easily recognizable. The thin case earns its name courtesy of raised ridges on the back that are great for grip. Extra corner protection and dual layers ensure that the phone will be fine after a drop. All recent versions of the case, called the Presidio Grip2, come with Microban’s anti-microbial technology that keeps 99% of bacteria away.

Speck also has excellent clear cases on offer if you want to show off the phone’s look with the Presidio Grip Clear and Presidio Stay Clear. The Presidio Pro is another great option with its slim profile still allowing for dual-layer protection, and should be able to handle a drop from up to 10 feet. All recent versions of these cases also come with Microban’s anti-microbial technology.

These variants are generally only available with the more popular flagships though, while the Presidio Grip seems to be universal. For more recent mid-range releases though, the Speck Exotech is the case to get. Speck also offers cases for a few mid-rangers in the form of the Presidio Lite, but these aren’t always as good as their more expensive counterparts.

UAG (Urban Armor Gear) cases are also extremely popular among smartphone users, but that’s not surprising at all. All its cases are quite rugged and meet the MIL-STD 810G 516.6 standard for drop protection and impact resistance. Complete protection is the name of the game here across all its cases. But some of its popular options are also surprisingly light-weight and thin enough to allow wireless charging and NFC payments.

UAG’s phone selection is quite diverse, and you have nothing to worry about if you a recent flagship. The case maker, surprisingly, has options available for almost every Samsung smartphone released in the US, going all the way from the Galaxy S20 Ultra to the Galaxy A11. However, it’s luck of the draw if you’re hoping to find one for other mid-range and entry-level devices.

Genuine Ostrich Leg Skin iPhone 12 Pro Max Cases are also on the more expensive side, with a price range of $25 to $60. The perfect blend of rugged features and sleek designs is well worth the price though.
The UAG Plasma is a feather-light case but doesn’t compromise on protection in any way. The corners are reinforced and you get covered buttons, all without making the phone bulky. It also has a distinctive look, so there’s no mistaking this for anything other than a UAG cover.

The UAG Plasma is the most widely available option, but if you’re looking for more rugged protection, the Monarch is a great choice. It comes with multi-layer protection and is made with premium materials to ensure that your phone is safe. The case will still let you wirelessly charge the phone and make mobile payments though.

Samsung and Apple flagships come with a wider variety of case types, with the likes of the Pathfinder, Civilian, and Plyo available for these phones. When it comes to mid-range and entry-level smartphones, the UAG Scout is the case you’re looking for. The company also recently launched the Outback series with cases that are completely biodegradable and compostable.

Credit: Ringke
Ringke may not have a variety of case types to choose from, but it remains a very popular choice for a lot of users. The cases are great, of course, but one of the reasons for the company’s popularity is because of the large number of devices it supports.

Apart from the popular flagships, you’ll find Ringke cases for most mid-range and entry-level devices, and phones from the likes of Xiaomi, Poco, and OEMs that other case makers don’t cover. Ringke cases are available for a bunch of old phones as well.

If you’re looking for a case for a phone going as far back as 2016, don’t be surprised if you find a Ringke option. It certainly helps that these cases are quite cheap too, with most of them hovering at around the $10 mark.

Ringke’s most popular case, the Fusion-X, is also the most recognizable. Its slim polycarbonate back is combined with a thick TPU bumper that is not only unique-looking, but offers excellent protection for the phone. The company has both slimmer and more rugged options available, but the Fusion-X is the usual go-to when it comes to Ringke cases.

Ringke doesn’t have too many other case types on hand, with the Ringke Slim and Fusion rounding out the list. The Fusion is essentially a slimmed-down version of the Fusion-X without the distinctive TPU bumper, while the Slim is an ultra-thin and light-weight case that may not be suited for the clumsy. The Ringke Fusion and Slim are the cases you’ll get for phones that are more than a couple of years old.

Poetic is another well-known phone case maker that offers a few types of cases, with rugged protection on offer with its popular options. There is some similarity between Poetic’s cases and some of the others on this list, so they don’t have too many standout features or capabilities.

That doesn’t take away from the fact that they definitely get the job done and will keep your phone safe. And at a cheaper price point too. Most poetic cases are under $20 and some options are available for under $10. Poetic’s smartphone compatibility is pretty good too. Apart from the flagships, you’ll find Poetic cases for a bunch of mid-rangers and older devices as well.
The Poetic Revolution case is a highly rugged product for protecting your smartphone. The case has MIL-STD 810G-516.6 certifications for protection against falls and spills. The two-layer case includes one for the front display, with raised lips and corners for additional protection. Some, but not all, Revolution cases come with their own screen protector for the front case.

The rear, on the other hand, is made of a combined PC and TPU material for extra shock absorption. Finally, the Revolution has its own built-in kickstand for viewing of media hands-free. The cases often come in a variety of color choices.

iPhone 12 Pro Max
iPhone 12 Pro
iPhone 12
iPhone 12 Mini
iPhone SE (2020)

For complete all-round protection, one of the best is the Revolution series. Along the same lines are the Poetic Guardian and Spartan cases, without the benefit of a belt clip holster. The Revolution, Guardian, and Affinity are available for most smartphones, even though the Affinity seems to be falling by the wayside. The Karbon Shield isn’t as widely found, but is another excellent thin, light, and stylish option to consider.

Looking to get a case for a specific device? Below is a link to just some of our device-specific case recommendations:
Of course, we have literally hundreds of device-specific case lists, though the above are some of the most popular ones. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, be sure to hit Google.

Frequently asked questions

Below are some of the questions we get asked most frequently by folks looking to buy a new case, or simply learning how to best maintain their existing cases. Have a question not listed? Let us know in the comments and we’ll be sure to add it to the list.

Do I need a waterproof case?

Honestly, it depends on your use case. Many of today’s phones already have basic waterproofing. That said, these devices have limits to how much water exposure they can go through before the seals start to weaken. If you want the best waterproof protection, we highly recommend getting a waterproof pouch case.

What does MIL-STD 810G-516.6 mean?

Essentially this means the case meets military standards for drop tests, based on publicly available MIL-STD-810G documentation. For more details on the standard and what it all means, you’ll want to check out our guide.

How do I clean and disinfect a phone case?

There are a variety of ways to disinfect and clean a phone, including using special wipes or a microfiber cloth. For more specifics, check out our guide to properly cleaning your phone.

How do I clean a clear phone case that is turning yellow?

Over time, clear cases sometimes get a bit of a yellow tint to them. Thankfully, cleaning them isn’t hard. You’ll want to use a mixture of warm water and a drop or two of dish soap. From there you’ll use a toothbrush to scrub the solution over the case. Be sure to let it air dry for a few hours before putting it back on. Keep in mind if the case is very worn, the process might not make much of a difference.

How do you get sticky residue off a phone case?

If you’re the kind that likes to decorate your case with stickers, you might find that removing them leaves a sticky residue behind. Thankfully the residue can easily be removed by dipping a cotton ball in nail polish remover. Just be sure to take some lightly soapy water afterward and rinse off any traces of the polish so it doesn’t damage the case.

Polaris highlights solar network on March 28 2017 reviews

Polaris solar PV net news: Polaris solar PV NET summary highlights March 28, 2017 national PV targets beyond 11GW used prematurely, the National Energy Board: steadily promoting photovoltaic projects, issued by the national development and Reform Commission of Zhejiang 2017 family construction of rooftop PV annual guidance programmes, as follows:

2017 national PV Super 11GW advance use of indicators

The National Energy Board: promoting photovoltaic projects

Issued by the national development and Reform Commission of Zhejiang 2017 annual guide of the family rooftop PV building plans

Shaanxi Yanan 95MW will be poverty alleviation projects in the first half through a review

EU PV double reverse negative impacts limited companies to explore overseas emerging markets

Panasonic will be to “clean up” losing businesses to consider restructuring the Japanese PV plant

State grid (Hubei) 2017 new Sun is bidding for poverty alleviation (151713 batch) winners

Yanliang district Xian second batch of distributed solar power projects by expert trial

Norwegian scientists invent new Nano solar sunlight utilization will rise to 40%

Iran will increase 700MW power

Britain will raise the roof solar panels tax

Australia launched the world’s first household solar power deal

Assists Hawaii storage 100% of renewable energy power generation

Oblique n shaped photovoltaic industry consolidation 2017 6 30 less obvious

Arctic star solar PV network news: 2016 global PV industry scale station Shang 70 JI w of new height Hou, the Authority institutions forecast future growth will slowed, PV manufacturing competition increased, in 70 GW to 100 JI w headed process in the, industry chain the end of concentrated degrees will further upgrade, industry fittest and leading enterprise Zhijian of merge restructuring increased, industry development not reflected in mass investment existing technology of new capacity expanded, and reflected in new technology elimination bottleneck and more efficient low cost of new push sent.


Technical route for the next 35 years is still the absolute leading crystalline silicon, end technology to sophisticated Silicon silicone fluid-bed method and gradually replace the existing improved Siemens process, wafer-side “black Silicon polycrystalline diamond wire cutting + +PERC” to become the market standard, squeeze Silicon market, Czochralski single crystal technology will give way to the casting process of single crystal. Polycrystalline ingot production equipment more than more than 50 GW by thermal reconstruction further enhance efficient polycrystalline capacity, improved high performance casting single crystal of crystal structure and output, while more than 10 gigawatts of Czochralski single crystal device, high performance single crystal n-type costs remain high for three years, at least half facing capacity idle.

Market price decline still is the norm, in PV and cheap Internet access before the arrival of PV industry chain cut prices, PV power cost reduction, promotion of PV Application market. From 2017 the price trend, and is still rising in the first half, “6.30” frozen after fourth-quarter recovery, was inclined “n” track, the year as a whole declined. Production rate and market trading heavily on the first half, mainly under the influence of the Chinese market, such as the 2016 world 70 GW of PV modules, local production would reach 50 GW, and in China’s installed capacity will reach 30 gigawatts, and “6.30” adjustment period most transactions in the first half. This year of “6.30” effect than last year obviously, but “lead who plans” project concentrated grid effect also is big, due to “lead who plans” on single more Crystal efficiency standard developed no opened gap, last year of bid programme big proportion select has crystal component to get technology score, in Crystal capacity insufficient of situation Xia caused supply tension, price gains high, is expected to “6.30” Hou decreases also big, oblique “n” type of price trend in the Crystal of upper and lower range big, more crystal is relative flat. Estimated quarter of 2017, with black silicon and polycrystalline diamond wire cutting capacity speed, single-crystal price/performance gap, the market dropped from 2.5:7.5 to 2:8 single crystal.

Original title: oblique “n”-shaped photovoltaic industry consolidation

Photovoltaic power stations or ancillary service market losers

Polaris solar PV net news: in the power system as a whole to promote intelligent and established under the background of the ancillary services market, operation of photovoltaic power stations are facing more and more challenges.

Recently, the Henan regulatory Office of the national energy administration, Henan wind farms and grid-connected PV power plant operation management rules (draft for soliciting opinions), in which the PV power station operation and management proposed more stringent requirements, including scheduling command execution, operation-related information submitted and power associated with the station forecast, unplanned outages, and so on.

In power forecast aspects, above sought views draft provides, super short-term power forecast for each 15min automatically to grid scheduling institutions scroll reported future 15min-4H of power power forecast curve, forecast value of time resolution for 15min; recently power forecast should daily 9:00 Qian submitted next day 0-24h power power forecast curve, forecast value of time resolution for 15min, accurate rate should is greater than or is equal to 85%, is less than 85% Shi will by must of electricity be assessment.

Not unique.

In has Yu this year January 1 official implemented of Jiangsu Province released of Commission adjustable generator group auxiliary service and run assessment management implementation approach (following referred to “management approach”) in the, new increased on wind farm, and PV power station of voltage curve for assessment, assessment approach and General unit consistent, voltage curve range appropriate relaxed, to reached encourages new energy provides adjustable phase run service of purpose.

From other provinces ever released by the implementing rules for the implementation of the operation and management of power grid in power plant, as well as the implementing rules of the grid power plant auxiliary service management circumstances, most photovoltaic power plant each month to take varying amounts of peak-load regulation of compensation for other services, such as cost-sharing, which means it will face examination and double negative whammy for ancillary service market.

To power line

Henan exposure drafts issued by the Energy Regulatory Office can be divided into two, one is the rule, and the other is technology.

Rules, related to existing and grid-connected power plant-related rules and regulations strict implementation and compliance, including the scheduling of commands, information submitted, equipment maintenance, and so on, to follow the existing rules to ban electric power industry. Replaced by paraphrase as saying that although new energy PV power station power station, but as with thermal, hydro and other power stations, not specialization, full integration and meet all requirements and regulations of the existing power systems.

Specific to the technology, you generally belong to the precise control of PV power station, especially the power of prediction. For example, photovoltaic power stations need to scroll report generation prediction curves of the future 15min-4H, and accuracy rate should be greater than or equal to 90%, less than 90% will be according to a certain formula for standard deduction of electricity.

Similar aspects also include requirements for photovoltaic devices, such as zero voltage crossing, automatic voltage control (AVC), active power control systems, communication systems, etc.

Simple comparison, in respect of assessment, the Henan version of the draft basically has nothing to do with the assessment of thermal and other conventional power supply was much different. That is, the power requirements for PV power station was to power line.

Above sought views draft also provides, full network all wind farm, and PV power station unified evaluation standard; same event applies Yu different terms of assessment, take assessment power maximum of a paragraph implementation; full months no Internet power of wind farm, and PV power station, month not for assessment, and sharing; full months assessment power, to wind farm, and PV power station month Internet power total for ceiling for assessment and deductions, beyond part no longer deductions.

Double attack

The assessment of PV plants are more rigid, it will be the trend.

In Jiangsu Province, recently in the implementation of the relevant provisions, also has made it clear to wind energy, PV voltage curve assessment.

In this regard, Jiangsu said the new voltage curve for wind farms, photovoltaic power plant assessment, designed to achieve the objective of encouraging new energy with condenser operating services.

In fact, this passage gives a also include wind power, photovoltaic power stations had to face reality, that is, along with the ancillary services market gradually, in the assessment are more rigid and photovoltaic power plants will not be able to participate in the double negative of the ancillary services market environment, more and more challenges to its operations.

It is understood that similar mulls draft of Henan and Jiangsu has implemented rules, commonly known as “two rules”, popular speaking, its main function is to manage the grid connected power plants by way of reward and punishment. Assessment is a rigid, power plant standards are going to be fine and ancillary services markets, while part is a rigid part is paid.

On Jiangsu of management approach view, its provides of basic auxiliary service including once FM, and basic adjustable peak, and basic no work regulation; paid auxiliary service, is refers to grid power factory in basic auxiliary service zhiwai by provides of auxiliary service, including automatically power control (AGC), and paid adjustable peak, and paid no work regulation, and automatically voltage control (AVC), and rotating alternate, and hot alternate, and black started,.

Released from parts of detailed tables of the assessment and compensation, most major projects including the peak, automatic generation control (AGC), automatic voltage control (AVC) three.

Further, under the above two rules, for a power plant, and its results on three parts, first, the assessment of results and standards will not be penalized; the second is involved in ancillary services will be passed; the third is the costs of ancillary services to the entire system.

Simple by comparison, as a supplementary project head peak, photovoltaic power plant must not be able to participate in, and also do not get appropriate compensation. For evaluation projects, along with indicators and strict, photovoltaic power stations was deducted points may increase.

Not only that, but a bigger disadvantage is that, with the increase in secondary markets, and swap the peak demand, will also increase the demand for compensation funds, which means power plants cost-sharing would also increase.

Based on this examination, assessed two spending are likely to increase, not PV power plant support services under what circumstances, faced with predictable results.

Original title: photovoltaic power stations or ancillary service market “losers”

Polaris solar network on March 8 2017 news review

Polaris solar PV net news: Polaris solar PV NET summary March 8 news, global green top 200 lists: CE 71 photovoltaic business 29 (full list), he listened to the Secretary about how marketing solution up wind up light, CPPCC members discuss “three up” problem solutions, as follows:

Global Green top 200 lists: CE 71 photovoltaic business 29 (full list)

Noor, listened to the Secretary about how marketing solution up wind up

CPPCC members discuss “three up” problem solutions,

Yunnan new benchmark 2017 PV price: 0.75 Yuan/kWh (including tax)

China offers both single and multi crystalline component falling below 3 per watt barrier

Renewable energy development could how fast? To see the “discount rate”?

Total demand for solar thermal demonstration project mirror Super million square meters

Laminated, half-cut, double-sided power component strengths and thresholds

Zhejiang huzhou introduced the family rooftop PV technical specifications

PV the number 10 in Singapore increased by 10 times

England in 2016 PV installations beyond 1.94GW

Layout planning of development of photovoltaic power generation for Pakistan by the World Bank

By 2030 global objectives on 10TW photovoltaic solar cells needed to break through?

Anhui linquan 2017 solar support 7000 35MW village power station power station

Arctic star solar PV network news: for vigorously implementation PV poverty, stable increased built document state card poor and poverty village (following respectively referred to poor, and poverty village) of income, ensure “households poverty, and village dequeuing” target as scheduled achieved, according to on implementation PV poverty of guide views (WAN political do [2015]34,) file spirit, combined I County actual, special version programme.

A, General requirements

Seriously implement implementation Central, and province, and city on new era poverty development of strategy thought, vigorously advance science poverty, and precision poverty, and precision poverty, according to “provincial and Manpower, and County negative total accountability, and township regulatory, and unified planning, and points step implementation, and policy support, and market operation, and unified standard, and guarantees quality, and Heli advance, and focused on effectiveness” of General thought, established Government grants, and social helping, and financial support, variety way phase combined of funds financing mechanism, vigorously advance poverty village and poor carried out PV poverty, Increase the collective economic income and poverty the poor family’s income, accelerate the pace of poverty reduction poverty, ensure comprehensive well-off society by 2020 synchronization.

Second, basic principles

(A) Government-led, eco-friendly. Government organizations responsible for industrial PV power generation projects on poverty reduction, implementation, persist in combining clean energy industry and poverty alleviation, on the premise of focusing on rural ecological environmental protection to achieve sustainable and stable income poor, impoverished village.

(B) public option determines the object. Actively promote the household 5-kilowatt (or above) distributed PV power station construction. Spirit of poor voluntary, village-level open, review of township and County approved the principle, first make sure that the “three-no (no labor, no resources, no stable source of income)” poor subjects for the project.

210-kilowatt distributed through village-level PV power station construction. In accordance with the procedures determined without village-level power stations without collective economic income or collective village of poor, weak, lack of resources for the implementation of the object, on the premise of target surplus, built State cards in poor households, selected household labour force less, less able to develop other industries of poor subjects for the project. Preliminary development of village-level power plant 300, including poor village 66.

(C) the specification location, convenient on-grid. Site should be fully taken into account when planning and construction of urban and rural needs, on the premise of not violation of land use, strictly in accordance with the conditions and requirements of the selected households of project construction and site selection, ensure that adequate light, after the project is completed, maximize power, ensure that the PV power station construction and planning, conflict-free, and the surrounding landscape, promote the use of the old village, the old Groove Tang, and ruined infrastructure. Meanwhile, electricity for the grid-connected PV power station was built quickly, project siting principles 10KV or 380V lines closer to the larger block (more than 30 acres/block).

(D) harmonization of construction, and centralized management. Households and villages of the county-level power project, according to township (village) reporting needs by County PV scale construction of the leading group for poverty alleviation project verification validation, project financing in principle, the implementation of a unified, centralized installation, unified management, unified revenue settlement.

Third, the scope of application

(A) power station: 2017 install 7000 households (total size of 35MW). Building vertical card filter 7000 households in poor condition of the poor, 5kW each distributed photovoltaic power generation system, is expected to increase year around 4000 Yuan per household.

(B) village-level power stations: 2017 installed 300 villages (poor village) (63MW total). Without village-level power plant 300 villages, each village 210kW distributed PV systems, helped at the implementation of 20-25 within the village collective economy an average annual income of nearly 200,000 yuan. To facilitate the construction and later operation and maintenance management, household electricity stations are centralized and collective power station built building.

Four, financing

Under existing national, industry-related documents, fixed cost, fee rates preliminary estimates, in accordance with 7.5/w standards, household and village-level power plant construction financed by provincial grants, city and County arrangement, poor households and collective organizations through loans raised in part by the Government through such solutions.

Five steps, implementation

(A) promote diagnostic phase (January 20, 2017-February 15)

Lead organizations to develop programmes of poverty alleviation and development leading group, convene meetings of Heads of villages and towns, layout of survey work. Corresponding organizations set up by township or village, convened to mobilize wide publicity to industrial policy, industrial characteristics, with clearly defined responsibilities and tasks, diagnostic investigations, organization.

(B) the Declaration and verification stage (February 16, 2017-February 28)

1. the towns declared. According to the actual situation in villages and towns by village and House-to-House enquiries and checks through publicly, after an examination, according to the scale of demand, determine build power plant siting Massif (in principle every piece of land is not less than 30 acres), PV work leading Group Office for poverty alleviation. Does not provide location, can be construed as a waiver of PV projects.

2. verification at the county level. PV construction leading Group Office for poverty alleviation by County organizations, power plant siting of the Township the Township declared and advance the implementation of the mandate, review relevant conditions to determine the final implementation of the object and the construction scale and accuracy determine PV Project installation location.

(C) the equipment installation, commissioning, grid-connected power generation stage (March 1, 2017-June 30)

By the successful bidder is responsible for the installation, commissioning and implementation of rural village-level and management of the power station on a daily basis. County power supply company and project implementation units (linquan County Jinyuan investment development limited, hereinafter referred to as “gold company”) grid-connected power generation contracts, responsible for measuring meter installation, according to the relevant regulations of the State power grid to ensure complete project tasks this year before June 30, 2017.

(D) to assess the acceptance stage (end of June 2017)

Assessment of acceptance in accordance with the schedule balanced, an acceptance of a grid-connected power generation, the work led by the PV work leading Group Office for poverty alleviation organization supervision and auditing, finance, supply, engineering supervision unit for photovoltaic projects for comprehensive assessment of acceptance and check the engineering stage of acceptance, technology acceptance and overall situation of project appraisal and inspection reports.

Six, transportation management, and revenue

(A) operational management. PV project for poverty alleviation projects selected through open tender qualifications, socially responsible photovoltaic equipment suppliers and construction companies implement operation services provided by the construction Enterprise basic training as well as manuals, suppliers and construction companies established after-sales service network, providing equipment maintenance (20 warranty period, non-artificial damage, made by the company free maintenance). After 20 years, exploring the establishment of specialized company responsible for the facility’s routine maintenance or build industrial to household property insurance system for PV power generation projects for poverty alleviation.

(B) the revenue settlement. County power supply company in accordance with national, provincial and municipal solar power subsidies, according to the billing cycle (one quarter) to the Jinyuan electricity funds paid in full. Jinyuan company project land lease and Bank through credit pass after the principal, the remaining money into the town or County departments for poverty alleviation of poverty (village) user account, a quarter of the settlement.

VII, safeguards

(A) strengthen organizational leadership. Linquan established photovoltaic project leading group for poverty alleviation, organizations responsible for photovoltaic power generation project implementation leader. Set up under the Office of the leading group, with offices located in the County development and Reform Commission, is responsible for the choice of poor villages and poor, development of annual plans, the lead organization and the day-to-day work of the Office of the leading group for the implementation of the project. The township (the street), mutatis mutandis, to set up corresponding organizations, strengthen leadership, co-ordination, implementation and promotion of the implementation of projects.

(B) the clear assignment of responsibility. County NDRC, and poverty do is responsible for publicity launched, and select poverty village and poor, and PV power index of towards and distribution, and prepared PV poverty implementation programme, and developed annual plans, and led organization project implementation; County financial sector is responsible for funds raised and regulatory; County financial management sector is responsible for coordination financial institutions support PV poverty; County power enterprise to hold implementation rural grid transformation upgrade, ensure meet PV power Internet needs, and is responsible for meters debugging and installation, and grid power, and timely issued Internet power subsidies funds. County supervision Department is responsible for the supervision and supervision; the County Inspectorate is in charge of project effectiveness assessment Township implementation; Township government organized Township (town) or village, the village task force responsible for implementing the project, working on poverty reduction coordination, coordination problems during project implementation process, combined with checking and so on.

(C) strengthening the assessment evaluation. 2017 photovoltaic projects for poverty alleviation of poverty alleviation and development working poor families and whole villages promote an important part of, incorporated into the Township and County support unit 2017 poverty relief and development work. Township declared in line with building blocks, the Township should be completed within 15 working days site measurement, lease, repair (clear, trees, old houses and its athletes based), site clearing, delivery, use and town clerk and directly linked to the Mayor’s year-end evaluation. The Township clerk for the photovoltaic building first focal point and assign personnel and docking fixed photovoltaic building. Supervision of leading group of poverty alleviation and development organizations Group on the progress in the construction of villages and towns were not regular inspection, while the ground leveling, inform the delivery progress lagged towns County. Scientific arrangement of villages and towns, grasp of policy, careful organization and advance the implementation, poverty alleviation and increasing waste management this precision actually doing, good things do. County direct support units to immediately organize relevant personnel, according to the County, the County Government’s annual poverty reduction calls into villages, supported the Township project implementation progress.

Original title: 2017, linquan PV poverty alleviation programme

Shanghai municipal development and Reform Commission on organizing 2017 Special

Polaris solar PV net news: all parties:

According to Shanghai City energy-saving emissions (should climate changes) special funds management approach (Shanghai House do sent (2017) 9th,) and Shanghai city can renewable energy and new energy development special funds support approach (Shanghai sent modified energy (2016) 136th,, following referred to support approach), now Organization carried out 2017 years can renewable energy and new energy development special funds support project declared work.

District development and Reform Commission and in accordance with the provisions of the enabling approach of the Management Committee of project conditions, reporting procedures and time requirements, organizing project in the region of application for transfer, application materials on a regular basis (four copies) submitted to the municipal Center for energy conservation and emissions reduction. Please do support municipal electric power company. Individual PV projects take the form of binding (need to provide personal identification number), by the power company declared to the district on behalf of the national development and Reform Commission.

Notice is hereby given that.

Shanghai municipal development and Reform Commission

The March 7, 2017

(Contact: Mrs Jeanne Tel: 23119516 fax: 63584462

Xing Ying Tel: 63905027 fax: 63900038)

Original title: 2017 the Shanghai municipal development and Reform Commission on organization Special Fund for renewable energy and new energy development to support project work notice

Edison solar sell two profitable subsidiaries

Polaris solar PV net news: recently, the Edison solar company to its bankruptcy one step forward, agreed to sell two revenue nature of the company to Canada’s largest alternative asset management company, while addressing a number of subsidiary company’s lawsuit.

Brookfield Asset management company agreed to increase power of TerraForm shares to 51%, to buy new shares for us $11.46.

In addition, Brookfield Asset management company will also pay $787 million in cash and assume net debt of about $455 million acquisition of sister company TerraForm international.

Two companies totaled 2.94 billion dollars worth, Brookfield deal is expected to be completed by the second half of.

Original title: Edison solar sell two profitable subsidiaries

Polaris solar PV NET weekly news review 3 6 3 10

Polaris solar PV net news: policy review

1. Hebei on 2017 village PV power plant project notice of filing

2017 village PV power plant for poverty alleviation to declare range is still the country’s 45 a focus of poverty-alleviation counties filed State card a poor village, plans to build 3,000 village PV power plant for poverty alleviation, overall size is about 900,000-kilowatt. In principle, a single scale control in village-level power station 100-300 kW, voltage level of 10,000 volts and below the access in rural areas.

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2. Yunnan 2017 new benchmark PV price: 0.75 Yuan/kWh (including tax)

Forwards the Yunnan Provincial Bureau of national development and Reform Commission on adjusting the PV new benchmark onshore wind files notice clearly 2017 new benchmark photovoltaic and wind turbine prices.

Among them, the PV project, January 1, 2017, later incorporated into the annual management of the subsidies by 0.75 Yuan per kilowatt hour (tax included) implementation before 2017 record and included in the annual size of the prior years financial subsidies management prior to June 30, 2017 and not yet put into operation, implementation of the 2017 benchmark price.

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3. the 2016 General photovoltaic power plant, Anhui Province, additional construction projects list

Pursuant to the National Energy Board on photovoltaic power generation by 2016 years: notice of construction-related issues (national new energy (2016), No. 383) spirit, the province ahead of 2017-scale 500,000-kilowatt, supplementary 2016-normal PV power plant construction. On December 31, 2016, our way through open competitive selection, focus for Huainan Lake Wolfgangsee phase II PV power generation projects, 24 projects, and reports to the National Energy Board approval.

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4. Hebei Baoding on regulating PV projects using forest land, promote the healthy development of the photovoltaic industry views on the notification

Strict implementation of forest land use approval procedures and strengthen supervision according to law. Construction of photovoltaic power plant must go through forest land-use review and approval procedures. “Lin Guang complementary” patterns of land use, solar module array during the temporary occupation of forest land for forest land-use procedures; Office premises and other facilities by permanent occupation of forest land for forest land-use procedures. Approval of temporary occupation of woodlands, forestry authorities after examination at the county level, submitted to the municipal forestry authorities approved; approval of permanent occupation of forest land, the provincial forestry authorities for approval.

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5. Anhui linquan 2017 solar support-7000 35MW village power station power station 300 63MW

Installed in 2017 7000 households (total size of 35MW). Building vertical card filter 7000 households in poor condition of the poor, 5kW each distributed photovoltaic power generation system, is expected to increase year around 4000 Yuan per household.

2017 installed 300 villages (poor village) (63MW total). Without village-level power plant 300 villages, each village 210kW distributed PV systems, helped at the implementation of 20-25 within the village collective economy an average annual income of nearly 200,000 yuan. To facilitate the construction and later operation and maintenance management, household electricity stations are centralized and collective power station built building.

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Market review

1. the EU’s photovoltaic double sunset review zhongcai: extended for 18 months (with scale)

March 3, 2017, EU Committee released announcement said, on native Yu or checked since China of crystal silicon PV component and the key parts made double anti-sunset review end CD, ruled if canceled double anti-measures, involved products of dumping and the subsidies on EU industry of damage will continues to or again occurred, so decided continues to maintained on involved products of double anti-measures, since this announcement released of day up, on China involved products double anti-measures will extended implementation 18 months.

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2. distributed PV popular grab “roof” into industry hotspot

Clear is has on good has of roof, results was competition opponents to more offers of price snatched has; will quality of roof resources provides to PV enterprise, can get is high of royalty; Zhuhai silver long group in recently released of roof PV tender plans in the, bid enterprise in the has Enterprise opened 9.5 Yuan/square meters of price, and provides 85 percent electricity discount…… Recently, distributed PV enterprises in the “roof” of increasingly fierce competition in the field.

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3. China offers both single and multi crystalline component falling below 3 per watt barrier

Component prices are falling trend is continuing with. China Power Investment Corporation (CPI) 1.1GW set of components of total bid was launched in Beijing, attracted 25 firms bid lowest quotation for single and multi crystalline components both fell below the Yuan (the same below) 3 threshold.

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4.31 members signed a “letter”: it is recommended that policy the PV of “relax”

In recent years in the country there are many problems of PV power generation projects, the main obstacles to become photovoltaic power generation project.

On March 7, in order to solve the above problem, technology sector the 29th Group jointly submitted to the 31 members of the Committee in full on rationalizing PV project management, land tax and other issues related to recommendations on the proposals, it is recommended that straighten out the problems in the PV power plant with, support of the photovoltaic industry.

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5. the PV power station in ruins after the Gale! Where is the problem how to prevent it?

At noon on March 1, Jiangsu meteorological Observatory issued strong wind yellow warning signal. On March 1 at about 4 o’clock in the afternoon appeared more cities of Jiangsu Province about 8 Gale, netizens exposed under construction tower crane was blown, building falling glass, photovoltaic power plant was severely damaged.

Here we talk about rural photovoltaic power plant was in ruins after the storm, where is the problem? How do PV Hurricane attack?

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6. solar thermal demonstration project under the tide growing ALTs

Non-government-monopoly industries in China, it seems difficult to find a business that doesn’t compete on price. Solar thermal demonstration project construction to start, market and then is ignited, under the bidding, ALTs is there is a growing trend.

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7. PV auction could reshape the industry confidence?

In 2016, the PV industry in China under the background of the overall warming and installing, enabling fast development, new and cumulative installed capacity ranks first in the world. Meanwhile, the PV industry, many enterprises are also in the process, creating a beautiful performance. It is understood that the PV industry has revealed that 2016 annual report 31 a-share listed companies, only 2 losses in 29 growth company, 9 is expected to achieve a profit more than 100%.

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Enterprise version

1. Global Green top 200 lists: CE 71 photovoltaic business 29 (full list)

Recently, the Global 200 list is officially green enterprise.

Investment in renewable energy, photovoltaic power generation due to rapidly declining costs in recent years by more companies chase. Top 200 PV firms dominate the list of 52 seats, which the Chinese PV industry 29, top is led by Mr Zhu Shan GCL, ranked 23rd.

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2. Tesla beginning in 2017 shareholders lukewarm sales of household tiles solar panels slid

Tesla (TeslaInc) this year after the acquisition of sister company, SolarCity, before the company name “Motors (Motors)” wording is removed. This move was not Chief Executive musk (ElonMusk) on a whim. On Monday (March 6), the legendary entrepreneur, said Tesla in 2017, will start selling solar panels.

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3. rate confirmed new sunlight gradually withdraw from Crystal focus Crystal

Taiwanese solar cell manufacturers new daylight (NSP) confirmed it would exit the Silicon business. In a statement, the company said it intends to focus on more profitable single crystal products, especially PERC solar cells.

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4. Yingli set up a Special Committee to deal with the problem

China’s top-tier manufacturers Yingli Green Energy (Yingli solar energy) has remained stable in operation, but has been unable to resolve the debt problem. Yingli has been set up by the Special Committee of the Board, professional debt-related issues.

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5. the domestic PV market blowout day exploring “brand” route

According to industry projections, 2017 PV installed capacity of around 40GW, domestic PV market of 5GW, wealth capacity of about 45 billion yuan. Large brand PV companies, small manufacturers, the self-employed, have great cakes of Chinese and domestic PV market, Flock comes into play.

Regardless of the market’s popularity, a home photovoltaic plant constantly showed the quality problems: leaky roofs, the components being blown fly installers try to save power, a problem and leave the low price competition, market is flooded with competition … … How to control the domestic PV market turmoil? Become the focus of attention in the industry.

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International articles

1. photovoltaic the number 10 in Singapore increased by 10 times

In recent days, after the Singapore Government said it planned in the year 2020, to further reduce the amount of solar energy that goes up to 1000 mega Watts of peak (gigawattpeak).

Singapore Minister of trade and industry (industry) Yi Huaren announced at the Congress debate on the estimates of expenditure of the Department of trade and industry, the Government should substantially increase the amount of solar energy in Singapore, and supporting clean energy development.

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2. the European PV reaches record low 2016 installed declined 33%

European PV markets depressed demand, but PV costs have continued to decline. February 2017 the latest German PV project bids, the lowest bid as low as 6 cents/kWh. At this price projections, if lighting conditions are good in Greece where PV price could be as low as 3 cents per kilowatt hour, lowest price in history.

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Super 5GW 3.2016 India PV installed capacity reduced to 7.4 cents per kWh

MODI after the Government stepped up the development of solar energy, hovering over 2012-2014 three years, 2015 solar PV installed capacity of more than 2 gigawatts, 2016, more than 5 gigawatts.

And solar average cost is declining in 2011 from 10.62 rupees per kilowatt hour, the RS 4.96 per cent in 2016/kWh, the equivalent of 7.4 cents per kilowatt hour.

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4. the World Bank prepared for Pakistan photovoltaic power generation planning

The World Bank and Pakistan’s alternative energy development board (AEDB) announced the launch of a new solar map of Pakistan to work for subsequent layout planning of photovoltaic power generation project in Pakistan. All regions of the World Bank will help Pakistan to collect and analyze light intensity data, according to planning the future layout of PV power projects to enhance Pakistan’s ability to develop clean energy.

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5. British 2016 PV installations beyond 1.94GW

According to the UK Department of energy and climate change (DECC) preliminary statistics, England in 2016 new Super 1.94GW PV system in 2015, representing a significant drop of 4.13GW.

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Quanjiao Anhui Province on the 2017 solar construction task of poverty alleviation

Polaris solar PV net news: the town government:

Quanjiao County under the Communist Party Committee of quanjiao County people’s Government winning battle plan for poverty eradication (full (2016), 13th) documents, enabling the poor stability to increase family income, to poverty, 2017 PV poverty alleviation mandate and funding arrangements adopted by the County’s leading group for poverty alleviation and development discussions, specific task orders are as follows:

A, and poor: big Shu town 227 households 610 people 945KW; II lang mouth town 77 households 196 people 273KW; Wu Gang town 2 households 4 people 9KW; Shi Pei town 49 households 111 people 183KW; West King town 22 households 36 people 69KW; horse factory town 25 households 46 people 75KW; xianghezhen 69 households 140 people 207KW; six town town 7 households 19 people 36KW; ancient River town 6 households 19 people 33KW; County total 484 households 1181 people 1830KW.

Second, the PV of the County poor construction bundling unified bid, each town clustered and centralized management, unified full Internet access, divided and towns assume overall responsibility for construction. Poor construction of photovoltaic, County Finance and provincial and municipal special anti-poverty fund grants kW two-thirds of the tender price, poor households account for one-third; the poor raise the necessary parts are available through microcredit for poverty alleviation, support units, or helping those responsible support, social contributions and other channels.

Third, each town PV build location to do the work.

Original title: quanjiao, Anhui Province on the 2017 solar construction task of poverty alleviation issued notification

Battle for solar polycrystalline midstream sections cost

Polaris solar PV net news: anticipated in March, installing surge appeared on the Chinese market is still quiet, but single and multi grain supply chain market conditions have begun to change, and presents the same State. Single crystal due to higher demand and rising prices, grain prices fell again this week, however, came a cost line.

Battle for solar polycrystalline midstream sections cost

EnergyTrend to observe March Crystal market is still hot, monocrystalline silicon wafer is still in short supply, prices rose slightly. Monocrystalline solar cell sales and the prices are fairly stable, single PERC battery still has prices around US$0.31/W.

Poly, as installing surge has not yet appeared in March, China’s market demand than expected, polycrystalline solar cell prices fell to US$0.20 – 0.205/W, RMB1.62 – 1.67/W. Multi crystalline cells price has fallen below the cost of Taiwan line even for lower-cost manufacturers in China, has also fallen to a cost battle conditions.

Polycrystalline solar cell prices this week the most obvious part, polycrystalline silicon wafer manufacturers, it is difficult to escape. Due to price weakness should be multi crystalline cells, in March dropped to US$0.64/pc from top to bottom, although multi-crystalline silicon wafer manufacturers still want to keep the US$0.63/pc, RMB5/pc, follow-up is expected to face pressure from the solar cell manufacturers, continue to decline.

Although 630 deadline draws near, China’s demand remains tepid, faces a battle for cost of polysilicon wafer, solar cell manufacturers are bound to come back to the most upstream, and polysilicon manufacturers with the profit squeeze. March prices for polysilicon orders already in February to talk about, so the March price remains steady; but it is expected that the follow-up will start to fall as the polysilicon wafer prices plummeted and, in late March, polycrystalline silicon high prices could begin to loose.

Looking to the future, because of flat demand, expansion rate over the past year and too big, and polycrystalline products supply chain falls are inevitable in the short term, may have to wait until mid-April, China Solar exhibition SNEC-led boom in demand, prices are expected to gradually warm.

Original title: battle for solar polycrystalline midstream sections cost

EU s double against key parts of PV modules and partial interim review

Polaris solar PV net news: March 3, 2017, the European Commission said in a statement, China crystal silicon PV modules and key components for double reverse partial interim review investigation. Products involved EU CN (Combined Nomenclature) codes ex85013100, ex85013200, ex85013300, ex85013400, ex85016120, ex85016180, ex85016200, ex85016300, ex85016400 and ex85414090. This interim review investigation period January 1, 2014 to ~2016 on December 31. Stakeholders should be in within 15 days from the date of the release of this bulletin, submitted questionnaire replies.

On September 6, 2012, EU originating in or consigned from China of crystal silicon PV modules and key components of an anti-dumping investigation. On November 8, 2012, EU originating in or consigned from China of crystal silicon PV modules and key components to anti-subsidy investigation. On December 5, 2013, the European Commission on the cases of anti-dumping and countervailing duty final. On December 5, 2015, EU originating in or consigned from China of crystal silicon PV modules and key components of double sunset review investigation. On March 3, 2017, the European Commission said in a statement, originating in or consigned from China of crystal silicon PV modules double sunset review and key components made affirmative final.

News: EU’s photovoltaic double sunset review zhongcai: extended for 18 months (with scale)

Original title: EU’s double against key parts of crystalline silicon photovoltaic module and partial interim review investigation

How to use market oriented solutions to abandon wind up light problem National

Polaris solar PV net news: in 2017, how to ensure that the energy supply side structural reform is deepening, “capacity” plays Sung? How to improve the quality and efficiency of energy development, the stress of “abandoning wind up light” problem? How to further implement the thoughts of people-centred development, accelerate the pace of energy for a relatively comfortable life? The “two sessions” during the national people’s Congress, the national development and Reform Commission Deputy Director, national energy Administration Director Noor ˙ bekri told Xinhua in an interview, energy focus, focus issues of concern to everyone responded.

How to use market-oriented solutions to

Breakthrough of deepening reform: resolve to prevent excess capacity,

Implementation of major strategic projects, to make up the supply of short boards, innovation in production and consumption patterns

Reporter: this year’s Government work report “improving the supply side of structure must be as a main direction, ineffective supply reduction, increase effective supply”. In your opinion, what is the key to deepen the structural reform of the energy supply side, which is deepening the reform of “key”?

Noor ˙ bekri: advance supply side structural reform, is to XI comrade for core of Central insisted liberation thought, and facts of thought route, insisted problem oriented of thinking, made of a items major strategy decision, is adapted and led economic development new normal of must requirements, is we party and once major theory innovation, on current and future a period promoted economic continued health development meaning very major.

The Government work report “adhere to the structural reform to promote the supply side of the main line”, energy is an important component of the national economy, economic development has entered a new normal, especially after a long stretched very tight supply pressures ease, further prominent structural contradiction of supply side problems. To solve these problems, must be to improve the quality of supply to meet demand as the basic goal to reduce ineffective supply, increase effective supply, optimizing the supply structure for the main direction, unswervingly continue to promote structural reforms in energy supply side, address both the symptoms and root causes, and comprehensive policy, the “three-one down, one up” five tasks in the field implement follow energy.

Promote the energy supply side structural reform, not a quick fix, not a two-year short-term behavior, adjust and optimize the energy structure and transforming the pattern of energy development to eradicate prescription, must be addressed as a strategic initiative, further forward, our focus is on four aspects of a substantive breakthrough.

First, dissolve to prevent excess capacity, reducing ineffective supply lower-end. Last year, we exceeded production capacity of 250 million tons of coal to the task and advance planning, production, postponed a number of coal-fired power project, important progress has been made. However, some of the oversupply situation in the field still exists, to productivity is the supply side structural reform of a play. To continue to phase out a number of backward coal mine, law and regulation disposal a number of illegal construction of coal mines, and orderly development of advanced production capacity, fully complete the coal production tasks. Meanwhile, to further strengthen its efforts to prevent and resolve the excess risk of coal production capacity. In accordance with the “clear violations, and strictly control increases, elimination of outdated” principle, take measures to steady, accurate, and relentless, cleaning, construction, postponed a number of coal-fired power projects, increase the intensity of backward units out of firm 2020 coal-fired power capacity control within 1.1 billion-kilowatt. In addition, also will continue to promote product quality upgrading refineries survival of the fittest.

Second, the implementation of major strategic projects, promote the adjustment of energy structure. Seize the current favorable opportunity of easing of supply and demand, long-term strategy and supply side energy revolution combines structural reforms the current task, around the strategic adjustment of energy structure, the implementation of a number of major projects. Projects such as hydro, nuclear, either now or in the future, is the main structural adjustment. These projects are large in scale, the long construction period will take several years to play a role even more than 10 years to put into operation, to advance planning, scientific layout, start as soon as possible. Meanwhile, based on the basic situation and focus our oil and gas exploration and development and upgrading traditional energy industries, promote clean fossil energy use, improve the ability of independent guarantee of energy security.

Third, to make up the short supply, improve the ability of coordinated development. At the same time promote the adjustment of energy structure, and to further strengthen the energy system optimization service and people’s livelihood, make up the system efficiency of short boards and consumer weakness. The one hand, to expand the scope of reformation of coal power generation flexibility, speed up the construction of pumped-storage power station, active development of large scale storage capacity, investing in peak capacity, promote new energy such as wind power, photovoltaic grid-connected power effectively to dissolve. The other hand, to implement energy projects, increase the supply of clean, convenient, high quality and economic energy, enhance the level of production and life of the masses, accelerate the pace of energy for a relatively comfortable life, makes people feel more accessible.

Finally, innovative production and consumption models, fostering innovation and development momentum. In recent years, we in the power of alternative, natural gas utilization, construction of intelligent energy is a useful exploration and practice, electric vehicle, distributed energy, Smart grids, complementary and a number of energy production, consumption, new patterns, new industry flourished. Next, to combine optimal supply structure and guide rational consumption, to new supply to meet the new demand, with new needs new supplies, promote energy supply and demand into better balance. Emphasis was to improve the price mechanism, push the user direct supply policies, such as measures to increase the proportion of electric power and natural gas in final energy consumption.

2017 strive for elimination, the cessation, postponed more than coal-fired power 50 million-kilowatt

To “Thirteen-Five” the end “three North” abandon wind, split-rate control within 5%

Reporter: based on our national conditions, in your opinion, how to adhere to the Green and low-carbon direction, achieving the clean and efficient use of fossil fuels? Overcapacity risks precaution coal this year will be what?

Noor ˙ bekri: green and low carbon energy revolution in China’s strategic direction, developing non-fossil energy sources, promoting the clean and efficient use of fossil fuels, is green and low-carbon strategy for energy development in two important ways. Our country is rich in coal resources, if you cannot achieve the clean and efficient use of fossil fuels, especially coal, build clean low carbon, secure and efficient modern energy system will not be able to talk about. We have to follow the energy revolution in strategic thinking, General Secretary XI Jinping, proceed from actual conditions, relaxation and continuously promoting the clean and efficient use of fossil fuels.

First, to accelerate the comprehensive control of coal. Much of the coal burned by extensive, coal accounts for only coal consumption for power generation in 50%. Power generation is an important way for clean and efficient use of coal, and developed the coal share in 80%, more than 90%. The coming period, to speed up the bulk coal management, promoting natural gas, electricity, renewable energy and other clean coal energy as substitutes for the civil, implementation of industrial coal-fired boilers and furnaces transformation, a large number of pressure reducing coal use, significantly increase the proportion of electricity, by 2020 more than 55%.

Second, the full implementation of reformation of coal electric ultra low emission and energy-saving. Coal and electricity ultra low emission and energy-saving renovation work since its launch in 2014, achieved a breakthrough, total makeover 450 million kilowatts of ultra low emissions, energy-saving to 460 million kilowatts, to effectively reduce the coal turbine discharge of major pollutants, improve energy efficiency plays an important role. Next, we want to continue to increase the intensity of reform, and strive to finish the remaining 300 million-kilowatt of the reconstruction task ahead. Among them, the ultra low emission retrofit 130 million kilowatts, energy-saving 170 million kilowatts.

Third, the development of modern coal chemical industry. In recent years, we made a useful exploration and practice in this area, a major demonstration projects smoothly, God huaning coal oil, baotou coal to olefins, a number of projects completed and put into production, and achieved initial results. The “Thirteen-Five” period, in the premise of energy saving and environmental protection, water protection, steadily promoting the construction of demonstration projects, continuing to strengthen technological innovation, expanding our technology in coal processing areas and industries.

Finally, expand natural gas consumption. Actively advance the reform of gas prices, reduce the cost of comprehensive use of natural gas, steadily pushed forward natural gas receiving, storage and transportation facilities in a fair and open, in areas such as life, transportation, and industrial production accelerated “replacing coal with gas” and “gas oil” while developing natural gas distributed energy and natural gas peak power station. Through the above measures, striving to 2020 the gas consumption of about 10%.

Finally, continued to promote quality upgrades. This year, the country has begun to supply five standard car gasoline and diesel. Next, we will release six standard of gasoline and diesel for vehicles, and strive to fully operational by 2019. While promoting the use of clean fuel such as biomass fuel, clean level of oil consumption.

Of course, in the reformation of coal electric ultra low emission and energy-saving at the same time, more important and more urgent task is to guard against dissolving excess risk of coal production capacity. In 2016, according to cancel group, sustained nuclear group, postponed a number of ideas and elimination of outdated coal-fired power unit 5 million-kilowatt, the abolition of 12.4 million-kilowatt do not have conditions for construction of coal-fired power project, moratorium on the approval of some provinces in addition to the livelihood of heat used by coal-fired power projects. 2016 actual production of coal power installed capacity 43 million-kilowatt, 16 million-kilowatt fewer than in 2015.

Next, we will be deployed in accordance with the Party Central Committee and the State Council, as overcapacity risks precaution coal energy a top priority, and fully implementing in earnest, effectively promote the healthy development of the thermal power industry. 2017 win out, production and sale of coal, and postponed more than 50 million-kilowatt, which eliminate backward groups 5 million-kilowatt, stop violations 38 million-kilowatt, postponed by more than 7 million-kilowatt.

Reporter: excuse me, how can we make better use of market-oriented solutions to “abandon the wind up” problem? How to enhance the coherence and efficiency of the power system, promote sustainable development of clean energy?

Noor ˙ bekri: in recent years, the rapid development of wind power, solar energy, has made remarkable achievements, currently ranked first in the world in installed capacity. Meanwhile, local areas of China there has been serious abandon wind up light problem, become the highlight of renewable energy sustainable development bottleneck.

To address abandoned wind up problems, we have adopted a series of measures in recent years in strengthening the size, layout and connection of channels at the same time, pay more attention to play the role of market mechanism, achieved initial success. Establish sound renewable energy targets and fully guaranteeing the purchasing mechanism, boot priority for renewable power generation. Production of hydrogen from renewable clean heating, wind power, exploring nearby new extinction patterns. Implementation of the “leader in PV” plan by bidding forced costs down. Power ancillary services market reform through thermal power peak depth peak trading, energy storage deal, power outages alternate trading market to promote wind power to dissolve, has received good results.

Meanwhile, we should also recognize that solve the problems of abandoned light wind up is a complicated systematic project, the most fundamental and most important ways is to do optimization of the energy system. Next, we will mainly take the following three measures.

First, accelerate the construction of power system peak load capability. The “Thirteen-Five” period, to speed up large pumped storage power plant, leading hydropower, natural gas excellent peak power construction such as peaking power plants, increase existing cogeneration unit, coal-fired generating units peak flexibility transformation, positive developments in storage, improving the load regulation performance of power systems. Five years is expected to increase load capacity 46 million-kilowatt, pumped-storage power station 17 million-kilowatt, natural gas peak power station 5 million-kilowatt, significantly improve peak power system and absorptive capacity of renewable energy.

Second, adjust and optimize the development distribution. The “Thirteen-Five” period, wind power and solar energy development center from “three North” transfer to the East, mainly in distributed development, local absorptive, new wind power installed capacity in the East in about 58%; new solar installed capacity, the eastern regions accounting for about 56%. Meanwhile, orderly power transmission corridor construction and to promote the “three North” area of renewable energy across the province to dissolve.

Third, promote electric power system operation mode changes. Advancing the power reforms landed, accelerate the construction of electricity spot market and power ancillary services markets, establish prices in favour of renewable power to dissolve and scheduling mechanism, implement renewable energy quota mechanisms for assessment and green certificate trading.

Through these measures, by 2020, renewable energy (electricity) grid-connected capacity of up to 720 million kilowatt, grid-connected capacity weight reached 36%, proportion of electricity of up to 27%. East and South main load Center to dissolve, such as wind power, solar power capacity could reach 35%, close to the world advanced level. Meanwhile, efforts to “three North” area up wind, abandon rate control in 5%, wind, not abandon basic do not abandon other areas light.

Strengthen the construction of key energy infrastructure in the field

Capture the energy of well-off new victory

Reporter: this year will be how to do basic, abstract work, better energy development results to benefit people’s livelihood?

Noor ˙ bekri: General Secretary XI Jinping stressed that complete the building of a well-off society, while maintaining economic growth at the same time, more important is to implement people-centred development, would like the masses are thinking, be anxious people’s urgent needs, and alleviate the people’s plight. XI Jinping, the important instructions of General Secretary, public services in the field of energy security for the us a new direction, put forward new requirements, is fundamental to guide our energy well-off new victory followed.

Current and next time, we should vigorously strengthen the construction of key energy infrastructure in the area, actively promoting clean energy, focusing on three aspects to achieve tangible results.

First, promote clean heating in winter in the North. According to enterprises, Governments, residents affordable approach, suitable for gas is gas, and electricity is electricity, vigorously improve the level of clean heating in winter in the North. At present, we are working in conjunction with the relevant departments to pay close attention to the preparation of the northern winter cleaning heating programming (2017-2020), for the early introduction of implementation.

Second, the focus of rural power grid upgrading and construction of urban distribution network. This year, would focus on the 85,000 small town Central village power grids to achieve 1.5 million wells pump power full coverage in the plain areas, basic source for the power of 33,500 poor village. Especially the immigrant areas, electricity and supply to keep up with to ensure that relocated to where, through where. Also, continue to promote PV poverty alleviation to help win the poverty battle.

Third, the prevention and control of atmospheric pollution. This year, the air pollution prevention and control 12 major transmission channel will be completed and put into use, “coal to electricity” “coal gas” and other alternative projects will move forward. Through increasing the supply of clean energy in key areas, reduce coal burning scale, further improve the local conditions, that the people can rest assured and comfortable with.

Original title: Nur bekri: boost energy supply side structural reform

Solar thermal demonstration project total demand over millions of square meters

Polaris solar PV net news: list from last September, China’s first solar thermal demonstration project has been announced in recent months, several projects (mainly of State-owned enterprises for investment projects) in nearly period of EPC contracting, part of the main tender for equipment procurement, in April this year into the construction phase of the project to lay the Foundation of substance. Meanwhile, private investment in projects such as controlling solar, first energy and Tianjin Binhai light and heat, and because of its EPC for the project, which has now set out to mirror work, procurement of key equipment such as tube.

EPC is scheduled for more demonstration projects identified, with the construction of demonstration projects, the purchase of the products and equipment of the first demonstration projects in China will start mass.

Solar thermal power plant system is extremely complex, various purchasing categories, some huge amount of procurement of key equipment. For equipment suppliers, and market demand for this demonstration project release is an opportunity, but also a challenge.

First demonstration projects will bring China’s solar thermal power generation chain of shuffle for the first time, currently, suppliers are well prepared in the planning layout, through such initiatives as capacity expansion, early stock preparations, in order to grab more market “cake” to avoid being washed to a market edge.

To help sort out the status of key supply chain products and equipment, and provide a reference for demonstration projects to be launched large-scale purchases. CSPPLAZA will supply chain of several key products and equipment capacity, cost, availability, hot topic series.

–Mirror article–

Total demand over millions of square meters of demonstration projects mirror the latest by July under a single

Mirror as solar-thermal power generation system in one of the largest amount of core components, performance and quality of their products to light thermal power station in operation had a direct impact. Reflector is the domestic solar thermal power generation market one of the most competitive products, this is due to the layout of mirror manufacture of many manufacturers, is represented by FlabegFE and Rioglass foreign brands, on the other side is in Yang Chande and sea Daming glass, glass Hyatt, the rise of solar domestic manufacturers represented.

Centralized procurement requirements when released?

According to the documentation requirements of the National Energy Board, the first demonstration project should, in principle, at the end of 2018 completion, this time node, centralized procurement requirements of the mirror when released?

Sao Tome solar believes that mirrors the centralized purchasing is expected in 2017, March-April, this year it will be difficult to install mirror fitted for outdoor time in the Northwest. International mirror manufacturers Rioglass is considered one of the first to start earlier since March began the procurement process of the project, and centralized procurement times are expected to appear in the second half of the year.

Several major mirror manufacturer capacity?

Mass concentration of procurement needs, several manufacturers of production capacity is able to meet the overall needs of demonstration projects?

CSPPLAZA reporter, current capacity of the main mirror manufacturers are as follows:

Solar thermal demonstration project total demand over millions of square meters of the mirror at the latest by July under a single

Minimum requirements with a 50MW power station accounted for roughly 500,000 square meters mirrors, the first demonstration project to mirror the total demand will be more than 13.5 million square meters, under ideal conditions, these manufacturers ‘ capacity and to meet the procurement requirements of demonstration projects.

Price rises of about 20% for project investment budget has no effect?

Reportedly, since 2016 second half of yilai, China of bulk commodity material price will continued rose, especially metal, and glass, and cement, material and fuel of price are appeared sharply rose, which, solar reflection mirror of raw materials one of floating method glass of quotes has improve has 20% around, addition as nitric acid silver, raw materials price also in rose, this on reflection mirror manufacturing brings of effect is price about rose 10%~20%.

This led mirrors than ever before to have a more substantial rise in manufacturing costs. According to preliminary calculations, currently on the market mirrors the prevailing price up by about 10%~30% has been compared to early 2016.

Daming glass said, with growth for the domestic market once capacity is in short supply, the demand situation, the normalization of those custom-made products, its costs have further to rise.

Rioglass says, this situation will not affect owners the ultimate purchase price too much. Because, from the perspective of market conditions in recent years, mirrors the price has decreased substantially, even if the recent rise in raw material prices, relative to the original offer, prices are expected to continue to fall, there will not be too much impact on the overall procurement budget to the owners.

FLABEGFE aspects accordingly recommends, based on can foreseen of years demand, suppliers and EPC, and developers reached long-term supply agreement can optimization supply and demand both of cooperation, all participation parties are can according to long-term of agreement to action and plans, dealer also willing to investment optimization its production equipment, such, not foreseen of raw materials price fluctuations, such as silver, and copper, and crude oil, of price floating can was offset even get additional compensation.

Procurement lead time advised by July at the latest to confirm the order

Despite the differing views on the impact of rising product prices, and gives the best sourcing time waits (from April to July this year), but all the manufacturers almost unanimously pointed out that to complete the project, the EPC manufacturers or owners mirror purchasing work should start early, and the sooner the better.

Raw supplies seem to be mirror the biggest uncertainty factor of production. Hai Yang Chande said domestic customers increasing demand for the reflectivity, you can choose fewer and fewer original manufacturer, reflector production according to requirement of clients ‘ original manufacturer, which can provide the high standards of the original manufacturers for foreign manufacturers, prices and payment terms are very important. Owners of its recommendation to assess the overall economy, realistic project requirements.

CHAN Tak said, is limited by the original film, recommended mirror manufacturers stock as soon as possible, so as to avoid market concentration over the same time period, resulting in delivery cycle delay. Mirrors most secure BACS in about six months.

FLABEGFE, which can be obtained in a short time these ultra high-performance materials, even so, the plans earlier, technical and commercial terms for all parties to reach, the better.

Expressed a similar view on the Daming glass, due to reflection mirror manufacturing needs of chemical raw materials (such as paint), as well as special quality white glass, are not conventional products, vendor options are very limited, and the vendor are not 12 months throughout production, supplier arrangements must also be considered. In case of missing one of its production cycle, may need to wait about 2-3 months time, which will mirror the great risks associated with delay in delivery. Therefore, for the production of mirrors as soon as contracts will be better and safer.

Daming glass believes that mirrors the procurement process must be completed before July 2017 order confirmations and contracts signed, so delivery times will begin September 2017 at the earliest. Plus the transportation time, time on site will be in October 2017, which is to be finished by 2018 project construction schedule, is already the night time.

Original title: total demand over millions of square meters of demonstration projects mirror the latest by July under a single

Qinghai Internet action to implement the advice smart energy in the focus area

Polaris solar PV net news: recently, the Qinghai provincial government issued on actively promoting “Internet +” suggestions of action, speeding up Qinghai province “+ Internet” action, promotion and integration in all areas of Internet innovation and development, economic quality and efficiency upgrades, create a new engine for economic and social development.

According to the comments, in Qinghai province, “Internet +” action will start in 13 key areas, including innovation, collaborative manufacturing, intellectual livelihood as well as photovoltaic energy. “The Internet +” smart energy actions as follows:

Innovation relies on the Internet to promote energy production and consumption patterns, improve energy efficiency and promote energy saving and emission reduction. Promoting the integrated energy network infrastructure, improve security, stability, and reliability. Promote the transformation of energy access and collaborative construction of regulating facilities, encourages relying on smart grid home energy efficiency management and other new businesses. Steadily advance the reform of marketing electricity side, means to cultivate the market.

1, to promote renewable energy manufacturing intelligence. Encourages the construction of intelligent wind turbine, smart PV and other facilities, as well as running cloud platform based on the wisdom of the Internet to realize intelligent production of renewable energy. Encourages users to side of building combined cooling heating and power cooling, heat pumps integrated energy infrastructure, improve the level of distributed renewable energy utilization. Promote the collaborative production of renewable energy and fossil fuels, promote inefficient fossil fuel such as coal-cleaning alternatives. Building the renewable energy market measurement, trading, settlement, and other links access and support system.

2, building a collaborative integrated energy network. Building the smart grid, and promoted it with heat pipe and gas pipe networks, transportation networks and other types of network interconnection.

Promoting the transformation of energy access and coordinate regulation of infrastructure construction, promoting the standardization of different energy network interface equipment, modular construction, supports a variety of energy production and consumption facilities “plug and play” and “bi-directional” to boost renewable energy, distributed energy and diverse load capacity.

3, promoting the fusion of network and communications infrastructure. Application of smart meters in the province, strengthen the construction of intelligent building, green, energy saving building control platform. Relying on smart grid, home energy efficiency management and many other new services, home energy efficiency evaluation, energy use visualization management, energy analysis, appliance control, energy-efficient target prediction and control, optimization and energy management decision support. Enhance the integration of energy systems and information systems infrastructure construction, promoting the 4G wireless communication, the application of power line carrier communication technology in intelligent power station.

4, cultivation of new energy new model of Internet business. Fostering flexible green energy trading market model, encourage social capital with mixed ownership, wholly-owned invested to build a new offering in the form of electricity, recruit micro-grid system of electricity trading, lead water supply, gas supply, heating and other public service sectors, energy service companies provide electricity sales business, support or qualified high-tech industrial park economic and technological development zone set up for sale. Development of provincial new energy in the Internet format, and encourages the developed provinces such as Jiangsu and Zhejiang advanced energy production and services enterprises invested wind, photovoltaic energy data operation platform for energy resource assessments, site optimization services provide professional services.

“The Internet +” intelligent energy projects

—Feng Shui River basin of complementary projects: in Gonghe county, Hainan Prefecture, Tara Beach-building of longyangxia water and complementary 550,000-kilowatt on-grid PV power station in three phases; relying on the upper reaches of the Yellow River, goat song, CI HA Gorge hydroelectric power station water light complementary projects.

Qinghai new energy automobile application engineering—: pilot application of new energy vehicles in the province, to Xining, haixi Prefecture, haidongshi and other cities into pilot new energy; green circular low-carbon public transport system, public procurement and corporate priorities in the field of new energy vehicles, increased advocacy of new energy vehicles, to raise community awareness.

—Energy industry demonstration base in Qinghai engineering: building in the province’s energy research, development and demonstration base of Internet and high-tech industrial park, creating new technologies and models model, construction of energy flow, information flow and business flow widely interconnected energy-optimized configuration and intelligence public service networks, innovative service mode of grid operations. Strengthen cooperation with Shanghai in the fields of new energy and new materials, such as cooperation in investment and technology cooperation.

—Qinghai green energy trading platform engineering: in province carried out construction based on Internet of green energy flexible trading platform, encourages wind electric, and PV, and hydropower, green energy and power user Zhijian carried out directly trading; mining green energy of environmental benefits, build special of energy derivative products, oriented different user groups provides differences of of green energy package; development based on Internet platform of green certificate trading and settlement mode, achieved green certificate of securities of, and financial of trading, foster third Fang Yunwei, and Point to point services such as energy green energy production, consumption and trade to the new format implementation for grid-connected renewable energy projects in the power generation system and guaranteeing the purchasing power in full.

—New energy vehicle charging station (piles) network construction project: haibei Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, to the West Sea town optical storage and integration of electric vehicle charging station for the pilot gradually in Xining city, Qinghai Lake core areas, such as the construction of new energy vehicle charging station (piles); build a charging network booking platform, promote multiple locations, multiple charging intelligent scheduling and time-sharing use.

EU to extend double reverse overlay multicrystalline PV prices fall economic

Polaris solar PV net news: China PV industry ups and downs in the development of an important node: the night of February 28, industry leading GCL-poly March wafer pricing has been reduced; shortly thereafter on March 1, the European Commission announced anti-dumping countervailing measures China PV will be extended for 18 months. Some people in the industry believe that a solar boom cycle may end, the overall downward price trend had been opened, the market will enter a period of sharp “winter.”

“In fact, before the Chinese new year is still relatively optimistic, that prices will rise, but after the Spring Festival kit price adjustment simply range-bound after two or three minutes, then began falling. “Photovoltaic yijia Ma Yiwai, Deputy Chief, told reporters said in an interview.

According to industry data, Si module prices down two weeks ago, after battery factory upstream factors such as bargaining power, polysilicon prices last week started down, the landmark event is the industry’s leading GCL March wafer pricing has been reduced.

“Wafer prices are beginning to rise after the callback, the overall decline is expected to begin at the end of the second quarter. Silicon, due to the ‘6˙30’ of the leader programme before installing the tender design has a larger proportion of single crystal, short supply caused excessive price increases of single crystal is expected to ‘6˙30’ trading quiet, fall will increase. Polycrystalline silicon is expected to rise in the first half of this year, falling in the second half, will be relatively smooth. “GCL-Vice President of Lv Jinbiao said to reporters.

In his view, regardless of single crystal, Silicon, wafers or the battery pack from the trends for the year are down channel. But “6˙30” number to complete before installing, so trade is still relatively strong in the first half, will face a price freeze, the deal fell in the second half, may recover only expected four quarter, year to form a “helical n-type” track. As far as the structure, polycrystalline silicon film and battery module the first half of the rose and fell slowly in the second half, were less dramatic than it crystal products.

“The cause of the price indexes added to first launch Energy Council installed by the end of last year, these indicators take this year’s share of installed capacity and must be completed by June 30, equivalent to the installed after June 30 this year needs to advance to the ‘6˙30’ before. These additions part index is already installed, the rest of the demand is not very big, and supply is abundant. “Ma Yiwai told reporters that domestic manufacturers before the Spring Festival’s capacity utilization at 100%, but the last two weeks has begun to decline.

In his view, should be a turning point last week, the subsequent price of PV industry chain may be started this long road, and prices are likely to fall soon, and is even worse in the second half, the entire “winter” or a year. “We believe that this bout of falling prices mean that since 2004 PV cycle and since 2012 the end of cycle. ”

Even worse is that rumors in the industry before the end of the EU PV products to China “double reverse” have failed to deliver, and related measures for a further extension.

In this regard, Commerce Secretary for trade remedy investigations Wang Hejun, said last week that China has noted, the European Commission will extend the duration 24 months as recommended by the past 18 months, and will gradually slow to a final cancellation measures. But it is regrettable that, in spite of the European Commission within the EU States and industry as well as the Chinese industry opposition, decided to extend the measure.

PV business executives to journalists who declined to be named, said EU’s PV implementation of “double reverse” two years did not save the local manufacturing sector, cannot stop the PV manufacturing in China expanding advantage occupy the global PV market. EU PV price commitments as agreed upon before there are many restrictions on China’s export enterprises, led to major export companies under price undertakings in China, and exports to the EU was almost shut down. China polysilicon pricing commitments to the EU does not strictly limit in, nor does it limit, imports of Chinese Silicon increased rather than decreased in recent years.

It is reported that before pushing the EU’s largest solar PV products anti-dumping companies Solarworld was in serious financial difficulties last year, former 9-month loss of € 62 million, net debt of € 315 million. In a recent press statement, it said, the company this year will stop the production of polycrystalline by 2019 will be reduced by 400 jobs.

“European markets have been very small, have become less important to China. And the large number of domestic enterprises to open overseas factories, has been able to avoid ‘ double ‘ restrictions. But the withdrawal of the subsidy continues to be the European wheel consists of all consecutive introduction of PV subsidies constitute one of the signs of the end of cycle. “Ma Yiwai said.

Original title: EU to extend “double reverse” polysilicon prices China PV industry boom cycle or end

Two voices PV members representative of the drum and ii Mr Zhu Shan Mr Jin baofang

Polaris solar PV net news: March 3, 12 five-time opening of the session of the National Committee, formally opened the annual “two sessions” unfolds. The same day, Polaris solar PV network has the first CPPCC Member Liu hanyuan, Li Hejun, China new energy Chamber of Commerce on photovoltaic and solar thermal to share proposals. Other members today continue to be representative of proposals highlighting, see what voices they sent representatives of the solar industry.

First of all, I must mention is that on March 5, the 12th session of the national people’s Congress fifth Conference was held in the great Hall of the opening session, Li keqiang made the Government work report. Report, the Prime Minister expressed attitude of the Government on clean energy development, and in 2017 as the focus, this is undoubtedly the greatest encouragement and support to new energy sources such as photovoltaic.

Li keqiang: China Premier

Key words: accurate poverty alleviation China clean energy manufactured 20,251 band all the way up

A solid and effective capacity. To reduce steel production capacity of 50 million tons this year, quit coal production capacity of 150 million tons. Also, to eliminate, freeze, postponed coal-fired power capacity by more than 50 million-kilowatt to prevent resolve the excess risk of coal production capacity, improve the efficiency of coal-fired power industry, space for clean energy development.

Second, in-depth implementation of the accurate precision of poverty for poverty alleviation. This year in reducing rural poverty population above 10 million, earmarked in the central budget funds rose more than 30%. Strengthened focus on continuous development of impoverished regions, the old revolutionary, improvement of infrastructure and public services, promote the development of characteristic industries, labor service export, education and health to poverty alleviation, implementing integrated upgrade project the poor villages, enhance self-development capacity in poor areas and poor people.

Third, making strenuous efforts to upgrade traditional industries. 2025, in-depth implementation of the made in China to speed up application data, cloud computing, Internet of things, new models with new technology new formats to promote traditional industry production, management and marketing changes. As the main direction of the development of intelligent manufacturing, promoting national demonstration zone of intelligent manufacturing, manufacturing Innovation Center, in-depth implementation of the industrial base, special projects for major equipment, vigorously develop the advanced manufacturing industry, promote China’s manufacturing to high-end. Perfect manufactured powerhouse construction of policy systems, in a variety of ways to support technological innovation, promotion of traditional industry full of new vitality.

Four, real advance “along the way” construction. Stick to discuss sharing, accelerate the construction of economic corridors on land and maritime cooperation to stand, built along the customs cooperation mechanisms. Deepening international cooperation capacity, driving out for our equipment, technology, standards, services, and complementary advantages.

Five, mechanism and work quickly to solve technical problems and give priority to safeguard renewable power and mitigate water, abandoned, abandoning the wind light.

Mr Zhu: GCL Group Chairman

Key words: the law on renewable energy photovoltaic Project Green wisdom energy

Total installed capacity is leading on the one hand, and assume strategic responsibility for the national emissions reduction, on the other hand are subsidies in arrears, have sent arbitrary problems, local policy, and contradiction does not dissolve naturally with the development of PV industry in China, and under the pressure of parity have highlighted potential.

Mr Zhu Shan during the participation in Beijing proposing amendments to the renewable energy law, renewable energy development priorities more clearly, more force, both the current PV land use approval order also proposes a standard, lower taxes and other specific proposals.

Proposal: “amending the law to back them up” + “cost burden”

Mr Zhu said, China’s rapid development of renewable energy capacity, has played an important share of the energy system as a whole, wind power and photovoltaic development scale, both ranking first in the world, the renewable energy sources Act forced Internet systems, classification of fixed price system, the cost-sharing system, the quota system for the generation and system of special funds, undeniable. But, can renewable energy method in the part specification and system has no longer adapted current can renewable energy of development stage, or cannot from system Shang fundamental solution restricted can renewable energy health development of problem, its supporting regulations policy of implementation situation also does not satisfactory, exists with grid and can renewable energy development planning out, and full supportability acquisition and Internet electric price guarantees system implementation difficult, and functions sector coordination mechanism not perfect, problem, accumulated has can renewable energy abandoned electric, and subsidies serious not in place, all phenomenon, Even as the industry “the new normal” trend.

He suggested that by modifying the law on renewable energy, clean power to force Internet and priority the Internet system, assurance from the legal system guaranteeing the purchasing, acquisition can also be explored further in full path, while electricity market reform as soon as possible to adapt and meet the needs of large-scale development of renewable electricity price and subsidy allocation system, promote the renewable energy market.

Mr Zhu pointed out that current renewable energy law setting different types of legal liability for violations, but the lack of enforcement and interoperability, proposals to increase penalties for violations, strengthening the law mandatory and binding, the renewable energy sources Act, effective implementation of the relevant system.

Proposal II: standard PV use, lower tax standard

As we all know, PV enterprises in China in recent years, such as Concord Group is aggressively implementing scientific and technological innovation as the main driving force of the PV parity Act, as soon as possible out of the photovoltaic industry subsidies dependent on, upgrade enterprise technology, increasing effective cost reduction efforts, reflected in the cost per unit of electricity often was not enough to offset the irrational expenditure of contradictory policies. Such as PV land use tax, around the standard ranged from 0.6 to 12 Yuan/square meter, calculated in accordance with class II lighting 10MW photovoltaic projects, or is imposed by the different scales of the same power stations the cost difference of 0.3 Yuan per kWh, greatly affected the fair return of photovoltaic power plants.

Zhu total mountain this year again built statements straighten out PV project with to approval management: by land resources management sector led, coordination forestry, and agricultural, and planning, related sector, accurate defined land nature, established joint database and to social public; PV project with to in the except Office with room, and boost station, and factory road hardening with to zhiwai belongs to construction with to outside, other PV component array column cannot do for construction with to handle; further cut PV construction with to of charges standard, reduced PV power cost, let clean energy into do households.

Mr Zhu said, in the standard PV site, lower tax standard, support for solar and other renewable energy development, at all levels of Government, land management is promising, as the Government of the Ningxia Hui autonomous region on new energy industry, with the notice and other documents in the implementation of encouragement and support to photovoltaic power generation project to give a degree of flexibility, and is worthy of nationwide demonstrations.

Proposal III: Green wisdom energy should become a “featured small town” common features

Featured towns can blossom, green wisdom energy must become “standard”. Talked about is national range within hot spread of features small town foster work, Zhu total mountain said, for features small town construction of energy problem, energy of supply to “green”, this is on general environment of guarantee, energy of configuration and consumption to wisdom, this is on energy using efficiency of guarantee, features small town is to all town of different situation and “special” of, and green wisdom energy of using is all features small town construction of common “special” points, special in low carbide, and new energy more big share using, and ecological more friendly.

For implement Central, and State on advance features small town, and small town construction of spirit, implementation economy and social development 13th a five years planning platform for on speed up development features town of requirements, July 1, 2016, housing urban and rural construction, and national development reform Board, and Treasury joint issued notification, decided in national range within carried out features small town foster work, developed has to 2020 foster 1000 a around features small town of target.

Mr Zhu believes that construction of the characteristic town of focused industry development, to introduce real industries, especially high content of science and technology, low environmental impact, can effectively solve local employment industries, upgrade its level of output and the profits and taxes for the town’s other cornerstone role in career development. Focused industry against blind town-building, large-scale town-building, resulting in hollow town. He suggested that the lead industry, clear type, industry, industry funding, local government and the development and Reform Party may authorize the construction of the characteristic town of implementation.

Characteristic small town construction and sustainable development of energy. At present, the worldwide facing energy innovation, China is in reducing carbon emissions, promote green energy development an important occasion of wisdom, in 2016, 0.2% control the growth in global carbon emissions, carbon emissions in China falling at about 0.5%, in 2017, will start the “carbon credit” trading system, carbon emissions will be subject to more stringent control. Mr Zhu Shan called for approval of construction in the construction sector indicators, set characteristic small town new energy utilization ratio shall not be less than the overall energy consumption of the 20%. Take advantage of green wisdom energy, makes small town construction in green point, will enable the construction of small town stood on the starting point for high efficiency and low consumption, will enable the construction of small towns truly pleasant and livable.

Mr Zhu said, early on in the construction of the characteristic small town, need to be more flexible and stronger policy support. First, the national characteristics principle refers to the town of small town construction, at present, has been included in the model construction of the characteristic small town is allocated according to the administrative division of the town, in fact, extra city, Center City surrounding areas needed more characteristic small town construction, share the functions of cities. Early in the construction of the characteristic small town, this location also makes it easier to feature the successful cultivation of the town. Secondly, the characteristic small towns need to seek special funds financial considerations, using PPP, financial loans, direct subsidies or flexible ways such as issuing local government bonds, investment in social capital construction of the characteristic small town. Again, the characteristic towns land index in construction, planning systems, infrastructure construction and other areas need to be given some preferential policies, recommend indexes, planning priorities, infrastructure investment by small town total investment ratio to be put in place.

Mr Jin baofang: JA Solar Chairman

Keywords: PV PV of financing poverty alleviation

“Along the way” initiative under the boot, PV enterprises “going out” the accelerating pace. According to statistics, at present, China has put into operation an overseas cell and module capacity 3.2GW and 3.78GW respectively, building and expansion of above 3GW production respectively. Chinese PV industry in the process of internationalization, however, also encountered a lot of problems. Among them, the overseas construction financing is particularly prominent.

Mr Jin baofang introduced, financing difficult main because most domestic bank system put PV loan divided to by limit regional, and by Europe double anti-, and subsidies continued declined, factors effect, on PV future development confidence insufficient, on PV overseas project know how doubts; PV industry overseas investment dispersed, peer Zhijian and Shang middle and lower reaches of enterprise Zhijian lack linkage sex and collaborative sex; on overseas investment environment not familiar, due to prepared not full, risk prevention measures not full, and not system,, easy appeared blind investment, risk is big ; System of China’s overseas investment is not improving, management more policies dispersed. China’s overseas investment system is not perfect, and management more policies dispersed. , System of China’s overseas investment is not improving, management more policies dispersed.

In this regard, Mr Jin baofang recommends:

One or more PV enterprises “going out” funding policy.

Photovoltaic industry into the production capacity of Chinese and foreign cooperation priorities support projects, and provide financial incentives for PV companies, tax incentives, increase credit support for overseas investment of PV industry and, if necessary, by the financial guarantee; the establishment of national “going global” investment and financing service platform (such as photovoltaic overseas investment funds), improving overseas investment insurance products.

Second, leading photovoltaic companies hold “out to sea”

Full play industry organization, and Government institutions of guide role, encourages PV Shang downstream enterprise joint out of to; active guide PV enterprise in outside established trade cooperation district or settled trade cooperation district, and encourages outside trade cooperation district promotion distributed PV power station, priority by China Enterprise construction and using China products; encourages in main PV market built a outside PV manufacturing industry Park and the capacity cooperation model base, formed industry gathered and resources integration.

Third, increase the PV business “go” early guidance

To established big data information platform, for PV industry enterprise “out of to” provides political environment, and legal regulations, and industry policy, early guide; active promoted Government between established capacity cooperation mechanism, towards and more national and international organization in goods clearance, and personnel immigration, and currency settlement, and judicial, and tax cooperation aspects established more bilateral of cooperation mechanism, for PV Enterprise create good of investment environment; further strengthening outside security risk warning and monitoring system, perfect outside security risk prevention and emergency disposal work mechanism, Protection of foreign investment security.

Four, improving overseas investment system.

Open a green channel, greater decentralization, standardizing, streamlining, procedures and responsibilities, establishment of overseas investment, “one-stop” joint approval authority; overseas talent and training, investment, information consultation, bridges built for China PV companies to provide more comprehensive support services.

PV was one of ten precise poverty alleviation projects for poverty alleviation, in 16 provinces in China as early as 2014, 471 counties launched a pilot run, introduced around nearly two-year PV pro-poor policies, further accelerating the photovoltaic process of poverty alleviation. However, the seemingly promising PV poverty alleviation, but in being exposed “stuck”

In this regard, Mr Jin baofang believes that the implementation of PV in the process of poverty alleviation, local defects on PV cause obstacles for poverty alleviation, most of the electricity used in poor areas lead to dissolve space is small, large surplus of power needed to send more high-voltage power grids, grid implementation in such remote areas need to enlarge. Meanwhile, higher land use taxes lead to photovoltaic power generation costs rise, is not conducive to the development of PV.

Mr Jin baofang recommends:

, Perfect PV subsidy policy, subsidies or to give priority to poverty alleviation projects, ensuring that the interests of users.

Second, to strengthen the construction of network infrastructure, optimize network structure to enhance the transmission capacity, for companies to set up barriers, ensure the quality of projects, the “leader” item access standards is a very good case. PV land use tax the Government need to give clear guidelines and regulations, and tax breaks for PV power station construction site or offers, establishing a sound credit system in the financing market, ensuring that investor interests are guaranteed.

Anhui Province in 2016 General list of additional PV power station construction

Polaris solar PV net news: the municipal development and Reform Committee:

Pursuant to the National Energy Board on photovoltaic power generation by 2016 years: notice of construction-related issues (national new energy (2016), No. 383) spirit, the province ahead of 2017-scale 500,000-kilowatt, supplementary 2016-normal PV power plant construction. On December 31, 2016, our way through open competitive selection, focus for Huainan Lake Wolfgangsee phase II PV power generation projects, 24 projects, and reports to the National Energy Board approval.

Now append the 2016 General PV power plant construction orders to you, together with relevant departments, urging further accelerating the construction of the project, promoting the project full-capacity of grid-connected power generation, use as soon as possible. Also, pay close attention to completing the project at the national renewable energy information system information, building operation and so on.

Annex: Anhui Province in 2016 General up-scale PV power station construction project list

The March 2, 2017


2016 years, Anhui Province, up-scale PV power station construction project list

Two voices win Shan Li Hejun Mr Jin baofang Liu hanyuan Zhu and Chen Kangping

Polaris solar PV net news: starting today, officially entered the country “two sessions”, CPPCC members and deputies to Beijing from around the country perform their duties, drum of concern and call for yourself. Among these, the amusing and solar industry representatives. Liu hanyuan, Mr Zhu Shan, Li Hejun, Mr Jin baofang, Chen Kangping, China new energy Chamber of Commerce … … They stand for PV and solar thermal sectors sent voice, first to see several members at once the proposal of the representative:

Liu hanyuan: tongwei Group Chairman of the Board of Directors

Key words: photovoltaic subsidy arrears taxes heavily

In recent years, the rapid development of the photovoltaic industry by subsidies in arrears, tax issues such as heavy and carry. The current session of the “two sessions”, for 8 consecutive years of attention to the healthy development of the photovoltaic industry Liu hanyuan, Chairman of tongwei group focuses on solar subsidies, solar tax proposal.

Proposal: strengthening Government’s credit construction to speed up PV subsidies granted

Liu hanyuan in proposal in the said, “as relates China current and the future economic development transformation and energy security and the fog haze problem solution way of PV industry of subsidies problem, after years constantly cumulative, has actually became has a and arrears agricultural migrant workers wage also serious of reality problem, as long-term delay down and have not to effective solution, not only serious impact China PV industry of health, and stable and continued development, also will serious damage China Government of integrity image and paid credit problem. ”

On the surface, subsidies granted object seemingly PV links, but for the whole photovoltaic industrial chain “Mana”. If PV power station took not to subsidies, on must will arrears upstream component manufacturers payment, component manufacturers and will further arrears more upstream of raw materials suppliers of payments, to caused chain arrears, formed large of bad, and bad and “triangle”, not only led to whole PV industry in funds tight of status, also will serious impact investors on PV industry input of confidence and determination, even may led to PV industry faced more big, and disaster sex of Cliff type fell, effect China economic general run.

Liu hanyuan believes that arrears of subsidies under the national policy, the PV industry in China has been paid, the Government paid credit and honesty construction have caused significant damage.

In this regard, Liu hanyuan suggested: 1 strengthen the Government’s credibility construction, improving the basic rules governing pay; 2, simplify the subsidy funds collection and disbursement procedures.

Proposal II: in support of green industry development of photovoltaic industry tax relief proposal

At present, China’s PV industry chain link is the full tax. The main taxes involved include: corporate income tax 25% and the additional, value-added tax 17%, in addition to the sea area use fees, land-use tax, stamp duty, tax and other tax types, such as factors to consider social security, taxes and fees will be even more alarming. Calculating average according to the PV projects, pays sales tax average is 1.8 times of operation and maintenance costs, sales tax average net profits of 30%. After receiving the loan, PV enterprises should not only pay higher bank interest rates, and the cost of capital for 6% value added tax is not deductible, as the cost of a large proportion of interest 17% tax levy in full and further increase the tax burden of enterprises. In addition, the new energy subsidy funding gap of up to 60 billion, preliminary project subsidies accounted for more than 50% of total electricity revenues, and further delay, adding to the operating pressure of the enterprise.

Liu hanyuan believes that only development represented by the photovoltaic and renewable clean energy, fundamentally change China’s energy consumption structure and realization of electric power, energy consumption and electricity production cleaner, to fundamentally solve the current smog trapped. But at present, the PV industry and the air, the environment of green strategic emerging industries and the transformation of economic development pattern is closely related to, but under higher taxes, in fact, have severely inhibited the healthy development of the industry.

In this regard, Liu hanyuan suggested: 1, clean up and reform the irrational tax system; 2, all the tax relief for the photovoltaic industry.

Li Hejun: Chairman of hanergy holdings group

Key words: solar car

Development of new energy vehicles in China is of great strategic significance. XI General Secretary has made it clear that “the development of new energy vehicles is the only way our cars big country to the powers that”. Under the guidance of national industrial policy, China’s new energy automobile industry rapid development and growth, new-energy auto production has ranked first in the world for two consecutive years, the number of 1 million cars.

Li Hejun believes that solar is a future-oriented new energy vehicles innovation application form, it is recommended that strong support from the State.

Power cleaner, encourage new energy vehicle

The formulation of relevant policies, guide enterprises to “clean up” are regarded as the main direction of new energy vehicles, reducing power consumption during use of new energy vehicles, real clean sustainable development of new energy vehicles.

Second, establishing solar car

Clear solar-powered cars as a kind of new energy vehicles, into key national development plan of the “new energy vehicles” pilot project in 2018-Project Guide to Declaration.

Third, into the new energy automobile industry management

Through the advanced manufacturing industry investment fund special support for solar car manufacturing project; refer to pure electric vehicle lithium batteries subsidy program subsidies for solar cars, subsidies are not less than the subsidy program for lithium battery.

China new energy Chamber of Commerce

Haiyang in light and heat, such as groups of companies to submit proposals on speeding up the development of the solar thermal power industry, and submitted by the China new energy Chamber of Commerce.

Key words: solar thermal industry

Among the many varieties of clean energy, solar-thermal power generation best placed to replace base load thermal power play the one of the new energy, is expected to become one of the mainstream new sources of energy, has a very important position in China’s new energy strategy. “Thirteen-Five” is an important period of development of the solar thermal industry, industry’s contribution to the domestic economy will be close to a trillion. But domestic solar thermal industry is still facing high initial investment costs, operating experience lacking, and many other challenges. In this regard, the proposal recommends:

First, based on the “Thirteen-Five” plan targets, starting as soon as possible work 4GW solar thermal demonstration project

In December 2016, the National Energy Board formally issued the solar development “Thirteen-Five” plan, put forward by 2020 solar thermal generation capacity reached 5GW development goals. Considering a single solar thermal power generation projects with large investment, a long construction period, and first 1GW demonstration project from application to electricity price has introduced last year. Completed “Thirteen-Five” 5GW of planning objectives, improve core competitiveness of domestic solar thermal enterprises, proposals of remaining 4GW project started as soon as possible to declare work, encourage enterprises to participate in, projects layout properly, experts carefully selected. Also, it is recommended that countries “Thirteen-Five” pricing policy in the period remained stable, try not to fall. In addition, the solar thermal power industry has not entered the commercialization stage of development, to ensure that the industry’s orderly competition, national is not recommended during this period similar to PV tenders bids to determine the price.

Second, from the national strategic industrial land planning, priority irradiation resources quality solar-thermal project in the West, and on this basis to speed up the construction of large deployment, with complementary clean energy base

Light hot power single scale and accounted for to area larger, years run hours more long, project location Shi on Sun direct radiation DNI resources requirements high, recommends government sector in developed new energy project planning Shi, will has better site conditions of regional reserved to light hot power project construction, and from national strategy level light hot with to give tilt, do strategy industry with to planning, perfect with to policy. Meanwhile, in order to better promote the healthy development of the industry, encourage enterprises based on the existing demonstration projects to develop large-scale solar-thermal power plants, to form scale. Especially in our first solar thermal demonstration project, once completed, should speed up many complementary planning and building new energy base and better serve economic and social development and reform of the energy supply side. Put solar-thermal power and photovoltaic, wind turbine and more complementary modes of energy price calculation method and standard business practices.

Three, strong co-ordinating the implementation of the new energy policy floor

Proposed State reference to solar, wind power and other new energy industry support policies, light thermal power domestic equipment manufacturing enterprises by appropriate land, finance and tax-supported, list clear list of tax breaks, new energy policy harmonization. In addition, solar-thermal power generation is a high investment-and technology-intensive industries, 50-megawatt solar thermal power plant investment of 1 billion to 2 billion yuan, funds development of private enterprises and State-owned enterprises have become light and heat a big pain point. For support light hot industry health growth, recommends national should in new normal Xia insisted green economic development of macro background Xia, full play State-owned commercial banks, various financial institutions of of financing guide role, put light hot industry included financing green channel, including green bonds, and credit, and policy Bank, and cheap loan, and PPP,, especially to vigorously promote and promoted “two a not below”, existing policy of landing implementation, effective solution financing difficult problem.

Four, the implementation of high-tech enterprise support policies, support enterprises ‘ technological upgrading

Increased light hot power of science and the media publicity efforts, active play Enterprise subject role, encourages more enterprise participation technology development and products upgrade, especially in reflection mirror, and turbine, core equipment aspects increased support efforts, recommends national on related enterprise reference national high-tech enterprise of related policy be support, as has necessary also can included “national technology major special”, from overall Shang upgrade equipment level and technology competitiveness, makes China Light hot power industry achieved corners overtaking, eventually led global. Meanwhile, also increased at the national level to light thermal technology, standards, testing and other aspects of investment, development of industry technical standards system and project acceptance criteria for solar-thermal power generation project construction, especially at the present stage to demonstration project truly play its demonstration effect.

Five, as soon as possible, combined with heating of solar-thermal power generation projects to support policy

East on the current spread of “Haze” problem, and North Central has made clear it wants to promote clean-water heating, use clean energy to solve environmental problems as possible. Recommendations will combine heating, solar-thermal power generation project as a special people’s livelihood projects treated as soon as possible, targeted price and price policy, started a number of demonstration projects. Meanwhile, support use of peak-Valley electricity price the molten-salt thermal storage heating project construction, and targeted policies, to promote an “abandoned wind up” power in the form of thermal energy storage for effective heating use, improve the utilization of new energy.

Polaris solar network on March 2 2017 news review

Polaris solar PV net news: Polaris solar PV NET summary of March 2 news, miit Announces 2016 why the operation of PV industry in China, the European Union, “deliberately delayed” PV price promise abolished? Final determination of the European Union: photovoltaic panels to China, such as anti-dumping duties for a further 18 months, as follows:

Miit Announces 2016 run PV industry in China

Why should the EU “deliberately delayed” PV price promise abolished?

Final determination of the European Union: photovoltaic panels on China anti-dumping duties for a further 18 months

Us factories to Taiwan solar energy anti-dumping tax rates significantly reduced

2016 11 December Shanxi power grid “two rules” assessment results (PV)

Organization declared 2016, Nanhai district, Foshan, Guangdong, PV Application projects of incentives and subsidies

2017 place their energy hot spots: promote the development of new energy

Renewable energy investment trends

Icahn to seize distributed PV market: the only “original” road

Era of reducing cost and increasing efficiency of double glass component or PV leader project “dark horse”

Pingtung County of Taiwan Province PV subsidies: 1KW grants NT $5000 up to 300,000

Prices drop 58% 5 years Australia will build 20 solar power plant

Solar energy utilization in Ukraine quarterly growth of 40%-45%