Thermal power policy barriers in fading light or extra hundreds of billions

Polaris solar PV net news: “solar-thermal power generation industry in China has taken shape, and able to offer some of the products and parts, foreign enterprises have begun to enter the Chinese market. At the policy level should be given further support from the State, to accelerate the commercialization of solar-thermal power generation process and lay a good foundation. “At a recent Conference on solar thermal power generation professionals Forum, Energy Research Institute, national development and Reform Commission said Hu Runqing, solar-thermal power generation is a very promising technology, based on renewable energy’s own uniqueness in China, the transformation of traditional energy sources and greatly increase the use of renewable, solar-thermal power is indispensable.

Solar photovoltaic and solar thermal power generation efficiency of two important routes. Different from photovoltaic solar energy directly into electricity, solar-thermal power can be both “electric” two, not only can convert solar energy into electricity, the heat can also be used in high temperature areas.

And experience of the “roller coaster” as compared to the ups and downs of the photovoltaic industry, solar-thermal power generation has been kept in “purdah” status. However, with the improvement of 2014 State-aid policy, policy barriers plagued solar-thermal power generation industry for many years is gradually clearing up, industry development nodes have appeared.

Industry into a key node

Since the beginning of the year, National Energy Board, the NDRC’s price Department, General Electric power planning and Design Institute, and other departments have organized seminars on solar thermal power generation demonstration project pricing policies, solar-thermal power generation demonstration project technical requirements and application reports outline consultation seminars. Both meetings to advance the construction of solar thermal power generation demonstration projects focused on the related issues and formed a preliminary harmonization of the framework programme. This means that long obstacle course of China’s industrialization of solar-thermal power generation policy barriers are gradually being broken.

With the landing of unified framework programme, also accelerates developer determination and speed in building solar thermal power generation projects. “No price, don’t start” this solar thermal power plant developers generally follow the guidelines are being broken. On July 1 this year, China Guangdong Nuclear solar energy development in delingha, Qinghai province 50 MW trough solar thermal power generation demonstration project will commence construction. This project is the solar thermal power industry first started commercial use projects in recent years, although cannot be determined before the July 1 start enlisting the support of model pricing, China Guangdong Nuclear are obviously longer too much to consider this issue.

According to statistics, currently the project developers to be developed and has done some preliminary work for solar-thermal power project near 25, total installed capacity of about 1600 MW. At present, solar-thermal power generation systems integration capability and upstream and downstream industry chain has become more complete, including in the field of system integration, test experience as in Haiyang, China Guangdong Nuclear solar energy, the company has gradually mastered the system integration capabilities of solar thermal power stations, and basically had to build commercial solar-thermal power projects of technical reserves. As for equipment localization, to directly gather solar energy concentrating mirrors for example, Haiyang Group subsidiary Chengdu Zen de production quality condenser technology has reached the international advanced level.

“This is definitely not a simple things, fire crackers, are for real. “One industry source said the solar-thermal power generation in China is about to enter a major node.

“Over the years, solar-thermal power industry stalled mainly due to tariff-free policy, because investment returns are not guaranteed, leading to hesitate to invest in this area. “Hu Runqing, researched and growing concentration of industries within the expected price at 1. 3-1. 6 Yuan/kWh. According to solar thermal power generation industrial technology innovation strategic alliance research results, the current average cost of solar thermal power generation in China for 1. 38 Yuan/kWh.

Relevant data show that national average for photovoltaic power generation cost 0. 58 Yuan/kWh, while electricity prices were 0. 78 Yuan/kWh (tax deductible). Clearly, the current solar-thermal power generation cost price is higher than levels of photovoltaic power generation. But insiders said the falling cost of solar-thermal power in a large space, the future can be lower than photovoltaic and solar-thermal power generation compared to photovoltaic power generation output more stable.

Pricing policy issues of common concern to the industry, said Hu Runqing, the current national energy board tariff calculation and study is being conducted. “Electricity pricing was too high and too low hurts the industry. Set too low, companies are making money, the future is no one doing; set too high can result in unbalanced development of the industry. “Hu Runqing said.

Hu Runqing said final pricing is still very difficult, due to the lack of practical cases to support. Many uncertain factors, impact, including resource data, system integration, design, product performance, product performance, power plant operation and maintenance of equipment, and so on.

China Guangdong Nuclear solar energy development co Ltd Assistant General Manager Qiu Hemei recommendations, before the end of December 2014, States can be issued for a period of 25 years and no less than 1. 35 kWh of electricity price policy the first test projects, and to grant tax incentives such as the immediate refund 50%.

Industrialization of solar-thermal power generation process speed

National solar thermal power generation industry Wang zhifeng, Director of the technology innovation Strategic Alliance believes that from a technical point of view, solar-thermal power generation has three great advantages: one is the power of the Internet smooth and long. Considering the cloud cover, current heat for 10 hours or so, while the photovoltaic power generation does not have the storage system. Second, the comprehensive utilization of the waste heat, which is characteristic of other new sources of energy has. This feature can complement conventional energy and solar-thermal power, coal-reduction goals, achieve energy-saving emission reduction results. Third, excellent environmental characteristics.

According to the national solar thermal industry technology innovation strategic alliance data released in February 2014, from a global perspective, in four types of solar-thermal power generation technology in the trough is mainstream technology roadmap. Current global 3692-megawatt project that is already running, trough accounted for more than 80 per cent. 7%, Tower accounted for 13. 5%, Flex-fuel power plants accounted for 4. 1%, linear Fresnel accounted for only 1. 7%. 8749-megawatt project in the development plan, Tower share lead trough, accounted for 62. 5%, trough accounted for 27. 4%, hybrids accounted for 1. 1%, Fresnel accounted for more than 9%.

“Four solar-thermal power generation technologies in the trough solar thermal power generation development in foreign countries is relatively mature, trough power plant in China will become mainstream in the commercialization process. “Hai Yang energy group research and Development Director, Lu Jun said.

“National Energy Board recently electric power planning and Design Institute, and hydropower planning and design of water conservancy Institute, national solar thermal industry technology innovation strategic alliance on commissioned, issued a letter of investigation on solar thermal power generation capacity in order to better understand the key technical level of domestic solar thermal power generation and manufacturing capacity, and lay the Foundation for promoting the development of industrialization of solar thermal power. “Wang zhifeng said Lu Yongxiang, President of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the China Association for promoting research cooperation had recently asked him for suggestions of solar-thermal power industry in Taiwan. Lu believes that solar thermal power generation industry focusing on technology and policy at the same time, should also take into account integration of capital and more policies to serve the development of the industry.

Photovoltaic, thermal power generation of light support the Government seems to be more rational and pragmatic. “The rapid development of the photovoltaic industry brings a lot of problems, in the field of solar-thermal power, Government is more cautious, follow the dominant ideas of sound and sustainable development. “One industry source said.

Solar thermal power generation market will welcome hundreds of billions

It is understood that the National Energy Board has been basically established schedules for the development of solar-thermal power industry in China. That is completed by the adoption of the model tariff policies to support 2014-2016 number of commercial demonstration projects, 2017 into large-scale development and construction stages.

Light hot power future market not underestimated, has industry persons think, according to China Government previously planning to 2020 achieved 3 Kat w light hot power installed of minimum target calculation, put related cost declined of factors considered zainei, demonstration period follow-up of project to with 7 hours storage hot station of units kW investment cost about 30,000 yuan calculation, is from now to 2020 years Qian, China Light hot station of cumulative market scale will over 100 billion yuan of level.

Hai Yang Xue Liming, Chairman of energy group, said that currently Chinese solar-thermal power from technologies to applications have become more mature, in the context of national industrial policy plus, solar-thermal industry will usher in a real outbreak, a qianyiji market will reveal its cutting edge. In addition, he also stressed that the 10-20 years in the future, new and traditional fossil fuel energy are inseperable, joint and cooperative relations, particularly solar thermal electricity generation in coal and unconventional oil and gas production conventional oil and gas, and other areas of joint application, has huge market capacity, and no doubt it will also attract investors ‘ attention.

Analysts believe that China’s solar thermal power industry experienced a 2011 one-booms started gaining momentum after the development period, and 2014 would be the break the Council’s critical first year of solar-thermal power industry in China, a large market qianyiji will be rendered before 2020.

Original title: policy barriers in fading light and heat power or extra hundreds of billions

Sky solar energy “perpetual motion” (photo)

Polaris solar PV net news: “our planes can fly continuously for a month. Problem is that pilots can do that? ”

Is to say that an deli ˙ boshiboge, he and friend Bertrand ˙ Pi Chade led jointly produced the world’s largest solar-powered aircraft “solar powered, 2nd” (SolarImpulse2), and have successfully completed a test flight. According to his view, their planes theoretically forever, the flight without landing.

17248 solar panels

Always flying, this is like the stuff of science fiction concepts. However, this concept when it comes to “solar powered, 2nd” above, rely on is 17248 solar panels. These monocrystalline silicon solar panels are very thin, each is only 135 µm thickness, they tile on the wings, fuselage and horizontal stabilizer for aircraft continued to absorb solar energy.

In order to be able to absorb solar energy, the wing was also built to extremely large, with a wingspan up to 72 meters, larger than the wingspan of a Boeing 747! As for solar panels the size of, also reached 269.5 square meters.

Solar panels absorb energy obtained through transformations, is stored in lithium-polymer batteries. For insulation reasons, engineers using high density foam wrapped up the battery, then put in four engine compartment; of course the temperature regulation system, to ensure that these batteries can work in a safe temperature.

The battery energy density is 260Wh/kg, a very high-end product in the lithium-ion battery, compared to hundreds of million of fuel certainly far Wh/kg energy density. Therefore, the battery total weight reached 633 kilograms. It is well known that greater weight, greater energy consumption, if the plane is too heavy, get energy from the Sun will be enough? In order to solve this problem, of course, can reduce the weight of the rest of it.

Thus, boshiboge led the team of engineers developed a new framework to remove all unnecessary functionality, losing every gram of unnecessary weight. Wing upper completely covered by solar panels, while the lower is a high strength high ductility of carbon coating “skin”, the wings there are 140 carbon fibre rods spaced 50 cm in order to provide stable support. This architecture to total body weight was lighter than top glider several times. In fact, it weighs only with a small truck, only 2300 kg.

However, like electric cars, solar-powered plane engine for performance rather than fuel a plane will be imperfect. Under the “solar impulse” official version, the system efficiency of aircraft engines at 94%, is already a record high, but the average output power of the 24-hour flight but 15 horsepower, maximum output power is only 70 horsepower (each engine 17.5 HP), or all the cars.

Lack of horsepower, speed is a problem. Is proportional to the speed and altitude of the aircraft, but overall is very low: at sea level altitude, the minimum is only 36 km/h, the maximum speed is 90 km, even at the highest level and maximum speed was 140 km. Moreover, in order to further conserve energy, the plane will also take day/night mode, that is to say, day-flying altitude of 8500 m, 1500 metres altitude at night, it’s no wonder boshiboge to worry about pilot cannot adhere to the whole flight.

Pilots do

Speed is obviously “solar power” series of shackle. Previous generation have accomplished in the past year across the United States to fly, but takes up to 45 days at a time; this time, Pi Chade and boshiboge team to “solar powered, 2nd” perhaps flight is expected to reach 500 hours.

So only boshiboge the sentence-they can always fly the plane in the air, but the pilot cannot adhere to the 500 hours. So, want to let fly the dream into reality, someone will have to address the pilot’s physical problems began.

Reduce the weight of the fuselage and consideration, “solar power 2nd” not equipped with a pressure and heating systems, so the pilot had to face was the extreme test from lingxia40sheshidu to lingshang40sheshidu. How should we do? Boshiboge team has also been perfect, they require pilots to wear more clothes.

More than that, of course, the “solar power 2nd” took a high density insulation in the cockpit structure, ensure as far as possible, pilots and an instrument will not be affected by temperature. In addition, in response to the high degree of hypoxia caused by aircraft with 6 cans on oxygen, if necessary, can give pilots more oxygen.

Specially designed cockpit with 3.8 square meters of open space, the flight seat can even flatten, keep the pilot on the plane from the rest–of course, due to the aircraft cockpit and can only accommodate one person, so the pilot can only take a little nap on the flight. “As soon as possible in order to ensure the restoration of physical and energy, our pilots need to undergo special training,” the official said, “self hypnosis and meditation techniques can help pilots maintain focus and alertness. “The machine is also equipped with food and water, and pilots a week enough demand.

According to plan, “solar power 2nd” travel around the world will be held next year, and 500 flying hours will be divided into different phases, spread over three months, where the longest single flight of up to 5-6 days. For human pilots, this test is pretty expensive.

Also see God face

As well as the physical challenge, pilots also need to face the test of new models. This new aircraft and pilots are often open planes, of course, are very different, so, in order to allow pilots to be able to adapt, “solar power” team also created a simulator, help pilots familiar with the operation and adapt to life below deck.

Autopilot system is also essential, in pilot break when, depending on this system to control the direction of the aircraft. Meanwhile, it also detects any potential barriers or security restrictions, offered warnings or making evasive maneuvers.

In addition, in order to ensure flight safety, aircraft will remain in Switzerland Beyene small-town mission control stays on the line, hundreds of technical parameter will be sent through the satellite data transmission in real time to the Mission Control Center. All possible situations encountered during flights through calculus, this Centre will ensure the aircraft to fly it in suitable weather. Of course, after a controlled flight when landing at the regional and at the international airport, Task Center will offer information and help to relieve pressure on pilots.

“Solar power” team, their ultimate goal is to apply a solar-powered aircraft to commercial flights, and establish a no fuel for airlines. They are obviously still a long way away: “solar power 2nd” wasn’t a very good performance on a cloudy day, let alone cope with the bad weather flight passenger comfort will guarantee there is speed and the weight of this will be a huge test.

However, the “solar power 2nd” has launched a major step in the history of mankind. As Pi Chade BBC interview said: “our aircraft is able to fly day and night without fuel circumstances, this is the biggest thing. The birth of this aircraft, it also proves that clean energy can do much to our world can become much cleaner. ”

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Linuo group signed with Quzhou Kecheng district 30MW complementary investment agreement

Polaris solar PV net news: June 20, Chang Xu Yanshan, Deputy Secretary of Kecheng district of Quzhou city, Zhejiang Province, and others in the power group, accompanied by General Manager Zhou Guangyan to linuo group visit.

Xu Yanshan line has field visited has linuo Paradigma, and hongjitang TCM culture industry Park, and PV line, and linuo Park ten trillion w station and in Group and Group Executive Deputy President high tours lift for discussion, in heard has high tours lift on group industry chain and future of development direction Hou, Xu Yanshan Chang on linuo of strength and development prospects height appreciates, and firm has future cooperation of confidence, then both signed force Novo power group 30 MW PV agricultural light complementary investment agreement, signed ceremony Shang, Linuo solar power Group General Manager Zhou Guangyan and Chang Xu Yanshan, Deputy Secretary of Kecheng district of Quzhou city, Zhejiang Province, Wei, respectively, he said, they said they are looking to build long-term cooperation with good intentions. The signing marks in the field of solar photovoltaic power generation will carry out a wide range of business cooperation, Kecheng district, 30-megawatt photovoltaic farm light complementary projects have laid a solid foundation.

Quzhou Kecheng photovoltaic farm light complementary power station installed capacity of 30 MW, after the project is completed and put into production, while about 31.81 million-kilowatt kWh per year, 25 total generating capacity of approximately 795 million kWh, calculated according to the thermal power consumption 320 g, construction and operation could save about 10,180 tons of standard coal annually, 32,576 tons of carbon dioxide, calculated in accordance with 0.5% of sulfur content, and does not take into account the desulfurization, 52.9 tons of sulfur dioxide emissions can be reduced. Kecheng district, this project will serve as a photovoltaic demonstration project in conjunction with agriculture and use of idle land for planting herbs, crops and poultry farming, take full advantage of certain land, reaching the two-way benefits of photovoltaic power generation and agriculture.

Shandong linuo solar power investment, construction and operation of photovoltaic power stations as the main business, globally engaged in investment in solar photovoltaic power plant construction, EPC turnkey photovoltaic applications and solar energy products photovoltaic projects the popularization and application of total PV installed capacity of 400 MW, ranked top in the industry. Currently in PV and combines aspects of agriculture, EDF has built agricultural greenhouses in edible fungi in zoucheng, Shandong 20 megawatts of photovoltaic power station, the roof linuo Park Nong Guang complementary 10 megawatts, xiajin 9.9 MW of PV power station of agricultural complementarity boutique Park, Jinan Changqing 78.4 kilowatt PV power station project.

PV agricultural development and extension, for adjusting agricultural structure, build green agriculture is important, Lino power group will lead a new direction for low-carbon, green energy, to promote modern agriculture!

PV industry in the next 5 years can survive a few giant

Polaris solar PV net news: Solar Silicon material production and processing equipment as a domestic leading enterprises in the field, one of the IPO of 909 million Yuan raised Dragon photoelectric (toast by the market on December 25, 2009, listed the day’s closing price of 26.99 dollars, later share price rose all the way to 38.49 dollars. However, with the photovoltaic industry to go downwards, the company’s share price continued to decline, its controlling shareholder, in trouble, the company was the media repeatedly questioned the violation.

End of the first quarter of 2014, Feng Clan Dragon photoelectric stake drop to about 50 million shares, per cent of total equity of 25.3% and almost in a State pledge. Since March 3, 2014, TL-electro-optical stock has been delisted, announced to Noah Technology Ltd and Feng Jinsheng, Changzhou, said controlling shareholders equity transfer issues are still being negotiated, seems to be winding up of plans out of business. Once prosperous feng’s family is how we got to this point of it?

Investment advisor in the new energy industry researcher at the Shaw letter believes that PV before giants in the heyday of the industry, and a number of enterprises are above middle of polycrystalline silicon, photovoltaic module manufacturing sales, significantly less investment in downstream PV links. Photovoltaic industry mired in losses to improve, PV giant profitability declined sharply, part of the bankruptcy reorganization, some strategic shrinkage, well very few survived. After restructuring, capacity optimization, price war, PV industry in the next 5 years can survive several giant companies are worth in the industry focusing on.

PV industry concentrated degrees of upgrade is trend, PV giant itself strength in is big degree Shang representative and and effects with whole industry of development prospects, Shang middle and lower reaches of market accounted for than over 90% of enterprise total number not should is greater than 6, otherwise capacity excess, and structure imbalances, problem still cannot solution, especially in upstream more crystal silicon links, poly Association Xin of powerful Overlord status not should also cannot was other enterprise shake. The fate of being eliminated for SMEs cannot be changed, voluntarily quit or were forced out of, after all, only a reasonable layout of the capacity after huge market capacity in order to gradually release the entire industry, integrating the industry chains in efficiency will gradually improve.

Meanwhile, the Government’s role in the industrial development process should be clearer, introduced various preferential measures of local government at the time of the great leap forward to help solar giant expansion when the industry is suffering a downturn now need Government stepped in to save the city. Both in terms of economic, social and environmental benefits, and energy structure adjustment, transformation of development mode and economic structure upgrade, these jobs require local photovoltaic industry, represented by the new energy industry as a focus for future development, to continue to assist PV Giants road to restart expansion.

However, the future of grid-connected PV Giants need better policies, subsidies, improve support services more important than direct intervention in the daily operation of enterprises, local State-owned enterprises to offer and is an effective solution, and if the banking system to ease credit policy, PV Giants survive “winter” is not nonsense. But all of the premises are scientific and effective planning, “Thirteen-Five” PV industry development objectives, specific development paths will determine the viability of PV Giants and space for development. (The author is a investment advisor industry and new energy researcher at the Policy Center)

Original title: the investment adviser: PV industry in the next 5 years can survive a few giant

Yunnan province, building and planning PV 32

Polaris solar PV net news: from the provincial investment promotion and Cooperation Bureau figures show that in January-May this year, Yunnan province culture industry projects signed total 321, an increase of 30%; and planned solar power projects under construction in the province reached 32, involving a total investment of 41.87 billion yuan, Protocol introduction province (territory), nearly 20 billion yuan of funds. Prospects of photovoltaic industry in Yunnan province.

In recent years, the cultural industry as a pillar industry in our province, an average annual increase of 55.1% maintained strong growth trend of introducing foreign funds. In January-May this year, Yunnan province culture industry projects signed total 321, an increase of 30%; and the introduction of foreign capital in place of 8.55 billion yuan, an increase of 44.7%, accounting for 4.3% of the province’s total amount of foreign capital in place. Contracts covering performing arts, animation and gaming, tourism and leisure, cultural creativity, digital transmission and other cultural industries. Among them, the Cha Ma Gucheng, Lijiang, yuanmou hominid history culture tourism, cangyuan WA mountain eco-world-building, world and CIS projects such as tourism, Chengjiang fossil Museum funds of more than 100 million Yuan this year.

According to provincial statistics report shows domestic cooperation, 1 May this year, and planned solar power projects under construction in the province reached 32, involving a total investment of 41.87 billion yuan, Protocol introduction province (territory) capital out of nearly 20 billion yuan, covering such as Kunming and Qujing, Yuxi and Chuxiong, Dali, in 10 States.

Original title: Yunnan province, building and planning PV 32

Chinese subsidiaries and Germany sign big new glass technology group CIGS production equipment orders

Polaris solar PV net news: kaerhemei Rhine River, on June 25, 2014 – Germany new glass technology group (referred to as SINGULUS) and Chinese solar energy group (referred to as Han), a wholly-owned subsidiary Fujian Platinum Yang (Apollo), precision equipment company signed the contract of sale. Contract includes a buffer layer deposition equipment called TENUISII, which is the key to producing CIGS thin film solar module technology and equipment. Platinum Yang Liu Jianjun, General Manager of precision equipment in Fujian province said: “SINGULUS CIGS production equipment has a long rich experience in the field, the Group of devices with very high quality and stability, and it is these reasons lead us to achieve this cooperation. ”

SINGULUS buffer layer deposition shows the CIGS thin film solar module efficiency of wet chemical coating technology has potential for development. Second generation TENUIS line uses a modular structure of cluster, can significantly reduce the floor area and the two base plates for one-side coated. With innovative ways to control doses and temperatures, SINGULUS succeeded in shortening the processing time, improve production efficiency and volume of production.

Germany new glass Technology Group Chief Executive, Dr StefanRinck said: “the Hina group of thin-film solar manufacturing specifications and technical leader on a global scale, the cooperation with who was us another big step in the field of solar energy. Hina believe that partnering with top technology companies is the key to success in today’s demanding market environment. We are pleased to work with Chinese partners, believe that our equipment will meet the Chinese requirement for CIGS thin film high production standards. ”

In October 2013, the Hina group, through use of Solibro CIGS solar module conversion efficiency of thin film technology at 18.7%. Then in May 2014, and covers an area of 1 square centimeter of the CIGS thin film solar cell conversion efficiency to 21%, this is by far the world’s highest conversion efficiency of CIGS cells. Above data have been Germany supported Frederick Braun Hove solar system research. Solibro CIGS buffer layer deposition process using the SINGULUS technologies. Solibro as long-term partners, SINGULUS has been developing high efficiency CIGS production equipment.

On January 22, 2014, Hina group and Hebei caofeidian, China-Chinese solar company offering 600MW productivity CIGS thin-film solar line and line two equipment sales contracts and signed two service contracts. This is the Chinese can offer CIGS thin-film solar production line in manufacturing and an important milestone in the development of technology. TENUISII as the most important project of caofeidian process equipment, which also represents the SINGULUS CIGS thin film solar energy an important market position in the field.

Original title: Germany new glass technology group and the Chinese solar energy group to arrange large CIGS production equipment orders

Inverter industry “latecomers” how to “home”?

Polaris solar PV net news: starting in 2013 ushered in a new growth point in the global PV market, according to industry analysts value near 12%, the rise of emerging PV markets, boosting the overall PV market growth. Photovoltaic for Europe and other Western countries have been widely used for China who started late, PV is in an ice-breaking phase. In recent years, with the refinement of the implementation of policies, subsidies, as the inverter industry “latecomers”—Shenzhen maiden voyage of new energy Ltd (hereinafter “maiden voyage of new energy”) is how to position yourself in the market? “Latecomers” how to face the strong in the competition? Reporter Sun Zhengchen maiden voyage of new domestic energy sales director.

As national sales Director, Sun Zhengchen engaged in sales of photovoltaic products, dealing and market, and the tourists, has accumulated a wealth of experience in the long-term process, unique insights on the current market.

Potential highlights of the domestic market, distributed generation sought

According to statistics in 2013, the global PV installed capacity market to 36GW, an increase of nearly 12%. Major global installed capacity of these countries, such as Japan, and Germany and the United States installed capacity of 6, 4, and 3.5GW, respectively. European PV installed capacity is about 9GW, installed global share dropped to 26% from 50% in the past above, market demand declined for two consecutive years. China’s installed capacity of 10GW, rose 122%, ranking top in the world, including PV in large aboveground station about 7GW, about 3GW distributed generation.

In 2013, the State Council issued the “24th of the text” and many other policy documents, from a feed-in tariff, subsidy funds, incorporation and management on several levels, such as solving the bottleneck of development of the domestic market, urged the domestic market started on a large scale. Photovoltaic power plant in the existing subsidy levels and contribute to unlimited cases, profits are high, power plant investment was sought after each capital. In order to meet before the end of the grid in order to obtain 1/w prices, setting off a new round of large-scale power station construction. Country attaches great importance to development of distributed power generation, in the “Twelve-Five” 35GW of planned capacity, 20GW for distributed generation.

Talking about 2014 expected installed capacity of the domestic PV market, Sun Zhengchen says: “in 2013, China promulgated the measures for the management of distributed PV, distributed PV subsidy policy is clear, makes distributed project ushered in the boom, in 2014, PV 12GW guidance goal, 8GW for distributed generation. This means that PV applications a revolution is brewing, the pattern consists of large power stations transition to a distributed project.

10GW market share, as the “latecomers” positioned in the market?

Dang asked its how to viewed this 10GW Shi, Sun Zhengchen told Reporter: “PV market of rise, PV enterprise to wants to big do strong, to caught opportunities first to from itself started, needs from products line of constantly rich to manufacturing process of continued optimization, from sales to service, and from strategy planning to enterprise culture, are to formed itself unified of standard and specification, only these do to for based PV market, to in master as woodland industry in the forever tide do foreshadowing. ”

Reporters learned that the maiden voyage of the new energy future to both domestic and foreign markets, including Australia and European countries is focused on opening up major market in the near future, but are still deep in the country, after all, China is a very large market capacity and great potential for future development.

Inverter industry “latecomers”, in the face of competitors such as the forest, how “home”?

Sun Zhengchen told reporters: “the constant rise of the emerging markets, for the inverter industry is no doubt a tempting cake depends on how to put into practice, and how to adapt to the” survival of the fittest, not eliminated “the rules of survival. ”

“Industry between of competition intensified, competition also rendering diversified, from brand competition, rose to price competed, and funds of competed,, upstream component enterprise of in” winter “in the just experience rise and fall replacement, now jungle, fittest, does not apply who eliminated of survival rule, is also adapted Yu inverse variable device industry, future inverse variable device enterprise also will became strong more strong, weak eliminated” Sun Zhengchen feeling to.

From the interview process, reporters learned the Chinese PV market to the mainstream inverter manufacturers has 73% per cent share, and each family prepare for battle, trying to expand their market share. Close to the inverter integration of enterprise competition will be more in-depth. And in this competition, somebody has to fall down or up, the key thing is how the enterprise out of this situation.

When it comes to the inverter industry “latecomers” Sun Zhengchen told reporters “the maiden voyage of new energy is headquartered in Shenzhen, China, Shenzhen is a wholly owned subsidiary of first group relying on the inaugural group of solid strength and strong financial support was set up in 2013. First group from 2007 to engage in communication and renewable energy industry, which first communications satellite navigation industry has become China’s top enterprises in the world. ”。

As the inverter industry “latecomers”-maiden voyage of new energy, real planning inverter is far earlier than when the company was founded, after 2 years of technical accumulation and precipitation in 2013, accompanied by the rise of the domestic market was established, in particular, said “latecomers” rather than specifically is a “rainy day”.

Reporters know that, faced with the competitive first focused on the development of new energy, “scientific development, objective knowledge market”, according to local conditions, scientific design, customer needs, focus on product efficiency, reliable, lightweight, convenient and to engage in sustainable development of optimization design and innovation.

Sun Zhengchen considered “unstable technology, opportunistic new products can not be in market place, fast money-earning myopia will not only endanger themselves, and even influenced the development of photovoltaic industry-wide. A case study of inverter, advanced performance and stable operation of the equipment will directly affect PV power plant investors benefit from our inverter manufacturers are not able to provide a good product, it will dampen power plant investment enthusiasm, put the industry into a vicious circle. In order to more industries, while we continue to innovate, and also pay attention to the quality of products, in order to ensure the healthy and sustainable development of the photovoltaic industry. ”

Original title: inverter industry “latecomers” how to “home”

REC Solar in Hawaii to start the construction of 12MW solar array

Polaris solar PV net news: United States PV installers RECSolar recently begun construction of a 12MWAC PV installation project, which will be located in Anahola, Hawaii’s Kaua’i Island North of East.

The battery array, for the Hawaii public utility company Kaua’iUtilityCooperative (KUIC) building, once completed will be the Aloha State’s largest solar PV system, one of the largest project to date is RECSolar.

The battery array, planned for completion in 2015, will contain 57,624 panels will supply the energy needs of the island around 5%-the equivalent of 4,000 households.

This is not a RECSolar contractor in Hawaii’s first photovoltaic project, because the company completed or ongoing in the State nearly 20MW install utilities and commercial scale projects. Anahola installation project marks after the Kapa’a1.2MW cell array, RECSolar, and KUIC second project.

Hawaiian Regional Manager drew RECSolar ˙ Bradley (DrewBradley), said: “in view of the development and installation of commercial projects in Hawaii’s many years of experience, we’ve made Hawaii partners and organizations specializing in the management of examination and approval and development cycle. Our customers rely on us to complete each step of the installation process, from efficient and effective control of the State management to cooperate with DepartmentofHawaiianHomeLands. Delay can be expensive, therefore our cooperation process aimed at helping KIUC customers cut red tape and speed up the construction. ”

June 26 groundbreaking ceremony celebrates the power station under construction. Hawaii Lieutenant Governor ShanTsutsui, KUIC, President and CEO, David ˙ than Searle (DavidBissell) and Bradley were present at the event.

Original title: REC Solar in Hawaii to start the construction of 12MW solar array

July 1, more than distributed PV power settlement facilitation

Polaris solar PV net news: July 1, sale of electricity of distributed solar power projects to the national grid company, electricity sales invoices issued by the State power grid company. This means that families distributed PV power plant owners in the future then you can simply periodically with the grid company’s settlement income from electricity sales, not need to invoice.

This report, titled buy distributed solar power projects to the national grid electricity invoicing and other issues related to the notice provisions, national grid company-owned company buys electricity from distributed photovoltaic project power products, issued by the national grid company-owned enterprises free text invoices.

Original title: July 1, more than distributed PV power settlement facilitation

Jinta, Gansu province PV plants cope with total station blackout accident

Polaris solar PV net news: June 18, Jiayuguan, Gansu area due to heavy rain, resulting in power grid fault, causing widespread power outages. 16:20 Red WA total station for substation voltage loss, jinta County total blackout. Urn PV 35kV Busbar voltage, SVG accident shut down, inverter all emergency stopping, 400V factory electric Busbar, external power supply power failure.

Face suddenly and to of accident, yellow company urn PV station duty personnel calm should, according to station full station blackout plans and 400V station electricity disappeared plans provides, timely check station within 35kv system and factory with system equipment, 16:30 will station equipment situation reported province reconcile wine Ka to adjustable; 16:46 according to Jeff, will full station once equipment by run turned hot alternate, timely resection factory with AC, and DC system secondary load, ensure important load powered and DC battery of security stable run. 20 o’clock that night, exotic 10kV system recovery, plants and DC system returned to normal within the station, total-station device 23:00 back to normal.

The site-wide blackout lasted nearly 4 hours, for DC system of power station operation and maintenance personnel’s ability to respond to emergencies is a practical exercise.

Original title: jinta, Gansu province PV plants cope with total station blackout accident

Polaris solar PV June 26 news review

Polaris solar PV net news: Polaris solar PV NET summary June 26 news, distributed PV will be part of the project or the new deal and enjoy a 1 Yuan/kWh feed-in tariff, PV policy revision: 20MW agricultural greenhouses and fisheries subsidies complementary projects or by the ground station, PV enterprises first quarter totals, as follows:

Distributed PV will be part of the project or the new deal and enjoy a 1 Yuan/kWh feed-in tariff

PV policy revision: 20MW agricultural greenhouses and fisheries subsidies light complementary projects or by ground station

PV enterprises first quarter summary

Yingli sponsored World Cup of “doing business”

Hareon intends to set up three photovoltaic subsidiary invested 52 million develop PV business

Photovoltaic in “dark” listing: vendors and customers have highly concentrated into a stumbling block

Guangdong water 600 million Yuan to build wind solar project open up Xinjiang markets

Development and Reform Commission, “80 major projects” map Manual: distributed PV who is going to lead?

Connectors for PV modules that cannot be ignored

2014 1 May, Shanghai customs imports of polysilicon

Films over 10 trillion building integrated photovoltaic power generation market set off a revolution

Individual application of distributed PV needs to consider three major factors

Different options for installed solar thermal power station technology

New material since the IPO lucky film’s future a mystery

Polaris solar PV net news: 25th night, lucky new material disclosure information loomed on the SFC website. Lucky same door materials and lucky film, lucky 44.21% owned by the Group’s controlling shareholder, actual control of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation. Faced with this situation, on lucky group lucky film as a platform in the market, implementation of asset injections might be expected to cool down. And in more than a year ago, Wang yawei have an affinity to the lucky film, chinaamc in charge of the public offering and private placement Yun feng of the trust period, Zeng Zhongcang betting.

New biggest customers: railway company

According to the prospectus, lucky materials main products and Thermo-sensitive recording materials for magnetic recording materials, 2013 in annual revenues, nearly all from Thermo-magnetic ticket for that part of the total income of 180 million dollars in revenue in 143 million Yuan, and when that business customers throughout China railway company, the automatic fare collection system for railway passenger transport. In fact, the rapid development in the parts business for nearly two decades, has become the most important source of income for the company.

Prospectus said that since 2007, railways began to plan a new passenger dedicated line, and strongly promoting the high-speed rail and magnetic recording based on the Thermo-sensitive recording technology of the automatic fare collection system, and gradually to replace the existing passenger fare collection system. In this context, gross profit margin higher thermal magnetic ticket product sales rapidly increased in 2013, 2011 has “doubled”. Thermo-magnetic ticket gross margin jumped to 67.45% 46.02% from 2011 to 2013. Meanwhile, magnetic relatively low margin business accounted for more than year, from 2011 to 2013 fell to 20% No 35.5% to, the business-oriented retail, banking and other fields. Combination of these reasons makes lucky new earnings growth significantly higher than revenues, in 2011-2013, 31.65 million respectively, 43.88 million yuan in net profit, 65.24 million Yuan, nearly two-year revenue growth rates were 38.6%, 48.7%, higher than the corresponding 13%, 34.8% revenue growth.

Reorganization of first step: split replace injection

However, backed by large customers, higher gross margins, performance increasing of lucky the IPO application of new materials, undoubtedly brothers lucky film’s shareholders was a little disappointed. Since the two companies jointly controlling shareholders lucky since groups transformation, on lucky group will be listed as a whole or expectations of good business is likely to advance into the lucky film has always been there. Today, the lucky group’s first big move was to the lucky new material on the road to IPO, rather than inject lucky film.

On September 5, 2011 lucky film group was classified aerospace technology group as a whole, as its wholly owned subsidiary, both restructuring was officially launched. Lucky group was not reform, full name is stuck in the “film days” and “lucky Film Corporation”. As of February 24, 2012, lucky film releases report on the acquisition, on behalf of the deal done quickly, lucky film’s actual control also changes.

Designated into space technology group Hou of lucky group restructuring transformation obviously speed–in obtained mother company increased funding Hou, 2012 late, “to film of” and the restructuring Hou of China lucky group limited official tone, and positioning Yu strategic materials supplier, main products will including green environmental printing material, and optical film material, and new energy material and the other special function material,, and clear will accelerated restructuring listed and merger restructuring pace.

At that time, the strongest market expectations are: platform as a lucky group, lucky film will naturally become one of the best choice of capital operation, lucky group business distribution is expected to be injected into the listed company, in order to achieve overall market. Also, lucky film gunda in capital markets for years, performance didn’t shine, in September 2012, the company also announced a cessation of color film production, in recent years, companies ‘ business picking up in the huge fluctuations of the PV industry chain, also need such an opportunity “to a new level.” 2013 annual report, the company’s main colour photographic materials and new materials, revenues that year of 935 million Yuan, only 24.14 million yuan in net profit, up down 8% and 11%, respectively.

Obviously, if the lucky new material injected into the company, and will significantly improve the company’s profitability. However, under the current situation, the lucky group obviously had his own plans.

Prospects for integration: there are profit-making business operations

As the lucky new IPO route clear, whether its brothers lucky film constitutes a competition? Prospectus revealed that lucky and lucky film new material in two of the company’s main products the same as “information recording materials”, but there are differences in the field of raw materials, application process, and raw materials, and meaning of words, competition does not exist.

Meanwhile, splitting this part after the stable, high-margin business is listed, lucky group also has some leeway to make future capital operation. Group Web site shows industrial landscape into printed materials, coating materials and coating materials, images, four areas of information materials and fine chemicals. Prospectus disclosed that in addition to the proposed IPO firms, lucky group’s main holding companies will have 15. However, they have company size limited. In contrast, belong to the “printed material” Hua Photopolymer printing plate lucky technology limited profitability is relatively substantial. The 2013 end of the company’s total assets of 2 billion, net profit reached 81.93 million yuan in 2013, lucky and lucky film new material in both scale and profitability compared with caution.

In addition, with the lucky new material with coating materials and coating fields of lucky in Hefei science and technology industry limited company of considerable scale in 2013, ending with total assets of 1.7 billion dollars, but profit is far better than China light printing, only 1.23 million Yuan. Other enterprises, in addition to lucky winda profits on investment of over 38 million, other scale, profit levels are significantly less, at a low profit or run at a loss.

7 in world war *ST company tests pass

Polaris solar PV net news: first half of blink, brink of delisting the company “protective shell” ever more urgent. As of yesterday, 23 *ST (exit alert) company in advance through the “protective shell” first half results: only 7 companies achieve profitability in the first half.

Statistical securities times reports that, as of June 25, the two cities a total of 46 *ST company, has already disclosed half year results on notice of 23. Among them, the 16 companies forecast losses, with the exception of invasive, *ST du, *ST of *ST outside the xiake, the rest of the 13 companies had two consecutive years of losses, and the medium-term is expected to continue this year, if these companies still not turned from negative to positive in the second half, will face the risk of suspending it.

Company performance turnarounds in 7 home, *ST tianwei vitality recover fastest. On the 2012 loss of 1.549 billion yuan in 2013, continued loss of 5.233 billion yuan, hit a turnaround in the first quarter of this year, a net profit of 216 million dollars. *ST tianwei said in a quarterly bulletin, 2013-substantial shareholders of the company of Baoding tianwei group has implemented an asset swap, placed in the transmission and distribution assets improved the company’s power transmission industry, enhance the overall profitability of the power transmission industry. Meanwhile, dispose of shares of company of Baoding tianwei Yingli new energy stake would confirm investment income rose in the first half, is expected to profit in the first half.

Two consecutive years of losses in billions of *ST rich is expected first half of this year is expected to achieve net profit of 68 million Yuan to 100 million Yuan. Allegedly, thanks largely to companies early to make a series of management measures to optimize, including closing the business inefficient factories and production lines, reduce staffing, cost control, and so on, while the company will also be part of the affiliate and Assumable, increasing the company’s operating income.

Sold at auction for shell despite the rapid onset, but investors are concerned, is the realization of assets as a whole “thin”. Some companies already take precautions in boom before the decline of the industry to find a good buyer, injected assets transition *ST Hercules is representative.

*ST-tech formerly known as chemical. With nearly a two-year slowdown in the domestic economy for basic chemical engineering chemical net profit continues to decline, net profit in 2012 have been losses. Executives see hopeless 2013 turnarounds, and the chemical industry’s downward trend in the short term is hard to change, and seeks transformation. The end of 2013, Jiangxi Heli tech backdoor chemical, touch screen industry in transition. *ST-tech expects production capacity gradually released in the first half of this year, orders full touch display integrated main products, such as strong growth in sales and net profit is expected to reach 75 million to 90 million Yuan.

Some industry cyclical earnings may fluctuate greatly with more, the PV industry will undoubtedly many PV companies frequently in recent years of ups and downs in and out of *ST camp. Europe’s debt crisis spread across Europe, *ST jinggong losses two years ago. Late last year, as the EU PV “double reverse” successfully resolved and PV supporting policies being implemented, photovoltaic industry began to pick up the recovery, *ST jinggong solar equipment deliveries, the company is expected to achieve profitability in the first half.

In addition to *ST jinggong, many PV industry growth throughout the first half of the year, out of the quagmire of landslide in performance the last two years. However, the liquidity crisis-ridden *ST Suri didn’t catch, “Spring Sun”, the company earlier this year because of insufficient funds to cash bond interest default, current net worth is negative, production was severely affected, expects will still be a loss of 200 million to 250 million yuan in the first half.

Original title: war 7 *ST company tests pass

A person’s “power plants” earned the year 1645

Polaris solar PV net news: according to the State administration of taxation recently issued a notice, effective as of July 1 this year, national grid company buy distributed solar power projects and power products, invoices issued ordinary from it rather than its own power, which is good news for Kong Qingbin. On March 28 last year, Kong Qingbin complete household PV on-grid, as “Anhui sells the first person”. A year later, Kong Qingbin “sell” what business?

Benefits: year power 1820 degrees earned 1645

Yesterday afternoon, this reporter went to Kong Qingbin housing compound roof. 7 panels are fixed to the top edge facing South direction, collected the maximum sunlight. Kong Qingbin, told reporters that the equipment generating capacity over the past year for 1820. “This is a reference value, PV is mainly look at the Sun. “Kong Qingbin said, when weather is sunny, there had been day power peak of 9.8 degrees may run into fog and wet weather, and sometimes can only send one or two units a day.

According to Kong Qingbin statistics, 1820-40% (728) for home use, the remaining 60% (1092) was sold to the State, specific proceeds mainly into three pieces, including their own electricity savings in electricity, State subsidies, after proceeds from electricity sales.

“State subsidies 0.42 Yuan per unit sold was 0.436 Yuan at one time, that is to say by 0.856 Yuan per unit is sold to the State, earning 934.8. “Kong Qingbin said their savings in electricity, according to market price, 0.556 dollars per unit, combined with State subsidies, 0.42 Yuan per unit, a total of 710.5 savings, two plus total receipts in 1645.

Difficulty: subsidy is relatively small, some procedures are still cumbersome

A couple of days, and Kong Qingbin subsidized day, subsidies are generally issued on a quarterly basis by the power companies, Kong Qingbin began to worry about get, but later found the worry is unnecessary.

After the State administration of taxation recently issued a new notice, Kong Qingbin cost will decrease. “Before taxes 3 points were less than 20,000 yuan, and after July, this section simply eliminated. “Kong Qingbin said, the State encourages the obvious, but was a little less. “From the present cost recovery had nearly a decade of time. ”

There are some obstacles, Kong Qingbin view, awaiting a breakthrough, such as examination and approval procedures cumbersome problem, assign problems such as how public roofs, “is still the most important issues in the sense that, on the one hand many people not enough awareness about photovoltaic, people’s awareness of environmental protection on the other hand can’t keep up. ”

Next: yielding about 15% will expand the scale of power

This year PV data through observation, Kong Qingbin end of something, then he prepared his 1.75 kW PV system capacity expansion to 10-kilowatt. For the “home power plant”, 10-kilowatt is a high capacity, beyond this value, general household cable cannot afford and will need to be replaced.

“Always wanted to expand, but not a normalized data, and no one had done before, not to rush into action. “Kong Qingbin going step by step, in power between March 28, 2013 to March 28, 2014 after carefully observing the situation, he eventually concluded that the domestic photovoltaic power generation yields of around 15%.

“15% yields were already high, and the market has barely begun. “Kong Qingbin confident for the future, stated that it would have been done.

Cost: how much money set of power generation equipment to be installed?

“One watt cost almost 10 dollars, 1.75 kW more than 17,000 yuan. “Said Kong Qingbin, differentiated models of various equipment, the quality and price are not the same, but on the current market situation, according to front line quality built, cost 8 yuan per watt, looking for a professional company to install it may 20% more design and installation costs, and cost up to 10 dollars per watt.

“Because it is the initial stage, many companies are less willing to live like this. “Kong Qingbin now rely on their own experience, has more free advice from Hefei city, more than 20 photovoltaic installations, as well as other cities and counties of the province, some commercial and residential installation, but Kong Qingbin, photovoltaic power generation speed and scale of development is far from enough.

Civil servants and will take the lead in “power generation”

Hefei will introduce further measures to promote PV industry development

In Hefei, individuals like Kong Qingbin “power generation” more and more people. With the development of photovoltaic industry, preparation in public service in government agencies in the city of Hefei, take the lead in promoting photovoltaic power generation. Hefei in the future or it will become “first town of Chinese photovoltaic applications.”

Situation is still in the early stages

Recently, this reporter learned from the Hefei city Committee through a letter, currently PV power station installed capacity reached 140MW in Hefei. Hefei city, Han Dong, Director of software and electronic information Committee through a letter, told reporters that according to their calculations, 1W power investment 8~10 Yuan, coupled with government subsidies, families in general installation of photovoltaic equipment, really need 10 years or so cost recovery, “but solar is 25, followed by 15 represents the profitability of domestic photovoltaic power stations. ”

According to reports, the photovoltaic plant in Hefei city is divided into three categories: home power station, colleges and scientific institutions, industrial plants power station power station. “Personal household power station, built 22 homes in the city, there have been 105 users in rural areas”, the New York Philharmonic said, overall, the Hefei “power generation” start is still at the exploratory stage.

Future creating “PV power application” the first city

On speed up the PV application from June 2013 at the opinions on promoting the development of photovoltaic industry and on speeding up this year by the notice on the application of PV, in late June, on further standardizing and speeding up the city, Hefei photovoltaic applications implementing rules will be formally released. This very intensive policy published in national PV promotion is also rare.

It is learnt that in Hefei city’s blueprint for photovoltaic power generation by 2015, solar building integrated solar thermal project built in Hefei city with more than 200, installation of various types of solar photovoltaic street lighting, landscape of more than 10000 units, photovoltaic power station installed capacity reached more than 500MW, photovoltaic industry output value of over 30 billion yuan, “Hefei photovoltaic power generation at that time will be ranked in the forefront. “Han Dong’s introduction.

Issues: subsidy is not attractive enough

It is reported that currently use personal PV in Hefei, will have government subsidies, according to the capacity of a one-time 2/Watt subsidy, is relatively low.

On this, Han Dong to reporter revealed, Hefei is brewing improve subsidies, “this year July yihou built grid of PV station, can considered by capacity gives of one-time subsidies standard by 2 Yuan/w improve to 3 Yuan/w; on rural residents applications construction of family PV station, in city financial 3 Yuan/w subsidies of based Shang, County city financial again according to 1 Yuan/w of standard supporting. The original 10-year cost recovery period can be shortened to 6 or 7 years. “However, the New York Philharmonic also said that standards finalized these subsidies still need time.

Approval procedure approximately 15

It is understood that ordinary members of the public to apply for individual PV, need to conduct feasibility study, property permits, for the record, completing the application, development of programmes, projects and other processes for approval. Under calculated by reporters briefly, if you want to go through the full process takes about 15 steps.

Han Dong, photovoltaic power generation, after all, involves the power grid project, from a security point of view, go through a rigorous examination and approval is inevitable, “mainly in order to avoid security risks. But so far the various units for personal applications for photovoltaic power generation is still very much support, as long as the public right to a roof, the approval is not difficult. ”

Residents ‘ environmental awareness is weak

It is reported that the photovoltaic promotion speed is not fast in the city, public awareness of environmental protection is an important reason to keep up. Han Dong, prepared in Hefei city will be photovoltaic power generation combined with the low-carbon life, enhance the use of new sources of information, especially prepared at the city’s public service in government agencies, first of all promote individual photovoltaic power generation.

It is understood that the Hefei city, released on June 25, was “to promote PV industry initiative”, hopes that public servants would come home roof resources lead in installed photovoltaic power plant, to produce a good role model.

Original title: a person’s “power plants” earned the year 1645

Yin Jianping: solar thermal power generation built into the life of the dreamer

Polaris solar PV net news: Sun Bao, Chairman of new energy in Jiangsu–interview with Yin Jianping

Solar thermal power generation industry in China after years of ups and downs, what force to sustain the industry matured? Who is quietly extends the industry’s roots which grow into towering trees are gradually have power? We cannot ignore these people, these forces, in the silence of this industry for several years, they kept a dream, never change.

Seven years ago, in 2007, Academician Wang Zhijiang was invited to speak at that time of Jiangsu Polytechnic University gave a lecture on solar thermal power generation, and now, seven years later, grew up in Changzhou, Jiangsu Province, China’s first with completely independent intellectual property rights and the integration of solar thermal power generation for heat storage technology company.

Photo: Sun Bao-company Chairman Yin Jianping

This was founded by Yin Jianping Sun Bao Xin, Jiangsu power Ltd (hereinafter “Sun Bao”), in today’s Yin Jianping, it was seven years before this opportunity, so he threw himself into the solar-thermal power generation this industry has great potential, but hopefully this will get in his way, “destiny” year of entrepreneurship most legendary passages.


In 2007, 46 year old Yin Jianping has 23 years of business experience. Wanda reducer factory in Changzhou, created in 1984 and will be brought to the steady development track, 1998 focused on emerging market for solar water heaters to create Sun Bao and evolved into an industry leader in 2007 when an even bigger when the opportunity comes, Yin Jianping chose to return outing.

For any enterprise, is behind their choice to enter an emerging industry opportunity also means significant risks and challenges. “We have a wealth of experience in high-precision manufacturing, solar water heater, a relatively low technological content and lower requirements for manufacturing industry cannot give full play to our advantages, so we want to start looking for new opportunities in other industries. “Yin Jianping told reporters of his original grounds of new business development.

Lecture Wang Zhijiang Yin Jianping of the audience listening to them passionately, he then began to light up to three years of sustained attention to thermal power generation. At the time, to Spain as the representative of the international solar thermal power generation markets are bracing for a second outbreak, Spain introduced a high FIT incentives for solar-thermal power, accelerated development of the market. While domestic thermal power to light involved only at the research stage, few understand the industry.

Meanwhile, the solar water heater market in those years began to show explosive growth potential, Sun Bao-relying on water heater market sales income for later entered the capital Foundation for solar-thermal power generation market. By 2010, Yin Jianping was keenly aware of the general trend of solar water heater market is set to decline and began to accelerate into solar thermal power generation sector.


Solar-thermal power complex, involve large segments of, what I should do? Yin Jianping gave her three options: tube, brackets and storage system, he ultimately chose the storage system. “Whether collector or a stent, is relatively simple to manufacture such products, rather than integrated systems, from what we’ve done similar to the reducer and solar water heaters, and once the market is getting better, is soon expected to be a fierce competition, which we have discovered before. While the storage system is the core of integration capabilities, this soft power as soon as others is very difficult to reproduce, it is easy to form enterprise’s core competitiveness. “Yin Jianping said.

Although simply Po at the manufacturing capacity of the Sun, Sun Bao-collecting tube or stent products easier, but focus on the long-term development of the enterprise, also based on Yin Jianping’s previous marketing experience, Yin Jianping resolutely chose solar-thermal power generation core technology is a largest storage system as a starting point. “We are going to do the most professional of photo-thermal heat storage solutions. “Yin Jianping believes that today has been able to prove that he had made the right choice.

The fact is do like so, Yin Jianping predictions several years ago has not started in the market today have been verified, current domestic thermal power collector manufacturers have more than more than 10, manufacturers also detected through the DLR there are three or four, the competition is very fierce. In terms of the integrated storage system capabilities, in addition to Sun Bao, China Guangdong Nuclear solar energy, Center has major input in this area, few other companies involved. And this one especially Sun Bao to go farther.

Because of this, engage in research and development of heat storage technology is difficult, but also require huge capital investment. “When we first started doing the exactly how much money is needed to get into no end of, I also consulted several industry experts. Several experts at the Chinese Academy of Sciences I would suggest saying, ‘ estimates this to carry out the technique successfully you need 200 million commitment, this should not be to you a private enterprise, should be the State to pay for them to do. Too risky. ‘ “Yin Jianping recalled.

But this hasn’t Yin Jianping, because it gave him more confidence, “I always thought of China’s private enterprises are able to do something, private enterprises in controlling costs can clearly do better than scientific research units. We have to fight for every penny is spent wisely, they are standing in the standpoint of scientific research institutes to 200 million, probably in my heart I was thinking the next, I may need 20% would suffice. 40 million is affordable to me. ”

Results far exceeded the Yin Jianping initial psychological expectation, “up to now, our funds invested in thermal energy storage project has nearly 70 million, so far has reached the expected objectives. Although greatly exceeded earlier expectations, but basically I was within acceptable limits. “Yin Jianping said.

Also need to be pointed out is that whether China Guangdong nuclear was in control, their overall group capabilities are far stronger than the Sun treasure, Sun Bao as a less overall strength of private enterprises, put into research and development of heat storage system will undoubtedly need greater courage.

Building the dream

Must admit is that thermal energy storage system integration are related to thermodynamics, chemical, mechanical, control and other disciplines integrated technologies, which had previously engaged in lower-level solar water heater manufacture of Sun Bao, the difficulty is so huge.

Yin Jianping had a clear understanding. “Our advantage is in the machinery and equipment manufacturing has a wealth of experience in the field, for thermal energy storage tank, chemical salts, and other related equipment, we easily can be designed and manufactured according to specific needs. And for the chemical industry and other fields, we through targeted recruiting certain professionals to make up in terms of talent, we can say that regardless of cost. ”

Yin Jianping believes he can do more reasons to heat storage system because he’s confident of their ability to learn new things. “In 1995 I have acquired a silk mill, it is no exaggeration to say that, within six months I went from a layman to be half of silk reeling expert, I even solved a lot of silk reeling factories over the years have failed to resolve a number of issues, some upgrades and innovative improvements. “Yin Jianping tried such an example to support his learning ability.

Learning ability based on a person’s view of things, Yin Jianping, based more on his focus and persistence of the thermal energy storage technologies. Yin Jianping said, “when you put this thing into your life when, what for you is not hard. ”

Yin Jianping said, was doing. In order to master the design of thermal storage system technologies, read foreign literature around his team, read the related technical information can be filled half a room of 20 square meters of offices. He personally went overseas many times the solar thermal power plant study, prior to his departure that he will do his homework carefully enough to see which parts and to ensure that each field trip has the actual harvest.

Photo: Sun Bao-thermal storage system of thermal storage tank

In 2011, Sun Bao-demonstration projects started to plan the construction of a storage system, with master in practice is a full-service technology. After a year of preparation, in June 2012, the demonstration project was officially started construction, to October 2013. This project from design, manufacture, construction and commissioning were completed independently by Sun Bao. Sun Bao, tank made of steel structures, piping, piping design, thermal insulation, warm up, heat, anti-clotting treatment, integrated control and other aspects to overcome many difficulties. In November 2013, of molten salt system started working, after more than half a month, molten salt melts through the system, temperature up to 400 degrees Celsius, after 3 months of debugging and run more than once, fully meet the design criteria. In March 2014, molten salt temperature to raise up to 550 degrees, and after more than 20 days of operation, the entire system is running stable, the indicator properly, the project ran successfully.

Photo: Sun Bao-oil, salt, heat exchanger in thermal storage system

“Equipment manufacturing is our area of expertise, such as salt, molten salt heat exchangers, although we all do for I don’t know how many times the design improvements, but basically the difficulties encountered can be resolved smoothly. The whole system down, we believe that the pipeline of scientific and rational design is the core of thermal storage system design, we found hundreds of times on improvements. “Yin Jianping said.

Photo: solar steam generators in the precious thermal energy storage system

This 20MWh storage system total more than 30 million, realized the localization and completely independent intellectual property rights, Sun Bao has the design integration storage system for commercial solar-thermal power station capacity. Sun Bao-an important milestone in the development of the company, while Yin Jianping, this is “doing a great business,” root of dreams!

Sun Bao wujin jiaze is located in the old area of town, the reporter saw this storage system, independent research and development of control system for the system to achieve a full, individual monitoring points have clearly shown on the temperature display. Simulation trough the storage system at the same time conducting oil heat and molten salt heat storage, and Tower both direct heat of molten salt technology solutions. Yin Jianping told reporters at the project site, “we need to do is secure and economical storage system. Safety is the first priority, thermal storage systems must ensure that the safe operation of its lifetime in 30, this premise as much as possible to reduce costs. ”

Yin Jianping believed that “operation experience is without a doubt a commercial power station thermal storage systems development, the most valuable asset. Sun Bao of the successful operation of the storage system and long-term operation, will provide our team built up a wealth of operational experience, after this we will lay a good foundation to undertake thermal energy storage projects. ”

Yin Jianping’s dream is relying on this 3 years and spent more than 30 million heavily built thermal storage system began to take root. “Sun Bao’s future ability to become a fully integrated storage system manufacturers. Solar thermal power generation market is heading into its game-changers, smart grid energy storage market is now poised, Sun Bao’s development potential and space will be very large. “Yin Jianping has begun to sketch Sun Bao’s future in mind,” is expected by the end of this year, Sun Bao will be listed for the new ban, leveraging the capital market to help businesses move forward faster and better development. ”

50 and know of heaven, Yin Jianping for this year is more than 50, comes as the fate of Yin Jianping chose life for the third time of the year again when the opportunity comes entrepreneurship, but this time, venture’s purpose is not to make money, Yin Jianping dreamed of starting a really great company, but this time, his selection has given him enough space to realize such a dream!

Original title: Yin Jianping: solar thermal power generation built into the life of the dreamer

Business involvement group able to build solar thermal power generation in China analysis

Polaris solar PV net news: on September 29, 2011, China energy development Holdings Limited (commonly known as China can build) and China electric power construction Corporation (referred to as power construction in China) two major power construction group announced the formation of two big corporations huge systems, its affiliated companies, will strike many readers confused about their affiliations. CSPPLAZA from the perspective of solar-thermal power generation business, to be analyzed. Released today by the China construction group involved in solar-thermal power generation business analysis.

Publicly available information shows that China will build by China gezhouba group company, China power engineering consulting group Corporation (electric power planning and Design Institute) and the State grid Corporation, China Southern power grid company limited is a member of 15 provinces (cities, districts) of electric power survey design, construction and building companies. The registered capital of 26 billion yuan, 2012 annual revenues of nearly 140 billion yuan, with total assets of nearly 170 billion yuan, total number of employees more than 160,000 people.

Under the jurisdiction of China could build China gezhouba group company, China power engineering consulting group Corporation, electric power planning and Design Institute, China’s holdings of equipment limited, able to build more than design, several project companies and many other organizations and agencies. In the field of solar-thermal power generation has more secondary units involved in electric power Design Institute and China power engineering consulting group Corporation.

Electric power planning and Design Institute (the TV), formerly the Ministry of water resources planning and Design Institute, is a national top advisory body business bias field of soft core business relates to policy studies, power system planning studies, engineering management consulting and industry standardization. Are now directly managed by the Chinese can build. TV last year led to the drafting of the specification and implementation of solar thermal power generation demonstration project programme for selection and advancement of solar-thermal power generation demonstration projects provide a reference.

China power engineering consulting group Corporation (referred to in the power engineering) under the jurisdiction of the North-East, East, Northwest, Southwest and South, six districts of North China electric power Design Institute and China power engineering consulting firms, technology development company, Beijing a.laussedat technology development co of 9 companies wholly owned subsidiary companies. Light heat power generation business is involved up to the secondary unit.

Specifically, in the area of solar thermal power generation business, electrical engineering technology development in Northwest electric power Design Institute limited research projects were completed in 2013 “experimental power plant design and research on solar thermal power plant” project. Northwest power Institute bear has in the electric voted Golmud, and in the controlled delingha, and country electric power Jiuquan light coal complementary, and country electric Ningxia solar gas complementary, multiple light hot power project of can Institute and each stage design work, North power Institute bear has China can Tibet slot type light hot station, and China can Golmud, and Ordos slot type solar hot power chartered right demonstration project, and Ningxia Salt Lake HA na Republika high sand Wo slot type solar gas joint cycle power station, multiple light hot power project of can Institute and each stage design work. In addition, Southwest electric power Design Institute, South Central electric power Design Institute study on the optical-thermal power generation technology and business involved.

Original title: business involvement group able to build solar thermal power generation in China analysis

Polaris solar PV NET weekly Hots collection (6.20-6.26)

Polaris solar PV net news: market review

180 million cake cut: “PV entrance” help battling losses?

Earlier, the National Energy Board raised to 14GW PV new capacity this year, distributed to 8GW 6GW of terrestrial photovoltaic power station. Calculated in accordance with 1GW needs investment of about 10 billion dollars, focusing on distributed involving 80 billion yuan.

2014 World Cup games, “China’s Yingli, PV household” alternate characters appear in the game, this is Yingli Green energy holding company limited to sponsorship type advertisements. But couldn’t cover the awkward reality behind sponsorship of the scenery, the world’s largest PV module shipments of business losses for three consecutive years. “Solar PV homes” PV enterprises truly reverse the situation can become a new outlet? For Chinese inhabitants, towards “zero-tariff era” on the road, how much will encounter difficulties?

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2. distributed PV will be part of the project or the new deal and enjoy a 1 Yuan/kWh feed-in tariff

By “power” returns far below the “spontaneous personal use” income, “spontaneous personal use” part of the electricity production, electricity revenue is not guaranteed (operator not available), seeking financial support, has been the most vexing questions distributed PV projects.

However, recently circulated in the industry of an upcoming new deal, might be able to correct the situation.

It was stated that the new plan would “less than 35,000-volt grid electricity is less than 20,000-kilowatt, and effective utilization of tidal flat, barren hills and wastelands, agricultural greenhouses, ponds and PV projects” included in the distributed category and locally ground station re power subsidy price.

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3. Jiangsu “selling first person to” bask in the income and expenditure accounts: roof photovoltaic deal

Last July, the State Council issued the opinions on promoting the healthy development of the photovoltaic industry, vigorously develop distributed PV markets, encourage individuals and businesses to “spontaneous use, residual Internet, grid adjustments” way of building distributed PV systems. By the end of 2013, China grid PV installed capacity of 19.42 million-kilowatt, which distributed PV 3.1 million-kilowatt.

On June 4 last year, Zhu 5-kilowatt grid-connected PV installations of power generation, Jiangsu province to become “selling first person.” A year later, how his personal station?

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4. the individual building photovoltaic power plant is no longer difficult: invoice address

Tax set tax policy of distributed solar power projects, plus personal PV electricity sales.

Jiangsu provincial state taxation officials pointed out to reporters, administration of internal revenue service for the first time explicitly distributed PV sales invoices were issued by the State power grid. Prior to this, the national grid issued a renewable electricity subsidies, needs power operators and invoicing, which many individual power producers encountered invoicing challenges.

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5. solar policy revision: 20MW agricultural greenhouses and fisheries subsidies light complementary projects or by ground station

Some media have reported, distributed PV policy will likely change. Existing rumors include: first, countries will increase the quota of surface plant, thus reducing the quota distributed (ground and distributed 6G and 8G tiles, respectively). Secondly, the low voltage grid-connected up to 35,000 volts, 20 MW in the following agricultural greenhouses and Yue Kwong complementary items may be included in the project scope to distributed power station, according to ground station price execution, and therefore distributed utility projects 8G w goals or accomplishing. There are claims that likely the country will adjust the electricity price subsidies distributed, from 0.42/kWh for 0.5 Yuan per kWh or more.

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Comment article

1. Shanghai PV industry status and development cause of lag

From the entire solar PV industry chain, the PV industry development in Shanghai lagged behind the nation’s major areas of PV industry development. Polycrystalline silicon ingot manufacturers, Shanghai is almost blank manufacturers, Crystal, Comtec, sporadic and only nine manufacturers, the insufficient capacity of 200MW (only 1% per cent of national output); the production of photovoltaic cells, National Chiao Tung University after the Sun was sold, and only super solar days and Shanghai.

Visible on the PV industry in terms of manufacturing, or applications, in terms of production capacity, production, fixed asset investment or profit, revenue and other indicators, the PV industry development of Shanghai are lagging behind, and this China’s largest industrial city of Shanghai’s economic position risked. After analysis, I believe that PV industry in Shanghai has several factors in falling behind:

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2. the energy revolution: Please restore the PV industry from the beginning

Internal and external environment has decided we need a non-renewable fossil fuels “alternative revolution” must be implemented vigorously “develop” and “use” renewable and clean energy strategies. If the “energy revolution” to restore the PV industry’s “new strategic industries” position, fundamentally reverse the PV industry in a wrong way, straighten out the relationships in the PV industry, believes China’s clean energy strategy will step onto a new stage. That would defuse the enormous constraints to sustainable economic development bottlenecks, no doubt to the Internet and the third industrial revolution is characterized by new energy waves enter the ranks of the developed countries.

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3. the personal application of distributed PV needs to consider three key factors

PV modules are installed on the roof, will convert solar energy into electricity, the roof will power, which is distributed solar power. Even though individual applications for distributed PV on-grid does not need any qualifications, but apart from policy, you have to take into account some objective factors, first we must take into account the objective conditions of residence.

In theory, all residents can apply for distributed solar power, but in fact requirements of distributed PV on the roof area is still quite high.

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4. investment of more than 2.6 million solar street lights why were frequently complaining

Exchange to Hang Pu Jia-Shao express yuanhua high-speed Qiao Exchange Connector is a city of jiaxing city article, but I only use the “solar” lighting of the highway. The road is 10 km long, 12 meters wide, two-way two lane. In November 2010, line 204 sets solar street light is installed, at a cost of more than 2.6 million dollars, the average cost of each lamp is about 13000 Yuan.

It is understood that the solar street light stood guard over a year later, it continues to receive the masses, street frequently broke down, lighting is not enough.

When first built, these solar lights is known as “7 days normal use under wet weather”, but when in actual use problems, is this why?

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5. internal dose the energy transition in a turning point in the PV industry

Compared with the widely built large photovoltaic power plant in the desert, rooftop solar building integrated photovoltaics and solar power plants will make it feel more directly into green energy from PV.

According to estimates, a residential building, laying on the roof solar panel, realization of building integrated photovoltaics, spontaneous 40 degrees. If this House is to buy 100 kilowatt-hours of electricity from the grid, you can now buy 60 kilowatt-hours of electricity. Just think, if the promotion of distributed generation in the country, means that the power supply will be reduced by 40%, equates to a saving of 28% coal-fired electricity, also can reduce the thermal power plants of 30%, this contribution to the world will be enormous.

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Enterprise version

1. Chinese Solar Empire

Along with Europe’s debt crisis, the Government cuts solar subsidies, as well as European and American “double reverse” effect, began to cool the global PV market and falling demand, corporate gross margin, Overstock serious reduction, various indications began warning winter is approaching. Most of the Chinese PV industry took a wait-and-see attitude, cautious expansion. Hina in 2012 to 2013, big mergers and acquisitions the Germany suolibiya Corporation, United States Mi Yasuo, and global solar companies 3 thin film solar PV company.

Have never been involved in PV who for 5 years to create the world’s largest thin-film Solar Empire is the “counter-cyclical investment” the brave Hunters, or is another passion for PV investment rushing?

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2. Yingli sponsored World Cup of “doing business”

Brazil football World Cup Sponsor Yingli only China advertising debut in the opener in the 13th. The Chinese character for “Ying Li, China,” “photovoltaic home” game turns. This is Yingli second appeared as an official sponsor of the World Cup on a billboard, appears at least 8 minutes per game.

Higher ad spending of Chinese companies has aroused doubts: this deal worth it?

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3. ATP energy: photovoltaic power plant to the new way of playing

“The whole industry is bad, or the best is over. “A PV Sales Manager said. However, for some companies, become best in a bad one, is also good.

Sitech component sales in the Chinese market is growing fast, just like photovoltaic power plant in the Northwest “a bully”, 2013 jinkosolar total shipments close to 2GW, market share of about 5.6%, and performance near the top, be the first to turn a profit in many PV companies, share prices is growing fast throughout the year has risen by nearly 400%.

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4. Tesla “charge threshold”: a solar charging station is a dream

In China, the Tesla seems to copy Super expansion path of the charging network in North America. Musk in China had spared no effort to give Chinese consumers debut painted a beautiful picture, claiming that Super charging stations can be everywhere in 40 minutes 80% of ModelS of sports cars to add to the user’s energy, and stressed the “Tesla charging station can be independent of the power grid, and all use solar energy as a source of energy.” Green, free, fast … … As if this has been palpable.

However, scrutinize the ambition, this beautiful picture still seems far away.

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5. hareon “bungle” tell us?

Another “Black Dragon”, and the Shanghai Stock Exchange. “8 • 16” Everbright securities “bungle” aftermath, hareon xD reproduction of Oolong.

On June 12, 2014 is a sea-run shares to increase the stock ex-dividend date. Quotes ex-dividend reference price systems display was 7.16 Yuan, should be calculated according to the formula in the correct price 7.95 Yuan. According to SSE informed, led to errors of causes while is listed company not full considered this times capital public product turned increased is not oriented all shareholders this a particularity, in to SSE related business sector submitted of operation applications single in the, not clear tips company directed turned increased of proportions; on the is SSE related business sector also not on this a particularity for audit, thus according to to all shareholders each 10 unit turned increased 1.6 obtained company except right reference price.

The 50 strokes. SSE at fault, listed companies are also to blame, really wonderful.

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Character articles

1. the idler Shi Yuzhu’s energy landscape: investing in photovoltaic named Hulk

Retired Shi Yuzhu insecure is not idle, the ambience on the other side of life, he frequently shot in the capital markets. Shi Yuzhu, 52 years old, is now a giant investment limited (hereinafter “the giant”), the giant network technology limited, Chairman of Shanghai, Shanghai health life science and technology (hereinafter “Shanghai Jian”) the actual controller.

Up to now, “Giants” has three main businesses: health care products, gaming, investing. Two ADO last item is shares of Minsheng Bank through capital markets in recent years, “change maneuvers”, and “counter attack” is known worldwide.

Today, the Giants territory, may need to add the energy industry this event in a pen.

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2. Li keqiang visited Greece or photovoltaic sector will benefit from

Premier Li keqiang, on 21st over Greece for a 3-day official visit. Li keqiang said Greece has become “China’s gate to Europe”. Today, photovoltaic industry concern is–Greece can become a European PV industry in China “entry point”.

Chinese delegation, led by Prime Minister Li keqiang as Greece brings the total value of 6.5 billion euros “gifts” – mainly in the signed agreements and memorandum of understanding (MOU) form. Once come to fruition, is expected to improve Greece economy and will become one of China’s strongest partner in Europe.

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3. Hai Yang Xue Liming: solar thermal power generation this year will break out

In the solar field, initially chose to enter the layout of crystalline silicon photovoltaic plate, late comer to the majority chose to follow, but also bet on other areas. Like Han, Li Hejun lone madman bets on thin film PV, and a person may choose a completely different route with the PV, try to gold dug up roads in solar-thermal power, in which Xue Liming, founder of Hai Duong is the strongest solar-thermal power promoters.

In the same issue, different people will offer different answers. Although solar light hot water heater business generating little interest, Xue Liming has plenty of reasons to support his passion light thermal power generation. “PV are suitable for distributed, Kenda bases still have to rely on solar thermal power generation. “He thinks that solar thermal power generation will become one of China’s base load energy.

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4. Ding Wenlei: distributed solar power across urban and rural areas

In the photovoltaic industry continued depressed market conditions, Ding Wenlei abandoned enterprises best rewarded career in July 2013, Yu solar energy technology company, China decided to return to his hometown, he took to distributed PV systems is not known. He overcame all kinds of afflictions, less than a year, becoming China’s distributed PV pioneers.

“Chose this line, we must do it to the best, to the extreme. “Ding Wenlei said. Decision Ding Wenlei, despite her family’s objections, together with long-time friend Liu Yang, East moved west up to 1 million dollars, resolutely launched hang Yu solar energy technology company, started a road.

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Professor Sun Yun, Nankai University reminder: SI: environmental issues cannot be ignored

Polaris solar PV net news: consistently in many countries of the world in recent years in the field of photovoltaic research and development strength, low cost, large areas of CIGS (Copper-Indium-Gallium-selenium) battery can already see results. Although its market share is less than 10% of total PV market, but with the CIGS technology breakthrough and the improvement of technology maturity, which will break the single crystalline silicon PV market battery monopoly, with its excellent price-performance ratio becomes a non-homogeneous high-end products will occupy an increasingly large share of the market.

Professor Sun Yun, Nankai University

Reporters: Professor Sun, Hello! Existing pollution in the production process of crystalline silicon cells which link? The current situation? If a technology and equipment are effectively addressed?

Sun Yun: I think the major pollution in silicon and wafer production this aspect, because made of quartz sand of silicon process, requires carbon to produce carbon deoxidation, made of Silicon of purity of more than 97%, relying on its purity 99.7%~99.9% acid pickling. Whether it is chlorine to produce Silicon tetrachloride, Silicon is handled by hydrochloric acid to produce trichlorosilane, goes through distillation, purification, then condensed by hydrogen reduction of high purity polysilicon raw material. Much of this process is carried out at high temperatures. Silicon single crystal ingots or pull in the vacuum condition, higher than the melting point of Silicon 1410 degrees Celsius after a certain amount of time to complete. So the wafer manufacturing process, carbon dioxide emissions, chemical waste disposal, leakage of chlorine-containing gases or liquids, will have varying levels of pollution on the environment. In addition, in silicon chip proliferation of pn junction in more than 900 degrees, so the whole process of amorphous silicon solar cell with high energy consumption, bringing large quantities of greenhouse gas emissions, have to arouse people’s attention, especially the yield, the greater, more important issues. United States gang o and affiliated to the Department of energy national laboratory, Northwestern University research team found that install solar modules made in China and shipped to Europe, its carbon footprint will be in Europe twice for the local manufacture and installation times. Mainly refers to the Chinese standards of environmental protection and the effectiveness of the plant requires less refining and production of amorphous silicon solar cell process requires large amounts of energy, and China used in this process energy is used more fossil fuel than their European counterparts, and low energy efficiency. So the normally high pollution and high energy consumption is above both.

Reporter: amorphous silicon solar cell production collective pollution is still there? Is the industry’s problems, or the problems of enterprises themselves?

Sun Yun: in addition to outside the Silicon raw materials, I think crystal silicon solar cell production and not the entire industry chain has contaminated, such as packaging production almost pollution free, diffusion process of acid and alkali process of cleaning and etching etching, Groove will use some pH stuff, before release, to be dealt with, but also to have greater input than the thin film solar cell to prevent. Thin film solar module cleaning glass or other substrates, and don’t need to acid etch, use small amounts of organic cleaning agent, not only there is no pollution of acid-base and vacuum coating, PV and solar module manufacturing and finished in a workshop, so thin-film battery in this context basically there was no pollution.

I think the pollution of amorphous silicon solar cell industry chain, except for carbon emissions, in order to present technology makes the production process cause pollution are problems of enterprises themselves, mainly to see the alignment is not complete supporting facilities, if implemented fully, coupled with strict management, even though production costs higher, but pollution problems can be avoided.

Reporter: are you as a leader, your specialty is the study of CIGS thin-film batteries. In your opinion, the technology direction for pollution problems?

Sun Yun: so far, we haven’t found CIGS has serious pollution problems. CIGS films by selenization technique after, generally use highly toxic gases hydrogen selenide (H2Se), exhaust gas treatment device, eventually discharge should not be a problem. In addition, most of the CIGS cells, there is a transition layer of cadmium sulfide (CdS) of about 50 nm from the wet process (CBD), its waste liquid which contains small amounts of cadmium (Cd), and after treatment can reach the national standard after discharge. CIGS cell content of Cd in cadmium telluride (CdTe) falls far short of the battery and CdTe cells containing Cd layer around 5~7 μm. CdTe and CdS both of these films are very stable to simulate fire degrees Celsius on the volatile case found no cadmium, solar module packaged well and do not cause pollution. If there is a pollution problem, Germany and the United States would not allow production. At present, overseas have CIGS batteries using cadmium-free transition process, such as Japan of CIGS SolarFrontier battery, no Cd the element, this also reflects the Cd can be removed from the CIGS cells, which is an important direction of the product.

Reporter: CIGS manufacturer in China’s current battery products containing the Cd which ingredients?

Sun Yun: at present, the CIGS production manufacturers such as Hina, place des Vosges and other products containing Cd, no Cd in the country has not seen reports. Because of relatively high conversion efficiency CIGS products containing Cd, higher conversion efficiencies than no Cd 1%-2%. In addition, the CIGS solar module of Cd element in minimal, not as serious as imagined. Especially if manufacturers the ability to damage and failure of solar modules are responsible for recovery of concentrate, people had no need to worry about, of course, to be able to provide the community with no Cd batteries.

Reporter: with amorphous silicon solar cell (module), what are the main advantages of the CIGS thin film solar cell? What are the advantages of better marketing?

Sun Yun: from the battery itself, the advantage is more than the first, low cost and secondly, manufacture process of low energy consumption; and, third, high conversion efficiency of four, good low light response, output power higher than the crystalline silicon solar batteries last, to make a flexible battery with high power density, has a broader application.

We say from a scientific point of view, is the low cost, the current high cost is due to the industrialization of battery technology is still in the incubation period. This product is a cheap glass, stainless steel foil deposited on polyimide substrates or polymer films for solar cells, a few films together around 3~4 μm, very little precious raw material consumption. Crystalline silicon solar cells you will need 200 microns, only this thickness can absorb sunlight and clean. Otherwise, it will be partially absorbed by, affect its efficiency. Silicon ingot slices, zigzag down the Silica fume can no longer be recycled, because it contains a lot of metal components not easily regenerate purification. Each piece you want to cut 300 microns from silicon ingots, the equivalent of one-third Silicon raw material depletion.

Crystalline silicon solar cells from silicon to the commercialization of solar modules, is done by the socialization of industry chain, implementation of specialized mass production, the current product sales price has been reduced to the extreme, profits were assessed by industry chain enterprises. CIGS cells completed within the whole industry chain in a small workshop, and basic raw materials into the plant processed of glass, it’s solar module directly to the PV power plant, each process can be adjusted in the workshop, reducing logistics costs, and component cost control and profit margins are greater.

Low energy consumption in the CIGS solar module production process, too high a temperature will cause the glass to bear. For preparation of light on a polymer substrate of flexible CIGS PV module can only be done at 450 ° c temperature below a short time. Crystalline silicon solar cells from silicon to module, its energy consumption is much higher than thin-film batteries.

SI module conversion efficiency of the laboratory world record world record in 20.5%,CIGS cell conversion efficiency for a long time, the last two years continuously refreshed by enterprises or research institutions, has now reached 21% (Germany Solibro-Hina created). Production line of glass CIGS solar module production efficiency had reached 13%~14%, while mainstream silicon solar module efficiency for PV market 15%~16%, average efficiency of monocrystalline silicon solar module for 16%~17%, judging from the CIGS developments, average efficiencies than amorphous silicon solar cell production line components will be just around the corner.

Due to CIGS thin-film optical absorption coefficients is now the highest of any photovoltaic material, its spectral response for solar cells is also very wide, 1000nm wavelengths still have high quantum efficiency. Test results have shown that in the same place, the same power of PV power plant, energy output than amorphous silicon solar cell 10%. The power station installed at same power prices, the same power plant the benefits of additional 10% and steady decline, indicating that its optical performance and value is outstanding.

I feel, market application aspects, CIGS battery while has low cost, and high conversion efficiency, and anti-radiation capacity strong, and stable not recession, traits, application in distributed station has is good to market competitiveness potential; due to its appearance tones soft elegant, and weak light response good, also very for Yu high-end buildings of BIPV glass curtain wall; on the, stainless steel foil or poly n Asia amine lining late of flexible battery, not only retained has glass lining late battery of excellent performance, and weight light, and can curling folding, and fear fell touch And more suitable for portable mobile power station cut into different size components as required, apply more flexible. Can be embedded in a tent on the roof can also be folded to carry, feel free to open in place for notebook computers, printers, and mobile communication devices; can also be embedded in clothing, in the Sun to charge portable electronic devices. Polyimide substrate CIGS cells, its power to weight ratio up to 1500W/Kg (unpackaged), are unmatched by all current solar cells. In addition to stainless steel foil with CIGS cells have the same application, but also has excellent performance, and is the first choice for some spacecraft. Therefore, the flexible CIGS cells whether they are military or civilian has broad prospects and huge market demand.

Reporter: in your mind CIGS thin-film battery technology improved in the future and how much, there is no technology roadmap?

Sun Yun: CIGS solar cell current laboratory technology matured, major scientific questions to confirm, but require further and finer. The core technology of large area solar module industry has broken, can produce high performance battery pack. Mainly focuses on how to reduce costs in the future, so its price acceptable to the market. I think industrialization is still flawed, copy the expansion has not been reached on the technical level, in Western countries, is unlikely to open such high-end technology to China. Bottleneck lies in the equipment, how to ensure the uniformity of the film (requires multiple uniformity of structure and physical properties of compound semiconductor materials), product yield, stable online monitoring, process control, and reducing the fault rate of the equipment and machine downtime. In particular the manufacture of CIGS thin-film devices is core, but a sample is the subject matter of the technology and equipment has not yet fully mature, you also need to constantly optimize and upgrade. Only the line to copy the expansion shows that CIGS battery technology has achieved real maturity, then FirstSolar CIGS cells will appear. If all the homemade 300 MW output, module average conversion efficiency of 13%, yield is 90%, its battery can cost less than $ 0.5 per peak watt, up GW level production of amorphous silicon solar cell cost.

Reporter: what do you think of CIGS thin film solar cells and amorphous silicon solar cell application?

Sun Yun: amorphous silicon solar cell prices low, high conversion efficiency, monopoly of the photovoltaic market at present, mainly used in various forms of photovoltaic power plants, have an advantage in a large power plant construction on the ground. CIGS cell products there are three forms, namely glass module, stainless steel substrate, flexible solar panel, flexible polyimide substrate modules, each must have a more suitable applications. The flexible battery for conventional crystalline silicon solar batteries cannot be achieved now, is a diversified variety of photovoltaic cells, can play a special role in the field of traditional PV may not cover, can have independent pricing system that does not compete with amorphous silicon solar cell, as people’s awareness of product and applications continues to expand its potential market demand is growing.

Rigid CIGS modules of a glass substrate, with crystalline silicon solar batteries suitable for various forms of photovoltaic power stations. From the appearance of tone and low light-generating capacity, for glass curtain wall with a more prominent advantages, its industrial technologies are currently defective, needs to be perfect expansion to reduce costs. Once the technology is mature expansion, CIGS cells with crystalline silicon solar battery flat, will have a very strong market competitiveness. However, the CIGS module capacity even at hundreds of gigawatts, will not replace crystalline silicon solar photovoltaic market main body of rare precious metal Indium restricts the battery after all infinite, then there may be another Earth-rich raw material manufacture of cheap, efficient batteries replace all battery, become the subject of energy.

At present, the domestic production of amorphous silicon solar cell decay rate the issue has been quite prominent, because of mass production, the blind pursuit of low-cost, so that product quality as before, I suppose next PV market will go there because of the recession and other quality problems caused by a series of disputes, when the time comes people will find CIGS cells stable performance and low decline rates and other advantages, will get more popular.

Dragon photoelectric fall mystery

Polaris solar PV net news: in the fundamentals of the industry downturn, 2012 is a foregone conclusion in cases, Feng’s family seems to have chosen the bigger losses quarter of 2012, to transfer a portion of the profits to the first quarter of 2013, trying to signal the reversal of the market performance of the company, while’s annual report in 2012 and 2013, while first-quarter released on April 25, 2013. In this way, its use of good first-quarter performance gradually reducing to 12 million shares

As a Solar Silicon material production, one of the leading enterprises in the field of processing equipment, raise 909 million Yuan IPO Dragon photoelectric (toast by the market on December 25, 2009, listed the day’s closing price of 26.99 dollars, later share price rose all the way to 38.49 dollars. However, with the photovoltaic industry to go downwards, the company’s share price continued to decline, its controlling shareholder, in trouble, the company was the media repeatedly questioned the violation.

End of the first quarter of this year, Feng Clan Dragon photoelectric stake drop to about 50 million shares, per cent of total equity of 25.3% and almost in a State pledge. Since March 3, 2014, TL-electro-optical stock has been delisted, announced to Noah Technology Ltd and Feng Jinsheng, Changzhou, said controlling shareholders equity transfer issues are still being negotiated, seems to be winding up of plans out of business. Once prosperous feng’s family is how we got to this point of it?

Deep pledge dilemma

Dragon optical’s listing, photovoltaic industry is in strong support of the national policy when the rapid growth of a King, benefiting from the sharp expansion in the middle and lower reaches of the enterprise and its spending spree on the upstream purchase orders, Dragon photoelectric continue to increase investment in projects to expand production capacity. In order to raise money, Feng clan since 2010 continues to pledge its shares held Dragon photoelectric, for associated businesses (huasheng fine ceramics technology in Jiangsu Province, Changzhou mosun solar materials limited), large customers (Jiangxi xuyang Reddy high-tech company limited) or Sky Dragon photoelectric guarantee their loan.

In September 2011, Noah technology and Shandong International Trust Co, signed the assembled funds trust, Lu Xin-Heng Xin 3rd TL-electro-optical stock right pledge contracts of shares, 12.5 million shares of its stock Dragon photoelectric (6.25%) for its loan pledge. The trust’s total issued amount of 100 million Yuan, for a period of 18 months, cordon and stop lines respectively fell to project investment amounts to pledge the stock market with a total value of 1.5 times and 1.4 times times. In other words, once the Dragon photoelectric shares fell to below 12 dollars, Noah technology is required to pay a deposit or additional shares of credit collateral, and as soon as prices fell to 11.2 Yuan, Noah had to fulfil its share buy-back obligations in advance of science and technology, or trust company may exercise the right to liquidate the pledged shares. As of October 11, 2011, Noah Dragon photoelectric science and technology has pledged days 57.6 million shares, 94.13% per cent of its stake in the company, accounting for 28.8% of the total share capital of the company.

With Noah technology is similar to Feng Jinsheng on February 16, 2012, 15.2 million shares of the company in trust-Shandong hengxin 3rd collection in trust program 14, was pledged. The trust has collected 83.2 million Yuan, the term for 18 months, cordon and stop lines similar conditions and previous trust contract, you can calculate the cordon to 8.21 Yuan, while the stop line at 7.66 Yuan. Feng Jinsheng fall into the plight of pledge, coupled with the pledge of shares, Feng Jinsheng had pledged Dragon photoelectric 25.21 million shares it held in the 25.2 million shares.

Happens is that the photovoltaic industry just started going cold from the second half of 2011. In 2012, under the impact of shrinking demand and overcapacity, increased competition in the industry, resulting in photovoltaic products continued to fall, sales plummeted. TL-entire industries are built around of photoelectric photovoltaic industry layout, so the impact is huge, price all the way down. On March 30, 2012, the company’s share price dropped below Noah technology trust pledge 11.2 exit line, starting in mid-July this year’s share price dropped below 7.66 Yuan Feng Jinsheng mortgage exit lines.

Chairman holdings difficult rescues

In days Dragon photoelectric shares below Noah technology of pledge stops line, and no reverse signs of situation Xia, company bulletin said, Chairman Feng Jin was born in April 27, 2012 to 10.08 Yuan of ASP holdings has 300,000 unit days Dragon photoelectric stock, accounted for total equity of 0.15%; while commitment Yu future 3 months within in shares below 12 Yuan/unit of conditions Xia continues to holdings 100,000-1.7 million unit, accounted for has issued shares of 0.05%-0.85%. It is easy to see, Feng’s family hope that the share price will go back to Noah’s mortgage equity line of science and technology.

At that time, the market information is a positive reaction, TL-electro-optical stock from April 27, 2012, the minimum price of 9.6 Yuan rose to its highest price of 10.66 Yuan on May 8, bounced around 10%, but then return to the downtrend, it is difficult to return. Indeed, Feng Jinsheng 9.11-9.54 Yuan on May 28, 2012 only increased the price of 217,000 shares, increase total equity amounted to 0.1084%, well below the 0.85% cap on holdings, is not additional holdings as the shares fell further after the number. Thus, Feng Jinsheng’s holdings are not optimistic about the company’s future, but to stimulate shares rose, trying to relieve the pressure of Feng’s family trust stops, its second increase is to a large extent in order to meet the commitment announcement before.

Delayed lifting stocks as falling

As of December 25, 2012 Dragon photoelectric listed for less than three years, technology and restricted stock held by Feng Jinsheng Noah on December 27 of that year to lift sales. Because of Feng’s trust pledge for the family needs a lot of money to fill the holes and are expected once the ban expires, companies will face heavy selling.

What’s interesting is, fiduciary pledge 7.66 Yuan after being below the stop line, Feng Jinsheng on September 27, 2012, additional commitments, within 6 months after the first limited without reduction, its shares to extend the locking period on June 25, 2013, trying to slow the market worries about upcoming divestments. In fact, he was almost their entire stock in the pledge, nor to reduce. Round the announcement caused the company’s share price rebounded. However, Dragon optical in 2012 when the three quarterly reports revealed that thanks to the photovoltaic industry downturn, has formed a larger loss in the third quarter before it expects 2012 loss of 1.15-130 million yuan in net profit.

Shares hold, until December 4, 2012 reach its nadir 5.21 Yuan. In hindsight, Feng Jinsheng Tianlong electro-optical stock, on February 16, 2012 pledge of 15.2 million shares in 2013, 7 August, Shandong provincial international trust company limited through the transfer of Justice and explains Feng Jinsheng was no other assets to fill the hole in the pledge can only be expected to rebound in stock prices for their salvation.

Fill the reduction of actuarial debt

Bifengjinsheng lucky, Noah technology is a certain maneuver. On January 10, 2013 Noah bulletin reduction plan of science and technology, plans in the next 6 months, a fall of no more than 16 million shares (8%) TL-electro-optical stock.

Noah technologies on July 13, 2011, pledged to the 4 million shares of Shanghai Pudong Development Bank Zhengzhou branch TL-electro-optical stock, on February 5, 2013, rescinding the hypothecation. Noah technology day to the low price of 5.72 Yuan per share aggregate reduction of block trading platform, 22.88 million Yuan.

Based on this funding, Noah technology prior to April 26, 2013 (a day after the quarterly disclosure) previously pledged to the 6 million shares of Shandong provincial international trust, TL-electro-optical stock about rescinding the hypothecation, to 5.51 Yuan on May 3, the price of sale, 33.06 million Fund. Subsequently, on May 6 from the Shandong international trust and lifted the pledged 6 million shares, and the price of 5.72 Yuan on May 9 all sold. Noah technology by reduction with 90.26 million Yuan altogether these three funds, used to fill Lu Xin-Heng Xin 3rd trust equity debt.

The drop process, giving the market a good key performance expectations, in order to avoid reduction of the expected impact on the share price. In the fundamentals of the industry downturn, 2012 is a foregone conclusion in cases, Feng’s family seems to have chosen the bigger losses quarter of 2012, to transfer a portion of the profits to the first quarter of 2013, trying to signal the reversal of the market performance of the company. Dragon photoelectric 2012 seasons has reported only 5 million yuan of business revenue, coupled with asset impairment losses of up to 325 million dollars, while a loss of 426 million Yuan, and brought the year’s loss of 511 million Yuan, much larger than three quarterly losses disclosed by the expected value. And by the year 2013, a quarter, the company’s operating revenue reached 114 million dollars, only a slight loss of 10.6 million dollars, operating conditions improved significantly.

TL-electro-optical reduction of large shareholders in order to successfully, well-designed financial statement disclosure will’s annual report in 2012 and 2013, while first-quarter released on April 25, 2013. In this way, von’s family used a quarterly achievement plus a succession of reduction of 12 million shares.

Bend over backwards avoiding losing shell

Noah technologies funded by a share reduction trust debt, Dragon photoelectric began planning how to profit in 2013, so as to avoid being delisted alert special treatment. Although the company has transferred a portion of the profits from the end of 2012, but photovoltaic industry fundamentals have not significantly improved. In addition, ST Suri’s potential debt default may also lead to massive bad debts incurred by TL-electro-optical, the company still faces the risk of losses.

At this point, the method is ‘ strong profitability of assets through asset restructuring, at the end of the newly acquired assets can be included in the consolidated financial statements, improving the profitability of listed companies. On June 3, 2013, sky Dragon photoelectric material asset reorganization of business planning, major programmes are of Dalian City link existing shareholders additional shares acquired 100% of its shares. However shortly after June 26, Dragon photoelectric resumption announce restructuring plan failed, reason: certain conditions have not been ripe, does not meet the time completing a major reorganization of the standards specified in the regulations.

Another method is to try to increase revenue, reduce costs, enable companies to avoid loss. On November 1, 2013, sky Dragon photoelectric announced a partnership with Shanghai chaori signed a two-year cooperation agreement on production and operation. Under the agreement, the Shanghai chaori provide 770 million dollars worth of plant, equipment, Dragon photoelectric in Shanghai chaori Payables to the company to reduce its 33.12 million Yuan/year depreciation expense. This can minimize the Super day for up to 115 million dollars in receivables provision for doubtful accounts 3–4 million dollars. November 22, 2013 Dragon photoelectric bulletin, co-production with the Shanghai chaori Convention rights entrusted Feng Jinsheng’s son Feng constant power controlled affiliates. Under the agreement, constant power will pay a management fee to the 36 million yuan per year, two-year totals of 72 million Yuan. In this way, companies do not have to set aside hefty bad debts, it can also increase revenue.

Thus, according to announcements published on November 5, 2013, forecasting 50.01 billion yuan net profit in 2013, 2013 annual results have improved customer situation of the photovoltaic industry has gradually improved since the second half of, the company increased inventory, and through a variety of channels receivable to dispose of part of idle assets. Notice also pointed out that the non-recurring profit and loss effects on the net profit amount is expected to be approximately 6-7 million Yuan, mainly for the company’s land transfer revenue and Government subsidies. While the first three quarters of the company’s total non-recurring profit and loss is 20.93 million Yuan, means that companies in the four quarters will be 40 million or 50 million of non-recurring profit and loss. Affected by this impact, TL-opto-electronic equities trading on the day. Technology stocks stage rally came as Noah, and again on December 6, 2013 at 9 per cent of the price reduction of 3 million shares.

Auditors meet resistance no turning back

Dragon photoelectric 2013 results letters were disclosed on February 28, 2014, is expected to achieve revenues of 337 million dollars, rose 91.6% to achieve 6 million yuan in net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies, rose by 101.2%. This November 5, 2013 issued in advance of their results were consistent. Dragon optical’s closing stock price on that day to 9.92 Yuan. Surprising is that express comes just a week after the disclosure of performance on March 7, Dragon photoelectric announcements intended to dismiss Lixin accounting firm showed that Ericsson does not agree to issue an auditor’s report the company thought.

Dragon photoelectric to pay 700,000 Yuan hsing Hua certified public accountants for the 2013 should be employed instead of auditing firms, but also did not cooperate with the long days of zhongxinghua taking up optical wheel. Dragon optical performance bulletins were released on April 22 and 25th, respectively, revision notes and 2013 annual report in 2013, only 221 million yuan of business revenue, a loss of 130 million yuan in net profit, leading Dragon photoelectric became the first two consecutive years of losses, being delisted alert specifically to handle the growth enterprise market.

So far, the company’s controlling shareholder, also appears to be turning back without surgery, only “just walk away”. (The author, Associate Professor of accounting and Finance Department of Shanghai Jiaotong University)

Original title: Dragon photoelectric fall mystery

Different options for installed solar thermal power station technology

Polaris solar PV net news: for different size of solar thermal power generation project, which technology is best for projects have already installed? LuxResearch published a report this issue triggered heated debate.

Different technical route most suitable for the installed capacity of solar thermal power plants designed for how much has always been controversial, leading research and consulting company LuxResearch had published a report entitled “TurningUptheHeatonAdvancedConcentratingSolarComponents” solar-thermal power generation research report considered, Tower and Fresnel technologies most suitable for developing large and small projects, respectively.

LuxResearch and even by 2020, air cycle solar thermal power tower technology and supercritical carbon dioxide cycle LCOE of Tower-type solar thermal power generation technology will lower than polycrystalline silicon photovoltaic 31%~33%.

LuxResearch says, “Fresnel solar-thermal power generation technology is most suitable for small projects and development of technology. With molten salt as the heat transfer fluid the LCOE of Fresnel technologies 6% lower than the polycrystalline silicon photovoltaic, which has the largest potential market leading small solar-thermal power generation project development and ISCC combined cycle power generation project, assisted by industrial heat use, oil mining, water treatment and other substitution effects in the field. ”

Fresnel solar-thermal power generation technology leader in enterprise global sales Vice President of Areva solar JayeshGoyal thinks, that Fresnel technology cannot be gained in the field of large-scale solar thermal power generation project development competitive views are wrong.

Small projects

JayeshGoyal says, our goal is to develop the large Fresnel solar thermal power station installed capacity up to 250MWe and 17 hours of thermal energy storage system you want to configure. “Said Fresnel technology is best for small solar-thermal power generation project development is right on the one hand, since Fresnel collector system is modular, high performance-cost ratio. But it is not suitable for large solar thermal power generation project development, this is something we cannot agree with. “JayeshGoyal said.

Goyal also referred to in the above-mentioned report, Fresnel technologies will be able to compete with polysilicon solar in LCOE terms expressed doubts, he considers configuration except in the Fresnel molten salt heat storage, photovoltaic batteries storage scenarios to measure both the LCOE is possible.

“LCOE predictions, I’m trying to say is, if contrast adjustable power (energy storage system configuration) the LCOE, Fresnel solar-thermal power generation technology will no doubt win for photovoltaic power generation. But for no energy storage project, and for any kind of solar-thermal power generation technology to beat on LCOE photovoltaic power generation requires a considerable period of time. “Goyal said, he also said,” I light the future development of thermal power generation at present do not yet see a clear road map. ”

Fresnel technology backers say the technology and lower cost compared to other CSP technologies, primarily because of their relative trough technology uses light cheap flat mirrors, Tower technology tracking and control system is relatively simple.

Reflective film trough solar systems SkyFuel’s Chief Commercial Officer KellyBeninga are keen to stress the most mature, the most widely used the superiority of the trough solar thermal power generation technology, he thought-trough technologies in solar-thermal power projects of all sizes are a good choice.

As a trough technology developer, SkyFuel behind trough technology beyond reproach. Beninga said, SkyFuel has tried in the past to develop the Fresnel system. “We build a Fresnel system prototype proves the low optical efficiency of Fresnel CPV system unable to offset the low cost advantage of simple structure. “SkyFuel argues that its practice is proof of that.

Operating efficiency

“The lower optical efficiency of Fresnel system requirements you have to build a large enough field, this increase will be higher than the cost of system structure of simple cost-cutting. “Beninga said,” SkyFuel contrast research findings have won European support for independent research, we do not say this because we are developing now trough technology. We make a choice early on the two systems, but after comparative tests, we selected trough technology. ”

He is referred to in the above-mentioned report “in the large-scale development of solar-thermal power station, Tower technology trough technology more cost than you will in the future economic benefits” conclusions are excepted.

Tower technology is currently proven opinion will gradually surpass trough technology in the future, because it can achieve higher operating temperatures, high temperatures can lead to higher system efficiency, lower power costs. Installed more solar thermal power station project, Tower technology is more cost-effective.

But Beninga won’t agree with this, he believed that based on some assumptions to get to a conclusion that is chock full of, in particular, the tower technology supporters claim that technology has a higher operating temperature than the slot just is in molten salts medium Tower power station and taking the power station of thermal oil as the medium contrast.

In many solar thermal power station that is now running such comparison may be appropriate. But trough technology has gradually developed, many of the trough solar thermal power project developer is also planning to develop with molten salt for new refrigerant plant, this can also be achieved operating temperatures above 500 degrees Celsius.

Meanwhile, he also pointed out that the tower technology LCOE is currently not beyond-tank technology, Tower technology supporters argued that with the maturity of the technology, cost is bound to hit trough technology is only a hypothetical did not become reality.

Original title: different options for installed solar thermal power station technology