7 in world war *ST company tests pass

Polaris solar PV net news: first half of blink, brink of delisting the company “protective shell” ever more urgent. As of yesterday, 23 *ST (exit alert) company in advance through the “protective shell” first half results: only 7 companies achieve profitability in the first half.

Statistical securities times reports that, as of June 25, the two cities a total of 46 *ST company, has already disclosed half year results on notice of 23. Among them, the 16 companies forecast losses, with the exception of invasive, *ST du, *ST of *ST outside the xiake, the rest of the 13 companies had two consecutive years of losses, and the medium-term is expected to continue this year, if these companies still not turned from negative to positive in the second half, will face the risk of suspending it.

Company performance turnarounds in 7 home, *ST tianwei vitality recover fastest. On the 2012 loss of 1.549 billion yuan in 2013, continued loss of 5.233 billion yuan, hit a turnaround in the first quarter of this year, a net profit of 216 million dollars. *ST tianwei said in a quarterly bulletin, 2013-substantial shareholders of the company of Baoding tianwei group has implemented an asset swap, placed in the transmission and distribution assets improved the company’s power transmission industry, enhance the overall profitability of the power transmission industry. Meanwhile, dispose of shares of company of Baoding tianwei Yingli new energy stake would confirm investment income rose in the first half, is expected to profit in the first half.

Two consecutive years of losses in billions of *ST rich is expected first half of this year is expected to achieve net profit of 68 million Yuan to 100 million Yuan. Allegedly, thanks largely to companies early to make a series of management measures to optimize, including closing the business inefficient factories and production lines, reduce staffing, cost control, and so on, while the company will also be part of the affiliate and Assumable, increasing the company’s operating income.

Sold at auction for shell despite the rapid onset, but investors are concerned, is the realization of assets as a whole “thin”. Some companies already take precautions in boom before the decline of the industry to find a good buyer, injected assets transition *ST Hercules is representative.

*ST-tech formerly known as chemical. With nearly a two-year slowdown in the domestic economy for basic chemical engineering chemical net profit continues to decline, net profit in 2012 have been losses. Executives see hopeless 2013 turnarounds, and the chemical industry’s downward trend in the short term is hard to change, and seeks transformation. The end of 2013, Jiangxi Heli tech backdoor chemical, touch screen industry in transition. *ST-tech expects production capacity gradually released in the first half of this year, orders full touch display integrated main products, such as strong growth in sales and net profit is expected to reach 75 million to 90 million Yuan.

Some industry cyclical earnings may fluctuate greatly with more, the PV industry will undoubtedly many PV companies frequently in recent years of ups and downs in and out of *ST camp. Europe’s debt crisis spread across Europe, *ST jinggong losses two years ago. Late last year, as the EU PV “double reverse” successfully resolved and PV supporting policies being implemented, photovoltaic industry began to pick up the recovery, *ST jinggong solar equipment deliveries, the company is expected to achieve profitability in the first half.

In addition to *ST jinggong, many PV industry growth throughout the first half of the year, out of the quagmire of landslide in performance the last two years. However, the liquidity crisis-ridden *ST Suri didn’t catch, “Spring Sun”, the company earlier this year because of insufficient funds to cash bond interest default, current net worth is negative, production was severely affected, expects will still be a loss of 200 million to 250 million yuan in the first half.

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