A person’s “power plants” earned the year 1645

Polaris solar PV net news: according to the State administration of taxation recently issued a notice, effective as of July 1 this year, national grid company buy distributed solar power projects and power products, invoices issued ordinary from it rather than its own power, which is good news for Kong Qingbin. On March 28 last year, Kong Qingbin complete household PV on-grid, as “Anhui sells the first person”. A year later, Kong Qingbin “sell” what business?

Benefits: year power 1820 degrees earned 1645

Yesterday afternoon, this reporter went to Kong Qingbin housing compound roof. 7 panels are fixed to the top edge facing South direction, collected the maximum sunlight. Kong Qingbin, told reporters that the equipment generating capacity over the past year for 1820. “This is a reference value, PV is mainly look at the Sun. “Kong Qingbin said, when weather is sunny, there had been day power peak of 9.8 degrees may run into fog and wet weather, and sometimes can only send one or two units a day.

According to Kong Qingbin statistics, 1820-40% (728) for home use, the remaining 60% (1092) was sold to the State, specific proceeds mainly into three pieces, including their own electricity savings in electricity, State subsidies, after proceeds from electricity sales.

“State subsidies 0.42 Yuan per unit sold was 0.436 Yuan at one time, that is to say by 0.856 Yuan per unit is sold to the State, earning 934.8. “Kong Qingbin said their savings in electricity, according to market price, 0.556 dollars per unit, combined with State subsidies, 0.42 Yuan per unit, a total of 710.5 savings, two plus total receipts in 1645.

Difficulty: subsidy is relatively small, some procedures are still cumbersome

A couple of days, and Kong Qingbin subsidized day, subsidies are generally issued on a quarterly basis by the power companies, Kong Qingbin began to worry about get, but later found the worry is unnecessary.

After the State administration of taxation recently issued a new notice, Kong Qingbin cost will decrease. “Before taxes 3 points were less than 20,000 yuan, and after July, this section simply eliminated. “Kong Qingbin said, the State encourages the obvious, but was a little less. “From the present cost recovery had nearly a decade of time. ”

There are some obstacles, Kong Qingbin view, awaiting a breakthrough, such as examination and approval procedures cumbersome problem, assign problems such as how public roofs, “is still the most important issues in the sense that, on the one hand many people not enough awareness about photovoltaic, people’s awareness of environmental protection on the other hand can’t keep up. ”

Next: yielding about 15% will expand the scale of power

This year PV data through observation, Kong Qingbin end of something, then he prepared his 1.75 kW PV system capacity expansion to 10-kilowatt. For the “home power plant”, 10-kilowatt is a high capacity, beyond this value, general household cable cannot afford and will need to be replaced.

“Always wanted to expand, but not a normalized data, and no one had done before, not to rush into action. “Kong Qingbin going step by step, in power between March 28, 2013 to March 28, 2014 after carefully observing the situation, he eventually concluded that the domestic photovoltaic power generation yields of around 15%.

“15% yields were already high, and the market has barely begun. “Kong Qingbin confident for the future, stated that it would have been done.

Cost: how much money set of power generation equipment to be installed?

“One watt cost almost 10 dollars, 1.75 kW more than 17,000 yuan. “Said Kong Qingbin, differentiated models of various equipment, the quality and price are not the same, but on the current market situation, according to front line quality built, cost 8 yuan per watt, looking for a professional company to install it may 20% more design and installation costs, and cost up to 10 dollars per watt.

“Because it is the initial stage, many companies are less willing to live like this. “Kong Qingbin now rely on their own experience, has more free advice from Hefei city, more than 20 photovoltaic installations, as well as other cities and counties of the province, some commercial and residential installation, but Kong Qingbin, photovoltaic power generation speed and scale of development is far from enough.

Civil servants and will take the lead in “power generation”

Hefei will introduce further measures to promote PV industry development

In Hefei, individuals like Kong Qingbin “power generation” more and more people. With the development of photovoltaic industry, preparation in public service in government agencies in the city of Hefei, take the lead in promoting photovoltaic power generation. Hefei in the future or it will become “first town of Chinese photovoltaic applications.”

Situation is still in the early stages

Recently, this reporter learned from the Hefei city Committee through a letter, currently PV power station installed capacity reached 140MW in Hefei. Hefei city, Han Dong, Director of software and electronic information Committee through a letter, told reporters that according to their calculations, 1W power investment 8~10 Yuan, coupled with government subsidies, families in general installation of photovoltaic equipment, really need 10 years or so cost recovery, “but solar is 25, followed by 15 represents the profitability of domestic photovoltaic power stations. ”

According to reports, the photovoltaic plant in Hefei city is divided into three categories: home power station, colleges and scientific institutions, industrial plants power station power station. “Personal household power station, built 22 homes in the city, there have been 105 users in rural areas”, the New York Philharmonic said, overall, the Hefei “power generation” start is still at the exploratory stage.

Future creating “PV power application” the first city

On speed up the PV application from June 2013 at the opinions on promoting the development of photovoltaic industry and on speeding up this year by the notice on the application of PV, in late June, on further standardizing and speeding up the city, Hefei photovoltaic applications implementing rules will be formally released. This very intensive policy published in national PV promotion is also rare.

It is learnt that in Hefei city’s blueprint for photovoltaic power generation by 2015, solar building integrated solar thermal project built in Hefei city with more than 200, installation of various types of solar photovoltaic street lighting, landscape of more than 10000 units, photovoltaic power station installed capacity reached more than 500MW, photovoltaic industry output value of over 30 billion yuan, “Hefei photovoltaic power generation at that time will be ranked in the forefront. “Han Dong’s introduction.

Issues: subsidy is not attractive enough

It is reported that currently use personal PV in Hefei, will have government subsidies, according to the capacity of a one-time 2/Watt subsidy, is relatively low.

On this, Han Dong to reporter revealed, Hefei is brewing improve subsidies, “this year July yihou built grid of PV station, can considered by capacity gives of one-time subsidies standard by 2 Yuan/w improve to 3 Yuan/w; on rural residents applications construction of family PV station, in city financial 3 Yuan/w subsidies of based Shang, County city financial again according to 1 Yuan/w of standard supporting. The original 10-year cost recovery period can be shortened to 6 or 7 years. “However, the New York Philharmonic also said that standards finalized these subsidies still need time.

Approval procedure approximately 15

It is understood that ordinary members of the public to apply for individual PV, need to conduct feasibility study, property permits, for the record, completing the application, development of programmes, projects and other processes for approval. Under calculated by reporters briefly, if you want to go through the full process takes about 15 steps.

Han Dong, photovoltaic power generation, after all, involves the power grid project, from a security point of view, go through a rigorous examination and approval is inevitable, “mainly in order to avoid security risks. But so far the various units for personal applications for photovoltaic power generation is still very much support, as long as the public right to a roof, the approval is not difficult. ”

Residents ‘ environmental awareness is weak

It is reported that the photovoltaic promotion speed is not fast in the city, public awareness of environmental protection is an important reason to keep up. Han Dong, prepared in Hefei city will be photovoltaic power generation combined with the low-carbon life, enhance the use of new sources of information, especially prepared at the city’s public service in government agencies, first of all promote individual photovoltaic power generation.

It is understood that the Hefei city, released on June 25, was “to promote PV industry initiative”, hopes that public servants would come home roof resources lead in installed photovoltaic power plant, to produce a good role model.

Original title: a person’s “power plants” earned the year 1645

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