California property tax exemption for PV systems extends to 2025

Polaris solar PV net news: following the adoption of a Bill as part of the annual State budget, California solar power systems for property tax exemption has been extended to the year 2025.

Senate Bill 871 (SB871) last week Governor Jerry ˙ Brown (JerryBrown) signed the budget approved for the period. SB871 language extended periods, during which property taxes will not be applied to the “active solar energy systems”, including photovoltaic and solar water heaters.

This exemption phase was originally set to run until the end of 2016-which will last until January 1, 2025. According to the installed property increases the perceived value, the question of whether property taxes can be applied to solar power systems recently in United States, Arizona, also surfaced. In early May, said Arizona property law to re-interpret, could mean the owner rented from a third party system will apply to property taxes.

Analyst firm LuxResearch, ˙ Feinstein (MattFeinstein) received reports in Arizona, the solar industry may suffer such damage of property law to alter or reinterpret, because lawmakers are concerned, these may be better than single solar enacted new laws to tax the power system more easily.

Feinstein said that Arizona’s proposed changes may be “States” in the solar industry and the current United States public sector competition between electricity market monopoly held by another sign.

California news, solar energy industries Association (SEIA), Rona ˙ Lahey (RhoneResch) Governor’s response was to praise Gordon Brown’s actions. He praised the Governor “and lawmakers” vision, and their “commitment to clean environment.”

Lahey said: “the extension of exemptions is not from being taxed by any jurisdiction to obtain funds, also had no effect on General Fund. However, this exemption will reduce the wholesale cost of solar electricity for public sector clients, and reducing barriers to client site project of solar energy. In short, if property tax reassessment, many homeowners won’t choose to install solar energy. ”

Widely regarded as Governor Brown in United States politics, a few years make many efforts to promote solar power. Recent legislation, the proposed House Bill 2188 (AB2188), will simplify the approval processes required to ratify the California residential solar power systems and solar energy to cut so-called “soft costs”. SunRun Walker, Director of public policy ˙ Wright (WalkerWright) earlier this month said that AB2188 may help end the approval process can often become a “bureaucratic nightmare”

Original title: California’s property tax exemption for PV systems extends to 2025

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