Cgnpc, Qinghai solar-thermal power projects will start trade market or over the multi-billion-dollar

Polaris solar PV net news: China Guangdong Nuclear solar energy development in delingha, Qinghai province 50 MW trough construction of solar-thermal power generation demonstration project will start on July 1. It is understood that this project is the solar thermal power industry first started commercial use projects in recent years.

“The current focus is to find a way to get projects done. “China Guangdong Nuclear solar General Manager Han Qinghao told reporters.

According to the “Twelve-Five” renewable energy development plan, by 2015 China will complete the 1000-megawatt solar-thermal power installed capacity-building. Compared with the photovoltaic, solar-thermal electricity generation technology avoids the expensive crystalline silicon photovoltaic technology, largely to take advantage of massive arrays of parabolic or dish-shaped mirrors to collect solar heat and steam up power generation purposes via heat exchanger, can reduce the cost, prospects are widely good. The reality is, solar-thermal power generation in China has not been substantive progress.

Industry analysts, the main reason for this situation is how to determine how the demonstration projects, approved the model before electricity prices two significant policy obstacles. According to the reporter, cgnpc chose recently started building solar thermal power generation demonstration projects, mainly due to optimistic expectations of future policy. Upcoming development an important node of the solar-thermal power generation, facilitating investors ‘ determination and speed in building solar thermal power generation projects.

“The application of solar thermal market, by 2020, must go beyond just planning 3GW. “Xue Liming, Chairman of Haiyang group believes that within the next 10 to 20 years, conventional fossil fuels and new energy, in most cases, will form a symbiotic relationship, joint collaboration, especially for solar thermal power generation in coal, conventional, non-conventional oil and gas production and transportation of oil and gas Union application, market capacity will be great.

“Just the domestic light resources in one or two areas and capacity optimization energy saving in coal mines, oil fields, could create a high temperature concentrated solar thermal in the multi-billion-dollar market. Multi-billion dollar market size of China’s light industry enterprises is a big test. “Xue Liming said.

Original title: China Guangdong Nuclear solar Delhi 50MW trough solar thermal power generation demonstration project on July 1 built

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