China electric power construction group brief analysis of solar-thermal power generation business is involved

Polaris solar PV net news: on September 29, 2011, China energy development Holdings Limited (commonly known as China can build) and China electric power construction Corporation (referred to as power construction in China) two major power construction group announced the formation of two big corporations huge systems, its affiliated companies, will strike many readers confused about their affiliations. From the perspective of solar-thermal power generation business for China electric power construction including thermal power generation business organizations have done analysis on.

Public information displayed, China electric built is in China water hydropower construction group, and China hydropower engineering consultant group and national grid company, and China South grid limited responsibility company belongs of 14 a province (city, and district) power survey design, and engineering, and manufacturing enterprise based Shang formed, is national funded and by State SASAC representative State perform funded people duties of State owned company, is by approved of national authorized investment institutions, is provides water power engineering and the based facilities voted financing, and planning design, and engineering construction, and Equipment manufacture, operation and management of an integrated construction group. The registered capital of 30 billion yuan, more than 200,000 people, with total assets of 347.4 billion yuan.

Under the jurisdiction of the China Water Conservancy and hydropower for the first China electric power construction engineering company 28 wholly-owned holding companies, most are in water conservancy and hydropower project construction industry. New energy development of China hydropower construction Group LLC is the only company with solar and wind power and other new energy development co, a wholly-owned subsidiary, thermal power generation, there is no light, however that involves, is likely to involve in the future.

Chinese management of electric power construction enterprises, including electricity and water conservancy Planning Institute, China hydropower engineering consulting group limited and its subsidiary companies, totaling 71. There is much more involved in solar thermal power generation of hydropower planning and Design Institute of water resources. Electric power system reform in 2002, water and electricity Institute as an institution approved by the State Council, China hydropower Engineering Consulting Group Corporation is a member institution. 2011 main and secondary reform and power grid enterprises in design and construction integration and reorganization of enterprises, approved by the State Council of China electric power construction scheme of hydropower planning and Design Institute of water resources to managed by China electric power construction and administration.

Hydropower Institute closely related to the National Energy Board, very wide areas of cooperation. Borne is the only hydropower, wind power, solar power and other technical institutions of the Central Administration. Provided including thermal power project feasibility study report and technical review and other services, solar-thermal power generation of code for design of solar energy resources, such as job preparation is dominated by hydropower Institute. Gold v-Aksai 50MW trough solar thermal power plant, first Dunhuang 100MW molten salt solar thermal power Tower and other solar-thermal power project feasibility study technical review are organized by hydropower Institute. Future of solar thermal power generation technology standard and norm-setting, project reviews, and other important work will probably go across the water in coordination with.

In addition to water and electricity outside the General Hospital, with hydropower Institute Office business unit of China hydropower engineering consulting group co to light thermal power generation business is involved. China hydropower engineering consulting group is principally engaged in water and renewable energy power generation projects such as surveying, design, consultation, supervision, examination and evaluation, safety identification, appraisal, construction, project management, General Contracting and related technology and brokerage, as well as rivers and hydropower planning; hydro-engineering, new energy sources and the development of related industries and investment, operation and management services. Its south southwest of survey and Design Institute, Beijing survey and Design Institute, survey and Design Institute of light an investment in thermal power generation business, but are not too large. Other subsidiaries, has not been involved. But its electric power Survey Institute, basic has new energy sources such as solar or wind energy business, with solar-thermal power generation market to improve in the future, its likely engaged in this field.

In addition to the water Institute and the China hydropower engineering consulting group, management of electric power construction enterprises in China also include electric power survey and Design Institute of Hebei province, Hainan electric power Design Institute of Qinghai electric power Design Institute, and a number of design and engineering units, but has yet to see the light thermal power generation has been put into these units.

Original title: Group China electric power construction brief analysis of solar-thermal power generation business is involved

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