Chinese subsidiaries and Germany sign big new glass technology group CIGS production equipment orders

Polaris solar PV net news: kaerhemei Rhine River, on June 25, 2014 – Germany new glass technology group (referred to as SINGULUS) and Chinese solar energy group (referred to as Han), a wholly-owned subsidiary Fujian Platinum Yang (Apollo), precision equipment company signed the contract of sale. Contract includes a buffer layer deposition equipment called TENUISII, which is the key to producing CIGS thin film solar module technology and equipment. Platinum Yang Liu Jianjun, General Manager of precision equipment in Fujian province said: “SINGULUS CIGS production equipment has a long rich experience in the field, the Group of devices with very high quality and stability, and it is these reasons lead us to achieve this cooperation. ”

SINGULUS buffer layer deposition shows the CIGS thin film solar module efficiency of wet chemical coating technology has potential for development. Second generation TENUIS line uses a modular structure of cluster, can significantly reduce the floor area and the two base plates for one-side coated. With innovative ways to control doses and temperatures, SINGULUS succeeded in shortening the processing time, improve production efficiency and volume of production.

Germany new glass Technology Group Chief Executive, Dr StefanRinck said: “the Hina group of thin-film solar manufacturing specifications and technical leader on a global scale, the cooperation with who was us another big step in the field of solar energy. Hina believe that partnering with top technology companies is the key to success in today’s demanding market environment. We are pleased to work with Chinese partners, believe that our equipment will meet the Chinese requirement for CIGS thin film high production standards. ”

In October 2013, the Hina group, through use of Solibro CIGS solar module conversion efficiency of thin film technology at 18.7%. Then in May 2014, and covers an area of 1 square centimeter of the CIGS thin film solar cell conversion efficiency to 21%, this is by far the world’s highest conversion efficiency of CIGS cells. Above data have been Germany supported Frederick Braun Hove solar system research. Solibro CIGS buffer layer deposition process using the SINGULUS technologies. Solibro as long-term partners, SINGULUS has been developing high efficiency CIGS production equipment.

On January 22, 2014, Hina group and Hebei caofeidian, China-Chinese solar company offering 600MW productivity CIGS thin-film solar line and line two equipment sales contracts and signed two service contracts. This is the Chinese can offer CIGS thin-film solar production line in manufacturing and an important milestone in the development of technology. TENUISII as the most important project of caofeidian process equipment, which also represents the SINGULUS CIGS thin film solar energy an important market position in the field.

Original title: Germany new glass technology group and the Chinese solar energy group to arrange large CIGS production equipment orders

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