Different options for installed solar thermal power station technology

Polaris solar PV net news: for different size of solar thermal power generation project, which technology is best for projects have already installed? LuxResearch published a report this issue triggered heated debate.

Different technical route most suitable for the installed capacity of solar thermal power plants designed for how much has always been controversial, leading research and consulting company LuxResearch had published a report entitled “TurningUptheHeatonAdvancedConcentratingSolarComponents” solar-thermal power generation research report considered, Tower and Fresnel technologies most suitable for developing large and small projects, respectively.

LuxResearch and even by 2020, air cycle solar thermal power tower technology and supercritical carbon dioxide cycle LCOE of Tower-type solar thermal power generation technology will lower than polycrystalline silicon photovoltaic 31%~33%.

LuxResearch says, “Fresnel solar-thermal power generation technology is most suitable for small projects and development of technology. With molten salt as the heat transfer fluid the LCOE of Fresnel technologies 6% lower than the polycrystalline silicon photovoltaic, which has the largest potential market leading small solar-thermal power generation project development and ISCC combined cycle power generation project, assisted by industrial heat use, oil mining, water treatment and other substitution effects in the field. ”

Fresnel solar-thermal power generation technology leader in enterprise global sales Vice President of Areva solar JayeshGoyal thinks, that Fresnel technology cannot be gained in the field of large-scale solar thermal power generation project development competitive views are wrong.

Small projects

JayeshGoyal says, our goal is to develop the large Fresnel solar thermal power station installed capacity up to 250MWe and 17 hours of thermal energy storage system you want to configure. “Said Fresnel technology is best for small solar-thermal power generation project development is right on the one hand, since Fresnel collector system is modular, high performance-cost ratio. But it is not suitable for large solar thermal power generation project development, this is something we cannot agree with. “JayeshGoyal said.

Goyal also referred to in the above-mentioned report, Fresnel technologies will be able to compete with polysilicon solar in LCOE terms expressed doubts, he considers configuration except in the Fresnel molten salt heat storage, photovoltaic batteries storage scenarios to measure both the LCOE is possible.

“LCOE predictions, I’m trying to say is, if contrast adjustable power (energy storage system configuration) the LCOE, Fresnel solar-thermal power generation technology will no doubt win for photovoltaic power generation. But for no energy storage project, and for any kind of solar-thermal power generation technology to beat on LCOE photovoltaic power generation requires a considerable period of time. “Goyal said, he also said,” I light the future development of thermal power generation at present do not yet see a clear road map. ”

Fresnel technology backers say the technology and lower cost compared to other CSP technologies, primarily because of their relative trough technology uses light cheap flat mirrors, Tower technology tracking and control system is relatively simple.

Reflective film trough solar systems SkyFuel’s Chief Commercial Officer KellyBeninga are keen to stress the most mature, the most widely used the superiority of the trough solar thermal power generation technology, he thought-trough technologies in solar-thermal power projects of all sizes are a good choice.

As a trough technology developer, SkyFuel behind trough technology beyond reproach. Beninga said, SkyFuel has tried in the past to develop the Fresnel system. “We build a Fresnel system prototype proves the low optical efficiency of Fresnel CPV system unable to offset the low cost advantage of simple structure. “SkyFuel argues that its practice is proof of that.

Operating efficiency

“The lower optical efficiency of Fresnel system requirements you have to build a large enough field, this increase will be higher than the cost of system structure of simple cost-cutting. “Beninga said,” SkyFuel contrast research findings have won European support for independent research, we do not say this because we are developing now trough technology. We make a choice early on the two systems, but after comparative tests, we selected trough technology. ”

He is referred to in the above-mentioned report “in the large-scale development of solar-thermal power station, Tower technology trough technology more cost than you will in the future economic benefits” conclusions are excepted.

Tower technology is currently proven opinion will gradually surpass trough technology in the future, because it can achieve higher operating temperatures, high temperatures can lead to higher system efficiency, lower power costs. Installed more solar thermal power station project, Tower technology is more cost-effective.

But Beninga won’t agree with this, he believed that based on some assumptions to get to a conclusion that is chock full of, in particular, the tower technology supporters claim that technology has a higher operating temperature than the slot just is in molten salts medium Tower power station and taking the power station of thermal oil as the medium contrast.

In many solar thermal power station that is now running such comparison may be appropriate. But trough technology has gradually developed, many of the trough solar thermal power project developer is also planning to develop with molten salt for new refrigerant plant, this can also be achieved operating temperatures above 500 degrees Celsius.

Meanwhile, he also pointed out that the tower technology LCOE is currently not beyond-tank technology, Tower technology supporters argued that with the maturity of the technology, cost is bound to hit trough technology is only a hypothetical did not become reality.

Original title: different options for installed solar thermal power station technology

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