Hanwha 11 MW module supply agreement Q Cells attach importance to Japan and Europe market

Polaris solar PV net news: when China’s top-tier component makers will look to unite in fast-growing China and other emerging PV markets, PV module makers hanwha QCELLS sales strategy is falling in Japan and EU markets.

On June 19, the hanwha QCELLS announced Portugal MartiferSolar PV developer to sign the agreement. Hanwha QCELLS will Martifer France South of a photovoltaic power supply 11 megawatts-30 MW supply agreement as part of the European Union.

At Intersolar PV tradeshow in Munich a few days ago, Han hua, Chief Executive of QCELLS CharlesKim told journalists, the company attaches importance to those who can give “high-quality” component of additional premium in the market.

“Our market focus, mainly in Europe and Japan. “Kim said that” in 2013, Japan PV market, we sell the best overseas supplier. Since there is no additional premium, currently we do not sell products to developing markets. In addition, in the power plant sector, we also performed actively. It is worth pointing out, produced in our plant using its own components. ”

According to Kim said, hanwha QCells target order size of 500 MW in the European market, with Germany about 150 megawatts, United Kingdom between between 100-150 MW. Companies can charge a premium of about 10% to the European market.

In October 2012, Korea hanwha Group’s acquisition of QCells manufacturing operations designed to moderately expanding capacity to meet market demand.

“Now the factory is operating at full capacity, so we are in the distribution model. The end of the month, we have Malaysia plant’s capacity will be expanded to 200 MW. At that time, our total capacity is expected to reach 1.3 gigawatts. “Kim said.

Referring to the manufacturing operations, Kim said that Germany remains focused on technological innovation. Companies are developing next-generation technologies, such as the Quantum using the PERC battery architecture (quantum) technology.

“All of our production technology in Germany developed and extended to Malaysia, so Germany’s Center of gravity in terms of technology development and commercialization.

Original title: hanwha 11 MW module supply agreement Q Cells attach importance to Japan and Europe market

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