Hefei “PV to the countryside” project power new energy power generation

Polaris solar PV net news: at the moment, new energy such as wind power, photovoltaic power generation, Anhui Province presents a good momentum of development. As of the end of May this year, wind power installed capacity has reached 639,000, Anhui Province, kW, and 2nd in the 6 provinces in central China.

“Eleven-Five” since the Anhui new energy-generating capacity expanded from 2010 156,000 kW to 1.219 million kilowatts at present, from the total installed electricity capacity in the province increased to present 2010 in 3%; wind power and solar power are achieving breakthrough. At the end of May 2014, biomass power generation installed capacity in the province has reached 445,000 kilowatts, wind power installed capacity has reached 639,000 kilowatts. Wind power installed capacity ranks 17th, 2nd in the 6 provinces in central China, today wind turbine power generation reached 2.14 billion kWh, equivalent to saving 863,000 tonnes of standard coal, emissions 2.0078 million tons of carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, 7,900 tonnes. In addition, the rapid development of photovoltaic power generation, grid-connected capacity is now up to 135,000 kilowatts, an increase of 239%, where the personal self distributed photovoltaic power in the province amounted to 209 households, with a total capacity of 832.58 kilowatts.

As of June 11 this year, the province has 103 individuals building their own distributed solar power into the grid to achieve the spontaneous use, extra charge Internet access. For individuals with Agency-built characteristics of distributed PV power capacity is small and scattered, and power into the grid provides free on-site service. Power supply company in Hefei as “PV to the countryside” project open green channel, and assigned account manager tracking the incorporation process, providing one-stop services for farmers. Currently, individuals build their own distributed solar power into the grid the size of 384.3 kilowatts.

Original title: Anhui Province, vigorously promoting new energy power generation

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