Inverter industry “latecomers” how to “home”?

Polaris solar PV net news: starting in 2013 ushered in a new growth point in the global PV market, according to industry analysts value near 12%, the rise of emerging PV markets, boosting the overall PV market growth. Photovoltaic for Europe and other Western countries have been widely used for China who started late, PV is in an ice-breaking phase. In recent years, with the refinement of the implementation of policies, subsidies, as the inverter industry “latecomers”—Shenzhen maiden voyage of new energy Ltd (hereinafter “maiden voyage of new energy”) is how to position yourself in the market? “Latecomers” how to face the strong in the competition? Reporter Sun Zhengchen maiden voyage of new domestic energy sales director.

As national sales Director, Sun Zhengchen engaged in sales of photovoltaic products, dealing and market, and the tourists, has accumulated a wealth of experience in the long-term process, unique insights on the current market.

Potential highlights of the domestic market, distributed generation sought

According to statistics in 2013, the global PV installed capacity market to 36GW, an increase of nearly 12%. Major global installed capacity of these countries, such as Japan, and Germany and the United States installed capacity of 6, 4, and 3.5GW, respectively. European PV installed capacity is about 9GW, installed global share dropped to 26% from 50% in the past above, market demand declined for two consecutive years. China’s installed capacity of 10GW, rose 122%, ranking top in the world, including PV in large aboveground station about 7GW, about 3GW distributed generation.

In 2013, the State Council issued the “24th of the text” and many other policy documents, from a feed-in tariff, subsidy funds, incorporation and management on several levels, such as solving the bottleneck of development of the domestic market, urged the domestic market started on a large scale. Photovoltaic power plant in the existing subsidy levels and contribute to unlimited cases, profits are high, power plant investment was sought after each capital. In order to meet before the end of the grid in order to obtain 1/w prices, setting off a new round of large-scale power station construction. Country attaches great importance to development of distributed power generation, in the “Twelve-Five” 35GW of planned capacity, 20GW for distributed generation.

Talking about 2014 expected installed capacity of the domestic PV market, Sun Zhengchen says: “in 2013, China promulgated the measures for the management of distributed PV, distributed PV subsidy policy is clear, makes distributed project ushered in the boom, in 2014, PV 12GW guidance goal, 8GW for distributed generation. This means that PV applications a revolution is brewing, the pattern consists of large power stations transition to a distributed project.

10GW market share, as the “latecomers” positioned in the market?

Dang asked its how to viewed this 10GW Shi, Sun Zhengchen told Reporter: “PV market of rise, PV enterprise to wants to big do strong, to caught opportunities first to from itself started, needs from products line of constantly rich to manufacturing process of continued optimization, from sales to service, and from strategy planning to enterprise culture, are to formed itself unified of standard and specification, only these do to for based PV market, to in master as woodland industry in the forever tide do foreshadowing. ”

Reporters learned that the maiden voyage of the new energy future to both domestic and foreign markets, including Australia and European countries is focused on opening up major market in the near future, but are still deep in the country, after all, China is a very large market capacity and great potential for future development.

Inverter industry “latecomers”, in the face of competitors such as the forest, how “home”?

Sun Zhengchen told reporters: “the constant rise of the emerging markets, for the inverter industry is no doubt a tempting cake depends on how to put into practice, and how to adapt to the” survival of the fittest, not eliminated “the rules of survival. ”

“Industry between of competition intensified, competition also rendering diversified, from brand competition, rose to price competed, and funds of competed,, upstream component enterprise of in” winter “in the just experience rise and fall replacement, now jungle, fittest, does not apply who eliminated of survival rule, is also adapted Yu inverse variable device industry, future inverse variable device enterprise also will became strong more strong, weak eliminated” Sun Zhengchen feeling to.

From the interview process, reporters learned the Chinese PV market to the mainstream inverter manufacturers has 73% per cent share, and each family prepare for battle, trying to expand their market share. Close to the inverter integration of enterprise competition will be more in-depth. And in this competition, somebody has to fall down or up, the key thing is how the enterprise out of this situation.

When it comes to the inverter industry “latecomers” Sun Zhengchen told reporters “the maiden voyage of new energy is headquartered in Shenzhen, China, Shenzhen is a wholly owned subsidiary of first group relying on the inaugural group of solid strength and strong financial support was set up in 2013. First group from 2007 to engage in communication and renewable energy industry, which first communications satellite navigation industry has become China’s top enterprises in the world. ”。

As the inverter industry “latecomers”-maiden voyage of new energy, real planning inverter is far earlier than when the company was founded, after 2 years of technical accumulation and precipitation in 2013, accompanied by the rise of the domestic market was established, in particular, said “latecomers” rather than specifically is a “rainy day”.

Reporters know that, faced with the competitive first focused on the development of new energy, “scientific development, objective knowledge market”, according to local conditions, scientific design, customer needs, focus on product efficiency, reliable, lightweight, convenient and to engage in sustainable development of optimization design and innovation.

Sun Zhengchen considered “unstable technology, opportunistic new products can not be in market place, fast money-earning myopia will not only endanger themselves, and even influenced the development of photovoltaic industry-wide. A case study of inverter, advanced performance and stable operation of the equipment will directly affect PV power plant investors benefit from our inverter manufacturers are not able to provide a good product, it will dampen power plant investment enthusiasm, put the industry into a vicious circle. In order to more industries, while we continue to innovate, and also pay attention to the quality of products, in order to ensure the healthy and sustainable development of the photovoltaic industry. ”

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