Japan fiscal year 2013 new PV installed capacity over 7GW

Polaris solar PV net news: Japan economy, trade and industry (METI) report shows that in March 2014, Japan new PV installed capacity of 170 MW in the residential sector, nonresidential new installed capacity up to 683 MW. Japan solar energy market can be described as a “beautiful flowers” for the 2013 fiscal year came to an end.

Report says Japan March new PV installed capacity reached 853 MW, hit a monthly record high, largely because Japan Government said April 1 down PV feed-in tariff subsidy rates. The 2013 fiscal year, Japan new PV installed capacity has been exceeded 7 GW.

According to reports, subsidy rate cuts will affect future market demand. But analysts predict that despite cuts by 3%-11%, but the return on investment of large photovoltaic power plant is still range between 8% and 12%.

Shipments above installations

Although in per capita terms, Japan PV installation the world’s highest, but Japan solar energy Association (JPEA) data showed Japan’s shipments of higher than the installed capacity. JPEA pointed out that between January 2014 and March, Japan domestic PV market demand-2.77 GW, and installation is only 1.95 GW.

By the end of fiscal 2013, Japan total PV installed capacity to 14.3 GW, of which 5.6 GW items FIT subsidies based on launch in 2012.

Original title: Japan fiscal year 2013 new PV installed capacity over 7GW

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