Jinta, Gansu province PV plants cope with total station blackout accident

Polaris solar PV net news: June 18, Jiayuguan, Gansu area due to heavy rain, resulting in power grid fault, causing widespread power outages. 16:20 Red WA total station for substation voltage loss, jinta County total blackout. Urn PV 35kV Busbar voltage, SVG accident shut down, inverter all emergency stopping, 400V factory electric Busbar, external power supply power failure.

Face suddenly and to of accident, yellow company urn PV station duty personnel calm should, according to station full station blackout plans and 400V station electricity disappeared plans provides, timely check station within 35kv system and factory with system equipment, 16:30 will station equipment situation reported province reconcile wine Ka to adjustable; 16:46 according to Jeff, will full station once equipment by run turned hot alternate, timely resection factory with AC, and DC system secondary load, ensure important load powered and DC battery of security stable run. 20 o’clock that night, exotic 10kV system recovery, plants and DC system returned to normal within the station, total-station device 23:00 back to normal.

The site-wide blackout lasted nearly 4 hours, for DC system of power station operation and maintenance personnel’s ability to respond to emergencies is a practical exercise.

Original title: jinta, Gansu province PV plants cope with total station blackout accident

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