Kang Weiming: the introduction of high quality backplane raise China’s PV market

Arctic star solar PV network news: PV battery is by glass, and EVA, and wafer, and back Board composition, according to glass-EVA-battery tablets-EVA-back Board of structure package constitute, which back Board is located in PV battery back of most outer, is PV battery important part, not only up to package of role, while also up to guarantee PV battery not by environment effects of role, ensure PV battery of using life.

According to Agency estimates, 2014 photovoltaic module manufacturer, China’s demand for back panel is approximately 185 million square meters, compared with a national back sheet total capacity is approximately 125 million square meters, but the output is expected to reach 1.25-130 million square feet, supply-demand gaps will be approximately 6000 square meters, Backboard market remains seriously exceeding supply.

Unique have plants in Asia and Europe as a supplier of PV backplane, Kang Weiming early on saw the huge potential of the Chinese market. Since 2011 Italy Corporation China factory in Zhangjiagang success since Kang Weiming focus on technology innovation, in line with the principles of customer-centric, actively develop the Asian market. Kang Weiming in Zhangjiagang factory currently has 2 lines, production capacity of 3 million square meters/month.

It is understood that many PV module manufacturers in China are keen to use fluorine-containing polymer photovoltaic panel. And Tedlar backplane is best of breed fluorine backplane, it has the following major advantages: its outer layers and resistant to UV, hydrolysis resistant and can withstand the destruction of various atmospheric constituents; inner layer is made of hydrolysis-resistant electronic PET; after more than 3,000 hours of damp heat test (DHT), Tedlar back excellent performance.

In March this year, Kang Weiming announced to expand its product line, fluorinated Tedlar reintegrate back into the series. It is enough to reflect Kang Weiming attaches to China.

From left: Kang Weiming CEO:Bruno Bucci

Second from left: Regional Sales Director: Fabio Menicanti

Benefit from a great deal of research and development and technological innovation, recently, Kang Weiming has just developed a new type of “back contact” back–EBfoil, it can according to customer drawing and features printed flexible electronic circuits as a conductive element between solar cell, electrical conductivity by reducing losses and reducing the loss of cell conversion efficiency to improve the quality of the PV modules.

Back contact is a successful solution for the latest series of PV modules, this technique can be done by high cell efficiency and innovative components, production drastically reducing production costs. Fully automated production process makes the failure rate is close to zero and ensure the output of PV modules higher.

In order to get closer to customers, and EBfoil product lines in Zhangjiagang, China produced locally, in order to better respond to changing customer needs, to provide customers with rapid, seamless and high quality technical support.

Kang Weiming CEO Bruno Bucci, said Kang Weiming’s goal is a place in the global top ten components makers are. Such ambitious goals and their own strength nature are inseparable. Bruno Bucci said, as the back panel suppliers, Kang Weiming have good product quality, customers can provide strong technical support and quality, along with strong financial strength, to respond to customers ‘ accounts.

China’s solar industry has experienced a difficult winter period, entering the PV-domestic policies for the better after 2014, China PV industry is picking up, but there is no denying the PV market is still severe. Cost pressures will affect the development of PV industry and market segmentation. Asked Kang Weiming was how to deal with such impact, Kang Weiming said Fabio Menicanti, Asia Sales Director, “Kang Weiming differentiated backplane product line to better meet the different needs of different customers, such as large power projects, roof project and building-integrated PV project. Kang Weiming and global leading manufacturer maintained good relations of cooperation, and actively develop and ensure themselves of advanced technology. ”

Main trends in the PV industry is to reduce costs and increase the efficiency of PV modules. Kang Weiming said the strategic investment in the future will focus on increasing the capacity of Chinese companies, investing back in access to new technologies and diversify the backplane product, and so on.

In order to meet the strong demand in the Chinese market, Kang Weiming is planned for June in the Zhangjiagang manufacturing investment in new production lines. Fabio Menicanti says “the Chinese market is the top priority of our strategy. Kang Weiming has plants in Asia and Europe as the only photovoltaic backplane vendors and logistics support services, we will play to their strengths to better serve Chinese customers or their overseas branches to provide products and services. “(Reporters Chen Yanqing)

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