Linuo group signed with Quzhou Kecheng district 30MW complementary investment agreement

Polaris solar PV net news: June 20, Chang Xu Yanshan, Deputy Secretary of Kecheng district of Quzhou city, Zhejiang Province, and others in the power group, accompanied by General Manager Zhou Guangyan to linuo group visit.

Xu Yanshan line has field visited has linuo Paradigma, and hongjitang TCM culture industry Park, and PV line, and linuo Park ten trillion w station and in Group and Group Executive Deputy President high tours lift for discussion, in heard has high tours lift on group industry chain and future of development direction Hou, Xu Yanshan Chang on linuo of strength and development prospects height appreciates, and firm has future cooperation of confidence, then both signed force Novo power group 30 MW PV agricultural light complementary investment agreement, signed ceremony Shang, Linuo solar power Group General Manager Zhou Guangyan and Chang Xu Yanshan, Deputy Secretary of Kecheng district of Quzhou city, Zhejiang Province, Wei, respectively, he said, they said they are looking to build long-term cooperation with good intentions. The signing marks in the field of solar photovoltaic power generation will carry out a wide range of business cooperation, Kecheng district, 30-megawatt photovoltaic farm light complementary projects have laid a solid foundation.

Quzhou Kecheng photovoltaic farm light complementary power station installed capacity of 30 MW, after the project is completed and put into production, while about 31.81 million-kilowatt kWh per year, 25 total generating capacity of approximately 795 million kWh, calculated according to the thermal power consumption 320 g, construction and operation could save about 10,180 tons of standard coal annually, 32,576 tons of carbon dioxide, calculated in accordance with 0.5% of sulfur content, and does not take into account the desulfurization, 52.9 tons of sulfur dioxide emissions can be reduced. Kecheng district, this project will serve as a photovoltaic demonstration project in conjunction with agriculture and use of idle land for planting herbs, crops and poultry farming, take full advantage of certain land, reaching the two-way benefits of photovoltaic power generation and agriculture.

Shandong linuo solar power investment, construction and operation of photovoltaic power stations as the main business, globally engaged in investment in solar photovoltaic power plant construction, EPC turnkey photovoltaic applications and solar energy products photovoltaic projects the popularization and application of total PV installed capacity of 400 MW, ranked top in the industry. Currently in PV and combines aspects of agriculture, EDF has built agricultural greenhouses in edible fungi in zoucheng, Shandong 20 megawatts of photovoltaic power station, the roof linuo Park Nong Guang complementary 10 megawatts, xiajin 9.9 MW of PV power station of agricultural complementarity boutique Park, Jinan Changqing 78.4 kilowatt PV power station project.

PV agricultural development and extension, for adjusting agricultural structure, build green agriculture is important, Lino power group will lead a new direction for low-carbon, green energy, to promote modern agriculture!

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