Liu hanyuan: PV technology is the next Internet

Polaris solar PV net news: in our field to the appropriate division of labor, focused, try our differences and differences in the development of competition, not to simply take the homogenization of repeat competition mode. From the standpoint of energy and resources, needs real in new energy forms are different, a collaboration of Health Ecology, from the standpoint of commercial culture, how are we really in line with our way of improving ecological environment of human development, how do we take the lead in bringing out a good business environment. The rat race, live competition, such commercial environment is the most brutal, the most brutal and inhuman!

Our new energy companies, each one was so big at the size of each of the height of the base are so high. Why we can’t even think of this common sense understand? How much blood is there how much blood, how many coppers end coin out, vicious competition has the necessary? Makes the world don’t like us, we don’t like our own, evil or disgusting? Americans and you Europeans and you can’t get through, Japanese and chooses you, India and you, ourselves to see the pass, evil or disgusting?

Go others of road, let others no road can go, back head view himself of road, himself of road front must is elephant leg and cattle leg, you also must no road can go; eat others of rice, let others no rice can eat, back head view himself of Bowl, himself of Bowl inside must what things also no, you also must no rice can eat. Because everyone else was thinking, this is a very simple logic and reason, we have to have the concept of ecology, symbiotic. In this area if we don’t have the hearts and high maintenance of the market environment, we deserve to say we went to improve the ecological environment of mankind!

Entrepreneur surnamed Liu in Sichuan province, as a plenary session of the Standing Committee of the CPPCC, tongwei group chairman Liu hanyuan is one that cannot be ignored. Sichuan native grew up as the two giants, he often was compared with Liu Yonghao, both of them are rich in feed industry, one is the main fish feed, one specializing in pig feed. But on the transition paths, Mr Liu chose to finance and real estate, and Liu hanyuan chose new energy. But Liu hanyuan is sure of his choice Yes, crystalline silicon PV shaped sand into gold, he just needs time.

Surprise short PV

Liu hanyuan is a smart man, finishing primary school for 4 years, 2 years to finish junior high school, school awards to just pile up on the wall. 19 year old invention channel metal-cage fish farming technology, making my very first bucket of gold, 22, completed the construction of fish feed factory, 23, became the youngest engineer of China’s aquaculture industry as a whole. Tongwei Board feed advertising across the country began the age of 28 in 2001, Liu hanyuan hurun list with worth 1.1 billion yuan for the first time, ranked 21, raise eyebrows.

PV gave Liu hanyuan surprises. It was when, in the beginning. In 2006, the polysilicon prices rise, the semiconductor material made from sand, downstream PV market pull, soaring prices, huge profit incentives before, and many have never been involved in PV business saddle polysilicon production line, Liu hanyuan is one of them.

In 2006 Liu hanyuan finally decided to enter the area of polysilicon from Sichuan Yongxiang of tongwei group company limited is responsible for, all whipping by September 2008, Tong Wei first sold 3.3 million Yuan/ton polysilicon prices, net profits reached 2.7 million Yuan/ton, while industry average profit margins are more than 2.5 million Yuan/ton, polysilicon industry as a whole into a hyperactive State.

Liu hanyuan recalls profiteering is at record levels. “Maori 2.8 million Yuan, sales price is the cost of production 8 times! “In September, two single tongwei earned 150 million Yuan.

But the frenzy is worse. Liu hanyuan is aware of the crisis, so he raced to build and put into production, round-the-clock production of polysilicon, but the market’s turning point came sooner than we expected. In October 2008, the United States subprime crisis comes suddenly, contraction in global polysilicon demand plunged, prices fell from 3.3 million Yuan/ton high speed, finally fell to 30~40 million Yuan a ton.

Liu hanyuan feeling the market’s relentless, if it can be put into operation as early as four or five months, Yeong-shares issue of 1000 tons of polycrystalline silicon 650 million yuan of investment will be able to fully recover.

After the crisis hit, some hold speculation into field do choose closed poly silicon production line, in the photovoltaic industry, they came at once as fiercely as the waves, like waves as quickly fade.

Due to better cost control, Tong Wei of polycrystalline silicon production line in the whole of 2009, production reached 352 days July 2010 delayed Yongxiang polysilicon project II formally put into production, but since then the Silicon market has not improved, Liu hanyuan tons polysilicon projects according to market situation is temporary under construction of 4000 tons of orders of magnitude.

Is different from speculators, Liu hanyuan didn’t opt out of the photovoltaic industry, he still retains great enthusiasm about the PV, upstream to lose money, then go to the middle or lower reaches.

Firm believer in the energy revolution

Sichuan people fighting of the war years, the mall the emulative character of Sichuan people in social character is also very obvious. Third quarter of 2013, the PV industry began to pick up, Liu hanyuan rushed to the photovoltaic plate and then invested heavily in September tongwei Group prices from Hefei to 870 million Yuan 100% stake in the LDK and fully enter the middle reaches of the manufacturing sector.

Hefei LDK renamed tongwei solar (Hefei) company covers an area of 1000 MU, once belonged to LDK Solar project tongwei all single largest enterprise, the first phase of the project has a solar cell production capacity of 2000 MW solar module production capacity of 500 MW.

Tong Wei Sun (Hefei) limited since its September 2013 to take over until January 13, 2014, staff from more than 80 people grew to more than 1600 employees, 16 production lines to resume full production.

And all photovoltaic counterparts, although constrained by the current industry and market conditions, but Liu hanyuan doesn’t lose. In particular, one thing is certain, and Liu hanyuan does not exit the PV, accelerated even further in this area.

“It’s right in the direction of. “Liu hanyuan is determined. It becomes almost every venture into solar entrepreneurs shared belief, PV is the main use of energy in the future.

No matter how hard the current industry situation, market hard, but when it comes to the future, glory will appear in each solar entrepreneurs face. Liu hanyuan is no exception, he said: “the future of this industry, such as power generation, energy storage, smart grid is set one, it would change the daily life of human beings to live. ”

Once at the APEC Summit in Shanghai, when Liu hanyuan and Sohu founder Charles Zhang said: “in our traditional industries, had laboured for 10 years, 20 years, will do for you, but for three or four years beyond us. ”

Now, Liu hanyuan feel like young entrepreneurs used to stand in front of the Internet and saw light from the future. “This round is based on solar energy revolution will be more than the last round of the information technology revolution. ”

Such judgement at the time of beginning of the photovoltaic industry venture had, however the last round seemed to douse the crisis of confidence that only entrepreneurs would rather stay.

The past, China’s solar entrepreneurs engaged in polycrystalline silicon, wafer, solar cell, component manufacturing and processing, and now they are beginning to wonder how to start China’s PV market.

Liu hanyuan believes that group of agriculture and new energy is perfectly combines the two plates, and this will be one of Tong Wei’s competitive advantage in the future. “Fish ponds can use photovoltaic panels cover half or one-third above, some varieties have all been covered. We estimate about 1 million acres of ponds if used can support 30GW installed capacity, a figure much more than 33 GW of total installed capacity last year. We call it catch the light to complement each other. ”

But incorporation difficult, delayed subsidies, price settlement process cumbersome, real-world challenges that are hindering China’s PV market start.

Market’s brutal and beautiful at the same time, entrepreneurs need to never break a path through the Brambles of the road. Tongwei shortly into the downstream market has been completed, Hebei fengning 30kw and 5kW solar power plants and irrigation systems, village of litang, Sichuan Rong BA Xiang a 12kw off-grid solar power projects and adult School of WAT Cole 8kw off-grid solar power projects, the village of litang 300kw, fukang, Xinjiang 1MW PV grid-connected power projects.

More long-term planning is, Liu hanyuan hope in Sichuan province and the national light light solar thermal 5GW in resource rich areas of large-scale photovoltaic power plants, and begin planning layout of cities and towns in rural areas throughout the country to promote solar distributed small and medium domestic power stations. Yue Kwong complementarity has been in Guangdong, Anhui and Jiangsu were tested five places of the country at the same time. “Farmers, rural markets promote the pilot work of the distributed application, now in full swing. “Liu hanyuan said.

Photovoltaic market at low price to fight sick

Once fought over in fully competitive feed industry also experienced a vicious price competition, but Liu hanyuan fought at low prices for PV field for years still find it hard to accept.

“Our new energy company, and each one was so big at the size of each of the height of the base are so high. Why we can’t even think of this common sense understand? How much blood is there how much blood, how many coppers end coin out, vicious competition has the necessary? Makes the world don’t like us, we don’t like our own, evil or disgusting? Americans and you Europeans and you can’t get through, Japanese and chooses you, India and you, ourselves to see the pass, evil or disgusting? “The interview process, Liu hanyuan’s tone suddenly soar several degrees, and even then, he’ll smile to criticise.

Liu hanyuan is not a barbed entrepreneur, his loving smile, attitude lay low, vantone Group Chairman of the Board of Directors ‘ evaluation of his ability to balance was very good. “Just like he stood here, offered him the image, is not high, not low, not FAT or thin, everything just right. ”

In addition to being balanced, and Liu hanyuan has also been a way to understand the commercial balance, it is necessary to leave profits room to customers, but also to leave a profit for themselves, but also to ensure that a balanced pricing can be a sniper to a competitor. On its way to the art of balance, Liu hanyuan tongwei brand feeds in the 10 years from 1985 to 1994, farmers could be in line for 7 days and 7 nights only for the purchase of tongwei feeds.

Liu hanyuan think tongwei, profits from the firm brought part of the added value for the user. But in the photovoltaic industry, “we are doing something to one of the most beautiful goals, but it must be the most cruel and brutal way. “Liu hanyuan says.

“Always want to bring the price down, and benefits. When you come back to when may find that others feel the same way. This is a repeat game, who start first, who got the first piece of cheese. But next time someone laid a more ruthless than you. “Liu hanyuan said,” if we didn’t mind in this area and height to maintain a good market, not to differentiate between mutual development and rational competition, we do not deserve to say we want to transform the human environment, which is due. ”

Photovoltaic industry’s best entrepreneurs of the future of the imagination, but blocking the fast development of China’s photovoltaic market in addition to entrepreneurs outside its own mind enough, monopoly enterprises of vicious competition, enforcement is inadequate is a major deterrent. But Liu hanyuan see the biggest obstacle is the low level of awareness of the new energy revolution, the vast majority of people based on the renewable energy mix still lack of confidence.

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