New Austrian defeat at United States say: China PV sea to guard against “political” reef

Polaris solar PV net news: mid-April 2014, due to round up “illegal” nomads of the grazing of livestock, United States Government Troopers and pastoral supporters clashed in the Western State of Nevada.

United States round up reasons in order to protect an endangered Desert tortoise, but the allegation is, in fact, the Government wants to build solar power station here.

After a United States media blamed a Chinese PV companies, reporter was informed that the United States domestic film makers-first solar (FSLR.NASDAQ) may be the culprit.

First solar ready

After the news, said Enn is the photovoltaic project in Hebei, a major investor.

But new Austrian stakeholders confirmed to reporters on April 14, the company announced last year to give up United States dispute near the ranch, Nevada PV.

ENN ENNMojaceEnergyLLC of foreign subsidiaries gave up the PV project in Nevada, main reason was unable to get the necessary power purchase agreement, but can’t get electricity to the local utility company or the surrounding area.

Reporters queried further learned that in late March, United States in Nevada started a 250-megawatt first solar PV power station project construction site in North Indian settlements near the Moapa Indian reservation.

This project is a subsidiary of first solar MoapaSouthernPaiuteSolar,LLC.

The project first solar thin-film modules will be used to build, covers an area of 2000 acres, including a 50,000-volt transmission line, substation and 5.5 miles, connects Crstal substation. On the opening ceremony of the day, United States Senate majority leader, Democrat Harry Reid also arrived at the scene. According to the United States media reports, he has always been active supporters of renewable resources, and this collision involving solar power plants ardent supporters of the project.

This huge power stations expected to be completed by end of 2015, and the United States the LADWP (LosAngelesDepartmentofWaterandPower, Los Angeles, MEW) signed a 25-year power purchase agreement. Meanwhile, the project will provide 400 jobs, equal to 93,000 households using electricity.

Due diligence is not comprehensive

“On the face of it, likely by local Government to protect the turtles, and rounded up the livestock, but perhaps more factors are based on the introduction of photovoltaic companies, before taking any action. Photovoltaic companies, after all, can bring more profits and providing more jobs. “An official CEEG solar energy Research Institute, told reporters.

In his view, this is the biggest problem exposed photovoltaic companies in due diligence is not perfect.

One large State-owned enterprises internal photovoltaic business unit management also told the reporter, grid-connected photovoltaic systems due diligence has a very strong sense of professionalism.

“PV projects are generally very large, in addition to photovoltaic power generation equipment other than funds invested in it are responsible for also depends on the power plant and grid-connected PV system matches the criteria that are, how is the local culture and environment, which is all due diligence to do. Only done due diligence, next step is possible. “He said.

Meanwhile, in his view, these events belong mainly to due diligence in the “surrounding investigation” link. Simply put, photovoltaic power plant surrounding area covers the terrain and environmental impacts, climate conditions and geological conditions, power grids, and many other elements. In crime scene investigation process, the need to master, such as meteorological statistics, geological exploration reports, but also to look at the terrain is flat, if there are any obstructions.

While due diligence is more important is the surrounding environment influence to conduct a complete investigation. Like to see whether there are nationally protected species, natural parks, and livestock breeding bases and so on.

CEEG aforesaid senior has stressed that if any livestock and grazing animals, to see if captive, or consultation with local people to tackle such problems.

Typically, PV due diligence staff in one area will draw a big circle, preparing to build a photovoltaic power station, about 5 to 15 kilometer radius, as well as enterprises draw 50 km radius.

“The incident in Nevada, seems as if competing with local animal land. Developers did not do preliminary due diligence. If it is a more detailed investigation, are less likely to receive such questions. “He said that United States each State has a lawyer, professional lawyers are given assessment report, indicating some degree of risk, which makes it easier to avoid such risks.

Said one had been engaged in the development of photovoltaic industry, due diligence is mainly composed of legal, financial and technical and other personnel involved, but if you encounter conflicts when construction started, it also needs to introduce legal personnel, finance managers, and project managers will be meeting with local laws and research strategy.

“In the start up process, you may need to ask them for the time being to avoid or leave for a long time, herdsman again after completion, which can guarantee the smooth progress of the project, and more robust. “The foregoing source said.

Supporters argue that clean energy investment, United States shall identify those less involved national security review project risk, improve investment opportunities in China, however, political risk remains the new energy enterprises in China “at sea” the biggest obstacles.

For the xinao group, involved in United States Nevada Ranch conflict broke out, indeed some “surprises”.

ENN is mainly engaged in private clean energy gas company in 1992, founded by Wang yusuo, Hebei bazhou people. Apart from the gas business, Enn in coal chemical industry, solar power, bio-energy and other aspects are involved.

“The United States conflict with the ranch of ENN does not have any relationship. “Enn official told reporters that, as early as in June 2013, Enn has withdrawn from the conflict near the ranch solar power projects.

In the Director’s view, United States of the ranch will ENN conflict involved is “unreasonable”. “The herders in the contradiction with the State Government, to find a reason, that is, involving Chinese companies. “The official told reporters that” practical speculation are herdsmen. ”

In that case, Chinese enterprises in new investments in Nevada, why caused so much concern?

New energy projects stumble

In February 2012, xinao Group Announces signed with Nevada of the Ecology Center of clean energy cooperation letter of intent, Enn will be investing $ 5 billion in Nevada, ECO-Center for clean energy, including solar photovoltaic, PV module manufacturing, its power base and future energy eco-city.

As envisaged by the Wang yusuo, if Nevada 1% that is about 1100 square miles of sand to breed microalgae, absorbing 61 million tons of carbon a year, while co-production of 33 million tonnes of nutritional powders, equivalent to provide each Nevada with 6 tons of high quality vegetable protein, or 6 tons of bio-fuels. Project briefing, he said that “such exploits than in Dong Hai Huang Sha economy of grasses and potatoes on the ground a lot better. ”

Against all expectation are signing large projects in a Sino-US economic and trade cooperation forum, will encounter a series of unexpected problems during the implementation process. So a year later in June 2013, the new Austrian had to renounce.

Pressure came from public opinion. In August 2012, Reuters issued a challenge to the project, saying that United States Senator Harry Reid (d) son was having an affair with ENN solar energy power station. Reported that the Sierra Nevada, to advance the project, xinao group hired United States LionelSawyer&Collins, one of the best-known law firms law firm, and this is where Harry Reid sons worked.

In December 2011, the Clark County Commissioners voted to sell 9000 acres of public land to the ENN group for project construction. But the deal price, again in local controversy. According to Nevada, local media reported LaughlinNevadaTimes, independent of the above land valued at $ 29.6 million-US $ 38.6 million, authorities agreed to pay $ 5 million sell ENN, local media said only an independent valuation of the “one-eighth”.

In order to successfully purchase the first phase of the land, Enn will also have to get a power purchase agreement to ensure that the local power companies to buy electricity produced from solar power station, which was Nevada’s largest energy company NVEnergy (NV energy) rejected, NV 95% NVEnergy controls the power.

By June 2013, due to NVEnergy its no needs to buy more solar power, Enn has been unable to find other electricity purchasers, this was born in Sino-US economic and trade cooperation forum, investment of up to us $ 5 billion project had to renounce.

ENN said above, Enn at the abandonment of the project, were not associated with local herders’s opposition. He also reminded Chinese enterprises to go global, to make full investigation to local problems.

Photo: Wang yusuo and United States former Energy Secretary Steven Chu attended the new Austrian Nevada clean energy Center inaugurated

A very “political” project?

Anonymity of any Chinese solar company United States market leader commented, in addition to commercial negotiations failed to reach, the item to stumble or dealing too much with politics.

According to press reports, the project in the United States criticism mainly from investors within new close relationship with Senator Harry Reid and his son. Nevada, local media commented that “this is a very political project.”

Prior to this, Enn Chairman Wang yusuo said that is exactly what Harry Reid a letter Wang yusuo, Nevada business sights, Harry Reid, in a letter to Wang yusuo said Nevada has the potential to become “renewable energy of Saudi Arabia”. Earlier, the United States energy new deal supporter, Harry Reid had visited the xinao group.

ENN above official said, Harry Reid as a member of a visiting delegation of visitors to the Olympics, hoping to attract investment to Nevada, is understandable.

“A lot of times, commercial projects are being used as a political campaign attacking each other. “A us clean technology analyst, told reporters, after Silicon Valley solar Nova Solyndra bankruptcies have also been used as an attack against Obama’s talk about energy policy.

“But judging from past experiences, the Government-led programmes, compared with the market to market items, have a certain operational difficulty. “The analysts said, especially the United States Senator and the Association of Chinese enterprises, you need to be cautious.

Nevada, local media had previously reported that the new Austria is responsible for the project’s United States subsidiary, ENNMojaveEnergyCorp. executives involved in campaign contributions. Reported that the ENN in August 2011 the subsidiary executives donated $ 5000 to the Harry Reid SearchlightleaderfundPAC, donated over $ 4000 with democratic campaign in Nevada.

ENN above head denies the existence of campaign donors. Journalists quoted The Center For Responsive Politics on the Agency’s Web site, also did not find any such contributions.

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