Pakistan 10MW solar projects to be subsidised

Polaris solar PV net news: Pakistan’s national electricity regulatory authority (NEPRA) recently that energy services company BukshEnergy 10MW proposed solar power stations are eligible for feed-in tariff subsidy.

The solar power station built in Cholistan, Pakistan called “solar subsidies in advance.”

NEPRA2014 years announced on January 21, 1-100MW solar power station, solar subsidies in advance, and signed by the country’s hydropower sector.

The subsidy applies to installed capacity between 1MW to 100MW of solar power stations in the North and the South of the country, and set different rates.

NEPRA calculated for the 10MWCholistan hydropower station operation and maintenance (O&M), insurance, cost of debt and return on equity, also approved the first decade 21.11 Pakistani rupees (US $ 0.20) subsidy rate, and the remaining 15-year 8.75 Pakistani rupees (0.08 dollar) subsidy rates – the so-called “South” of subsidies.

Buksh February 2013, and its power in the license application was still under review, if rejected, will render the subsidy is not valid. Buksh2014 on April 1, should submit their applications for the subsidies.

–Scheduled for completion March 31, 2015 the 10MW project financing the project after that date cannot receive subsidies.

Next construction period is expected to last for eight months after the completion of financing, life expectancy of the plant for 25 years.

Per megawatt-hour design, procurement, and construction is expected to cost $ 1.7 million.

Subsidies are granted Buksh as latest Government appeals to the independent power producer 50MW of power part of the project proposal.

In the social media site Facebook page, Buksh said: “we are pleased to announce that BukshEnergy the 10MW solar power station in Cholistan has access to upfront subsidies in recent Pakistani Government announced that 50MW NEPRA ratification proposal for independent producers. ”

Buksh said the 10MW hydropower station is due to increased subsidies, it will be able to produce the energy shortage in Pakistan 0.14%. Buksh by 2020 using renewable energy needs of Pakistan’s 5%.

Pakistan currently suffer from 6GW of power shortages, demand increased by 8%.

However, Punjab (the station is located) access to the world’s highest solar radiation per square 5-7kWh, with 3,000 hours of sunshine each year.

Also this week China PV manufacturers and system integrators TBEA Xinjiang SunOasis (TBEASunOasis) bid becomes part Quaid-e-Azam solar Park of Pakistan.

Original title: 10MW solar power project in Pakistan to be subsidised

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