Photovoltaic and United Kingdom MAP Environmental 400MW power plant signed a cooperation agreement

Polaris solar PV net news: June 20, zhengxin photovoltaic announced that Chinese Premier Li keqiang visits United Kingdom period, company and the United Kingdom signed 400MW green energy suppliers MAPEnvironmental United Kingdom solar photovoltaic power plant investment cooperation agreement.

Project with Huawei intelligent design of photovoltaic power stations, involving a 3-year United Kingdom large engineering, procurement and construction contractors involved in the construction plans, as well as the day-to-day operation and maintenance of the next 20 years. It is both the largest amount ever reached so far in the field of solar energy cooperation.

It is reported that the joint venture company will be established in the future both sides to jointly invest about 400MW of solar projects have been developed to complete the United Kingdom Government’s carbon emissions reduction target.

The transaction has been received United Kingdom Government approval, faith and cooperation in addition to the comprehensive construction of MAPEnvironmental United Kingdom solar power stations, but also design, management will create 50 new jobs, as well as maintenance of 500 construction jobs. United Kingdom Prime Minister David Cameron to congratulate this cooperation, this is the largest amount ever in the field of solar energy cooperation will certainly reduce their carbon footprints.

General Manager Wang Yingchun zhengxin PV said: “very honored with the best partners to help United Kingdom achieving 2050 80% carbon emission reduction commitments, and give full play to our solar PV products and projects, such as the experience and advantage, we will make unremitting efforts take root United Kingdom market. ”

MAPEnvironmental PaulWheeler, Chief Executive of, “said MAPEnvironmental and PV has established a very successful venture, plans for the entire United Kingdom offers a comprehensive social housing, commercial roof and photovoltaic projects, creating clean energy and provide new employment opportunities”.

Original title: photovoltaic and United Kingdom MAP Environmental 400MW power plant signed a cooperation agreement

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