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Polaris solar PV net news: market review

180 million cake cut: “PV entrance” help battling losses?

Earlier, the National Energy Board raised to 14GW PV new capacity this year, distributed to 8GW 6GW of terrestrial photovoltaic power station. Calculated in accordance with 1GW needs investment of about 10 billion dollars, focusing on distributed involving 80 billion yuan.

2014 World Cup games, “China’s Yingli, PV household” alternate characters appear in the game, this is Yingli Green energy holding company limited to sponsorship type advertisements. But couldn’t cover the awkward reality behind sponsorship of the scenery, the world’s largest PV module shipments of business losses for three consecutive years. “Solar PV homes” PV enterprises truly reverse the situation can become a new outlet? For Chinese inhabitants, towards “zero-tariff era” on the road, how much will encounter difficulties?

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2. distributed PV will be part of the project or the new deal and enjoy a 1 Yuan/kWh feed-in tariff

By “power” returns far below the “spontaneous personal use” income, “spontaneous personal use” part of the electricity production, electricity revenue is not guaranteed (operator not available), seeking financial support, has been the most vexing questions distributed PV projects.

However, recently circulated in the industry of an upcoming new deal, might be able to correct the situation.

It was stated that the new plan would “less than 35,000-volt grid electricity is less than 20,000-kilowatt, and effective utilization of tidal flat, barren hills and wastelands, agricultural greenhouses, ponds and PV projects” included in the distributed category and locally ground station re power subsidy price.

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3. Jiangsu “selling first person to” bask in the income and expenditure accounts: roof photovoltaic deal

Last July, the State Council issued the opinions on promoting the healthy development of the photovoltaic industry, vigorously develop distributed PV markets, encourage individuals and businesses to “spontaneous use, residual Internet, grid adjustments” way of building distributed PV systems. By the end of 2013, China grid PV installed capacity of 19.42 million-kilowatt, which distributed PV 3.1 million-kilowatt.

On June 4 last year, Zhu 5-kilowatt grid-connected PV installations of power generation, Jiangsu province to become “selling first person.” A year later, how his personal station?

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4. the individual building photovoltaic power plant is no longer difficult: invoice address

Tax set tax policy of distributed solar power projects, plus personal PV electricity sales.

Jiangsu provincial state taxation officials pointed out to reporters, administration of internal revenue service for the first time explicitly distributed PV sales invoices were issued by the State power grid. Prior to this, the national grid issued a renewable electricity subsidies, needs power operators and invoicing, which many individual power producers encountered invoicing challenges.

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5. solar policy revision: 20MW agricultural greenhouses and fisheries subsidies light complementary projects or by ground station

Some media have reported, distributed PV policy will likely change. Existing rumors include: first, countries will increase the quota of surface plant, thus reducing the quota distributed (ground and distributed 6G and 8G tiles, respectively). Secondly, the low voltage grid-connected up to 35,000 volts, 20 MW in the following agricultural greenhouses and Yue Kwong complementary items may be included in the project scope to distributed power station, according to ground station price execution, and therefore distributed utility projects 8G w goals or accomplishing. There are claims that likely the country will adjust the electricity price subsidies distributed, from 0.42/kWh for 0.5 Yuan per kWh or more.

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Comment article

1. Shanghai PV industry status and development cause of lag

From the entire solar PV industry chain, the PV industry development in Shanghai lagged behind the nation’s major areas of PV industry development. Polycrystalline silicon ingot manufacturers, Shanghai is almost blank manufacturers, Crystal, Comtec, sporadic and only nine manufacturers, the insufficient capacity of 200MW (only 1% per cent of national output); the production of photovoltaic cells, National Chiao Tung University after the Sun was sold, and only super solar days and Shanghai.

Visible on the PV industry in terms of manufacturing, or applications, in terms of production capacity, production, fixed asset investment or profit, revenue and other indicators, the PV industry development of Shanghai are lagging behind, and this China’s largest industrial city of Shanghai’s economic position risked. After analysis, I believe that PV industry in Shanghai has several factors in falling behind:

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2. the energy revolution: Please restore the PV industry from the beginning

Internal and external environment has decided we need a non-renewable fossil fuels “alternative revolution” must be implemented vigorously “develop” and “use” renewable and clean energy strategies. If the “energy revolution” to restore the PV industry’s “new strategic industries” position, fundamentally reverse the PV industry in a wrong way, straighten out the relationships in the PV industry, believes China’s clean energy strategy will step onto a new stage. That would defuse the enormous constraints to sustainable economic development bottlenecks, no doubt to the Internet and the third industrial revolution is characterized by new energy waves enter the ranks of the developed countries.

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3. the personal application of distributed PV needs to consider three key factors

PV modules are installed on the roof, will convert solar energy into electricity, the roof will power, which is distributed solar power. Even though individual applications for distributed PV on-grid does not need any qualifications, but apart from policy, you have to take into account some objective factors, first we must take into account the objective conditions of residence.

In theory, all residents can apply for distributed solar power, but in fact requirements of distributed PV on the roof area is still quite high.

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4. investment of more than 2.6 million solar street lights why were frequently complaining

Exchange to Hang Pu Jia-Shao express yuanhua high-speed Qiao Exchange Connector is a city of jiaxing city article, but I only use the “solar” lighting of the highway. The road is 10 km long, 12 meters wide, two-way two lane. In November 2010, line 204 sets solar street light is installed, at a cost of more than 2.6 million dollars, the average cost of each lamp is about 13000 Yuan.

It is understood that the solar street light stood guard over a year later, it continues to receive the masses, street frequently broke down, lighting is not enough.

When first built, these solar lights is known as “7 days normal use under wet weather”, but when in actual use problems, is this why?

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5. internal dose the energy transition in a turning point in the PV industry

Compared with the widely built large photovoltaic power plant in the desert, rooftop solar building integrated photovoltaics and solar power plants will make it feel more directly into green energy from PV.

According to estimates, a residential building, laying on the roof solar panel, realization of building integrated photovoltaics, spontaneous 40 degrees. If this House is to buy 100 kilowatt-hours of electricity from the grid, you can now buy 60 kilowatt-hours of electricity. Just think, if the promotion of distributed generation in the country, means that the power supply will be reduced by 40%, equates to a saving of 28% coal-fired electricity, also can reduce the thermal power plants of 30%, this contribution to the world will be enormous.

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Enterprise version

1. Chinese Solar Empire

Along with Europe’s debt crisis, the Government cuts solar subsidies, as well as European and American “double reverse” effect, began to cool the global PV market and falling demand, corporate gross margin, Overstock serious reduction, various indications began warning winter is approaching. Most of the Chinese PV industry took a wait-and-see attitude, cautious expansion. Hina in 2012 to 2013, big mergers and acquisitions the Germany suolibiya Corporation, United States Mi Yasuo, and global solar companies 3 thin film solar PV company.

Have never been involved in PV who for 5 years to create the world’s largest thin-film Solar Empire is the “counter-cyclical investment” the brave Hunters, or is another passion for PV investment rushing?

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2. Yingli sponsored World Cup of “doing business”

Brazil football World Cup Sponsor Yingli only China advertising debut in the opener in the 13th. The Chinese character for “Ying Li, China,” “photovoltaic home” game turns. This is Yingli second appeared as an official sponsor of the World Cup on a billboard, appears at least 8 minutes per game.

Higher ad spending of Chinese companies has aroused doubts: this deal worth it?

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3. ATP energy: photovoltaic power plant to the new way of playing

“The whole industry is bad, or the best is over. “A PV Sales Manager said. However, for some companies, become best in a bad one, is also good.

Sitech component sales in the Chinese market is growing fast, just like photovoltaic power plant in the Northwest “a bully”, 2013 jinkosolar total shipments close to 2GW, market share of about 5.6%, and performance near the top, be the first to turn a profit in many PV companies, share prices is growing fast throughout the year has risen by nearly 400%.

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4. Tesla “charge threshold”: a solar charging station is a dream

In China, the Tesla seems to copy Super expansion path of the charging network in North America. Musk in China had spared no effort to give Chinese consumers debut painted a beautiful picture, claiming that Super charging stations can be everywhere in 40 minutes 80% of ModelS of sports cars to add to the user’s energy, and stressed the “Tesla charging station can be independent of the power grid, and all use solar energy as a source of energy.” Green, free, fast … … As if this has been palpable.

However, scrutinize the ambition, this beautiful picture still seems far away.

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5. hareon “bungle” tell us?

Another “Black Dragon”, and the Shanghai Stock Exchange. “8 • 16” Everbright securities “bungle” aftermath, hareon xD reproduction of Oolong.

On June 12, 2014 is a sea-run shares to increase the stock ex-dividend date. Quotes ex-dividend reference price systems display was 7.16 Yuan, should be calculated according to the formula in the correct price 7.95 Yuan. According to SSE informed, led to errors of causes while is listed company not full considered this times capital public product turned increased is not oriented all shareholders this a particularity, in to SSE related business sector submitted of operation applications single in the, not clear tips company directed turned increased of proportions; on the is SSE related business sector also not on this a particularity for audit, thus according to to all shareholders each 10 unit turned increased 1.6 obtained company except right reference price.

The 50 strokes. SSE at fault, listed companies are also to blame, really wonderful.

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Character articles

1. the idler Shi Yuzhu’s energy landscape: investing in photovoltaic named Hulk

Retired Shi Yuzhu insecure is not idle, the ambience on the other side of life, he frequently shot in the capital markets. Shi Yuzhu, 52 years old, is now a giant investment limited (hereinafter “the giant”), the giant network technology limited, Chairman of Shanghai, Shanghai health life science and technology (hereinafter “Shanghai Jian”) the actual controller.

Up to now, “Giants” has three main businesses: health care products, gaming, investing. Two ADO last item is shares of Minsheng Bank through capital markets in recent years, “change maneuvers”, and “counter attack” is known worldwide.

Today, the Giants territory, may need to add the energy industry this event in a pen.

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2. Li keqiang visited Greece or photovoltaic sector will benefit from

Premier Li keqiang, on 21st over Greece for a 3-day official visit. Li keqiang said Greece has become “China’s gate to Europe”. Today, photovoltaic industry concern is–Greece can become a European PV industry in China “entry point”.

Chinese delegation, led by Prime Minister Li keqiang as Greece brings the total value of 6.5 billion euros “gifts” – mainly in the signed agreements and memorandum of understanding (MOU) form. Once come to fruition, is expected to improve Greece economy and will become one of China’s strongest partner in Europe.

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3. Hai Yang Xue Liming: solar thermal power generation this year will break out

In the solar field, initially chose to enter the layout of crystalline silicon photovoltaic plate, late comer to the majority chose to follow, but also bet on other areas. Like Han, Li Hejun lone madman bets on thin film PV, and a person may choose a completely different route with the PV, try to gold dug up roads in solar-thermal power, in which Xue Liming, founder of Hai Duong is the strongest solar-thermal power promoters.

In the same issue, different people will offer different answers. Although solar light hot water heater business generating little interest, Xue Liming has plenty of reasons to support his passion light thermal power generation. “PV are suitable for distributed, Kenda bases still have to rely on solar thermal power generation. “He thinks that solar thermal power generation will become one of China’s base load energy.

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4. Ding Wenlei: distributed solar power across urban and rural areas

In the photovoltaic industry continued depressed market conditions, Ding Wenlei abandoned enterprises best rewarded career in July 2013, Yu solar energy technology company, China decided to return to his hometown, he took to distributed PV systems is not known. He overcame all kinds of afflictions, less than a year, becoming China’s distributed PV pioneers.

“Chose this line, we must do it to the best, to the extreme. “Ding Wenlei said. Decision Ding Wenlei, despite her family’s objections, together with long-time friend Liu Yang, East moved west up to 1 million dollars, resolutely launched hang Yu solar energy technology company, started a road.

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