Quota-PV power station installed capacity is expected to increase in Xinjiang in Western China targets or double

Polaris solar PV net news: on one side are distributed PV to advance cold case, the other side is the Midwest in large aboveground plant quotas are not enough. This is half of the PV industry ran into a big problem. Therefore, repeated calls to raise the ground station of the photovoltaic industry quotas. SSE from the relevant sources that the quota-PV power station in Western China is expected to increase in the second half, which will drive shipments of photovoltaic manufacturing companies, power station construction and bring new orders.

The 2014 national energy meeting held in January this year, the National Energy Board hammer out annual PV installed capacity of 14GW. On the development of distributed PV incentives 8GW distributed PV quota is reached, and last year’s loss for a large number of PV manufacturing enterprises contribute to the profitability of large photovoltaic power plant quotas for 6GW.

Due to various reasons, distributed PV installed capacity nationwide in the first months of this year significantly worse than expected, on the other hand large terrestrial power station installed capacity is restricted by quotas. PV industry officials repeatedly expressed hope that the relevant departments can fine-tune the quota. Several experts said in an interview, distributed PV targets should not be “uniform” for terrestrial photovoltaic.

Earlier, senior photovoltaic industry analysts tell, large ground power station is still in use in the first half of this year last year did not complete 1-2GW indicators, plus new 6GW of quotas this year, should be able to achieve the basic balance of supply and demand.

According to the Shanghai Daily News later learned, things began to change in the near future. In recent domestic PV enterprises opening Forum, companies once again proposed to increase the surface plant quotas. And practice to master the latest message is displayed, is expected to release this year flagging of 1GW of power station in Qinghai province, Super original programming 1 time; Xinjiang ground previously 600MW power station installed capacity goal may also be doubled. At present, the Western Governments, enterprises generally high enthusiasm for the power plant construction, the second half of the overall quota is expected to raise 2-3GW West power station, 6GW before and compared to the original target of approximately 33% over.

In fact, PV manufacturers are also very optimistic about the second half of the domestic market. Jinko energy and a number of PV in both from increased shipments in the second quarter.

Original title: quota-PV power station installed capacity is expected to increase in Xinjiang in Western China targets or double

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