REC Solar in Hawaii to start the construction of 12MW solar array

Polaris solar PV net news: United States PV installers RECSolar recently begun construction of a 12MWAC PV installation project, which will be located in Anahola, Hawaii’s Kaua’i Island North of East.

The battery array, for the Hawaii public utility company Kaua’iUtilityCooperative (KUIC) building, once completed will be the Aloha State’s largest solar PV system, one of the largest project to date is RECSolar.

The battery array, planned for completion in 2015, will contain 57,624 panels will supply the energy needs of the island around 5%-the equivalent of 4,000 households.

This is not a RECSolar contractor in Hawaii’s first photovoltaic project, because the company completed or ongoing in the State nearly 20MW install utilities and commercial scale projects. Anahola installation project marks after the Kapa’a1.2MW cell array, RECSolar, and KUIC second project.

Hawaiian Regional Manager drew RECSolar ˙ Bradley (DrewBradley), said: “in view of the development and installation of commercial projects in Hawaii’s many years of experience, we’ve made Hawaii partners and organizations specializing in the management of examination and approval and development cycle. Our customers rely on us to complete each step of the installation process, from efficient and effective control of the State management to cooperate with DepartmentofHawaiianHomeLands. Delay can be expensive, therefore our cooperation process aimed at helping KIUC customers cut red tape and speed up the construction. ”

June 26 groundbreaking ceremony celebrates the power station under construction. Hawaii Lieutenant Governor ShanTsutsui, KUIC, President and CEO, David ˙ than Searle (DavidBissell) and Bradley were present at the event.

Original title: REC Solar in Hawaii to start the construction of 12MW solar array

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