‘S first family of distributed solar power projects in Zhangye, Gansu Province passed the acceptance

Polaris solar PV net news: June 19, with the State grid in Zhangye, Gansu province electric power supply company for distribution transport inspectors pressing the start switch, Gansu province’s first family of distributed PV power supply-tadeshan, 2.85 kW of distributed solar power projects in Zhangye acceptance through formal grid.

On May 19, the user shouhu, Zhangye he submitted by Tokuyama family distributed solar power user installed applications, waste ground the user using residential rooftop photovoltaic panels installed 10 blocks through the inverter converts DC to 220 v AC, for household electricity load, remaining capacity Internet access.

Zhangye powered company received applications Hou, the company led and the each competent functions, and professional Department room height attention, arrangements specialist counterpart chat, on user reported loaded, and equipment selection installation, and power billing, proposed problem individually answers, in shortest of time within by country network reported loaded process completed site exploration, and programme audit, and drawings design, and drawings review, and on grid security run may caused of effects, developed corresponding measures.

On June 6, by both parties to work together, the successful completion of construction, installation and commissioning, was put into operation. Since running for half a month, the indicator normal, daily capacity 17.5 trillion kWh, to meet the design requirements. His mountain of distributed solar power projects completed for construction of Zhangye city, the next natural distributed photovoltaic power played a leading role, to optimize energy structure, promoting energy conservation and sustainable economic development is of great significance.

Original title: first family of distributed solar power projects in Zhangye, Gansu Province passed the acceptance

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