SEMI standards to examine and approve the proposal into the fifth round of voting

Polaris solar PV net news: June 13, 2014 2014 summer SEMI PV standards technical Committee meeting in Baoding power Valley Hotel International was held. Integration of PV manufacturing in China under the background of entering a critical period, and the standard Conference 14 criteria for proposals were presented and discussed, covering from poly-SI impurity test method to failure of a component on the power station site testing standards, from basic PV manufacturing and power station based on the application of, and promote the standardization of PV industry in China.

During this meeting, the Committee examined and approved 6 global standards proposed standards applying to SEMI2014 the 5th ballot. This 6 items standard including: Yingli proposed of PV component with seal box tape specifications, and days collection light proposed of PV component with super thin glass specifications, and Sibco proposed of back contact PV battery pieces terminology, and Suntech Power proposed of crystal silicon PV battery with back field aluminum pulp specifications, and GCL launched of Silicon powder in the total carbon content of inductance furnace burning infrared absorption method test and Silicon powder in the chlorine elements of ion color spectrum method test.

Addition, also has 5 items new launched of standard proposal and one new Working Group obtained standard Committee approved, respectively is PV component of site hot spot failure specifications, and more line cutting tension test method, and metal throughout back contact PV component assembled practice, and wafer corrosion rate of said heavy method test, and crystal silicon battery gate line electrode aspect ratio of laser scan total focused microscope test and in the electric section 48 by launched of more line cutting equipment test working group. With China PV manufacturing scale of constantly expanded, and technology of constantly improve and PV power application scale in domestic market of fast growth, SEMI China PV standard number not only in manufacturing each industry segment quickly improve, while began to component in power application in the of various test standard expand, to PV component of site hot spot failure specifications for representative of standard will for Terminal power user and component, power equipment supplier improve unified of standard platform, thus promoting power market of specification and health continued development.

This times Conference also on PV battery with associate Silicon tablets specifications, and red green blue three Gezer crystal silicon battery color test method and inductance coupled plasma light launches spectrum method measuring Silicon powder in the b, and p, and Fe, and Al, and Ca content 3 items after global voting of standard for has feedback views of discussion, on standard modify draft for has considered vote, resolution requirements this 3 items standard returns working group continues to modify.

In addition, senior standards Commissioner Shen to SEMI SEMI China informed of recent activities of the world. By the end of May 2014, SEMI published standards effectively 905, 54 PV standards.

Retool all 7 standards working groups following the reconstruction by the respective representatives of the Working Group was briefed on the situation and the progress of work. At present, SEMI PV standards 7 working groups established by the Commission, on: PV Silicon raw materials, PV wafer, crystalline silicon solar cells, PV modules, silicon thin-film photovoltaic modules, photovoltaic, PV diffusion furnace testing efficiency of power plant equipment integration. By the end of May 2014, SEMI PV Standards Council of China has issued 6 PV standards around the world. SEMI China PV standard technology Committee since December 2010 established yilai, inherited has SEMI in semiconductor industry field organization, and developed and released technology standard of advanced concept and mature mode, attract and condensed has both at home and abroad near 30 home leading PV manufacturing, and material and equipment Enterprise became member units, and formed has has 24 bit PV industry senior technology expert of core technology Committee, for China from PV manufacturing powers to PV manufacturing power of change common efforts!

This meeting, all from SEMI China, Yingli Green energy, solar Sun power, testing center of China Solar, Trina solar, Suntech Power, GCL, GD solar, 41 units of the nearly 120 delegates, under the chairmanship of Dr Zhang Guangchun. In addition, Dr Global Vice President Lu Haoan SEMI and SEMI photovoltaic technology standards Committee Chairman, Dr Zhang Guangchun, China recently issued standard sponsor, respectively on behalf of Suntech Dr Zhu Jingbing and Liu Liangyu issued a certificate by the CLP section 48. Released two new global standards for the contact silver pastes for crystalline silicon n-type layer specification and the horizontal diffusion furnace temperature online monitoring and control methods of measurement.

Finally, SEMI PV standards technical standards for core members to determine the next meeting will be held in Dalian on September 12, 2014.

Original title: standardization to promote China’s PV manufacturing shift from big to strong

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