Shangyu power “one-stop” services to promote the distributed PV applications

Polaris solar PV net news: distributed PV power generation projects more flowering. On June 11, the power supply company in Shaoxing, shangyu Zhejiang Wolong district power supply company personnel to the transformers Ltd, shangyu, Zhejiang King refrigeration facilities of the international hotel company limited, Zhejiang Daphne Shirley Chong industry Ltd, shangyu, conducting joint reviews of 4 photovoltaic power generation project in engineering, and went to Zhejiang transformer co, site inspection, done enough preparatory work before the incorporation.

According to project investment and construction, and power development company limited, Zhejiang Dragon-related charge, four PV power generation projects total installed capacity of 3.96MW, all in accordance with the “spontaneous use, more than power” policy on-grid electricity – 0.482 Yuan/kWh of on-sale price, as well as national, provincial and municipal levels of government subsidy. Four projects, the Zhejiang Wolong Transformers 2.5MW rooftop photovoltaic distributed photovoltaic power generation demonstration project as a coastal city, Shaoxing area’s first pilot project is now complete the installation test, when the expected annual energy output 2.5 million-kilowatt, power supply pressure relieve to a certain extent, reflect the effect of energy conservation and emission reduction.

“Since November last year since the construction of the project, and have strong support from shangyu, Shaoxing, the two power companies and help shorten construction periods, especially ‘ bidirectional intelligent gateway meter ‘ programme for us to solve the problem of electricity and transmission degrees makes it difficult to separate. “Power development company limited, Zhejiang Dragon-related charge, current companies across the province’s investment in solar power project with a dozen, if each project to company a’s butt, can consume a lot of energy and influence progress on the project. Shaoxing power company through the development of a set of methods of propulsion, working mechanisms and operating procedures, established a coordination mechanism for directly affiliated departments and their subordinate County power supply company, incorporation to provide convenient services for your project.

Distributed grid-connected photovoltaic system also brought new challenges to power system management. Shangyu power company staff, to a strong boost distributed PV industry development, the company accelerated intelligent transformation of distribution network on the one hand, improve the distribution network to accept distributed generation capacity, on the other hand active as requiring incorporation of owners to provide “one-stop” services, made breakthrough in processing speed and efficiency of communication. At present, the shangyu region all power outlets shall be processed applications for distributed PV project consulting, business owners incorporation an application only to the distribution companies demand, and according to the customer service center to access programmes to regulate the construction, and the rest is done by the power supply company internal coordination to complete.

Original title: shangyu power “one-stop” services to promote the distributed PV applications

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