Solar-powered smoke: cut one-third city, he moved to Japan market

Arctic star solar PV network news: City solar power first quarter installed volume serious behind, may Xia repair annual total device volume near 30%, plus United States on city solar industry “new double anti-” started zhihou, city lost beauty solar component needed paid AC margin and faced pulled high tax, makes city industry who last week began big cut on Taiwan solar factory turned single volume, became Taiwan solar industry who Xia half performance trend a big variable.

Operators noted that the previously autonomous solar power plant in order to avoid being taxed, have turned a single factory, Taiwan solar cell components shipments, but requires advance payment bond in the United States, together with after tax costs help stimulate, United States market, clients will not necessarily accept the costs. View related variables increases, so that started last week and has recovered dramatically on Taiwan solar energy plant to a single. Industry speculates that land plants this wave effect will not be clear until August.

Result was originally received, another Taiwan solar cell factory orders dropped fears associated with industry in June revenues stop growing, the fate of July see a sharp fall. It was revealed that the city anxious contraction of orders up to the usual order of one-third and solar plant city, 2nd quarter also started moving past most rely heavily on the Japan market, and grabbed a lot of orders, lost a higher proportion of photovoltaics will bear the brunt, firms were forced to cut production in response to.

Original title: solar-powered smoke: cut one-third city, he moved to Japan market

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