SolarCity merger Silevo to build a complete industrial chain

Polaris solar PV net news: SolarCity Silevo recently announced the acquisition of high efficiency solar cell and module manufacturers, SolarCity layout is fully formed in the systems market. New energy business unit owned by global market research firm TrendForce EnergyTrend Research Manager Xu Jiazheng said, other than Silevo, SolarCity completed ZepSolar mergers, access to technical innovation in component installation, coupled with previous ParamountSolar with Common, SolarCity will combine to create the future, energy storage and electric fields, create new business models.

Xu Jiazheng said that SolarCity focuses on the roof (Roof) and housing (Residential) case development, high performance components to reduce the cost of its installation and maintenance. In the component under the trend of constant improvement in the efficiency of automation will continue to improve in order to increase the proportion of production capacity and yield. Current United States system installation costs around US$3/watt, the current component of total cost of overnight, as for SolarCity, components other than mergers and acquisitions to cut costs associated with expenditures and improve the ROI of their systems.

The other hand, SolarCity another purpose of the merger is to maintain its competitiveness in the roofing market. Though the Silevo have yet to have produced performance indicators, technically there is still quite a bit of looking, but production remained time will prove.

This week, the spot price

Recently polysilicon tablets of price trend appeared differences, China industry who of price continued fell, but overseas industry who of quotes is cut off the appeared rose, this week price fell 0.1% came to US$0.98/piece; Crystal wafer price is continued fell 0.17% came to US$1.194/piece; battery by United States double anti-situation unknown of effects, China industry who suspended Executive related of orders, for Taiwan industry who brings pressure, effects to Taiwan factory price appeared fell, this week price came to US$ 0.362/Watt, or 0.82%.

Original title: SolarCity merger Silevo to build a complete industrial chain

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