The rise of China inverter: big machine small machine wars

Polaris solar PV net news: from 2003 to 2014, inverter with solar PV industry in China for a decade, unlike the component raised after the first tumor suppressor, inverter manufacturers, China does start to obscurity, behind is star-studded. Born, sunlight, change, CSR, Omni g, guruiwate, then to Huawei’s legions, Star enterprise. With components industry, Chinese companies from scratch, from weak to strong, and bring dramatic changes to the industry as a whole.

Unlike the relatively homogeneous components industry’s product line, is, for different power plant applications, many genres of the inverter. Author check out third parties IHS’s standards, and domestic brand of products is as follows:

High power machines on behalf of brands: Sun power, tebian electric, Emerson, Zhuzhou CSR times electric, Corona, jye

Dynamometer representative brand: Sunshine power (read that right, or the Sun), mountain billion, Huawei and other new energy sources.

Low-power machines on behalf of brands: Omni million grams, guruiwate, mountain, Sun, power supply,

Power optimizer representative brand: no representative domestic brands, and did not form a market

Representative of the micro-inverter brands: Yu, Nortel

High power machines, for stand-alone 35KW Central inverter, commonly referred to as domestic “big machine”; medium-power and low-power, single 35KW 1KW and above the string inverter, domestic commonly referred to as “little machines”.

In 2003, the first application of the inverter, inverter industry in China after a long road. Big machine and small machine due to its by for of application environment different, genre of confrontation and development can defines for “three big battle”: 2008 big machine export Spain, 2009 small machine end of began export persuaded stock of abroad customer accepted China products; 2011 before and after domestic big machine became ground station “main forces”, domestic distributed market began punches, small machine in business roof station application in the gradually show advantage, began formed domestic market small machine brand camp, while small machine in Australia, and Netherlands booming overseas markets such as the third stage is a small ground station markets on behalf of brands trying to use, and innovation to develop new technology, this stage can expect more technical route of confrontation. Coupled with a mainstream brand for photovoltaic application philosophy is different, and some respected “set of solutions for all applications”, stressed that “local conditions reasonable proposal” makes the battle more brilliant.

Somewhat similar to the Autobots and Decepticons, isn’t it? And Omega (SMA’s oversized models, GE and other companies) are put into “combat”. Think about it can not help but excited, in transformers 4 coming in June, so I tampered with a favorite line: Theinverters,rollout!

The first war: big machine “counter-encirclement and suppression”, little “sauce”

Is China’s first photovoltaic project in 2003 applied to the Fengxian-10KW series power station, the project is China’s landmark project in the grid-connected PV inverter industry, Chinese brand officially took the stage.

2008 outbreaks on the European market, PV inverter is exported to Italy and Spain, model dominated by concentrated.

In 2009 the Northwest desert station opened as a concession when domestic scale PV applications in the exploration and development, due mainly to a large desert power plant application forms, also related to parallel requirements technical requirements of China, when markets were all made the machine scheme. After development of large applications, technology improvement, and in fertile soils have been developing rapidly in the market.

Before 2009 the inverter in the eyes of most people is a very mysterious thing. In an era of frenzy polysilicon, PV of this money is not an industry, Chinese-made survival difficult. It was an era of popularity of SMA, KACO market in China, with light and power (then “sungrow power”), topasia power represented by the enterprise in an awkward situation. At the time, no matter how large or small manufacturers, the conversion efficiency of the inverter in the first place. From 96% to 98%, but the market lacks a unified tone and publicizing MPPT efficiency, there is focus on the efficiency of the system, but the European market is still the most recognized European efficiency (efficiency of the EU), and a more stringent, but reflected the numbers but not the first two look good.

Customer projects rarely consider the inverter at that time price, picked mostly foreign brands to buy, so that domestic manufacturers against foreign brands every day of “invasion”.

In 2008, domestic PV first started, its domestic market to foreign brands when monopoly, SMA,SIEMENS,KACO, Schneider, POWERONE brand-led enclosure movement of the domestic programs. Domestic enterprises are continually seeking breakthroughs. Its Shi project scale does not big, reached hundreds of KW on can said is big project has, first times domestic brand achieved positive confrontation of breakthrough, is in 2008 years in the, Sun power in bid in the beat at insurmountable of international giant, and with price advantage constantly expanded victories, eventually achieved on overseas brand of encirclement, while also led has some olfactory to opportunities of domestic enterprise entered PV inverse variable device subdivision industry.

Compared with the large machine situation, small machine from scratch is in “sauce” in the process of gradually has been recognized by Europe, Australia and other markets. End of 2009, the huge profits time after the end of polysilicon, has cut the price by almost 80%, PV cost has dropped significantly, according to the cost before subsidies, was more attractive. Markets start installing booms, SMA, KACO, Refusol international manufacturer of products sold after, European and Australian markets was rather reluctant to accept Chinese companies, from large and small aircraft of China got out of hand, and the roof of the family station of the Australian market, basically supporting the whole China in export machine for 90%.

Ai Suo new energy, and later merged with the MV MV Ai Suo, then later acquired by SMA. Chairman of rather beautiful and strong, self-proclaimed grass-roots origins 2009 with “small” a returning doctor Zhao Lei, who founded Ai Suo’s new energy products have just come out, immediately opened the European market. Rather think of the photovoltaic industry hit bottom and will rebound, but I didn’t know it would come so fast, so quickly. End of 2009 until the end of 2011, the inverter industry one of the most beautiful “large Dragon”, Ai Suo eat from head to tail. But in the bigger context, rather incompatible with thinking and philosophy, two split up equally stubborn, rather choose the development cooperation with Dai Guofeng machine, thinking and go somewhere else, and established the ohm after Nick. Can be said to the shocks on Ai Suo has a major impact, in a subsequent development, Ai Suo can only say great, later merged with the MV Al-cable, then MV Ai Suo was bought by SMA. As a stepping stone to open the Chinese market, it can be said is still in the run-in phase, SMA is now something of a feeling of having lost their: first-quarter earnings show SMA sales of 176.3 million euros, compared to 212.3 million euros last year, falling, sales of 1.2GW, down from 1GW, losses increased to 22.4 million euros from 8.4 million euros. For the Chinese market, MV Ai Suo staff quite helpless, an employee of the light says: we don’t know SMA’s China strategy.

Millions of new energy, it is unintentional willow. Was ready to supply Korea market of inverters in the Australian market, “hidden champions”. Origin, Chinese Academy of Sciences, in multi-and Australia boss Cui Peiju working electronic power for 8 years with a dream in 2008 with mountain billion electronics joint venture between mountain millions of new energy, located in Wuxi. Start goal is simple, providing high quality, low cost photovoltaic inverters meet Korea’s booming PV market demand. 2009 Korea Daegu exhibition is very busy, LG, Samsung are exhibiting, but the Museum is still the most Chinese faces, the author was rough estimates there are about 300 Chinese companies.

But Yi’s first customer was a German. When they launched the first generation of home-oriented single inverter after Solarriver, Korea market slumped Daegu exhibition anymore. Billion electronics Korea sales channels advantages no longer, but European markets have opened the door. After the factory in person, Germany customer billion order for the first batch of 500 inverters through Germany marketing springboard, which in Italy opens. In 2011, the back-to-back mountain billion by two investment companies for financing.

Ding Yongqiang, President of guruiwate. Is the youngest of three corporate leaders, born in 80, and man of science. Curriculum vitae simple: graduated in 2005 entered Eton PV inverter electrical engaged in research and development. To meet foreign colleagues contempt for inverter industry in China, stimulus in 2010, combined with several classmates and friends founded guruiwate new energy Ltd in Shenzhen, the “guruiwate (Growatt)”, meaning that customers “additional capacity”. In my survey, guruiwate in the industry reputation. Up to now, the guruiwate global total shipments reached 1.5GW, in Australia and Europe and other major overseas markets and domestic exports in the first place.

Hong Wei, President of Xiamen clenergy, 7 years ago was invited from Australia to return to Xiamen high-tech businesses, production of small machines and frame. 7 years later, Qing Yuan science and technology plan of 150 million a year to the high-tech zone in Xiamen Government of clean electricity. Qing Yuan after a smooth business development in Australia and other places, also plans to make a transition EPC and BT, to provide an initial project development, the medium-term business model combining EPC and the later operation and maintenance. Xiamen clenergy and China Guangdong nuclear-energy cooperation, cgnpc in particular closely, both sides are plan to jointly build a 300MW power plant in Yunnan province. While cgnpc project leader said would have more all-round cooperation with the us in the future.

The four lucky entrepreneurs, there are, whether it is management, research and development was similar to that of industry, they are not lucky early, but just right. Almost always just make products in overseas markets and gaps. But in 2009, the Chinese market after opening, a small machine in the road has been a bumpy ride. While the domestic market has been mastered by Chinese companies say, in 2010, the authors have sought international inverter manufacturers have entered the Chinese market will, their sales representative shook his head again and again, can feel the smile of disdain of the Chinese market has not yet opened, there are barriers of a price war.

A second war: big performance win, small “rural” surrounding the city

After the time skip to 2010, capacity and policy influence components has shown a surplus situation, inverter businesses have sprung up, have appeared, according to incomplete statistics, more than only China has more than 300 inverter manufacturers, often a project bidding up to dozens of companies. Therefore, after diving component prices, inverter prices have also dropped sharply. Apart from Emerson, and almost all foreign inverter manufacturers have given up the Chinese market, while Emerson inverter business is acquired in the domestic roots for many years its power Division (electrical) adapted from, each thinks is always a localization company.

2010 Kono, jye, Sun power, high automation and other enterprise with Sun’s unified bid, launched inverter specifications for standardizing the market at the same time, raise the bar for the PV inverter market. The component led by Yingli, sea-run and three listed Shanghai solar energy technology. Harmonization of the Golden Sun 2010 bid, although it is not an unfair practice under reasonable policy, and the following year, consolidated bidding strongly repeal because of objections, but still has some significance: not to mention the Sun leader, Yingli, the industry leader, Kono has Institute of electrical engineering background, jye are Beijing holding group owned, from quality to size, is the industry leader.

Overseas manufacturers selling industrial products-art prices, manufacturers saw a market opportunity in China. High prices overseas brands, proud as to slow to respond to market demands, in this case, Sun power to rise rapidly, ripped open monopoly markets and international brands to be successful. Sun Power’s success led to more domestic companies quickly followed suit, because of the focus on short-term gains, at the cost of long-term stable and efficient product cheap, partly caused by the deterioration of the market environment. Now, Northwest of a mass before and after 2011 power station had problems. Is reflected in the poor quality of most of the components on the inverter and thermal design is not reasonable, when suppliers of myopic, had dropped out of the market, the owners have to re-buy inverter replacement, paid heavy fees.

In times of active inverter manufacturers, there are many enterprises lose money making Act and let the Sun power is concerned. Simply get into price wars, is not conducive to long-term operation of enterprises themselves and power station, will allow the entire inverter industry into chaos and lack of development, which will affect the entire photovoltaic industry industrial health.

Electricity providers in promoting photovoltaic power plant construction, as well as reducing costs, undeniable, but also brings some risks. Electricity providers much before thermal power the tender system: one-time amount to hundreds of MW and even GW locks at the beginning. Customer’s expectations, often in comparison to a lot of small plants no reasonable offer eager to burst out into a single form, power inverter manufacturers, such as the Sun, these customers are forced to do the chicken, while other items at too low prices, many small plants reach, in addition to the core components, dare to change nearly everything domestic bargains. You know, Sun power companies at least have the advantage of scale, small plants don’t even have this advantage is.

For years, large inverter prices 2 per watt, down from the current 3 hair, most holding the speculation out of the big machine market. Large inverter manufacturers have been outstanding, but at present more than 10 employees.

Many of the foreign manufacturer of the inverter, it wouldn’t pick up the atmosphere to come into China, was obsessed with the inverter is evaluated as high added-value, higher-margin products. But inverse variable device from nature for and no what core of difference, core parts also height concentrated Yu British fly ling, and ABB, and Siemens, several minority manufacturers, inverse variable device manufacturers of difference mostly in Yu Tuo bashing structure, and parts quality, and application design and production tube controlled, in not considered products application accumulated and future continued upgrade of situation Xia, no which home of inverse variable device is not alternative of, so inverse variable device price only will fast fell.

Japan largest turbine manufacturers TMEIC tries in Chinese photovoltaic market share a piece of cake. A company with a company of Toshiba and Mitsubishi origin have achieved global sales of inverter fifth, is currently trying to find the one that fits China’s approach to market conditions to enter the China market. Services from price to Japanese companies ‘ strengths, TMEIC is expected to master the Chinese PV market rules, is now with foreign companies.

In any case, the big machines rely on prices in China fully reverse the situation in overseas brands to monopolize the market and then relying on experience and further improve quality. With market initiatives, and the interaction between the market and market developments in, the development and accumulation of more prominent. In several ways, this machine during development has the following aspects:

Grid stability requirements: big machine has gone through the high voltage and low voltage, zero voltage crossing, massive emergency removal test, the active and reactive power scheduling support, harmonic requirements, continuously upgrade the threshold requirement of inverter technology and the practical application of case references.

Environmental requirements: market for high altitude, temperature, wind, sand and other harsh environments, inverter in thermal insulation, heat, dust and temperature Derating and other natural environments have become increasingly demanding.

Overall programme and costs: bus, power supply, inverter, step-up, communication and other aspects of integration and upgrade, as well as the users of power plant construction, maintenance and cost-reducing.

Go to small angle here. Small turbine manufacturers in Australia, such as family housing in China foothold of power stations and industrial and commercial roofing plant, Netherlands, and Denmark in South-East Asia, Eastern Europe and Africa are more flowering. In Australia, the Netherlands, and several other areas, China’s manufacturers already dominate. Small machines for industrial and services are particularly sensitive, and basically sold through reseller channels, and installers to install and service. Chinese brands to enter the European, the biggest obstacle is the break-through reseller channels and provide perfect service. Due to limited resources, we all consider focusing focus markets: mountain billion focus United Kingdom small machines market, Omni g-focus Netherlands markets, in 2013 sales exceeded 100 million Yuan and Sun from the European Centre for photovoltaic Germany break. In 2010, set up a branch office, 30kW power product in 2013 as a relief in the series sold more than 7,000 units, sales of 200 million Yuan. Billion, Omni g companies by Australia and other markets also established a “pecking order”. In particular, guruiwate, 2011 Australia market share than SMA, Schneider and other international manufacturers, when overseas sales of 200 million Yuan. Chinese enterprises have been completed “countryside surrounding cities”, the next step to do is to enter the traditional Germany, together with the emerging Japan and the United States that several mainstream market.

United States double-reverse, and Germany also component limit after limit, foreign customers are more price-sensitive, Germany, and Italy market, customers in order to balance the cost of component prices, also in consideration of the growing number of Chinese brands. Guruiwate Ding Yongqiang, President says 2014 read overseas inverter 3% per market will continue to fall, because foreign inverter manufacturers have all losses, while domestic inverter price declines may be 15%.

We’ll take a look at the pioneering heroes of the period.

Zhao Lei, ohm Nickelodeon General Manager in Germany for his Ph is professional inverters. After graduation from a corporate operation of the inverter, engaged in research and development into company management. In 2009, Zhao Lei and ningning, who co-founded Ai Suo new energy and as written above, and the two men parted ways after Zhao Lei white founded ohm secondary Nick in Suzhou.

Inverters just at this time when the streets paved with gold, without government support, no money, no staff, in a right time and have no relation to the case, has made breakthroughs in quality, marketing and cost through the Netherlands market breakthrough, and now has for several months as the small domestic manufacturers export champion. Zhao Lei always travelled abroad comes with an outer shell made of transparent plexiglass inverter, weighs 18 kg, core components directly to customers to see the internal structure and annotations, Zhao Lei was the author saw domestic sales of engineering bosses know.

Ouyang Gan, sanjing new energy Vice President, Zhao Lei is an old acquaintance. Also engineering, is currently inviting his mentor Central thousand person plan expert, fellow of the IEE Professor Raymond Lam to develop smart grid control solutions. Sanjing has been doing contract work for renesola recently Icahn acquired renesola 200MW power station, confirms the three Crystal from the side the quality and performance of the inverter.

Meng Guangmin, Al Volt energy General Manager, permanently stationed in Europe is responsible for developing the local market. AI Volt inverter more satisfactory, not originality, but is very tight in the United Kingdom and the Netherlands, and Denmark as compared to a market, has also just sold little machines to the Japan customer, this is very difficult. Japan market there are many hard to get into? Baowei new energy Marketing Director Shi Li recalls her Japan customers from Director to Director, layers of audit, negotiation, adjust bracket cooperation agreement took three years before. TMEIC (Toshiba-Mitsubishi joint venture company) occupied Japan large ground share of 50% can imagine the close of the market.

Meng Guangmin admitted up to now at the domestic market, but still feels a bit not agreeing with it. “I had been living overseas in recent years, customers are mostly foreigners, work straight to straight up. “He said Chinese-style business dealings was not used to. “Fight price, payment term of these things, we can not do without limit. ”

These businesses are in fishing after the gold rush into the inverter business, the market is no longer the incubator, but touchstone, success is not simple.

With increasingly fierce competition in the market, and strategic vision in the inverter part is important as capital and technological strength. 50 million or even 5 million as ohm Nick entrepreneurial success stories, it’s hard to replicate. Market is heading into its third phase.

Ground power station: new applications of small machine?

Small turbine manufacturers has bigger ambitions: replace machine, occupying ground power station market share in China.

It’s not easy.

Their predecessors have been killed on the road. Danfoss, Denmark-descent of the best string inverter manufacturers, is also one of the earliest implementation of distributed company. They maintained a set of single records maximum PV power station–80MW, technology has also been recognized in the industry. But is such a company, too few directly in domestic orders up to 5MW level, final total defeat, Chinese companies were cut. Even overseas Danfoss brands were acquired by other manufacturers, had some record did not market recognition and success.

The author analyzes the causes of small machine promotion:

First, the high initial cost, 1 dollar per watt when little 2-3 money. 2013 4 cents per watt, small machine 1.1 now costs about 3 cents, can talk about 2-8, small machine 6. Calculated on a cost per watt of solar power station 8.5 Yuan last year, the cost of 8%, this year the gap narrowed to about 4%. Majority owner for the initial costs are extremely sensitive, and many owners outsource EPC business, except for small machine often doesn’t run into the owner of procurement beyond the short list, promised price, EPC will not take the initiative to improve the system cost.

Second, application of a lack of market demand, whether in Europe or Australia, owners of station on the roof only when selecting small, rarely large terrestrial power station case. At home, in a large desert plant environment, and at the request of powerful grid access, owners were selected after several rounds of the machines, even in large golden sun roof power station was an early project, or market of choice. Most small aircraft manufacturer when doing distributed, when working with electricity, cramming, “incense temple doors could not be found.” Million new energy and some of the smaller manufacturers such as mountain, guruiwate also produces machines for small machine drivers might not be enough.

Danfoss has encountered another problem in front of small machine manufacturers: insufficient user mindset and learn about new things, big machines in ground solar dominant era, many distributed rooftop projects use big machines. SkyTeam China Southern Sales Director Zeng Yi said: “I was at a project site, look at the edge of a roof there is a great chimney, ask project owners say this why don’t small machines, customers say the roof is so big, that places don’t do it … …. “Small companies often won’t recognize my own voice in the industry and being turned away by customers directly.

Meanwhile, ground power station uses string inverter led to too many harmonics, degrade power quality. Especially after application of string inverters, power grid vulnerable to resonance condition, causing major accident such as power failure protection, which is also the national grid is most worried about the situation. Foreign than 10MW power plant almost exclusively use larger machines, it is also for these reasons.

Huawei’s emergence to market a second look at the small machine.

The SNEC May, three of the hottest topics: money, distributed, and Huawei.

Huawei data revealed in 2013 as the company inverter developments year, when shipments up to 1GW. Huawei’s main source of innovation in the inverter itself signals to the base station equipment and accumulation. “Said photovoltaic application environment, but we do base stations are sometimes appalling, but also not so frequent maintenance as PV, so greater demands on design and quality. “Huawei’s Marketing Director Xu Yingtong said,” we have a dedicated Department in Shenzhen to collect project issues arising around the world, at a time when designing inverters, refer to our past mistakes and various environmental conditions and aging of the electronic components. ”

So when the inverter design program, Huawei has made three major changes: redesigned cooling solutions; without a DC fuse ground and avoid DC arc fault fires, Huawei’s patented intelligent residual current detection instead of cutting technology of RCD and circuit, avoiding likely to cause an electrical accident. According to light and the results of a joint investigation, domestic PV electric shock accidents have frequently occurred, the writer friend, a colleague in the company, after checking that a roof when distributed PV hands accidentally touch panels, instantly being opened by a stray bullet, if he had not been held by other colleagues as you’re going to fall on the six floor, led to the tragedy.

3rd improved Huawei is using silicon components replaced the brass components, thus achieving 25 inverter life commitment.

In the market, Huawei 500MW small machines are mostly sent to Jordan, and Romania, Cameroon, 15 West African countries, and visibility in these areas, Huawei is far beyond pure inverter manufacturers such as SMA. In the Chinese market, including Yingli, CEO of Chinese entrepreneurs Feng Miao Liansheng, ren zhengfei, is the most respected entrepreneur, articles such as the winter of Huawei, has become the new Bible, be vigilant in peace time. Huawei, a natural in terms of market dominance.

At present, Huawei has once again signed a strategic agreement about 4GW, 1.3GW orders (non-contract). Although ultimately need to project how much concrete implementation, but some users of enthusiasm has been ignited.

Oumunike at a recent press conference, apart from outside their own WiFi and monitoring technology of inverters also compares the string than centralized power generation capacity increased, mirroring the company, generating around 5%.

Improved: the mainstay of the future

Inverter market components, similar to the Internet industry, only know the boss and the customer is the same “no conscience”, lack of loyalty. Largest radio market has been very volatile in recent years, in addition to the sun always wenzuodiaoyutai, top, other top adjustment range is very large. (Over shipment ranking, 2013 second TBEA, the third-place Emerson 2012 second TBEA, the third-place Emerson 2011 second Emerson, the third trillion-Volt) business strategy, quality/design factors, produced from the grounds. Ranking Qian ten of big machine manufacturers in the, special variable electrician thanks Yu group in Northwest in full swing of ground PV station; are Thai inverse variable device in North America market response good, domestic also has are Thai solar help its Digest capacity; South car near two years sales sharply rose of a big important causes is from 2009 began do of many foreshadowing work, like TGP new energy of cooperation has gradually spread; section Novo Albert is is by with EPC improve inverse variable device of sales; Emerson is market share has declined.

CSR also has split up with new energy, signed a three-year joint development of gchl 1GW photovoltaic power plant target. Zhuzhou CSR times electric General Manager Ren Qichang said it wasn’t just the inverter sales, but to go faster and farther in the new energy industry. Delivery 400MW of solar power station planned for this year, but judging from the current provincial slow approvals, difficulty is fairly high.

Power of the Sun is also one of the tallest of these enterprises in marketing. Now many inverter manufacturers at low margins, competitive market environment select EPC+ product model. TBEA 2013 inverters sold about 1.2GW, about 1GW of them own EPC projects did. Shipments of Sun 3.5GW, although also began engaging in EPC business, but last year the sunshine domestic EPC failed to rank in the top ten. Although currently not sure TBEA used its own inverter, but & in the light of the joint survey found, most manufacturers of inverter power station project is to use its own products and EPC. A well-known inverter manufacturer’s staff and the author said: “you said we now what company? Is the inverter, but 90% of the profits from the EPC. “One word out of the current predicament of the large inverter manufacturers.

That is why, in the face of small machines “Wolves” siege, I think the greater pressure of the Sun, does not like change, Kono, South through the EPC as a car business to ensure selection of inverter cases, Sun Power’s large market share will be directly affected by the small machine challenge.

“Selecting an inverter scheme, depending on the power factors of the application, is decided by the customers and the market. “Sun power solar Division General Manager rushing said,” our studies on the small machine and application experience without losing our achievements in the field of machine. We continue to believe that the ground station is suitable for the use of large machines, small machine programme is to focus on small and medium sized projects unfold the roof edge. “From the date of creation, Sun power has always been a stable China inverter, solid momentum, but in terms of publicity, scholarly enterprises tend to do more introverted that little-noticed sunlight power supply in the industry in 2003, had using small machines, and its main model SG30KTL in the market less than a year global application more than 10000 units.

Before you compare both advantages and disadvantages in detail and published author investigation came to the conclusion: small machines in some emerging markets applications has its advantages, and overall performance in the traditional large scale terrestrial applications better.

I see a small turbine manufacturers have done the data comparison, most is performance a few years ago the most new small machine, while price and technical courses were also earlier, it’s kind of like when you compare the two countries ‘ forces, with their own space to compare each other’s World War II era weapons. While large turbine manufacturers new products over the years, already far ahead of performance.

Look at the size of the development of machine application, is the formation of industry understanding, the key to stabilize the market. It should be noted that small machine today also take big machines a few years ago through upgrading of single power gate, or even power product, used to be a big machine, and today there is a small machine while machine is made by multi MPPT MPPT has developed into a model, modularity of the comprehensive advantages of large machines and more.

Enterprise wrote a few days ago reminded the station owners of traditional box-type inverter station has short life, poor ventilation, and difficult to maintain. And Sun is directly to to market half and the sales over 1.5GW of–SG1000TS of highlight market performance be reply, its flexible surrounded by door and built-in can selected DC distribution and the communications equipment, installation maintenance of convenience sex is market identity; based on minimum standard container of patent outlet, and insulation, and combination thermal design, “thermal, and dust, and maintenance” three big difficulties, was Sun breakthrough improved by resolve.

Comparing string inverter relishes multitouch MPPT solution, in fact there. Sun power May 2014 launch of SG1000TS-M with 8MPPT technology, you can cover a number of different power generation environment, on the one hand taking into account the power losses of the PV string mismatch; the other is more reliable to meet grid stability requirements. For ground stations and slopes and hills are suitable for the application of, enhance cooling and maintenance. Cooling, thanks to intelligent cooling schemes, have better overload capacity, the container itself is a natural insulation, whether winter or summer. Comfortable than little naked. SG1000TS maintenance is very fast and direct-plug power modules can be completed. Ten minutes. Particularly after the warranty period, than in a small machine to replace the machine, is more economical.

Small machines and large battles, or PV programmes in different environments, the confrontation between the two, seemed to last forever. In any case, we are very happy to see the different technical courses and stimulating interaction and mutual progress. Even, occasionally, “catai” is also a major weapon to promote rapid development of the industry.

More with less: large size and micro-inverse

SMA in the recent Intersolar fair in early June, solemn showcased 2.45MW solutions. Even after the merger last year Danfoss solar inverters Division, this Optimus Prime giant is still occupying the Centre of SMA booth location. Until the morning of the first day of the exhibition, was unveiled, and meet everyone.

GE has been announced and the United States cooperate FirstSolar completed the 1500V DC 2MW power levels of photovoltaic inverters and development work, and batch applications in the power station.

Micro-counter to United States Enphase a single show, occupying slightly against the market of North America 80%. But some inverse of domestic manufacturers also developed well, Zhejiang, Yu, Qingdao, Nortel, the Shanghai power represented in 2013 and has a good performance.

For today’s large and small machines is actually being used in the global situation, the author also collected relevant statistical data, with a global scope, China, Germany and the United States four markets wheat machines in different types of power plant application status, each applicable to different scenarios at this stage of the market power basically the same type of judgment and choice.

Large and small struggle, although is technology battle, ultimately it is up to the market, the only criteria. As we start talking about outcome of the Decepticons and the Autobots, not that both played cruel, but by Earth human choices.

Acknowledgements: we PV bum rushing, thanks to the sunlight power supply Omni g General Manager Zhao Lei, President of guruiwate mountain billion new energy markets Ding Qiang, director Li Xiaoyuan, sanjing electric Vice President Ouyang Gan AI Volt, and new energy General Manager Meng Guangmin, who strongly supported Mr.

Original title: the rise of China inverter: big machine small machine wars

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