Thermal power policy barriers in fading light or extra hundreds of billions

Polaris solar PV net news: “solar-thermal power generation industry in China has taken shape, and able to offer some of the products and parts, foreign enterprises have begun to enter the Chinese market. At the policy level should be given further support from the State, to accelerate the commercialization of solar-thermal power generation process and lay a good foundation. “At a recent Conference on solar thermal power generation professionals Forum, Energy Research Institute, national development and Reform Commission said Hu Runqing, solar-thermal power generation is a very promising technology, based on renewable energy’s own uniqueness in China, the transformation of traditional energy sources and greatly increase the use of renewable, solar-thermal power is indispensable.

Solar photovoltaic and solar thermal power generation efficiency of two important routes. Different from photovoltaic solar energy directly into electricity, solar-thermal power can be both “electric” two, not only can convert solar energy into electricity, the heat can also be used in high temperature areas.

And experience of the “roller coaster” as compared to the ups and downs of the photovoltaic industry, solar-thermal power generation has been kept in “purdah” status. However, with the improvement of 2014 State-aid policy, policy barriers plagued solar-thermal power generation industry for many years is gradually clearing up, industry development nodes have appeared.

Industry into a key node

Since the beginning of the year, National Energy Board, the NDRC’s price Department, General Electric power planning and Design Institute, and other departments have organized seminars on solar thermal power generation demonstration project pricing policies, solar-thermal power generation demonstration project technical requirements and application reports outline consultation seminars. Both meetings to advance the construction of solar thermal power generation demonstration projects focused on the related issues and formed a preliminary harmonization of the framework programme. This means that long obstacle course of China’s industrialization of solar-thermal power generation policy barriers are gradually being broken.

With the landing of unified framework programme, also accelerates developer determination and speed in building solar thermal power generation projects. “No price, don’t start” this solar thermal power plant developers generally follow the guidelines are being broken. On July 1 this year, China Guangdong Nuclear solar energy development in delingha, Qinghai province 50 MW trough solar thermal power generation demonstration project will commence construction. This project is the solar thermal power industry first started commercial use projects in recent years, although cannot be determined before the July 1 start enlisting the support of model pricing, China Guangdong Nuclear are obviously longer too much to consider this issue.

According to statistics, currently the project developers to be developed and has done some preliminary work for solar-thermal power project near 25, total installed capacity of about 1600 MW. At present, solar-thermal power generation systems integration capability and upstream and downstream industry chain has become more complete, including in the field of system integration, test experience as in Haiyang, China Guangdong Nuclear solar energy, the company has gradually mastered the system integration capabilities of solar thermal power stations, and basically had to build commercial solar-thermal power projects of technical reserves. As for equipment localization, to directly gather solar energy concentrating mirrors for example, Haiyang Group subsidiary Chengdu Zen de production quality condenser technology has reached the international advanced level.

“This is definitely not a simple things, fire crackers, are for real. “One industry source said the solar-thermal power generation in China is about to enter a major node.

“Over the years, solar-thermal power industry stalled mainly due to tariff-free policy, because investment returns are not guaranteed, leading to hesitate to invest in this area. “Hu Runqing, researched and growing concentration of industries within the expected price at 1. 3-1. 6 Yuan/kWh. According to solar thermal power generation industrial technology innovation strategic alliance research results, the current average cost of solar thermal power generation in China for 1. 38 Yuan/kWh.

Relevant data show that national average for photovoltaic power generation cost 0. 58 Yuan/kWh, while electricity prices were 0. 78 Yuan/kWh (tax deductible). Clearly, the current solar-thermal power generation cost price is higher than levels of photovoltaic power generation. But insiders said the falling cost of solar-thermal power in a large space, the future can be lower than photovoltaic and solar-thermal power generation compared to photovoltaic power generation output more stable.

Pricing policy issues of common concern to the industry, said Hu Runqing, the current national energy board tariff calculation and study is being conducted. “Electricity pricing was too high and too low hurts the industry. Set too low, companies are making money, the future is no one doing; set too high can result in unbalanced development of the industry. “Hu Runqing said.

Hu Runqing said final pricing is still very difficult, due to the lack of practical cases to support. Many uncertain factors, impact, including resource data, system integration, design, product performance, product performance, power plant operation and maintenance of equipment, and so on.

China Guangdong Nuclear solar energy development co Ltd Assistant General Manager Qiu Hemei recommendations, before the end of December 2014, States can be issued for a period of 25 years and no less than 1. 35 kWh of electricity price policy the first test projects, and to grant tax incentives such as the immediate refund 50%.

Industrialization of solar-thermal power generation process speed

National solar thermal power generation industry Wang zhifeng, Director of the technology innovation Strategic Alliance believes that from a technical point of view, solar-thermal power generation has three great advantages: one is the power of the Internet smooth and long. Considering the cloud cover, current heat for 10 hours or so, while the photovoltaic power generation does not have the storage system. Second, the comprehensive utilization of the waste heat, which is characteristic of other new sources of energy has. This feature can complement conventional energy and solar-thermal power, coal-reduction goals, achieve energy-saving emission reduction results. Third, excellent environmental characteristics.

According to the national solar thermal industry technology innovation strategic alliance data released in February 2014, from a global perspective, in four types of solar-thermal power generation technology in the trough is mainstream technology roadmap. Current global 3692-megawatt project that is already running, trough accounted for more than 80 per cent. 7%, Tower accounted for 13. 5%, Flex-fuel power plants accounted for 4. 1%, linear Fresnel accounted for only 1. 7%. 8749-megawatt project in the development plan, Tower share lead trough, accounted for 62. 5%, trough accounted for 27. 4%, hybrids accounted for 1. 1%, Fresnel accounted for more than 9%.

“Four solar-thermal power generation technologies in the trough solar thermal power generation development in foreign countries is relatively mature, trough power plant in China will become mainstream in the commercialization process. “Hai Yang energy group research and Development Director, Lu Jun said.

“National Energy Board recently electric power planning and Design Institute, and hydropower planning and design of water conservancy Institute, national solar thermal industry technology innovation strategic alliance on commissioned, issued a letter of investigation on solar thermal power generation capacity in order to better understand the key technical level of domestic solar thermal power generation and manufacturing capacity, and lay the Foundation for promoting the development of industrialization of solar thermal power. “Wang zhifeng said Lu Yongxiang, President of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the China Association for promoting research cooperation had recently asked him for suggestions of solar-thermal power industry in Taiwan. Lu believes that solar thermal power generation industry focusing on technology and policy at the same time, should also take into account integration of capital and more policies to serve the development of the industry.

Photovoltaic, thermal power generation of light support the Government seems to be more rational and pragmatic. “The rapid development of the photovoltaic industry brings a lot of problems, in the field of solar-thermal power, Government is more cautious, follow the dominant ideas of sound and sustainable development. “One industry source said.

Solar thermal power generation market will welcome hundreds of billions

It is understood that the National Energy Board has been basically established schedules for the development of solar-thermal power industry in China. That is completed by the adoption of the model tariff policies to support 2014-2016 number of commercial demonstration projects, 2017 into large-scale development and construction stages.

Light hot power future market not underestimated, has industry persons think, according to China Government previously planning to 2020 achieved 3 Kat w light hot power installed of minimum target calculation, put related cost declined of factors considered zainei, demonstration period follow-up of project to with 7 hours storage hot station of units kW investment cost about 30,000 yuan calculation, is from now to 2020 years Qian, China Light hot station of cumulative market scale will over 100 billion yuan of level.

Hai Yang Xue Liming, Chairman of energy group, said that currently Chinese solar-thermal power from technologies to applications have become more mature, in the context of national industrial policy plus, solar-thermal industry will usher in a real outbreak, a qianyiji market will reveal its cutting edge. In addition, he also stressed that the 10-20 years in the future, new and traditional fossil fuel energy are inseperable, joint and cooperative relations, particularly solar thermal electricity generation in coal and unconventional oil and gas production conventional oil and gas, and other areas of joint application, has huge market capacity, and no doubt it will also attract investors ‘ attention.

Analysts believe that China’s solar thermal power industry experienced a 2011 one-booms started gaining momentum after the development period, and 2014 would be the break the Council’s critical first year of solar-thermal power industry in China, a large market qianyiji will be rendered before 2020.

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