Wang Xiaoyi: first person to eat crabs

Polaris solar PV net news: as utility investors, first consideration must be selected in the same investment costs and efficient power products and obtain a higher output. We is select CIGS as investment carrier tool, is because mentioned of following three a hard soft conditions Xia also has more big power profit space; 1) CIGS and inverse variable device of power conversion rate reached supreme value; usually crystal silicon products and inverse variable device in 95%-96% conversion rate, but we can reached 97%-98% conversion; 2) CIGS design best installation angle, get up most long of sunshine time. Proper design should be more 10% capacity; 3) systems maintenance, properly maintained, lower failure rate, avoiding downtime is too long, can enhance the power of 0.5%-1%.

“We are the CIGS power plant first person to eat crabs, system integration and operation of CIGS has accumulated a lot of experience and data, the CIGS in the future building will be of great help. “Wang Xiaoyi said.

Mulberry trees, blue sky in Beijing-controlled technology, Chief Technology Officer Wang Xiaoyi

Reporter: as a forerunner of the CIGS thin-film technology, automatic control technology in Yunnan Stone Forest Balsam trees, blue sky in Beijing pioneered the construction of 1MWCIGS thin film solar cell power station, will the company is motivated by considerations of how to build this project? You invest in the plant at the beginning, if he considered to possibly fall short of your expectations?

Wang Xiaoyi: mulberry trees, blue sky in Beijing the company decided to invest in CIGS photovoltaic plant three years ago, primarily in recognition of CIGS thin-film solar products can serve as a source of energy power generation. As for your second question, I think any high-tech product must have its market, shows its vitality, to achieve this aspiration, is what we expect.

Reporter: as the operation of the power plant stand, how development? Whether there is a rate reduction? At present is how to stuff? Probably how long can you expect to recoup their investment costs?

Wang Xiaoyi: currently, the grid-connected power station project has been running for almost two years, total power of more than 2 million degrees. Its generating capacity than we expected, 10% per cent higher compared with amorphous silicon products, we repeated this random spot checks, audit data, from daily to weekly, from weekly to annually, concluded that crystalline silica products year electricity 1320 hours and CIGS to around 1480 hours. In addition, the CIGS products from three years of monitoring data, instead of attenuation, power is on the rise, we have had three years of testing data in support of this view, but SI products of attenuation is very serious.

Yunnan stone forest project was introduced by Germany Manz CIGS components, high investment cost, relatively long recovery period, but the research is of great significance.

Reporter: some say CIGS thin film solar cell has the potential to surpass crystalline silicon solar cells and thin film Silicon technologies, next generation leader, do you accept this statement?

Wang Xiaoyi: on a new energy summit in April this year, I raised the CIGS PV is the necessary choice of industrial upgrading and to move beyond alternative to crystalline silicon and thin film Silicon technologies, next generation PV leader in this view.

We currently in a energy revolution era, it including energy consumption way revolution and revolution, and CIGS both can as building decorative material also can as energy material, it of appearance decorative effect very strong, for future of new energy building community, residents with of power is green, and environmental, and low carbon of clean energy, so it is bound to will brings livelihood consumption behavior way of revolution; while CIGS representative of is high-end equipment manufacturing technology, to this for opportunity promoted manufacturing revolution, Industrial revolution and trained to promote industry upgrading of growth.

Reporter: are you as utility investors, whether to continue investing in the future of CIGS thin-film plant ideas?

Wang Xiaoyi: in 2014, our company was awarded the United Nations Industrial Development Organization’s global renewable energy to leading-edge technology with best investment value Blue Sky Award nominations, so we in the field of thin-film battery technology has certain core competencies.

Through the three-year period, mulberry trees, blue sky in Beijing found out CIGS thin film solar cell systems integration technologies, according to our ideas, to new residential building integrated photovoltaics, will all use CIGS thin film solar module, so the company distributed power plant power plant investment in the future is the roof,

Reporter: why did you choose to go with everybody is not the same as the power plant investment route? CIGS thin film is what led you to choose plants?

Wang Xiaoyi: after CIGS thin film solar power station proved that CIGS component has the superiority of Silicon products are not. Silicon industry is a mature industry, and CIGS is a “newborn baby”, it needs someone to nurture, which is the reason why I chose CIGS power plant construction.

Reporter: in your opinion whether the commercial age of the CIGS thin film solar power station has arrived? There are problems which need to be addressed?

Wang Xiaoyi: I think CIGS upsurge of the era of industrialization in the past two years. Amorphous silicon technology development has reached its limit, it must be replaced with new technology, but technology not many candidates with industrialization. Silicon thin film due to low conversion rates and causes of decay, have withdrawn from the industry; cadmium telluride thin-film technology and equipment held in United States on first solar’s hands, but it does not transfer of technology to domestic firms; and concentrating photovoltaic technology, though a high conversion rate, but high production costs, cannot be accepted by the market. CIGS industry alone, not only increasing conversion rates, and high energy efficiency, low production costs, would be a revolutionary technology.

I think, the country should CIGS industry as part of a national strategy for energy security, application a number of national organizations, demonstration, focused research, increase the energy technology innovation support, to promote the energy technology revolution, truly national energy security, green, low-carbon sustainable development strategy.

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