Wanma cable joint venture solar companies tumbled 8.27%

Polaris solar PV net news: wanma cable tumbling 8.27%, up close, shares closed at 6.10 dollars, 95.98 million dollars turnover.

On the news, the company said in a statement a few days ago, companies with Dentsu the two sides signed a cooperation agreement in Hangzhou, contribution of 8.82 million, respectively, of 9.18 million Yuan, respectively 49%, 51% per cent, in jiaxing is 18 million yuan of registered capital of the joint venture company established “Electric Cloud solar company in Zhejiang Province” (hereinafter the “JV”). Cloud-based joint venture will be mainly engaged in photovoltaic product development, sales and new energy product development, product marketing, technical services, technical consulting services, engineering consulting, engineering design, engineering and other business activities.

Announcement shows that as early as on March 14 this year, the company and the Beijing Tong network technologies Ltd (hereinafter “Dentsu”) on PV industry, signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement, service companies operating investment in photovoltaic, PV industry companies and investing in jiaxing 10MWP cloud-scale PV projects will establish strategic cooperation on such matters. On March 28, the agreement for the implementation of this framework, consideration at the third session of the 13th meeting of the Board of the company on investment was adopted to set up a wholly owned subsidiary of Zhejiang wanma photovoltaic company limited (chip) Bill. First proposed their own money in the company 100 million Yuan, set up wholly-owned subsidiaries-PV high-tech industrial park, jiaxing, Zhejiang wanma PV co., Ltd. Wanma photovoltaic company is set up, the first phase of implementation in solar high-tech industrial park, jiaxing 10MWP photovoltaic power plant investment, construction and operation and maintenance.

Original title: wanma cable joint venture solar companies tumbled 8.27%

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