Yin Jianping: solar thermal power generation built into the life of the dreamer

Polaris solar PV net news: Sun Bao, Chairman of new energy in Jiangsu–interview with Yin Jianping

Solar thermal power generation industry in China after years of ups and downs, what force to sustain the industry matured? Who is quietly extends the industry’s roots which grow into towering trees are gradually have power? We cannot ignore these people, these forces, in the silence of this industry for several years, they kept a dream, never change.

Seven years ago, in 2007, Academician Wang Zhijiang was invited to speak at that time of Jiangsu Polytechnic University gave a lecture on solar thermal power generation, and now, seven years later, grew up in Changzhou, Jiangsu Province, China’s first with completely independent intellectual property rights and the integration of solar thermal power generation for heat storage technology company.

Photo: Sun Bao-company Chairman Yin Jianping

This was founded by Yin Jianping Sun Bao Xin, Jiangsu power Ltd (hereinafter “Sun Bao”), in today’s Yin Jianping, it was seven years before this opportunity, so he threw himself into the solar-thermal power generation this industry has great potential, but hopefully this will get in his way, “destiny” year of entrepreneurship most legendary passages.


In 2007, 46 year old Yin Jianping has 23 years of business experience. Wanda reducer factory in Changzhou, created in 1984 and will be brought to the steady development track, 1998 focused on emerging market for solar water heaters to create Sun Bao and evolved into an industry leader in 2007 when an even bigger when the opportunity comes, Yin Jianping chose to return outing.

For any enterprise, is behind their choice to enter an emerging industry opportunity also means significant risks and challenges. “We have a wealth of experience in high-precision manufacturing, solar water heater, a relatively low technological content and lower requirements for manufacturing industry cannot give full play to our advantages, so we want to start looking for new opportunities in other industries. “Yin Jianping told reporters of his original grounds of new business development.

Lecture Wang Zhijiang Yin Jianping of the audience listening to them passionately, he then began to light up to three years of sustained attention to thermal power generation. At the time, to Spain as the representative of the international solar thermal power generation markets are bracing for a second outbreak, Spain introduced a high FIT incentives for solar-thermal power, accelerated development of the market. While domestic thermal power to light involved only at the research stage, few understand the industry.

Meanwhile, the solar water heater market in those years began to show explosive growth potential, Sun Bao-relying on water heater market sales income for later entered the capital Foundation for solar-thermal power generation market. By 2010, Yin Jianping was keenly aware of the general trend of solar water heater market is set to decline and began to accelerate into solar thermal power generation sector.


Solar-thermal power complex, involve large segments of, what I should do? Yin Jianping gave her three options: tube, brackets and storage system, he ultimately chose the storage system. “Whether collector or a stent, is relatively simple to manufacture such products, rather than integrated systems, from what we’ve done similar to the reducer and solar water heaters, and once the market is getting better, is soon expected to be a fierce competition, which we have discovered before. While the storage system is the core of integration capabilities, this soft power as soon as others is very difficult to reproduce, it is easy to form enterprise’s core competitiveness. “Yin Jianping said.

Although simply Po at the manufacturing capacity of the Sun, Sun Bao-collecting tube or stent products easier, but focus on the long-term development of the enterprise, also based on Yin Jianping’s previous marketing experience, Yin Jianping resolutely chose solar-thermal power generation core technology is a largest storage system as a starting point. “We are going to do the most professional of photo-thermal heat storage solutions. “Yin Jianping believes that today has been able to prove that he had made the right choice.

The fact is do like so, Yin Jianping predictions several years ago has not started in the market today have been verified, current domestic thermal power collector manufacturers have more than more than 10, manufacturers also detected through the DLR there are three or four, the competition is very fierce. In terms of the integrated storage system capabilities, in addition to Sun Bao, China Guangdong Nuclear solar energy, Center has major input in this area, few other companies involved. And this one especially Sun Bao to go farther.

Because of this, engage in research and development of heat storage technology is difficult, but also require huge capital investment. “When we first started doing the exactly how much money is needed to get into no end of, I also consulted several industry experts. Several experts at the Chinese Academy of Sciences I would suggest saying, ‘ estimates this to carry out the technique successfully you need 200 million commitment, this should not be to you a private enterprise, should be the State to pay for them to do. Too risky. ‘ “Yin Jianping recalled.

But this hasn’t Yin Jianping, because it gave him more confidence, “I always thought of China’s private enterprises are able to do something, private enterprises in controlling costs can clearly do better than scientific research units. We have to fight for every penny is spent wisely, they are standing in the standpoint of scientific research institutes to 200 million, probably in my heart I was thinking the next, I may need 20% would suffice. 40 million is affordable to me. ”

Results far exceeded the Yin Jianping initial psychological expectation, “up to now, our funds invested in thermal energy storage project has nearly 70 million, so far has reached the expected objectives. Although greatly exceeded earlier expectations, but basically I was within acceptable limits. “Yin Jianping said.

Also need to be pointed out is that whether China Guangdong nuclear was in control, their overall group capabilities are far stronger than the Sun treasure, Sun Bao as a less overall strength of private enterprises, put into research and development of heat storage system will undoubtedly need greater courage.

Building the dream

Must admit is that thermal energy storage system integration are related to thermodynamics, chemical, mechanical, control and other disciplines integrated technologies, which had previously engaged in lower-level solar water heater manufacture of Sun Bao, the difficulty is so huge.

Yin Jianping had a clear understanding. “Our advantage is in the machinery and equipment manufacturing has a wealth of experience in the field, for thermal energy storage tank, chemical salts, and other related equipment, we easily can be designed and manufactured according to specific needs. And for the chemical industry and other fields, we through targeted recruiting certain professionals to make up in terms of talent, we can say that regardless of cost. ”

Yin Jianping believes he can do more reasons to heat storage system because he’s confident of their ability to learn new things. “In 1995 I have acquired a silk mill, it is no exaggeration to say that, within six months I went from a layman to be half of silk reeling expert, I even solved a lot of silk reeling factories over the years have failed to resolve a number of issues, some upgrades and innovative improvements. “Yin Jianping tried such an example to support his learning ability.

Learning ability based on a person’s view of things, Yin Jianping, based more on his focus and persistence of the thermal energy storage technologies. Yin Jianping said, “when you put this thing into your life when, what for you is not hard. ”

Yin Jianping said, was doing. In order to master the design of thermal storage system technologies, read foreign literature around his team, read the related technical information can be filled half a room of 20 square meters of offices. He personally went overseas many times the solar thermal power plant study, prior to his departure that he will do his homework carefully enough to see which parts and to ensure that each field trip has the actual harvest.

Photo: Sun Bao-thermal storage system of thermal storage tank

In 2011, Sun Bao-demonstration projects started to plan the construction of a storage system, with master in practice is a full-service technology. After a year of preparation, in June 2012, the demonstration project was officially started construction, to October 2013. This project from design, manufacture, construction and commissioning were completed independently by Sun Bao. Sun Bao, tank made of steel structures, piping, piping design, thermal insulation, warm up, heat, anti-clotting treatment, integrated control and other aspects to overcome many difficulties. In November 2013, of molten salt system started working, after more than half a month, molten salt melts through the system, temperature up to 400 degrees Celsius, after 3 months of debugging and run more than once, fully meet the design criteria. In March 2014, molten salt temperature to raise up to 550 degrees, and after more than 20 days of operation, the entire system is running stable, the indicator properly, the project ran successfully.

Photo: Sun Bao-oil, salt, heat exchanger in thermal storage system

“Equipment manufacturing is our area of expertise, such as salt, molten salt heat exchangers, although we all do for I don’t know how many times the design improvements, but basically the difficulties encountered can be resolved smoothly. The whole system down, we believe that the pipeline of scientific and rational design is the core of thermal storage system design, we found hundreds of times on improvements. “Yin Jianping said.

Photo: solar steam generators in the precious thermal energy storage system

This 20MWh storage system total more than 30 million, realized the localization and completely independent intellectual property rights, Sun Bao has the design integration storage system for commercial solar-thermal power station capacity. Sun Bao-an important milestone in the development of the company, while Yin Jianping, this is “doing a great business,” root of dreams!

Sun Bao wujin jiaze is located in the old area of town, the reporter saw this storage system, independent research and development of control system for the system to achieve a full, individual monitoring points have clearly shown on the temperature display. Simulation trough the storage system at the same time conducting oil heat and molten salt heat storage, and Tower both direct heat of molten salt technology solutions. Yin Jianping told reporters at the project site, “we need to do is secure and economical storage system. Safety is the first priority, thermal storage systems must ensure that the safe operation of its lifetime in 30, this premise as much as possible to reduce costs. ”

Yin Jianping believed that “operation experience is without a doubt a commercial power station thermal storage systems development, the most valuable asset. Sun Bao of the successful operation of the storage system and long-term operation, will provide our team built up a wealth of operational experience, after this we will lay a good foundation to undertake thermal energy storage projects. ”

Yin Jianping’s dream is relying on this 3 years and spent more than 30 million heavily built thermal storage system began to take root. “Sun Bao’s future ability to become a fully integrated storage system manufacturers. Solar thermal power generation market is heading into its game-changers, smart grid energy storage market is now poised, Sun Bao’s development potential and space will be very large. “Yin Jianping has begun to sketch Sun Bao’s future in mind,” is expected by the end of this year, Sun Bao will be listed for the new ban, leveraging the capital market to help businesses move forward faster and better development. ”

50 and know of heaven, Yin Jianping for this year is more than 50, comes as the fate of Yin Jianping chose life for the third time of the year again when the opportunity comes entrepreneurship, but this time, venture’s purpose is not to make money, Yin Jianping dreamed of starting a really great company, but this time, his selection has given him enough space to realize such a dream!

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